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List of Comments/Feedback/Help Requests

surnametitle of the comment / feedbackcomment / feedbacksubmittednum
EDDMONDSONThank you very much for providing this eThank you very much for providing this excellent service. I appreciate having this historic record.

DEWESGravestone imageMany thanks for sending me the more detailed images of the gravestone as requested. This is much appreciated in my endeavour to complete the family tree. Many thanks for your dedication and tireless work.

WAGHORNWilliam WaghornMany thanks for image, received almost instantly.

SLINGERThank YouThank you for the hard work that you & everyone else do. It's nice to be able to put a picture to a name

W. H. P. GRESWELLYour system for providing images is very easy, speedy, and generous. Congratulations and thank you.The bottom half of the Bicknoller inscription was covered by long grass, so the picture was of less use to me than I hoped. However, I will be visiting the area next month and will look for myself. I meanwhile remain appreciative of the work that has gone into your website and his operation. Thank you again.

PEAKERequest for headstone photograph.Thank you so much for the enlarged photograph. Keep up your good work!

THAKEFrederick Augustus ThakeOnce again thank you for your amazing service - overnight delivery - nobody else can achieve this.

BACKHOUSEbackhousethank you as always good photo

SPONGFast and EfficientVery happy. Many thanks!


RAILTON-JONESBig thank you Image was available almost instantly. Wasn't expecting that, thank you.

BRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNThanks!Very useful information gained from the gravestone

GOODACREWhat a useful website to help trace relatives. Thanks.Any Goodacre's.

PARSLEYFamily historyThank you for providing these photographs.

DAVEYUpdated informationJohn Davey, buried at St Peters Fremington Devon, is my 3rd Gt grandfather and as you state Elizabeth Davey was Johns second wife; however his first wife died 2nd Feb 1830 aged 35 years, it is believed as a result of child birth, her son William born 13 Dec 1829. William was buried in Ashford Devon 1916. Thanks for all your good work

GORINGFamily historyWhat an amazing resource, thank you.

IBBOTTHinton Ibbott gravestoneI'd like to thank Charles for running this fantastic resource and any other volunteers or helpers who aid him. I think I may be able to fill in side branches of my husband's tree using the information found on a gravestone. Brilliant.

DIXONMany thank. Great site.Maria Dixon/ Haberlein/Masters

PALLISTERMany thanks for the photo of Martha elleMany thanks for the photo of Martha ellen pallister’s gravestone another link provided Great service keep up the good work

COOPERHarriot CooperDear Charles, thank you for your prompt response to my photo request. Unfortunately it did not produce the link I was looking for, but may prove useful. Being in London it is not easy to get to rural Norfolk by public transport, in order to view graves.

PEPPERRELLThank youWhat a good service, plain and simple well done

NEWSHAMThank youThank you. As always a first stop when looking for a grave in Yorkshire.

BOREVery helpful service and quick Very quick service, with an email in 24 hours regarding the info I needed for a family tree. Thank you!

RANCEReally helpful and speedy service. Great picture of my great-great grandfather's gravestone which gave me details of his job and place of work. Excellent!

SHARMANWhat a wonderful siteI have found a handful of photos of gravestones for my ancestors on this site. I really appreciate those people prepared to photo the gravestones and maintain this site. The help is much appreciated

SIMSGreat websiteTo see a gravestone I could't possibly have found is amazing. Keep up the good work.

BURRBig helpStill proving itself of inestimable value, the GPR really is a one of a kind service.

BAKERGeorge and Sophia Bakers HeadstoneI had a quick look on the internet to see if I could find my 4x great grandparents headstone, and here it is in Blagdon.What a brilliant find.

NICHOLSONElizabeth NicholsonMany thanks for the photo of Elizabeth Nicholson's headstone - which I received - you do a wonderful job with this website - and I will certainly try and help in some small way - again many thanks

RITCHIEThank you so much for allowing me to havThank you so much for allowing me to have a large photo for my tree. Much appreciated

HENNESSEYThank you for the photo it is very much Thank you for the photo it is very much appreciated.

FOWLERA great resource!Thank you for you greatly appreciated assistance.

PARKINParkin gravestoneMany thanks for your speedy response to my request , much appreciated indeed

FORSTERThankyouA great photo of the gravestone of William Robinson Forster & Eleanor Walker (nee Winship) Thank you so much.

AUGIERAUGIER/GOTENDORF photo requestHi. I have some burial records from JewishGen and they're related to a family already photographed here, but they themselves aren't even listed anywhere in the cemetery. I'm wondering if you take photos by request and if you'd be willing to help... it's in the 24th division of Montparnasse: Emile Augier, wife Isabelle nee Gotendorf, son Jean, and anybody else around them who seems attached. Isabelle is the daughter of Josephine and James Nathan Gotendorf already photographed, so they may be nearby, but I'm not sure.

TOMLINSONA useful resource thank you.A useful resource thank you.

TWEDDLEA very useful resource. I found GPR by accident and was delighted to find a photo of a relevant monument. It's a useful resource that I hope to be able to use again in the future. Thank you for offering the facility.

PRITCHARDMany thanks for photo, prompt service.Many thanks for photo, prompt service.

WOODBRIDGEThank you. First class service. Thank you for providing two high quality photos of the grave I'm interested in. They came back within minutes. Fantastic service.

ASHLEEGravestone imageThank you for your time and effort in providing this service. The high resolution image of the gravestone was excellent, and received within 24 hours.

MINTERName on memorial Arthur Minter Thanks do much for sending the image over so quickly. As I wont be able to visit the cemetery in person yet, its so great to be able to see something real to help being my family history research to life. Thank you for all the time and effort you have so clearly put into this website - I'll be using it again to see what other ancestors I can find more information on. VERY MUCH APPRECIATED! Just for extra information, the full name of my ancestor is Arthur Edward Minter (1865-1880)

POOLEYThank you!Thank you very much for providing such an excellent service.

CHAPELOWLocal cemetaryHow can I tell if my area has already had the gravestones photographed?

LUTHERVery confusing!Sorry but I have to say this is the most confusing site I have ever used and I have been doing family history for nearly 15yrs - I googled Bridgenorth cemeteries and this came up - sorry but not impressed!

My thanks once again for providing such My thanks once again for providing such an excellent service!

TOZEThank YouThank you a great resource and quick response.

Gravestone PhotosMuch appreciated is the help you give in supplying gravestone images. From information given many a child has been found and applied to my family tree. Well done to the volunteers

WISEMANWilliam J WisemanMany thanks for the opportunity to review the photos in more detail. This has really helped to consolidate what I already have as well as provide some useful additions. A great resource and much appreciated.

PRINCEThank you so much for a wonderful WebsiThank you so much for a wonderful Website. I am researching the Prince family and understand there is a memorial and brave in Rossett Church if anyone can help with this?

HOBBSFantastic resourceThank you for providing such a great resource. It is unlikely, in the near term, that I will be able to visit (in person) all of the Churchyards and cemetery’s where my Ancestors are buried. It is so great to be able to see their final resting places and headstones due to the generosity of others. I shall certainly be looking to see if I can return the favour by photographing monuments in my area.


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