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List of all comment / feedback / help requests for Surnames starting with A

surnametitle of the comment / feedbackcomment / feedbacksubmittednum
AARONMany thanks!Found this excellent website by accident when researching something completely different. Within 24 hours of putting in my request for a copy of the gravestone image, I received an email from Charles linking me to a very good photograph. I now have a great picture of the headstone of my great-great-great-great grandparents. Charles and his team of volunteers obviously put a lot of effort into researching and maintaining this website - long may it continue!

ABBOTABBOT*Thank you on such a great sight

ABBOTTVery impressiveexcellent speed, and good quality image. many thanks to all involved.

ABBOTTMy late school teacherAmazing, today I realized that the Florence Maud Abbott I have on my tree is in fact my old school teacher back in the 1950's, she is also my 3C1R. Thank you to GPR for helping me, a wonderful site. I have just ordered the grave photo of her sister Rosalie Gentry.

ABBOTTThank YouThank you Charles for sending the photo so quickly. I would also like to thank Bob Willis who photographed and indexed St.Michaels, Coxwold.

ABBOTTThank you so much for this service!! It Thank you so much for this service!! It really helps researching from far away.

ABBOTTABBOTT/MCLEANWhen I first requested an image, I don’t think I fully understood the work and dedication of those who go out to capture this information to allow us to carry on with our research. But having tried to find graves of relatives myself I now realise just how big a resource this site is. With that I would like to add my thanks to Charles and all the people who make this possible. Thank You

ABBOTTSuch a great service...!I'm am really impressed by the speed, quality of photograph and ease that it was to obtain a headstone picture of one of my ancestors. Thank you so much for providing this great service. All the best, Jack

ABBOTTAppreciationNot only did I receive a photo by immediate return to help me with my family tree but I also received a number of links. I found this site easy to navigate but these links turbo-charge my searches. A most excellent site and well maintained by a sincere person Thank you Charles Sale.

ABBOTTSamuel AbbottThanks !

ABBSclarification of datesMany thanks for managing this useful website

ABEGrateful thanksThanks for providing this service as it is no longer possible for me to wander round graves looking for the ones I wish to see.

ABELThank youWhat a fantastic resource this is! Very easy to use with instant access to the photo requested. Many thanks indeed.

ABELExcellent ResourceWe are absolutely WOWed with this resource. We have already been to St Helen's cemetery and found the Robert Abel's gravestone. Many, many thanks.

ABELSONSecond Lieutenant Edward Gordon AbelsonMany thanks for providing the picture and details of my Great Uncle Teddy's grave

ABERNETHYThanks!Awesome site, thanks for helping me find some of my ancestors!

ABLESONEdward G AblesonSo grateful for this picture. He was my mother in law's (Iris Sara nee Abelson) brother. He is also commemorated on the War Memorial at Emmanuel College Cambridge (UK)

ABLETTGravestone resourceI have found this a valuable resource in assisting with my tree - especially as I live a good distance away from the church !

ABLITTGravestone Photos - a wonderful resourceA wonderful resource - many thanks

ABRAMgenealogyI wish to thank everyone who has taken the time to add these monuments, With the gravestone of Abram and Lamb, I have been able to research back two more generations.

ABRAMLiving in Canada ,I was very please to bLiving in Canada ,I was very please to be able to see the actual grave monuments and this helped with my genealogy research thanks to all who helped make this possible

ABSOLONGraveThe burial in 1895 of David Wrouhart Absolon at Bradwell should be David Urquhard Absolon .... more

ABSONTombstoneThanks so much for this resource. This tombstone, the existence of which I was totally unaware, bears information on three generations of the family. My wife and her family will be so pleased to see such an excellent photograph of it. You have provided a great service. Thanks again.

ACKLANDACKLAND, BLACKMOREImpressive amount of work has been put into documenting the photographs of all these gravestones. I want to THANK YOU for providing photographs that help the folks that don't live conveniently close to their ancestors grave sites.

ACKLANDCatherine and John AcklandThankyou so much for sending the photo and so quickly. It was much appreciated and what a wonderful site. Thanks again

ACKROYDACKROYD, LINDLEY, WALTON Family HistoryI found the site through an e mail that someone sent to the Yorksgen forum. I think it is an excellent site and I look foward to recieving the Images. Thanks you for a very good site and very easy to access, excellent. I have never found any grave stones relating to my ancestors, so I am gratefull Regards John Lindley

ACKROYDthank you for the image that you sent methank you for the image that you sent me, I much apprieciate it I think your efforts are fantastic, I will atempt to take photos on my rounds as I search for my family ancesters and also my wife's side too. thank you once again. douglas ackroyd

ACKROYDThanksThank you all so much. This has given me so much information. GGG Grandfather

ACONLEYThankyouVery fast and easy to use service. Yes the gravestone is of my grandparents William and Abigail Aconely of Farndale.

ACROIDACROID/ACKROYDThank you so much. Fantastic photos. Tried leaving feedback regarding dates of birth but the page wouldn't open. Will keep trying. Again, thank you.

ACROIDACROID/ACKROYDAgain, many thanks for such excellent service and delivery of two more photographs of my ancestors.

ADAMRobina AdamWhen researching Robina Adam there was a comment left for Robina's daughter in law Dora Loader.I sent an e-mail to the person who left the comment and had a reply straight away.My 3 brother's in law have 4 1st cousins living in Australia they knew nothing about.They also discovered their mother Dora Loader had a sister they didn't know anything about.Thank you so much for this website we would never have known about this extended family.

ADAMSFound my geat grand father graveFantastic service, well done

ADAMSPrompt serviceThank you so much for the monumental photos - I happened across your site by chance - and very worthwhile it was too. Thank you

ADAMSThank You - ADAMS/BAKERMany thanks for the great headstone photo of John Adams and family.

ADAMSGravestone for Edward Adams, Stratford upon AvonBrilliant service! I am so very impressed by the speed of service and would like to thank all those who give their time to this wonderful project.

ADAMSMonica AdamsMany thanks for all your work, GPR is an invaluable resource enabling others to have access to gravestones that would otherwise be inaccessible.

ADAMSMy Aunt Millie's gravestoneMy wife discovered your web site searching for her family name

ADAMSAdamsMany thanks for the efficient service. The photo is really clear and helpful for me in my family history research. Arthur and Eleanor Adams buried in Rufforth were my great-grand parents.

ADAMSShute AdamsA great service, Many thanks for the prompt email with the photo attached. Helps to clarify my records.

ADAMSimage requestsGPR is an invaluable resource enabling others to have access to gravestones that would otherwise be unaccessible. Many thanks to the volunteers that provide the images for others

ADAMSExcellent service!Thank you for this wonderful site; I found my 3xgt uncle buried in Stockton.

ADAMSResearching Adams/Scott families from Liverpool, and Jones/Hughes families from North WalesMany thanks to Charles for this web site. It enabled me to find the gravestone of one of my mother's cousin, and being able to read the inscription has helped me enormously in my research for family members. I really appreciated the effort that has gone into this site. Gordon.

ADAMSONRobert Adamson headstoneJust to say thank you for all your work the pictures make a great addition to my family tree and also helps in my research. This is my wifes side she is Gloria Bremner of the Wick Bremner's

ADAMSONAdamsonThank You for your help in posting pictures of the cemetery stone of my ancestor. I have been doing genealogy for the past 40+ years and always appreciate the help when it comes. I do have pictures of the grave stones of the Adamson family here in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Will share. Once again Thank you . Mary

ADCOCKFamily researchThank you so much for the very clear photo of my great grandfather and great grandmother's headstone. A E Adcock

ADDISONThank youSaves a lot of leg/guess work when trying to locate possible graves of relatives. Many thanks

ADDYMAN Received my picture within 24 hours of rReceived my picture within 24 hours of requesting

ADEYThanksThis is an excellent resource. Many thanks to the Charles and the other who contribute to it. Daniel Adey was my 5th great grandfather on my mothers side. More recently my 2nd great grandfather John Adey Pratt was a well known preacher in Bristol and has a fine monument in Arnos Vale cemetery.

ADEYUseful sourceThank you for mainaining this site as very useful and especially as i live abroad.

ADGIEAdgie grave at St.Mark's churchyard, Leeds, Yorkshire U.KHi. I am trying to locate the Adgie's grave at St.Mark's churchyard, Leeds, Yorkshire, U.K. Tom Adgie was my g.g grandfather(1835 to 1920). It is listed in a layout for the churchyard, but there is no headstone shown for it, and in any case the gap for the burial area shown is too small. Can you confirm it for me, please? Cheers Mike Horne

ADLINGTONAdlington PhotoThanks once again for a great collection of photos. Wish I could more to assist you in your good works. New Zealand is a little far away to be of much use. Regards, Kay Lang.

ADSHEADHeadstone Picturethank you for sending me the image

AFFLECKPhoto serviceI stumbled across this website by accident but was delighted to find a gravestone pertaining to the family AFFLECK which I am researching for someone else. I requested an image which was duly delivered via email/web link within 24 hours. I have not had time to browse the site fully but I intend to do so, sooner than later because I think it has a lot to offer.

AFFORDVery impressiveThank you, Charles, for immediate follow up to my request for a photo. I'm grateful to you and your fellow photographers for taking on the herculean task of preserving headstones for all of us. Kudos.

AGARSo helpfulSuch a great source of information, thank you for this site, it has helped me confirm my research.

AGATEThank you!Never thought I'd be able to view a headstone from the 1700's. Thank you so much!

AGGIOAppreciationThank you for the photo which I requested from your site. With what you described as your new way of sending the photo it was there instantly. I know how much time it takes to do something like this and it is greatly appreciated.

AGGIOMany thanksThank you very much for your very quick reply to my request. You are doing a great job and providing a wonderful resource for family historians

AGNEWHelping to remember people.Thanks for image. Good to see you helping people remember people.

AGUTTERThank youThank you for the link to view the image I requested. Your website is extremely helpful in family research and I am grateful to you for making the wealth of information available.

AHERNthank youexcellent photo, thanks to whoever has taken it. Brillant website.

AIMER Many thanks for the gravestone image of Many thanks for the gravestone image of George Aimer

AINSLIEBig Thanks - AINSLIE/ GILCHRIST / LYONBIG THANKS for the help in tracing the links to the Ainslie and Lyon sides of our family tree. Didn't know about the Leeds connection at all untill finding the Gravestone photo site. Have now visited the Lawnswood Cemetery. Fully recommend this site as part of anyone's research into their family tree search. BIG THANKS also to the volunteers at Lawnswood Cemetery Leeds.

AINSLIEAinslie family tree Berwick upon TweedWhat an EXCELLENT site. I can now trace our Family tree to those Ainslie's at the Berwick church yard. I only started a year ago with a few scribbled notes & what a journey. shame there arn't more Church yards with photo's of their graves.

AINSWORTHThanksThanks to all the photographers

AITCHISONThank youThank you very much for the photo. Your website is an invaluable resource for family historians. .... more

AITCHISONCorrections and additionsNames on tomb should be: Jessie Louisa PEPPER-Staveley Commodore JOHN Pepper Omitted: Amy Bertha Ernestine (Renie)Sparrow nee Pepper-Staveley (youngest sister of Annie) and her daughter Elisabeth Nerina Shute which was added in 2004 .... more

AITCHISONThank YouMany thanks for sending the 2 photographs I requested for Sarah Ford (GPR grave number: 366651 GPR image name: 6399) and James Ford (GPR grave number: 366652 GPR image name: 6400) – these are my husband’s great great and great grand-parents. The funny thing is that the day your email arrived (August 10) is 92 years to the day since his great grandfather (James Ford) died – an interesting coincidence. Thanks for your assistance

AITCHISONRequest for clearer pics of headstone etc. for Archibald John Thomas Francis AitchisonThank you very much for pictures. Very clear details. Much appreciated.

AITKENGrave of Thomas AitkenAn excellent reference source and invaluable in helping trace events from the past and family connections.

AITKENMabel Jean Neill Rattray married to John Banks AitkenIt was extremely helpful to find this website when I googles the name of Mabel Jean Neill Rattray because it explained the relationship between Her and John Aitken and also why she had travelled to Demerara from Scotland in 1930. Thank you for all the details work on this site - I will use it in the future.

AITKENImagesI have used this several times now and all the images received have of good or excellent quality. Thank you very much Ian

AITKENMany thanks for the lovely photos you maMany thanks for the lovely photos you make available

AKEHURSTAkehurst /Akhurst One-Name StudyAn excellent service - very quick turn-around and a good quality image. The donation process was also very efficient and painless. Excellent.


AKESTERROBERT AKESTERThank you as I will never be in England to visit their graves. You provide a wonderful service.

AKHURSTAkehurst/Akhurst One-Name StudyThank you so much for the image. An excellent service - speedy and inexpensive (donation on its way). The validation image is a brilliant idea.

ALBONEGPR 67069 George & Isabella ALBONEDue to your website I traced my relatives grave which was local to me. I have photographed and detailed the inscription and wish to help correct a couple of details George Albone Died January 7th 1902 aged 60 years Isabella Albone (wife of above) Died March 18th 1924 aged 81 years I have other photos of detail on the headstone if rqd. Many thanks

ALBONEMy Cousin would like the data on the link added..I have photos of the person who is a famous Biggleswade Son please can this info be added..I have many photos of his gravestone.1860 -1906 Daniel Albone Drove Road Cemetery Biggleswade Bedfordshire. Manufacturer of the first Ivel safety cycle and inventor of the first motorised tractor.Sarah ALbone married a Bull and Daniel is a 2nd cousin.

ALBONEI have asked for Dan Albone of BiggleswI have asked for Dan Albone of Biggleswade to be added to the Famous person list. I would like his Gravestone picture added.. I did send a donation ..and am disappointed there is no record at all after all this time. .... more

ALBORNThanksAppreciate you providing this headstone. Will look at providing some your way in the near future. Cheers

ALCHINGravestone ImageThank you so much for your immediate response.

ALCOCKFeedbackThank you for the prompt response to my request for a copy of the photo I requested. as a beginner in researching my family tree I look forward to visiting the site again in the future. Stuart

ALCOCKre -grave imageI would like to thank you very much for your image of Thomas Crawhall Alcocks grave.Much appreciated.Joy

ALCOCKWilliam AlcockThank you for your quick response I have been able to eliminate one of the William Alcock from my research

ALDERRe: Matthew Alder I have done a lot of research into my husbands family but did not realise the gravestone existed. A superb photograph. Thank you.

ALDERThank youI stumbled across this website while researching for my family tree. What a goldmine of information. Thank you so much for doing this.

ALDERSONThanks for helpI came across this ervice by chance whilst searching the internet for details relating to the family of Cecil Frederick Alderson, and was delighted to receive an image of his memorial so quickly. Thank you for this valuable service.

ALDERSONThanksMany thanks for showing me this family grave. I came across your site by accident.

ALDERTONHelpful people Wonderful, thank you for assisting me when there is no way I would have ever found this without your great website. Keep up the good work Regards paula from Australia

ALDERTONthanks for what you are doingi am new at this and i want to say thanks, what you are doing is so helpful, i live in the u.s., and i wonder what i can do from over there.........

ALDERTONthanks for what you are doingi am new at this and i want to say thanks, what you are doing is so helpful, i live in the u.s., and i wonder what i can do from over there.........

ALDERTONThank you!!Thank you so very much for this wonderful resource. Being able to view grave sites of my ancestors from the other side of the world is amazing - and of great help in family history research - allowing us to gather further details from the memorials written on them. I am very grateful to you. Mary

ALDERTONALDERTON/WALPOL - Great ServiceBig thank you to this site for the work you do, I may have a few days out at our local cementry Jarrow, and add some to this site, after I see how well my pics come out tho.

ALDINa great resourceBernard Aldin. This resource has been such a great help in confirming connections, and also it is so nice to be able to see the headstone when we are not close by.

ALDOMALDOM NEE (BEAN)My grandmother Mildred Aldom was buried in West Derby Cemetery Liverpool. We all live in NZ and Australia, otherwise we would love to visit her grave. If someone locally could photograph her grave, then I could try and find her birth certificate once I know her date of birth, and hopefully find which country she was born. I would love to be able to tell my elderly dad, about his mum,that would be amazing. The details: Mildred Aldom West Derby Cemetery Liverpool Section CH 18 grave no 801. Thanks Annette .... more

ALDOUSA terrific serviceThanks for a speedy and comprehensive reply to my requests for photos of the gravestones of my ancestors.

ALDOUSValuable resourceThis is an extremely useful and valuable website for those seeking information about their ancestors. I am most grateful for this service.

ALDOUSThank youThanks for the image of the "Roll of honour for the dead", for my Uncle Maurice who was reported missing in Gallipoli, Turkey, 21st Aug 1915. It is a great web site, keep up the good work, I have a photo of the Headstone of Maurice's Mum & dad which i will upload to you, hope it will be of some use.

ALDOUSGratitude The Gravestone Photographic Resource produced by Charles Sale is a valuable asset for those researching their family tree. The information he provides is often unavailable from other sources. I am extremely grateful to him for providing this service.

ALDREDDaniel and Alice AldredExcellent resource. I live over 200 miles away so was good to see my grandparents grave. Thanks

ALDREDThank you very muchWe are most grateful to you for setting up this amazing resource. I would like to repay you by helping out if I can, but I do have very limited time available.

ALDRICHAldrichThanks for providing this service. It has enabled me to identify the gravestone of my great-great grandfather.

ALDRIDGEGrave not listed in complete church indexI am hoping to find the gravestone of Sarah Aldridge wife of James Aldridge who was buried East Grinstead and I beleive at St Swithun on the 20 May 1804. The Bishop's transcripts have show the surname as Aldridge but thie gravestone could possibly be for Aldrich. The name/s is not listed on St Swithum .... more

ALDRIDGESarah Aldridge buried at St. Swithun's 20 May 1804I would like to find the grave of my x3 Great Grandfather James Aldrich first wife Sarah née Weller. The Bishop's transcripts are for Sarah Aldridge wife of James buried at St. Swithun's East Grinstead on the 20 May 1804.

ALEXANDERResearchFantastic website. Excellent photos of my ancestors gravestone. Fast service. Thank-you

ALEXANDERGreat website!This is a great free resource which has enabled me to see the gravestone of my grandparents and research the family history further. Thank you to all involved.

ALEXANDERGravestoneThank you for the clear image of my ancestors gravestone. Fantastic service when one lives so far away. Thank you volunteers, your service if greatly appreciated.

ALGARAmazing resource!Algar William. Thank you for all your hard work in providing such an amazing resource.

ALIFFALIFF/ELLIFFThank you so much for your prompt response to my request for a photo. And an excellent one it is too. I have today visited the churchyard, located the headstone and copied the full inscription, which I have added to the photo for the benefit of other researchers. You are providing a very useful service to the community, particularly in the light of recent news that there are plans to reuse existing ancient burial grounds. This has already happened in the North and Midlands of England, and will result in many old gravestones being lost. Sometimes these not only contain valuable information about the deceased and their families, but can be the only record of their lives in existance.

ALISONThank you.Thank you very much for sending the photo of Douglas Smythe Alison's gravestone. I appreciate all of the genealogical work that you are doing freely. With very best wishes, Paul Robinson

ALLANElizabeth Allanthanks for the help, this rscource aved me a lot of time

ALLANGravestone photoThank you very much for the photo of Robert Allan's gravestone at Edinburgh. The extra information on the stone (wife and two daughters) is new for me and thus very useful. Much Appreciated

ALLANALLAN /FRASERI am so grateful for this service from those of us that cant visit the places in question a heartfelt thankyou to all the wonderful people who give their time to this cause

ALLANMany thanksMany thanks for the photo of Walter B Allan's headstone, it was very much appreciated.

ALLANThank youThank you for the efficient new system of obtaining photos.

ALLANSONThank youThank you for the photo of my 4th great grandfather's memorial stone. I live in the US and greatly appreciate the help offered by sites like yours. Thank you again and God bless.

ALLARDReseach help.Found this site is a wonderful help with locating graves. I was grateful for the quick response and the ease of using the site. I am researching the Allard / Reid line.

ALLBONESThanks Charles for a speedy i dThanks Charles for a speedy i do go around Lincolnshire Graveyards you have helped to eliminate one that only had a couple of graves for me.that gives me more time to go elsewhere.i hope that i can help your research with some photo's of gravestones i have. derek sellers.

ALLENThank you so much for your prompt responThank you so much for your prompt response to our request. Being able to see the gravestone, when traveling in person to visit it is out of the question, is amazing. Thank you again for this wonderful service.

ALLENThank you This is a great website and a wonderful resource for people who can not visit a cemetery or country in person. Thank you for the photo you sent me.

ALLENMany thanksI wish this valuable resource a very long and active life! Herbert Stanley WHEELER's dates on his wife Vera's gravestone in Woodbridge cemetery have enabled me to locate his origins. The inscription also indicates that she was a mother and grandmother, giving me more generations to be traced.

ALLENGravestone of maternal grandparentsThank you so much for sending this image. It will help me locate the grave when I visit the cemetary in Barnstaple next week.

ALLENphoto of allensthe photo of woolsey allen snr his wife jane and sons alexander, and woolsey jur, are my husbands great grand parents thank you for this its really great to find this kenneth brian allen

ALLENThank YouA terrific site with most helpful information. I have requested an image and in anticipation thank you very much. I am researching Allens from Saltby, Leics, and happy to share information with other researchers.

ALLENThank youThank you for the photo it gave me a couple of dates that I was missing. Good luck with the site.

ALLENGrave Pictures of Christopher AllenThank you for the pictures of my Great Grandfathers grave. Growing up we heard about him and the History of Cathcart House, Harrogate. Never knew what became of him. Another section of the family tree answered.

ALLENthanksThank you so much for the photograph of my Great Great Grandparents grave (Jeptha Jolly and Harriet Jolly nee Allen), this is a great resource for genealogists and I hope it continues to grow.

ALLENVery helpfulThank you very much for your prompt response, this has been most helpful in researching my family history in regards to Charles Edwin Allen.

ALLEYALLEY/SONGESTThanks for providing these photos which have enable me to find the grave of my great great grandparents. A wonderful find that I did not expect to be able to do. Many thanks

ALLIBONThanksGreat service, I live in Queensland Australia and obtained a photo of a grave in Epsom England - magic.

ALLINRichard Allin 127739Thank you for sharing this photo with me. Richard Allin is my 1st cousin 4x removed.

ALLISONALLISON, MEGGISON AND ALL CONNI can't thank you enough for supplying the photos I requested, living in France means access to information is restricted. Keep up the good work and again Thank you.

ALLISONALLISON, PLUMMER + MOREOnce again thank you for being so helpful. This is a fantastic resource. I'm sure I'll be back many times

ALLISONSpion Kop CemetaryMany thanks for image of Richard Allison's stone in Spion Kop Cemetary, Hartlepool. Very interesting and helpful

ALLISONALLISON family NorfolkThank you - you are doing a fantastic job.

ALLISONThanksSo nice to get help from afar.

ALLISONThomas AllisonThank you very much for your kind assistance

ALLISONGravestoneThank you so much for this photo. Being nearly 70, and in New Zealand, it is hard to get around to see parts of my family tree. We are involved with our local Genealogy Group in taking the photos of gravestones in New Zealand. Please keep up the great work, and again many thanks

ALLOTTThank youMany thanks again for excellent service!

ALLUMHeadstoneMany thanks for the photo.What an interesting and useful site!

ALMONDALMOND/THORP(E): Wonderful site!Really fascinating and information, with a speedy response. Thank your very much!

ALMONDAlmondThank you so much for the grave of William Almond. This is an excellent resource. I have just spent two days pondering the image and after more research I have come to the conclusion that the date on the grave for Elizabeth Almond, wife of William, is wrong. She actually died in December 1869. I have found the parish record for her burial at St Peter's. She is on the 1861 census. I can only assume that her name was added later and either the family or the engravers got it wrong! I must take a trip to Morley to check it out. Thanks again for such a good service.

ALTHAMRelationshipOn looking at Richard Altham, GPR grave number 383638 - image name 447, St John the Evangelist's Church Cemetery, Farnworth Lancashire England I would like to suggest that the relationship to Peter Young. I believe that Hannah (Richards daughter) married name was Young, so Peter would be grandson .... more

ALTMANNThank youThank you so much for the photos that you have provided - it is such a wonderful resource. You have done a great job obtaining all this information.

ALTOFTAltoft FamilyThank you for providing the Links to the Thorn Curtis churchyard and also to the volunteers who help with this project. I really had no idea so many of the gran mothers family shared the same resting place. A lovely find and much appreciated. Regards Carol

AMBLERThank YouThank you so much for a great photo and so quick too! What a fantastic project and service you have and also interesting - keep up the good work.

AMBLERThanksMany thanks for the sterling work you're doing especially at this trying time.

AMBROSEVery helpfulThanks to the memorial picture shown on your website I have found a relative I did not know had served during WW1,so went on to the War Graves site and found where his grave is and the regiment/service number, also the inscription on his grave. Many thanks.

AMORYResearching my family history.Thank you very much for allowing me to view image of grave stone showing names of four family members.This is a fantastic website, lots of information given.

AMOSMany thanks for the imageMany thanks for the image

AMOSJames Clover Offord d.1895Thank you so much for your quick response in providing the image for me. Your website has so much useful information which will expand over time, and your time and hard work dedicated to it is much appreciated. Thank you once again.

AMOSViolet and Alfred Oscar Hilltop LeedsVery impressive and helpful website, thank you for all your efforts. No doubt I will be returning to it as my research into family history continues.

AMSDENsearching teresa amsdeni'm a roumanian who met teresa way back in 1976 in bucharest .if her sons ,david or gerard would to contact me i'[l be wishes a.h

AMSONThank you. Charles and Steve NewbyThank you for the image I requested. Many grateful thanks also to Steve Newby for the photographing, I know how many painstaking hours is put into this valuable resource

AMUNSDENGraveOlive Mavis Amunsden Thank you for locating my Great Grandmothers burial site and stone amazing

ANDERSONVery Grateful ThanksThank you so very much for the picture of my forebears headstone. I have been researching the family tree on my mother's side whose name was also Janet Anderson and this is invaluable to me as I live in Somerset, England and Wick is a considerable distance as much as I would like to see it for myself. This is the next best thing and I am very grateful for your time and speed in sending. Pauline Anderson Somerset

ANDERSONannie verden AndersonThank you very much for offering this service and for your prompt response. It has been a great help to my research.

ANDERSON Walter Fraser AndersonSo happy to have this photo of my grandfather’s gravestone. Many thanks!

ANDERSONThank youThis is a really valuable resource for family history research. Many thanks to all those who make it possible.

ANDERSONHelp Request - Peter Anderson - St John's Anglican CemeteryHello, I am trying to obtain a photo of the grave for Peter Anderson, died 22 March 1996, buried in St John's Anglican Cemetery, Port Hope, Ontario. Is anyone able to help me with this request? Many thanks and kind regards, Maggie Anderson

ANDERSONAnderson grave Ford Road cemetry CrieffPhoto very useful in locating grave. Efficient service, thanks.

ANDERSONCatherine AndersonThank you for showing me the picture of my Great Grandmother Catherine Anderson, & also members of her family, the only one I ever met was Georgina, my Mum's Aunt. Will have to look again & follow the links. MW

ANDERSONThe information on the graves solves somThe information on the graves solves some questions and opens up others Great site

ANDERSONThankd youMany thanks for the wonderful images which have helped with my family history research. It was wonderful to find them on this website.

ANDERSONAnderson/ Buchan family Edinburgh and LothiansAfter a long search I found your site and wish to thank you so much for sending photos of my forebears graves. My next step is to visit the Cemetary and pay my respects.

ANDERSONMany thanks for enabling me to see the iMany thanks for enabling me to see the image of the gravestone. I appreciate the kindness and work involved.

ANDREWANDREW gravestone.Great service and very prompt. A very clear gravestone picture with information that will prove to be very useful. Thanks again.

ANDREWDelightJust seen the image of my wife's grt grandparent's grave in Ilfracombe. We lived in North Devon for for almost 20 years without realising how close we were to ancestors. Great facility.

ANDREWThank youWhat a great website - such potential. Thank you very much

ANDREWSAmazing ResponseThank you very much for your prompt response to my request for a photo of the Andrews Gravestone. It was exactly what I was looking for and was much appreciated

ANDREWSThank you!I was so thrilled to find a photo of the grave of my grandfather's little sister, Florence Andrews, who died in India in 1899. I had no idea her gravestone still existed. This website is a wonderful resource. Thank you!

ANDREWSMany thanks in anticipation for dealing Many thanks in anticipation for dealing with my request , regards Heather

ANDREWSThank you once again Charles for your prThank you once again Charles for your prompt response and attention to my request . I am looking for Gamage Andrews who allegedly died at sea and is buried or mention in a graveyard at Clovelly ,Devon ?

ANDREWSFLORENCE ANNIEThank you so much for the image of gravestone, such a wonderful service, thank you to all involved.

ANDREWSThomas and Edith Annie AndrewsAlways a quick return and very helpful to help maneuver the maze of family trees

ANDREWSMany thanks Charles for your prompt replMany thanks Charles for your prompt reply and signposting other useful links I am sure it will prove very useful in my Family research Kind regards Heather

ANDREWSAppreciation for photo linkThank you very much Charles. I appreciate your hard work in allowing me to see the photo of Rowland Andrews & Jessie (nee Hansen)Andrews final resting place.

ANDREWSThank youThanks this has really helped with my research into my family tree, which is growing. I knew nothing of Gladys and Harry Andrew and this site really helped. I recognise the benefit of this service and have therefore registered to volunteer to help enhance the site.

ANDREWSMany ThanksMany thanks for the help with my research into the Andrews family; this is my grandmothers family and one I knew nothing about until this research. GPR is such a help as not only does it allow me to see the graves of family members at churchyards that I am unable to visit, it also makes finding the graves easier at the ones that I can get to. Your promptness in replying was also much appreciated. Thank you.

ANDREWSThanks for your help! I was delighted to be able to look closely at the gravestone of James (d.1895) and Elizabeth (d. 1896) Andrews in St Mary's Church Cemetery, Great Witchingham. Many thanks.

ANGELLMany thanks for this wonderful serviceThanks Charles for sending the photo of my ancestor John Angell in St Georges Church, Crowhurst, Surrey

ANGELLAbout Frank AngellPlease note that the village in Somerset is Newton St Loe 9 (not Lowe). I clicked on Frank E Angell who died aged 73 in 1967, as I knew him in the 1950s. He was for many years the organist at Holy Trinity Church. I used to sing in his choir and also played the organ when he was on holiday. He was an organ repairer, so the church or4gan was always in good fettle. He used to work for the Bath company Duck, Son & Pinker.

ANGUSAngus descendantsGreat site. Helped confirm identities of the Angus' descended from the minister of Botriphnie.

ANNISVery fast serviceAs it turned out, my ancestors were not on your resource, but the speed with which you responded to my request was terrific. Thank you for offering this free service.

ANSONElva Sinclair AllinsonElva Sinclair Allinson Nee Anson was my 2nd cousin 1 x removed. a very quick response from helped in my research

ANSTISthank youthank you so much for the gravestone image. what a wonderful service, i have two images from a new zealand cemetary re: Irish immigrants, my great grandparents which if you would like me to scan and email to you with information and names please let me know

ANSTISgravestone imagethats so much for your invaluable service, it's actuallt very very exciting to see the images and think that was an ancestor. I have images from NZ cemetaries featuring gravestones for my other side of the family "Spence and Kenny sides"which are my mothers grandparents, if you would be interested in these please let me know and I will email the images to you. This is a relatively new concept for me (headstone images" and am quite facinated by it all. Cheers Sue

ANTHONEYThank you for your prompt and courteous Thank you for your prompt and courteous reply to my request. The picture of the gravestone of Henry Anthoney in the Hampton cemetery is much appreciated and will add to my family collection.

ANYHelp offeredI will be in Norfolk soon for a few days and so if anyone needs particualar photographs do not hesitate to contact me. .... more

APPLEBYHelpful image of Mary Appleby's Warkworth (St. Lawrence) headstoneThanks very much for promptly providing the requested image.

APPLEBY Farnley Area. Corn MillersWhat a wonderful resource this is and it has helped unlock several avenues of research. If anyone has info on the Appleby Family in Farnley area we’d be most interested. Happy Hunting to you all.

APPLEGATEFantastic to find your site and the work you do to helpI have just requested a grave photo and look forward to receiving it. It is fantastic that you help in the way you do, helping those like myself who are researching there families from the past. Thanks.


APPLETONGrave of Laura and William Appleton Durham Road Stockton on TeesI have been researching my Appleton ancestors for some time. I now have a picture of the grave of my Father's Aunt Laura and Uncle William and know where they are buried. This is a great resource and quite unique. Many thanks for all your hard work in putting it together.

APPLETONThank you!Thank you so much for providing this service. It would be next to impossible for us to travel to get one on our own. We really appreciate your time and effort.

APPLETONDon't know what I would do without you!Thank you yet again for the providing me with the photo from Whorlton. Very much appreciated!

APPLETONSmithExcellent site. Many thanks for all your hard work, much appreciated.

APPLETONThanks for the photo.Many thanks for your help in providing the photo of the gravestone for Elizabeth Annie Appleton her son Fred (who I did not know about) and her sister Lydia Mary Appleton. Both sisters married George Appleton their maiden name was Fenney.

APPLETONThank you once again!Once again I want to express my profound appreciation for your work and this site.

APPLEYARDSplendid photograph and excellent speedy replyMany thanks Charles for a wonderful glimpse of the gravestone of my ancestral relatives.The dates have clarified research done from many miles away in Australia...what a splendid idea and a wonderful response...many thanks...

APPLEYARDThank youWonderful..Am so very grateful to Charles and all the team for their hard work and dedication in helping us all and providing such a valuable resource. I received my Appleyard photo request very quickly and it was of good quality.

APPLEYARDfamily treeThis site is very useful for finding relatives that appear on the family tree and the photos yield a lot of information. I thoroughly recommend this website to anybody doing family research and can only thank the people that have been involved in this project.

APPLEYARDAppleyard Family HistoryThanks to all concerned for the wonderful service you so freely give to people like myself who are unable to visit cemeteries to take photos of the grave sites of our rellies. The photos of headstones give so much information and are second only to actual photos of the people themselves. These photos add so much more interest to one's family history. Thanks once again, your help is so very much appreciated.

APPLEYARDThank you.AN excellent prompt service. Thank you very much.

APPLEYARDThank you again. The site is a credit tThank you again. The site is a credit to your dedicated work.

APPSAppreciationThank you so much for your invaluable assistance, it has enabled me to move forward in my search for ancestors including dates of burial and death. I have managed to trace not only a great Uncle but also his father and mother. The coincidence of both Amos Apps and Amos Apps Jnr dying in the same month and year is remarkable. I now need to find out if it was the death of the son that precipitated the death of the father.

APTEDI appreciate any help you can give. If iI appreciate any help you can give. If it wasn't for people like you I wouldn't have found out as much as I have. Now looking for the father of Richard Apted who was baptised in Wiston Church Stenning.

ARBERGenealogical CuriousityHello. As I logged out of a previous request, I noticed this information is compiled by Chris Sale. Sale is another one of my maternal families - mostly from London and Wargrave-Wokingham areas, Berkshire England. Are you related, Chris, or is this just a coincidence? Thanks in advance. Kathryn

ARBERMany thanksThank you for providing access to such a useful resource

ARBONARBON AND MASSINGHAMI was so impressed and pleased to find this site as I have been researching my family tree since 1974 and now live in France so visits to churchyards are more difficult. I am looking for MASSINGHAMs and ARBONS Many many thanks for the photos and so swift too. with kind regards Sarah TINDLE

ARCHERARCHER Ralph ARCHER Ralph & Emily, Thank you making these photographs available, A long search now over.!

ARCHERFrederick T ArcherFrederick T Archer committed suicide in February 1914 whilst serving on HMS St George docked in Chatham Kent. He was born in Elmset Suffolk 1881, and served as a blacksmith in Navy. Would he have been buried outside graveyard, or special area within cemetry?

ARCHERTristram ARCHERI requested a gravestone photograph from Charles this afternoon .... about an hour later, a crystal clear copy of the headstone arrived. Many thanks to not only Charles, but also to the volunteers that take these photos to assist us. Thanks again ... Graham

ARCHER ThanksVery fast service for a photo of Ronald Hedley Archer's memorial in Yorkshire. I will certainly add to this site if I can.

ARCHIBALDThanksMany thanks to Charles for providing this great (and free!) service and everyone else who has contributed photographs to make it such a success. Long may it continue.

ARCHIBALDRequest for Headstone photographThe Photo never showed up, and I cannot decipher the wording on the headstone that I copied from your site. The resolution is too low.

ARDINGAs a Canadian this is invaluable - my grAs a Canadian this is invaluable - my grandparents came to Canada in 1905 and it hard to find burial places for them from here. Adding it to my favourites. Thank you Charles.

ARDINGARDING/WILDINGThis site is great, especially for me in Canada. Just spent two weeks in England going through cemeteries and at most, found 8. This site gives me more. A great service - all should help. When the warmer weather comes I will take my camera and photograph some sites. Thanks, Sharon

ARGUSThe photos are beautifully clear and verThe photos are beautifully clear and very helpful in researching family history. Many thanks for the time and effort you put into providing this service for others.

ARKLAYDavid ArklayThank you so much for sending me the link to view the gravestone of David Arklay also Margaret Mcleish it was very helpful as it lists other family members that I never knew about. Thank you very much. Kind Regards Nadine

ARKLIEAppreciationFound 2 images of MIs on this site which are much appreciated. I particularly like the feature of contact with others researching the same name. I hope this produces a result. Thanks again, David

ARMETTThank youThank you for the great service you provide.The gravestone photo has provided some important information in my family tree research.

ARMISTEADThanks so much for sending me the photo Thanks so much for sending me the photo of Susanna Adela Armistead's grave it is so appreciated, it solves a mystery !

ARMITAGEARMITAGE, JEANI tried to find some data on British illustrator and artist Jean Armitage. But it's still not conclusive however this grave belongs to her. Thank you for this wonderful service. Gerbrand Caspers, Netherlands

ARMSTRONGThankyou very muchMany thanks for sending the crystal clear grave image so quickly. Your grave information has helped me solved a puzzle with my research. Thankyou for the time you spent helping me, and for keeping this wonderful service free of charge. All the best from Sydney, Australia.

ARMSTRONGAcknowledgementThis is a wonderful public-spirited resource for family research and deserves support. Very many thanks for the images and super-efficient service.

ARMSTRONGMatthew Armstrong - Beverley - East YorkshireThank you very much for taking time to take these photos. When I get to visit Beverley I now have a basic idea of where to look. Very helpful and speedy response.

ARMSTRONGMust have productwhat a wonderful asset to family history research the end product so to speak details of final resting place of our . Thank you

ARMSTRONGJoseph and Elizabeth ArmstrongThank you for helping with the image of Joseph and Elizabeth Armstrong's gravestone, very much appreciated.

ARNALLMy thanks for your excellent website. I My thanks for your excellent website. I live in Australia so genealogy from a distance can be difficult. William Arnall is on my husband's side of the family so I will visit the site often as I work my way though the rest.

ARNOLDARNOLD, RUDLAND, GILDING, BOCKwhat an excellent resource. Thank you!

ARNOLDThanksMany thanks, had my photo in less than 10 hours on Easter Sunday.

ARNOLDThank you for the service that you proviThank you for the service that you provide, without it we would not have such lovely photo's or even know where our family were laid to rest.

ARNOLDThank youGreat resource, very helpful and has enabled me to fill in details otherwise impossible to find, also to visit the site in person.

ARNSBYARNSBY / ARNESBYI requested a photograph of a grave stone photograph for Sir John Alfred Arnesby Brown and was delighted when, in a few hours, an email with the instructions to retrieve the photograph arrived. Fantastic, thank you so much. Would love to hear from anyone researching this family.

ARRELLThank youYour phot collection brought up the name of a hitherto unknown spouse. Thank you.

ARROWSMITHGreat siteVery excited to see image of headstone of my great grandmother, Margaret INGRAM, born THORNTHWAITE, wife of Arthur ARROWSMITH, my great grandfather, with added bonus discovering buried with her was her second husband, Thomas INGRAM and one of their daughters, Margaret. Free site very much appreciated in what has become a very expensive exercise. Best regards from Western Australia

ARTHEYTerrific Response !Your assistance in providing the requested headstone was nothing short of way beyond my expectations. Thanks for the help !

ARTHURThomas and ChristianaThank you for forwarding the image to me it has been a great help with my research. Many thanks for your hard work

ARTHURS Wrong information Hi, I was looking at the records of my parents grave in Brantham Suffolk. My parents are Dennis Leslie Arthurs and Marion Florence Arthurs. Someone has recorded it wrong. My mother Marion was born in 1936 not 1928. Her name is spelt Marion and not Marrion. Someone has misread it. To clarify, Dennis Arthurs born 1928 died 1988 and Marion Arthurs born 1936 and died 1989. Hope this can be rectified. Thanks for all your hard work, Laurence Arthurs. .... more

ARTISsuperb site for informationWell done to everyone who has made an input to this site - an invaluable resource, saving miles of travelling!

ARUNDELThank youThanks for your help. I have information I have researched for the Arundel and Mosley surnames I have found through please let me know if it is useful to anyone

ASCOTTAscottThank you for sending me the grave images, they were lovely and clear and add extra information into my family tree

ASHBYGravestone PhotographI was so pleased to receive your photo of the gravestone of Henry Arthur & Elizabeth Ashby as I have been researching my Ancestry for 4 years and every item helps my file, thanks.

ASHBYEdward and Lydia Ashby.Thank you so much for the gravestone photograph of my ancestors from Somerleyton. Delighted to know I can now visit the grave in the churchyard Really delighted to have found your site. Many thanks again.

ASHFORDfamily research -ASHFORD/BARRETT/CONQUEST/HOLLIHi just a thank you for the three gravestone images for Ruth / Philip Livingstone and Thomas Livingstone Ashford and confirmation I have received them

ASHFORDfamily researchThanks for your help with all photographs I have requested so far x very much appreciated x regards Lynne

ASHLEEGravestone imageThank you for your time and effort in providing this service. The high resolution image of the gravestone was excellent, and received within 24 hours.

ASHLEYtreasurefinding our heritage is finding another piece of a family jigsaw puzzle

ASHLEYHawkhills, Easingwold researchWhat a terrific resource. Found completely by chance but will be coming back to find more grave details. I will certainly try and add some pictures from my own local churchyard. Henry Cooper Ashley is the father of Katharine Love (nee Ashley) who married Joseph Horatio Love, a Durham coal mine owner and who lived at Hawkhills, Easingwold.

ASHMOREFEEDBACKThank you for such a fantastic service. I live in Australia and don't think I'll ever make it to Durham, England in person to see these headstones.

ASHMOREThankyoureally grateful for this service thank you so much

ASHMOREAshmore grave in Hope ChurchSo grateful for the image and information to find the grave of my 3x great grandparents William and Elizabeth Ashmore Been to find it this afternoon - took a while to locate,but then there it was. So pleased. THANK YOU.

ASHPITELFAMILY HISTORY AND ARTEFACTSThank-you so much.It is great to have this photograph.Another piece of the jig-saw puzzle is found...Most helpful to my research.Kind regards Patricia Watson.

ASHTONGratefull thanksWhat a wonderful picture of the Ashton's gravestones, my wife will be so pleased. Thank you.

ASHTONGreat Web SiteASHTON, BARROW, DENDLE, CURKETT Like most others, I try to get two proofs of each person added to the lineage, you site also gave dates, places ...and... many names and surnames that are more then likely related, THANKS so much. Donald E. Curkeet OPC of some Plymouth parishes

ASHTONThanksA wonderful resource found quite by chance when googling my ancestor (Amy Ashton). It was not long before I was able to see a photo of the grave as well as that of her son and husband. Well worth using.

ASHTONThank you!Thank you!

ASHTONThank you for your quick reply which wasThank you for your quick reply which was very helpful regarding the headstone for my relative Robert Ashton

ASHWORTHThomas AshworthThank you for sending through the gravestone monument image containing details of Thomas & Ellen Ashworth who are my great grandparents. I have downloaded it to my computer. It contains details that I might otherwise not have found. Thanks for making this information available.

ASIMUSVeronica Asimus & John Whyte memorialVeronica Martha Asimus maiden name is Whyte 1899-1965. John Whyte would be her brother. Veronica's husband is George Frederick Asimus 1899-1959.

ASIMUSGeorge Asimus 1882-1942 & Ethel May nee Wallace 1899-1991Thanks again to GPR for the picture of George & Ethel's memorial. George is my 2nd great uncle. You are helping me fulfil my family tree I'm very grateful.

ASIMUSEsther Eliza Asimus nee Pearce 1876-1917Thank you to GPR for another great photo of Esther's memorial. She was my great grand mother, sadly she passed away after child birth. RIP.

ASIMUSFrederick J Asimus 1873-1924 husband of Esther Eliza nee PearceThanks again GPR for photo of my great grandfather's memorial it is really appreciated. Fellow researchers of this person if you have a copy of his death certificate & are willing to share the information on it regarding his exact date of death as there is conflicting information. Thanks.

ASIMUSArnold Albert AsimusTo GPR thank you so much for the great picture of Arnold's headstone. You made me so happy that I'd found his headstone which helped me with his death date. If you were near me I would have given you a big hug in appreciation. Thank you again you have made my day. regards Robyn.

ASQUITHMidgley AsquithMidgley Asquith was a photographer whose studio was on the Royal Parade in Harrogate.

ATKINSMany thanks for your helpMany thanks for your help

ATKINSONWilliam AtkinsonMany Thanks.The photo of Williams gravestone has been very helpful in continuing my research.

ATKINSONWetherby Kirk Deighton Ancestors - ATKINSON AND FARRERI am a direct descendant of George Atkinson of Wetherby/Kirk Deighton. My descendant was church warden (1805-1807)of All Saints in Kirk Deighton and is buried, as is his wife (Elizabeth Farrer), in the All Saints cemetery. He died in 1822. He lived on High St. in Wetherby in the house between the Red Lion Inn and Crown Inns. His father-in-law, William Farrer, was innkeeper of the Crown Inn and is also buried in the All Saints cemetery. George Atkinson's son (also George) purchased the home on High St. during the sale of Wetherby in 1824. I have birth, marriage, and death records but would love to know if there are any other specific church records relating to the Atkinson-Farrer families. George Atkinson owned for a while a freehold (90 acres) just southeast of Kirk Deighton in the early 1800s.

ATKINSONFantastic resource!What a wonderful resource this is. It has enabled me to finally put in place the missing piece of my family tree puzzle. I have been particularly impressed with the quality of the image I requested and the speed with which my request was dealt with. Many thanks!

ATKINSONThank you for your helpI am researching the Atkinsons of Marton in North Yorkshire and I would just like to thank you for your help.

ATKINSONWhat a wonderful resource thank you so mWhat a wonderful resource thank you so much you have been such a great help in locating graves and this has resulted in us being able to visit them which means so much to us both.

ATKINSONThank you - so easy to useThank you for creating such a simple and flexible search facility ... so easy to use. Being able to view all graves from one location by Surname is very useful.

ATKINSONThank you so muchThis is such an amazing service you offer and I really appreciated your hard work Thank you so much!

ATKINSONGrateful thanksMany thanks to Charles and all the team who provide this excellent service, I had no idea where my Mum's uncle had died and now have an excellent image of the family headstone.

ATKINSONPhoto imageThank you so much for sending the image of the memorial, it was so helpful in my research

ATKINSONThank YouThank for the prompt response to my request for information. I believe one of the Headstones is for my 6th great grandfather, one of the others my be his brother, but that I haven't been able to confirm. Thanks again for the photos.

ATTFIELDMany thanksOnce again, excellent service - the photo I requested arrived the next morning! I am a volunteer for the GPR but have only managed to do two graveyards so far. Hope to do better in 2011!

ATTWOOLATTWOOL STONE PEARCE GUSHI am delighted to see you doing such a wonderful service.Thank you sooo much. I had hoped (from Australia) that I could hunt down some of our relatives but had difficulty finding some details. Often the graves have information we do not know.... very helpful and prompt, bravo!

AUDLEYgravestone photoThank so very much for your swift reply to my request for an enhanced image of my 14th great grandmother's grave monument, Lady Margaret Audley. The image is much more legible than what was originally shown. This is a valuable service you are providing and I greatly appreciate what you are doing in your own time and at your own expense for the love of genealogy research!

AUGIERAUGIER/GOTENDORF photo requestHi. I have some burial records from JewishGen and they're related to a family already photographed here, but they themselves aren't even listed anywhere in the cemetery. I'm wondering if you take photos by request and if you'd be willing to help... it's in the 24th division of Montparnasse: Emile Augier, wife Isabelle nee Gotendorf, son Jean, and anybody else around them who seems attached. Isabelle is the daughter of Josephine and James Nathan Gotendorf already photographed, so they may be nearby, but I'm not sure.

AUNGERaunger familyMany thanks for the photograph of the grave stone of Elizabeth and Richard Aunger which has proved very helpful as we now know that we have four children to research. The search goes on !

AUSTINAUSTIN GRAVE THANKSThanks so much for your most prompt reply & excellent photo.

AUSTINThomas Austin, George Brougham AustinThank you

AVERYThank youI have just started looking for my Ancestry. And with your help I am even more excited in my research. Thank you. .... more

AVERYThank you,With sincere thanks for the photograph of the gravestone of William and Ann Avery. Another clue as I research their story. Their son Richard migrated to Australia with his wife Martha in the late 1840'sm so it means a great deal to have that connection between my family in Australia and Richard's parents in England.

AVERYThank you.Great to have the photograph of William Avery's gravestone. He was the brother of my Gr Gr Grandfather Richard who migrated to Australia with his wife Martha in the late 1840's. It is another piece of the puzzle I can slot into the family story. Thank you.

AVEYFamily Grave locationsI wish to thank you again for such a valuable resource that helps me as Churchwarden, answer questions from people researching their family trees and for checking as a backup to church registers for full burials/cremated remains etc

AVISHeadstones SwaffhamThank you very much for taking the time to set up this resource and make it available for those of us who are unable to visit areas.

AVISONElizabeth Ann AvisonMany thanks for the photo. An amazing site with a mind blowing amount of work involved. Hope to help in the near future. Regards Michael

AVISONBRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNThree relatives from disparate parts of the family found on the same day!

AVISONRE: Thank YouThank you, once again, for such an excellent resource.

AVISONRE: SavingThanks very much. Info available for free here saved me having to order a death certificate, for date of death.

AWCOCKAWCOCK/BUDD-BUDDMany thanks for being able to see the photo. I was able to get the date date of Adela & her son, very useful information

AYLETTCorrections to information currently heldI am the younger son of Albert Yule Aylett and would like to correct some of the information held at the moment by this website Albert was born on 30th December 1909 (yuletide, hence his middle name Yule) He died on 24th September 1999 aged 89 not 80 as currently stated He was married to Phyllis (nee Talbot) for 62 years I hope this clears up a few points DA .... more

AYLINGThank YouThank You so much for these images, as I said we live in Australia and without someone like you that does this for free, it would be impossible for me to get them. So Thank You so much.

AYLWARDreply to grave photo very easy to find, request and receive. BRILLIANT.

AYNSLEY-SMITHMany thanksMany thanks for the excellent image, great site and it will be a great help.

AYREThank you once againGrateful thanks once again.

AYRESJohn Ayres 1835-1908Thank you so much for your time and effort to photograph then post all the headstones. As a result I was able to determine the death date of john and his wife and know this is the correct one with the information of Albert Ayres. Albert was buried in France as a Canadian soldier as he and his family had immigrated to Canada. Thank you for allowing me to see the headstone.

AYRESThanksThanks for helping me in my research for my family tree.

AYTONGravestone for children of Cockrell and Hannah ReadshawThis is a very useful resource and tanks are owed to Charles Sale for running the site. The gravestone image is a very useful confirmation of the Readshaw childern in Cockfield. Cockrell Readshaw died in 1806 and appears to have been buried in Hamsterley. Any further details would be welcomed.

AZEAZE,PRUST,COCKRAM ETCThank you yet again for supplying the requested images. Unfortunately I lost the previous images when a virus infected my computer. You offer a really useful service and wish I could return the service someday.

BARNARDALICE KATE BARNARD - a valuable resourcevery grateful for access. an amazingly well-organised and useful resource. thank you.

COOPERExcellent resource - ANTHONY COOPERThank you so much for the gravestone photo of my great, great, great grandfather. It has helped my family history research and your website is a tremendous resource.

ELANDAPOLONIA ADRIANNA ELANDThankyou x I have now seen the images and will be talking to family members to see what I can find out.what a helpful site. Many thanks MICHAELA

PITCHFORTHStanistreet - ANCESTORS OF PITCHFORTHMany thanks for your speedy service


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