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List of all comment / feedback / help requests for Surnames starting with N

surnametitle of the comment / feedbackcomment / feedbacksubmittednum
NAISHThanksMany thanks for the photo of Henry's memorial, and of course for providing this invaluable resource. Having seen Henry's memorial image, and the incredibly helpful info on it I'm now keen to see the other related Naish memorials in the Arnos Vale cemetery.

NALLGravestone search and jpegThank you very much for the jpeg. The quality was wonderful. I really appreciate this service.

NANTESThank youCharles, thank you so much for the good quality photo which also clears up some questions. Very prompt service.

NAPIERThank You!What a great resource for people seeking family information lost over time.

NAPIERNAPIER/CUMMINGSMy father died before I was born. Had very little on his side. The NAPEIER photo helped with a lot of names.

NAPTHINEThank youThank you for taking the time to send me the images. It has been a great help in my family research

NARRAMOREElkanah Narramore, his wife and daughterVery many thanks for the image you sent to me of their grave in Totnes Municipal Cemetery. It is much appreciated.

NASHWhat an excellent siteI stumbled across this site by pure chance, it has answered a couple of questions and provided excellent quality pictures. A big thank you to all concerned

NASHVery helpful site and dedicated peopleThank you again for you dedicated service as always much appreciated this time found stone for one of my Great Aunts husband TY again

NAUMANNPhotos of headstonesThanks for providing that wonderful service. It is appreciated

NAVIERClaude NavierCan you tell me in which section/division you found the tomb for CLMH Navier...he is not famous enough to be listed on any of the other sites I have been looking at online (even the official one from the City of Paris!) Any location guidance (or map) would be very helpful

NAYLORFamily historyThe image of the gravestone of Winifred and Robert Naylor that I requested and found was very helpful

NAYLORThank youThank you for letting me have a really good picture of my husband's grandparents gravestone. We no longer live in the area so your website is invaluable to my research. When I retire at the end of the year, I am hoping I might be able to volunteer my help in photographing some headstones for the site.

NEALthis is the first person I have found in my family, so far enjoying this sitelooked for family and Hannah Neal was so far the only one I have found

NEALThank you, again!Thank you for providing such a wonderful resource for researching family history. I received the photos instantly and are simply beautiful. All your hard work is very much appreciated.

NEALEThank you so much. its an invaluable serThank you so much. its an invaluable service, and congratulations on it being free

NEASHAMWonderful websiteThis is a fantastic website, so kind that the information is provided free of charge.

NEAVEThank youThank you for great service. Great picture, very clear.

NEBBSThank youThank you for this valuable resource and for sending me the full size image so quickly. Your efforts are much appreciated

NEEDHAMtthank you so muchWow thank you so much for the extra fast reply and pic . What a fantastic service and what helpful info with it ... you are just too good !! many thanks and deepest appreciation .

NEEDHAMNeedhamMany thanks for this brillant website

NEEDHAMFantastic ResourceI'm very grateful for the time and effort put into this site by the participants. It has opened up many research avenues in my family history. Please continue with your great work. Not many people do this for free. You are to be applauded

NEEDHAMEllie Jane NeedhamThank you for your excellent serice

NEEDLEWhat a great website.For

NELSONNelson family Dacre areaMany thanks Charles for the photo much appreciated, I only had a year and qtr for deaths for Peter and Sarah so this helped a great deal with my family history researchRegardsJulie

NELSONThanksAn excellent facility that has been useful in genealogy research - many thanks

NELSONNelson Family TreeAn excellent resource that provides very quick information and HD visuals.

NELSONThomas Franklyn who married the widow of Richard Nelson born 1755 died 1785 I found your site extremely helpful, the gravestone image has helped me in my research of the Nelson family. Thank you very much I appreciate the work you do it is wonderful.

NESBITT4th GG GrandmotherThanks so much for the very quick sending of image of My 4TH GG Grandparents, and 4th Great Uncle. Was great to see the enlarged image so clearly.

NESFIELDThank YouMany thanks again for your efficient & helpful service. Appreciate the trouble you go to.

NESFIELDMany thanks for helping to solve a familMany thanks for helping to solve a family history puzzle.

NESSAppreciationI was overwhelmed with the information on the monument I found on your site. Not just one name but 11! This has been such a help in sorting out this branch of my family tree. Very many thanks. I will add the dates and relationships that I know.

NETHERCOTTBessie and Thomas NethercottThank you for sending me the photograph of the headstone. Please can I have your permission to include it in my family tree on

NEVERSONThanks again for the help. It is always Thanks again for the help. It is always valuable to find the grave marker as they contain wonderful information!

NEVILLEBessie NevilleThank you for your help on this gravestone

NEVILLE-ROLFEgravestone imageMany thanks appreciate the efforts your website does brilliant

NEVISONthankyougreat job lovely photo,a big thankyou

NEWGravestone of John NewThank you for your prompt response to my request for the image of the gravestone of my paternal great grandfather. I was grateful for the link to search for other gravestones with the surname New.

NEWThank you yet again for the brilliant seThank you yet again for the brilliant service you provide

NEWF.A.Newbelieved to be Frederick Arthur NEW, born Myland, Colchester, ex constable W. Suffolk police. Injured and invalided home January 1916. returned to France and was killed in action

NEWALLNEWALL headstoneThank you so much for your very quick response to my request for a photo of a potential relative's headstone. You made it very easy for me, since you sent the picture in good large format. If you don't mind, I highly recommend you won't hesitate to request your services again.

NEWBEGINWilliam Newbegin, Medical MissonaryThanks for the beautiful photo. I suspect it is for a different branch of Newgegins, but I did forward it to a distant cousin.

NEWBERRYGrateful thanksThe response to my request for information regarding this name was very quick and extremely helpful. I will enjoy taking my mum to some of the sites of her family ancestors.

NEWBOULDNewbouldThank you so much for the very fast response to my request. The picture came through very clear -much appreciated.

NEWBOULDGravestone photosThe photos of the gravestones of Newbould family members of interest to me, has helped clarify a couple of family relationships, and missing dates of birth and death. All in all a very valuable resource. I will be using it again, and hope to provide photographs myself.

NEWBOULDSo helpful and useful.This is now the fifth gravestone I have aquired from this site and I have been able to fill-in so many gaps on my tree. The latest for example shows not only husband and wife but also their 5 children. Congratulations on maintaining such a valuable resource.

NEWELLThank you Thanks you so much for the photograph of the Newell gravestone. Lovely clear photo and much appreciated.

NEWELLGuilden Morden Newell'sReally nice to have this resource available. Many thanks.

NEWELLTom D NewellI am interested in hearing from anyone researching the family of Tom D Newell - pantomime dame

NEWELLHeadstone RequestThank you for your prompt reply. So great to think someone has taken the time to help others and allow them to add a photo to the Family Tree. Photo's are a good quality. Thanks again for all your help.

NEWHAMHenry BenthallThe information on the head stone I was searching for proved to be a bit unusual in that it contained the birth place of this person along with his year of birth and his wife\'s name. Some of this information confirmed with out doubt that it was the correct head stone and the birth place enabled me to progress further with my search, leading me all the way back to 1035.Thanks very much for the use of your free site it was a tremendous help. I will be in touch with details of our local cemetery in Purton, Wiltshire, and how to access photo\'s of the head stones.Regards, Bob Kavanagh

NEWLANDSFlorence Hester Newlands nee Tighe was bFlorence Hester Newlands nee Tighe was born in Sydney Australia in 1868 she married Arthur Ward Newton aka Newlands 25.03.1893 they had 3 childrenand emigrated back to England. Arthur birth name was Abraham Albert Nathan.

NEWLANDSIrene Florence Newton/Newlands- Reenie Irene Florence Newton/Newlands- Reenie 1898 Melbourne VIC was the daughter of Arthur Newton/Newlands and Florence Hester Tighe not a daughter in law.

NEWMANAwesome resourceThank you so much! The service is fantastic for those of us who live on the other side of the world and are researching our ancestors.

NEWMANNEWMAN.MULLETT,SMYTH.CARLIELLI Would Like To Thank Charles For This Website It Is Very Helpful For Family History. Again THANKYOU CHARLES

NEWMANWrong name displayedI requested a headstone photo for Samuel NEWMAN but got the info for George TIMMS. What is going on??? .... more

NEWMANAppreciationMy many thanks for this website. Great to have another source of information and pictures for my ancestry search. Will be spending a bit of time matching any of my ancestors with this information. Many thanks again, Paul N.

NEWMANA big thank youThanks again for a wonderful research resource. Sometimes it’s easier to work your way backwards from a cemetery plot when you’re researching your Family history and this has proved indispensable in my research as I said before much appreciation to those that keep the site running. One piece of feedback I’m not sure how practical it is given the the age of the site. Many of the images of the gravestones are at a fairly low resolution so it is hard to pick up details on the grave stone. .... more

NEWMANJane NEWMANJane Newman, first name on the monument in St George church burial ground, Portland, Dorset, England. She was Jane ATTWOOL bap. 7 Jun 1795, bur. 11 Jan 1862, married John NEWMAN, 2 Feb 1822, all in Portland, Dorset. T.N.

NEWMARCHMissing gravestoneHi, I am looking for the gravestone of William Newmarch. He was the son of William and Catherine Newmarch (I’ve requested a photo of their grave). He died in 1887 before his parents aged 26 and according to the burial records was buried by the same vicar yet I cannot see a gravestone. Could this be because it is there but illegible? I live in New Zealand so cannot come and hunt! Many thanks Margaret

NEWMARCHVery fast serviceVery fast and helpful service. Many thanks.

NEWNAMAmos NewnamThis photo of my great grand father's grave was the first thing I found when I started my family history search. It was so exciting to see! Thank you for a great resource, and I hope to go and visit the grave in person one day.

NEWNHAMSteven Vidler NewnhamThank you so much for all the work you do to bring these gravestones to people. Well impressed. Maureen

NEWNHAMThank you Thank you very much for providing such an interesting and valuable web site,I found it so helpful, and the images are so clear.

NEWSHAMThank youThank you. As always a first stop when looking for a grave in Yorkshire.

NEWSONthree photos requestedThanks for fast response and beautifully photographed gravestones.

NEWSONNewson Harold Edwin Gravestone photographThank you Charles for providing me with a photo so quickly for Harold Edwin Newson,it greatly adds to my personal family tree.

NEWSONThank youCharles. Many thanks for your quick response to my request for the 2 head stone photo's of (a)Susan and (b)Mark Howard Newson in Little Glenham.Susan Newson nee Howard, was born in Eyke and the rest of her family are buried in Butley. Kind Regards

NEWSONAppreciation of headstone picturesResearching a family tree, especially from a distance is very difficult and finding your site, and all the gravestone pictures was extremely helpful. Your photography provided many clues, and I know have much more information on my ancestors. Thank you from Vancouver, Canada

NEWSONThanksThank you for maintaining this site. It has proved useful in the past but not sure the gravestone of Samuel Newson is relevant to me as there is no date on it, however worth looking at. If ever visiting a graveyard I will take pics and send them to you.

NEWSONGravestone PhotographHi Charles Thank you for the photograph of Lilian Newson gravestone.

NEWSONThank youThank you so much for this wonderful site, and for all your help.

NEWSONThank YouWhen I requested a copy of the headstone I had no idea it would be made available almost immediately. Thank you for this service it is much appreciated by an amateur sleuth.

NEWTONThank youThanks for providing a link to the photo.

NEWTONTHANKSJust wanted to say thanks very much for the great image of the gravestone of William Newton, it has really helped in my research of my family. Thanks Charles for all your hard work and for doing such a great job at providing such a helpful service.

NEWTONThanksI just came upon the website by chance. How interesting and comprehensive. I will send for a volunteer pack as there seems to be no one near me doing this.

NEWTONBrilliant!Thank you so much for a fabulous, quick service. Added extra information to my family tree that I would not have found without a long journey!

NEWTONCommentI would like to express my appreciation of this site and to thank all of those who have enabled it. Sincerely, Karen

NIBLETTNIBLETT/BICKBrilliant website very pleased to have a photograph of my great great grandparents gravestone, will use website in the future

NICHOLETTSBISHOPS FROME-- St MaryI will be visiting Herefordshire wihing the nest month & wondered with the memorial to "Ann Mary Christiana Skynner wife of Colonel Gilbert Nicholetts and daughter of Gilbert Ignatius Doyge of brussels in Flanders. She died 19th July 1770 aged 74" can still be viewed at the church. Look forward to your reply Kind regards Trevor .... more

NICHOLLS3rd headstonethis is the 3rd headstone i have found on you site .thank you pat

NICHOLLSgreatwhat a great website i was wearing my glasses!

NICHOLLSMary Ann & Richard NichollsThank you for the photograph. This is a wonderful thing you are doing for all of us who search for our family members.

NICHOLLSRichard and Ann NichollsVery grateful for the information and photograph of my 3x great grandparents! Another piece of the jigsaw of my family history Thank you.

NICHOLLSGravestone ImageThank you for providing the image of my Grandmother and Grandfather's headstone.

NICHOLSThanksCharles ,Thankyou so much for the images via online. One inparticular is very clear. I have a couple of headstone images that I will sort out and send to you . Cheri

NICHOLSAlbert & Lily Ada Dexter NicholsThank you for providing access to the Headstone pic that you have on file. Lily Ada is in my kids family tree on their mother's side

NICHOLSThanksThank you for this site, its much easier than travelling miles and miles just for one Headstone!

NICHOLSGolcar Baptist ChurchFirstly I would like to thank you for sending me a reply to my request, I have been unable to find any graves from Golcar, but this site is amazing, and how wonderful that you do this all for free. Thank you again.

NICHOLSGeorge NicholsThank you for the speedy response to my request. George Nichols died 1902

NICHOLSThank YouI am very thankful for the time and effort all the volunteers are putting into this amazing website. Very much appreciated. What a great idea.

NICHOLSONElizabeth NicholsonMany thanks for the photo of Elizabeth Nicholson's headstone - which I received - you do a wonderful job with this website - and I will certainly try and help in some small way - again many thanks

NICHOLSONThanks for the picture - Rev Henry NicholsonThanks for this picture - really useful :-)

NICHOLSONgravestone imageThank you for the image I received. It was a great help

NICHOLSONThankyouThankyou for the image

NICHOLSONNicholsons in HartlepoolThanks so much for the photo of the grave of Mary Nicholson (ne Alcock), d.13.08.1859. She was my 3x great grandmother. Her children who died in infancy have helped to fill some holes in my tree. Interestingly, Mary and husband Michael (d. 1870 - buried elsewhere) re-used the names of deceased children, Michael and Eleanor, for children born later: Michael (my 2x great grandfather), b. 1846, and Eleanor, b. 1849.

NICHOLSONNicholson gravestone imageThank you very much for your quick response (within hours) with the image of my maternal great grandmother's grave.Brilliant quality.Will be sure to use your site again.Thanks again DH.

NICHOLSONFamily HistoryThank you for this monument image. It provided me with extra information regarding Donald Nicholson who married into the Grant family.

NICHOLSONImage RequestI have just requested an enlarged image, and was amazed and delighted to receive an instant link. The quality and clarity of the image is brilliant, and I was able to see the names of my 5 x Great grandparents John and Hannah Nicholson and their family. Many thanks to all involved in such a fantastic project - it's much appreciated!

NICOLI found this site very helpful in gaininI found this site very helpful in gaining information for my family research, well done. .... more

NICOLLTHE NICOLL FAMILY, ARBROATH, SCOTLANDAny information on this family, who lived in the St Vigeans area of Arbroath, will be much appreciated.My interest lies in the descendants of David and Bryce Nicoll (nee Barrie) and their children. I know of George Griffith, David, William and Frederick. I am not sure if there were any female siblings but it would be good to know if there were. Any help or gravestone photographs will be much appreciated.

NICOLSONThanks for the Nicolson PhotoI was searching yesterday once again looking for any information on my Nicolson relatives and came across this wonderful site - I wish I had found you before. Thank you for providing this amazing free service especially for us who live a long distance from Scotland. Also, thanks to all the volunteers for their research and photos - Tricia

NICOLSONWilliam Lyall and Fred NicolsonThank you for providing this wonderful service. The gravestone photos I have requested are so very much appreciated.

NIGHTINGALEgravestone imageReally useful site and very prompt in replying to request. Highly recommendable and an absolutely wonderful idea.

NIGHTINGALEMany thanksI am very pleased to have a gravestone photo for my research. I appreciate it as i would never be able to visit the graveyard personally.

NIGHTINGALENightingale-Hall-Walton connectionThe photo of William Hall Nightingale's grave stone is most appreciated The picture quality is very good. I will try and do my best to help this wonderful endeavor.

NILSONThank youThanks Charles for the quick response to my request. I am the Errol S Nilson whose name appears on the plaque. I am Per Nilsson's Ggrandson. I had this plaque made and installed as I have done for my Ggrandmother,Grandmorher and Grandfather. I will send these and some others I have. Will consider to become a volunteer. He changed his name to Peter Nilson when he arrived in Australia in 1873

NITZCorrect of first nameNitz, Guenther

NIVISONThanks once again for such a great serviceThanks once again for such a great service - NIVISON, THOMAS AND FAMILY

NIXthank you this is a very thoughtful servthank you this is a very thoughtful service

NIXgravestone of william nixthis is truly a wonderful service wordwide thank you

NIXONNIXON GALLAGHER FINLAYThanks for all the work and research you so generously provide to others.

NOADGravestone Images,Delighted with quality of the photos and amazed at the speed my request was dealt with. Now that I have discovered the I realised I must download my own photos

NOAKESMany thanks for imageThanks

NOBBSPhoto of the wrong gravestone I requested the photograph of the gravestone of William Nobbs who was born in 1827 and buried in Mendham but the photo attached was of different person's grave stone. .... more

NOBLEThank youMany thanks for the photograph of the gravestone of Colin Vivian Noble (my great-great-uncle). A wonderful addition to my family history files.

NOBLEThank you for providing the images of thThank you for providing the images of the headstone for Henry Noble at Walton, Yorkshire. As a likely direct descendant in South Australia I find this service to be incredibly useful in compiling information for my family. Best Regards, Nick Noble

NOBLEThanks againThanks again for providing such prompt service. This time I believe I have asked for the correct image, and to receive it so quickly is amazing! Best Regards to all involved.

NOCKOLDSLydia Nockolds, Samuel Riches Nockolds, Timothy ColemanCharles Sale - Thank you for sending the beautiful photo of the gravestone for Lydia and Samuel Nockolds. I really appreciate your dedication and hard work. It takes a lot of organization and sincere interest to do a project like yours. Thanks again, you are certainly appreciated. Jo Roberts.

NODENPhoto of the Gravestone of Robert Frederick Noden and Jean Hargrave JohnsonGood photos that have saved me lots of time in my research, I know how much work this represents, thanks for the work on the project

NORFOLKThank youThank you so much for your prompt reply to my request. This is the 3rd time I have used your service which is first class and also invaluable for people who live outside the UK. Please keep up the good work.

NORLEYThank youMr Charles Sales......a grateful thank you ...I would never have been able to access this information on my own behalf...time and distance make it quite impossible. It is an invaluable service to those of us who care about our family histories.

NORLEYThank youOnce again my deepest thanks for providing an invaluable resource for those prevented by time, distance or whatever, from accessing these gravesites.

NORMANAmazing resourceThank you very much for your help, this is an amazing genealogy resource.

NORMANGreat siteGreat website Charles. Thanks very much for the photos.

NORMANWilliam Norman, North Devon, his parents?Many thanks for prompt reaction, the gravestone at Combe Martin did not yield any useful information, the search continues

NORMANDear Charles, Thank you so much for youDear Charles, Thank you so much for your prompt and pleasant assistance with my gravestone research on my Norman family. So very much appreciated. Sincerely, Kerry

NORMANExcellent resourceWhat an excellent and simple to use resource this is!

NORMANThank you for a very quick response.I appreciated the very detailed photos that were sent so quickly. We are going to this churchyard in the near future and will now know what to look for. The two deceased were my grandfather and grandmother who lived in Great Cressingham.

NORMANNORMAN & SHAPTONThis wonderful resource has helped me untangle a few knots in my family tree where my ancestors had the same names recurring multiple times. Since I can't visit these cemeteries in person, I really appreciate this resource.

NORMANNorman's of Felthorpe Norfolk. Thanks for your helpGreat site. Great Photos. Thanks, I have added you to my Favourites :)

NORMANthanksThank you very much for the image of Frederick and Frances Norman's headstone. I was amazed at how quickly I had access to it (less than 12 hours) what a fantastic resource!

NORMANDALEresearch for genealogical reasons See above

NORMANTONThank youThank you so much for the photos of the Normanton grave. I only sent in the request last night and received the photos this morning. It is very much appreciated.

NORQUAYThank you for providing this valuable seThank you for providing this valuable service.

NORRISThank you very much, a really useful resThank you very much, a really useful resource

NORRISHFound your site through Devonrequest @ rFound your site through Devonrequest @ rootsweb what a great site you have, found my Devon Norrish first search, will help with photos of my own from Lancashire

NORTHGreat resourceMany thanks for organising this. Gravestones are a valuable source of death dates and relationships.

NORTONVery many thanksThank you so much for the amazing image of my great,great grandfather's headstone I had no idea before starting my family history where my ancestors had originated from This has helped me so much in my research Thank you very much for your help

NORTONThank youThank you so much, what a wonderful resource. I live in NSW and my Grandmothers family come from Victoria and SA.

NORTONThank youThank you for allowing me to view the photo of my great, great grandparents gravestone - Benjamin & Faith Norton.

NOTLEYDelighted to find this resourceMany thanks to everyone for their efforts on this site. Sometimes our only hope of a photo is a gravestone. I've researched my own local graveyard so I appreciate the effort. We all have to give in order to take.

NOTLEYEMILY & RICHARD NOTLEY - GravestonesI've been researching my ancestors in England. My aunt went over there in the 1960's and located the stones and wrote down what she saw. The marker I'm researching is for Emily Notley, my great grandfather's sister. The photo your organization sent me only shows one side of the marker According to my aunt, there is more information on the other side/s of the stone. One documents that Emily's son was killed in WWI and where he was buried. Also, Emily's daughter Mabel Emily; it documents that she was a Sister of a religious order of St. Mary's Baldslow. I would appreciate, if anyone has, or could obtain these photos for me for documentation in my ancestry research. I was thrilled to find this site and pictures. I had given up hope of ever being able to see my family's stones. Thank you

NOTMANGrave number: 47684: Name on the monument: Elijah NotmanWell done what all researchers have been waiting for. Your hard work is much appreciated. The photograph will help me with further research.Thank you

NOTTThank you for this valuable resource!Just want to thank you for providing this resource. Seeing pictures makes the family history come alive! I really appreciate being able to see in pictures what I will probably not be able to see in person. Also, having facts/photos helps support the information we put in genealogy data bases.

NOTTAGEExcellent resource Thank you for providing this excellent resource

NUDDSNudds GravestoneThank you for the gravestone photo I requested and so quick. Thank you also to the volunteer who photographed and indexed it. Heather


NUMEROUSWilliam Henry Wiggin and Elizabeth Ethelston WigginWilliam Henry Wiggin(1888-1951) and Elizabeth Ethelston Wiggin were husband and wife.Elizabeth's maiden name was Power(1893-1959)Married 28 Oct 1935 ,St Margarets ,Westminster.

NUNNNunn family , ColchesterIt was helpful to find out further information about Roger Nunn. I am a direct descendent of this man - my mother being Phyllis Nunn and her father being Josiah Nunn. I would be interested in hearing from any other family members who may have further information about the family

NUNNGratefulHi, thanks for letting me have the image of my ancestor's headstone. It means a lot. Moira

NURSEepiitaphsthank you for putting this on line it is exciting when you are find ancestors that you did not know thank kathy

NURSEThank youThank you so much for this excellent service and sending me the clear photo image. It has certainly helped me tie in some details of my family tree. Much appreciated.

NUSSEYResponse to information Thank you for the prompt response to my request for a grave photo. It's good to know that there are people like you preserving the details on gravestones and memorials. There are so many that have been destroyed by the weather and I feel that seeing a stone is rather like viewing a photo of the person concerned. It makes them feel more real and means so much more than the documents, however useful, that can be found on sites like Ancestry. I'm interested in having a look at any other family gravestones available. What a pity people abuse your site.

NUTKINSnutkins familythank you for a very prompter reply

NUTMANGPR is excellent!I stumbled upon this fantastic resource on Thanks to the comprehensive work of Charles Sale I was able to view an ancestral gravestone with precious information. Though a trip to Bamburgh is always lovely, it's not always practical living in Texas. Again, this is an amazing treasure chest of information! Thanks again!

NUTTALLThankyouThank you for the swift response and enlarged photo for the Nuttall family gravestone in All Saints cemetery, Youlgreave. This will help with my research

NUTTALLNuttallsMany thanks for prompt response. I did not realise the MI was inside the church. There are 3 generations here, all were wealthy and well-respected land agents and surveyors in Matlock, but with Youlgrave ancestry.

NUTTALLPhotoThank you so much for the very prompt response to my Rachel Hayes photo request. Rachel was the mother of Alice Hayes Nuttall. Alice married Robert Holt Nuttall.

NYEMany thanksThank you Charles for such an efficient and helpful service.]I now have a very clear photograph of my grandfather's tombstone, Henry James Nye, and of his Partner Ada. I can now add these to my Family Tree


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