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List of all comment / feedback / help requests for Surnames starting with J

surnametitle of the comment / feedbackcomment / feedbacksubmittednum
BARTLETTJohn Bartlett 1776-1852 DevonThank you Charles for the picture of John Bartlett.He and his wife Jane Borden were my 4th Great Grand parents. Using this gravestone and others found on this site I have been able to complete research on a number of Ancestors deaths. Regards Steve Hooper

BEATTYAppreciation - JOSEPH BEATTYI would like to give my sincere thanks for the prompt service offered. The clear photography enabled me to clarify dates of birth and death for my ancestors.

DAGGETRelationships - JOHN DAGGETOn Image 40150 The last 2 on the gravestone, Jonathan b. 1802 and Christopher b 1801 are brothers not sons.

DAWSONJAMES DAWSONThank you so much for the photos available to search. I am not as familiar with websites as many others are so I am not sure about what I do with the thumbnail code. I copied it but I can't get the photo and Ancestry doesn't take the information as a link. I understand you don't want photos put on other websites, like Andestry, but how do you use that code? Anyone help me?

HAWKSFORD Thank you. Thank you for the great image of James Hawksford's headstone. I have also left a correction on your website regarding the age and correct birth date of James Hawksford. Thanks again.

J?RGENSCorrection of SurnameJuergens, Heinrich

JACKSONJACKSON/JOHNSONThank you for your help with this work. I am most anxious to get any kind of information about my grandmother, Ceta Johnson. I know very little about her, not having met her. I know nothing about her family except that they owned a shop on Highstreet in Wetherby. .... more

JACKSONI was particularly taken with the qualitI was particularly taken with the quality of the images. As a keen photographer I know just how hard it can be to ensure that pictures are sharp and detail is readable, and that the photographer is not in the image.

JACKSONGravestone photo requestThank you so much for the prompt response in sending me a clear image of my great grandparents’ gravestone from Christchurch Barnton Cemetery. This is a fantastic resource and I really appreciate you taking the time to reply to me on a Sunday evening. Thank you. Gail Jackson

JACKSONJackson gravestoneThank you for the quick response to my request. It all adds to the jigsaw of family research! Will definitely use again.

JACKSONFamily Matters - JACKSON- AND EXTENDED FAMILIESThank for you once again for your dedication Cheers! Heather

JACKSONGreat ServiceCharles provides a wonderful service and for family history researchers an invaluable resource. Thank you so much Charles your work is very much appreciated.

JACKSONThank-youThis is an excellent service and so helpful, Many thanks and much appreciated.

JACKSONWilliam Thomas JacksonMany thanks for your prompt reply. Photo is a great addition to my research.

JACKSONWonderful site. Thank You.Just discovered this wonderful website and have found pictures of three ancestors graves. Thank you for the wonderful pictures will most definitely recommend the site to others researching their family history.

JACKSONThanks from AustraliaMany years ago our son gave us a small, beautifully illustrated book by a gentleman named Ernest W Jackson of Harrogate. The artistry of the work is absolutely beautiful and I've always wished to know more about this gentleman. Now, thanks to a Google search and the amazing web site set up by Charles Sale, I'm in possession of a photo of Ernest's headston with the additional information of a lady I assume to be his wife. This has of course ensured that I will try to learn more about him and his life up to his date of death, 1918. Perhaps he died during the First World war. Thank you so much Charles, and if anyone is looking for photos of ancestor's gravestones/burial plots in Queensland, Australia, I would be very happy to help if at all possible.

JACKSON Ralph JacksonThank you for such a great resource. I live in Australia so cannot go to see my ancestors resting places myself,it is lovely that someone cares enough about history that these gravstones are documented.Many thanks again.

JACKSONMany thanksThank you for sending me the picture of my great-grandads and his brothers plaque in side the church. I know him, his brother, sister in law and his parents are buried beside the curch and am going to visit it soon. Again, thank you

JACKSONHow can I tick the contact fieldI meant to tick the 'contact me' field, but was too quick for myself and finished the request before I remembered to do so. Can it be ticked now?

JACKSONJackson family really useful thankyou very much

JACKSONJacksonHave 2 of my wifes relatives buried at Rose Hill , Cantley Lane, Cantley, Doncaster : Annie Susannah Jackson died 20 Dec 1981 and her husband Albert Rowland Jackson died Dec qtr 1952 buried here as well. Plot numbers are available at the office but will not tell me on the phone ? Can anyone help

JACKSONThanksJust to say Thank You so much for the image.

JACKSONThanks very much for your resource. It iThanks very much for your resource. It is much appreciated. Really helped with my Proctor research.

JACKSONJACKSON [ROSS]Fantastic Gravestone site. Proved very useful to my History. Thanks

JACKSONThank you, it is valuable info for my faThank you, it is valuable info for my family history project, it is important to have correct dates

JACKSONA great website, providing a great service. Many thanks for the photograph of my Great Grandfather's grave memorial. A trifle difficult for me to actually visit the site from Australia, so this was the next best thing.

JACKSONDamaged gravestone for Elizabeth JacksonBelieve the gravestone for George Jackson who died in 1820 is my 4th great-grandfather but really wanted to see the date for his widow, Elizabeth, but it is too damaged. I particularly wanted to see it because she was supposed to be giving birth in 1816 to my 3rd great-grandmother, Ann, and I am concerned she was 66 when she died so am hoping she was a lot younger than her husband and died a lot later than him as well!

JACKSONThanksI just wanted to say thank you to the lady who took the photos and the other [people behind the site.

JACKSONAdam Watson JacksonThank you so much for your fast response. Wonderful to be able to view the details of so many of my husband's family; great grandparents Adam Watson & Edith Jackson. What a terrific service you provide.

JACKSONSamuel Jackson Grave.Thank you for the photograph unfortunately I just can't read the inscription . Samuel Jackson is who I'm researching died in Bury St. Edmunds 1836 born about 1759. Sadly I can't read the gravestone . Many thanks anyway

JACKSONThank you for your very much appreciatedThank you for your very much appreciated photographs

JACKSONmemorial in Hartfield ChurchI am full of praise for the vision, generosity of spirit and umpteen years of work that have gone into creating and running this wonderful information service. Its short cut to Henry Jackson's memorial is helpful to me because I am writing up a booklet for the Friends of Woodbury Park Cemetery Tunbridge Wells about the Hale family.. His widow Charlotte Cecilia had a life interest in Holly Hill and remained there for the next 40 years with her second husband Bernard Hale. He was among other things the barrister whose carefully documented legal opposition to Lord de la Warr's encroachments on Ashdown Forest led to the protected permanent access there enjoyed today by the public. There are Hale memorials in Holy Trinity Colemans Hatch and of course there are the Hale almshouses at Kidds Hill. Mostly due to trickle down from the wealth of HHJ. Bernard and Charlotte are buried in Woodbury Park Cemetery and we have just cleaned up their memorial there along with those of the other Hales buried there.

JACKSONLooking for extra information ..Thought gravestones might contain extra information on the family.Gilbert Jackson was buried with his wife Frances. At least I am guessing who the lady is as he married a Frances.Many thanks for the prompt service etc.

JACQUESThanks againI was very happy to discover this Jacques gravestone showing the family who adopted my Grandmother, Annie - not blood relatives but no less important for my family history.

JACQUESFantastic resourceThis is a really useful website for family history researchers. Requests for photos of gravestones are dealt with really quickly and the photos themselves are sharp and clear making it easy to extract the information needed. Thank you Charles for all your hard work.

JAFFRAYJeffery family of StirlingJames Jaffray was born in Saint Ninian's Parish, Stirling in 1651. Parents were Alexander jaffray born 1619 and Margaret livingstone born 1623. James married Elisabeth Simsone in 1649. James siblings were henry and Anna. James and elisabeth farmed at New Bigging, Innerwick and had my ancestor, Patrick Jaffray. James and elisabeth died 1711 and are buried in Garvald churchyard.Any other info would be great. .... more

JAGGARDThankyouThank you for the close up view of the requested gravestone, it has been very useful in confirming where my husbands ancestors are buried

JAGGERGreat serviceQuick response and very good images. Very useful tool for family history research. Thank you!

JAKEMANthank youGreat service, thank you for excellent image.

JAMESInvaluable serviceMany thanks for your help. Brilliant service, especially for those living some distance from ancestors' final resting places.

JAMESMystery solved!For over 50 years I have harboured a vague childhood memory of my father travelling to North Devon for the funeral of "great aunt Rose". I have now identified her as my grandmother's cousin. To see her gravestone has brought my quest around full circle. Many thanks, Charles, for making that possible.

JAMESjames headstoneMany thanks for the picture of the edward James headstone in Durham rd cemetery in stockton . This is really helpful to researching my great granparents

JAMESDetails for headstone of Rita Florence (Gartner) MILLER in Marlborough, New ZealandHi There Just wanted to let you know that the Birth/Death details on your website are incorrect with what is on the headstone photo for the above person. Kind Regards Tracy

JAMESThis is the 3rd time I have tried to thaThis is the 3rd time I have tried to thank you for access to the James family headstone, if this doesn't go through I won't bother again.

JAMESThank YouThank you so much for your prompt response. Particularly for ensuring that my relatives are part of a historical resource that people can call upon to detail their family history. Your help is much appreciated.

JAMESFound more family!Thank you- a great website . I grew up in Kirkstall Headingley and have passed St Micheal's church for years unaware my great, great grandparents and uncles were buried there. Again many thanks. .... more

JAMESONThanks!Thanks for the gravestone pipe of James and Leonora Jameson.

JAMESONJohn Jameson grave monument in Dean 2e EdinburghWe found the headstone of our distant grandfather John Jameson (1773-1850) and details of his wife (Margaret Carrol 1804-1852) and family who are also listed. Enabled us to trace back two more generations. Thankyou

JAMESONBond Headstone pictureThank you for the picture of the Bond headstone. It helps add another piece of the puzzle to the family history. I appreciate it very much. Cheers

JAMIESONThanks!This is a great website, a wonderful service. I've found members of my family tree that I didn't know about.

JAMIESONMany Thanks!A wonderful website. Many thanks to Charles and all of the wonderful volunteers who make this available to genealogists worldwide!

JAMIESONUnexpected but invaluable help - JAMIESON/ANDERSONDidn't even know this facility was available where you don't even have to leave the comfort of your couch to visit a gravesite as someone has already done it for you! Got a photo of a relatives stone and it had the name of a daughter I hadn't previously know about and all in double quick time as well. Most impressed

JAMIESONThank youI appreciate your prompt response to my request for a picture of an ancestor's gravestone. The picture is so beautifully clear. Thank you for your gracious gift.

JANHarrison/HarperFantastic..Thank You to everyone..what a fantastic resource.Much appreciated Charles and everyone

JANANWAYUNCLE TOM JANANWAYThank you so very much for your quick responce. It means the world to me. We were very close and not being there at his demise was difficult. Thank you again.

JAPPGeorge JappCongratulations Charles on such a wonderful site for us would be genealogists, I came across it quite by accident and after checking my family tree I discovered George & his family were indeed my relations. Thank you.

JARMANVisit to CoatesThank You Looking for any information regarding the Jarman Family in Whittlesey and Coates

JARRARDThanks YouHi, Thanks for the gravestone image that you allowed me to view online. When I am in the UK next I will update this photo with the latest one as the grave also has my dearest sister (Gillian Topliss) in there. Best regards and keep up the good work. Owen

JARVISEXCELLENT PHOTOGRAPHYThanks for the fast response to my request. It is such a change to find help offered free of charge. An amazing response as well. I hope to send you some military related gravestones from my local church in due course. THANKYOU again.

JARVISHave just found this website, and have fHave just found this website, and have found photos of the gravestones of several ancestors, which without this site I would not have known still existed. It is an excellent website.

JARVISThanks for the MI of Daniel JarvisMuch appreciated

JARVISJane Jarvis Hi, Thank you so much for letting me have the image of Jane's (and her husband's) gravestone. Jane was born Jane Briggs in West Ardsley, Leeds, Yorkshire, so she's a long way from home, so we wouldn't have seen it but for your efforts. Good luck with the site

JARVISThank youThis is an excellent resource and has been a great help and provided key information for further research.

JARVISMany ThanksThank you, once again, for coming to my aid with photographs of my ancestors' graves. Very much appreciated.

JARVISThank you!Just want to say how much I appreciate the work everyone has put in to this site. It makes armchair research so much easier.

JAYRevd William James JayThank you for sending me an image of the headstone of W J Jay, so quickly and thank you to the volunteer who took the photo. I have been a longtime volunteer for this project, and with Spring around the corner, urge anyone thinking of taking photos of their local churchyard/cemetery to please do so. I am sure you will enjoy it and someone who picks up one of your umages may just volunteer themselves.

JAYThank youA great resource, unique records not available elsewhere. Much appreciated!

JEALJeal gravestoneThank you for the gravestone image Charles. I shall try to visit the grave in Brighton as soon as possible.

JEFFERIESFeedbackI have just discovered your wonderful site. Thank you so much for the information. I am a great time searching through all the information.

JEFFERSONAmazing SiteJust starting on the Lindsay Family history. Hannah Jefferson was my great aunt and Peter Jefferson her son who was tragically killed in a mill wheel accident in Pateley Bridge. These photos have been a great addition to my current family data.

JEFFERYBirthplacesI would like to find the birthplace of Richard and Abigail (Buss) Jeffery No 409 in Lamberhurst cemetery. Also where he worked-family history has it that he and his son Richard came to Canada as servants with Edward, Duke of Kent but I have not been able to prove it. They returned to Kent in 1799. Thank you for any help or information about this family.

JEFFERYRe: William JefferyI believe William and Clara are my mums dad's grandparents. Thank you for sharing this information for us all to research.

JEFFERYJefferyThank you for your quick response to my request. The picture was clear and big enough to see the details without glare. I applaud you Charles for the work that you do, so families can see their ancestors final resting place. Regards, Deanna

JEFFRAYJEFFRAY/ KITCHINI requested three images but they were not attached to the email.

JEFFRIESThank YouThank you so much for your very quick response.

JEFFRIESAll Saints Church, Wheatacre,Norfolk. Grave No. 147059A real surprise to find this grave. This is my wife,s 3X gt grandparents and as we live in North Yorkshire to be able to see their final resting place is a real bonus. Thank you so much. Brilliant service. B.Holliday

JELLYThanksThanks so much, it's the little things that bring our ancestors to life. No pun intended!

JENKINSGravestones at PaigntonMany thanks for this service. The images of the gravestones have told me when and where my g-g-grandparents died and that search incidentally discovered where my g-grandmother is buried.

JENKINSMany ThanksMany thanks for the images of my g-g-grandparents' grave, which told me not only when but where they died. Unexpectedly that search also found me my great grandmother's grave. Although they lived at that time in London my great-grandfather had his wife buried next to his parents. (I may have sent this before, but had some trouble completing the process; probably me not the website.)

JENKINSGreat site! Thanks!I found this site very helpful, especially since Wales is a very long way from where I live! Thanks!

JENKINSONMary Jane & John Jenkinson headstoneThank you, Charles for the image of Mary Jane & John Jenkinson's gravestone. I had a Jenkinson ancestor who went to Spofforth to have her illegitimate child - I often wondered why there - and if she had relatives there or not. The names tally up - I will do some checking up and let you know if there is a connection.

JENKINSONThank youThank you for the time and effort. I now think this is not the relative I was looking for, but may be related through another branch!

JENNVery Useful siteHaving been researching my family tree for many years now, I thought I was familiar with most of the sites relating to genealogy. I came across your site via a link fromAncestrt and I must say what a very useful site it is which I'm sure I will be making full use of in the future

JENNERSearchingJust looking for Graves in Holy Trinity with the name Jenner as many family members are in there.Thankyou

JENNERThank you very much, this is a great serThank you very much, this is a great service. I am very impressed with your deciphering skills. cheers

JENNINGSGreat photoThanks so much for the photo which gave me more information on a cousin's family.Much appreciated

JENNINGSCharles. Many thanks for your prompt repCharles. Many thanks for your prompt reply to my request for the photo of Elizabeth Jennings headstone what an excellent site!I needed this one to replace one I took about 5 years ago. As I am nearing 80 I am unlikely to visit Rendlesham again. Regards.

JENNINGSFantastic serviceCharles runs a fabulous service and the image I received will certainly help with my ancestry search - thank you Charles

JENNINGSGreat photosAppreciate so much that I have these photos of family graves, which also confirmed my belief that Uncle Thomas Jennings died in Instow. He was my grgrandfather's brother. Pictures make them 'come to life', and gives lasting proof that they walked this world. Appreciate also that I didn't need to make the long drive to get these photos. Thanks so much Charles Sale!!

JENNINGSIsaac JenningsThanks for your speedy response to my request for images of Jennings family members buried at Bicknoller & Crowcombe. Good quality images Many thanks again

JENNINGSExcellent serviceThank you so much for this excellent photo of the gravestone of my great uncle. I have only just found about about his existence and his sad story as he died just before his 3rd birthday. I am keen to see the real thing so i am delighted that you have been able to locate it for me.

JENNINGSAcknowledgement (Grace Jennings)Again - thank you for access to this invaluable resource

JENSENThank you.Many thanks.

JEPSONJEPSON/STONEI am so grateful for the photo, and amazed how quick it arrived. I don't have much money, and maybe in the future could donate. But right now all I can do is offer my services, I don't go out very often, but noticed some of the churches/cemetaries are not too far, so I will do my best to get some photos sorted out for you. Once again, thank you so much for your help.

JERMYThanksThis is a great resource - thanks to all involved. I am researching the Jermy family in Norfolk and would love to hear from any descendent of Walter Thomas b 1880.

JERVISJervis researchLooking for info on Maj. Edward Lennox Jervis for whom I have a copy of death certificate, death May 6, 1900, burial May 9. in Balham, Wandsworth? Assume burial in the church or the Jervis Mausoleum on the church grounds? I am in the U.S. so a bit removed. Thanks in advance for any info.

JESSThank youThank you Charles for providing this information. It is a very comprehensive resource.

JESSOPEllen Mottram nee JessopThank you for the picture of the lovely gravestone of my great-greatgrandmother, Ellen. Your website is so generous and helpful I used the enhancement tool on my Microsoft pictures to bring out the lettering. Her father Joseph appears to have been born in 1790 and died 1862 and her mother Ann nee Jervis? born 1788 or 1794, died 1863. With much appreciation for your continued work.

JEWELLSamuel Jewell's GravestoneMany thanks for the photo. It's most appreciated as it gives details that i would not have had if people like yourself didn't take the photos in the first place. Keep up the good work.

JEWELLThanks againThis wonderful service has provided me with photos I could never have had. New Zealand is a long way away to research from, so I have these wonderful photos without leaving home. I am very grateful.Thankyou Elaine Downs

JEWELLRichard and Agnes JewellMany, many thanks for your help. I wasn't sure which cemetery they were in, but you have solved that problem for me.

JEWELLPerfect site. Old Town Cemetry Bideford Perfect site. Old Town Cemetry Bideford has been locked up for years so this site has been tremdously helpful. Thank you very much

JEWELLMANY THANKSJust wanted to say thank you to the volunteers of the Gravestone Photographic Resource. I visited St. Helen's Churchyard in Abbotsham in September and visited the grave of Philippi Jewell. Your gravestone images are very helpful.

JEWELLThank youOne again many thanks for your help. Your service is brilliant. Robyn

JEWELLSearching for information on the family members of Joseph Jewell (1701-1765) and Elizabeth Adams (AdI'm look for any information that you can direct my way regarding the family of Joseph Jewell 1701-1765 of Bideford, Devon. Thank you also for the link to the photograph of the headstone of Jane (Cole) Jewell, she was my gr-gr-gr grandmother. Catherine Wilkinson

JEWELLJohn JewellThank you so much for the e-mail concerning my third great-granduncle, John Jewell. I see there are other family members listed in the same cemetery. This reaffirms what I know concerning the primary location of the family. I can't wait to uncover more of the family.

JEWITTJEWITT, SALMON, GOUTHWAITEI have found this resource, and the personal service and advice provided to be very useful. I am down in London currently, and the ability to visit places I remember from childhood to trace my roots has been invaluable in my genealogical research.

JEXAlice Elizabeth JexThank you so much for sending me the picture of Alice Jex's tombstone.

JOBJob gravestone photoWhat a good idea. Thank you for this excellent resource and the prompt response to my photo request. Website is very interesting and easy to explore.

JOBLINGThis is a very generous thing this man iThis is a very generous thing this man is doing. As I live in Huntsville Ontario Canada and do not have the means to get to these monuments. Thank you very much for the photo.Natalie

JOBLINGGreat resource. Great work. Thank you so much.Jobling April 6 1880

JOBLINGThanksReceiving the photographs of my grandfather and his family has been a big help

JOBSONJOBSON/FARROW/THORNTON/HALLMany thanks for the access to the image of my husbands great grandparents grave. A brilliant resource for family researchers.

JOCKELJOCKEL/MARSHALLThrilled to find photos of ancestors graves. Thank you very much

JOHN WEBBThank you!The effort to run this site is very much appreciated. One of the best organized websites I've run across and extremely helpful to those searching their ancestors.Thanks a lot!

JOHNSThank you so much of the image .really aThank you so much of the image .really appreciate it.

JOHNSONThank you!Mr. Sales, Thank you so much for providing the enlarged photos of my family members Exton Johnson and his parents. They are relatives of my grandmother Velma Johnstone (spelling changed). I have enjoyed learning more about my family through genealogy research and your website provide names that had not been found on other sites.

JOHNSONThank youThank you for such a clear photo of my 2x gt-grandmother Elizabeth Johnson's grave stone and her son Absalom Johnson in Houghton (Huntingdonshire) Cambridgeshire who actually died in 1857

JOHNSONJOHNSON/ANDREWS/BIRKSI live in Australia, and this information is not available to use untill I found you. Thank you

JOHNSONLynda Johnson, 1925-2008Many thanks Charles for giving me access to the gravestone image of my aunt Lynda Johnson. I have suggested a correction to the year of death/burial from 2006 to 2008. Your website is a very useful resource for family history research. Keep up the good work.

JOHNSONfamily historyI sincerely appreciate your help in this matter, and hope to look for further names, Thank You

JOHNSONRev. Job JohnsonWhat a smashing and useful website. Been looking for the gravestone of Rev. Job's wife for sometime. Job was Vicar of Upper Denby, Penistone Parish from 1851 to 1887 when he retired and moved to Huddersfield. He was a very popular and influential individual and was involved not with just religion but education, politics and the welfare of the local community.

JOHNSONThanksThank you for publishing a photo of my father's gravestone (Anthony Owen Prosser Johnson) I live in the USA and have never been to the cemetry (long and boring story) so this gave me a chance to see it. Thanks again - really appreciate what you do. Steve

JOHNSONGPR websiteYour website is excellent and provides good information and images. The site is easy to use and is without adverts and other distractions.

JOHNSONImageAnother quick response to my request. Thanks to all contributors.

JOHNSONInteresting photographs located.Thank you for the photographs for the Rev. James Hart Johnson and family. Particularly interested to locate the photo of the stained glass windows in St Margaret's Church at Hinton Blewett. All are most appreciated.

JOHNSONOlive and Harold JohnsonThank you

JOHNSONPhilip JohnsonOnce again a quick response to a request and a nice quality picture showing the detail. Thank you

JOHNSONThankyou so much for all your hard work.Thankyou so much for all your hard work.Had not realised what a large monument it was.Also wonder about the expense at the time as I only have Thomas Johnson recorded as Agamekeeper

JOHNSONThank you .Thank you for your fast response to my request for a grave photo & may I say what a great site. I will continue to use it as I search for my ancestors.

JOHNSONgrave of francis thomason scot.Many thanks for sending me a photo for the above. It helps fill in a few gaps in my research.

JOHNSONThank you!Dear Charles, The image I requested was easily viewed and I so appreciate your work to provide this service! Cheers, marilyn

JOHNSONAncestor researchThanks for the prompt reply and enhanced gravestone photo. Although worn over time I was able to read a date which I will use to clarify my tree information. I know where to come to for any other information regarding family burial information! Well done to the volunteers who give their time.

JOHNSONThanksMany thanks for the images of the grave inscriptions that you so kindly provided. The information has been very useful in my family history research.

JOHNSONChristopher Johnson. Clockmaker of KnaresboroughWhat an amazing facility!! I was so pleased to receive (so quickly) the high-res pix of Christopher Johnson's gravestone. It adds so much to my knowledge about this clockmaker from the town where I was born. I now live in Cheltenham UK and will be sending you lots of photographs of churchyards, particularly St. John's in Prestbury near where I live. Thank you so much for this unique opportunity to learn about the clock I have just bought.

JOHNSONExcellent siteThis is an excellent site and thank you for your hard work.

JOHNSTONCharles, What a quick response and a maCharles, What a quick response and a marvellous photo!! Fantastic resource,you fully deserve the plaudits entered here. Many thanks Isobel

JOHNSTONAdditional informationRev John Johnston was the father of Charlotte Johnston. She was born 1826 Edinburgh, died September 14th, 1904 in Greenock, Renfrewshire. She was the second wife of the Rev David Purves, born March 5th, 1808 in Stenton, East Lothian. He was Minister of the Free Church of Scotland in Maxwelton Dumfries. He died very suddenly, 30th May 1883, and in the 40th year of his ministry when attending the General assembly of the Free Church, and was buried in St. Cuthbert's Cemetery, Edinburgh.

JOHNSTONJOHNSTON, PHILLPOT, MOWATI received first class service from a first class site that I would be proud to be associated with. When the weather gets better I will start taking photos of Gravestones and uploading them.

JOHNSTONWonderful WebsiteI am so glad I stumbled upon this website. I found it extremely informative and easy to search the information. Thankyou so much for all the hard work.

JOHNSTONThank you.I have enjoyed viewing the gravestone of Dr Richard Johnston at St Matthews Sutton Bridge who died 17th July 1891. Thank you for a superb service.

JOLLThank youWhat a wonderful resource, that I found by accident when looking for information on Elizabeth Craze. The tombstone is a great addition to my Joll family revcords

JOLLEYPhilip Geoffrey Edward JolleyThank you for the prompt response and the link to his grave site. This is a great resource that I am sure I will be accessing again. Thanks to you and all your volunteers.

JOLLIFFEthanks for your help thank you for the very quick help as this family were in surrey and sussex and me in yorkshire i dont think i would have ever seen these monuments thanks again

JOLLIFFEMany thanks for the image, successfully Many thanks for the image, successfully received, for George Herbert Jolliffe

JOLLYThank You!Thank-you so much for the fantastic photos and the extremely quick service! This information has helped enormously in adding to my family tree.

JOLLYJolly Family in SuffolkLooking for anyone wishing to help by taking photos of gravestones in St. Mary, Barton Mills, Suffolk. Name of Jolly. Thanks

JOLLYThanks you so much for your prompt replyThanks you so much for your prompt reply with the images of the graves of Benjamin and Mary Jolly, my 2x grt grandparents,in Garboldisham Norfolk, and of Sarah and John Jolly,my 4x gt gradparents, in St Marys Wortham, Suffolk . It is a great help to see these images as I cannot easliy get to the area.

JONESDRYHURST JONES - Many thanksAn excellent service which has helped in my research into my family history

JONESThank youMany thanks for forwarding the photo of John Jones beautiful grave stone. I still have no idea if he\'s an ancestor but will find this lovely grave stone very helpful when I get a day researching at the records office.I\'m very pleased I had a browse around this site, maybe on a sunny day I will take some photos of local cemeteries.

JONESThank youThank you - your work is much appreciated. Colleen.

JONESWalhalla cemetery, Victoria gravestone photo for the late Susan JONESThank you Charles for sending the two gravestone images from the Walhalla cemetery for the late Susan JONES.

JONESARTHUR ROWE JONESHi Charles many thanks for this great and prompt service. I live in the Gloucestershire area and would be willing to be a volunteer also if there is anyone out there who would like me to take any pictures of places where their family lived in this area please do not hesitate to contact me.

JONESMany thanksThank you so much for your quick response Charles.This grave has my Grandfather John Evan Jones my Grandmother Ellen Ann Jones my father Douglas Mervyn Jones my Aunt Hazel Annette Holttum plus I think my uncle Terrence Jones (Father of Michael. I have some work to get on with checking records for Terrence Jones and my Aunt Myfanwy Jones Many Thanks Mervyn

JONESDavid J & Gwen Jones PenmachnoThanks you so much for this information it has given me lots to work on.

JONESThank you so much. I was thrilled with the information on A Jones and family buried at Waikamete Cemetary. It has solved a few little mysteries for me and added some family members.

JONESThank you for your very fast response inThank you for your very fast response in sending me the photo - unfortunately, it may not be my relative. My fault, entirely - too many Jones names the same with the same birth year and who lived in the same place!!!! I do thank you for sending it to me - I will certainly request more photos. I'm sorry to have caused you extra work but without the photo, I would always assume it was the correct person I am looking for. It may take me awhile to verify.

JONESIncorrect details Mathon Church - JONES/ GARDNEREmma Calder Jones was born 1861 and died 18-1-1889 (253950) Edward Albert Jones husband of Ada JOnes did NOT die in 1936 (678802incorrect) Husband of Ada Jones is Albert Edward died 1976 (253954) Lara Jane Gardener ( 253951 and 253952) is spelt wrongly in Church records. She was Lara Jane Gardner born 24-11-68 and died 30-12-1668. She was not 0 when she died but 5 weeks old! She is correctly shown on the gravestone. I know all the details I have given are correct as they are my family!

JONESresponseMany thanks for your quick response to my request for a gravestone image. Good service as always

JONESthankyoumany thanks for the image received very speedily

JONESThank youVery many thanks for the link to high quality gravestone photo you sent today. Hoping to visit the cemetry in the near future and will send you copies of further stones.

JONESAppreciation of the project you have undertaken.Looking for the name Jones is like looking for a needle in the proverbial haystack!I had already sent for a death certificate which turned out to be the wrong one so I was thrilled to stumble across your site and find a gravestone for the correct Jones, a great grandmother of mine , confirmed by the discovery of a husband and son on the same headstone. Thank you so much.

JONESJones Tombstones in Lynton DevonLooking for someone to take pics of Jones Tombstones in Lynton Devon

JONESMAYBURY JONESmany thanks, it wasn,t untill I took a visit to the Llangollen Museum that I knew anything of this linked name and I saw for the first time a picture of my grandad who died France 1916 and now your kindnes has helped me more

JONESGrave of Mary and Edward JonesThank you for putting this photo on your website. These are my paternal grtgrandparents. Mary died at Sinet Farm Pentrecoch, Edward went on to farm at Llety, Llangynhafal until his death.

JONESSarah Jones (1783 - 1858) IlfracombeThank you Charles for your excellent service. This gravestone also contains the details of my great Grandfather Henry Jones (1854 - 1924)who lived in Clovelly for a number of years. We have photos taken at All Saints Churchyard in Clovelly of both of Henry's wives if you would like them. Kind Regards, Maxwell Jones, Perth, Western Australia.

JONESThank youThank you for the image. This is an amazing resource that you have created. Margaret Jones is my third great aunt, and I am always keen to fill in gaps in my family history.

JONESJONES /HAYWARDThank you very much for quick response tophoto request. Not certain if this is correct family, but gives me another avenue to follow with my brick wall. Am looking for the birth of samuel jones ca.1861. Given on 1891 census as dawley. Our Samuel married an Esther Hayward in Malinslee in 1884 and gives fathers name as Thomas.

JONESJONES/BATHGATEThank you once again for a great photo, and quick response for photo requested.

JONESCornelius HookerMany thanks for providing such an excellent service

JONESAppleyardThank you so much for all your work in making this possible for family researchers, especially those, like me who live on the other side of the world.

JONESEdward JonesExtremely helpful to have this information - a very useful resource.

JONESbevan/hewittfirst class many many thanks

JONESjones / hewittfirst class many many thanks

JONESGreat resourceAgain, great resource - many thanks

JONESGrateful ThanksI have been researching my family history for a number of years and because I live in the South but originate from the North East, it is difficult to do any physical research except during occasional visits up north. It was therefore a delight to receive a notification of a gravestone belonging to a member of my family, which came to light whilst I was using Ancestry. The clarity of the photograph is superb and the information it contained invaluable to that particular generation of my family. I have certainly learned so much more because of this event. Thank you so much for this service.

JONESAppreciation of your work and your websiteI was very pleased to discover this website and I think it is an absolute boon to genealogists. Thank you for all the trouble you have taken to produce this site, it is an invaluable extra resource.

JONESThank you for your help very useful RegaThank you for your help very useful Regards Rhian Samuel

JONESMany thanks for the copy image. You assiMany thanks for the copy image. You assistance is very much appreciated

JONKLAASVery HelpfulThank you for providing this resource. I have visited Kandy a number of times but never got the opportunity to visit my grandmothers and my aunty's grave, it was so amazing to be able to see this photo. Thank you

JOPLINGThomas Jobling -St Peters BywellThat photo of the Jobling cemetery marker is outstanding. Thank you for providing this service. It must take an incredible amount of time to organize this site. I hope I get to see the Jobling marker in person.

JORDANMuch AppreciatedThankyou for the wonderful images which arrived soon after initial request. This is a terrific resource which I will use again. Thanks again. Regards Brenda (Sydney, Australia)

JORDANReally helpful, thank youReally pleased to be able to use this site to help in our ancestry search, thanks so much, will be using again.

JORYThank youI would like to Thank Charles for his quick reply with my photo request..A very valuable source of information and service that Charles has provided for Free...Thank you again so much...Kind Regards Karen

JOSEPHYWhat a wonderful siteI have used this site before, and for people like myself who are unable to travel around the country to find the graves of their ancestors, it is absolutely invaluable. What a project!! Well done to all involved - family history researchers need to not only take advantage of this, but to also help out where possible.

JOSLANDcheersThank you very much for the incredibly speedy response.

JOSLINimage of gravestonecharles, thank you for a quick response to my request for a photo of my grandparents headstone,sorry to be a pain we can not find my real mothers grave at cemetery A barnstaple (GPR grave no 76395 Doreen joan joslin )thank you colin

JOULESExcellent Resource thanksV helpful for researching Joules family information

JOWETTNew resourceI have just discovered your web site and wanted to thank you, and your volunteers, for the work done to document these graves. I was thrilled to find photos of my 3rd great uncle (and aunt) Nathan and Allee Jowett.

JOYCERev. William Josiah JoyceThank you for the image. It is a great website and resource.

JUBBFeedbackBrilliant website wih great service - what a great idea. Thanks so much for the speedy response.

JUBYJohn Alfred JubyMarvellous idea. Thank you for all the hard work involved.

JUBYJUBY/LAFLIN/RAMPLINAs per usual thank you so much for the photograph. I would be unable to visit this cemetery and so your photograph answers questions for me. Thanks again.

JUDDImage requestThank you Charles for a great service, I requested a image and it was sent to me straight away.

JUDDAppreciation for photographsThank you for supplying the photographs of my uncle Francis Harold Judd as requested. This is an excellent service and a great resource.

JUDEPhotoThank you for the photo I requested it was instant Your work helps a lot of people who cannot visit A cemetery

JUDGEThanksI was sent this site by a friend and was amazed to find just how useful it can be. I intend to visit my local cemeteries with my camera and hope to add information that might help others. Many thanks Charles a great idea! JMP

JUDGEPicture of gravestoneMany thanks for your help & prompt reply.

JUGGINGSrelationshipthe relationship between maria juggings and William juggings ( my great granparents ) are husband and wife .... more

JULERJuler graves in SouthwoldThankyou very much for attending to my request so promptly. I was in Southwold 3 weeks ago & could not find any information. Knowing they once had a jewellers shop in the High St. this was confirmation that they did exist.Sincere thanks

JULIANPETER JOHN JULIAN - incorrect age peter was born 15.10.1955Peter was not 50 when he died more is the pity!! He was born 15.10.1955. Please correct the website. Lesley Julian. Thanks! 7 .... more

JUNIPERMany thanks Many thanks - I would never have found this without your help.

JUNIPERThank you so much for providing this excThank you so much for providing this excellent service. I am so happy to see the grave of my 4 x a Great Grandmother Louisa Juniper from Cuckfield.

JUPPJupp of Horne(Horsham)What a wonderful site this is. It will be so helpful in my genealogy research. Thanks to all concerned. Irene in Australia

KEELANKeelan family history leading to Manchester EnglandMany thanks for providing this photo in such speedy fashion. Am investigating James Keelan born in Ireland 1833 married to Anne Carolan,who may be the O'Hagan's daughter. This will help. Thanks again-Cheers

KELLJAMESINA MACPHERSON KELLY KELLreally appreciated your responce it gives me a bit of comfort to be able to see this being so far away

LEGGETTLooking for Job Leggett GraveIn Suffolk England...Stow Area. He Married Mary Ann Gladwell.

MARGARSONJACK MARGARSONMy husband was thrilled to at last see his Father's gravestone. What a wonderful resource this is, thank you for all your hard work in producing it. We have the grave number, row etc., but seeing the gravestone will make the task of looking for it a whole lot easier in a very large cemetery! Once again, , many thanks.

SUDRONGreat service, great site. Very helpfulGreat service, great site. Very helpful in family history searches

WILLIAMS JOHN WILLIAMS - Very helpful websiteI’ve found this website to be invaluable and commend all the volunteers who provide their time to make images available,


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