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surnametitle of the comment / feedbackcomment / feedbacksubmittednum
CLIFTONClifton familyThank you very much for the photo, much appreciated

HILLSAmazing Site!Thank you so much for these photographs!! I haven't been able to find them elsewhere. (Archibald Hills 1832-1896)

CAMPLINGWilliam and Mary CamplingMany thanks for this very clear image of my 4xgreat-grandfather's gravestone

HAMMONDWonderful ServiceMany thanks for your excellent work in providing Gravestone Photographs together with the year of burial and approximate birth year. I am very grateful for the help this has given me in my Family History research.

KNOWLESMany thanksThanks to you Charles for collating and managing this excellent historical resource. I have only just started tracing several strands of family history but will undoubtedly return to (& hopefully contribute) to your excellent website.

Found this site very useful, it's a greaFound this site very useful, it's a great resource, Please keep up the good work, Ihave made a donation

STEADMABEL ISABEL & THOMAS LESLIE STEADGreat photo, thanks, it really helps my research into my STEAD family.

CURTISReally usefulRequested two pictures which were forwarded really quickly. Much appreciate that it is possible to get photographs of graves as not always possible to visit the cemeteries oneself. Look forward to looking for other family names.

SMALLThis is a fantastic service and all for This is a fantastic service and all for free, very happy with the result, and many thanks.

LIMEBEERFamily GravestoneThank you so much for such a clear picture and precise information. This has been invaluable to me in my family research. Mary's mother and father William & Elizabeth are my 4x gr grandparents and it's amazing to find this grave. I hope to travel from South Wales to lay flowers in the near future. The time spent by any/all volunteers to provide these images is to be commended and I hope to offer my own contribution to the collection in due course.

CAMPBELLfamily treeI have recently again found the gravestones of members of my family tree and been able to fill in vital information. Many thanks

Thank you Many thanks for providing this resource it is very kind of you and so useful. Thank you.

Just wanted to say once again how usefulJust wanted to say once again how useful this site is for the family historians among us searching for missing relatives.

BALDOCKTHANK YOUI am very grateful to the resource for sending me the photo of Edward Baldock. I manage to get to some church yards but this has really helped cut down my need to travel when trying to locate this family.

ROSCOWThank you. Its such a good sight. Clear Thank you. Its such a good sight. Clear photo`s and a prompt response.

PAYNEFred & Mary Ann PayneVery useful site.Helped break down the proverbial brickwall. Fred Payne married Mary Ann Green in 1906 in Stratford on Avon.

BLOOMFIELDBloomfieldThank You for the lovely photo of my ancestors grave. I appreciate all your hardwork.

BAKERThank youThank you very much for photographing this gravestone. It's a shame that someone wasn't able to repair it.

LINDSAYThank you.The photos of Robert Lindsay's grave 306506 has helped fill in some gaps in my knowledge of the family.

WATERSRuth Maria, New ZealandMany thanks for the photo of Ruth's grave.

TAYLERI am researching my husbands'Hardwick anI am researching my husbands'Hardwick ancestors. This site is amazing,many thanks to all involved. Carole Millar Australia

Thanks for prompt response to my requestThanks for prompt response to my request for photo.

FARSIDE WATSONmany thanks for the gravestone imagemany thanks for the gravestone image

BEASLEYExcellent WebsiteI can't believe this service. So,so good. Unbelievable that it is free, A pleasant change for doing research. Thank you!!

CUTLANDThank youThank you to everyone who is irresponsible for this wonderful service! There is such a wealth of information here and the number of work hours involved is unbelievable.

READYou have a great resource for researching ancestors.Thank you to all the volunteers who make this site possible. I appreciate the photos and dates. I had only found one Edward and Mary Read previous to this site.

OLIVEFirst time UserThis was the first time I have used this website to research my great grandfather Edward Henry Alexander John Olive. It is fast, useful and great to see a photo of the headstone of a relative. Thank you for this service.

BEDWELLResearching the Bedwell family ancestors from the Brandeston/Woodbridge/Plomesgate area. .I have found this site most helpful in my research and I am happy for contact from other members researching the Bedwell family.

HAYWARDEasy to useThank you for prompt information, and for such a useful website.

QUESTEDGravesite & details for Kate Jull QuestedThank you to all who provide this wonderful service. It gives more proof of who we are researching and that we're on the right track. Please keep up the good work.

CRICHTONPhotographThank you for sending the photograph. A very helpful and useful site. Thank you for your help.

WYLIECorrecting dates of Birth in recordsSymington Lanarkshire gravestone: corrections to calculated dob. Laura Jackson Wylie b 1898 d 1982 Evelyn Anna Wylie b 1896 d 1955 Margaret Elizabeth Cryer nee Wylie b 1900 d 1995

DOWThank You!!As always, this site delivers. I have found it useful many times. Well done to all involved

MCLEISHJamesResearching McLeish Stevenson Pizzey Crapp. Thanx for your help with Mitchell tombstone

SAWKILLThanksMany thanks. Your website has allowed me to confirm a fact and move on in my research. Keep up the good work!

STEVENSFramfield, Sussex - St. Thomas a Becket ChurchFramfield, Sussex - St. Thomas a Becket Church All Stevens'buried there are my direct relatives. Thank you in Advance. Ty.

COATESThank you Once AgainThanks once again to Charles for providing such an incredibly helpful service. Many many thanks

COOKEThank youResearching Ann Cooke (Nee Hornsby). Thanks go to all at GPR.

ADAMSMonica AdamsMany thanks for all your work, GPR is an invaluable resource enabling others to have access to gravestones that would otherwise be inaccessible.

PULLENThank YouThanks so much for the photo of my family member. I appreciate it so much.

ALISONThank you.Thank you very much for sending the photo of Douglas Smythe Alison's gravestone. I appreciate all of the genealogical work that you are doing freely. With very best wishes, Paul Robinson

WHITEyour site has been very helpful and photyour site has been very helpful and photos are great thank for your help

RHODESmary garnettThanks so much for the images its a pity we wont live for another hundred years as it will be much easier to piece things together in family trees thanks to people like your volunteers but its all made possible by the wonderful website run by charles sale thanks again janet

GARTLANDresourceMany thanks for your help. I am visiting Bristol shortly, but could not quite remember where my grandparents were laid to rest. This will make my trip easier. Christopher John Gartland was my grandfather. Ada Marion was my grandmother. Cissie was my gramdmothers friend whom she met At Hanham , both walking their dogs.

BRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNThank youVery useful information gained from the gravestone

RANDALL / ARMSTRONGThankyou Thankyou so much for getting back to me and helping me view an image of my ancestors graves. I truly appreciate your hard work. Many many thanks Kim

MACKINNONAngus Iain MacKinnon, StaffinI visited my uncle's memorial at Staffin Clachan Cemetery many years ago when I lived in the southwest of England. I moved to the southwest of Scotland a couple of years ago and have mislaid the photographs I took of the stone. This resource has enabled me to retreive almost exact copies of my own photographs, which I will forward to my uncle's newborn great grandson in Australia as part of his memory box. Thank you to the volunteers who maintain GPR

DAVISONThank youYour site gets better and better, thank you

CREASEYThumbnailI've got the high definition copy (thank you) and would like to use the thumbnail on ancestry as you request, but cannot figure out how to do it. I have copied the code given for the thumbnail but how/where do I use it. Can you give me an 'idiot's guide' please.

MORRISFamily researchThank you so much for allowing me access it has helped my research very much. Many thanks.


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