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List of all comment / feedback / help requests for Surnames starting with E

surnametitle of the comment / feedbackcomment / feedbacksubmittednum
BURGON ELSPETH BURGON - Thank You CharlesThank you very much for the picture of Elspeth Burgon`s headstone. A very important part of our heritage is being kept alive by the wonderful research that you do free of charge. I have used this site about seven times when researching my ancestors and the always respond quickly to requests. Regards Steve Hooper

EADEthank youThank you for the image. Much appreciated, thank you!

EAGLANDvery happy was very happy with the quick service , you are providing a great service for people who can not get to visit these places , keep up the good work , many thanx Craig

EAGLESFIELDDISTANT HEADSTONEThank you for the high quality image of the headstone of Margaret Eaglesfield. What a marvellous resource this website is.

EALESMany Thanks!Thank you for the speedy response to my request, this site has been extremely useful filling in some gaps in my research!

EARISHEarishThank you for your prompt response to my request for details of the headstone of my ancestors. This is a very valuable historical resource. I would be interested in contacting others who are researching the Earish family tree. I can be contacted on

EARLEThank you.I'm very grateful to you and your team for providing such a great photograph and service. Thanks again.

EARLEE Clifford Earle, Lt.Wow, thank you for the photograph.

EARLEPhoto imageGreetings Charles from New Zealand. Thank you for the photo image of one of my ancestors. I am very pleased with the image's high quality, which will now be placed on his profile page in my Family Tree.

EARLEWonderful resourceI have been researching the family tree for my brother-in-law and I am so glad I have found this resource. Brilliant! It has helped to confirm some of the details I have found on the Ancestry website. Well done! I will certainly try and get to my local graveyard to take some photographs and help build up this resource.

EARLEGreat SiteThis is a great site for researching family tree information. Thanks for all your efforts to share this information.

EARLESCharles Earles, Rebecca EarlesThank you so much for your speedy action in providing me with a photo of John Earles' gravestone. It has added more clarity to the little I already know about him and his family.

EARNSHAWThank you so much for your quick responsThank you so much for your quick response to my inquiry. I will definitely be coming back to this site as I proceed with my family search!!

EARNSHAWThank youYour website is an invaluable resource and my grateful thanks go to all concerned.

EARTHROLLFamily TreeSuperb site and fantastic service.I do not know how you manage to cope with the obvious high number of requests that are received. The results e.mailed to me have led to other relatives unknown. Extremely grateful and will spread the word. Keep up the excellent service.David E.

EARTHROLLEARTHROLL/DURRANTThank you for the wonderful service you and your team around the world are providing.

EASONThank youWhat a great resource. Thank you so much for providing this prompt and efficient service. Amazing.

EASTEast grave PhotoThank you so much for the better copy of the East grave which I recieved. Regards, Shirley

EASTHusband's ancestorsMany thanks for the photo. This has helped in researching my husband's family tree. Grace & John are his 3rd great grandparents.

EASTExcellent photosI have been very impressed by the speed of service, the quality of the photos provided. I have used this service together with other sites which give burial details and have found it to be excellent in every way. Many thanks

EASTABROOKThankyou for forwarding the photographs Thankyou for forwarding the photographs of my grandparents graves, this has been really helpful as they link in so well with the work I am currently doing on my family tree. Your help is much appreciated.

EASTAUGHMany thanksI was very impressed with both the speed of the reply and the quality of the photo. A little disappointed that the names of other people requesting the same photo did not appear in the email.

EASTERExcellantWhat a wonderful find the GPR is and a big thank you for the very speedy response for a photo. You and your dedicated band of volunteers actually help bring my predecessors a step closer to the present day.

EASTERThank you Charles for your help.i do havThank you Charles for your help.i do have a few graves from various churches in Lincolnshire for you.i have passed them on to someone else as he was sending you some graves also-so i apologize if you do get some doubles.I am recovering from a heart attack so had better get a move on .

EASTERThanksHi Charles,just another thank you for speedy reaction to my request.

EASTLANDAnn Eastland Grave Photo GPR grave number 286792 - image name 1323Charles, Many thanks for your prompt reply and access to the Gravestone Photograph for the above family. It is much appreciated. Al

EASTMANThank you!Thank you very much for the quick response and for the time and effort you have put into this site, very useful resource.

EASTONThankyou very much for the photo. It is Thankyou very much for the photo. It is much appreciated. Regards Judith

EASTONExcellent serviceA fabulous service. Really quick and the quality of images is great. It has definitely helped in my research.

EASTWOODBridge, Kent,EnglandPlease could anyone visiting cemeteries in this area keep a look out for a Grave for Llewellyn John Eastwood 1878-1944 and his wife Catherine 1882-1970.Thank You this would be much appreciated.

EATWELLThank youThe speed in which you provided the photo was amazing. You have a wonderful website and provide a terrific service. Thank you again.

EATWELLThank youThe speed in which you provided the photo was amazing. You have a wonderful website and provide a terrific service. Thank you again.

ECCLESThank youAn excellent resource with very prompt service

ECCLESHALL OLIVE MURIEL ECCLESHALL Hi Charles, Thank you for the image of the gravestone. It's still confirmed that my Granddads name isn't on it after many years of which I haven't been there. The picture is very sharp and clear. I'll use this service again for another relative.

ECKEck pinnerI have a postcard sent by my grandfather to a Miss Smith c/o Mrs Eck New Dove House Pinner. Any info on either person would be appreciated.

EDDMONDSONThank you very much for providing this eThank you very much for providing this excellent service. I appreciate having this historic record.

EDENFeedback from a request to view Charlotte Maria North grave monumentThank you for your very prompt reply to my request. There was no image displayed on the link you sent me, but it did contain the transcription of what was on the monument which was extremely helpful. I would love to see the image if possible though. Despite not being able to view the image this time, I would like to say what a fantastic resource you provide. .... more

EDENTerrific ServiceThis is the second time I have received a photo from Charles Sale and as before my pic arrived so fast. It's great that I can get a gravestone picture from England sent to me in Australia. Thanks so much.

EDENDury/Eden FamilyWould just like to thank you for the opportunity to have a photograph of the gravestone for one of my ancestors. Your work is much appreciated.

EDGEThank you Charles for your quick responsThank you Charles for your quick response and forwarding on the Images of our relatives Gravestone. Which is most helpful.

EDGECOMBEFantastic - a big thank youThank you so much Charles for the very efficient service that you provide. I very much appreciate the work you are doing. It is such a great help for people that live interstate and cannot come to W.A.

EDINGTONGravestone photographsI have two photographs plus my interpretation of the MIs. from Dirleton Parish Churchyard. Would these be of any interest to you for addition to your lists?

EDMONDThank youMany thanks for your photos of the gravestones I requested. This will be very helpful

EDMONDThank youThank you for such a wondeful service.

EDMONDSONThank youThank you so much for your help with my requests, this is a fantastic resource. Although I do not have time to photograph all graves locally to Wordsley, Stourbridge , I can look for specific ones on request. Thanks again.

EDMONDSONFamily researchExcellent site for family research.Thanks to all who have given their valuable time photographing and uploading details on to this invaluable site.

EDMONDSONEdmondson gravestoneThanks for sending the photograph so promptly. Your site proved really useful as I had missed this particular grave on visiting this church in person.

EDMONDSONEdmondson and related - Wibsey and Lighcliffe.Thank you for helping me locate Robert and Lucy Edmondson in St. Matthews , Lighcliffe. What a fantastic website, thanks again.

EDMUNDSMany ThanksMany thanks for the quick response to my requests. This is a brilliant site which will prove to be a great help in my research.

EDMUNDSedward edmundsthankyou as I thought he was buried in scotland

EDMUNDSGrave 334106The relationships deduced are not correct. Thomas (1847-1864) was the son of Elizabeth (c1820-1895) and Thomas (1812-1848). This Thomas was a brother of Anne (1820-1860) and both were children of Thomas (1786-1853), the Lay Choral.

EDRICHEssential ResourceAs time passes, the condition of gravestones that have been preserved so far deteriorates. Without such web sites as and the generous time of volunteers to record them and maintain the web site, many of us would not have photographic evidence of our ancestors burial sites to add to our genealogy. Thank you very much.

EDSERGrave request Annie EdserAlthough I had put in a request late one evening, I had a reply by the next morning! Thank you Charles for a excellent service. I was able to confirm the other names as her siblings and add birth years. They are related as second cousins 3x removed. I will be using again later in my research.

EDSERRequest Richard EdserThank you for your brilliant endeavours, the help you give is invaluable. My family tree branches end complete

EDWARDSThank youThanks so much for the image service. My friend is a descendant of Jane and William Edwards (I'm pretty sure, anyway) and she is making a family history trip to England and Ireland later this year - this is exactly the sort of thing she wants to see.

EDWARDSJust UnbelievableThanks to Charles, I have been able to see where my relatives are. I feel a connection because of Charles and his work. I live In Australia and would not have been able to see the church and headstone if it wasn't for Charles. I cannot thank him enough he is truly an exceptional person. Gael Smith Australia Great Great Great Granddaughter of Edward and Hannah Edwards

EDWARDSEDWARDS/ISSACSONThank you for responding so quickly and sharing your photos. I came across your site by chance and not being able to get out and about much I found your site very helpful indeed. Perhaps one day I will find my father's grave too on your website which would bring him closer to me. He was buried in Bahrain. Well done everyone and keep up the good work.

EDWARDSEDWARDS/ JOCEThank you so much for the photos. I really appreciate it. I might never get to England - so this is the next best thing. Regards, Ruth

EDWARDSthanksReally good photos thanks - I will try to add some later

EDWARDSEdwards family of Dolserau, Dolgellau, MerionyddThank you very much for the image the grave of of Charles Edwards, Dolserau. (1825 - 1889). Nice would have been an impossible place for me to visit. I would be happy to be contacted by anyone else researching this name. Chris

EDWARDSThank you Thank you so much for the wonderful service you provide

EDWARDSThank youI would like to give a big thank you for sending me access to photographs of family headstones. Without the help and time taken by the people who take these photo's and those that work on this website, I would never have the chance to see these headstones as I live too far away. Once again thank you and your help is much appreciated

EDWARDSThankyouAs we live in Australia it has been wonderful that we have been able to view the grave of my Husband's Grandmother. This has been appreciated very much.

EDWARDSThank you.Thank you for this wonderful FREE resource.

EDWARDSThankyou for providing this valuable infThankyou for providing this valuable information for my family history research so that I can research from the comfort of my armchair.

EEDSDiscoveryI had assumed that our last name, Eeds, was an American mis-spelling of the English name Eades. But now I find our spelling on a three-hundred year-old English tombstone. Thank you.

EGGETTEgget family historyThank you very much for the images of my families graves stones. I just need to locate them in the cemetery. .... more

EGLENEGLEN AND/OR GROOMHello Unfortunately, I am not in a position to be able to go round photographing gravestones in the uk (although, if it would be of any assistance, I could help in the area of France I am living in). I was wondering if there are any records of the second cemetary at Helhoughton, up the Raynham Road? Or of the graveyard surrounding the tiny church at Burnham Norton St Margerets, both in Norfolk? Thank you Ruth .... more

EICKENLOFFVery GoodVery Good service, good way for people to work together

EISDALEThank youThank you

EKEThank youThank you Charles for your help in providing the connection link to the photographs for my family research. I will certainly recommend your site.

ELANDEland-Apolonia AdrainaThankyou for your prompt reply. what a great site! unfortunately, even though you sent me a link I still could not see the metioned monument.The link took me to your site and the details but I could not find any images.thankyou for your help though. Michaela .... more

ELDERThank you!Thank you for your work! I am reasearhing my family tree, at preasent the maternal line. I wished to see if the John Elder was the nephew of my G G Grandmother Isabella Cook (nee Paterson) born Leslie, Fife, Scotland. I believe it is. I have a letter from his younger sister Isabella Elder in Swaziland which mentions her brother's death on 27th March 1923. The family moved to Berkshire from Scotland when John was 8yrs old or younger. Not sure yet about Elizabeth. I have not checked marriages. His mother was an Elizabeth (nee Paterson), but died and was buried in Swaziland a few months after John died. This has been a great help. Thanks Christine Smith.

ELDERSbirth datejoseph elders born 1851 married to sarah umpleby born 1845 married 1872 children of above fanny elders born 23 nov 1878 annie Gertrude elders 1877 Beatrice elders 1882

ELDERSThanks!Many thanks for the excellent photo of George and Hannah Elders' gravestone. So pleased to have found this site.

ELDRIDName linked to wrong graveDear Sir, I am looking for the grave of E Norton Eldrid at Dorking Municipal Graveyard. Although the grave is listed the link goes through to the photo for the grave of a different person - are you able to help please?

ELEYEley family from suffolkDear Charles thank you for the picture I will be glad to sent you some more pictures of gravestone my cemetry is Finchley in North London and some of my family are also burried in tottenham cemetry We are visting suffolk cowlinge on the 26th july 2010 for the day again thanks

ELFORD'Mystery' ElfordJames Elford's gravestone is unfortunately not the same as the 'Mystery' James in our ancestors grave. The date only varies by 5 days though. He also has a brother Arthur who was one of his pallbearers. This gravestone includes an Arthur. Perhaps they are cousins. Thank you for the enlarged image, I will keep searching.

ELFORDFeed back requestI am a member of the Great Grimsby Family History Group and have assisted in photographing the equivalet graves in the local cemeteries which have been put on the web. I found it rewarding to help others in the same situation as myself to locate graves miles from where they live.

ELKINSThank youThis is an excellent website, easy to use and my thanks to all the volunteers who photograph the graves and make it possible.

ELLAThanksThanks for the image.I have lots of photos of gravestones for my ancestors can I upload them to you website?

ELLARELLAR / ELLA - Excellent service, thank you.This is a great website for finding photographs of your ancestors graves, i would highly recommend it to all. I hope more cemeteries are added over time. Thank you again.

ELLENDERThankyou so much for the photo of my disThankyou so much for the photo of my distant relations grave. Regards, Peter.

ELLERBECKThankyouThankyou Charles for your wonderful speedy service

ELLERBYA Big Thank You for Solving a Puzzle!Finding the images of the grave of these three sisters has solved a puzzle as to where they are buried, for which i am extremely grateful for your wonderful and valuable resource.

ELLERBYThank youI would like to thank you for forwarding me pictures of the Ellerby family from Ulceby. I have only just come across the name in my family tree so I found the pics a great help. Lesley Airey

ELLERKERThanksA great service and thanks Charles for your prompt replies

ELLERTONHeadstone photoMany thanks for the excellent photo, which showed dates of death for three members of the Ellerton family.

ELLEYThanksThank you for the pic of Thomas Benson Elley's grave. As I am in New Zealand and unable to see it for myself, I really appreciate your service.

ELLICOTTA valuable service.Thank you for a valuable resource to help locate family headstones. I can now visit the graveyard again with a clear trail to help find the grave of a distant relative.

ELLIKERELLIKER /HOPPER/RAINEThank you for image. hopper married into elliker/raine family in 1840.pre 1837 links are proving elusive. image could represent earlier generation than thought , grand parents of my ancestor also hannah , whose father was also robert.agreat help in establishing roots in late 18th century.

ELLIOTPrompt receipt of imagesThe William Elliot you kindly supplied is not the cousin of my great grandmother. Thanks Regards Geoff.

ELLIOTTGravestone photo request thank you.I just wish to sincerely thank you for the beautiful image you provided of my grt grt grandmother's gravestone, as I'm not sure that it now still exists. I'm very touched.

ELLIOTTElliott HistoryI am researching my maternal grandmother Dottie Elliott's ancestors from Nottingham. The direct information is that her family worked in lace factories in same. Her father was Henry, his father George, his father George. They did go on the Fairlie to Sydney, Australia. I want to know about their lives.Thank you

ELLIOTTThomas ElliottSorry to hear you are having trouble with your Server but the link which you supply enabled me to download the photo of the gravestone.Thanks very much.Ian

ELLIOTTElliott FamilyI would just like to say a very big thank you to the volunteer who took the time to photograph the Headstones of the Elliott family. It is very much appreciated.

ELLIOTTGreat serviceI was in Knaresborough trying to locate the gravestone of my 2 x great grandfather with no success, and it was only through the diligence of this wonderful site that I have been able to locate his grave. Thank you so much for your efforts

ELLISJohn Henry EllisThank you again

ELLISJoseph EllisThank you again. Your site is such a fantastic help to those of us less mobile than the majority.

ELLISThank you Thank you for all your great work cataloging the graves stones - the information they hold are invaluable to searching for my ancestors . The family research I am conducting is on my maternal side. Cheetham and Addison from the Lincolnshire area and the Ellis family from the Low Moor, Bierely, and Wibsey areas of Bradford .

ELLISEllis Family SearchThis site has been most useful in helping me find more details of my ancestors the Ellis family who seem to mainly be from Langley...Thanks for such a useful site.

ELLISEllisMany thanks for the wonderful service in sending the data requested . Very much appreciated

ELLISThank youCharles, Thank you so much for the picture, it means so much to me. Its lovely to be able to look at it and remember my Grandad, and to see how his grave monument looks now. Thank you again for being so prompt and the service is excellent. Regards Sarah

ELLISExcellent resourceThank you Charles for your quick response and for the image. This may well be the 'missing link' that I've been searching for in my family tree. I found the site purely by accident but what a find! Best regards and power to your elbow.

ELLISFantastic ServiceThank you very much for your help. This is a great service you are offering.

ELLISExcellent resourceWhat an excellent resource for family researchers. Thank you.

ELLISThank youHello Charles Thank you so much for your very prompt reply to my request. I am indebted to you as I live in Australia and would not be able to see this gravestone without your help. It is a sad little gravestone so when I do come to England I will put some flowers on it to cheer it up and make it feel loved

ELLISWhen your return email arrived there wasWhen your return email arrived there was no attachment, can you please resend Thank you Judith

ELLISEllis graveI found this site purely by chance whilst researching my grandmother. Within 10 minutes I had found the location and a photo of her grave. Thank you so much to all who contribute towards the site. Best wishes, Lynn

ELLISFamily ResearchThank you so much for the images from which I have been able to extract my ancestors exact dates of death. This is a truly amazing website. Thanks once again.

ELLISThank you for the photo, much appreciateThank you for the photo, much appreciated .

ELLISThanks for photoMany thanks for the instant response to my request. Very helpful!

ELLISThank you for the picturesDavid Castle-thank you for the pictures of Ellen Louisa Ellis nee Browns grave stone and those of her husband and son.

ELLISThanks AgainSuch a great resource, confirmed my suspicions of yet another of my distant relatives

ELLSOMGravestone of Mabel F.V.EllsomThe Gravestone Photographic Resource enabled me to find the church where my late grandmother was buried. I think the Gravestone Photographic Resource is very helpful and would like to express my gratitude to those involved in the project.

ELMYJohn ElmyThanks for sending the image of John Elmy, who was the brother of my 3 x Great Grandfather. This is such an excellent site - thanks again!

ELMYRobert and Tinis Elmy/Betsy Jarrold Asbey/Garrood FamilyThank you so much for this service. I will most likely have further requests!!

ELRICKThankyouThankyou for sending a photo of the grave of a family member. It is wonderful that you can help people with their research who live in places a long way from where their family is buried. Much appreciated.

ELSDON Research successI have found this service to be promtp, accurate and successful.

ELSDONThank youI have found your site very useful and appreciate the time and effort undertaken to provide photos.

ELSONThanks for your siteThis site is fantastic. Thanks to you all!

ELVYMr Charles SaleCharles, I am sure everybody using this site is extremely grateful of your efforts.....I know I am ....please keep it up !! its been invaluable in my endeavours to find past family. Best Regards Paul

ELVYELVY / CROWTHER / OTHERSYet again you have helped me find info ...... Please keep up the good work...... Very Many Thanks. Paul

ELWOODAnthony ElwoodVery fast service thank you

EMERSONFeedbackThanuk you for the work you do. The picture enabled me to gain further detail of my ancestors.

EMERSONThank youThanks for the prompt service sending me a photo of my uncles grave

EMERYPhoto of graveApology if this comes across not appreciated. But the photo I requested came back as useless because the marker is so dark. Who every took the photo looking down on sunny day doesn't help - they need to be taken at the marker's level to be able to read the inscription. Now I cannot use the photo help me further. I was looking at Thomas Emery 1830 died 1904 (with Mary in the plot). .... more

EMPRINGHAMMany thanksThanks for providing such a great service. The photo was nice and clear and easy to read. I could never have obtained this picture because of the distance involved. You were so prompt too. Many thanks.

EMSLEYEMSLEY/WILCOCKI found this site by chance..what a very interesting and informative line of family research this is. I will be keeping in touch and are very happy to join in and send some photographs

ENDAdded InformationThank you for the photo of the End family Grave and the corrections. However The age of Thomas is still recorded as 6 days, he was in fact just 3 according to the certificates, the tombestone reads 4. The long dedication to Elizabeth Bedford mother of John End on the rear of this stone is also unrecorded.

ENDOmmissionMany thanks for the quick responce and exellent photo. On the otherside of this surround is a dedication to Sara Jane "Jennie" End, died Aug 3 1896. Sister of Bessie End

ENGALLThanksThank you for the photos you have sent, the site is a wonderful resource, a real labour of love on your part. There are many researchers out there rightfully singing your praises

ENGLANDThank you very much!!Thank you very much for the photo of Charles & Louisa England's gravestone! It is very much appreciated! As I live in America I am not able to go to the cemeteries myself and find my families gravestones. This is a great service you provide, keep up the good work!

ENGLANDAgnes EnglandExcellent site! The very quick response to an image request means I have found the death dates for 4 family members without having to wait for certificates to arrive. Thank you.

ENGLANDYOUR SERVICEI cannot believe just how wonderful your service is. All done by volunteers and so very efficient too. I asked for a photo one day and got it the next! I am excited beyond words about your site and what you provide and will be telling all my 'family researcher friends' about it. And will make sure we all donate too. Thank you, thank you. Kind regards. Margaret (nee. Wright)

ENGLAND Grave stone of Frank and Florence England Thankyou for photo of Frank England turns out to be ny 3rd cousin not my great uncle as I thought. It will enable me to find out more about this side of the family now I know where to search

ENGLANDEngland - GunthorpeThank you so much for emailing the gravestone of James England. A few years ago we travelled up to St Mary's Church, Gunthorpe with a view to finding graves of the England family but we were unsuccessful so you can understand how pleased I am to find your site and an England grave. X

ENOCHThank youI am very grateful to all the people who have done all the hard work to help others.

ENSORheadstone for EnsorThank you so much for your quick reply. The photo is so clear and I know that this will be a great addition to the family tree. I only wish I could be of help but unable to at this present time. Best wishes Sandie

ENTICKNAPQuick serviceThank you so much for sending through a gravestone image today so promptly. I was also quite surprised as it was in a large format and therefore made it much easier to read the information. Thanks once again

ENTWISLEThanksFantastic resource.

ENTWISTLEExcellent ServiceThank you very much for sending me a photo of my relation's grave. I live on Anglesey and I am not able to get over to the Burnley area very often. This website had proved to be an excellent tool in researching my Family Tree. Thank you once again.

ENTWISTLEExcellent ServiceThank you for the prompt rely to my request. I am finding this web site a very useful tool for my family tree research

ENYONPhotoMany thanks for the clear photo of the gravestone requested. Excellent site.

ERICSONDISTRESSING ERRORSir I have been looking at the entry of my late father in law August Ericson. I am shocked and disgusted that you seem to have listed that his widow and his children are all related to someone called Hugh Denbigh Hannam. see this link. The family have no idea who this Hugh Denbigh Hannam is, and indeed this erroneous entry has caused a vast amount of distress for the family. I wish you to rectify this mistake at ONCE I would also like to know how you intend to compensate the family for this distressing error. Indeed if you can get your facts and entries correct I seriously wonder about your qualifications and qualities to host such a sensitive web site. .... more

ERISEYErisey aisle inside ChurchHello, members of the Erisey family are direct ancestors on my mother's side of the family and I believe there is a section inside the Church where family members are either interred or have memorials. Is it possible to find out which members of the family are included and whether there are photographs showing the area of the Church where they are? Hoping to hear some good news. Many thanks for your time.

ERRONThank You. Excellent service.Thank You. Excellent service.

ERSKINEThank YouMany, many thanks for making this service available and opportunity to have a photo of my cousin and wife's headstone. Much appreciated. Denise.

ERSKINEThanksThank you very much!

ERSKINEErskine grave markers in Angus/ PerthshireTrying to ID places in Perthshire & Angus where my wife's family are memorialised to visit soon. It has helped us to pinpoint places to visit.

ERSKINEThank YouJust a wee note to say thank you ever so much for giving me access to the headstone images requested. You & your website have been extremely helpful and I hope to make more use of the resource.

ESAUFeedback for gravestone photoThanks Charles, gravestone information and photos were very helpful, keep up the good work. Regards Mel.

ESCHELBYAppreciation!Thank you for such a speedy response. (Received at 5.00am!) I'm assisting an elderly neighbour to hunt for her maternal family , and the serendipitous result has given much pleasure. Please continue with this valuable and essential work!

ESDAILEMonument of David Anderson Hisdale Thank you very much for sending me the photo of the monument. I have checked the image carefully and have come to the conclusion that the surname is EISDALE not HISDALE. Andrew Eisdale was my 4th great-grandfather,DOB 15 Sep.1749 Burntisland Fife.died 9 July 1815 .Burntisland Fife (records from ANCESTRY.COM) .... more

ESHELBYcontributionTour work is obviosly of value to many people but i dont do electronic money transfers please provide me details of how i may send you a cheque

ESHELBYThank youThank you for your excellent service. Reading the verse on the Ann Eshelby gravestone helped some way to confirm that this is the right person (along with location/date/spouse name) as her husband Christopher was a Pilot and the imagery is very fitting.I am trying to discover exactly how Ann Eshelby was linked to Alice Mary Hicks Nevison who was described as her 'niece'on the 1881 census in Clee with Weelsby. Ann Eshelby's maiden name was Foster and Alice's mother, Mary Ann Nevison, was the daughter of a Mary Foster and John Nevison.

ESSEWebsiteA wonderful website - although I haven't found any ancestors yet, I will still look. Great job by all.

ESTERBROOKcompensationI should have perused the rest of the site before querying you about compensation for your services. I now see how. Thank you again! ~WG

ESTILLEstill Headstone PhotographMany thanks for the photo. It will be great to add this to the family booklet I am putting together for my brother-in-law who is a descendant of George and Ann Estill.

ETHERINGTONSarah Etherington, Hawkley, HampshireMany thanks for your quick response, it helps so much to be provided with information to prove (or not) that you are on the right track

EVANSRhoda Evans 2nd wife of Henry Evans of Wetherby in the 20's 30's & 40'sThank you for the quick response to my request for help in locating Rhoda Evans

EVANSMabel Miriam HartI was very pleased to receive a photo of the headstone of Harry and Mabel Hart (nee Evans). It gave me some new information, which I look forward to researching.

EVANSJ E EvansThank you for sending the photograph of the grave of J E Evans. It was a great disappointment to us that wew were unable to locate it ourselves on our recent visit to the cemetery.

EVANSThank you!Thank you!

EVANSThank youThank you for the very clear photo of the burial inscription

EVANSThank YouWhen I was a small child, my Mother took me to the church where my Great Grandfather was the Vicar. I don't remember her showing me his final resting place. Thank You for allowing me to find it from across the Atlantic.

EVANSMartha Evans (nee Raymond)Thank you so much for the lovely clear photo of the last resting place of my 2 x Gt Grandmother. I would never have managed to find and visit it myself. Your service is invaluable !

EVENDENSarah JarvisThanks again to Charles and the volunteers for this amazing site. A distant relative in my wife's tree had moved from the home village in Sussex to New Zealand. The grave and M.I. provided the final detail to Sarah Jarvis nee Evenden's life.

EVERARDThis is a fantastic resource and with suThis is a fantastic resource and with such a quick response as well. Many thanks!

EVERETTThis site is a great resource that I havThis site is a great resource that I have used a lot with great service - and its free!! Thank you so much for providing this service

EVERETTThanks.Thank you for the photos, the service you provide is very helpful.

EVERISTThank youMany thanks for the image of my great grand parents John Lewis & Rebecca Everist's gravestone. A fantastic resource that is helping me to fill in gaps in my Family History.

EVERSONFantastic resourceIt was very emotional finding a picture of my ancestors grave. Thank you so much

EVERSONEVERSON/COLEMany thanks for providing this excellent resource. I am researching my husbands family tree and this has proved really useful.

EVISONHeadstone photo requestThank you for the photo. This has revealed an error in my tree, confusing two women with the same name. I now need to sort it out!

EWARTExcellent ServiceI an doing research on my friend's family tree and as a keen genealogist, I really do appreciate the service you are providing. It gives access to areas of the country which are far from ones home.

EWARTThank youThank you for the photo from across the world.

EWBANKExcellent Website and ServiceThank you for the service you provide on your excellent website. I will be in touch shortly to see how I can help as I have many photos of headstones. One Name Study for the Ewbank Family.

EWENIncorrect Full NameNo 73 - The full name on this gravestone should read 'John Ewen', John had no second name. (I am his brother)

EWINGGPR 60031 This memorial has decayed badly in the last ten years. I have photos from ten years ago which show everything more clearly. Note this is GE's burial ground - but he himself is buried in Eastwood, Glasgow. He moved there after his first wife died, and she is the first name on the memorial (missing on your caption) "Anne Innes, spouse of Greville Ewing died 23 August 1795". Janet Jamieson was his second wife. Isabel Gray is indeed the wife of Alexander Ewing but NOT the mother of Greville Ewing: she is his step-mother, his mother having died. Jacobina Evans was a niece of Greville Ewing.

EXHAMThanksThank you very much for the photograph sent today. This is an excellent resource and I hope it continues to recieve the support to grow..

EXLEYFantastic Resourse ThankyouThese photos are an invaluable resourse when tracing your family tree. Thankyou to all the volunteers and Charles for the work that goes into this website.Sincerely Tammy from Canada

EXLEYDescription of gravestoneFirst, thanks for making his available. I live in Canada so getting such an image is not feasible. I am concerned about the statement that John and William were brothers of Robert - they are listed as sons of Thomas- and Mary is shown as the wife of Thomas. Again, thanks, Ted

EXLEYPhoto of Exley GravestoneDear Charles, many thanks for the photograph, it has been of help. Please note that daughter in law, Hannah, died 1861, not 1610. Thank you for the fabulous genealogical resource. Helen Woods .... more

EXLEYThanksThanks for the very quick response, most appreciated. The photo was very clear and easy to read. This website is a valuable resource. Thanks again and keep up the good work. Sending greetings from Nova Scotia Canada.

EYThank you!Re: Sarah Jane EY. Thank you so much for the photo of the EY family memorial. I have been researching the BRISTOW family for some time though mainly from the England end, but as Sarah Jane married into the EY family, this information will help me put together the South Australian part of the family tree. Much appreciate the time and effort taken to make all this information available. Thank you again!

EYESEleanor EyesThank you for the photo of the grave of Eleanor Eyes - much appreciated!

EYLESRAF ServiceMy uncle, George Lawrence Eyles, was killed when The Bristol Beaufort Mk 1 he was navigating plunged into the estuary of the River Taw as it approached RAF Chivenor on the night of December 7th 1941. He died along with the pilot and wireless operator but the rear gunner survived. It is almost certain that a catastrophic failure of the aircraft occurred, most likely a jamming of a wing tab making the aircraft uncontrollable. An eye witness saw the aircraft approach and dip one wing violently before plunging nose first into the water. The Beaufort experienced many similar accidents, especially amongst those built in Australia for their airforce. Being wartime it was hushed up. I am writing a history of my mother's family so I am particularly grateful for this photograph of his headstone.

EYREThank youThank you very much for this photograph - I thought I had reached the end of the line.

EYREThank YouThank You so much in answering for my request so quickly on the Eyre family in Rotherham . Was J A Eyre Killed in the First or Second World War. My dad John Arthur Eyre born May 1915 was named after his uncle John Arthur Eyre.There were also anotherone born 1896 Kimberworth died 28 April 1917 he was buried in the Cemetery The Arras Memorial at Faubourg-D 'Amiens France his parents were Edwin & Emily Eyre my Great Grandparents living in Masbrough & Kimberworth. I would like to contact anyone who is related to the Eyre family. I now live in Perth Australia but was brought up & Worked & married in Rotherham. Do you have anyone doing Wentworth Church yard as there is some Eyre family buried there who worked & died at the Milton Iron Works Once again thank you Jenny Clarke

EYRESarah Ann Eyre, Johnathan Eyre of Nottinghamshire/DerbyshireThank you Charles for the very quick response. I still have a lot of searching to do and your website will be invaluable. Thank you for your time in creating such a great and informative site.

MILESELLEN AND STEPHEN MILESDear Charles. I would like to thank you for your speedy reply and photograph of my ancestors memorial at ChristChurch, Esher, which helps with my geneology. What a wonderful service you offer. Thank You !!!!!

ROPEELIZA ROPEEliza Rope was Eliza Holsworth, born 1813,Earsham, daughter of Elizabeth (Spink) Holsworth & Robert Holsworth. Eliza married Charles Rope in Jan 9, 1840, at All Saints Church, Earsham. Eliza Rope died in Earsham in 1863.

SMYTHEsther Smyth Headstone PhotoThank you so much for the beautiful enlarged copy of my ancestors headstone. You and your volunteers do a fantastic job.


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