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surnametitle of the comment / feedbackcomment / feedbacksubmittednum
GOODHAREDelighted to find a Goodhare gravestoneFantastic clear image, link sent quickly. This is a super free resource, independently maintained.

MATHIASFound my grandpa's graveThanks for the website

LEEThe Lee Family of Sibthorpe, NottinghamshireMany thanks to the photography volunteers and those who have created and maintained this valuable site. 11 photos of family gravestones viewed. That is fantastic! Mary Lund Toronto, Canada

RUSSELLThank-youThank-you for sending the grave stone picture of my third cousin John Russell 1828-1900. I am in Canada and not able to get to that cemetery. Thank-you again!!

POOLEResearching the Poole branch of my familResearching the Poole branch of my family tree.

PEERSThank you for the photo of the Peers graThank you for the photo of the Peers grave in Stockton on Tees (Ann Eliza Peers and her parents). Very prompt and helpful.

BLANCHETTExcellent serviceThank you for sending me the photo of Arthur Reuben and Edith Razel Blanchett's gravestone. A very useful site when graves / headstones are not in your local area. Thank you.

KELLETTJane Heselton (Heseltine)Jane Heselton (Heseltine) was buried in the same grave as her maternal grandparents Thomas and Jane Kellett, hence the inscription on the back of the Kellett headstone.

HARRISONThankyou - HARRISON AND DIXON AND BROWNThanks for this site, I am researching at a distance so feel lucky to have stumbled across it Mainly researching Elizabeth Brown b June 1866 who married John Thomas Harrison

STUBBSfeedbackThank you for offering this useful service.

BROWNThankyou - HARRISON AND DIXON AND BROWNThanks for this site, I am researching at a distance so feel lucky to have stumbled across it Mainly researching Elizabeth Brown b June 1866 who married John Thomas Harrison

CANTAdditional Info re George Frederick CantGeorge Frederick Cant b 1867 Brightlingsea mariner was part of the crew of a Sydney-built ship the 'Era' that was owned by Winter, Brandt & Co., of Fremantle. He was drowned, presumed fallen overboard from the fishing boat ‘Era’ during the night of Monday 26 June 1905 while the ship was anchored in harbour. The body was discovered by means of pouring oil on the surface and recovered from the bottom on the Thursday. He was known to the crew as Frederick Carter. (see extracts from The Geraldton Express and Murchison and Yalgoo Goldfields Chronicler of Friday 30 June 1905, page 7)

MANSONThanksYour website is a real gem of a find! I was thrilled with the two photographs I have downloaded. Sincere thanks to all those who have contributed photographs. Thanks also to those involved in running the website.

HANSONSarah Elizabeth (Weaver) HansonMany thanks for details of Sarah's husband and his family. A great asset to family history research.

MATTHEWSThanks - MATTHEWS/CAPELThanks for the access to your image Charles.

SKIPPENExcellent assistanceThank you for your time in helping me find my Great Great Grandfathers grave.

ROSSIwanting know if an Aleardo Rossi died in county durham as he was my none's business partner (none wathank you Charles for all you do connecting families. also if anyone out there knows who Aleardo rossi was married too and his children id be grateful. Also having difficulty finding his other business partner - Nello Padreddi

BAISTERThank youThank you for making the photos of headstones available for people to see. Your service is instant and is greatly appreciated. emam

BAISTERThank youThank you for making the photos of headstones available for people to see. Your service is instant and is greatly appreciated. emam

FISHWICKChildren of William Fishwick (born aboutChildren of William Fishwick (born about 1770) and Jane were christened in St Mary's, Whitby. They were Joseph and Thomas, christened in 1796. Are there any death records/headstones with the Fishwick surname in the church ground?

BERRYThank youJust to say thank you for the image. It's such a help since I live in North Yorkshire so visiting the South West is not very easy. Hilary

HARDYThank You! Many thanks for your prompt reply and links to images. Much appreciated.

MITCHELLResting Place of Our AncestorsWith gratitude to Gravestone Photographic Resources I have received an image of a family member, interred long ago and in a far off place. GPR is a valuble resource for us who seek to know our family's history. Thank you again and good luck in the future. Regards PJM.

WOODHOUSEThank you!Many thanks to all the people involved in preserving these images. They are invaluable!

ALDERTON Thank you!!Thank you so very much for this wonderful resource. Being able to view grave sites of my ancestors from the other side of the world is amazing - and of great help in family history research - allowing us to gather further details from the memorials written on them. I am very grateful to you. Mary

JOHNSONThank you!Mr. Sales, Thank you so much for providing the enlarged photos of my family members Exton Johnson and his parents. They are relatives of my grandmother Velma Johnstone (spelling changed). I have enjoyed learning more about my family through genealogy research and your website provide names that had not been found on other sites.

ALBORNThanksAppreciate you providing this headstone. Will look at providing some your way in the near future. Cheers

NEAVEThank you for great service. Great pictuThank you for great service. Great picture, very clear.

THOMASThanksCharles a thankyou for your grave photos I have dowloaded 3 or 4 over the years, ta Greg

HOLDAWAYWalter Ernest Valentine HoldawayThank you to GPR for sharing photo of walter's resting place.Your time and help is greatly appreciated.

STAFFORDJames McLean StaffordRegarding the monument which shows information for James McLean Stafford. He is not physically in this grave. James is one of the thousands of Australian soldiers from World War 1 whose final resting place is unknown. The inscription is a memorial to his life. He was killed in a ferocious battle at Amiens on the Somme on 5th April, 1918.

GAMMONThank YouThank you very much for sending details of gravestone that I requested. Received very promptly. Well done to all the volunteers who make this possible. Much appreciated.

HORNBYThank you.Thank you for the high resolution photograph. This resource is very much appreciated.

Superb ServiceAn extremely useful resource for family history research. The many hours of work you must have put in to provide this facility are greatly appreciated. Thank You.

WHILEYJames WhileyFantastic response as always. Picture is clearer than I thought it would be and has James’s wife Lydia Whiley included also.Thank you Charles, these photos and information are very much appreciated.

BELLAnn BellOnce again thank you for your quick response to my request and the relevant enhanced image

CARVEROther name on headstoneElsie May Beamer is recorded on this headstone. She & Kate Francis were sisters - maiden name Carver.

GATHERCOLEGravestone Thank you for a prompt reply

DENEYSDeneys/Schrape historyA big thank you for this service and how quickly you replied. Much appreciated.

HUDDLESTONThank you. Greatly appreciated.Thank you. Greatly appreciated.

SHARMANThank youGreat resource, simple to use Thank you

BRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNVery usefulVery useful information gained from the gravestone

SEXTONAn excellent helpAlthough this gravestone did not reveal my ancestor it did help me close one trail of thought. Thank you for the time you take to provide this service.

RAINESAnother Great ImageThe image I requested was available instantly from the website shwoing that the new delivery system works well. Many thanks Charles.

SHIREBYthank you thank you

ERSKINEThank YouMany, many thanks for making this service available and opportunity to have a photo of my cousin and wife's headstone. Much appreciated. Denise.

INSCHThank you very much for recent photo.Thank you very much for recent photo.

DAVISHeadstone.Thank you so much for this excellent website. The image is so clear and although the facts concerning the relevant dates on the headstone are slightly misleading in terms of accuracy, purely because whoever erected it did not know, it gives enough information to know that this is the grave of my great aunt Margaret Davis nee Donnelly.

BROWNHuge time saverI'm researching my branch of the Brown family in Lowestoft and surrounds - Seem to have been fish merchants in the mid 1800's. My sincere thanks for making all this information available. It is very much appreciated.

Excellent resourceMany thanks for all the work that has gone into providing this resource


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