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List of all comment / feedback / help requests for Surnames starting with H

surnametitle of the comment / feedbackcomment / feedbacksubmittednum
BODDINGTON HENRY BODDINGTON - Amazing work!I am astonished that someone is doing this - and so very grateful. Thank you Charles, very much indeed, for all that you have done in putting this together and making it accessible.

BROWNThankyou - HARRISON AND DIXON AND BROWNThanks for this site, I am researching at a distance so feel lucky to have stumbled across it Mainly researching Elizabeth Brown b June 1866 who married John Thomas Harrison

COOKHERBERT COOK - Thank youThank you once again for this wonderful resource: the photographs are so clear - and I know from my limited experience that is not easy.

HABBERSHAWreally useful websiteHabbershaw is just one of the names in my ancestry I am researching, and this particular grave is that of my 4 x great grandparents on one of my paternal lines. it is the grave of David Habbershaw and his wife Jane (nee Hawksworth). Thank you so much for this wonderful website!

HACKETTWilliam Hackett photoThanks for the photo of headstone for William Hackett. It helped me sort out my research between two Williams living very close together at roughly the same time.

HADDELLMany thanks for the photograph it will bMany thanks for the photograph it will be added to my family archive - keep up the good work

HADDOCKVery useful - HADDOCK/JACKSONI am visiting the graves of members of my old school who died in World War One. This resource is very useful in enabling me to know what sort of monument or headstone I am looking for. Many thanks to Charles Sale.

HADDOCKGrave photoThank you for the speedy reply and access to the photo that I requested. Keep up the good work.

HADDOWRelatedI met a Walter Haddow and his wife Mary in Edinburgh in around 1961 and belive Walter to be a cousin to my father James White. Visiting my Grandparents Grave at Christmas it was interesting to note at Kirkliston Cemetary thenames were the same as thet of Haddow Family.

HADLEYPhotograph of Anne Boyd's gravestoneThank you so much for helping me with my request to view a photograph of this gravestone. Your kindness in doing so is gratefully received. Kind regards, Lynne.

HADLEYSterling WorkThank you for all you do to make available a photo of headstones to family researchers, keep up the good work.

HADRILLThank youThank you for such a quick response. The clarity of the photo was excellent.

HAFFNERGeorge and Sarah Haffner George and Sarah Haffner were my 4th great grandparents, so surprised their headstone is still standing after all this time. I live in Australia as my line came out here.

HAGANFabulous resourceThank you for your help. Such a valuable resource.

HAGYARDHagyard gravemarkersAnnie Isabella Hagyard,Harold Hagyard,William Hagyard,Clara Hagyard,Thomas Alexander Hagyard,Doris Hagyard .Thank you for responding to my requests for the images of these gravemarkers. Your time and effort is much appreciated!!!

HAIGHHAIGH/BROOK/WILKS/CUSWORTH ANDThe images i recieve are a great addition to my family tree thank you

HAIGH George and Mary Ann Haigh of Birkby Hall ThornerI have several records that refer to my ancestors - Haigh's of Birkby Hall, Thorner but cannot find where this is/was. Also have a lithograph and reference to Parkhill near Wetherby and want to know if they lived there or if someone in the family went there when it was a school? .... more

HAIGHGeorge and Mary Ann Haigh LeedsThank you for this fabulous image of my ancestors grave. Now that I know where it is, I will visit and gain the information that cannot be seen for the undergrowth. I will add this information when I get it.

HAIGHGravestone imageThanks so much for the help. I live in Scotland and being able to view all the names and dates on my ancestors gravestone in Yorkshire was so helpful.

HAINESThank youThank you for your response to my request. Unfortunately after further research this is not my Walter Haines but I will continue to try and find him.

HAINSWORTHThank YouThank you very much for your help, great photographs, easy web site to use.

HAISTEWonderful helpThank you so much for providing the photo, I have been trying to research my family and this photo provided a beautiful insight into the lives of my great grandparents. Thank you so much

HAKEExcellent ResourceThankyou for the excellent service that you provide. The resources that you offer will be so useful for those tracing their ancestors.

HALErequest for photoI was amazed at the speed and accuracy that my request received

HALEMany thanks Though believed to buried elsewhere there is a good chance this is the grave of my partner's grandmother.

HALESGravestone details from photo of Kate GrimwadeVery helpful in finding that the lady probably had no spouse and also the location of her death. Many thanks, will be contacting again. Brilliant service. Regards Tony Brewer

HALFORDHelpfulVery quick and efficient response to my request for an image of my uncle's grave.

HALKETTCRAIGIE HALKETTCould you please send this photo to my address- 27 Walkers Road. Mount Eliza. 3930. Victoria. Australia. I have tried 3 times to order this via email, but Hotmail appears to be blocking it. Thank you - I did send a donation on 14 march 2012

HALKETTFabulous Images - HALKETT & DAVIDSONTHank you for help its amazing to be on the other side of world (Australia) and be able to view ancestors moinuments. Thank you for the effort you have put in to this amazing website

HALLThanksExcellent service & it has helped me out with my Family Tree and I highly recommend this site to others thanks very much.

HALLExcellent!What a wonderful resource.

HALLtombstone of my gr grandfatherThis helps with my research. I guess I'll have to come back to England to do more. Many thanks

HALLComments and feedback.Thank you for an invaluable resource. I am researching for a cousin in Australia (where I also live) and she will be so thrilled to see a headstone of her G G Grandparents, William Hall and Sarah Mary Billings Hall (nee Poulter). Thanks again. Kind regards, Ian Whittington

HALLThanks!Thanks Charles for your speedy response! The photo of my GG Grandfathers headstone is fantastic. You provide brilliant service!Regards...Daryl Hall, Bendigo, Australia.

HALLGrave PhotoMany thanks for your service without it our family would not be able to connect with it's past

HALLMany Thanks Many thanks to your site I've been able to research my ancestor's and discover where they are laid to rest, with out this service this wouldn't have been possible

HALLHall family, Gate Helmsley I live in El Salvador, Central America and I have been working on a genealogical study of the Hall's who show a continuous presence in Gate Helmsley and Dunnington area for almost 250 years. My grandfather, Fred, was evidently born in Dunnington about 1888 although there seem to some later connections with the Walmgate area in York. Fred always insisted that his family were from Gate Helmsley, just a mile of so from Dunnington. His mother, Mary Hall, is variously reported to have been born in Gate Helmsley or Wilberfoss around 1861 but I have never established this or that she ever married. In the 1891 census Fred, his mother and some uncles and aunts were said to be living with his grandfather, James Hall, variously reported to have been born in Gate Helmsley, Holtby or Warthill in 1826 or 1832. In the 1901 census indicates that he was living with a grandparent, a Jane Whitwell born around 1830 but with no marriage details for the mother it's difficult to establish a relationship with this family. Have hit another more serious brick wall on a George Hall born in Gate Helmsley born around 1671 but my sources have failed to provide any parents. Evidently married around 1695 to a Mary and I am supposing an Agar born Stockton on the Forest? It appears he had four children, William, Mary, George and Francis. There is a truncated link to a Mary Hall born around November, 1609, in Gate Helmsley who possibly married twice to a Jonie Sicklin, born in Dunnington and to a Robert Wittie born in Beverley. Robert Wittie was a respected doctor famous for his literary discourse on the virtues of sea bathing and the spa waters of Scarborough. Can anybody help? Do the local church yards offer any clues to the identity of this George? Is he linked in some way to this Mary Wittie nee Hall?

HALLGate Helmsley Has anybody visited the church yards in the Gate Helmsley, Dunnington, Holtby, Warthill, Upper Helmsley, Stockton on the Forest areas? Looking for a Hall family who resided in this area for some 250 years, evidently in Gate Helmsley where I can show a continuous line from 1671 to the end of the 1900's. Had fully intended to make the effort myself but, living in El Salvador, Central America, there's no knowing when I will eventually make it.

HALLHall head stones in FrimleyWhat a wonderful resource to be able to tap into. Thanks so much for your generosity. I will definitely be visiting the graveyard when I come over from Australia.

HALLThanksI was so excited to find a grave photo of my Great Great Grandparents. Thank you very much. The photo is excellent

HALLBurial site for Peter HallReally appreciate your site and have already located three of my relatives buried in England.Sadly,I did not know that my cousin Joy Harrison had died.Hopefully,I can make some contact with long lost cousin's.

HALLA long quest to find the death of Thomas HallThank you very much for a wonderful resource. At last I now know when Thomas Hall (died 1867 the son of William Hall and Jane)died after a very long search.

HALLThanks so much for this wonderful resourThanks so much for this wonderful resource!!

HALLThanksThanks very much for the photo. I think that it is wonder that you have taken the time to take photos and put them online for people. Nothing seems to be free these days so it is a great service you are doing. Louise Sowerby

HALLThank youI would like to thank you all for a great and unselfish service that you provide to people, especially to ones like me who live far away in Australia

HALLThanks Thank you for the prompt service and for taking the time to go out and photograph the gravestones in the first place. It must be a labour of love and is really appreciated by myseldf undertaking family history research.

HALLExcellent resourceThank you so much, this is another piece of evidence to support my research of the Hall family from Barkestone. I am so pleased that I stumbled upon this site. Excellent resource, excellent response.

HALLAMJane HallamThanks very much for this very useful site. I was able to solve the fate of Jane for whom I had no further information after birth.

HALLATTMany thanks Charles for your prompt replMany thanks Charles for your prompt reply and clear image. For general information, Thomas Hallatt was born in Hull 6/1/00 and married Edna Hool (b.3/12/13) in Grimsby in 1937. He was a 'career seaman' (like his father) and seemed to have spent most of his working life as a Captain for the Humber Ferry Service. His father had the exact same name and was born in Myton in 1873 and married Mary Jane Rothwell (b. 1873 & d. 1951 in Hull) on 10/5/1899. He was latterly a Humber Pilot and died 3/1/34.

HALLETTgravestone photoThanks very much for sending a copy of the gravestone of my great grandparents' grave. I only had a rough idea of when they died and having a copy of the gravestone gave me the correct dates. Thanks a lot

HALLIWELLMany thanksMany thanks for providing this invaluable resource, much appreciated.

HALLIWELLThank you Charles SaleThis is a fantastic service, especially for someone like me who is disabled and not in the country of my family’s origin. I would really have a tough time finding this information and these images without this service.

HALLOWAYSThank youMany thanks for providing this service.

HALLOWAYSThank youPhoto received. Many thanks again Charles for providing this service.

HALLSPhoto Image receivedThank you very much for the reqested photo image!

HALLSThanksMany thanks for sharing the photos with me.

HALLTThank youThank you very much Charles Sale, the photo is very clear. Thank you once again

HALTERHALTER ( HOBBS DESCENDANT)Thank you for the photos, very much appreciated

HAMBIDGEAn excellent resourceI've seen links to the GPR before but this is the first time I've actually used it and I'm really glad I did. A link to an excellent quality photo received in no time at all. Well worth reaching for the donate button.

HAMERAwesome workAn outstanding resource! A wonderful team of volunteers headed by Mr Sale. I am eternally grateful that they were able to fill in missing gaps in my ancestry and am proud of the hardwork and dedication that they show to their cause. Keep it up!

HAMERHamer of Ramsbottom and surrounding villagesThanks very much for this brilliant resource. Before being directed to your website by Ancestry I had been trying to find information regarding Sophia Hamer and family from the Ramsbottom area. The monument for John Brooks (of whom Sophia was the maternal grandmother), has helped immensely to both confirm my existing research, by supporting the information on the 1851 census, and by also providing new information regarding when Sophia, and her daughter Alice Brooks (nee Hamer) died. I believe there is a DNA link between this family and my own, which is descended from James Eckersley & Alice (or Annis) Buckley, a butcher and his wife who were living in Ballantyne Place (now Market Place), Ramsbottom on the 1841 census. I am interested in any further information regarding this family of Hamers, and am willing to share any information I have about them in return.

HAMILTONHamilton images from Dean Cemetery, EdinburghIt was marvellous to find so many images of 'my' Hamiltons in your collection. In particular that of my g-g-grandmother Margaret Russell Hamilton as I had been unable to find details of her death.

HAMILTONHamilton, Tyrone, IrelandMany thanks for your very fast service. It is fantastic to receive some information with regard to Ireland when their paper trace is so limited. Thankyou very much.

HAMILTONGreat serviceJust a quick note to say that I was directed to this site via a mail list and I quickly found a relative, even though the area from which most will have come are not yet indexed/photographed here. I received the picture very quickly with a more personal response. Thank-you.

HAMILTONPhotographThis site is such a bonus to those of us researching family history where relatives have moved - and died - abroad, and we are unable to visit those foreign graveyards. Many thanks indeed.

HAMMERSLEYThank youWonderful service - thank you so much for providing this photograph.

HAMMERSTONEgravestone photosmany thanks for the 2 images. Your help is really appreciated

HAMMETTHAMMETT/HOLWILL GravemarkerThank you so much for the pic of my great-great grandfathers gravemarker. Not only do I have a picture but it had useful info on the marker itself. Again thank you so much, the picture was clear and delivered in short order. Thanks

HAMMETTGreat HelpThank you so much for providing a photo that is legible for the ancestor I am researching. Great facility and I'm sure is appreciated by many.

HAMMETTThank youThank you so much for the wonderful image of Johanna Hammett's headstone. It is much appreciated.

HAMMONDThank you At last I have found information about a member of the Hammond family. Hopefully I will now find some more information.

HAMMONDPettistree graves for Hammond familyWhat a great resource. I have not yet had a chance to travel to Suffolk to visit my ancestor's last resting place, so this is the next best thing! Thank you so much.

HAMMONDHammond burial Ipswich SuffolkHephzibah Hammond b28 OCT 1826 died Suffolk 13 NOV 1891 James (Shulver) Hammond b1826 died London 21.10.1864 Maria Hammond b1859 London, died 1943 Suffolk

HAMMONDJames Shulver Hammond& Hephzibah HammondWell done Charles, thankyou for taking the family photo. I'm 16000 kilometers away so really appreciate the generous work you do.

HAMMONDWonderful ServiceMany thanks for your excellent work in providing Gravestone Photographs together with the year of burial and approximate birth year. I am very grateful for the help this has given me in my Family History research.

HAMMONDThomas HammondDear Sir I am trying to find Thomas Hammond who died on 13th September 1902, he is buried at Beacon Avenue Cemetery Cleethorpes plot number J-02-04. He dose not appear on your list of Hammond, would this possibly be that there is no head stone. Yours Sincerely Jeff Hammond

HAMMONDlooking for familyfound my nan and grandad through this wonderful website gertrude a hammond and sidney c hammond in peter st creeting suffolk , my mum[gladys mary sherman [nee hammond] who is now 92 hasnt been back for years [this is her mum and dad ] also think arthur hammond maybe mums brother , im trying to get as much information for mum and its so interesting to be able to find where they have been laid to rest in the local church yard thankyou so much

HAMMONDThank YouOnce again a big thank you for your prompt attention to my request. Kind Regards, Sue

HAMONDHerbert Henry HammondThank you very much for a great service. I remember taking flowers to my grandfather's grave in Swilland churchyard with my grandmother more than 50 years ago. I have lived in the North West for many years, but I have often thought about going back. We are in Suffolk for a few days now and I was looking for Swilland Church on the internet when I discovered the link to your site. Within seconds an image of my grandfather's gravestone appeared on the screen. Yesterday we went to Swilland Church and saw the actual gravestone. I am sure we wouldn't have found it without your service.

HANBYThank you I was contacted by an elderly gentleman who wanted some information regarding his Grandmother's burial in Roundhay I did not find her, but found his Great Grandparents instead. Thank you. I am able to pass the information and wonderful photographs on to him and his family you very kindly sent to me.

HANCOCKHANCOCK FAMILY RESEARCHDear Sir I have just requested an image of the grave of my Great grandparents (Sardius and Mary Hancock) as part of a family history project. I am also seeking the location (and image,if possible) of other members of my family, notably Dulcebella Sofia Hancock (nee Tharp) who died 1/2/1858 in Sturry, Canterbury, Kent. May I ask how extensive are your records? I have visited Sturry Parish Church (St Nicholas?), but can not locate her resting place. Charles Hancock (1821 - 1900), my Great great grandfather, is also buried at Sturry, together with his second wife, Mary. Dulcebella was his first wife. Any assistance would be much appreciated. Thank you.

HANCOCKSir Humphry DavyResearching John Hancock 1788-1835 an Assistant of Sir Humphry Davy at Royal Institution.J, Hancock suffered T.B and retired to Cornwall and the family home of Sir H Davy.For the remainder of his life J. Hancock worked on perfecting the Miners Safety Lamp.

HANCOCKThank youThank you for your help. You do a wonderful job, thanks

HANCOCKThank YouThank You so much for this resource. I didn\'t have death dates for any of these ancestors and now I do because of your site. Thank you. Also for your records. the Ann and James Hancock that are also mentioned on the headstone are Herbert Jones Hancock\'s parents. Elizabeth as mentioned is has wife.

HANCOCKHancokI am absolutely thrilled that I found this site, and also delighted to have received a beautiful photo of my Great, Great, Grandparents gravestone. Thank you sooo much, it means a great deal to me. Susan. ;o))

HANCOCKThank youHi there- you already sent the image- didn't receive the email but have just seen the image viewer on the website and can see the enlarged photo on there. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this! Am very grateful for your time and effort! Couldn't see a way to say thank you so until after sending a new request but thought I'd send it via here instead. Barbara

HANCOCKThank you CharlesCharles, thank you for the photograph of Thomas Parker's gravestone. The inscriptions on the stone have verified a family connection. Your volunteer efforts to provide these photographs and information is greatly appreciated. Regards, Mark

HANDThank youThankyou for taking the time and trouble to create this site.I'm sure it will prove to be an asset in my research!

HANDValuable ResourceA valuable resource, especially for those who are unable to travel to places where their ancestors lived.

HANDQuick responseVery quick response and very helpful.Thank you very much.

HANDCOCKThank you for he images great websiteThank you for he images great website

HANDISIDESFantastic website and a great serviceCharles Sale has created a remarkable service which delivers high quality images at no cost to the user. I was able to find information from a family gravestone that was not readily available elsewhere. Thank you for your contribution to genealogy and keep up the good work!

HANDISIDESExcellent service. Thank you for spendinExcellent service. Thank you for spendind time on this resource.

HANDSDavid Richard Granville HandsCharles I did reply to your e-mail sending me the gravestone photo in respect of my above cousin. I sent this on 27 February to your private e-mail address. I am just writing confirming this as I would not want you to think I was so rude as not to thank you for your generous service.Whilst writing, I wondered if you would wish to add my father whose grave is in Holland and I gave you the necessary link.Perhaps you will respond to me when you have time just to confirm that you received my said e-mail.Many thanks.Heather Gomm

HANKEYResearching family.Charles, thank you for the service you provide. Regards Julian

HANKINA GREAT RESOURCEMany thanks for a great resource and all the hard work that has created it.

HANNAMHannamWhat a great and generous service!!!! Thank you so much

HANNANTGrave RequestA fast and efficient service - thank you

HANNANTGeorge HannantThank you for the image of this distant relation. I have been a volunteer for this resource for a long time. I find it karmic when I discover a headstone relating to my own family.

HANNANTBirth of Hephzibah HannantHephzibah Hannant on census 1851 & 1861 as niece of William Hannant before that no information whatever

HANNANTfeedbackMany thanks

HANNATHExcellent service - HANNATH, OSBORNEmany thanks for your help & prompt replies, appreciated whilst time is at a premium, preparing for a Family History Exhibition. We will certainly be advocating your website! Thanks again, Nessa

HANNENGrave of John Troubridge & Jane HannenThank you for your speedy sending of the gravestone of the above. I often use your site and it is very helpful in my family history research. Many thanks!

HANSELLHansell/Harrison/Gill headstone.- Linthorpe, Yorkshire, EnglandI stumbled across this site with the help of Google - as yet I've not yet had chance to explore the site in depth but found details of where my ancester Sarah Patience Hansell (nee Harrison) is buried. Sadly, as far as I can see the headstone does not include her name or that of her daughter Ann Gill. I will now investigate a possible Bellamy family connection. I truly appreciate the time and effort put into this website and praise the volunteers for bringing this resource right into our homes. Thank you.

HANSELLHANSELL/KIRBY/LOCKMany thanks for your very quick reply. What a fantastic site.

HANSFORDWith grateful thanks.....What a wonderful service - to take the time and effort to photograph and then set up a website with the gravestones is an absolute joy - especially for those of us who no longer live in the area and cannot visit for ourselves. Thank you so much.Marion

HANSONSarah Elizabeth (Weaver) HansonMany thanks for details of Sarah's husband and his family. A great asset to family history research.

HANSONNo image displayedI tried to view the gravestone image for John and Rachel Hanson in Caistor Lincolnshire, but didn't see any image. I also requested a higher quality image, but again did not see any image on the view image page.

HARBERThank youThank you very much for the speedy response and good quality photograph. You provide an invaluable service. I am so glad I found your site.It is another piece of the jigsaw of my family tree.I just need to find where the rest of the family are.Thank you once again.

HARBERThank youThank you Mr Charles Sale and volunteers for your kind assistance.

HARBORDThank you!I would very much like to thank Mr. Charles Sale and the volunteers who take photographs to leave on Mr. Sale's website. Without your help, we might never see the graves of our ancestors and I, as well as many others I am sure, are extremely grateful for all the time and efforts that are donated. Thank you once again.

HARBORDMany many thanks!Dear Mr. Sale, Thank you to you and your volunteers for allowing me to locate many of my Harbord relatives. I am most grateful to all of you and appreciate all of your time and efforts.

HARBORDThanksMany thanks for the detailed photograph of my great, great, step grandmother's grave. Your site is an excellent aid to us researchers. I intend to become a volunteer in the very near future.

HARBORDThank youJust thanking you for this service! It's a wonderful thing you're doing. :-]

HARBORDCompliments and thanks!I sincerely hope that all my relatives who read this page will thank Mr. Charles Sale and his army of volunteers for the time that they spend helping us. I cannot believe that some persons would take advantage of this site and not thank them. Please remember to do so if you happen to see my message. Without them, we would never get a chance to see the resting places of our ancestors and I, personally, will always be VERY grateful.

HARBORDThank you!Once again, I would like to thank Mr. Sale for his kindness in providing a photo for me of a gravestone and without charge. Mr. Sale, your kindness is greatly appreciated.

HARBOURA great resourse. Thank you so much for this website it is such a help for researching family history.

HARBOUR Many Thank's Thank you Charles for providing a wonderful service that I have used twice. Greatly appreciated!

HARBRONCongratulations.Having just discovered your web site I must say a thank you and well done.It has already been a great help in my searches. Ron.Harbron.

HARCOURTcongratulationsThis is an excellent project. I am most grateful to all those who are contributing generously to this site which is a valuable resource for those interested in history

HARCOURTThank youI would like to express my sincere thanks for the work involved in creating and adding to this website. It is a great help for Family Tree research, where a number of members of the one family are listed together. The next time I go to a Cemetery I will endeavour to take photos to add to your site.

HARDBATTLEThanksVery greatful for being able to access this site. The information on the headstones is very valuable to family historians.

HARDCASTLEPlease keep up your good work!I would like to thank you for all the work you have done. It helped me very much with my family research. I am offering help to everyone who is searching for his Hardcastle ancestors. You will find more details at All the best and kind regards Michael Hardcastle

HARDCASTLEHardcastle Headstone Photo'sFantastic..A massive thanks to Charles and everyone who has provided an input to this invaluable resource.

HARDCASTLEPhotographsWhat a fantastic resource....Love the website and grateful thanks to Charles and anyone who has helped to put this together. Invaluable to those of us who live hundreds of miles away.

HARDCASTLEHARDCASTLE/SHARPERHuge thanks for the copies of headstone photo's..VERY gratefully received and MUCH appreciated.This is the most fantastic website.Charles you are a star and all your hard work is wonderful and acknowledged.

HARDCASTLECan't thank you enough.Hugely appreciate ALL the photo's that I have received, they have been swiftly sent, and so helpful. What a joy this site is , a huge credit to Charles and every person who has given their time and effort free, to give joy and help to everyone who has the pleasure of using it.

HARDCASTLEThanksMany thanks for the very clear photograph of Joseph Hardcastle's headstone

HARDESTYThank YouThis is an amazing resource for gravestone pictures. It is remarkable that one person has organized such a wealth of information this is also easy to access. Thank You for all your time and effort to compile and maintain this information. The pictures for Thomas Hardesty were very helpful, I plan to search for other ancestors on this site. Have a great day!

HARDIEThanksThanks for the photo of Matthew Hardies headstone. He is my wife's newly discovered 4th Great Grandfather.

HARDIEPhoto of HeadstoneThank you so much for providing this service. I haven't completely established that this is my relative but you have given me more information to work on.

HARDIEBrilliant websiteThis is the first time i have come across your website and what a brilliant site it is, Thank you for the image, as i am not able to go and see the headstone myself

HARDINGRe: Gravestone photographI had no idea your resource existed until I googled my GGGrandfather's name and came across your website. Thank you so much Charles for the time and effort you expend for the benefit of family researchers like myself.

HARDINGFreeman HardingThank you for the gravestone photograph. Its so nice to have a photo of someone you are researching in your family tree. I hope to find more lost ancestors.

HARDINGTHANK YOUA big thank you for providing this service and for the amazingly quick response. Much appreciated.

HARDINGHAMLeslie WS and Eudora DI HARDINGHAMthank you for this resource, which makes my research more interesting.

HARDINGHAMEthel and Rebecca HardinghamEthel and Rebecca are daughters of Seth Hardingham and Hannah Tubby. They are two of at least six children, all girls. They were from the Lowestoft area.

HARDINGSFeedbackMany thanks for your help. It was very helpful.

HARDSGrave marker for Elizabeth and William HardsThanks so much for providing the enlarged photo of the grave marker for Elizabeth and William Hards. This truly is a wonderful service provided.

HARDYThank You! Many thanks for your prompt reply and links to images. Much appreciated.

HARDYThank you!My grateful thanks to Mr Charles Sale and the volunteers for providing such a valuable resource. It is very much appreciated.

HARDYExcellent ServiceThank you so much for the three photos I have received from Hamsterley, co Durham. The service you provide is very much appreciated. I do have a book of MI's for Hamsterley but seeing the images of the actual stones makes it somehow more personal.

HAREHare Family Grave, Rock (Church) Cemetery, NottinghamThank you so much for your photo which is much better than the one I took in 1999. I did not have a digital camera at that time.

HARE-GILLElizabeth Hare-GillThe entry for Elizabeth Hare-Gill contains the following note. Elizabeth Nee Garth born in Thornthwaite Cum Padside...Daughter of John Garth and Susannah Skaife.John Garth was a farmer. I think that Elizabeth Garth was actually the daughter of John Garth's first wife, Dinah Holmes. They married in 1874 and Dinah died in 1880. Dinah was the daughter of William Hilmes and Susanna Lister of Timble Great.

HARGRAVEThank you!Hi Charles, thanks so much for sending the requested images. It has really helped my family research and I'm sure I'll be requesting more in the future!

HARGREAVESHi Charles, thanks for this fantastic siHi Charles, thanks for this fantastic site and all the work you must do to keep it up to date. It has helped add to my family history - so much better than just places and dates.

HARKERGrave stone or memorialHello Staff, My name is Marj and I am in Australia. I am looking for my gt gt aunt Marjory Taylor Harker - born 1847-1848, buried 13 March 1906 age 58 yrs at Hampstead Cemetery (London Borough of Camden). Interment No.11939 - Sect. G4 - No.52. do you have any photos of graves in this cemetery as I can't find hers. Thank you so much for reading me request and you have a really wonderful website. Kindest regards, Marj

HARKERwebsiteThankyou so much for providing this fantastic service. Rick

HARLANDHarland GravestoneThank you for sending the photograph of the gravestone. That is much appreciated.

HARLANDPlace nameKirby Overblow is the correct spelling for this Churchyard not Kirkby Overblow

HARLANDGravestone Photograph of my Great GrandparentsWe would like to thank Charles Sale for his time and effort in supplying us with the images of our family headstone and would highly recommend anyone tracing their family to use his website. Thank You

HARLEThank youWould just like to say a huge thank you for this service and how swift you sent me the photo. I've been searching for information on my maternal Great Great Grandfather and whilst I still haven't found him I found his parents, siblings and niece.

HARLINGChristopherThank you for providing this valuable resource for information about past generations. Being able to access this photo from the other side of the world has been very special.

HARLINGGrateful thanks.This is a wonderful service with such clear photos and quick responses. Thank you to all involved. My great grandfather, Christopher, left Wheatacre in 1865 at the age of 14 to emigrate to Australia. It is nice to see memorials of the people he left behind.

HARLOWExcellent resourceThank you for the image, the gravestone photo was excellent and has been useful in my family history research of a maternal line. Thanks

HARMANHARMAN/CLARKThank you so much Charles for your quick response. Within a few hours I was able to go to Scartho Road Cemetery and found not only Robert, Sarah and Egbert Harman headstone but also their son in laws Andrew Clark which was situated close by. Your help is very much appreciated.

HARMANresearching Harman from Gloucester. Emigrating to NZThanks for the head stone photos it is a great way for me to link the members of a family.

HARMANHarman FTreeThank you for the photo and info, was a great help in helping to track this part of the family. Really appreciated.

HARMERMany thanksA wonderfull organization, great idea, well done. Regards Chas Morris.

HARMERImpressedCharles this is an astonishing resource. many thanks. I shall look again for graves of other ancestors

HARMERMore InformationThank you once again for this lovely, clear photo, which is an enormous benefit in terms of information about this family. I can add a few things about Daniel Harmer, he was a wharfinger and managed about 7 vessels sailing to different parts of England with his colleague James Boardman,and together they traded as Boardman and Harmer. You can google "Daniel Harmer Wharfinger" and come up with various interesting articles, for example his feedback in the House of Commons where he answered questions in connection with a navigation bill, also an unfortunate story about Daniel Harmer and a steamship called "the Bold Buccleuch". Daniel was married to Maria Newby on 26th Dec 1803 at St Martin @ Palace, Norwich. Their daughter Maria Harmer was born 23rd June 1819 when her father was a waterman.In 1841 they lived at 115 West End Cottages on Chapel Field Rd, and had three servants. Maria still lived there in 1851 after Daniel died,and employed two servants and a nurse. Daniel's will was proved in Canterbury. Daughter Maria married William Jay in 1838 and then Justinian Barrell Clarke in 1845 two years after the death of William. Her will was proved in Norwich when she lived at 21 Surrey St.I hope this will be helpful to someone, the photograph of the family's monument has paradoxically brought them all very much alive to me, and I'm very grateful to have received it. Linda Kitt

HARMESThank you very muchThank you very much

HARMSHarms Family HistoryThanks for your prompt reply to my request to which I have already added further details regarding the persons named on the grave in question.

HARNESSThank youI received the image I requested and it was very helpful. It will make a meaningful addition to our family history research. Thanks so much

HARNESSMany ThanksYet again many thanks for another quick and excellent Headstone Photograph ,

HARNETTMichael Joseph HarnettThank you for your help

HARPERWick HarpersThank you so much for sending the photo so promptly, it is a great help to getting the information I need in researching the Harpers in Wick.

HARPERWilliam and Ann Harper and sons William and George memorial plaqueThank you for the excellent reproduction of the Harper family memorial inscription. I have known about the inscription for some time and have searched the graveyard on several occasions without success and assumed that it was a gravestone that was no longer legible or still standing until I found the photo on your site and realised it was actually inside the church and being able to get such a good clear image has saved me another trip to Norwich. William Harper the son was actually 32 when he died and not 52 as stated. Thank you again for an excellent service. .... more

HARPERHarper gravestoneGreat to be able to find a photo of my husband's ancestors on your website. A really useful website for family history research. Thank you!

HARPERBrilliant resource I was sent my third great-grandfathers gravestone after an easy request. A brilliant resource and a fantastic help for genealogy.

HARPERAccessing gravestone photosThis is the second time I have requested a photo of a family gravestone. They are great and the request response is almost instant and the quality of the pictures are very good.

HARPERNot my Thomas HarperThank you. Very helpful. While Thomas Harper, father of Elizabeth, was not the Thomas I was looking for, thank you for putting up the photo of this memorial stone. Without it, I would not have been able to research what did not happened to my Thomas Harper. Mine was a Thomas, b in 1790 in Hunmanby. His parents had died by the time he was 9 and he seemed to have disappeared. I had suspected he had gone to live with a relative who may have lived in Rawdon. Not so apparently, but your site helped me immensely in eliminating clues as to what may have happened to the boy. Thank you. (I have added info about who it appears to me that the Thomas, Elizabeth, Charles & Isabella listed on the marker may have been)

HARPERWhat a really useful websiteSo glad I found this really useful site. Allowed me to link family members together.

HARPERfeedbackThank you so much for giving me access to the memorial inscription on the grave of Annie Isobella Harper. I do appreciate the work that you and all your volunteers are doing and wish I could help you all.

HARPERFamily Research Absolutely brilliant information and service. Received photo straight away. Many thanks.

HARPERWilliam Harper May 1778 - 1822 M 1803 William Harper May 1778 - 1822 M 1803 Ann Lovick B 1782/6 - c1834 Trying to find out the parents of Ann Lovick

HARPERSpeedy ServiceThank you very much for your speedy response to my request. You provide a wonderful service which is very much appreciated. JMP.

HARRILLCorrections to Corston Church, Somerset, entriesRe Record 95, the correct surname spelling is Harrill. Re Charles Edward Harrill, his body is buried in the War Cemetery, Heerstrasse, Berlin.

HARRILLTranscription errorsI'd like to submit corrections but my plain simple emails to you keep being rejected as spam. Your spam filter is over-zealous.

HARRILLTranscription errorsIn my previous feedback I should have said that I was using the feedback form, not an email, with the correct gravestone date each time.


HARRIMANHarriman / GibbonsMany thanks for your very quick reply. Great service. Now I have a photo of my Great Uncle's grave. Thank you.

HARRINGTONJohn HarringtonThank you for the prompt response. I am searching for info on John Harrington who died in 1954 in a local cinema. I can find no record on the BMD. He appears to have served in the RAF, before WW11!

HARRIOTTThanks for the image requestedThanks for the image I requested. It is greatly appreciated. This is a wonderful site, the photos are so clear and legible.

HARRISthank youThank you for senduing me a copy of a harris grave in worcestershire, this site is fantastic, and i would like to say how grateful i am for the site, its very interesting and very helpful. A great site, thank you again. Bernadette Ainsworth

HARRISPhotograph of headstoneThis is a fantastic site. Very clear photo's and the request for a copy was sent, on line, well within 24 hours. Thank you, great service.

HARRISThank youHI Carl, Thank you for the photos. This is a wonderful service that supplies me with the details of family members. Regards Kerrie

HARRISHeadstone for Elizabeth Harris nee Narramore 1829-1870 & George Willam Harris 1828-1889Dear Mr. Sale, thank you sincerely for providing a very clear image of the headstone of my Great-great Grandfather and my Great-great Grandmother. What a truly excellent service you kindly provide and as I further research my family's history I will definitely be back to your amazing website to see if any more of my ancestors are listed. Kind regards and best wishes.

HARRIS Thank you for your help.Since I can not go to England, I just want to thank you for taking the time to take pictures and send them.

HARRISThank you Charles for this excellent phoThank you Charles for this excellent photgraph of the resting place of my 3 X Gt Gm Marssey Harris wo Thomas Harris. It was a'eureka' moment when I found the entry and is a great addition to my files.

HARRISheadstoneThank you so much for the grave image, meant so much. What a fantastic site you run

HARRISThank youThank you to the person who added my Grandmothers (Alice Winifred Harris) grave photo to this website.

HARRISThank youThank you for the images. Always nice to add further details to the archive

HARRISheadstone requestRequested image of Mary and george Harris and within minutes I had received it. Many thanks for the prompt service you give. This site is a valuable source for people who live too far away to visit the graveyards for people they are researching. Keep up the good work.

HARRISheadstone requestRequested image of Mary and george Harris and within minutes I had received it. Many thanks for the prompt service you give. This site is a valuable source for people who live too far away to visit the graveyards for people they are researching. Keep up the good work.

HARRISWilliam Harcourt HarrisAn amazing instant free resource - highly recommended

HARRISThank youThank you for your quick response to my request, it was a great help, I will certainly come back to this site if I find any more of my relatives graves. It is a long way to come from Australia, so much appreciate this service.

HARRISSo glad I found your web siteExcellent photos of my great great grandfathers grave - delighted to have found such a useful resource. Many thanks for your efforts.

HARRISWonderful ServiceWonderful service and very much appreciated

HARRISHarris gravestone.Thank you for sending the photo. It was my ancestors gravestone that I was trying to find. This bit of information fills another piece in my family tree. I plan to visit Liverpool Cathedral in the New Year. Thanks.

HARRISThis is a wonderful service and I have used it several times. Fast and friendly response. Charles iI have found several gravestones on this site, as well as added information on my ancestors to help others that may find them. It is so great to find these stones in England where I cannot go to get to them. The photos are clear and of good resolution, as well as having the information transcribed. And this recent gravestone gave me some startling news. Thomas Harris was born in 1722 and died in 1829. Yes this man born in the early 1700's lived to be 107 years old. Wow. Thanks again, Charles. You are very appreciated by many.

HARRISRobert Harris, son of Robert and MargareRobert Harris, son of Robert and Margaret

HARRISONCrathorne gravestoneThank you for your prompt reply. Unfortunately the headstone does not refer to Susan Harrison's maiden name, grateful for your help.

HARRISONWonderful surpriseJust found this exciting site. Looks brilliant and will be most useful to overseas researchers. Well done! I am sure I'll visit again and will tell others about it.

HARRISONHi Charles. A big thank you for your fasHi Charles. A big thank you for your fast service and helpful links in my research. Will also let others know about this site. Thanks again Regards Tony

HARRISONExcellent photoHarrison in Thorner near Leeds Yorkshire. Thank you very much for sending the photo. It is so clear. It has given me the opportunity to see my 3xGGrandads grave. An opportunity I would never have had without your excellent website.

HARRISONHANSEL KIRBY/ HARRISONThis is fantastic! Stumbled upon this site. What a good job you are doing. No sure if he was one of my ancestors, but I am still looking and checking. Keep up the good work!

HARRISONThankyou - HARRISON AND DIXON AND BROWNThanks for this site, I am researching at a distance so feel lucky to have stumbled across it Mainly researching Elizabeth Brown b June 1866 who married John Thomas Harrison

HARRISONDelightedJust wanted to say that I am delighted with the images I have been sent and think this is a wonderful FREE service and am delighted I have found it

HARRISONFantasticThrough this site I have managed to find the grave of my great grandmothers grandfather James Harrison. I have gone back through census information and discovered his children and even my great grandmother Julia age 2 years staying with he grandparents. Not only that but I have found a book called 'going to school in a Yorkshire parish and there is even a photo of James in it and a short write up about his life. All this because I stumbled upon this site and requested some photographs of graves. Many many thanks.

HARRISONThank you.Thanks very much for this service, it is very helpful indeed.

HARRISONHARRISON & HALLI spend quite a lot of time researching our family history (and that of friends) and your website is one I often refer to, just in case there is a relevant photo. On the latest occasion we are planning a trip to a certain area and the photo will help us locate our ancestors in the churchyard. Many thanks for your help!

HARRISONWatson HARRISONGreat site. Thank you Charles for such a prompt response. Wonderful to find my 4x great grandfather's gravestone, & several of his descendants.

HARRISONWatson HARRISONThank you again for more descendants of Watson Harrison. This is such a wonderful resource for those of us who cannot visit these cemeteries from overseas.

HARRISONPhotoI recieved a photo of the gravestone of John & Thomasin Harrison. Thank you, it was very clear and helpful.

HARRISONThis siteThank you so very much for doing this good work. It is so important for research purposes as well as for family comfort. One caveat however . . when I tried to enter information for #340010, it would only allow me to enter notes not birthdate or anything else. At least the notes gave me a chance to identify this interesting woman of the past for others to see. Super job!

HARRISON Frank Harrison photoMany thanks for a wonderful job. Without people like you in this world people like me would not have such wonderful photos Keep up the good work

HARRISONLucy HarrisonThank you so much for sending the photo of my Great Aunt Lucy's gravestone. I will definitely be using the site again.

HARRISONMany thanksA big thank you for your help it is very much appreciated.

HARRISON Honor and Walter HarrisonThank you so much for sending the image of my grandparents' grave. I stumbled across your website quite by accident, what a fantastic free resource.

HARRISONThank you Thankyou for the valuable work that you do, to help people like me, who does not have the transport to get to see relatives graves.

HARRISONMonument photoMany thanks for monument photo of Winifred Harrison ne Gittings Much appreciated Barbara Bellamy

HARRISONGreat Servicemany thanks for a speedy service - it has been helpful in my ancestry searches.

HARRODFamily ResearchThank you very much for this photograph. I have many photos from cemeteries and Churchyards around the Lowestoft area. Happy to help anyone.

HARRODThanksThank you very much for the excellent image

HARRYLorraine harryThanks for the photo of my cousins wife, sadly he died this year.

HARTHART/GOOCHthanks for the photo altho it didnt help its nice to know there are people out there to help.its along way from where i live so thank you again angie

HARTThank youThank you for the gravestone photo of Tacon Laverocke Hart. Much appreciated!

HARTCharles HART grave at St James, EnfieldThank you so much for the image of Charles HART's grave. Charles is the brother of George HART born c1820 and George is my ggg-grandfather. Thank you for such a wonderful resource. Best wishes Elaine Maul

HARTLocation help pleaseThank you for the recent requested image, however it turns out not to be the the relative I am searching for. I have been researching my family tree for over 22 years and I am looking for my G.Grandmother's grave. Her name was Elizabeth Hart nee Baker. Died at Kingsclere, Newbury, Berkshire on 22nd December 1954 aged 78. I have the birth and death certificate but desperatley want to find her final resting place. If anybody has any information or can suggest where to start looking I would really appreciate it. Many many thanks TH

HART Re Gravesite of Florrie HartWonderful Site here I have sent comments previously but they have gone off the page. Florry/Florrie HART b.1890 was the daughter of Richard/James HART and Margaret formerly HOOLEY in Cardiff Wales. Have not been able to find them after the 1891 Census for Wales. Hope to take photos of our 3 Local Cemeteries here in Ingham(old and new) and Halifax.North Queensland, Australia and send to the list. Great work everyone... this site is a real gem for anyone searching for their ancestors graves. Have a great Day, Kind regards, Mary C Mizzi formerly Hooley

HARTASHartas FamilyThe information/picture re Hannah Hartas has immensley helped with my search of the Hartas family.

HARTLESThank youThank you so much for this wonderful servive, which I have used on numerous occasions. Am sure I'll be back. Thanks to Charles for all your hard work and time Doreen

HARTLESSThanksThanks very much for such an excellent system of support. The photo gave me important dates for my possible great uncle Rodney Hartless. I will be volunteering in New Year for my local cemetry to be recorded as well for others.

HARTLEYGravestoneThank you so much I now know where to look

HARTLEYThanks againI was thrilled to be able to read all the inscription clearly on the photo of John and Susannah Hartley's gravestone.

HARTLEYGRAVE STONE PHOTOSI am amazed at how easy it was to obtain a photo of my English relative\\\\\\\'s grave stone. I appreciate the service and all Charles Sales has done to provide it.

HARTLEYHartley of 19 Faulkland St, LiverpoolAmazing. Thank you for providing a photo with information I could not have found any other way. Many, many thanks.

HARTLEYPhotoWhat an intersting web site. I was surprised a collection of memorials on line. Thank you for sending me my requested image

HARTLEYmany thanksThank you so much for your very helpful website, very much appreciated

HARTLEYHartley familyThankyou so much for this wonderful resource.

HARTLEYThanks CharlesI would just like to say how grateful I am for your providing these photos free of charge. With relatives from before the age of photography in my family tree, I am very interested in any information I can glean about them. It is surprising to me how good clear images of headstones help to flesh out the kind of people these ancestors were. Thank You! Also there were large families of Hartleys in the Wharfedale area of Otley, Guiseley, Adel etc. The headstone information also helps a lot to sort out who belonged to who.

HARTNELLHartnell headstoneA very highly recommended site. Thanks so much for the very prompt, upload of the photo I requested, as it turns out it's not the Hartnoll I'm researching although it may end up being connected. Thanks once again, Barb in NZ

HARTNOLLMany thankThank you once again for this excellent resource! The volunteer photographers and your work in indexing the data and making it available for free, make it an abolute delight for all of us family researchers unable to travel to the graveyards.

HARTNOLLHartnoll headstoneMany thanks for sending me the link to the photo of the headstone for John and Jane Hartnoll I will also go through the list of all HARTNOLLs your hold in your database to see if the are related. It is a wonder full service that you provide Kind regards

HARTNUPThankyouThe photo you sent proved Henry Hartnup Death date and has helped me to remove errors of research on my uncles tree. Mark Isaac

HARTWELLGratitudeHello Charles, I want to thank you for your great website, the other night I was researching my maternal Great Grandfather\'s brother, Capn Edward Hughes Brodrick Hartwell who died in Naples, Italy 14-1-1895

HARVEYThe gravestone of Sarah Amelia HarveyThank you for answering my request so promptly. I feel sure this is the grave stone of my great great grandmother. Once again thank you.

HARVEYBrilliantI have started to try to research my Maternal family. Thanks to this website I have located my great grandfather and great grandmother's grave alongside their son, my great uncle who sadly passed away age 18 in 1918 from the spanish influenza, just at the end of WW1. I cannot appreciate this enough because it is validating my family. Many many thanks.

HARVEYGreat serviceThank you for your quick response to my request. Your resource is a marvellous database of information and will help to make it possible for people from all over the world to find their 'missing links'. Really appreciated!

HARVEYMonumentThanks very much. I have only just discovered this website and I'm sure it will help with family research.

HARVEYThanks!Many, many thanks!

HARVEYBeatrice M HarveyThank you so much for such a speedy response whilst researching my husbands family tree. This is his Great Grandmother's grave and if anyone has anymore information on her or her family please do get in touch. I shall also recommend this site to other researchers. Thank You.

HARVEYThanks for the photoThank you for your valuable service, providing photos for those who cannot possibly travel to cemeteries around the world.

HARVEYHARVEY/HARKNETTI was able to find headstones for my great great great grandparents that supplied useful information regarding dates, spouses and children. Many thanks!

HARVEYThank youFast and effective supply of the requested image, and free of charge! Many thanks.

HARVEYI had forgotten that I had already vieweI had forgotten that I had already viewed this gravestone some time ago. Apologies for the duplication.

HARVEYThank youI am very grateful that you conceived this site and that you share your efforts. I have had considerable difficulty in locating ancestral memorials, not only in England but also at home in Australia. Your work is appreciated.

HARVEYMy mistake!Thank you for your prompt response to my request, what a great service. Also for putting me in touch with another interested part. Unfortunately the Harvey family was not the one I was looking for, but still very helpful in eliminating this line of enquiry. Thank you for your help and I will take some photos of my local village graveyard for your site.

HARVEYWilliam John, Ellen & Leonard HarveyThank you for the photo of the gravestone of William John Harvey, his wife Ellen and their son Leonard. This was able to help me confirm some of my research.

HARVEYExcellentThank you so much for the image 0 it will be very useful to my research

HARVEYThank you so much for this website. I'mThank you so much for this website. I'm researching my ancestors Isaac Harvey and Hannah Howlett who married in Earlham, Norfolk England in 1802. It's a long way from where I live in Tasmania, Australia so to be able to obtain copies of headstones is wonderful. Lyn

HARVEYBertha EAHarveyThe relationship between the two named people are that they were husband and wife.

HARVEYAngelina & Reuben HarveyThank you so very much for this photograph of Angelina Maria & Reuben Harvey who are my mothers grandparents. This made mum very happy when you sent us this informations and helps tremendously in our search for our ancestors. Once again , thank you, Many blessings, Love , Audrey Barbara Harvey, Juliann and Jackie

HARVIEHARVIE / HARVEYWhat a great site. Found the info on the stone very useful. will pass this link on to friends. Hopefully in spring I will be able to take some photos.Regards - Terri

HARWOODHARWOOD/APPLEBYThank you so much for the quick response. I am thrilled to get a photo of something that I may not get to see personally. Your resource is very much appreciated.

HARWOODThank YouI received the photograph of Richard Harwood's gravestone from you today. I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you very much for this service. Although I was unable to glean any information from it your efforts are very much appreciated.

HASKELLResourceWhat an mazing resource this website (and the associated photographs) is. Many thanks indeed.

HASKINSThank you for Haskins photoHave just found your web site. Thank you for all the work that must go into it on an ongoing basis as well as setting it up in the first place. If I can provide any info in the future I will certainly do so.

HASLEWOODEliminationThank you for the enlarged image, unfortunately for me it has proved not to be the person connected to the HASLEWOODS.

HASTELLThank you.Thank you for the time and trouble of keeping a photographic index of gravestones, helped me a great deal in my family research.

HASTINGSYOUR WEBSITEThank you so much for the image of the Gravestone of John Sutton Hastings and wives, i think your website is absolutely fantastic!! I am unable to help at the moment as i am only a novice researching my tree at this time but i would indeed like to help in the very near future, if i have anything you would be interested in. Many thanks again. Best Wishes. Jane.

HATCHHatchThank you so much for the service you provide, it is very much appreciated.

HATCHHATCH/BLYTHE PhotosAlways been promt n suppying photos when requested find most of the photos of graves I need from this site

HATCHERThank You!Thank you very much for taking the time to offer this service. What a wonderful resource for families that are oceans apart from the history they are researching!

HATCHERSuffolk HatchersMany thanks for the memorial images, they really help to build up the profile of family groups around Suffolk. An excellent resource, thanks for all your hard work.

HATCHERThanksMany thanks as always for your fantastic and prompt help with photo requests which is very much appreciated and means a great deal to researchers like me

HATFIELDExcellent serviceThank you so much for your prompt reply to my request for an image. The quality of the picture is wonderful. I am so very pleased with it.This is a wonderful service.Many thanks again.

HATHERHelp requestedJabez Hather was my great-grandfather. I have info regarding him and his family (originally from Lincolnshire). Please contact me if you wish.

HATTERSLEYHATTERSLEY/DOWNHAMThe Downham/Hattersley grave no. 45 at Fewston showing the wrong spelling for Hattersley .... more

HATTIGANThanksWhat an excellent website. Many thanks for allowing me to see an ancestors grave that I may never have seen otherwise.

HATTONThank you-HANNIS HATTONI would like to say thankyou for all of your dedicated work in putting this resource together.

HATTONJohn SterlingYour image of what I believe is my Grt Grt Grandfathers monument has a John Sterling on it which you state you have no idea of the relationship. I notice from the picture John Sterling's wife is Rebecca Sterling Thomas' mother was called Rebecca I believe and his father William died before 1839 as Thomas' marriage certificate says so. It is possible she remarried and may also be why Thomas moved to Stockton at some point though I am not absolutely certain. My Grt Grandfather John, his son, was born around 1845 in Wales but was in Stockton by 1861 I believe. Thank you for the image you may have opened up a new line of enquiry for me.

HAVELOCKThank youWhat a wonderful and quick service,your work is much needed and appreciated.

HAVEYThank you for PhotosThank you for the Harvey Photos,

HAWThank youThanks for providing a photo of the tombstone to Robert Haw!

HAWESThank youThe pictures you have sent have been very helpful and have pointed me in the right direction.The pictures are also really clear and professionally taken.

HAWESJust a thank you for your help and a GreJust a thank you for your help and a Great website

HAWESWonderful Site Most grateful for helping me find graves of my Family, Amazing Resource Thank You

HAWKEThanksThanks very much for having these photos available to all who need them

HAWKINSGrave StonesI was given this sight by a fellow researcher and thought I'd try it, and was amazed at the quick service, thank you very much. It's not very often we get something so good for free

HAWKINSThank you - HAWKINS/KINGThank you for the time and effort put in to take the photos of the graves and to set up the website, so those photos can be shared. Thank you your efforts are greatly appreciated.

HAWKINSThanks for this. A great resource. A quiThanks for this. A great resource. A quick response to my request, and very clear photographs received. This has helped me considerably.

HAWKINSThank youMany thanks for a very quick reply and the valuable information. I have now put another piece in my family puzzle.

HAWKINSBeverley Hugh HawkinsCan his cousin Valerie Auld in Australia contact meI am still in Worthing

HAWKSFORDThank youThank you for the wonderful images

HAWLEYHAWLEY/CHAPMANIf any of your researchers require any information from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, I would be happy to oblige. Regards, Lyn

HAWLEYphotoThe website is easy to use,great communication and fast delivery of picture.Would highly recommmend this site .

HAWLEYThank you!You are providing a fantastic service. Thank you very much.

HAWSONGenealogy SearchGreat site with huge volume of information. I sent an earlier email for copy of headstone of William Dennis Hawson b 1809 d 1876 who is my grandmother, Margaret Hawson's, grandfather. Not sure if this email was received.

HAXBYThank you.I am moved to see the gravestone of a great great grand parent. This is an interesting and unusual resource.The time and patience taken to provide this is much appreciated.

HAYThank YouThank you for the photo of Thomas Hay's gravestone (GPR image name: 1947). I very much appreciate this service as I live in Australia and it is impossible for me to visit personally. Thank you for your time an effort!

HAYSearching for next of kin of F/sgt. Hugh Hay RCAF pilot 418Sq based, Ford England.Dear Sir/Mrs, I am searching for relatives of F/sgt Hugh Hay, KIA 26-07-1943 in Holland. I saw a picture if a memorial in Scotland and i wonder if anybody can help me finding his family. For years i lay flowers at the Commonwealth War Graves in Holland, near Amsterdam on the graves of F/sgt. Hay and F/O. Seymour. They crashed in a Mosquito of RCAF 418 squardon, after they took off from Base Ford in England for an intruder mission over Holland. On april 29th 2016 i will visit the grave of F/sgt Hugh Hay and his navigator F/O. John Seymour with the next of kin of F/O. John Seymour. Please could you assist me finding relatives of Hugh Hay and send me a picture of the memorial in Cartosh? With kind regards, Eduard IJsbrandij

HAYThomas HAYThanks for the great site and the prompt service in our research of Thomas HAY. Your commitment to raising and maintaining this site for nothing more than a pat on the back now and again is truly awe inspiring. Keep up the fantastic work and know that your efforts are very much appreciated. Terry HAY

HAYHAY FAMILY OF KIRKLEVINGTONCharles, This is a terrific resource. I'm looking forward to using it more in the future and will certainly send you photos of other headstones I have recorded in my family trees. My main interest is the Campion family of Devon and in particular Florence Selena CAMPION b. 1889 in Highweek, Newton Abbot, Devon. She disappeared from view in 1914 and we'd love to find her. Thanks, Alan.

HAYDENGreatly appreciatedI would just like to say thankyou for such a wonderful resource and for the very rapid response I received.

HAYDENGreat grandparentsMany thanks for the image of Elizabeth and Raymond Hayden's grave stone

HAYDENFantastic imageI was delighted to be able to close my research on Alice Ellen Hayden who died so far from home. 1856-1934. Thank you Charles for providing this service, and so quickly.

HAYESRequest KENSAL GREEN (ST. MARY'S) ROMAN CATHOLIC CEMETERY (James Hayes War Grave Ref. 11702)Please if anyone lives near this cemetery could they please photograph the grave of; Soldier James Hayes 36519 War Grave Ref. 11702 KENSAL GREEN (ST. MARY'S) ROMAN CATHOLIC CEMETERY

HAYHOWthanksAs ever, prompt reply - many thanks

HAYLOCK. Thank you for tombstone photo of my 4th grandfather.

HAYNESThanksThank you for the very quick response to my request! This is such a neat site and its amazing to be able to get pictures that I wouldn't otherwise have access to.

HAYNESElisa Louisa HAYNESAs buried in 1869 in Primitive Methodist Cemetery, Beverley, South Australia - this is daughter of Charles & Agnes Mary Ann HAYNES otherwise mentioned in the section relating to Mary Ann GREY nee BROWNING

HAYWARDEasy to useThank you for prompt information, and for such a useful website.

HAYWARDThanksWhat a gift you are providing families and historians! I can not thank you enough! Until now, I thought that I would have to cross an ocean before getting a glimpse of my Great GrandMother's gravestone. Thanks again, Susan Cansdale

HAYWARDThankyou for a Great ServiceThank you, I received the images in seconds after pressing 'Request the image button' Great site!

HAYWARDThanksMany thanks for the photograph. This has added another piece to the family puzzle.

HAYWOODHAYWOOD OR HEYWOODthank you for the image of the gravestone i requested only yesterday. i hope it is my relation as am still reviewing my family tree.i am disabled and cant trudge round the cemeteries so i am sure i will come back to this wonderful helpful and free service again..Thank you so much.

HAYWOODThank youThank you for your very prompt service. Heard about this website from a friend and it is indeed useful in researching family history.

HAZELLThanksThank you so much for the photos. Your hard work and generosity in sharing these photos is much appreciated.

HAZELTINEBrilliant. An excellent service and a great help in researching family history. Thank you.

HAZELTINEHazeltine MarkerThank you once again for this fantastic service.

HEADPhotos for Sutton at Hone Churchyard, Sutton at Hone, KentI am writing to ask if someone would be kind enough to take photos for the following people in Sutton at Hone Churchyard, Sutton at Hone, Kent: Richard Head b 1798 d 24 Jul 1859, Mary Head(nee Harbour (or Harber?)) b 1806 d 13 Jan 1886, James Harbour b 1785 d 3 Apr 1859, and Ann Harbour(nee Nye) b 1778 d 30 Jun 1855. Thank you very much for your time, Don

HEADLAMGreat websiteI found this website by chance which gave me some additional details on my family research. Thanks to all the volunteers that make this a great research website.

HEARDLizzie HeardThe reqest concerned my great grandmother. Response was immediate and courteous.

HEARDLizzie HeardThe reqest concerned my great grandmother. Response was immediate and courteous.

HEARSUMJane & George HearsumFantastic to see my ancestors gravestone without having to travel! It brings the family tree to life, a great idea and service.

HEARYThank youWonderful website easy to use, thank you photographers for taking photos.

HEASMANGreat resource - thank you!much appreciated

HEATHThank youMany thanks for the photo and info on my Heath ancestors

HEATHAn extremely useful resourceA huge thank you to Charles Sale for providing this fantastic service. My request for an image of the headstone of Mary Tryphena Heath was dealt with by return and has been so useful in researching this part of my family tree.

HEATHImage RequestWhat a fantastic service, I received an image of the gravestone of Robert Walton Heath within only a few minutes. Thank you so much, keep up the good work.

HEATH William Heath 1816-1841William Heath was born June 1816 at Dartmouth, Devon England to William and Mary ( Lambswood) HEATH. William died in Newfoundland Canada on Sept 11 1841 and was sent home for burial at St Saviours Church Cemetery in Dartmouth. He is buried in the same grave as his sister Grace Fox Heath, another sister Jane Heath and his mother Mary Heath all names showing on the common headstone. Jane is showing as J.H. Their father William is not buried in this cemetery plot he died in 1864 Torquay and is buried there While William, the son, (1816-1841) lived in Newfoundland he had a brief 2 year marriage before he died. I have found NO children born as a result of this union. See record of marriage below. NL GenWeb Newspaper Records Conception Bay North Region Carbonear Sentinel and Conception Bay Advertiser Newspaper Announcements Oct 15 1839 Married at St.Johns on the 2nd by the Rev Charles Blackman, Mr. William HEATH of Brigus, to Amelia Ann, eldest dau of Mr. George BURSELL of Port de Grave.

HEATHJAMES HENRY HEATHMany thanks for your quick response, my husband is very happy to have a bit of family history. Both our families are quite widespread, but if I find anything interesting I will forward to your good self. The Redcliffe Cemetery is very interesting, as on both sides of our family attended Redcliffe School, including myself

HEAYSMANMany thanks for providing copy of grave Many thanks for providing copy of grave stone. It is very much appreciated.

HEBBWilliam and Rachel HEBBDear Charles, Thank you for the photo and your prompt replay to my request it is much appreciated. If I get any photos I will upload them to your incredible collection of headstone photos. Thanks it made my day. Regards Krissy

HEBDENFantasticThanks so much for the photos. I am unable to get over to England to see these headstones for myself. This site provides an invaluable service for people like me. Thanks again. :o)

HEBDENThank youThank you Charles for your very quick reply and the excellent information on my relations gravestone.

HECKELSDear Charles, Thank you so much for youDear Charles, Thank you so much for your help, it's greatly appreciated. Kind regards, Susan

HEDGESThank-you so much for sending me the phoThank-you so much for sending me the photograph! I was very impressed at how quickly it came, and am forever grateful for the service you provide. I am still unsure if in fact this is my relaive, but there is a strong possibility it is. Thanks again!

HEDLEYThanksThank you so much for your speedy response to my request for a photo of Thomas Hedley grave. It is really exceptional service.

HEDLEYDeath dateThe picture of Nora Hedley's memorial on this website is unclear for me to see the words on the gravestone. I believe this memorial to be of a Nora Walker who was the first wife of John Hobson Hedley who was my grandmother's step father, but I have got the information that she died in 1934 not 73 and born in 1898. .... more

HEELASThank you for your quick response to my Thank you for your quick response to my request.It was very interesting to be able to view the gravestone of my great grandfather Edward Heelas. I appreciate the good work that you are doing.

HEGANIsabel Grace Hegan FellowesMany thanks for what is a fantastic service. I really appreciate all the time and effort involved in running this site. an excellent photo of the grave and very quickly sent. thanks again!!

HELEYBrilliantMany thanks for your quick and efficient service. It's very much appreciated.

HEMMINGBrilliantThis is the 3rd time I have used your service & it has been brilliant each time - basically an instant response. It is so helpful to find graves of family relatives and not to have to go round lots of graveyards searching.

HEMMINGSThank YouThank you for such a prompt reply. The photograph of my Great Grandmothers gravestone showed she had been buried with a child we knew nothing about. So very useful!

HEMSHALLEllen HemshallThank you so much for the image. The info on the gravestone has been very helpful in my research of the Hemshall family who lived in the House in the Rock in Knaresborough.

HEMSLEYThe grave of Sidney HemsleyThe dates match my 1/2 uncle who went missing from Queensland Australia. He was born in Kent England in either 1901 or 1905. His parents were Kathleen Marshall (who died when he was a baby)His father was Sidney Hemsley (Born 1878 Brighton England) My grandfathers 2nd wife was Lillian Patton whom he imagrated to Queensland Australia with. My great Grandfather also by the name of Sidney Hemsley came out with them. If any other information comes to light regarding this grave I would really like to hear from them it will solve a very old family mystery

HEMSLEYDonation I am very happy to send a donation on receipt

HEMYLaurence C Hemy D.S.C.First class service and response. I have been looking for details regarding this person for some years without success and now you have giver confirmation of his death and grave which even his relation do not seem to be aware of. Many thanks. Regards Dave Hannam

HENBREYHenbrey ReseachI should like to thank Charles for the quick response to my request for a high quality photo of the MI for my ancestor's Thomas and Lousia Henbrey. The site is a great resource and I am considering assisting with recording my local graveyard at Fulford, York, UK.

HENDERSONVery impressed with the quick service onVery impressed with the quick service on receiving the photo, would recommend this site to others to help find other family members as I have found other relatives and to see some of the beautiful headstones etc, very happy with the service of the site, thanks for your help

HENDERSONFrancis HendersonThank you very much for the copy of William Hendersons gravestone. Unfortunately, on further research I found it was not the person I was looking for but I appreciate the service. I may be able to add a grave photo from my side of the family (Taylor). I will look into it. Regards Lesley Henderson.

HENDERSONHenderson GravestoneMany thanks for the site. Very easy to follow. Unfortunately the grave was not the correct Henderson family I am researching. NG .... more

HENDERSONThank you for being so prompt. I apprecThank you for being so prompt. I appreciate your work

HENDERSONThanksTHanks for sending me the photo's for Mary Ann Henderson, really appreciate it.

HENDLEY-CROSSMany thanksThank you very much for taking a picture from Norman Henry Cross. His son lost his life here over Belgium when his bomber was shot down on 16/17 September 1942. For the moment I´m looking for family members of Claud Christophe HENDLEY-CROSS Pilot Offr 117418 Observer RAF Volunteer Age: 20 Son of Norman Henry and Minnie Cross of Whitley Bay, Northumberland First burried: St.-Trond Now burried: Heverlee 7 K 4 Kind Regards, Rudy

HENDRYThanksI came across your website purley by accident but it has saved me travelling hundreds of miles as I can get photos of the gravestones without leaving my living room. I have also found the last resting place of some relatives who I had not been able to find.

HENDRYNorfolk HendreysMany thanks for the good photos, received quickly - managed to add to your transcriptions! It's not always easy to get to be able to obtain gravestone photos, so this service is invaluable.

HENHAMThe Henham Family of Kent/EssexThank you once again for the quick and efficient service that you give

HENHAMJohn Henham 1679-1743Thank you once again Charles for your quick and efficient service, it is greatly appreciated not only by me but I'm sure by all genealogists everywhere. Kind Regards Monica Worton NSW Australia

HENHAMThank you CharlesMany thanks Charles for sending through the requested image for John Henham's gravestone. It is great to know there are people like you who are prepared to devote their time to help amateur genealogists such as myself to complete their family histories. Thanks again Monica Worton

HENSHAWThank YouMany thanks for the photograph I requested. It is greatly appreciated.

HENSLEYThanksThank you

HENSONHenson photoThank you so much for the photo, it so kind of you to do this voluntarily and it is very much appreciated.

HENTONHenton, Hoby, LeicestershireGee Wood provided wonderful photos of several grave stones at Hoby parish, Leicestershire. I know there are other HENTON markers there which are photographed on Flickr, but they are not as complete and legible as those by Gee Wood. Could they be re-photographed and added to this collection from Hoby parish.

HENZELLThank you so much for your prompt reply Thank you so much for your prompt reply with my request for Adam Hutton Henzell, for my family history.

HEPPELLThank you so much for the image. Very hThank you so much for the image. Very helpful in my family history rearcy.

HEPPELLMany thanks for your image of Tristram HMany thanks for your image of Tristram Heppell's heastone. Very useful for family history research.

HERD Great resource I have searched for many years for the information I received, unaware of the work of kind go,integers such as yourself. Thank you so much. Wonderful to know my Aunt and Uncle are resting together.

HERRMANNHeadstone photo for Anne Priscilla HerrmannThank you very much for the headstone photo. The quality is outstanding, and the information derived from it has helped fill a gap in my research. You are providing a very valuable service for which I am very grateful.

HERRODGreat Help!My request for further information (picture) was answered super fast and efficiently. I appreciate the help I got from GPR while researching my ancestors in England (I am in the USA). Thank you! Researching: Francis and Elizabeth Herrod

HERVEYThank you!Thank you!

HESELGRAVEThanks for this valuable resourceWith the immigration of some of the family to Canada in the late 1800's, tracking even with the various internet resources has proven challenging. Your database is a valuable contribution to the community of those interested in their ancestral links. A very big THANK YOU.

HESLEWOODHESLEWOOD/HESSLEWOODThanks for such a prompt delivery of my family grave stone. Without this resource It would have taken forever to find other family member's deaths but this image also gave information for them too. I would never have had this image as due to work commitments, don't have the time or information, to travel around britain searching various cemetetaries. Thank you all so much.

HESLINGTONMany thanksI appreciated your kindly sending me the image for the William Walker Heslington grave at Linthorpe Cemetery, Middlesbrough. He is on my family tree that I have researched and I would never otherwise have been able to get this image myself.

HESLOPKris - VolunteeringYou ask for volunters to repay the efforts expended to provide this service. Being in the US, I would be willing to index, beyond that, not certain what I could do/

HESLOPPearson familyThank you very much for sending me the Grave Stone photo for Sarah Amy & Harry Pearson. It is a fantastic service you offer.

HESLOPThank YouThank you for providing a great service which helps to trace the whereabouts of my family ancestors.

HESLOPThank YouThank you for providing this service which helps to trace the whereabouts of family ancestors.

HESPThank YouThank you very much for sending the photo of William Hesp's Gravestone so quickly. I am not sure if it will help my research but I am still most grateful.

HESSELL Enhanced phooThank you for your prompt response. It’s lovely to see the last resting place of my husband’s great great grandmother, Maria Connell (Hessell).

HESTERIncorrect date of birthFirst of all, many thanks for the terrific service in making these photographs and details available. I was delighted to find the details of a relative and his wife, but realised that the date of birth calculated in the details you list is incorrect. This concerns record no. 54312 - image name 226 for Elizabeth and David Hester. David Hester's dates are correct (1825 - 1886), as is Elizabeth death/burial date (12 March 1901). However, Elizabeth Hester (nee Parsons) was born in 1842 (not in 1812). If you look VERY carefully at the gravestone, you can just make out her age at death (59) and 1901 - 59 = 1842. Final proof: she had a daughter (Sarah) born in 1878, so Elizabeth was very unlikely to have had a child at the age of 66!

HESTERDate correctionCould I ask you to make a correction to the estimated dates (given in red) that accompany the image of the gravestone of one of my ancestors? This concerns Elizabeth Hester: grave number 54312, image no. 226. Her estimated date of birth (in red) is given as 1812, but should in fact be 1842. I'm sure the reason for this is interpreting her age at death on the gravestone as 89, whereas it actually reads 59. I am quite sure about this, especially as a date of birth of 1812 would have meant that her youngest child would have been born when she was 66 years old (rather than 36)!!

HETHERINGTONEDWARD B HETHERINGTONSincere thanks for this wonderful website. It is amazing that I have seen my brother\'s Headstone after searching records for months.

HETHERINGTONThanks again for your help. I really appThanks again for your help. I really appreciate it. It saves me a long trip.

HETHERINGTONI have used your service several times aI have used your service several times and I thank you for your quick and helpful response. I do appreciate it. Joy Hetherington

HEWARDMany thanks for all of your hard work inMany thanks for all of your hard work in producing this web site. It is a gold mine of information for anybody interested in Family Ancestry. The finding of a headstone is a closure to a life that you have been researching

HEWETSONGreat Website- HEWETSON GRETThank you for all your wonderful hard work it is very much appreciated. It's amazing to be able to see your 6th Great Grandfather headstones Thanks again

HEWINSgrave imagethanks for image

HEWISONThank youAs a housebound user I am forever grateful to geneaology volunteers, where ever they may be, who give up their precious time and resources to enable others to benefit in some way from their investigations and discoveries - something which I am prevented from doing myself due to my condition. Once again thanks to the work of those at another little piece of the puzzle has now been filled and I could not be happier. Dry old records only say so much but often it's the more tangible relics of a life once lived that make our ancestors appear more real to us.

HEWITTHEWITT / MOYThank-you for these grave photos. I am researching my British ancestors from Australia and I really appreciate this website as I am unable to visit the cemeteries myself.

HEWITTSamuel and Mary HewittSamuel and Mary both died on 1st Feb 1845 and were buried together on 5th Feb 1845. I know they died in Penymynydd in Flintshire but do not know where they are buried. Any further information would be helpful.

HEWITTGravestone Photographic Resource serviceThis is an excellent service, without which I probably would not know where or when most of my releatives died or were buried. Keep up the good work.

HEWITTThank you!This is a wonderful website. Easy to find your way around. Very helpful if researching family history & all for free! Wow! Will certainly tell my friends all about it. Very thankful for everyone who help gathering all the photos , all their hard work is very much appreciated. Many thanks once again.

HEWITTMany thanksMany thanks for finding the gravestone of the parents of one of the WW1 soldiers I was researching. Just need to find the soldier's gravestone next. Just in case anyone can help, his name is Gunner James Louis Hewitt. He was in the Royal Field Artillery Reg no. 94366. He fought and was wounded in France. Fortunately he survived. He was born in Kirkbymoorside on 4 October 1895 - son of James Simpson Hewitt and Francis Hewitt (nee Smith). HE DIED IN SCARBOROUGH IN 1981. THANKS FOR LOOKING

HEWSONHeadstone photographWithin hours of requesting the photograph of a headstone, a link to a photograph was sent. Good quality image which helped my family history search. A big thank you to everyone involved.

HEYPhotograph William & Eliza Hey's Resting PlaceWhat a wonderful resource this repository is. It has helped me to research my Aunt's family lineage further than first anticipated. Armed with two names this repository has been able to give my Aunt her Great Grandparents' information. My Aunt is 84 years young.

HEYThanksThanks for the photo's. I have only just found your site and already have requested and received some photo's that have added to my knowledge of some of my ancestors. Kudos to your and your volunteers :)

HEYWARDThank youCharles, the service you provide with this online resource is an essential one. I will be recommending this to all engaging in ancestral searches online. Thanks for you prompt response for my specific image requests. Please keep up this wonderful work.

HEYWOODThanks for photo.Thank you for the photo of the grave of my GGG Grandfather. The image quality was excellent.

HEYWOODThank youIt was great to be able to locate the gravestone of this Ancestor and see a photo. Thank you very much

HICCOXHICCOX/HICKOKThank you for having created this wonderful resource. I have not found it easy to do genealogy on my English ancestors from here in the States, so this site was a marvel. The internet is a powerful tool--seems like it was MADE for genealogy. Best wishes to you! Carolyn McPherson

HICKEYSarah HickeyThank you very much for forwarding on the photograph of Sarah's memorial. Sarah was the wife of Joseph Hickey,(the mother and father of William Hickey, the Memoirist.

HICKEYTHANKS I would like to sincerely thank you & the other photographers, researchers etc. who give so much of your own time & resources to help others connect with their family past & present so that the history of their ancestors is not forgotten. It is very much appreciated.

HICKINGRemembering our HistoryThanks to everyone who makes this resource possible!

HICKMANThomas and Caroline Vickary HickmanThank you so much for the prompt reply. The information on the gravestone has been so useful. Thank you again. DJ Hickman

HICKMANCharles Hickman GravestoneMany thanks for the photo. It has provided confirmation for three entries in my tree. Congrats on providing the service.

HICKSThank youJust found this excellent website which has filled an important piece of my family history jig-saw, and such a quick reply to my request for a copy photo of a gravestone.Thank you so much.

HICKSThank you once again for collating this Thank you once again for collating this valuable resource.

HIDEThanksThanks for a speedy and very useful service.

HIGDONThanksThank you for a very prompt service (less than 12 hours!). The grave was that of my great grandfather, Charles John Higdon.

HIGDONthanksI requested an image of a grave and it was sent to me in less than 24 hours. I'm a researcher in a Swedish University and am grateful for this endeavour. Thanks for helping me.

HIGGINThanks for help Many thanks for providing such a helpful service free of charge. Thanks to all the team of volunteer photographers too . Bless you, Geraldine Richards xx

HIGGINBOTTOMWonderful siteI would never imagined that I would be able to get a photo of a headstone from the other end of the country. It was just what I needed to clarify the details. Recording and photographing M.I. is a lonely and time consuming task so well done to all those volunteers who have spent many an hour on bended knees. Keep up the great work as headstones are disapering at a fast rate. Thank you once again

HIGGINS Grandparents Thank you for your very interesting website

HIGHCAZONYParents ofArlene, Andrea, Leith, Ivan & Lesley

HILDREDGrave marker of Elizabeth Pocklington Hildred (b. 1815, d. 1848) in All Saints Church Cemetery in HoI am working on my family history over here in Wisconsin, USA. My family is from Lincolnshire and we still have someone living on the family farm purchased in 1856 by Sam Hildred of Lincolnshire. Samuel Hildred was born November 11, 1811 in his mothers village of Belleau and Aby, Lincolnshire, England and passed away on August 12, 1897 in Saxeville, Wisconsin. Sam lived 29 years after the passing of daughter Christiana Hildred Roemer and his second wife Ellen Hildred in 1868, and 17 years after his third wife Judith passed in1880. During that time, he worked hand-in-hand with grandchildren Arthur and Frances Roemer, sold the farm to grandson Arthur in 1890 and helped raise his great-grandchildren Pearl and Anthony Roemer. On May 14, 1841 at St. Adelwold's in Alvingham Sam married Elizabeth Pocklington from Aby. Sam and Elizabeth later moved 30 miles south to Kirton-in-Holland, where their daughter Christiana was born. Elizabeth died in May 1848 and is buried in at All Saints Church in Holland Fen. Later in 1850, Sam married his second wife Eleanor and together they all emigrated from England to the United States with daughter Christiana. Christiana married Carl Roemer from the farm directly southwest of the Hildred homestead in Saxeville. Their children were Arthur (b. 1861), Frances (b. 1863) and Samuel (b. 1866). Christiana passed away on February 3, 1868 at age 25 and Eleanor on December 5, 1868 after taking care of her step-daughter. Eleanor and Christiana are buried side by side in Saxeville, Wisconsin. I would like to complete the family and find the grave marker of Elizabeth in Holland Fen.

HILLGrateful ThanksThank you so much for your prompt response to my request to view two gravestones. I'm doing some research for a young man who doesn't have a lot of info on his ancestors and this burial was a great find. Thanks again, your help is much appreciated

HILLElizabeth Hill (1833-1888), daughter of Alexander Hill (1785-1867). Dean Cemetery, Edinburgh.Thank you for the image of Elizabeth Hill (1833-1888), daughter of Alexander Hill (1785-1867). Great to see the inscription is still legible

HILLWhat a wonderful resourceThank you for this website and all the research...what a wonderful resource this is something tangable that helps people from all around the world find their ancestors...My ancestors are in England and its impossible for me to travel and find this information.. Thank you Christine Australia

HILLAnyone near isle of Axholme - HILL/KELSEYI am aware that All Saints church, Belton is listed but know for a fact that a chunk is missing.(camera techinical problems at the time I beleive) Please, if a volunteer is within spitting distance I would love the section behind the church to be photographed.

HILLDAVID HILL & ELIZA HILLThank you, Charles for your help in finding and taking a photo of my family member's grave site of my great great grandfather and Grandmother. You were so quick and it was so easy to request. I would recommend this service to anyone who lives miles away. should know about this. Thank you, so much.

HILLHILL/JOHNSON/TROTTERA fantastic resource for those who for whatever reason can't physically get to the cemetery where their ancestors are buried. Another example of how the internet coupled with volunteer efforts make family history so much more accessible. Great concept! Thanks again.

HILLThank youThank you for Charles for providing an excellent web site. The work of yourself and your volunteers is much appreciated. I found the site easy to use and I am not that brilliant with technology. I shall certainly be using the site again as my family are all over the UK

HILLCharles HILL son of Joseph HILL of Donabate IrelandI was looking for examples for a talk to my Family History Group on how to use your site, never imagining I would find something I didn't have. Thank you for this photo of Charles. Next time I am in Knaresborough from NZ I will visit him.

HILLMany ThanksMany thanks to Charles and all the contributors to this very valuable site. I have been very happy to be able to confirm family research information on the Hills and Whartons of Whitby and area through one gravemarker and hope that other information may be found with further searches on the site. Best Wishes to all with your many projects and historical works. K

HILLHILL FROM OXFORDSHIRE Thank you so much for putting me in touch with what I was looking for. It is very difficult accessing information from another country like Australia.

HILLwhat a lovely surpriseThankyou for all your great work taking all these photos and setting up such an efficient website

HILLHelemill, Ilfracombe. History researchI am researching into past millers at Hele Cornmill, Ilfracombe and this site has proved very useful. Thx

HILLHill family historyIt was good to find the grave of my father's aunt Mary Eleanor Mary Hill who died young. I will now return to Aylsham cemetery to have another look. Many thanks for your help!

HILLVery helpfulThank you for sending the info I needed to help with my research.

HILLThank YouThanks you for the image of William CLARKE's headstone, Rylstone Cemetery. I am direct descendant of John HILL 1830 - 1913 Thank you David

HILLTHANK YOU VERY MUCHWhat a lovely photograph of the gravestone of my Aunt and Uncle - very many thanks. I am so impressed at the speedy reply and the ease of finding the photograph - I thought it would be beyond my capabilities.

HILLThanksThank you for this service. For overseas residents this is a valuable service.

HILLENThank you so muchThank you Charles for confirming for me the location of William Hillen's grave. All I have is a photo of the said grave, taken by my father, that was found in with some paperwork after his death, but unfortunately, he hadn't put any details to as the location. I wouldn't have even known where to start looking!Many thanks.

HILLIEROne of the best ever resources for familOne of the best ever resources for family research

HILLSHills, Eddy familiesA wonderful service - very prompt and efficient. From Australia - thankyou so much.

HILLSAmazing Site!Thank you so much for these photographs!! I haven't been able to find them elsewhere. (Archibald Hills 1832-1896)

HILLSDONI was so please to find this Web site thI was so please to find this Web site that Garsington was included thank you.

HILLSDONMemorial with the name of Henry HillsdonThank you for sending me the photo of the memorial with my great x 2 grandfather. I have passed this Memorial many time not knowing Henry Hillsdon Name was on it.

HINDJoseph Hind FamilyMany Thanks for the photo of the gravestone of Joseph Hind - all I have to do now is link it back to my family in the UK.

HINDThank youThank you for the excellent quality photo of George Heslegrave Hind. Unfortunately in this case I have not been able to find his birth to find out how he would fit into my family tree f Hesslegraves, and many other variations of spelling of the name

HINDESThanksGreat site, thanks for the image and offers of help.

HINDLEYReceipt of linksThank you very much for sending the links for the Headstones I requested yesterday. I have been given hints for your photos on O find the info given on your website absolutely fascinating. It must have taken a lot of time and effort. I am sure I will be searching the site again.

HINDMARCHThank you for sending my request back soThank you for sending my request back so promptly even over the Christmas holidays. I so appreciate what you do Regards kathryn

HINDRYGreat ServiceI was made aware of this website by a researcher who was validating some research I was undertaking as part of my One Name Study in HINDRY. I was amazed at the speed of the service. Many thanks...

HINDSGreat serviceI was so pleased to receive the image of my grandmother's grave. As instructed, I kept an eye on my junk folder, which is where it was placed. I was very surprised to receive the image so quickly considering I requested this during the Christmas and New Year period. A fantastic resource for people living a long distance from their relatives ' graves. I'm now intending to contribute pictures from my local churchyard by way of thanks.

HINEWrong photoThe image of the gravestone you sent me is NOT of William Hine and his wife Emily but of a Frank Greenway and his wife Annie. Disappointing. .... more

HINEThanks!Thanks so much - great site. Very helpful. Keep up the good work.

HINGSTONThank you very much for the detailed heaThank you very much for the detailed headstone pictures I've just received. It really helps with the family tree, and fills in those nagging holes. Kind regards Mike White.

HINKSMANThank youTHANK YOU As I have wondered about this person (my husbands great uncle) and where he was buried. You have solved a family dilemma Thanks again Heather

HINSCLIFFBasil, Eliza, Emma, Matthew and Percy Hinscliff of WetherbyIt is very satisfying to be able to have a photo of a family grave after such a long time. We visited Wetherby in 1989 but were unable to obtain any details of graves etc. My father immigrated to Perth, Western Australia in 1929 and never returned to see his father Matthew or mother Emma again.

HINTONThank youThank you

HIPPISLEYThank youThank you. I have just discovered this site and will explore it further. I love this photo and it will help with my research Thank you for you work assisting family historians Rosemary Meadows Brisbane Australia

HIRDThe website.What a tremendous website. Going to look at my photos and see if there are any suitable for uploading. Many thanks Charles.

HIRDHelpful InformationThank you very much for the photograph you have sent me it is very helpful in researching my family tree

HIRDphotograph of hird tombstoneMany thanks for supplying this interesting photo of an old family grave.

HIRSTHIRST/BEAVERSDear Charles, what a fantastic idea having a site of photographed gravestones and data, your photo of a gravestone of a family I am researching has been so helpful kr keep up the good work Linda

HIRSTArthur and Winifred Mary HirstThank you so much for sending the photograph of this grave stone and for all the marvellous work you are doing a tremendous help to so many

HIRSTThanksThank you for the wonderful service you do for many families. I was most grateful for receiving the information as I am interstate (WA).

HIRSTThank youThank you, After searching other sites for some time i came across this site and quickly found a stone for my x2GGF/x2GGM , the image was sent to me very quickly. Thank you

HISCOCKHISCOCK,HISCOX,HISCOCKESI have been researching my family who came from Wiltshire, Henrie B 1510 allcannings to William B 1828 who migrated to Australia in 1848 and as I will not get to see the graves at the church of Allcannings I was interested to see a grave stone .Regards Allan

HISCOCKSThank YouThank you for the speedy response to my request for grave photos. Brilliant site.

HISCOKEHiscokeMany thanks for the photos of Elizabeth Hiscoke.

HISTEDUseful and prompt serviceThank you very much, it's a huge help in tracing relatives of family spoken of fondly and proudly but never met.

HITCHCOCKWith thanks and appreciationIt was amazing to be able to find the information on line and to receive the photo was something else, my wife and I can now locate the grave in person. Thankyou so much for your efforts.

HITCHCOCK wonderfully quick response!I have been researching my ancestry for many years so I have no idea how I've only just discovered this fantastic website! I put in my request for a gravestone photo and it came through within a couple of hours. Thank you very much indeed Mr Charles Sale of Gravestone Photographic Resource, hugely appreciated. Your website is an invaluable source for family research and I will most definitely be using it again.

HITCHENSthank youThanks for the prompt reply and full photo. These are my great grandparents and despite having lived in the town for the first 30 years of my life I was not aware that they had a grave. Not sure if my father ever knew but will sound him out (he is 93 though). This is a great website but sadly not able to trace any other relatives that I can definitely link on either my father's or mother's side. I will bear in mind your request for assistance and try to help photographing a local village cemetery hat is not yet listed. All the best

HITCHENSAppreciationMany thanks for the further photos. Having only recently discoverd the family had moved to another area I doubt that I would have found their graves without this website.

HITCHINSSarah Jane Hitchens & Morris Hitchins headstone Thank you for the link to my great great grandparents headstone. Finding something liker this brings a family tree to life. I will have a look around your site and see if there is anything I can do in the cemetery where I live to pay it forward.

HITCHMANfamily gravesthank you so much for a wonderful free site this is the second time that i have used you and you do what you say reply within 24 hours.

HOARESuperb!Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Super service! Superb photo! Superb web site. Congratulations - keep up the excellent work.

HOAREAppreciationMany thanks

HOAREGravestone of Hoares, Upton on Severn, WorcestershireThank you so much for access to this photo. It is easy to read and can now confirm family bible dates! I very much appreciate your speedy response.

HOAREI have searched through the list of gravI have searched through the list of graves for the Wootton Bassett cemetery, found my aunt and uncle Min & Norm Price but cannot find my grandmother Dora Muriel Hoare, died 31st Oct 1967, I know she is buried in the older part of the cemetery along with her 2nd husband, has this part of the cemetery not been listed or is there another reason why her grave is not listed? Also Norman Prices father and their son Nicholas Price are not listed, I know all graves are in the same vicinity so just wondered if any reason why they are not listed? .... more

HOATHMany thanks - excellent service!Thank you for your fast reply to my request for the image of James HOATH's gravestone.

HOATHRe: Finding grave.Just wondering if you could help with the following query? I am trying to find out where my aunt and her husband are buried. My aunt's name was Mary Hoath (her maiden name was Mary Hegarty). Her husband's name was Henry Hoath - and he was also known as Harry. They lived at 69, Mortimer Crescent, Worcester Park, Surrey, England. Mary died in 1964, Henry died in 1968. I presume they are buried somewhere in Surrey. Henry was originally from Croydon - don't know if they might have been buried there? I really appreciate any help or advice you can give as to how I would go about finding their grave. Many thanks, Jane

HOBBSFantastic resourceThank you for providing such a great resource. It is unlikely, in the near term, that I will be able to visit (in person) all of the Churchyards and cemetery’s where my Ancestors are buried. It is so great to be able to see their final resting places and headstones due to the generosity of others. I shall certainly be looking to see if I can return the favour by photographing monuments in my area.

HOBBSAfter searching on and off for years I'vAfter searching on and off for years I've finally located the gravestone of a particular ancestor. Even better the whole family are buried and commemorated on same gravestone. A really useful site.

HOBBSExcellent SiteSo thrilled to be able to see the headstone of my ancestor Sarah Ann Hobbs. What a well researched and well informed website. Thank you

HOBBSHobbs of Culbone and PorlockThank you for the photograph. Inscription reads ; 'In affectionate Remembrance of Ann The Beloved Daughter of John and Jane Hobbs Of this Parish who departed this life Dec 31st 1850 aged 11 years Also of Jane The Beloved Wife of John Hobbs who departed this life Feb 29th 1872 aged 66 years We believe that Jesus died and rose again even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him'

HOBBSImageThanks ever so much for the image. Very useful and helpful site.

HOBBSIn AppreciationThank you so much for the image as well as other information. I'm so excited to look up my ancestors and I so appreciate your photos and links! I would recommend this site to anyone! Crossing my fingers for matches with your site!

HOBDENMonument detailsI thought I should say thank you for all the trouble that has gone into photographing the grave images and giving us, the future generations an opportunity to view our own ancestor thoughts by the comments left on the grave. My own ancestor said 'After labour how sweet the rest- leaves wonderful food for thought I think. Thank you again Charles for what you have done

HOBDENWonderful ResourceFrom a grave photo I have now found information on an ancestor I did not have and could not find. Thank you so much.

HOBSONSt Michael and All Angels\' Church, HeadingleyI was hoping to find photos of gravestones for Faith Hobson, dau of Joseph of Woodhouse and Elizabeth Hobson (nee Wright), wife of Joseph of Woodhouse Lane. These are mentioned on the website for yorkshirecdbooks for Headingley, but not on GPR website. The Hobsons were stonemasons so there should have been at least one stone but may be illegible as Joseph was buried in 1830 and Faith and Elizabeth a little before that. I am trying to find the birth date and place of Joseph Hobson. If anyone can help in any way I would be really grateful.Chris

HOBSONThank You for the image of the Gravestone for Eric Darrell HOBSON Doing my neighbours family tree and this gravestone answers some questions she always wanted to ask her Aunt Vera Hobson (nee Fletcher),about the death of her baby son, but felt unable to.

HOCKENVery many thanks for your helpful speedyVery many thanks for your helpful speedy service,it has been a great help and we are both very grateful.

HOCKINGThank you. For sending image of James hThank you. For sending image of James hocking 1859. we have found relatives in Lancashire if we find graves we will send them to you on a stick.

HOCKINGcorrection of detailsImage 9935 - Louie Hocking 1873 - 1889 16 son of Charles Rawle Hocking Hindmarsh Hindmarsh South Australia Correct name is Lucilla (female) Born 1872 Died 1889 at Hindmarsh South Australia. She was called Louie. On the left side of the family monument the inscription is Louie - died April 4 1889 Aged 16 years 6 months - sister.

HOCKINGWonderful prompt and helpful responseLess than 24 hours after requesting a larger image of a gravestone in Spain, it was received showing full sharp detail. I'm not yet sure if I'll find a link to my ancestors but this is a very helpful piece of information and much appreciated. Thank you.

HOCKINGFeedback for request of Richard Hocking gravestoneI would like to thankyou for being so quick to grant my request to see Richard Hocking gravestone Kind Regards Samantha Whitehead

HOCKINGLocation of grave in St. Peter's Church CopdockThis grave is marked by a recently exposed granite cross and is to be found approximately 10 metres to the East of the East window.


HODGKINSONGreat service and websiteReally impressed with the speed and grateful for an excellent quality photograph. Many thanks for providing this service.

HODGSONThanksHaving used your website on several occasions I amazed with the speed and efficiency of the response. A valuable resource that is much appreciated.

HODGSONThank youThank you for a Great service. Eliza Elizabeth Foxton, nee Hodgson born Firby near Malton Yorkshire on 28 Aug 1903, My Great Aunt. Wife of Wilfred Edger Foxton.

HODGSONWonderful resourceThis is a brilliant site. I have just found a gravestone for my grandmother's brother and his family. I will now be able to add the details to my family tree. Many thanks.

HODGSONAn amazing 'free' resource! Had chanced An amazing 'free' resource! Had chanced upon the site previously, and lately uploaded a few of my own images. However, this was the first occasion I'd requested information, which was dealt with promptly and professionally, putting many 'paid' sites to shame. I for one now wish to get involved on a more regular basis and look forward to being able to contribute to growing the database - I'm sure it will reap benefits for my own research. Could I urge all casual viewers to likewise take the plunge, or at least give the GPR the widespread publicity it deserves.

HODGSONMany thanks for such a quick service, so helpful in this day & ageThank you so much for the fast response. The photo has exceeded my expectations both in terms of the unbelievable clarity of the inscription and the value of the information it provides. I really do commend you on the truly wonderful and worthwhile service you are providing in offering people the chance and above all, the hope, of tracing their family roots. Without your great enthusiasm and resolve the wealth of information held within these cemetries would be very quickly lost forever.

HODGSONThanks and helpGrateful thanks for this valuable resource. I am researching the life of Rev Charles Henry Hodgson born 1869 and family, and have information on them if anyone is interested.

HODGSONThank youI have used your service several times and am always impressed by the speed and efficiency of the response. It has helped me very much with my family history research.

HODGSONPhotos and locations of graves in IndiaWould very much like photos and inscriptions for Sebastiana Hodgson at Indore Residency Cemetery and Benjamin Hodgson at Civil Cemetery Lucknow if anyone can help. Many thanks.

HODGSONGreatful thanksI am so pleased to have this record of my Great-Grandmother's sister, Matilda Ramsdale (nee Hodgson.) Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.

HODGSONPhoto of Jane A Hodgson Grave Monument.Dear Charles, Thank you so much for providing the above photograph. I suspect that the Ralph Hodgson mentioned on the stone may be my wife's great, great, great grandfather. I will now be able to use the other names on the stone to try to establish a connection. Thanks again, Steve Chappell.

HODSONThanks!What a wonderful resource you are providing. It is invaluable.

HODSONPhotographThank you so amazing service xx

HOFFThank you!Greatly appreciate the service you are providing, particularly for those of us outside the country.

HOGBENThank you for a most helpful and informaThank you for a most helpful and informative site, much appreciated

HOGGThanksThank you for the image of my great Grandparents grave, as I live many miles away I probably would not have seen it without this site. Many thanks!

HOGGThanks for providing a very worthwhile & invaluable service!Thank you so much for the fast response. The photo has exceeded my expectations both in terms of the unbelievable clarity of the inscription and the value of the information it provides. I really do commend you on the truly wonderful and worthwhile service you are providing in offering people the chance and above all, the hope, of tracing their family roots. Without your great enthusiasm and resolve the wealth of information held within these cemetries would be very quickly lost forever.

HOGGHogg /Baston Family historyThanks to your site I have been able to add to my family search, the recent photo has given me another link

HOGGGravestone image receivedThank you very much for the prompt arrival of the image of the grave of Thomas and Eleanor Hogg and family. This is a wonderful resource and it is nice to know that some of the old family headstones still exists. Has helped me work out some other family members for genealogy. Grateful thanks.

HOGGThanks so much!Thank you for the images of John Hogg's gravestone.

HOGGARTHOGGART AND TYASThis site has been a great help in tying up some of the more obscure people in my family tree and having a picture of the gravestone makes the persons on the stone seem more real. Ray Hoggart

HOLDAWAYWalter Ernest Valentine HoldawayThank you to GPR for sharing photo of walter's resting place.Your time and help is greatly appreciated.

HOLDCROFTThanksThank you so much for the photos. Really helpful researching family tree.

HOLDENThanksThank you very much for providing me with the image of Alexander and Eleanor's gravestones. It is very much appreciated. I discovered this handy resource through Ancestry.

HOLDENSuperb websiteWhat an excellent resource. I am impressed with the speed of response and the quality of the photograph. Many thanks to all involved.

HOLDENGeorgina Holden's grave at SnettertonJoyce Varney was the daughter of Georgina Holden, buried at Snetterton Church, Norfolk. She and her husband's ashes were placed with Joyce's Mother, Georgina, by their daughter Sheila, who lives in Canada.

HOLDENWonderful resoirceI have been researching my family tree for a number of years now and having access to a photo of a grave gives me a lot of help. I live in the USA so I'm not able to visit the graves in England myself, this is the next best thing! Thank you so much for taking the time to photograph these graves and add them online so that we can access them!!

HOLDENchildrenwould like to find children of lily may holden for family tree

HOLDERMany thanksExcellent website

HOLDERNESSHOLDERNESS, CAUTLEYJust wanted to say a big thanks for the service which I much appreciate. A great thank you to all the volunteers and to the founder of the site.

HOLDERSHAWGrave of Ada and David HoldershawThanks very much for the details of my grandparents grave.Just typed names in and your site came up.Once again many thanks.

HOLDSWORTHThornton Holdsworth Terrific!! Am very pleased with this service. The subject found is exactly correct. This family has connected now on three continents and is working to get our data as accurate as possible. What a big help! Thank you.

HOLDSWORTHThornton HoldsworthWonderful resource! Many thanks.

HOLDSWORTHThanksThanks for all the work, it is great to be able to find ancestors graves.

HOLLAMBYThank youThank you very much for the Hollamby images - Jane Hollamby image 104464 and James Hollamby image 104466. I appreciate your wonderful service.

HOLLANDfamily treeThank you for help finding Holland family stone,had no idea where to look before.

HOLLANDThanks so much for letting me view the iThanks so much for letting me view the images of the gravestone here, I didn't realise I had one from an earlier request and now will bookmark the page. Great work and very much appreciated.

HOLLANDThanksThanks once again for this great database of graves and giving it access to all who are interested - amazing work!

HOLLANDRelationship of Bryan Thurstan & Florence HollandBryan and Florence were brother and sister

HOLLANDThanks once again, very much appreciatedThanks once again, very much appreciated.

HOLLANDThank youThank you so much for the image of my grandfather and grandmother's grave. I look forward to helping.

HOLLANDVery good resourceThanks for the photo service. The photo provided helped to confirm a branch of my family tree on my grandmother's side.

HOLLEYconfirmation of receiptThank you Charles. The inscription is very clear and legible. Wonderful to have. I am interested in the entire family but of particular interest is George Hunt Holley's son George Hunt Holley Dunham born 1798 in Aylsham.

HOLLEYHEADservicegreat service, larger image confirmed this is my great grandparents grave, Emmanuel and Louisa Holleyhead, and that we will be able to find it much more easily in the graveyard

HOLLIDAYGravestone - Charles & Catherine Holliday Thank you for the image provided, I am sure it will help with my research. If you are researching the Holliday name with either Surrey, Kent, Cheltenham or Wigan conections please feel free to contact me.

HOLLIDAYGrateful thanksMy father, now 101 years old, had never seen the grave of his younger sister who died aged 2 years old when he was 7 years old. Her grave is in Northumberland and he now lives in Norfolk. I was able to print off a photo of the headstone for him to see. Amazing. Thank you so much.

HOLLIDGEThank youMany thanks for a wonderful clear photo, this headstone was the first I have found, usually my family has not had stones to mark the graves.

HOLLIGONASHFORD/ BARRETT/ CONQUEST/ HOLLIGon gravestone imageHi thank you I did get the image for Elizabeth Holligon as requested Lynne

HOLLIGONThank you imagesThank you images

HOLLINGERImage not received from about two weks agoImage might be under his wife Mabel Taylor image 334 or 202.

HOLLINGERGrave PhotoThanks for the 5 star service in getting me this photo.

HOLLINGSJabez HollingsMany thanks for the photograph of my ancestor Jabez Hollings.

HOLLINGSWORTHHollingsworth - BredfieldThank you so much for the photograph of the grave of my Great, Great, Great grandparents Charles & Mary Ann Hollingsworth .... more

HOLLISFamily researchI would like to thank you so much for the image you sent to me. I have been researching my ancestry for 15 years and have never found this image of my great uncle Edward James Hollis headstone before so it is very much appreciated. Please keep up with the marvellous work that you do. I have quite a few headstone photos of other members of my family and would be happy to share these with you if you wish. Please let me know if you do. Many thanks again, Debbie Ward

HOLLONDAppreciationThank you for posting the image of Edmund W. Hollond's gravestone. I live in the USA and it would have been a long journey to have seen the location personally. -- Griff

HOLLYANGUS HARTLEY BALDOCKMy compliments on a great site, something that will make life so much easier for so many. My (maternal gr grandparents) Mary (HOLLY) & William BALDOCK burial location turns out to be not far away... so will be visiting it soon... Have donated a little to the cause and hope it helps... Thanks again

HOLMANThank you for the image. I can add it toThank you for the image. I can add it to the research of my family tree.

HOLMANHeadstone locatedDelighted to finally see the headstone on the grave of my gt gt grandparents. It also gave me some more clues to aid my family research. A really great resource.

HOLMANGrave photo helped clear brick wall and Grave photo helped clear brick wall and aided further research into my ancestors. Thank you

HOLMANgravestone found the cemetery quite by chance, had a interesting walk round and was surprised to find a stone with the same name as me.

HOLMANThumbnail image not displaying on Website, In finding a number of this Family on this site where other names have 'Thumbnails' of the image each of these 'Holman's' did not show one it merely listed that one exists like: - image of grave number 61121 with a square symbol in front of the text. Tried to open in new window, it stated the image was not found, almost as if it did, but has been deleted or lost in the system (broken link). .... more

HOLME-SUMNERWilliam Brightwell SumnerMany thanks.

HOLMESThank you!Thank you very much for your incredibly speedy answer to my request - even late on on a Saturday night! I am trying to fill in the blanks regarding my maternal aunt's husband's family (phew! That's a mouthful!) I believe your photo has helped me find my Uncle's father and sister. Many thanks again for the terrific service you are offering to all us Family Sleuths! Your hard work is very much appreciated!

HOLMESFamily historyVery good service

HOLMESthank youthank you so much, I have now been able to add another line of my ancestry with the photos of my great grandparents x4 to the family history.

HOLMESGreat ServiceI am so grateful for the photographs I got, they really helped in my family history research, thanks again.

HOLMESThanksMany thanks to the person who photographed these images.

HOLMESJohn & Eliza Holmes in the Pateley BridgJohn & Eliza Holmes in the Pateley Bridge Cemetery are my ancestors.

HOLMESThank YouThank you so much for your quick response to my request. This is a very useful website and I am sure I shall be returning to it in the future.

HOLMESGreat work from all thankyou for the phoGreat work from all thankyou for the photo of Jonathan Holmes gravestone

HOLMSTEADThank you from NZVery many thanks for the photo of William Holmsteads gravestone in Suffolk. Right now I do not know where he fits in, but William is a theme of 1st son names in our family for generations, so I hope to make the connection at some stage. This is a brilliant project and I look forward to getting some time in the future to take a volunteer role. I really appreciate the help. :-)

HOLROYDVery interestingThank you for the picture Chris, it was much appreciated. I had never given much thought to my grandparents, one of whom died before I was born and the other when I was very young. however I was recently asked where my grandfather was born and a search on Google led me to your site.

HOLROYDGrave requestThank you once again, the information and photo are invaluable and I would never have found by myself.

HOLSWORTHThank you !Thank you for such an orderly , well run web site. To all those who created this website;with the names,dates and place and those wonderful photos, it is much appreciated! Thanks! Sincerely, Lily Holsworth

HOLTThanks for the photo of the James Holt fThanks for the photo of the James Holt family grave. It was very helpful in my research!

HOLTOMExcellent ServiceThank you so much for creating this excellent resource. I have never seen my family graves and since I now live reasonably close to Stratford Upon Avon - I know exactly where to go. Brilliant and careful work - much appreciated

HOLWILLThankyouThankyou Charles for the photo, I am very grateful for this service. Hopefully if i can go down to visit my ancestors graves in Streatham in the near future I will take photos of other graves there.

HOLZAPFELThis is a really useful site and I am veThis is a really useful site and I am very grateful to have received a splendid photograph of my Grandmother/-father's gravestone.Many thanks to Charles for his work!Dominic

HOMEThanksThis is a great service and it is much appreciated by not only me but obviously many many others. This sounds totally daft, I know, but viewing gravestones of ancestors help enormously in bringing them more alive. So thank you.

HOMEHome/McNeilieThank you so much for clearer access to your already excellent image. I am so pleased to have found what may be a possible link to my ancestors (my grandfather was George Francis Home). I've not investigated sufficiently to know whether this image will be an incidental red herring but am still grateful that people are making this valuable information available.

HOMERValuable resourcewould just like to say that my request was dealt with at lightning speed ad that we are very lucky to have such dedicated individuals willing to use their spare time for the betterment of others, thank you very much

HOMLES Just flipping wonderful .....Searching for Holmes from Suffolk/Norfolk area and came across this wonderful site by accident. Found my 4th great grandfather and wife. Many, many thanks to everyone who makes this site happen. I will be back to have another nose and maybe sometime I might even be able to help. Thanks once again and keep up the good work.

HONEYFIELDPhoto of gravestonesThankyou very much for the prompt sending of photos. Debbie

HOODThanksMany thanks for the photos you have been able to send. This is a great resource!

HOODHOOD,RICHARDI am looking for the grave site of my grandparents They died 1979 at Stanford -Le-Hope hospital a headstone was purchased for them.I am not sure where the burial site would even be my Father & Uncle are both in their 90's and can't remember If any one out there can help me that would so much appreciated thank you

HOOKERHookerfantastic website, easy to use and full of great and very useful information. Thanks very much for all the hard work.

HOOKERThank YouThis is a fantastic resource Thank you

HOOKERIncorrect filePhotograph of James W Hooker monument (grave 387834) is picture of G. R. Stroud .... more

HOOKINGSThank you for a very clear photo of the Thank you for a very clear photo of the tombstone of James Hookings. It helps establish his date of death.

HOOKWAYJohn HOOKWAY died 1857 - Bideford Old Town CemeteryThank you for sending me a copy of John HOOKWAY's gravestone. This is a wonderful service you provide, thank you so much.

HOOKWAYCharles Sale - Your site is wonderful !Thank you so very much Charles for the work you are doing on your web site. Such an awesome and wonderful resource for everyone worldwide. We live in New Zealand with no way of travelling to England to visit these graves and to be able to see them so clearly and easily in an email from you is unbelievable and very moving. Thank you also to all those who are helping take photos and sharing them. Incredible!

HOOKWAYThank-YouThank-you for this photograph. It is research on my Dad's family. My Dad died young and when I was young as well. Any bit of information is great to collect. I live in London, Ontario, and my husband and I do grave lookups for people who request it. Thank-you !!!

HOOPERThank You!Thank You so much for this fantastic resourse!

HOOPERThanksThank you so much for this resource. Being able to find my ancestors headstones is a great addition to my genealogy studies.

HOPEPhotograph of Family GraveThank you. It’s so wonderful to see the gravestone of my ancestors. I never thought there would be one. Plus I live far from Wokingham so this is so amazing.

HOPEMany thanksI am very happy with the quick response and the image you sent. Again, many thanks.

HOPEI can't find the imagesI can't find the images I am told I have satisfactorily requested so must be looking in the wrong place. Can you assist please? .... more

HOPE. Finding location of my aunt's grave.Just wondering if you could help me? I am trying to find the location of my aunt's grave. Her maiden name was Mary Hegarty. Her married name was Mary Hope. Her husband's first name was Harry. Mary died in 1963. Harry died a few years later. I would really love to know where they are buried. They lived in Surrey, England. Part of their address was Worcester Park so I think maybe the grave yard might be in that vicinity....but not sure of this. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!

HOPERThank youThank you for the photo of the Memorial Plaque in St Nicholas' Church New Romney in Kent. On it is my friend's Great Uncle Abraham Hoper. He enlisted when he was 18 into the East Kent Regiment with the Service number 4868, he served in the Second Boer War (1899-1902), he was then discharged to the Army Reserves, and was called up for Service in WW1 and given the number S/317 in the 6th Battalion Royal West Kent Regiment When he first embarked for France on the 1st June 1915, he was a Lance Corporal, and was later promoted to a Sergeant. He was Killed in Action on the 2nd of July 1918 and is buried in Grave F8 at Harponville Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme. He was born in 1877, the son of Stephen and Eliza Hoper. He left a son Jack Roland Hoper, a step-son Edward Richard Norman and his widow Harriet Kate of 40 Sidney Street Folkestone Kent, who Abraham married in 1902, (Harriet Kate was born Harriet Kate Hoper and married in 1899 to Edward Norman who died in 1900). Abraham was awarded the British War Medal, the Victory Medal and the 1914-15 Star.

HOPGOODThank you It was wonderful to receive the clear image that I requested. It helps to fill in any blanks that you have with names etc. Your help is appreciated.


HOPKINS Looking for my Birth Father or FamilyThis site is the closest I've come to feeling any kind of hope. I am looking to find my birth father or family of Fred, Fredrick or Alfred Hopkins. He would have worked as a furniture builder (Lyons) or like, in or around Sheffield England. I was born on September 30th, 1959 in Sheffield England to Mary Veronica Atkinson/Savage or Inman. If anyone can help me with any information I would be grateful. I didn't find out until very late in life. Thank you so much for this wonderful site! Amanda (Inman)

HOPKINSbrilliant sitejust in one evening have found so many lost ?? family members some from my young days in very isolated area of victoria not sure yet if to request you for images or next time Iam south of melbourne take a drive & take pics myself will see thank you so much for Doing to all this work regards LYN Layfield

HOPKINSPrivate John Alfred HopkinsMany thanks for providing the photos of Nuneaton War Memorial on which Private John Alfred Hopkins is commemorated Private John Alfred Hopkins, 152649. 50th Battalion Machine Gun Corps (Infantry), formerly 42370 the Yorkshire Regiment. Son of John Charles and Annie Selina Hopkins, of 35, Duke St., Nuneaton. Killed 17 October 1918. Aged 22. Born Bakewell (Derbyshire), Enlisted Coventry, Resided Nuneaton. Buried QUIETISTE MILITARY CEMETERY, LE CATEAU.

HOPKINSONPhoto of graveDear Charles,Thank you so much for the very quick response. I was delighted to receive the photo of the grave of my husband\'s ancestor. It adds more flesh on the bones.Greatly appreciated.Ruth WarnerNew Zealand

HOPSONHopsons of AltoftsThank you so much for sending the photo so quickly. The gravestone is of my husbands great-grandparents. A great site - highly recommended. Jane

HORNThank YouThis is a valuable resource, which I appreciate the work in preparing it.

HORNJohn George Horn Head StoneThank you for the very speedy reply and access to the photo that I requested for the headstone of John George and Emily Caroline Horn, my great grand parents. Keep up the good work.

HORNBLOWFeedbackThe photo has been invaluable in discovering the whereabouts of a possible ancestor who “disappeared” from UK records after 1871! We now need to see if he left a will in France? How I might do that I am unsure but thanks for your wonderful resource,

HORNBLOWthank youthank you for sch a quick response very helpfull

HORNBYHORNBY/TURNER A very interesting and useful web site I am considering becoming a volunteer but after reading the comments and feed back seems to me its just run and maintained by one person which makes me think of the longevity of the web site no point in me roaming round church's yards if in 10 years something happens to the web site owner if you understand what I mean .... more

HORNBYThank you.Thank you for the high resolution photograph. This resource is very much appreciated.

HORNETHANK YOU!!I would like to thank you all who work in your own time and at your own expense for doing this!!. You are doing a fantastic job and I want you to know that it's much appreciated. hugs from Rhonda in Sweden

HORNEHorne gravestones in BarnsleyThanks for your great work at documenting gravestones and making them available. Im researching descendants, and ancestors, of George Horne(1811-1878) and his wife Mary Ann Ostcliffe(1812-1890)I'm not able to get up to Yorkshire so finding family stones here is a great help.

HORNEHORNE/GRAHAMHi, Brilliant that someone is photographing graves and are prepared to share. Many thanks, Tricia Mills

HORNEThank you for sending two images to me rThank you for sending two images to me recently.

HORNERinvaluable resourceI had no idea this superb site existed until I read the article about it in a recent edition of 'Family History Monthly'. After searching on your site I found details of people I had been looking for in my research straight away, plus, some I had not been aware of until then. Absolutely fantastic. This is just the sort or site/resource that should receive support from charities such as the Lottery fund, as it ought to grow and grow. # Thanks again.

HORNERCorrection for Elizabeth Carmont Horner She should be listed as the 2nd wife of John, not Ann.

HORNERHenry Thomas and Eliza Ann Hill grave pictureMany thanks for this picture and for all the work you put in. I have added some details of their lives for anyone interested. I'm delighted to have the picture. Bob

HORNSEYExcellent extra research facility for Family HistoriansResearching Thomas William Hornsey. The information provided by thi website is invaluable to family historians looking for that extra piece of information. A great help in identifying where and when family have been laid to rest. Thank you.

HORROBINThanksExcellent resource. Thankyou so much for allowing me to see my great grandmothers gravestone. I'll try to add some pictures from our local cemetry when we get the next break from work. Once again, Thanks, Matt

HORROCKSPicture requestThank you so much Charles. I accessed the two images for Samuel Horrocks and feel that they with assist in my research. Regards, Bill Rice

HORROCKSThanksThank you for your reply image it was great and I COULD SEE IT ON YOUR SITE INSTANTLY before getting it by email how good it that!! Looking forward to looking at and using your site Thank you from the bottom of our hearts bless you

HORSMANA photo seems more 'real' that just an inscription copied from a websiteBeing able to include a photo of an ancestors grave stone in my resarch documents, seems more 'real' than just copying an inscription from a webpage. Thanks for all your great work - Bill

HORSPOOLMany thanksA very impressive free service with a very fast response. Thank you very much.

HORSPOOLWonderful site! Thank you for taking thWonderful site! Thank you for taking the time to index all of this information! I'm very grateful for your efforts.

HORSWELLLongcross, Dartmouth, DevonCannot seem to be able to load the images from this Graveyard .... more

HORSWILLHORSWILL/HORSWELLWhat a wonderful resource So useful

HORTHCHARCharles and Maria HaversMany thanks for such a fast response. I am sure that all users will agree that this website is a very useful resource for our research. I for one am very grateful that you put in the time and trouble to make the information available to us. Thank you.

HORTHCHARCharles and Maria HaversMany thanks for such a fast response. I am sure that all users will agree that this website is a very useful resource for our research. I for one am very grateful that you put in the time and trouble to make the information available to us. Thank you.

HORWOODHorwood/Corbett FamilyI am looking for any information about the Horwood's from Kent and the Corbett family..Rebecca Horwood married Alfred Corbett..

HOSKINThankyouMany thanks for this excellent service. The photographs are superb and a great addition to my research.

HOSKINThankyouOnce again I would like to say thanks. Much appreciated.

HOSKINGHelpfulGreat site making my family tree much more interesting.

HOSKINSMany grateful thanks for the gravestone Many grateful thanks for the gravestone image for John Robert Freeman. John's wife Emily (nee Hoskins), 1851-1940, was my 3rd cousin. The image also provided information about 4 of their children, which was an added bonus. This is a most useful resource. Carole.

HOSKINSWhat a great resourseMany thanks for the photographs. As someone based in the UK it is wonderful to see details of family members who ended up on the other side of the world.

HOTHAMSt. Oswalds, Sowerby, YorksMatilds Hotham was my 4xgt. Aunt. She died in 1889 in York. Her husband William Hotham died in 1891 in Fulford Park, Fulford. His Obiturary says they were both buried at the Parish church, Fulford. I am hoping that this is St. Oswalds and that someone can please help. Regards Sylvia in Aus

HOUCHINLooking for HOUCHIN gravesMy father's family ALL were born in Ongar Essex and as far as I know died there. Would some kind person be able to find their graves in ONGAR. Since I live in Austria I cannot. Keep up your wonderful work. Regards Susan

HOUGHTONGolightly Grave Many thanks for the great photo. I have only just found this site and it is now in my favourites folder. This is a very useful resource and a great credit to you. Thanks again, Brian Houghton.

HOUGHTONVery helpfulI much appreciated the speedy response to my request for a picture of a headstone. Resident in a different part of the UK, I would not have found this without this excellent website.

HOUGHTONHOUGHTON/SIMONS/JELFFantastic service,speedy and selfless.A great help with my brick walls.Thank you so much.

HOULDENThanksMany Thanks for your prompt response to my request the info was invaluable Ken

HOULDENUnexpected delight.Thankyou very much for such a quick response to my request for the headstone photo of Martin Houlden. It caused a great deal of excitement and emotion as 'Martha', the other person on the headstone, is in fact, Maria, my grgrgrandmother. She is wife to James Houlden - also named on the headstone, and niece by marriage to Martin Houlden. Perhaps this could be updated and corrected sometime. Again, many grateful thanks.

HOULDENHoulden family of Bristol relationship to Holden family in Suffolk.My g g g grandfather James Houlden(1784-1854) was baptised as James Holden in Stowlangtoft on 17 Oct 1784, son of John Holden and Eales Mager. He married in Bristol in 1809 and for reasons unknown changed the spelling of his name to Houlden. James had a brother baptised as 'Mikle' Holden in Stowlangtoft on 13 Oct 1782. I believe this as the same Michael Holden who married Elizabeth Esling in nearby Tostock in 1805 and they became the parents of Michael Holden(1808-1884).

HOULDENThanksThanks for the image - good quality.

HOULDING Jonathan HouldingThanks to this website I was sent a picture of the gravestone for Jonathan Houlding my 4th great grandfather. Thanks very much.

HOULEGeorge HouleVery interesting and a brilliant idea to capture images before headstones disappear

HOULFORDThanks for providing the image :)Thanks for providing the image :)

HOULTONPicturesJust wanted to say thanks for all the hard work and time you have taken to put this all together. Hopefully will be using it in the future as I find more family members thanks Jean

HOUSEGrave PhotoThank you for your email regarding access to grave photos on this website. Unfortunately I was unable to access the 'House' photo I requested, other than shown as a small photo on your website, and is unreadable. Perhaps the attachments for photos should be removed from your website if they are no longer viable to email? The work involved to enter all the names, dates and photos would have been a mammoth task and congratulate you all for your efforts. In answer to collecting information on my local cemetery. This has already been done with access via another website. .... more

HOUSEMANThank YouThank you once again Charles

HOUSMANEliza Housman gravstoneI found the image that I requested very useful as it answered a query that I had. The image was available very quickly. An extremely useful resource. I shall probably use it again.

HOUSTONAwesomeJust started my family tree and typed in Blantyre Cemetery and this site came up. Better than i could have hoped for. Already found 3 headstones, each one bearing details of more than one person in my tree, and giving me names of people i was not aware of.

HOWARDThank youMany thanks for your quick response to my request for the photo.The burial place for his wife Elizabeth nee Jennings b. Rendlesham Suffolk remains a mystery. Best wishes for the new year.

HOWARDI don't agree with a date of death as recorded for Mark Howard Ref. 128667 Mark Howard - Butley. Date of death as recorded is 1855 age 28.this should in fact read 1835. I have the photo which I took myself back in 2006 and when I enlarge it shows 35 not 55. This als'ties'up with his birth in 1807.In 1827 his mother would have been about 54!!!I am 80 and don't get around so much so appreciate all the good work the volenteers are are doing and don't mean to look for faults.I hope this may be of interest. Regards Don Green.

HOWARDImage request and general commentsI requested a photo of the headstone of Albert Ayscough Howard, and was so impressed with the immediate access to the image, and very pleased with the image itself. This is a wonderful resource for genealogists and historians, worldwide. Thank you Charles, and to all the volunteers who take photos and add them to the site. The work you all do is very much appreciated. :) God Bless!

HOWARDGood quality imageProbable father-in-law of James Cartwright of Loughborough who married Margaret Howard at Beeby 19 May 1752. John Howard of Beeby, butcher, is mentioned in the marriage obligation document.

HOWARDflorance howardwonderful thank you so much for your help A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

HOWARDLouise Helen HowardThe name on her headstone is Lucy Helen.

HOWARDGreat resource, thank you.As a local history & heritage volunteer myself I really appreciate the work carried out to provide the information and photos on this site. Great job wonderful resource for family historians and as an asset for the town. I hope to visit fairly shortly based on the information provided and due to the work you have done. Thank you

HOWARTHphotographWonderful photo, thanks so much! What a fantastic FREE service you provide.

HOWEThanksJust to thank you for providing this invaluable service at an incredible price.

HOWEWhat a brilliant siteThank you for allowing me to see the gravestone of a friend's great grandparents Arthur & Kate Howe at Woodditton,Cambs. Shame the stone was so weathered that anything but their names was unreadable! I'll certainly be using this site again.

HOWEWonderful volunteersThanks for this site - I live in Australia so this makes it possible for me to see the graves.

HOWELLReally good site and very helpful.Once again used this site and found it very helpful. Many thanks.

HOWELLReally good site and very helpful.What an amazing website and very useful to me as I attempt to find ancestors for my family tree. Very good communication and easy to use.

HOWELLA most sincere Thank You for the image sA most sincere Thank You for the image sent for my Great Great Great Grandfather William Howell

HOWELLHOWELL / SMITHMany thanks for a very quick response to my request for a photograph of my ancestors grave plot. An invaluable service for people like myself who are researching their family history. Thank you.

HOWELLSThanksThankyou for your service,very usefulfor my research

HOWELLSNew headstoneI wish to replace my mother Mary Elizabeth howells's headstone as it is in need of repair. Can you please tell me if I need to contact someone regarding this for entry to the graveyard to erect a new headstone and if there are any requirements regarding size or type of headstone looking forward to hearing from you many thanks for your help kind regards Brian howells

HOWELLSThank you for the image, it was very helThank you for the image, it was very helpful.

HOWEShowes in norfolkWhat a great resource.

HOWLETTthank you so muchIt was a lovely, clear photo of my ancestor sent extremely promptly and very much appreciated. Thank you so much

HOWLETTthank you.very helpfull in my research in to the family.

HOWLETTWonderful Site, Excellent ServiceA truly excellent resource! Thank you!

HOWLETTThank you so much Thank you so much for the image and the quick response in sending it. Superb clarity. I came across this site by accident and impressed with what the site offers. Surprised to find one of my rellies. Keep up the good work.

HOWLETTThank YouI sent my request last night and received an email this morning! Thank you all so much for all the hard work you are putting into this worthwhile project.

HOWLETTFamily TreeThank you for the photo of my 2x great uncle. Although I did not know Robert Howlett it is good to have this photo to add to the information I have on him.

HOYHoy Lairs.I came across you site by accident a couple of years ago,only to find my Great Grandparents on the site.I could not beleive it at the time,I think your site is A1 and i use it all the time now.I have also found other relatives on your site.Keep the photo's coming.Thank You.

HOYESnew branch of Hoyes familyThis great resource helped me fill in a WOODRUFF branch on my HOYES family tree. Looking forward to adding some of my own grave photos. Thanks.

HUBANDWonderful Service!Thank you again for your rapid response and high-quality image. It has, as always, helped immensely in my research. Not much remains relating to women who lived so long ago, and this photo was invaluable in identifying Jane Huband Pollen.

HUBBARDHubbardThank you so much for your quick response to my emails. The information contained in the photographs is very useful.

HUBBARDMany thanks for sending the gravestone iMany thanks for sending the gravestone image - there was a surprise - didn't know they were in Yorkshire at all. Excellent site that I will be looking at again and passing on to other searchers

HUBBARDA wonderful resourceThank you so much for the work this website involves. I have answers to questions no one else could supply. I had no idea that such a wonderful resource was available.

HUBBERTHubbert GravestoneThank you so much for the grave photo, I was thrilled to receive it and so quickly too.

HUBBERTHubbert of SibseyI am particularly trying to find William Hubbert born 1573, married to Ellen Costore and his parents William and Jeene Hubbert born about about 1530-40. I have found my line up to Sibsey and surrounding areas and I am now stuck without a birth record for either of the William Hubberts. I would also like to know if they built the first wooden bridge known as Hubberts Bridge to get their farm produce over to Boston. Thank you for this website.

HUBBLEThankyouThankyou you for supplying this resource. It has been very useful in my first attempts to trace the Hubbles who emigrated to Adelaide, Australia

HUBSDELLusefulHad looked for this grave but cemetery overgrown. It appears from photo that council have laid parts of another memorial onto same plot

HUCKSTEPPBrilliantHow refreshing to find such an easy to use resource. Many thanks to the people who work so hard to keep this running.

HUDDLESTONThank youThank you. Greatly appreciated.

HUDMANMany thanks for photoVery grateful for your hard work.

HUDSONMany ThanksVery grateful for your efforts and supplying another piece(s) of the famil's jig-saw.

HUDSONElizabeth Hudson diedElizabeth Hudson - someone has said wife of Benjamin Hudson but she is his sister and daughter of Joseph Hudson according to Census of 1861-born 1860 died 1885

HUDSONThanks for assistance.Received the larger image which is a confirmation of my research. Many thanks.

HUDSONThank you ever so much for the photograpThank you ever so much for the photograph of the gravestone of my ancestor, you offer a brilliant service, more so for those, like myself, who are unable to travel to locations.. Keep up the fantastic work, Many thanks.

HUDSONThank youThanks for the quick reply for my request of images

HUDSONGravestone of Elizabeth Hudson (nee Willans), George Hudson and their son Robert HudsonThank you very much for the image of the gravestone of my husband's 3 x great grandparents and 3rd great uncle Robert. It was helpful especially as the ages on death on the gravestone were there which enabled me to put the date of death against their names on my husband's family tree and hence up popped the death records.Hudson is a very common name and this has helped greatly. As I live in Australia, we don't always get to go to the cemetery too often! Once again, thanks for your help. Anne

HUDSONThank you for you excellent site. All thThank you for you excellent site. All the hard work is very much appreciated. I have now been able to fill gaps in my family tree

HUDSONThanksThank you for a wonderful site and for all your help. We are very grateful for the photo

HUDSONGravestone photographThank you so much for the photo of the headstone of my 2nd great grandfather William Norwood Hudson which I will add to my family records. I appreciate your swift reply to my request.

HUFTONGEORGE HUFTON - So moving !Thanks for the photo of my father's ancestor, was very moved to read that he died at the early age of thirteen. Thank you for you service, much appreciated. Christine

HUGALLGrangetown Cemetry - Thomas HugallThank you very much for the excellent photo of Thomas Hugall's gravestone. Your site is superb - found it through Ancestry.

HUGGETTBenjamin Huggett grave monument (GPR grave number 132397)I appreciate the existing photo and would like to request one or more to fully visualize all of the engraving on this large stone. Thanks!

HUGGINSHeadstone Photo SearchesThank you for such a wonderful site. It is a great help to family researchers who can spend years and $$ searching for a headstone of an ancestor. A very prompt and efficient service where I located a relevant headstone the first time I looked! Keep up the good work.

HUGHESHUGHES/OLESEN/WEISSI want to thank you for spending the time photographing and indexing this project. I am in the states and finding my 3X grandfather\'s tombstone in Hartlepool has made my day. A good friend in the UK was the researcher who saw your website and passed the information along to me. THANK YOU from the stateside family of Samuel Hughes buried in Hartlepool, England.

HUGHESHughes familyRemarkbly you had a photo of the gravestone of my maternal grand parents. My mother is 87 and is delighted!

HUGHESReverend John Conway HughesThank you very much. This service is invaluable and as it is a voluntary one I must congratulate the person I dealt with - Charles Sale - and endorse the service 100%. Many thanks.

HUGHESgrave of Annie HughesHi ,requested the image on Sat eve and low and behold by Sunday morn I had it What a wonderful ,quick service you offer I will definately be looking again.THANKYOU

HUGHESJane HughesThank you for sending me the link to my Great,Great Grandparents headstone. Interesting to find they had a Grandson we didn't know about who was buried with them. What a very interesting informative site.

HUGHESWilliam and Caroline HughesThank you for providing a photo of the headstone. It has encouraged me to visit as soon as I can to see it for myself

HUGHESExciting findAmazed to find photo of a gravestone of family member

HUGHESThank youCharles, Thank you for your very quick response to my request for a larger photo of my Charles Hughes relative. As I live in the USA, you might imagine that it is quite difficult to do research from here. You are so very kind to furnish this site to all of us at no charge. I hope to make it to England and Ireland in 2020 to do more research. Thank you again for your kindness.

HUGHESConfusingI find your website very confusing. Not at all easy to understand

HUGHESMuch thanksThank you so much, unexpected find. Sheila Rose Spry, my mothers sister's grave, in St Michaels, Fobbing, also had a memorial stone to her uncle Edward George Hughes, whom died in Italy during WWII. Thank you so much Charles and team, what a great service you provide.

HUGHFAbraham Hughf gravestonekeep up the good work it is very much appreciated

HUIRNHi thanks for the two images yesterday tHi thanks for the two images yesterday they were most helpful

HUITSONThank you so much Chris what an amazing service you are providing. Thank you so very much for sending me the wonderful clear image of my Paternal Great great Grandparents headstone. What a fantastic and useful resourceful service you and your team of volunteers are providing on this amazing website. It has been a great help to me as I live in France.I'm very much hoping I will be able to locate many more of my families headstones on both my Mam and Dads sides in and around the Thornaby, Stockton-on-Tees and Durham areas...I will defiantly be passing this link on to all my family friends and fellow researchers. Grateful thanks Cindy Davies (Huitson)

HUITSON Katie Barr Huitson Thank you very much indeed for sending me the image link to my Great Grandmother Katie Barr Huitson headstone. As I have said before its fantastic and useful resourceful service that you are providing along with your team of volunteers on this amazing website. I will be recommending it to all my family and friends. It continues to be a great help to me as I live in France. Kind Regards Cindy Davies (ne Huitson)

HUITTTrying to find children of Beatrice Huitt>West>foxMy grt grandfather's baby brother was named Bennett Greet Huitt. His sister Beatrice died in 1902 and I have been trying to find out what happened to her children after her death. This is a great site.

HULLI'm looking for the Grave of my Great Grandmother Florence HullShe is buried in Gargrave Church in Grave J VII 19 and I'm wondering if anyone could please photo it and send it to me? She died on 29/2/1928 if that helps?

HULLSGravestonesIt is nice to be able to get this information free of charge.

HULMEHulme Family HistoryMany Thanks for the photos of the two gravestones recently received. I am much obliged. John Hulme

HULMEThanks for the tombstone pic!Thanks for the tombstone pic!

HULSEVery helpful siteThank you, Charles, for creating and maintaining this site and for your quick and helpful response to my request for an enlarged photo of the grave of Nathaniel Thomas Hulse, died 1881.

HUMBERA valuable resource and aid 2018Just to say having come across this website i now have a gravestone showing where 2 of my family tree are buried. Confirming details which add confidence to previously researched information. This is a great resource. Cheers.

HUMBLEThank You for the enlarged photoThank You for the enlarged photo

HUMMGrave PhotographFrederick Humm died in 1941 and is buried in Kingston Cemetery, Surrey. I have searched the website and cannot find him mentioned. Are there other graves still to be photographed?

HUMPHEREYCYRIL HUMPHEREYThank you for the image . However I don't believe he is in St Peters Churchyard.

HUMPHREYGreat Resource Thanks. It is a very useful tool for filling in empty spaces in my research of the family tree!

HUMPHREYSthank youjust wanted to say thank you very much for the image of amelia humphreys gravestone. this site is awesome keep up the good work.

HUMPHREYSHeadstone photo of Francis HumphreysCharles offers a terrific service, so prompt. Two family members on the one headstone. I'm researching English ancestors from Australia, I'm thrilled.

HUMPHREYSThank youOnce again an excellent resource which provides invaluable insight into our past. Thank you.

HUMPHRIESA big thank youWhat a brilliant web site, a big thank you to Charles for his invaluable help.

HUMPHRIESLocation and burial detailsMany thanks for the images. It was good to know where some of my ancestors are buried.

HUMPHRIESThank you for this wonderful site it hasThank you for this wonderful site it has proved very useful indeed I will continue to use it

HUNGERFORDBristol England - Any further information on this family in particular Mary Smith?William Hungerford B1765 Died 1790 (Hung at Gallows Hill Bristol). His wife Mary Smith born about 1765. They had two children William 1788-1796 and Mary 1789-1870 (married Nicholas Curwood)

HUNNEYBELLWW1 Job S (Sydney) Hunnibell died 1.7.1916 France my 4th cousin once removed. WWI plaque St Marys OlHi, i am researching the Hunneybell family tree which has many different spellings. I have traced it to Old Newton and Finningham, Wickham Skeith in suffolk. My tree is public and is on Ancestry UK and Ancestry Australia. Job Sydney Hunnibell b 1895, was the Son of Charles Hunnibell b Old Newton 1871, who was the son of Thomas Honeybald ,1830 Haughley who was the son of Thomas b 1799 Agworth. I have become stuck at the marriage of William Hunniball b1711 aprox Old Newton and Sarah Balls b1712 suffolk? Sarahs Father was Thomas Balls and her mother was Mary but cannot confirm if mothers name was in fact Bayley as some other trees seem to think.Williams father was Charles b1860 Suffolk? died 1753, and his wife was Elizabeth malham b1680 aprox suffolk d 1720. The surname is hunneybell, hunneyball, hunnibald,hunibell, hunniball on different documents. any information anyone can supply on the origin of the name would be great, can only trace it back to 1680. I am in Victoria Australia, but was born in England, i went over for a visit to see the villages/towns, and visit the churches, but my wife was taken ill and we had to cut our visit short. I plan a trip back next year and will try and do some research while i am there. If anyone wants me to check any Australian records etc, i will be happy to help in any way i can. Thanks for letting me use this web site and all the work you do. best regards, Dave Hunneybell.

HUNTThanksThis is an amazing resource and a tribute to the work of all the volunteers on the project.

HUNTA wonderful service!Thanks for providing a useful but exciting service for those who are involved in family research. The photo you presented was of great clarity of excellent quality.


HUNTImportant ServiceThank you so much for providing this image. I had never even seen her grave. Thank you for this closure x


HUNTFinally received the enlarged photographFinally received the enlarged photograph of my grandparent's gravestone which clearly shows names and dates enabling me to further my research. Many thanks.

HUNTAmelia Genton HuntThank you for the photo. This is a wonderful resorce. There is no way I could have travelled to photograph for myself

HUNTVery, very, very disappointed !I live in France so could not visit to photograph my great grandfathers grave in Bolton which I found on your website. I have requested an enhanced photograph 3 times now over as many months but have had no response, no explanation, no excuse and certainly no photograph. I accept that you make no charge for the service but what use is such a vast and searchable database if it does not benefit the relatives researching their family tree if they cannot obtain the requested information.

HUNTJames Athey HuntThis is such s fantastic resource. I was only 10 when James Hunt died and have never seen his grave. He was like another grandfather to me. Thank you, Charles for this resource.

HUNTThanksThank you for your help. Great website. Unfortunately this William wasn't who I was looking for,.

HUNTThanks for the imageThanks for the image

HUNTMark & Sarah HuntThanks again. Full dates on two distant relatives rather than just to the nearest quarter. Most helpful.

HUNTERGreat ProjectSince thanks for your wonderful project. The photo you supplied has been very useful to my research. The gravestone is actually at a church I used to attend as a girl guide many years ago but I had no idea it was relevant to me. Strange world, eh?

HUNTER Thank you very much for your hard work aThank you very much for your hard work and this website. I have been researching my family tree for years now and although I knew these graves were there I have not had the opportunity to visit them as I live a long way away. Thank you 😊

HUNTERAngeline HunterThis is not her maiden name so she is not the person I am searching. Thank you for all your hard work. It makes it so much easier for people like me!

HUNTERHunter at Bywell NBLThank you for the photo, I've been able to eliminate this family from my tree.

HUNTERCatherine Hannay Christison HunterDaughter of Rev. John Christison

HUNTERHunters of Blackness(Dundee) & Balskelly ( Parish of Barry)Thank you for the photograph. Hunter is a common name in Forfarshire known correctly as the County of Angus. Alexander Hunter bought the lands of Balskelly in 1810, it seems he was known as one of the Hunters of Blackness.These Hunters are a cadet family of the Hunters of Burnside. Any information would be helpful- Kind Regards Brian.

HUNTERfamily treeonce again you have come up with the picture of a gravestone for somebody on my family tree. Helps loads in getting death dates. Many Thanks

HUNTERThank you so much for allowing me to copThank you so much for allowing me to copy the gravestone of my great uncle, Ernest Hunter and his wife Ada.

HUNTERHunterI stumbled across this web site whilst researching family history for John Lees Hunter and was delighted with the prompt and efficient service when I received a photo image of his grave stone which included details of his parent's names.

HUNTERThank you for your hard work. Living in Thank you for your hard work. Living in Canada sites like this one are very helpful.

HUNTERThank you!Thank you for another piece of our family history. This site is is wonderful and I am very grateful to you Charles.

HUNTERRichard Hunter HedleyThank you for the gravestone image. This enabled me to confirm an important relationship.

HUNTERThanks!The information you provided was very useful and most helpful. I was able to see the larger version of the monument for the Hunter family and their descendants - in Dean Cemetery 2b, Edinburgh, Scotland. I appreciate the information you sent me, too. Regards, Cathy

HUNTINGFORDThank you for the imageI'm researching my family tree and stumbled across this website which had helped me with info about Cedric and Anne Huntingford. Many thanks for your help.

HUNTINGTONphoto requestI cam across your site by accident but have found it very useful. The work being done in photographing the headstones and documenting the associated information is much appreciated. I live in Australia and if it was not for your site would probablly not get to see the headstones of my ancestors. Thankyou.

HURDONDyer and Hurdon FamiliesThank you for the quick response and photos of the John Hurdon family grave markers. I am a volunteer photographer for and have a great appreciation for the service you provide. I have included your photos (with credit given to GPR) in my family tree at Thank you!!

HURDONHURDON/NOTTI am from Canada. I can't possibly get to England to get the information myself. I am very pleased that you have a web site that can send the photos of the cemetery stones. It is a real treasure. Thank you so much Miss Pat Carson London Ontario Canada

HURDONHurdons StonesI am very pleased that someone could photograph and send the pictures on line over the internet to Canada. If it weren't for you I would not have received My Grandfather/grandmother etc. I am very pleased Thank you for your help.

HURDWELLThank you'Thank you for the copy of the headstone for Frederick Arthur Hurdwell. I live in Australia so as you can imagine trying to locate gravestones is almost impossible. This was very much appreciated.

HURLEYHow may I make a donationHow may I make a donation

HURNThank YouThanks again for the picture that has been sent. Being in South Africa and not having means to go overseas this has really help tremendously.

HURNDELLcharlotte hurndellthank you for your quick reply will begoing to see the grave.

HURRFamily tree researchThank you for sending me the photo.

HURRENHURREN, POTTER, SHEPHERDRequested 3 photos, received them the same day. Excellebt quality, excellent service

HURRENAncestor Henry Allingham WillsonMany thanks for sending us the photograph of the gravestone of Henry Allingham Willson and his wife Maria Clayton. They were my husband's great, great grandparents. You have saved us a journey of 450 miles to get this information. Much appreciated.

HURSTExcellent serviceHave just used this service for the first time and hope to use it again. The information provided has been of great use to me and I received the image just the day after my request. Brilliant, efficient service

HURTAmazing!Thank you so much for your incredibly speedy service! The photo is of very good quality and has given my grandson and I extra information. Will be happy to send some family graves already in our records and will spend time over the next few weeks recording some of the smaller church yards in Nottingham. Will start with St. Stephens in Sneinton. Would be happy to search for any specific ones in Nottingham. Thanks again! Tina Hurt

HUSTLERWOWWhat a fantastic undertaking! Thank you,thank you,thank you!

HUSTWICKNOTE OF THANKSYour work in providing this service is very much appreciated by people like me, who are trying to further their family tree. Kind Regards, Derek Walker in Aberdeenshire, Scotland

HUTCHEONGravestone of Robina Fraser - wife of Harry Kirton HutcheonI very much appreciate the provision of this free service - good quality photo and prompt service. Thank You.

HUTCHESONgemmell hutcheson son - GEORGE HUTCHESONGeorge was a victim in the first world war,must have died 1918.

HUTCHINGS bit confused as the one name comment? bubit confused as the one name comment? but the service is such an asset it has been really interesting & good to see when we live so far away (australia) thank you .... more

HUTCHINGSThank youI appreciate that you have this site. It was very useful for my ancestry research.

HUTCHINGSMany thanks for the prompt reply, unfortMany thanks for the prompt reply, unfortunately I don't think this John Hutchings is my man!

HUTCHINGSThank you for an excellent site. AnotherThank you for an excellent site. Another discovery through Ancestry.

HUTCHINGSTHANK YOU :o)Excellent Site. Efficient delivery of image...all of a few seconds. Allows the user to share their knowledge to help others find their past. Wonderful photo in perfect focus. Sterling work, long may it continue!

HUTCHINSONGrace HutchinsonThank you so much for the gravestone photo of Grace Hutchinson.

HUTCHINSONMargaret Steers HutchinsonThank you for the photo of the gravestone of Margaret Steers Hutchinson.

HUTCHISONPrompt and excellent serviceDear Charles Thank-you so much for the photo of the Hutchison gravestone in Kirkliston, and also enclosed genealogical information. The photograph is so clear, and the data will certainly assist my endeavours in tracing my family tree.Thanks again for an excellent and really worthwhile service.

HUTCHISONAmazingWhat an amazing site that I have recently come across, thank you so much for the work and effort, as reasearching from England it is a godsend.

HUTCHISONAcademic research.What a useful resource. I can't quite believe that your work does not receive funding, it should, but well done anyway. Many thanks.

HUTHRosa Huth and other PhotosThank you for your help in taking photos and allowing others to see and use them. Without you and your team many of us researching Family History would not have the real knowledge that our Rellies are buried where stated. It is always nice to see a Monument meaning someone cared

HUTTFamily Tree helpMany thanks for this service - it is great to be able to see UK gravesites from Australia.

HUTTONWistaston - S F HuttonMany thanks for the photograph of Wistaston WW1 Memorial - I have a photograph which includes S F Hutton if you would like a copy.

HUTTONhutton grave stonethank you very much it has helped me a lot to find the grave stone

HUTTONHutton gravestoneThank you for responding so quickly with an image of my great-grandparents gravestone, Mary Ann Hutton and William Hutton. I thought the gravestone had been destroyed . I remember going to Arnos Vale cemetery with my mother in the 1950s to tend it.

HUTTON-HALLHuton - Hall Family From old reseach papers that my late Father held it stated that one origin of the Hall Family of Yorksire,Northumbria and Cumberland originated in Yorkshire from Huton-Hutton Hall Family and that the Family were in some way related to the Huton Family from Inglewood Forrest in Cumberland.

HUXTABLEany information appreciatedI have been researching the family of my late grandmother edith mary (nee huxtable) horton who lived in barnstaple but had moved to swansea before her marriage. I know she was illegitimate and born to ellen huxtable (father not named on birth cert) on her marriage cert her father is listed as charles - but I know she was brought up y an aunt of hers (name unknown) there is confusion as her grandmother was also a Huxtable and was unarried at the time of her birth. I think that ellen married a james bament, any information appreciated - my grandmother died when I was only 2 and never spoke much about her childhood so I am told.

HUXTABLEGreat Website.Thank you for the photo which I received yesterday. This service is wonderful. A big thank you to you and your volunteers. Debbie. Australia

HUXTABLEThank you.Once again thank you Charles and your wonderful volunteers for this service. Debbie. Australia

HUXTABLEThank you.Thank you once again for this wonderful resource. Please keep up the great work.

HUXTABLEThank-youWhat an incredible resource. I found one of my relatives lying beside her dad and mum. It seemed as if the husband was the last to die and had himself added to the family plot. She is described with her maiden name. I wonder what happened there. Many thanks! Julie Griffiths

HUXTABLEWilliam Huxtable b c1829Thank you very much for making these images available. It is a great help and your efforts are appreciated.

HUXTABLEHi,I have downloaded many Images, and thHi,I have downloaded many Images, and they have helped very much in searching for my Wife's family tree.Thanks,Paul

HUXTABLEThanks for sending the photo, great qualThanks for sending the photo, great quality. Appreciate the time and effort that goes into maintaining this website. It's a great resource.

HUXTABLEBertha Huxtable gravestone pictureThis is a great service, so helpful, many thanks

HYAMSThank You!I am the genealogist for my extended family and was pleasantly surprised to see you had the headstone for Molly Margaret Hyams. As I live in California, I truly appreciate the work that goes in to making this service available to those of us who either live abroad or have other difficulties in accessing cemeteries or record offices. Thank you!

HYDERThe GPR WebsiteWhat an excellent resource. I have only looked at one photo of a gravestone and found information that I had been looking for for ages.Obviously the site can only get bigger and better with more people sending in photos. I will try and find my camera and have a go myself.

HYEMMany thanksThank you for your prompt reply and excellent service.

HYMANBrilliantThank you so much for the photo of my relatives grave, you provide an excellent service. Invaluable resource for Family Research, keep up the good work. Paul.

HYMASHYMAS RAISTRICKThanks for your speedy reply. The quality of the photo surpassed my expectations. How refreshing to find someone who does not want to charge a small fortune for his services. I will definitely either donate or take some photos to submit.

HYNAMArthur Hynam/Herbert and Harold OsmondThank you so much Charles for sending the picture of my ancestors gravestone. One of the names that stand out for me is Herbert John Sherbourne Osmond (my great Uncle). He died in WW1 1914 - France and Flanders.

HYNAMArthur Hynam/Herbert and Harold OsmondThank you so much Charles for sending the picture of my ancestors gravestone. One of the names that stand out for me is Herbert John Sherbourne Osmond (my great Uncle). He died in WW1 1914 - France and Flanders.

HYNESThank You.Dorothy May Hynes, nee Collingham. Born 12 May 1921, Died 8 May 2012. Her brother Thomas Frederick Collingham also died at Mundesley 9 December 2013. Thank you to Charles Sale who was kind enough to send me a link to view a larger image of Dorothys' Gravestone, much appreciated.

ISTEDHENRY ISTED: Thank youThank you for such good quality images you sent so promptly. I will be using this site again.

KERSEYH. Maitland Kersey (1860-1941)Information is needed on marriage / divorce history of Henry Maitland Kersey after 1902. Married Ivy Wandesforde in Oakland, California (1883), divorced by 1902. Sailed White Star Line US-Britain frequently up to 1923. Specific residence / activity between 1916-1918 requested for maternal family research.

KIRKHANNAH KIRKThank you for providing this great resource. In studying the grave stone of Hannah Kirk (GPR grave number 17344) it appears to me that Walter and Evelina are the parents of Frederick not of Hannah. It turns out this is not the Hannah Kirk I am looking for but I very much appreciate your work.

LAXENRe: Birth, Death and Burial DatesMy Family History Records list Harry William Laxen with birth Jan 1864, Baptism 24 Apr 1864, Burial date 8 Sep 1895, Burial Place Sherringham, Norfolk, England. Source England Select Death and Burials. Your record, Web. Global, Gravestone Photograph Index list Harry William Laxen with Birth Year 1859, Burial Date 1890 and Burial Place Upper Sherringham, Norfolk, England, Cemetery All Saints. It may be because of, stone weathering, that the burial date listed as 1890 should be 1895. Would appreciate any help in reviewing the Monument. Regards, Keith Sharpan

MILLERHILDA FRANCES MILLERYour service has been very helpful and thank you for the timely response

MITCHINSONHENRY MITCHINSONI sincerely appreciate getting the gravestone photo to help me in my historical reseach for Henry Mitchinson. Thank you.

WHITEHARRY HEWLETT EALES WHITEThanks for letting me have the image of what I hope is my great great grandfather.


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