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List of all comment / feedback / help requests for Surnames starting with W

surnametitle of the comment / feedbackcomment / feedbacksubmittednum
FOORDWILLIAM FOORDThanks very much for the photo it's very clear!

GAMMONGreat Service WILLIAM GAMMON AND FLORENCEYour site is such a great research tool. Thank you so much for taking the trouble to set it up. The gravestone photos provide invaluable information have really helped me establish who's who.

GREENGrandfather Maternal - WILLIAM HENRY GREENThankyou so much for This photo. Will be interesting to see if this is a name changer or a maisons error!

GRESWELLW. H. P. GRESWELL - Your system for providing images is very easy, speedy, and generous. CongratulatThe bottom half of the Bicknoller inscription was covered by long grass, so the picture was of less use to me than I hoped. However, I will be visiting the area next month and will look for myself. I meanwhile remain appreciative of the work that has gone into your website and his operation. Thank you again.

WABYcommentsyet again another high quality image. Thankyou

WADAMSCaroline WadamsThis is the first time I have used this service and I am delighted with the image sent to me within a few days of my request.

WADDINGTONGreat resource! Dear Charles, Thank you for the image of the gravestone of Samuel Waddington, my 7th great-grandfather. Please know how much I appreciate your dedication in providing this resource. It must take huge amounts of time to maintain and administer. Truthfully, I get excited every time I find another link to my family's history! I hope to be able volunteer to photograph the cemetery where several generations of my family are buried - Prospect Presbyterian Church, China Grove, North Carolina - established 1824. It is large... perhaps I could enlist a few cousins to help me! Thanks again and best wishes, Elizabeth Weddington Grimm North Carolina, US

WADDINGTONThanksSuch a clear photograph, I could read every word! This is an amazing web resource thank you

WADDINGTONExcellent I used this website for the first time today after being linked via Ancestry. I was able to view the full sized image I wanted within minutes. An excellent service and an invaluable source of information for someone not able to travel to the burial place. Highly recommended :)

WADDINGTONMuch appreciated your quick response. I am working on Family history for my friend, who is 99, and was trying to match her records with online resources. The John Flesher and William Waddington tombstone, with its parental detail, confirms this is the correct family and adds two youngsters, previously unknown. I was able to get enough of the epitaph at the bottom to find it online. We very much appreciate this service, as we are in Canada. 'll be back to look for others.

WADDINGTONConfirmation of research doneThank you Charles for these photo's. The one for my 6th Grandad was all I needed to confirm I was on the correct path in my research.

WADEA brilliant research tool. A brilliant research tool.

WADEThanksJust like to thank you for the possibilty of searching for a gravestone for Thomas Wade of Rutland.

WADEGravestone Photograph.Fantastic service, thoroughly recommended. Will use again, (many times) Thank you, Leslie S. K. Wade

WADE tracking down Maggie Wades detailsIt was very touching to see the grave of someone who died 5 generations before me many thanks for that. I had no idea such a service existed. Maggie had a daughter to Maihi Pineahi Kereopa (my gran Ngarino) and was married to Campbell,R and latterly to Ernie Martin who I dont know anything about. They lived on Maggies farm in Waiuku.I would love to track down their headstones as well. .... more

WADEA great resource Thank you for a really great site.

WADMANThank you, the information shown on the Thank you, the information shown on the photo was extremely useful

WADSWORTHWILLIAM WADSWORTH DIED 1914Hi Charles , Many thanks for the photo of William Wadsworth died 1914 , however , it seems to be in 2 pieces [the photo ] I think its only a monor mistake , can you be so kind as to resend it . You may give my details to anyone , would you like me to send you copies of several gravestones which I have on my Tree? perhaps if you send it to my e-mail address brendanofarrell@btinternet.comYou do good work ,Brendan

WAGHORNWilliam WaghornMany thanks for image, received almost instantly.

WAGHORNEdward Waghorn b1909Thank you for the prompt reply and providing access to the picture. It has enabled me to understand that Edward Waghorn was married. I shall continue to research to find his family.

WAIGHTGeorge Edward FisherWonderful, thank you - lots of new information just from this one photo.

WAILESMary Ann Wailes - nee TemperleyExceptionally clear and focused photograph of an Ann Wailes headstone provided final proof of another link in my ancestors from the Northeast. Wonderfully run sight that are very quick to respond. Keep up the good work

WAINWRIGHTThank youMany thanks for providing me with a photo of George Thomas East Wainwright's gravestone, it is much appreciated.

WAITGrateful thanksThank you for the images which have given further avenues for research. A superb resource site.

WAITEGravestone photographMany thanks for your great photograph. It arrived very quickly, keep up the good work

WAITEWAITE: MABB: CARRICKThank you for your service. Very helpful and very prompt.

WAITEWAITE/HALLMany thanks for sending me the images, I now have more information to progress my research,

WAITEGreat ServiceA great service. Very informative and helpful. Thank you

WAITEThank youThank you for the photos & prompt service. Great to see this headstone.

WAITEThank youThank you for the photograph. A great free resource - keep up the good work.

WAITEThank youGreat resource, prompt delivery of photo. Keep up the good work.

WAKEJohn Wake (1949-1902)Many thanks for the photograph of John Wake\'s grave. I have looked up quite a few of my ancestors and John (who was my grandma\'s great uncle)is the only one I can find on your database to date. I have been able to update his details on my Ancestry account.

WAKEFIELDHeadstone imageThanks for your help in providing a photo of the headstone of my father in law.

WAKEHAMMany thanks for the Isaac Dewdney PearsMany thanks for the Isaac Dewdney Pearse image. His wife was Mary Margaret Elizabeth WAKEHAM

WAKELAMGeorge WakelamBrilliant free service. Thank you very much. I'll add my own headstone photos in due course.

WALCHExcellent ServiceReally delighted with the service I have received. Will be using a lot more and will hope to take photos and send in to add to the database.

WALESThanksThank you for making it so easy to find a photo of a family member's grave stone.

WALKERExcellent resourceI was delighted to find that I could access photos of gravestones in Swaffham Municipal Cemetery, its a great help in my family history research. Thank you.

WALKERJames WalkerJames Walker of Dalry was born in 1743. 2 He was the son of Francis Walker.2 He married Jane Hay-Newton, daughter of Richard Hay-Newton and Anne Stuart, on 13 July 1780.3 He died on 9 May 1817.2 He was a Principal Clerk of Session [Scotland].2 He lived at Dalry, Midlothian, Scotland.2 He lived at East Fortoun, East Lothian, Scotland.2 Child of James Walker of Dalry and Jane Hay-Newton 1 Sir Francis Walker-Drummond, 2nd Bt.+2 b. 9 Jun 1781, d. 29 Feb 1844

WALKERWalker of ClungunfordFabulous service! The photograph of the memorial was so clear and full of useful information.Thank you so much.

WALKERphoto of gravestoneExcellent photo very clear , delighted with the service, much appreciated. Will be sending a donation. Thank you.

WALKERMartha Bubb (nee Walker)What a fantastic website, can't believe I have only just found it. Already telling other people to have a look! Will definitely try to take photos that are of a good enough quality to pass on in the future.

WALKERThank you so muchThank you so much

WALKERAppreciationThis is a wonderful service to genealogists, the more remarkable as it is free. With just one photo I have been able to fill in several gaps in my family tree.I am truly appreciative

WALKERWALKER/GOMERSALLI can only say what an amazing tool you are creating here. Thanks to the information you have gathered on the Walkers in Goldsborough graveyard I have taken my ancestors back to 1728 in the area. I will certainly try to get some photos of stones in other graveyards while I research to see if I can help you expand still further.

WALKERThank you for helpI am researching Susan Goat, my late wife. Her grandmother was Louie WALKER married to Thomas GOAT. Elizabeth Walker is shown on the image I have just received with the added information of her children. I really appreciate your help. Thanks.

WALKERPhoto of Gravestone at Gloucester Thank you for your speedy response. Much appreciated. Researching David Walker of Hereford and Gloucester.

WALKERPhoto servicea very helpful service for those seeking information about family burials. Very efficient and quick.

WALKERJAMES WALKERThis has been a wonderful resource to surf through.I can appreciate the time and dedication it takes to source this information Many thanks we are very grateful. M & G Ferlazzo

WALKERThank youThank you - your very quick response was really helpful. What a great resource you have created here.

WALKERJOHN TIMOTHY RYDER WALKERThank you very much for your prompt reply. This has enabled me to tell my children more about their family history

WALKERWALKER, CARR, GROVESI would just like to say a BIG thank you for the photographs of my family headstones that I have found so far on your site. Very much appreciated by me.

WALKERThanks to GPR!I would like to thank the GPR website for their efforts in collating and distributing gravestone information. This has been very useful for me in locating historical information on the other side of the world. The service was fast and efficient. Thank you for all your help. It will be valued for generations to come. Regards David

WALKERThanks for help in finding gravestone.I appreciate the time and trouble taken by the owner of this site. It is a great help for people who are researching family trees.

WALKERFamily tree.I have to give many thanks to the people running Gravestone Photographic Resource who have been, through this website, extremely helpfull in providing a photo of the gravestone of someone in my family tree.

WALKERim trying to get ahold of you I sent youim trying to get ahold of you I sent you a eemail and it comes back spam im wanting to know if tou have pictures of cluny hill in forres scotland

WALKERthanksthankyou for prompt reply..a great site especially for people across the other side of the world!

WALKERThanksJust thanking you for a great service, Thank you.

WALKERProfessionalismDear Sir, I have contacted this site twice and both times have been rewarded with assistance and that is due to the excellent professionalism of the website. Thank you for your assistance

WALKERThanks for the gravestone photograph. MoThanks for the gravestone photograph. Most helpful.

WALKERFrances WalkerThank you so much for the wonderful service you provide. I live in Canada so it is not always possible for me to do my genealogy research in person.

WALKERWalker - CastletonCharles, Many thanks to you and the volunteers for the photo of Joseph Walker's memorial stone. This is the first time I've been directed to GPR through Ancestry. A perfect match up.

WALKERImage of gravestone of Robert Walker I was very pleased to find an image of the gravestone of Robert and Ann Walker.To collect all these pictures must entail a lot of work but I am sure it is much appreciated.

WALKERThank you!Thank you so much. Living in Canada and researching in England can be difficult. After 20+ years of research, these are the 1st actual gravestones that I have seen! So exciting. Thank you to all of the volunteers and site overseers! What a great site. I'm excited to start adding some Canadian photos! Found in Holy Trinity, Low Moor (where dozens of my relatives are buried) Thomas, Sarah, Robert and Ginny Walker; of Low Moor And Martha and John Noble, Jenny, Elizabeth and Robert Walker, Jez and Eliza Ann Hudson

WALKERThank youfor the photo of Richard Walker's grave with his wife Charlotte (ne Fox). They are my great great grandparents.

WALKLETTWALKLETT AND GRACEi found the image sent to me very helpful as i now have dates i didn't have before. thanks once again.

WALKLEYGeorge Richard Walkley/Hannah WalkleyVery quick response, and excellent photo.

WALLfamily grave marker imageThank you for your help in locating this marker. The image sent is clear and will be very helpful in planning my trip to the Felixstowe area.

WALLthankyouThankyou for the brilliant service you provide, without this service I would not of been able to show my children their great great grandparents headstone.

WALLRobert WallYour site is invaluable & your reward is simply my thanks. Keep up the good work!

WALLDelighted with the results and the quickDelighted with the results and the quick response. Many thanks!!

WALLGraves of Wall familyThank you for this wonderful service. The photos of the graves I requested were very clear and sharp.

WALLACEAgain thanks for the quick response I doAgain thanks for the quick response I don't have this information and it has help to fill in some of the blanks for me

WALLACEPlace of gravestone I intend to travel to Alnwick later this year. It would be helpful to know where to look for the gravestone. In my search of family, it's quite novel to find a real stone, usually my family didn't leave stone monuments! Kind regards Hilary Chapman .... more

WALLERMonument for Louisa Edmundina WallerThank you for providing the enlarged image for the monument of Louisa Waller. This is a great service for us doing research from overseas.

WALLERGravestone for Hannah WallerThank you for sending me the photo of the gravestone for Hannah Waller. I found it quite sad to see someone died so young & on Christmas Day as well. The only part of it I couldn't make out was the curved writing on the top edge. Thanks again.

WALLISWallis family grave.Thank you for such a prompt reply to my enquiry. The information was very useful and has helped to clarify some family questions. However other names on the grave, and the owner of the plot, have added to the mystery and another line of research has been opened. Lots of further investigations ahead!

WALLISFamily researchWonderful service. I had access to a high res image of the gravestone in minutes after sending the request (which I couldn't find in Richmond cemetery after a long physical search). Thank you very much.

WALLSThank youGreat Service

WALMSLEYGracestone of J J Walmesley in MaltaHello, The name on this gravestone is J J Walmesley, not J J Walsmesley as transcribed. Thank you.

WALPOLESarah WalpoleCharles, this is simply a wonderful service you provide. I am so pleased to find these stones that you have recorded for Sarah (Sholders) Walpole and her husband, Jonas Walpole (a Farrier by trade). I am directly related to these people and I appreciate your help very much. Your response is so very prompt. Thank you, Jo Roberts.

WALPOLEJonas Walpole Thank you so much for this excellent service. I think it is very important to preserve the memories of these people. I have been trying to find information about Jonas and his wife, Sarah, for many years. This photo of his grave is just wonderful. I am pleased to see the image of such a lovely stone. Charles, thank you for your efforts and for your prompt response. Jo Roberts

WALSHI would like to thank you for this serviI would like to thank you for this service. It is much appreciated as we live in far north Qld and are getting a little past the age of too much travel. Thank you

WALSHThomas WalshThank you for your help. I think this person belongs to my partners family.

WALSHThabks for this brilliant service. PleasThabks for this brilliant service. Please stay safe during Covid

WALSHAM Thank you very much for the image o Thank you very much for the image of the grave stone of Joseph Walsham. Living in NZ makes it just that little more difficult to find grave stones.

WALTERPictures of hollington graves: WILLIAM WALTER & LOUISA HANNA Was wondering if anyone out there could find and possibly take pictures of my Great-great grandparents graves. Here is the information I have: William Walter Lee and Louisa Hannah Lee of burial: Hollington Dedication: St. Leonard, County: Sussex...denomination: Anglican William's date of burial is July 19, 1947 and Louisa's is April 7, 1938 Thank you so much for any help.

WALTERSWhat a fantastic resource!Thank you veryWhat a fantastic resource!Thank you very much for the images of my family's headstones.

WALTERSThe Gravestone Photographic ResourceI think this is one awesome resource...Thank you so much for being there and doing this.

WALTERSGratitudeThankyou so much for providing this wonderful service. I hope to become a photographer for this site in the spring. Well done

WALTERSWilliam WaltersMany thanks for the photo of the gravestone of William Walters 1821-1877. It has certainly helped me with researching my Walters ancestors from Elmdon in Essex.

WALTONWALTON/HATTON/KINNAIRDThank you so much for the gravestone photos and the very fast response. The quality of the images is very good and for those of us tracing family but living abroad your service is invaluable. One again, many thanks.

WALTONMANY THANKSMany thanks for your quick response. We shall be revisiting England again later in the year and I now have a list of graveyards to visit (amongst other places !)

WALTONWHAT A FIND !I stumbled across this website purely by chance and was delighted to be able to obtain a photograph of my paternal great grandparents headstone.A big thank you to the photographer who went to St Mary's Church Horton, Northumberland.

WALTONThank youThank you for forwarding the image requested it has helped cross reference birth and death dates. I look forward to finding a lot more ancestors that I have been told are buried in Scartho Cemetery. I am currently researching the Walton name.

WANNELLWANNELL/DELANEYI just wanted to add my appreciation to all who have made this site possible, as I live in Australia, it is hard to collect overseas images, so I thank you all once again.

WARBURTONHelpfulI requested a photograph of an ancestor's gravestone. I am new to the world of ancestry research, and I am thrilled at any information or photos that are provided to me. When I sent my request, I received a prompt response, and additional information for further research. I am grateful that Mr. Charles Sale has taken the time to set up this site, manage it, and email people who are searching. Thank you.

WARDFeedback on receipt of photosThank you so much for the photos - the next best thing to visiting ourselves. .... more

WARDThank youWhat a wonderful idea for those of us who are not local. Unfortunately we discovered the link with Fewston only a couple of weeks after spending a few days in Yorkshire or we would have visited and photographed them for ourselves.

WARDThank you for prompt your prompt reply tThank you for prompt your prompt reply to my request in Suffolk. This is a great resource for anyone interested in family history as its not always possible to go searching in another country. Keep up the good work, much appreciated.

WARDMany ThanksWonderful to know that there are still people out there willing to help others...not fot the monetary gain but just because we all have the same interest in F/H....Thank you again

WARDFurther details of Grave No. 113282Walter Ward (relationship shown as "unknown") was in fact the son of Elizabeth and John Ward. According to the 1861 Census, he was born around 1805 in Barnstaple. He married Ann Eastman, probably around 1830.

WARDRequesting grave markersMany thanks for allowing me another copy of the grave markers (after misplacing them)of my Great Grandfather James Ward B.1948 D.1935 and Great Grandmother Emma Ward B.1858 D.1921 who are buried in St Margarets Churchyard Woodham Mortimer. They were living at Hill Mead. Rectory Road Woodham Mortimer when they died

WARDThank YouThank You for your assistance with my request for info on John Ward, Forth Railway Bridge

WARDThank you for the gravestone photoThanks for providing an excellent FREE resource when many other sites do not. Also the photo you provided of my ancestors grave stone was superb quality.

WARDMany thanksThank you for such a quick response and for the super quality image. Many thanks for your time.

WARDROBERT WARDThank you for supplying the image of Robert's gravestone.

WARDA wonderful resource - thank you so much!Thank you for responding so quickly and providing such high-quality images. My ancestors were not wealthy people, and there were very few photographs taken of them during their lifetime. It means a lot to me to be able to see these images, which help to illustrate my family history. I feel inspired to make the journey to visit these graves next summer.

WARDThank YouGreat site. A big help with family tree research . Thanks to all contributors & web-master.

WARDThank you for compiling and continuing tThank you for compiling and continuing to monitor this website. Sites like this are invaluable to those who cannot make personal visits.

WARDLawnswood, LeedsGreat resource. I lived in Leeds for 18 years and knew I had a great great uncle at Lawnswood but didn't know there were other ancesters there. I never visited Lawnswood so this has been a fantastic find. Many thanks.

WARDfeedbackHarriet Ward,Joseph Ward and John Ward. Many thanks for your prompt reply. The images of the Grave were great. Many thanks to all concerned.

WARDBurial Grounds in the Tadcaster areaPlease would you be able to advise me? I am trying to find the graves of my WARD ancestors who died in the 1800's, and lived in Tadcaster and from the 1880's in Stutton. Several children were baptised Methodist, and then 'Primitive Methodist'. Would they be buried in the Church of England churchyard, or is there a seperate Methodist burial ground in the area? I am particularly interested in William Ward who died in Stutton in 1890. Any advise you can give me would greatly be appreciated. Thank you.

WARDThanksMany thanks for your prompt and efficient service, it is such a help to family tree researchers such as myself. When time allows, I will undertake to take some photos of headstones in my local churchyard as means of help.

WARDALEWARDALE tomb at St Marys in WhitbyRev. William Reynolds WARDALE died 1861 in Whitby.

WARDERInvaluable helpThank you for this website, I came across it by chance. I do not live in the area my ancestors came from and thanks to many volunteers generosity of time, I can now fill in more details and share what I have also.

WARDLEJoseph and Rosetta WardleMany thanks for your quick reply. This confirms that Joseph came back from Canada at some time and didn't desert his wife and family. Keep up the good work.

WARDMANBrilliantThis website is a great resource for genealogists. Easy to use and very quick respons. Thank you so much Charles for sending me excellent photos.

WARDMANComplimentsMany thanks - excellent assistance in resolving a few issues.

WAREPhotos for St. Margaret, Rainham, KentI am writing to ask if someone would be kind enough to take photos for the following people in St. Margaret Churchyard, Rainham, Kent: James Ware d 11 Jun 1922, Dinah Ware(nee Head) d 12 Aug 1904, John James Ware d 13 Aug 1883, and Ann Frances Ware(nee Wood) d 28 Sep 1877. Thanks ! Don

WARESdonald alexander wares great service . really useful . many thanks

WARESAn excellent and useful free resource.The gravestone inscription was most informative as it opened new avenues of undiscovered research. A very quick and courteous service was provided by the site owner.

WARFORDThank youThank so much, your hekp has been much appreciated it had been great help towards my research. Keep up the good work.

WARFORDA Great HelpAgain thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to responsed to my request. Very much appreciated.

WARFORDThank youAll your hard work had been of great help in allowing me to find more members of my family to add to my tree. Thank you!

WARFORDFamily historygreat service thanks to every body

WARHURSTAppreciationThank you for the photo of the grave of my great great grandparents, Elizabeth & James Warhurst. We are planning a visit to St Peters Church In Hope so we hope to locate the grave. Many Thanks.

WARLANDUnsure on details.Many thanks for the image of Henry John Warland's gravestone that is situated in Brompton Cemetery. I'm not exactly sure that the details on the stone are referring to HJ Warlands death but those of his wife and child. We have details of him re-marrying and having several more children to his second wife. HJW was also a returned convict from Australia who was transported from the UK to Australia initially for life but this was commuted to 9 years and he was pardoned earlier than the passage of 9 years.

WARMANQuick responseThank you for sending me the link to view the gravestone of some Warmans in Sandwich. It was very useful to have an attachment which gave the details from the gravestone. I have found an ancestor which I knew nothing about.

WARNERThank youThank you for providing such a useful service and so prompt.

WARNERInfomation boost to an otherwise paper trailAfter receiving images I made a visit to the graves, to verify and view graves of other family members. Very thankfull for your help.

WARNERMany thanksMany, many thanks for a great resource .... more

WARNESThank youAlthough I could not attend my uncle Tom\'s (Thomas S. Warnes)funeral in England, seeing his gravestone brought back memories of a kind, wonderful man.

WARNESgravestone accessmany thanks for gravestone image from norfolk these are a great help for those of us well outside the county of norfolk who have difficulties travelling.

WARNESThank youDear Charles, Just to say a huge thank you for the speedy reply with my query and a link to the grave of Eleanor Beckett. On the same grave stone was also Eleanor's sister Annie Simpson so it was a double find. I have spent the last 18 months researching my 3 son's side of the family as sadly they lost their dad Roy Edward Warnes tragically 15 years ago. The surname Warnes is common in Norfolk so at times it hasn't been easy. The grave was the first real find and as I shall be in Norfolk in September I can now visit the grave and pay my respects. Many thanks once again. Brenda

WARRENThanksThanks for the access to view the headstone of Joseph Warren. He was the uncle of my 2nd Great Grandmother Sarah Shuckforth Walker nee Barnard.


WARRENkudosWhat a convenient and well planned website! My compliments. I do hope that your site will prosper, because it is so needed. Please put a google search bar on your site so others may easily find it, i almost didnt click on it from linkpendium because it looked like it was a personal website. Thank you again. I didnt find my warren but there is always next time....

WARRENThanksThank you for sending the photograph of the Warren gravestone in Ixworth, Suffolk. I read it as being the stone of Ann Warren, wife of John Warren. I feel sure these people must be related to the Warrens of Ixworth that I am looking for , ie John and Alice.Thanks again.

WARRENJohn Warren IxworthThank you for making the image of John Warren's grave available. I now realise that I have requested it before, but it now makes sense to me and I can place John Warren and his wife Anne in the Warren tree that I am building.

WARRENThanksMany thanks for the time and effort you have put into building this site and documenting the graveyard.

WARRENGravestone imageWhat an excellent service, l am so grateful that you have been able to plug a few gaps in my family history chart. I cannot believe that this is a free service l would be willing to pay or make a donation to a charity. Thank you for all the hard work you must put into it. I am researching Charles Warren and his wife Bessie (Clatworthy)

WARRILOW Family History researchMany Thanks for the requested grave image - this is a wonderful job you are coordinating to enable people to find their ancestors resting places. Thank You

WARRINERWith thanks for the family headstone photoBeing from the other side of the ocean from our family history makes researching and photos very difficult..Thanks to your volunteer organization I just been able to post a headstone that we could not locate when visiting in 2000..Thanks so very much..

WARRINGTONWarrington FamilyThank you, living in Australia this is a site that I did not expect ever to find. With kind regards Sylvia Thomas

WASHINGTONThank youI appreciate volunteers. The world is a better place due to them. I volunteer myself and enjoy photographing stones for Knowing your roots and where family has been makes us better people today........

WASHINGTONThank YouThank you so much for the lovely photograph that just arrived minutes ago. The photograph is wonderful! The lightling is perfect showing all details. I had just stumbled upon this site and am so happy that I found it.

WASHINGTONRelationshipLewis William Washington is my 39th cousin. I really appreciate the work that you have done. I now have over 64 thousand names in my ancestral tree and continue to add more. When I can attach something to a name it makes that person even more interesting. Again thanks.

WASSWASS/HARRISONa very big thank you for your fast servicethepicture of hickson wass stone was great well doneregardsjohn

WASSELLThank youThank you so much for the photo of the gravestone of David Wassell and his wife Jane, it is very much appreciated.

WATERHOUSE Waterhouse Thank you very much for the two photographs of Waterhouse graves at Tadcaster. Seeing the gravestones brings this family to life again, no longer just names on a page. I have a photograph of Charlotte Waterhouse if anyone is interested.

WATERSAnna WatersThank you for sending me a copy of the image of Anna Waters gravestone.

WATERSGrateful thanksThanks so much for supplying me with an important image to add to my research data. Living hundreds of miles from my geographical target area it is extrememly difficult for me to do fieldwork and take photos myself. This resource is a wonderful help.

WATERSFrederick Gilbert WatersThis is a fantastic resource and I was delighted to find my great grandparents' gravestone. I will certainly start taking photos of gravestones and sending them in.

WATERSRuth Maria, New ZealandMany thanks for the photo of Ruth's grave.

WATERSAppreciationThis is a wonderful site especially for items miles away from where a researcher lives.

WATERSCharles WATERSThank you so much for your quick response to my request to view this gravestone. This is the first time I have used your service and I am impressed. Thank you for all your efforts on the behalf of so many

WATKINSJOSEPH WATKINS: If anyone can help me locate any or all relatives please helpI am looking for family members of Joseph Watkins,going back as far you can remember, if you have anything that may help me please send to my e-mail( My fathers name is Michael Joseph Watkins Sr. born on August 13, 1933, I beleive, married to Annamarie Vandergrift.Both grand parents lived in New Jersey, on 42 st. Pennsauken NJ. Some other family members of my father is Joesph, richard, tom, anna marie, aunt rickie all help hopefully will give me some answers. thank you for all the help in advance

WATKINSWATKINS family vault in St James Church, Staunton, EnglandA large stone table top family vault with monumental inscriptions for the WATKINS family is located in St James Church, Ledbury Road Staunton, Gloucestershire. The PRICE family vault located next to the WATKINS vault has inscriptions over 200 years old and both tombs look the same age. These family tombs are ocated 15m west of the north-west corner of the tower, Church of St James.Staunton has been a civil parish since 1894. In 1931 the village was transferred from Worcestershire to Gloucestershire. I can send a photo of the WATKINS family vault. .... more

WATKINSWatkins FamilyExcellent website, only just found it and only yesterday came across a death card for an unknown relative Samuel Ernest Watkins. Found his gravestone and now know his wife and am hopefully able to trace more info. Thank you so much for providing such an excellent service

WATKINSONThe Big SocietyThis website and its owner reflect the core values of our civilisation: people helping each other. So many thanks for the hard work you put into the creation of this invaluable resource, which reconnects us with our origins.

WATKINSONAmazing siteThank you so much for this amazing site and for all your hard work I found one grave today that I knew nothing about. I do appreciate all your hard work, I know its not easy. The names I checked today were Robert Sherriff, Alexander Musssell, Betsy Watkinson, Sarah Blyth(e) and McCurdy and all my ancestors Thank you once again June

WATLINGFirst time I have used this service, imaFirst time I have used this service, images were extremely clear, even though I knew the dates, having the images was an added bonus. Many Thanks for the good work.

WATMOUGH A big thank you What a wonderful service that I happened upon by chance. So pleased with the three requested images; the photographic quality is superb and helped greatly to add missing dates from my family tree, despite the clearly poor physical state of the oldest gravestone. Many thanks again for being so generous with your time and resources. Much appreciated.

WATSHAMHeadstoneThank you very much for sending me the link to the image of headstone that I requested. Brilliant service.

WATSONSearching for Sarah WatsonI am looking for my great grandmothers grave Sarah Watson who was born in 1856, died 1896. Her maidan name was Allamby. They lived in Bardsey, East Keswick, West Yorks. I have searched and I cant find her - please help me. Thank you.

WATSONImage of grave of John Watson Little Ryburgh 1826Very helpful, thank you very much.

WATSONFamily History ResearchThis is a great service which helps trace the final resting place of our ancestors when researching their history. Thank you for providing this service

WATSONWATSON, SUTHERLAND, DOUGLASMany thanks for sending me the photo I requested, and so quickly too. I haven't a clue how I have never managed to find your site before but now that I have I know I will be using it a lot, especially for Wick and other places in Scotland. The service you and the other volunteers provide will become a cornerstone for family history researchers. There are other sites that also offer this service but yours is the most user friendly I have seen, everything is easy to find and also incredibly easy to order the images, well done and keep up the good work.

WATSONThank YouThank you for your prompt reply. This is a great resource I have only just discovered.

WATSONWilliam Watson 1922Thank you so much for sending me the image of William Watson's grave. What a wonderful website- so gracious of you to run it. Sincerely, Eileen Ansell (nee Cusack)

WATSONSo happy to have found headstoneAs I have been searching for information on the Watson - Forrest families that are connected. I now have this after finding your site, and can verify all is accurate based on the headstone. I now know where everyone is buried and the dates are correct. As my grandfather George emigrated to Canada I was sure that this information could not be found, but so happy to complete my search, thank you so much

WATSONVillage ChurchyardsThank you so much for this super website. It's very difficult to find gravestones unless you have lots of local knowledge of the area, so your website has helped me a lot!

WATSONJohn George WatsonThank you for the MI . It was lovely to find John G, his wife Minnie and son also John G. Watson is a difficult name to research but any help is gratefully received. Thanks again

WATSONGravestone PhotographMany thanks for sending me the photograph. It will prove very helpful in my research.What a fantastic website and a very quick reply from you although I did loose it in my email box my fault! sorry!I hope I can help you sometime in the future.I keep finding more pages on your website so I will keep searching. Christine

WATSONThank you for sending me the precious imThank you for sending me the precious image of the headstone of William C Watson alone with the grave details. It has been really, really helpful in our family history process. So generous.

WATSONThank you for your helpThank you so much for the picture of Leonard Watson's grave. I have many pictures of many different lines of gravestones and would be happy to share if you contact me.

WATSONThank youThank you, Charles for 2 more Watson/Walls photographs received a couple of days ago. Your efforts are much appreciated.

WATSONUnfortunately, this turned out not to beUnfortunately, this turned out not to be the Watson I was looking for. The day and month don't match but at least now I can eliminate this one. Thanks for your help.

WATSONWatson gravestone in Oddington, Oxon..Useful info. on stone. Thanks for the speedy reply.

WATSONThanksThis is a great resource especially as a live 12000km away from where my relatives came from. To be able to see the grave stones when it is not possible to travel, is a bonus

WATSONThank youThank you for providing this great service to help family historians.

WATSONThankyouThankyou so much for this wonderful resource. I live in Australia - so it is difficult to access English gravestone records. Much appreciated.

WATSONDavid Watson (died 1955 in Coupar Angus, Perthshire)Many thanks for the information that you supplied to me regarding the grave stone of David Watson (died 1955 in Coupar Angus, Perthshire).

WATSONLeslie George Thomas WatsonExcellent service and so prompt. Thank you. Sue

WATSONCopy GravestoneMany thanks for the copy. Unfortunately my wife's grandfather is not the person in question but a namessake. Your good work is appreciated.

WATSONThank youThis is a great resource - thank you! I love the breadcrumb feature - haven't actually used it yet, as the graveyard in question isn't local to me, but it looks really helpful.

WATSONDaniel/Jeannie WatsonThank you very much for the headstone photograph. Very clear. Superb site.

WATSONThankyou - For all your work and effort Wow, amazing instant response. I've been researching Jonathan Watson of Garrigill England that sent me to John Watson of Reedly Hollow England - where I found mention of wife Elizabeth (my 5 x Grandparents) Then nothing so far, finding this site has givin me the kick to get back in and confirm that this is indead their grave. But even if it isn't again thankyou for the time and effort you've put into making this site

WATSONThank youThank you very much for access to the photo of Edgar Watson and his Wife Anne. Edgar is my Husband's 2nd Cousin 2x removed. This is a great site, keep up the good work

WATTWATT (ALLISON)Thank you so much for helping me. Seeing the stone gave me the opportunity to reach out to a whole section of my family tree I wasn't aware existed! LIVING ACROSS THE POND has it's limitations.

WATTThank YouThank you for the photograph of the grave stone for Catharine Gordon Watt and members of her family (Nicolson). This is a wonderful web site, and I appreciate your efforts, kindness, and professionalism.

WATTAMThomas & John Wattam Headstone PhotosThank you very much for a speedy and efficient service. My friend for whom I'm researching the Wattam family was highly delighted to see these photos. The Thomas Wattam photo confirmed my research which is always a bonus. Thank you to the photographer for the excellent photos. Regards Pat

WATTSBournemouth CoverageI am trying to trace the burial of my g-g-g grandfather, William Frederick Watts - death registered 1912, Christchurch, Hampshire (born 1848, Clapham, Surrey). Do you have any photographs for this area, or more specifically the parish of Christchurch, near Bournemouth? If so, would you be able to look up whether you have a grave of William Frederick Watts/ William Watts in your photos? Thanks very much! Alice

WATTSPolice career.Great site,Mr.Sale is doing a brilliant job. Was looking for a particular man,put in his name and there he was,would not have known where to look had it not been for this site.Also very clear photo. Very many thanks. Iain.

WATTSmany thanksMany thanks for the quick responce, a great site and hopefully I can visit it again soon.

WATTSThank you, lovely to see actual headstonThank you, lovely to see actual headstone. There are a few old headstones of Watts family i know of in Northumberland so when the weather cheers up i will take photos and send them on to you.

WATTSwatts of halvergateThank you very much for providing such a great site.

WATTSJohn WattsThankyou so much for sending me the link so quickly to view the headstone of my 3x Great Grandparents, John and Nancy Watts. They were the first of my entire family to land on Australian soil and the photograph has made a great addition of other family members' headstone photographs! :)

WATTSDear Charles, I congratulate you on a fiDear Charles, I congratulate you on a fine resource. I surveyed my village churchyard, Pettistree, in Suffolk to record the inscriptions but not with photos for even some recent ones are unreadable on a photo. I was able to reconstruct the image of all 205 memorials back to 1697, some with reference to earlier records. Where recognised I used the same font and spacing of the inscription in an outline of the memorial. Are you interested? Mike

WAUCHOPEDate of burialSt. Andrew Churchyard Dacre, Cumbria - Admiral Robert Wauchope. Monument No. 223 Image Name DSCN0484. The burial date of 1877 for this person is unfortunately incorrect. He died at Edinburgh on 14/6/1862 and I guess he was buried about the 20/6/1862 at St. Andrew Churchyard. The details for his wife Anne are correct. He was born 1789 at Niddrie, Midlothian, Scotland being one of at least 14 children. Regards, Quentin Green

WAUGHThank you and helpThank you for the work you do, and if anyone else is looking for Waugh's I'd like to talk with them. I want to find our Scottish connections and family.

WAUGHThank youThank you for the photograph of my relative, Isobel Waugh. It helps fill in another piece of the jigsaw of my family tree!

WAWNThanksThank you very much for your prompt reply. I fully understand the up keep of a database/web page such as this and appreciate your time and effort. Regards Clive Wawn

WAWNResearchThis photo confirms the connection that I am researching

WAYEWAYE HeadstoneI would like to thank everyone who volunteers their time in taking these photos. Living in country Western Australia and being first generation Australian I don't get an opportunity to visit graves of my ancestors. I am working on getting some time together to return the favour and take photos of our local cemetery in Esperance Western Australia.

WAYGOODImage receivedMany thanks for the image. A great help and a great site.

WAYTHI am very grateful for this service as II am very grateful for this service as I do not live in the vicinity.

WEADLEYThank youThank you so very much it's only about two days ago that I asked for a photograph and it's in my mail box already. Very well done and thank you again

WEAIREThanks!Thanks for doing this kind of thing. It's very helpful in tracing families. Since I'm in Canada and all my ancestors were from the UK, it's difficult to visit every village.

WEALSGravestone of Richard and Sarah WealsI am very grateful for your rapid response to my request and for the clarity of the image you sent. Information shown on the gravestone, combined with information from other sources, suggests that Richard and Sarah were ancestors, thus extending knowledge of family history by one generation. Many thanks for your help.

WEATELooking back at family now gone - WEATE LINK & OTHER FAMILYThank you once again for a very prompt service..Webb sites help find our past..

WEATHERHEADrichard weatherheadI stumbled accross this site a few days ago what a wonderful resource.Thank you for the your quick response and great photos. I'm sure we'll be in contact again.We're in Sussex so will attempt to get some photos on our trips to local graveyards,we also visit Kent.Cath Dale, John Bell

WEAVERMany ThanksCharles, I would like to thank you for your prompt reply to my request. My mother and I had previously been led to believe that the cemetery where our ancestor was buried was in ruins. However, after being directed to by, we are so pleased to find an intact image of the gravestone. It is gratifying to see that a lot of valuable work is being done by volunteers for the benefit of those involved in family history research and that you are instrumental in facilitating those efforts with your great website. Thanks again.

WEBBQuic responseThank you for the quick response for my request for a photo. The reply was instant. It wasn't the person I was looking for but, was a relative of theirs. Thank you for making it possible to view these images. It is greatly appreciated. emam

WEBBWEBB, EDWARDS, CARTERgreat site, very interesting, found what i was looking for

WEBBAlice Webb (nee Haskings) 1870 - 1943.I live in Sydney, Australia, and I am trying to locate my grandmother's grave. Alice Webb - aged 70yrs - died 7 March 1943. In Pontypridd, sub district Rhondda No 3, County of Glamorgan, Wales. Alice was living at 113 Aldergrove Road, Porch at the time.

WEBBThank youI have only just found this site and it looks as though it has a wealth of valuable information. Thank you :)

WEBBThank YouCharles, What a fantastic resource.Just brings an ancestor that little bit closer. Thank you.

WEBBresearching my Mothers familyVery helpfull site

WEBBSearch for 1700 time frameThank you for this website, pictures are so important.

WEBBRobert Higham Webb, St Peter's Churchyard, WenhastonThe burial date would be 1850, not 1810. His wife, Mary Ann Julians, was buried there in 1853. Details found on .... more

WEBBThank youMany thanks for the help & clean pic of grave

WEBBERThank youMany thanks for the photo of the Tombstone I requested. Also happy to add 2 more relatives found buried in the same plot. Beverely


WEBBERWonderful resourceYou are an excellent resource. Thank you for all of your efforts.

WEBBERalbert james webberIm researching my family tree. Ive got albert james webber, who was born in 1913 in plymouth, devon, we now he moved around and was living in merthyr tydfil, midgalmorgan,, uk at the time of his passing through a mining accident. His parents were john webber born 1882 in south molton, devon i think he married a emily jane piper who was born 1883 in marwood, devon. At the moment im struggling to find any further information going back. any information would be a great help. thanks lisa

WEBSTERHannah Webster, Youlgreave, DerbyshireThank you so much for this service freely given. I found this MI for Hannah Webster 1780 which is another part of the jigsaw.

WEBSTERweb sitehave been researching family tree as a "novice" fro a couple of years - on and off - just come across this website - marvellous thankyou.

WEBSTERThank you for this wonderful site. I camThank you for this wonderful site. I came across it by accident and appreciate all the work that goes into it. Congratulations

WEBSTERDean CemeteryLiving some way from Edinburgh, I was delighted to find the gravestone of a family I have been researching for many years. A wonderful site. Thank you so much also for a copy of the image.

WEBSTERWeb siteA great website. I found it due to a link from Ancestry. Great photo was a bonus.

WEBSTERDenys WebsterThe picture was instant and very good. Many thanks

WEBSTERCopyright Hi Charles Thanks very much for the efforts in establishing the gravestone photographic system I have just one comment to make in regards copyright restrictions that you have attached to the photos. Some years ago I used to subscribe to an obscure magazine called Traction and Models. That magazine had a motto that lives with me to this very day 'information is of no use unless it is shared with others'. I would like you to think about this motto and reflect on your decision to apply copyright to the photos in your system. Regards Jim .... more

WEBSTERJohn Henry Bayley WebsterI think the entry re above in Ipswich cemetery should be William Henry Bayley Webster not John .... more

WEEKESalice sophia WeekesVery many thanks, Charles for the photo of what may be my great aunt\\\\\\\'s grave . I think she was a missionary in China but born in Ireland (Cork) Your help is appreciated as research from Australia is hard!

WEEKESThank YouA great resource. Thank you.

WEEKSMuch appreciation for any assistance. TMuch appreciation for any assistance. Thank you.

WEEKSThe Grave of John & Mary Weeks, St. Peter's Churchyard, Tawstock, DevonWonderful photo of my great-great-great-grandparents gravestone. I'm very impressed and VERY grateful.

WEIGHELLIdentification of unknown relationshipElizabeth Weighell grave monument: legible names and details full name age birth year burial year relationship notes Elizabeth Weighell 27 1849 1876 first name on monument Isaac Weighell 73 1825 1898 husband of Elizabeth Weighell Richard Charles Weighell 1901 unknown I have carried out some research on this and Richard Charles Weighell appears to be the grandson of Elizabeth and Isaac who died at less than 1 year of age.

WEIRWonderful resource. Thank you very much.Wonderful resource. Thank you very much.

WELBURNExcellent ServiceThankyou for this great resource, and thank you to all the photographers who have supplied these pictures. Its amazing what you can glean from a gravestone. Really helps the research.

WELBURNWELBURN, SAMPLE, DARLEY, ETCIt's wonderful to see an image of a family grave with the Darley name jumping out. Thanks so much for this.

WELBYGraveston Photo Welby surnameVery quick response back and excellent service with great photo. Helped my family research into the Welby name. Definitely can be recommended and is a boom for those either doing a one name research or their own family tree.

WELCHThanksThanks to all the volunteers your efforts are really appreciated. To be 12,000 miles away in New Zealand and instantly get a photo of a headstone with connections to family is pretty awesome. Thank you so much.

WELFAREBirth of Edgar Welfare of Cowden.Edgar Welfare Buried Cowden N+ 143 ref. 7423 254674 235. May well have been born in 1843 as this family had a child of that name Baptised on 5 Augus t 1843 GRO Birt ref SepQtr 1843 Sevenoaks Volume:5 Page: 387.

WELHAMthank youI can't wait to get this photo as I've never been to Suffolk and other relatives' gravestones I've searched for I can't find- this will be the first!! I feel like I've struck gold- thank you!!!

WELHAMWelham family, Westacre, NorfolkDear Charles, Thank you so much for this very helpful website, it is much appreciate.

WELHAMthanks for your help, the work you do isthanks for your help, the work you do is much appreciated

WELLBURNThank you.A wonderful site. Very helpful and easy to navigate. Thank you for your hours and hours of work helping us connect with our ancestors.

WELLBURNThank you.A wonderful site. Very helpful and easy to navigate. Thank you for your hours and hours of work helping us connect with our ancestors.

WELLERHeadstone of Eliza Weller.It was wonderful to find Eliza Weller headstone. I am researching Wellers from Sussex where the family originally came from. A wonderful site and grateful for the administrators and volunteers for such a brilliant site and service.

WELLERThank youThank you for the photo of the headstone for my 3 x great grandparents, Henry and Mary Lidwell Weller. We have visited the graveyard in Rochester and had not been able to find it so it was very exciting to see this photo. Thank you so much to all the volunteers who must spend so much time taking and indexing the photos.

WELLERAppreciationThe efforts you have made to make a gravestone image available in much appreciated. Alexander Weller was my 11th great-grandfather, and my memorial of him is much enhanced by your generous efforts. Thank you!

WELLERThanks for the grave details and photosHello I have just downloaded 3 photos relating to GPR grave number 308138 - image name gndh0274 (Betty Weller). Thank you very much for providing the grave details and the photos, it goes some way to sorting a difficult issue that I am helping a colleague with. Best regards Rex

WELLINGSThank youThank you so much for the images of grave stones. Excellent service and a great help in family history research

WELLINGSGrateful ThanksI have found it extremely satisfying that somebody has taken it upon themselves to take photographs of graves which mean so much to the descendants. It is a shame that such a service is not rewarded other than by peoples' grateful thanks. Words cannot express the pleasure I had in receiving the large copy of the headstone I had requested, & the speed of its despatch. THANK YOU for your efforts.

WELLINGSGrateful ThanksFantastic service provided by such a kind & helpful individual & associates. A well thought of idea. Grate satisfaction upon receipt of larger image of my ancestors. A hearty thank you for your service.

WELLINGSGreat website very useful thanks for theGreat website very useful thanks for the photos

WELLS Thanks It was quite a surprise to find my grandparents grave available to view on the internet but I am very grateful. .

WELLSJesse Jazeb WellsThank you - clearly Jazeb not Jabez

WELLSI have requested images of Wells monumenI have requested images of Wells monuments in Leigh Kent churchyard, but have not received them.Is this service no longer available, or am I doing something wrong?

WELLSJames Underwood Wells Thank You So Much. For Images Of My 2nd Great Uncle. I Really Appreciate Your Help With My Family Research. Thank You Beryl;

WELLSRev Edward WellsThank you for the opportunity to see the grave site of Edward Wells. It fills a piece of the family puzzle that I am working on.

WELLSA valuable resource: WALTER WELLSThanks to all involved for a great website; I found the memorial I sought, which I had not found elsewhere, including the pay-to-view sites. Keep up the excellent work.

WELSHcorrectionon my fathers/grandfathers grave you have michael welsh son of cecilia manning ,this uncorrect,he is son of David welsh(d.1974) and catherine mcgowan. .... more

WELSHrelationshipmichael j welsh is father of james d welsh and brother in law of john bradley .... more

WELTONThankyou!Thankyou for the image of the graves of my ancestors, it is lovely to know the resting place of relatives who lived so long ago. I am sure I will be using your site again soon!

WELVAERTSWELVAERTS & FORDERThanks to the photographer of the WELVAERTS & FORDER memorial in Weybridge Municipal B Surrey. Very helpful to have the high res. image. Thanks again.

WELWOODThank you for prompt replyThank you very much for your help with Robert and Elizabeth Welwood's gravestone. I really appreciate the effort you have gone to on this site. Maybe in the future, I'll be able to help you.

WENHAM237/201072/11kaye wenham is a daughter not son. .... more

WEREFantastic SiteJust wanted to say what a great site. A great opportunity for those of us who live overseas to obtain these important photos. Great work. Many thanks, Jen Tranter

WESLEYthank you for your prompt reply.i live ithank you for your prompt reply.i live in menorca but if i can be of any assistance please ask.i tried to reply to e mail but is was returned john

WESTMany Thanks CharlesWhat a great service you are offering, much appreciated

WESTGrave of Wm & Sarah WestThankyou for this wonderful service. How wonderful to see the headstone of my ancestors. Brings them "to life".

WESTGravestone imageI have received a confirmation email of my request but have had no further contact. Location: Felbridge, Surrey. Cemetry: St. Johns Church. Name: Samuel Joseph West. Grave Number: 150291 Image Number: 6003 What should I do next? .... more

WESTSarcophagus of Christopher WESTHello Charles, I am sorry that I posted a message for you in the wrong spot. I made note of a photo that you have, that I also have, but the other side of the sarcophagus as well. Please read my note and would love to send along the picture to you with the inscription also, if you like.

WESTSatisfied resultMany thanks for providing the images, definitely the one I was looking for. You are providing a valuable service to those like me who cannot get around to see the evidence themselves. I shall pass on the good word.

WESTThank youBrilliant to receive such a clear photo in such quick time. Thanks for your splendid efforts.

WESTAmazing site, thank you sooooooo much.Amazing site, thank you sooooooo much.

WESTMany thanksThank you so much, found the death of my husbands great aunt through your site.

WESTACOTTElizabeth WestacottThis gravestone image allowed me to ascertain the actual date of death of Elizabeth.

WESTACOTTThank youThank you for your prompt reply to my request for a photo. Although this time it was not the relative I was looking for. I have used yout site before with excellent results. Much appreciated Trenuth Seager

WESTBURYBrilliantBrilliant service, speedy, and great pic. Many thanks again.

WESTCOTTFather of William Upton WestcottFrederick Allingham Westcott was the father of William Upton Westcott and Robert Carlisle Westcott

WESTENDARPAnother Loose End Tied UpI am most grateful to you Charles for helping me solve a 2 year puzzle. Your image of Vic Westendarp's final resting place (nee Adelaide Cross) means I now have the birth, marriage and death details for my great-great-grandfather's 7th child. Regards Philip

WESTENRAGreat resourceThis is a great resource. I was delighted to find a photo of Henry Thorolds grave and therefore a little more information on the young man who lost his life at such an early age. An uncle of Lady Mittie Westenra/Rossmore and a great uncle of renowned aviatrix Lady Mary Bailey. Well done to the page admin on a great job.

WESTERBURYWOW! thank you for the work you so in photographing headstones. When I saw the photo I was blown away as I did not know the headstone existed of my maternal uncle. I also noted a comment from a friend of his daughter Jane who I have not been in contact with for most of my live, so I am now hopeful I might be able to make contact with her.

WESTERNThank you for replying and sending photoI would sincerely like to thank you for sending me the photo for my research. The site is amazing and if I am able to help with photos in the future I will certainly contact you. thanks for your help Lynn

WESTGAARDThank you!Thank you once again for your kind help! I am very grateful!

WESTGARTHThank youWhat a great service, especially wonderful when we are on the other side of the world. Thank you, it is very appreciated.

WESTHORPThank you so muchLovely picture and received so quickly, as always brilliant service - thank you -

WESTLAKEStoke Canon, Devon, Eng.Researching the Westlake Family who lived in Stoke Canon, Devon. Thomas Westlake married Elizabeth Ann Bussell and they came to Canada ca 1872 and settled in Lachine, PQ

WESTLEYJohn WestleyI have just began to research my family tree and this image has already raised some interesting questions for me as I believed that John died in 1922. I think my next task is to discover if John did die in the war or was his name added posthumously if he died of war-related injuries. I have found this website facinating and I'm sure that besides raing questions it will help me to answer may of the questions regarding my family background. Best wishes Alyson

WESTMACOTTthank you very much for supplying the image requested.Thank you for the esae with which i was able to view this image. It is much appreciated. Eileen Laing

WESTONthank youHi Charles thank you once again for your excellent service This site is such a help with my family history regards phil pearce

WESTONThank youThank you for your prompt reply and the good quality of the picture.

WESTPHALMany thanksThank you for the image you sent me, really quick response and very much appreciated. I agree with other users, a fantastic resource for family historians. Thanks again

WESTWELLthanks and possible volunteerHi Thanks for the link to the image as before a very efficient service, did say when I retired I would think about volunteering. My typing is better than my photography Perhaps I could index some photos. Is this possible?

WESTWOODThank you for the great photoWow!!! What a great service!!! Thank you so much to all the volunteers associated with this great Website. I now have a copy of the Headstone of my Great Grand Uncle and Aunt in Northumberland and I will never have the chance to see it personally as I live in Australia. I really appreciate it!!! Thanks again

WESTWOODQuick serviceOnce again, thank you for the photo of the grave of Thomas William Westwood. It helped me with a number of vital bits of family information.

WHARRYGPR goes from strength to strengthHaving been a volunteer photographer in the early days of the Gravestone Photographic Resource I had occasion to use it myself recently while researching my family history. I was delighted to see how much progress has been made with the project, which is truly worldwide. This is a fantastic resource and I congratulate all involved but particularly Charles Sale - whose 'baby' this is.

WHARTONThank youCharles, thank you for this very important family history site. For those of us who do not live in England this site may be the only means to find their family and for that I am most grateful for all that you are doing. Susan

WHARTONWHARTON,PENTECOST,FAIDMany thanks for sending me the picture I requested. What a superb site this is.

WHARTONgrave of frank & honora wharton,haverton hilldear charles,thankyou so much for the picture you sent,for years all of his surviving relatives believed there was no gravestone,it has helped a great deal,we can now begin a search of our family tree,your site has been more helpful than any of the commercial sites by far,again many thanks for taking time to do this for all family researchers! when i return home i will take pictures for you,i live in billingham cleveland,if there is any particular church you need,let me know!!

WHEATLEYadditional infoWinifred Mary Pickett & Albert Edward Farmer buried in the same grave in Lingfield were siblings. They were born fust over the county border in the Rotherfield/Hartfield/Withyham area. The family, - parents Thomas and Sarah (nee Wheatley) - moved to Lingfield in the early 1900s.

WHEATLEYThank you for the photo's, much appreciaThank you for the photo's, much appreciated...Keep up the good work...

WHEATLEYThank youA very helpful site for my family tree research. Great service as well. Thank you.

WHEATLEYGravestone photosI have used this site a few times and always get a good picture. Thank you for all your help, it is VERY much appreciated. Although I put the name Wheatley, I am more interested in the name Coulson as Wheatley married into the Coulson family.

WHEELDONWheeldon Looking for headstones for wheeldons, in particular Annie (Hatfield Mitchell) Wheeldon b.10 July 1878 in Oldham, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and d. 28 May 1915 in Liverpool

WHEELERThank YouThank you so much for a great image, and a fast service. Brilliant web site will use it again.

WHEELERTHANKYOUThank you so much for your lightning fast response to my request for a photograph. The service you offer is remarkable. Again, many thanks.

WHETENHALLWhetenhall family and thanks!I've received all the images I requested and I appreciate them very much. The photos are of very high quality and answered some questions I had about this family. I am very grateful. I tried to leave more details about the individuals in this family, but I am not sure I was successful in doing so. Please forgive my clumsiness in using this site. And, again, thank you. Mary Zashin

WHIBLEYenlarged photoThank you very much for the enlarged photo of my 5 x gt. grandparents grave. Until today I did not realise that they had a private grave. Denise

WHIBLEYPlease note:- Re the WHIBLEY family who Please note:- Re the WHIBLEY family who were noted on a memorial stone to Arthur and Harriet WHIBLEY at St Peter and St Paul, Hever, Kent. Richard Edward, Thomas and David were all buried in South Australia. Elizabeth was buried at St Pancras Cemetery on 18 October 1878, Emily (married name Williams) was possibly buried Sept 1930 in Milton , Kent (not certain that this is correct) and Walter James Whibley was buried 28 Jan 1930 at Southwark, London, England.

WHIBLEYEdward Whibleythe headstone reads : - HERE REST THE BODIES of ARTHUR fourth Son of RICHARD WHIBLEY and ELIZABETH SARAH his wife of New House Farm in this Parish Born Oct 18th 1849 Decd Jan 31st 1854 And of HARRIET MARY their Eldest Daughter Born Dec 13th 1844 Decd Feb 6th 1854 May They rise again unto Life Eternal Amen This Stone in affectionate remembrance Was placed here by their grandfather DAVID WHIBLEY of Delaware House Shortly after their Parents sailed for Australia with their five surviving Children EDWARD THOMAS DAVID EMILY WALTER JAMES

WHIFFINThanksThank you for letting me see a higher res image of the gravestone - I have now worked out the system!

WHILEYJames WhileyFantastic response as always. Picture is clearer than I thought it would be and has James’s wife Lydia Whiley included also.Thank you Charles, these photos and information are very much appreciated.

WHILLSHERThanks for the image: most helpful for dThanks for the image: most helpful for dates of death and info on son William not previously known about.

WHINCUPWHINCUP AND CASEYAn outstanding research tool, and Charles t'is a wonderful thing that you do all this gratis. A rare and splendid thing. Many many thanks.

WHINCUPGrave searchThe photo of Jane Whincup's grave did not match the date of the person in my tree, but previous requests have been extremely useful and the link to all Whincup graves invaluable

WHISKERGreat WebsiteSending my thanks from Canada for your very helpful Resource!

WHITAKERBramhope tunnelTwenty-two of the men who died building Bramhope tunnel are buried in Otley churchyard, where there is a very impressive memorial. This is a great service and very much appreciated. John.

WHITAKERGrave stone resourceJust to say its a great resource and if I can I will try to add photos

WHITBREADthank-youI would like to say thankyou for sending me an image of arthur drake whitbreads gravestone. As this will help me with my homework of finding out about our

WHITCHURCHMy GrandparentsMy father, John Roy Whitchurch, died recently in South Africa and it’s been helpful to be able to find this photo of his parents, my grandparents, gravestone. Thank you for such a lovely photo of where John Francis and Ellen May Whitchurch are resting.

WHITEWHITE AND RAND AND RELATIVESWith thanks to the website owner and the volunteer photographer for the Headstone photographs you have sent me. Your web site is excellent and has been very helpful,

WHITEWHITE SURPRISE FINDINGAs I am from Australia I never thought it possible to find this gravesight and others from my family tree. The site is excellent and I thank you so very much Jane Ricketts wife of John White

WHITEIimage of C Eric White grave monument 1920 - 2009Thank you for this wonderful service.In this case the family direct relative is 83 years old herself and as can be expected will not be able to visit the grave as often as she would like, not living locally.

WHITEIimage of C Eric White grave monument 1920 - 2009Thank you for this wonderful service.In this case the family direct relative is 83 years old herself and as can be expected will not be able to visit the grave as often as she would like, not living locally.

WHITEyour site has been very helpful and photyour site has been very helpful and photos are great thank for your help

WHITEmoore and Penny Comments: I would like to request grave photos for Rachel Penny (died Mar. 6, 1896) and Frederick Penny (died Mar. 3, 1917) at Scholing Cemetery in Scholing, Southampton unitary authority, Hampshire, England and John Moore (died June 23, 1980)and Frances Moore (died Jan. 22, 1974)at Aldershot Crematorium, Aldershot, Rushmore Borough, Hampshire, England thank you, donna white

WHITEre: grave picscould you please delete the request I made on 4/18/14 for the researching surname of White with two names (moore and Penny) requested. I did not know the right was to list on here. thanks, donna white

WHITEThank you. Thank you very much for the photograph, from a great website. I am very grateful.

WHITEThank YouMost appreciated. This site has provided me with valuable information on the 'White' family from Pakefield, Suffolk, England. Thanks Very Much.

WHITEExcellent Resource!Many thanks for sending me the gravestone photo for Robert and Ann White - saved me a long drive to Northumberland! And I can see there are many more relevant names on the site, such an excellent resource.

WHITEFantastic!Thank you so much for letting people view such valuable family tree resources.

WHITEThanks for allowing me to access the phoThanks for allowing me to access the photo of the headstone for Eleanor Buchanan White and family. having websites such as yours is a wonderful resource. Kath

WHITEA most valuable resourceI came across the link to this website from the Glamorgan Family History Society's Facebook page. What a find, it is a wealth of exciting information and images. Super fast response to email and fantastic quality of images. Highly recommended. Thank your for your invaluable service.

WHITEWhite familyThank you so much for sending me photos of the graves of long departed relatives. I am amazed they are in such good condition.

WHITEThanks for the photoExcellent website for genealogists. Thanks to Charles and all the volunteers

WHITECHESTERInformation on Whitechester surname linked to Scotland and LithuaniaI have found information about the Whitechester name in Scotland connected to the Scott clan and the name Buccleigh. In a Pennsylvania death record in 1935 for Anthony Whitechester, my grandfather, his father, Thomas Whitechester, is listed as an immigrant from Lithuania. Thomas and Agnes Whitechester's four children were born in Pennsylvania in the USA according to their marriage licenses. There is a reference in Wikipedia to some land in Lithuania owned by the Buccleighs that they lost when Russia took over Lithuania. Does anyone have any information about the Whitechester name in Scotland or Lithuania? I haven't been able to find information prior to 1920 on Ancestry and Google about that last name. Thank you.

WHITEHEADThank youThank you for the photograph you sent through to me. A great photograph, helps me to build up my information on this particular family. Thank you, it's very much appreciated.

WHITEHEADthanksthankyou your website is easy to use and images are clear. Can't be sure yet whether these are relatives but it's a start!

WHITEHEADThanks from CanadaThank you so much for the picture from a cemetery that is a long way from home. It gave me some useful info. What a great service you provide. I will try and make some grave picture contributions when I have some. Cheers!

WHITEHEADPhotosThank you so much for the photo -- this is a wonderful website.

WHITEHEADThank you for your help.Thank you for sending the gravestone image I requested for Andrew Whitehead. Your Website is amazing and very helpful.

WHITEHEADFinding NannaI had been to a family funeral. l knew she had come from gunbower off a dairy farm. I was in Barham knowing l wiuld be going past there on the way home, all l had was the name Gene Whitehead. Gravestonephoto's gave me more than l ever knew about her and she had been burried at Patho near by. I would never of known Patho was a place nether loan having a cemetry. Gravestonephoto's even helped me locate the head stone. Once there l remebered the spot and it familiarity. Felt a sense of pride for the trip home and gravestonephoto's has given me the start to a new familt tree.

WHITEHEADMary and John WhiteheadThanks for the photo of GPR grave number 248695. I've had a go at transcribing the text: In Memory of MARY Relict of JOHN WHITEHEAD Late of Old Newton The remaining text is illegible but could be dates

WHITEHOUSERichmondAn absolutely invaluable website - Many many thanks for the various photographs I have received from you during the past year or so. When I am able, I will endeavour to take some photographs of other locations to return to you.

WHITEMANGravestone imagesThank you for providing this service. I no longer live in the area where most of my ancestors came from so my family history research is mostly done over the internet. I found the process of identifying and getting an image of the gravestones I wished to see very easy and the quality of the images is excellent.

WHITEMOREThank youMany thanks for your excellent work. Very helpful and efficient

WHITERNValuable resource as families move away Valuable resource as families move away from where ancestors are buried. This info. will be lost if left unrecorded. Many thanks.

WHITFELDData Base incorrectwhere am I: Home > countries > England > Sussex > Worth > St Nicholas > Thomas Whitfeld The displayed data base information does not match the inscription on the memorial for he and his wife mildred .... more

WHITFIELDWHITFIELD, BELL, JACKThank you very much for the image - I didn't know about this website before - what a brilliant resource!

WHITHEADGood serviceThis is a very good and useful service you supply. Thanks

WHITINGThank you!Thank you for the prompt service. Thank you for keeping this service free. I have and will be searching this website for other related families Duck, Morley, Killeen etc. You have a very big heart to do this work. I am hoping to be in England this year and so will not be able to help with local mapping until next year. add my name to your list and keep in touch. thank you again for a valuable source of genealogy.

WHITINGBuckingham BuggMany Thanks to GPR for the photo of Buckingham Bugg's grave at St Margarets Church, Ipswich. The inscription gave helpful information about his profession. He was a witness at the marriage of a distant ancestor of mine.

WHITLEYThank youMany thanks for the trouble you have gone to in offering assistance.

WHITLEYThomas PHILIP Goodman WhitleyThe image associated with this name is of a different persons gravestone

WHITTINGHAMThank youI appreciate the effort that you take for this free service.

WHITTINGTONRobert Whittington GravestoneCharles, thank you for having taken the time to photograph the headstones and research the plots per families. This is a huge help to my family history research. I love having the photos of as many of my ancestor's gravestones as possible. Thanks again, Denise Myler

WHITTLEHolden GraveMany thanks for this information

WHITTLESEYWHITTLESEY/SEAThank you for responding to my request so promptly, I received a nice clear image. This is a great service you are providing, invaluable to any family historian.

WHITWELLMany Thanks!I was so pleased to discover this amazing service, and to learn that it's free was icing on the cake! Not only that, but I had several versions of my requested image in less than 24 hours. Ideally hope I can find a way to return the favor. Thanks guys, extra awesome!

WHITWORTHFamily headstone locatedWhilst investigating my ancestry, I came across this website and was able to locate Violet Whitworth, wife of Herbert Whitworth (my 2nd Great Uncle). We were totally unaware that PVT William Whitworth (my Great Grandfather) who died in the Great War at passchendale, had any siblings. Thank you for assisting in my quest.

WHITWORTHInscription PhotographI have just found this site and after 20 years of research I now may be able to see the final resting place of family members. To the people who run/ administer I send my eternal thanks. Once you have moved away from your roots its not always easy to get back to take photos. Thanks again My main family research is Whitworth, Horrocks, Riley, Duckworth, Stansfield, Cornwell & Nelson. All in and around Bury. Thanks

WHYSALLCharles John WhysallVery useful website. I intend to take photos locally to add to the database.

WIBMERThank youThank you for your prompt reply to my request for an image. This website is a valuable research tool.

WICKENSWICKENS/LADELL/THOMSON/CORNESCharles, I was so impressed that you provided an image of a family grave in such short a time. You have created one of the most useful resources I have found so far. Please accept my most grateful thanks.

WICKHAMseeking connection between surnamesI hold a prayer book dedicated in 1842 to Mrs Wickham with The Rev G. T. Hudson Kind Regards March 1842. Inside the prayer book are original letters (1838, 1840, 1841) addressed to Ann Wookey, Rudge, West Harptree, Old Down (Letters are from Rev. George Ireland and his wife Mrs Sarah Ireland). I am trying to find why my G-Grandfather J.T.A. Webb or his wife Mary Ann Hobley had this prayer book in their possession - what the connection maybe to ancestral surnames of Webb, Goodman, Coal or Hobley

WICKSBig Thank You.What a wonderful service you provide. Very well done and so very helpful.

WICKSexcellent site. Thank you very much,mostexcellent site. Thank you very much,most informative.

WICKSHeadstoneThank you for the photo of our tupuna's headstone.

WIDDICOMBEMiddle name ERROR Correction needed: Lydia CONSTANCE (Baird) Widdicombe .... more

WIDLAKEWidlake grave Combe MartinThank you for your prompt response. Unfortunately the grave turned out to be the wrong one, but it has set me off in another direction, to see if the people buried there belong to another branch of the family. Thank you for your help

WIESNERWiesner, Otto & Maria Headstone Re: Wiesner Otto & Maria Headstone - Thank you for your dedicated work. Could not have seen this headstone without you--we are across the atlantic!

WIGBYThanksAmazing! Researching a family story for a friend who has emigrated to Australia and through your wonderful website I have been able to send her a photo of her grandmother, gt grandfather and great aunts grave. Thank you so much from both of us! I have also been on the request for help page and promised help to a fellow in the US who is researching a family in my home town. All good news. I shall be visiting the site again without doubt and when the better weather comes will try to send you photos of graves in the local church here in York. Many thanks again for a wonderful website.

WIGBYHelpful and interesting Hi thanks for sending me the image of Benjamin Wigby name on the memorial at Cottingham. I hope to visit it in the coming months.

WIGGWIGG/FOULSHAMI would like to congratulate you on the wonderful work that you are doing, and although I say "thank you" it seems inadequate for the photos you have supplied to me. You were quick and the photos are of good quality. Well done.

WIGGWhat a wonderful site. It is not possiblWhat a wonderful site. It is not possible to travel to Suffolk, much to far for me to travel , now I can have details of family graves.

WIGGResearching how the Wigg family got invoResearching how the Wigg family got involved in trading with southern Brazil out of Liverpool. GPR is an excellent source of otherwise difficult-to-find information. Thoroughly recommend!

WIGGSarah ann wiggThank you so much for the image. It is a great thing to have and I appreciate your work in making these images available.

WIGGINSThank youThank you for the photograph and also for the contact information for the other researcher. I appreciate all of the hard work that you have done to assist all of us with our family history research.

WIGGINSThanksYour photos have given substance to my GGG Grandfather Alleyne Wiggin's memoirs. Thanks a million.

WIGGINSTHANK YOUOnce again, thank you so much for this amazing service.

WIGGINSWiggins, Lumley, MorleyI'm researching LUMLEY's WIGGINS, MORLEY's of Yorkshire's area

WIGGLESWORTHFieldhouseThe pictures are brilliant - thanks for the site -it's great

WIGHTSo helpful!Many thanks for your website! I had wondered for years what happened to a great-aunt and her family, and found her within a few minutes on your website.

WIGHTMANGravestone photoOnce again a quick response to a request for a photo of a gravestone - much appreciated. Will continue to search this website. Thank you so much for such an invaluable service.

WIGHTONExcellent ResourceThe instant receipt of such a valuable resource cannot be underestimated - I'm still not sure if this Wighton belongs to my family tree, but gathering information (and for free, at that!) of such calibre is surely the way to build a clear picture that I would otherwise be unable to do. Thanks for this fabulous service - I will be recommending and revisiting at every available opportunity!


WIGNEYHenrietta shrubbThank you so much for your prompt reply and photo of Henrietta's grave. It was very much appreciated

WILBOUCHEWITCHWilbouchewitchMany thanks for the photographs of tle Nageotte-Wilbouchewitch monument in Montparnasse cimetery.

WILBYThankyouHave just received requested image. Having the opportunity to access such a resource is wonderful. I have used this site several times in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Thanks again.

WILCOXWilliam James Wilcox, North Sheen municipal cemeteryHaving now confirmed that the grave you located for me does belong to my family, I can add it to my list of destinations to visit. You have been most helpful, I would never have found it without your site. It is much appreciated.

WILDHarold Wilfred Harmsworth WildHarold was born in Hertsfordshire in 1907 and lived there for most of his life. Areas on certificates include Radlett, Shenley Hill etc. He passed away aged 40 in 1947. His mother was Violet Grace Wild & his father was Wilfred Huburt Wild. His wife was Winifred Mary Wild. Id dearly love to see a photo of any one of these headstones - particularly Harolds. Unfortunately Im in Melbourne and wont be in England any time soon.

WILDThank you!Thank you so much for the images. It is fascinating yet sad to see the grave which holds relatives of my great, great, great grandfather.

WILDThankyouMany thanks for the image of Hiram Wild's memorial

WILDEHeadstone PhotographyJust a shout out to the professionalism of the this site. I was helped out in fast and polite manner. I appreciate your dedication in helping those find their relatives and give us a little bit of realism to their lives. THANK you for what you do and keep it up.

WILDMANThank you for the images of the Wilding Thank you for the images of the Wilding gravestones. I have found them very helpful. I did not know that Joshua's youngest son was buried with his parents

WILDSMITHThanks!I just wanted to say thanks very much for the photos of Wildsmith graves in Lincolnshire. I'm researching Wildsmiths from Derbyshire, and I know that at least one of them moved to Lincolnshire. It's good to know that I can now visit his last resting place.

WILESHi Charles thank you so much for the extHi Charles thank you so much for the extremly prompt response to my request I was delighted with the service that you provide . I hope to be able to take some photographs in return , kindest regards Pam

WILESmuch needed resourceThanks once again for a wonderful research site. Invaluable!

WILKESWILKES/BAGNALLVery fast and efficient service. Many thanks.

WILKIEGravestone of Peter WilkieThank you very much for offering this service. I am so pleased with the photograph and the information gained from reading it. This website is a great resource for family history.

WILKINSReceived gravestoneThank you so much. The photo is very clear. I shall be showing it to my U3A Family History group and telling them about this wonderful resource .... more

WILKINSARTHUR WILKINSWe have not visited uncle Arthur Wilkins grave (who died in the war) for 5 years, today we could not find the site as the headstone was missing. Please can you help us identify the plot .... more

WILKINSBray Wilkins Family TreeThank you for the photo. I now realize that as Bray's parents, Thomas Wilkins and Hannah Nichols, were born about 1590 that if they do have a gravestone somewhere it would most likely be illegible. But it is a great site - thank you .... more

WILKINSImage RequestThank you for the prompt access to the requested image. Superb service and much appreciated. .... more

WILKINSEdward Wilkins and Lucy GaddMy name is Michael Randall. My great great parents were Edward Randall and Lucy Gadd from England. They got married in Epsom, Surrey December 1883. Their dauther Ellen(Helen?) Wilkins married Sidney Lester Randall and they lived in Claygate, Surrey. He died at the age 37 in 1938. Ellen moved to Canda in 1946. If someone would have information about my Wilkins family, would you contact me please!

WILKINSONcharles ball wilkinson thankyou for sending the photo of charles ball wilkinsons gravestone ,very clear photo , one again thanks

WILKINSONFamily Name Wilkinson.I am trying to access the above name in st Matthews Sutton Bridge,Lincolnshire. I know the gentleman is in the churchyard as he is my brother in laws father. However I am unable track ANY Sutton Bridge names. Your assistance will be appreciated. Rex Allen

WILKINSONFamily Name Wilkinson.I am trying to access the above name in st Matthews Sutton Bridge,Lincolnshire. I know the gentleman is in the churchyard as he is my brother in laws father. However I am unable track ANY Sutton Bridge names.Your assistance will be appreciated. Rex Allen .... more

WILKINSON AppreciationYour website is really helpful in my search for family tree members.Many thank sand keep up the good work. .... more

WILKINSONWilkinsonMany thanks to all concerned

WILKINSONJohn Wilkinson, 1790 St Margaret of Antioch's Church Cemetery, SuffolkThank you once again for sending me a high quality photo of an ancestor's grave. Your service is invaluable.

WILKINSONA great resourceGreat site. Very easy to navigate with a wealth of information. Already have a positive result in the research of my family tree and i will be sure to return as more is revealed. Thanks Charles

WILKINSONThanks!This is a great resource. Thanks so much for your time and efforts. By the way, I love the CATCHPA alternative!

WILKINSONWilliam Wilkinson 1763-1815Many thanks for providing such a high quality photo of my 3rd great grandfather's grave!

WILKINSONThank youThank you so much for sending me the image for Hurdman's gravestone. It will be very helpful in my family history research. The image is clear and of high quality and GPR is an extremely useful resource. Thank you!

WILKINSONGravestone in Dean Road Cemetery, Scarborough for Isaac Wilkinson who died 1892 and his wife Fanny WVery many thanks for the photo of Isaac Wilkinson's gravestone. The image was very good and I could clearly read the inscription. I am so grateful for your resource as the gravestone is situated in Yorkshire and I am located in Surrey and it is not easy for me to make the journey up there. This is the first time I have used this site and I will definitely be re-visiting it. Thank you again.

WILKINSONWilkinson/Bateman Low MoorThank you so very much indeed for the speedt response to my request. The work you have undertaken is not only quite wonderful, but must have endured thousands of hours hard work in the graveyards. I have search for this grave many times before but have been unable to locate it, despite several trips to Low Moor. Thank you so much once again.

WILKINSONPin-sharp photo - I've found a previouslPin-sharp photo - I've found a previously unknown relative who died age 2

WILKSThank you very muchI cannot thank you enough for the images which you sent to me recently. I've been able to answer quite a few questions with the information received - although of course I now have more questions! What an invaluable resource you have built up, thank you again.

WILKSThank youYour website is great! Thank you for all your hard work! I didn't realize that I had visited this site before.

WILKSThank youYour website is great! Thank you for all your hard work! I didn't realize that I had visited this site before.

WILLBOURNPhotosThank you for your very quick response to my request, excellent service, website easy to use. I have been to Hoby Churchyard and taken my own photos but there is always someone missing or the details not clear. I'm sure I will use the service again and I do like free!

WILLCOCKthanksAppreciated finding gravestone of my aunt Doris Willcock for my family history research.

WILLCOCKSWalter Morgan WillcocksThanks so much for your very prompt service in providing a photo of my cousin's gravestone. I hope that you will be able to expand the great service you are providing.

WILLCOCKSAmazingly Helpful through this site I have found the grave of my great great great grandparents which is amazing, but the most amazing thing is to have found my 83 year old mum had an uncle who died aged 21 in 1915 in Flanders who she never even knew existed. She is thrilled that this man who gave his life for our country is now known about by family members and is named on the Totnes war memorial. Our grateful thanks

WILLERTONThanksVery useful site

WILLETSThank youI sure appreciate the help you have given me. I will try to help here in the states with grave pictures.

WILLEYMany ThanksFound the grave of my maternal grandparents. Many thanks

WILLGOOSEWILLGOOSE, WILDGOOSE, WILLGOSSWhat a very generous resource! I have found lots of my Wildgoose flock. Thank you very much, Charles.

WILLIAMSWilliams Headstone WrexhamHi Charles, Just a quick line to say a big Thank You for kindly sending me, the photograph which I requested. What a brilliant site !!

WILLIAMSthankyou so much for this image, I have thankyou so much for this image, I have been researching my family tree and never expected to find her place of burial or her gravestone, thank you.

WILLIAMSJust to say thank youThank you for helping me in my search. If thre is anything I can do to help, such as a donation, please let me know. Perhaps you could help further if you have local knowledge of Aeneas Francon Williams and family, by telling me their story.

WILLIAMSThank youAn excellent service, especially for those of us researching from overseas

WILLIAMSDevon GravestoneMany thanks for the image you sent me so quickly. It was a great help

WILLIAMSmany thanks for directing me to the photmany thanks for directing me to the photo of my great grandparents gravestone

WILLIAMSGravestone in Durham Road Cemetery, Stockton on TeesVery pleased to find a photograph of grandparents gravestone William John and Maria Elizabeth Williams which we didn't know was there. A very good resource

WILLIAMSThanksJust wanted to pass on my thanks for the photos. This website is very helpful.

WILLIAMSGreat ResourceWhat a great resource, and it's free. Hope I can contribute in the future

WILLIAMS Thomas Lockyer WilliamsThank you for the wonderful photo of the grave of Thomas Lockyer Williams and his wife. To find this was a huge boast to my research. Amazing to think I can be sitting at home in Australia and looking at a grave in Surrey, England.

WILLIAMS Wonderful resourceThankyou for providing such a wonderful resource at no cost (rare these days), to enable everyone the opportunity to access such invaluable information. I hope you can continue to provide this, as although gravestones aren't always able to be maintained at least their information can be retained and stored for the benefit of future researchers.

WILLIAMSThank YouI stumbled across this website and cannot believe what a fantastic resource you have developed and it is free. Although the headstone is hard to read, I am delighted to have an image of my great, great, great grandparents grave. It will be our first stop when we visit next year. I will add photos from Australia of the graves of their descendents. Thank you so much for doing this.

WILLIAMSMany Thanks for your quick reply. This rMany Thanks for your quick reply. This really is brilliant what you do.

WILLIAMSThanks for this resource, it is easy to Thanks for this resource, it is easy to use, I was lucky to find what I was looking for, so thank you.

WILLIAMSJust wanted to say THANK YOU for what you do!I have found several headstones that relate to my husband's family in Wales. It's a thrill when I find the right headstone and learn more about our family. THANK YOU.

WILLIAMSOnce again I can only say thank you to yOnce again I can only say thank you to you and all the volunteers who help enrich my family history research

WILLIAMSThis has been a complex branch of my treThis has been a complex branch of my tree to follow and having access to the gravestone images has been very useful. Thank you all very much

WILLIAMSFamily researchThank you for the photo of the headstone for Harriet Williams. Nice and clear.

WILLIAMSThank youThanks for the photograph of 3 of my relatives' graves - so difficult to find normally. A great resource.

WILLIAMSGravestone for Thomas H WilliamsThank you for the image of the Gravestone for Thomas H Williams. It was of help with Family search.

WILLIAMSONFinding gravesI am looking for Sarah Jane Williamson (Murrow) grave, she died in Laughton Essex(Epping district) in 1938.If there is anyone who could help it would be apprecciated .Chris Carr I would also like to help anyone who is looking for anybody in the Devon arear,it would be good to have a register of like minded people throughout the country .Heres hoping

WILLIAMSONVery HelpfulI found this site very helpful and quick and would use it again if needed and recommend it to others. Many thanks for quick service.

WILLIAMSONSeeking a photoWilliamson John, d 1882, Stirkoke,Scotland. Seeking a photo please. Thank you for your reply and for this web site you have taken a lot of time to set up for others to use. Living in Australia, being able to get a photo of a grave means so much to me.

WILLIAMSONGreat serviceVery easy site to use. Quick response. Really good for family research purposes and at present researching my granny's side of the family who are from Caithness and Ross and Cromarty. .... more

WILLIAMSONThank youThanks for the close up image of my 11x ggfather's memorial in St Cuthbert's churchyard in Edinburgh. Very helpful and very quick.

WILLINGPercy George Frederick WillingPercy George Frederick Willing was born in Littleham Devon in 1896. He was married to Rose Lilian Wareham in 1920 in Bristol. They had one child, Malcolm John (1925-2001). .... more

WILLINGWilling researchThank you for a great website. I have added biographical details where I can. I am doing a one-name study on Willing and Willings, so have much more information I can share, but it seems I cannot add my URL here.

WILLINGWILLING/COWENSGravestone information confirmed what I suspected but was unsure of because of the variations in the Cowan,Cowans, etc names.

WILLINGALEThank you Charles. Your website is a GodThank you Charles. Your website is a Godsend and your efforts very much appreciated.

WILLISGreat serviceYou provide such a helpful service, many thanks.

WILLMANorigin of ancestorsVery helpful in ancestral search. thank you very much

WILLMANquality of photosYour service is very wonderful in genealogy. My computer crashed and I lost the first picture. Thank you very much.

WILLMERWrong LocationHi, The following images showing graves are noted in the wrong place their actual positions are in St Peter & St Paul's, Graveyard Tetney and not in the parish cemetary as recorded, I know this because I have seen them at the parish church. The images numbers are as follows: 10276 10235 10277 10237 10356 10234 Regards Stephen

WILLMOTTImpressedThank you for your work , it was a real thrill to be able to look at this gravestone,as we have no other way of seeing it. Thank you again

WILLOUGHBYGreat ResourceThanks for the fast reply and image! I'll definitely be using you again.

WILLOWSHow to advance past page 1 of surname listYour site shows 5 more pages, I click each and do not see the next 25 names. Why not? I know there are several family members buried in several Lincolnshire cems, and would like to compile a list. .... more

WILMOTThanksThank you for the wonderful service you provide, its a great help for researching my family tree and to be able to see my families graves which I wouldn't be able to visit.

WILSHERThank you, this is a wonderful resource.Thank you, this is a wonderful resource.

WILSONVery many thanks!This service is incredible! I knew my grandfather was buried in Harrogate but not where. This site not only told me where he was buried but supplied a photo of the headstone within 24 hours.

WILSONThank you for this photographThank you for this photograph

WILSONWilson PhotographMany thanks for the speedy response to my request to see the image of the gravestone of one of my ancestors. The image is excellent and is a great asset to my research. Thank you very much and please keep up the great work.

WILSONWe live in Australia and have been reseaWe live in Australia and have been researching our Wilson family history from Scotland ,this is such wonderful resource as we have found the graves of our Great Great Great grandparents and Great Great Grandparents we even visited Scotland this year and never found them and by acident found this web site we a just so greatful what a great site Many Thanks

WILSONWILSON/TAINSHThank you very much for your very quick reply and for the photo of the gravestone. Really appreicate the work you are doing and the great website.

WILSONA fantastic resource of quality images Thank you so much for providing several images which have helped me piece together the Wilson branch of my family. Your work is much appreciated.

WILSONThank you very much for the photo of JamThank you very much for the photo of James Wilson and family. Teresa is my Husband's 3x Great Aunt and she was the second Wife of James. She and James didn't have children of their own, but she became Mum to James's children. This site is so helpful please keep up the great work you do

WILSONPhotograph of GravestoneMany thanks for your quick response for the photograph.

WILSONWILSON/THOMPSONjust found your site , and downloaded a photo, great help thanks

WILSONThank you!Thank you for sending the gravestone photo for John Henry Wilson, who died on board HMS Warspite off Corfu in 1938. I had an old picture of his grave which had a rather battered wooden cross on it circa 1970, but am glad to see that it now has a smart Commonwealth War Graves stone memorial instead. He was a very distant cousin.

WILSONThanksThis is a very useful site and must have taken a huge amount of time to prepare and maintain. Thank you.

WILSONWILSON/SNELL FAMILIESJust wanted to say a big thank you to the people who photographed the Warkworth NZ and Matakana NZ cemeteries. Some of the information i didnt have which all helps towards a more detailed family history. Thank you

WILSONA huge thank youThank you so much for your quick response. The photo is excellent and has helped greatly with our research. I am looking forward to joining your team of volunteers and contributing to such a wonderful site.

WILSONA Big ThankyouMany thanks to everybody for the prompt reply and super copy of the gravestone I requested

WILSONWilson/Baird family researchThanks for the helpful site information. Would welcome any info from any others researching Wilson/Baird connected with Kirkliston, Cockpen, Bonnyrigg

WILSONMARY WILSONlooking for this ancestor for many years, thanks heaps for the quick response/image .... What a cool site ... and easy to work through ...

WILSONThomas Bishop WilsonMany thanks for the Image of The Grave stone . Very much appreciated

WILSONThanks.Thank you very much for the image of the grave of my 3rd great uncle, George Wilson and his wife, Jane. I've been trying to find out his death date and place since he emigrated to New Zealand in 1874. Your efforts are much appreciated. Jan.

WILSONMiddlesbrough Ancestors - WILSON/WAITE/THOMPSONMany thanks for your excellent coverage of Linthorpe, Middlesbrough. You have helped me answer a number of questions concerning my family.

WILSONThomas Wilson's Grave stoneThank you so much for sending a photograph of my 4th Great Grandfather's headstone. His son also Thomas came to Australia and is buried here. I will probably never be able to Kent so being able to see his resting place is very much appreciated. Once again many thanks. Kind Regards Mary

WILSONGratefulI appreciate your service so much. I was surprised that I could find this photo of the gravestone for my Great Grandfather, J Benson Wilson, online. Thank you so much for the information and for the opportunity to leave additional information on the site. Thanks again, Carol

WILSONMany thanks for the great work that you Many thanks for the great work that you do. I have found it very helpful when tracing Devon ancestors from the other side of the world

WILSONMy request was answered very promptly anMy request was answered very promptly and information came faster than I expected.

WILSONAnother one I'd missed.Another one I'd missed.

WILSONGravestone imagesThank you so much for the images you offer. It makes all the difference to be able to visualise an inscription and so much better than a simple listing of death in a genealogy website. I've been looking for details on the Boyd Wilson family as they are my distant cousins for my family tree, and you've helped me fill in few blanks. And created more blanks - but hey, that's the fun of genealogy!

WILSONIsabella Wilson at LowickThis is an excellent service especially now it is possible to view the enhanced image automatically. Sadly it is not the person I had hoped to find but many thanks for providing this useful resource.

WILSONJohn AndersonThank you so much for granting my request, very much appreciated and has given me some useful information regarding John Anderson. With kind regards Victoria

WILSONDavid Wilson 1829-1892Thank you for the photograph of the Grave Stone of David Wilson and family. It was a great help for my Family Tree. I was looking for information about a child and the Grave Stone gave me the answer. Thank you to everyone who takes the photographs.

WILSONMany thanks!Thank you so much for access to this image, very much appreciated!

WILSONthank youI do appreciate this service especially having a reference number as well as a photo. Thank you

WILSONThank youJust to say thank you for the lovely clear photograph of the headstone and that I'm really impressed with the ease of getting the larger version of said photograph, and it's free too.

WILSONWilson family in WragbyMany thanks for this excellent website. Charles Wilson was my 5th great grandfather.

WILTSHIREWILTSHIRE/WILKSHIREA wonderful service! Prompt, helpful, free, and accessible anywhere. Long may it continue and grow.

WILTSHIREJoseph and Mariah WiltshireWhat a great idea and a spledid website its invaluable to family history research. Your view of my ancesters gravestone at St Denys Worcestershire prompted me to update the information and perhaps others who might be interested . Joseph was born in severn stoke in 1793 he was the church sexton for many years also his son John and daughter Fanny in later years, although the gravestone shows his wife as Mariah I believe her christian name was Hannah Mariah. Many thanks for your help.

WILTSHIREthetford graveThank you for the picture of my great great grandfathers grave. I searched up and down the rows but it was a hot day, not for walking and had to return home. Now i have a good reason to return..keep up the good work.

WILTSHIREThank you.Thank you for the beautifully clear photo of my great uncle Albert Edwin Wiltshire's headstone. Wonderful service and such a speedy response; even on a Sunday. I've updated the information where I can & it's given me new info to add to my Family Tree. Excellent website. Keep up the good work

WIMSETTGravestone for Wimsett at St DunstanThank you so much for this photograph. It is so difficult researching from the other side of the world and your work helps tremendously - I might be able to knock down a small brick wall with one photo!!!! Thank you - greatly appreciated

WINCHESTERTHANK YOU! - WINCHESTER'S, CLAUSEN'S,CLAWSONYou have a wonderful site! and I Thank You for sending me the picture I requested. Very prompt and courteous! L

WINCHESTERWilliam Albert WinchesterFirstly, my apologies for the delay in thanking you for the image. As you may know, family history research goes in fits and starts (at least it does with me). I had intended to thank you as soon as the image arrived, but I stored it for later use and then promptly forgot about it. For anyone else researching the Winchesters, William Albert was/is a distant relative from Bristol.

WINDEYERJohn Windeyer 1830-1892I have found this site to be very helpful. Being able to have were family were buried and if possible their grave stone. I am happy to help others with their research.

WINDHAMPhotographic gravesFantastic resource & very speedy service.

WINDHAMI requested a photo yesterday and receivI requested a photo yesterday and received it less than 24 hours later. This is superb service!

WINDLEMany thanks Charles.I only found this site by chance and must say that I am so glad that I did. I requested a copy of the gravestone of my Great great Grandparents and was amazed at the speed that my request was granted. A truly wonderful site and I hope that it goes from strength to strength.

WINDLEYWindleyThank you so much for this terrific service. I am thrilled to be able to see the gravestones.

WINDMILLFinding windmillsThank you. I have been able to now link other information with kate Lucretia and can place her and her family in Somerset. This site has been extremely helpful in my research.

WINGThank youI have been researching mine and my husband's family history for some years. Unfortunately age means I cannot travel great distances to view gravestones so this service is invaluable! Thank you very much.

WINGATENo imagesHi, I'm very sorry, but I'm just not receiving the required images. It may be that my protection system is not allowing them through, although I've not had any problems in the past. Anyway, perhaps they'd come through via my Hotmail address? If so, I'll try that later. Kind regards, Lynette Smith

WINGATESuper Site!I have just discovered your site and I may not sleep tonight! So many names! So many photos! A treasure trove. Thank you SO much for all of your hard work. Know that it is much appreciated. Martha W, NH, USA

WINGATEMany thanks, I have been researching GeoMany thanks, I have been researching George Wingate but this grave stone suggests his widow remarried. Thanks for showing this avenue of research.

WINKWink Graves.Thank you for sending me the images of my Wink Ancestors Graves, they are very clear and easy to read.Kay Mettam.

WINNWINN/LOFTHOUSEWOW!! What a great resource. Thanks so much for your speedy reply and the quality of the photographs. These have helped bring my English family history to life!

WINTERThank you for this service. Excellent pThank you for this service. Excellent photographic quality. Not sure that it advances my searching yet but much appreciated.

WINTERThankyouWhat a fabulous service. Thank you very much.

WINTERBONEThanksI am just getting back to this e-mail from you in 2017! So glad you are still here and wanted to say thank you for all your hard work.

WINTERBURNBelton grave stonesThanks for the prompt reply, i was surprised to discover we had any grave stones as family very poor, or so i thought.

WINTERBURNpositive extensionI found the information for the Sherburn in elmet cemetery extremely helpful as it provided potential leads for other members of my origina; ancestors the Winterburn family 1698 and onward the photographic quality is very good. I will offer photographic record of family grave sites to this helpful organisation

WINTERBURNThank youA great resource so thanks to all volunteers who contribute to this website

WINTERBURNMy wife's family researchWhilst researching my wife's maternal ancestry line, we made an amazing discovery that some of my wife's family (Winterburn - Leach - Depledge) are buried in the graveyard at St Roberts Pannal. I ( Peter Scoulding) was born in Pannal and lived much of my early life there. My parents owned the village newsagents and grocers shop. I was baptized and confirmed at this church too. My maternal grandparents (Swabey) are also buried in Pannal St Roberts churchyard, but there is no gravestone. What a small world.

WINTERFLOODThanksFirst time I've used this site and the service was excellent. Proved a great help with my research into the Winterfloods

WINTERIDGEClara Harriet WinteridgeThanks very much for providing the image of Clara Harriet Winteridge's gravestone. This was useful in confirming the location of the grave and to verify that it did NOT give her maiden name.

WINTLEResearch AssistanceThank you for this wonderful service. I have been able to instantly corroborate my data and it has led me onto a new line of enquiry. As I live in Australia the chance of finding this myself is remote.

WINTONmysteries solvedThis site was stumbled on...but what a valuable find & resource, it solved mysteries.Thank you for the prompt service and easy to use site.

WISEHeadstone Photo ReceivedGreat service. Requested photo of headstone arrived with hours. Good quality picture. Many thanks.

WISEMANWiseman and GrapesThank you for the images - its fascinating to see them, one in Potter Heigham Norfolk and the other in Lowestoft.

WISEMANWilliam J WisemanMany thanks for the opportunity to review the photos in more detail. This has really helped to consolidate what I already have as well as provide some useful additions. A great resource and much appreciated.

WITHEYJohn Ralph WitheyThe first grave in the churchyard belongs to my first cousin named above. Sadly he died at the age of just one year ( not 47 as stated).

WITHINGTONThank youThank you for sending the photos. It was of great help in my researching. This is a fantastic site. I have forwarded a donation as my thanks.

WITTERICKCousinThanks very much to all involved for supplying pictures.Your work is much appreciated.

WITTSPhoto RequestThank you so much for your prompt reply in sending me the phot of the headstone I requested. This help was very much appreciated Keep up the good work x

WITTYWitty GravestonesWhat a fantastic resource and very generous of Mr Sale to allow it to be used in this way. Excellent quality of photography. Many thanks. G.Steer

WOLDWOLD AND COPPING - Excellent serviceHaving stumbled across this site I can thoroughly recommend it and thank Charles for the quick reply, requested on Saturday and received on Sunday.

WOLFEWOLFE/WOLFVery helpful resource. I have looked at and it did not hold a record of the gravestone I found on here. This has helped me greatly in my research.

WOLFFSOHNBrilliantI had never seen anything like this before and came across it quite by chance. It is a fantastic service and gave us information about 3 members of the family who share a burial plot. Thank you so much to all who help run it.

WOLLAGEThank youExcellent service and very much appreciated.

WOODCOLPOYS WOODAlas. In this instance the only image is of a blank cross - no writing whatsoever. Is it really a family gravestone?

WOODJohn George WoodAbsolutely fantastic site and web page. Helps to put the icing on the cake and have ancestors from birth to death. Keep it up please.many thanksJay

WOODMany ThanksHi Charles many thanks for your help and your website. It is very much appreciated. You are providing a wonderful service to the community.

WOODAssistance gratefully received - WOOD/THOMPSONI was provided a link to this website from Hint on while I was researching my wife's ancestors, specifically her 2x Great-Aunt (Honor Thompson) who had married James William Wood. I did not have much information on James, but from the photo of the gravestone, I now have his date of death and age at death, which will help me research this arm of the family further.

WOODGEORGE WOODI am delighted to find the grave of my late grandma's parents. I look forward to visiting the grave in the near future. Thank you. Regards Robert Law

WOODGeorge WoodI am delighted to have found the grave of my grandma's parents. I look forward to visiting the grave in the near future. Thank you. Robert Law

WOODGreat ResourceThank you for a great resource

WOODWOOD/SKELTON/CLARKEFabulous service-very informative and efficient-Thank you so much.

WOODThank youThank you for the information you provided it was extremely useful to my research.

WOODThank youenjoy your site, and for the quick response. I have recommended your site to friends who are doing their ancestry like myself. jo

WOODPhotosThankyou very much for the images , received very quickly. It was great to know where William is buried and can now visit the place.

WOODImagesThankyou very much for the images received

WOODThank youThank you very much for the image of my grandparent's grave, very touching to see it.

WOODThanksMany thanks for the image, and for all the work you have done in providing this resource :)

WOODThank youThank you for the photograph showing two generations of John Wood in Kirkby Malzeard. Fairly sure that these are ancestors of my wife but difficult to be certain since Baptism records only show the father and Wood is an extremely popular surname in the area.

WOODARDFamily History ReaserchI am find this service very helpful Thank you very much

WOODBRIDGEThank you. First class service. Thank you for providing two high quality photos of the grave I'm interested in. They came back within minutes. Fantastic service.

WOODBRIDGESusan Bradley Mann born 1847 Lambeth SurSusan Bradley Mann born 1847 Lambeth Surrey died 1898 Wolverhampton Staffordshire, wife of James Woodbridge born 1846 Bishopgate died 1873 St Pancras London. MAny thanks ChRles for the photo, we really appreciate then time and effort in taking these photos.

WOODBURYGravestone photoThank you Charles for the headstone photo.Wow, I didn't expect to receive it so quickly. Great photo,fantastic website. So glad I stumbled across it. Thank you again.

WOODCOCKMany thanksMany thanks for the great headstone photos of my 4 the great uncle- appreciated greatly when you liveon the other side of the world.

WOODHAMSFantastic ResourceHave only just discovered this resource, which is fantastic at bringing the past to your computer. Very helpful response by Charles Sale to my request for better image and also provided other information about the project that I was unaware of. It is heartwarming to find people like Charles giving up their time and resources to help others research their family history. Thank you very much indeed.

WOODHEADRe: Annie WoodheadThank you for the link to the blow up grave image of Annie Woodhead. Even through this was not a family member it was helpful because I can aliminate her from my research.

WOODHOUSEThank you!Many thanks to all the people involved in preserving these images. They are invaluable!

WOODHOUSEThank youThank you for the image of Mary Ann Woodhouse gravestone. I appreciate it.

WOODHOUSEWOODHOUSE/BROWNExcellent website and free !! The response is immediate and the results can be very helpful in tracing your ancestry. We have used it twice up to now.

WOODHOUSEPhotograph of the Headstone for Dennis & Alice Jean LeedhamThank you kindly for your invaluable assistance and for providing such a clear and concise photograph of the headstone from St Nicholas' Churchyard in Codsall, Staffordshire. I can assure you that it is very much appreciated!

WOODISONthanksthank you so much for the photographs, a brilliant site

WOODISONthanksThank you so much for teh photo, it has been very helpful

WOODMANThanks!Thank you very much for the excellent image you sent - this completes an important part of my family history. Thanks also for your initiative in starting the Gravestone Photographic Resource. I wish you all success.

WOODROOFFCHARLES HUGH ST MAUR WOODROOFFCharles Sales' website is a marvellous resource. I have had recourse to it several times now, & would like to urge others to use it, & benefit from Mr. Sales' efficiency & generosity, & to acknowledge that you have done so. Grateful thanks again, Mr. Sales.

WOODROWthank youIt was so helpful to find this picture of the gravestone as you can not always go to cemeteries and find them yourself so it is useful if you are doing family research . I will be using this site again and I will be adding some of my own photo's and hope it helps other people . Once again thank you

WOODROWThe work done towards making this grave The work done towards making this grave stone photo available online is much appreciated and helps greatly with inter state searching.

WOODRUFFAnother piece of the jigsaw foundI have used this website quite a few times now. I’m really pleased that this website is available and helping me in my family research. I would highly recommend it. Many thanks

WOODSThank you!George and Fanny WOODS - thanks for the lovely clear photo of their grave in Altofts Cemetery, Near Wakefield, Yorkshire. It was such a quick response to my request! This couple didn't have any children and Fanny, my 2 x great aunt, came from Melton Mowbray, Leicetershire. I wonder if anyone from the family has ever seen the grave before I saw it today! Thanks to Charles for running the site and the volunteers who photograph, index etc the graves.

WOODSWOODS/KENDRICKI was amazed that this database was not only in existence but also by its quality and ease of use. To be able to obtain an image of a gravestone in Yorkshire from my home on the south coast has not only eased my research but provided a valuable lead. Thank you.

WOODSfamily in Northern IrelandI'm trying to locate the burial site of Robert Woods who came from Charlemont, Co.Armagh. No idea when he died,his wife's maiden name was Kerr and they had three children, John, Margaret, and Mary (who emigrated to Canada in 1847 and settled in Dunnville, Ontario, and who married James Wheatley who was my 2nd Great-Grandfather on my mothers side. So if anyone has any information on these families I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. Thank you.

WOODSRichard Alexander Rolleston WoodsAn invaluable resource

WOODS cyril v woods and grace woodsworking on family tree great site would love to find the family of cyril and grace woods , i know they have a son timothy but thats as far as i can get

WOODSAppreciation.Thank you Charles, for making these photographs available.

WOODS Thomas woodsHello I am looking for pte thomas woods 1st Irish guards buried in rutherglen cemetery. Died in Cardiff hospital 13th October 1918 would love to know more this is all I know. He was married to georgina McCartney woods

WOODSWhat a brilliant service, just popped myWhat a brilliant service, just popped my maternal great grandfathers name and location in and less than five minutes later, got a photo of his gravestone giving his wife's and his mother-in-law's details. Much appreciated, Thanks

WOODSWilliam John Millington Woods and Louisa WoodsThank you very much to Charles for providing a wonderful photo of an ancestors grave. Let's help Charles by uploading graves from our family tree or sending through to him so that this site grows!

WOODWARDwilliam woodwardI am trying to trace the burial of a william woodward, I do not have an exact birth for him but I know that his death was registered in Suckley, worcestershire in 1834. I belive he may have lived in neighbouring Lulsley when he died. Any info would be much appreciated.

WOODWARDThanksThanks once again for your brilliant service.

WOODWARDMany thanks for providing the image of tMany thanks for providing the image of the gravestone of my family and other links. I appreciate the time and effort that you and your volunteers have given in order for me to begin to trace my ancestors.

WOODWARDExcellent !I much appreciate the hard work and dedication of the people behind this site. It is of excellent help in researching family history. Thank-you !

WOODWARDThank You for the astounding work you have done.I am blown away by the extent of information and more to the point the organization of the data is amazing. Thank you!!!

WOODWORTHGreat Idea for a Site.Thank you in aiding my research. Great idea for a much needed free site. Everywhere you go on the internet - everyone is after your last buck. I will be adding the burial records/photos I have to your site. A lot of my family tree research was on my Norwegian relatives, you can get info, download records, etc. on the Norwegian Governments sites for free - it should be like that here. Thanks again for your help.

WOOFEThank you.I was so pleased to get the photo of gravestone of Alice Shrubb (nee Woofe). I live in New Zealand so it is a bit too far away to visit cemeteries in the U.K. I really appreciate this service, thanks again.

WOOKEYVery grateful for access to the photos, Very grateful for access to the photos, especially as I don't live there and some have disappeared since they were taken. The site is a little winding to navigate but I have figured it out. Thank you. Helen

WOOKEYseeking connection between surnamesI hold a prayer book dedicated in 1842 to Mrs Wickham with The Rev G. T. Hudson Kind Regards March 1842. Inside the prayer book are original letters (1838, 1840, 1841) addressed to Ann Wookey, Rudge, West Harptree, Old Down (Letters are from Rev. George Ireland and his wife Mrs Sarah Ireland). I am trying to find why my G-Grandfather J.T.A. Webb or his wife Mary Ann Hobley had this prayer book in their possession - what the connection maybe to ancestral surnames of Webb, Goodman, Coal or Hobley

WOOLBYWoolbys from SuffolkThank you for the enhanced photo requested, I am researching the Woolby family who resided in Sudbury, Stowmarket and Ipswich, Kind regards Wendy

WOOLCOCKgrave inscriptionsI was disappointed that you couldn't send an attached photo, however the site is very good and the information helpful

WOOLGARWOOLGAR Family, AlfristonThe first name on the gravestone is Eleanor SMYTH, my g.g. aunt. Her parents (my great great grandparents), also shown, were Frederick WOOLGAR and Mary Ann WOOLGAR, ne BREACH. Many thanks for the enhanced image. Michael Sprackling

WOOLLARDClarinda Mary WoollardThe gravestone indexed as Clarinda Mary Woollard is in fact for Beatrice Clarinda Mary Woollard. Thank you for the photo.

WOOLLEYI am researching the Woolley Family fromI am researching the Woolley Family from Mildenhall, Suffolk. Thank you for the wonderful photos.

WOOLLEYRelationship between L. E. M. Woolley and Doris WoolleyThey were married to each other (My Parents)

WOOLLISCROFTGravestone image of William WoolliscroftWilliam Woolliscroft was bpt 29 Dec 1834 see Parish Records, Abbots Bromley, Staffs. died 10 Dec 1932, Wetherby. Next person in list Wm Charles Wooliscroft was his son born 25 Nov 1864 Uttoxeter, Staffs. Incorrect date for his death given. He died 6 Oct 1926, Wetherby. Emily was wife of Wm. Chas. b. 5 March 1864, Ripley, Derbyshire d. 1 March 1944, Wetherby. John was son of Wm Chas

WOOLNOUGHTHANKSThank you so much, for your hard work, in doing this site. If it was not for you, I would never be able to find any graves stone headings. Thank you once again. Pam.

WOOLNOUGHBaldock Woolnough Suffolk Woolnough connectionThank you for your speedy service hopefully one day we will be able to establish the connection between our Baldock Woolnough families and the John and Mary Suffolk Woolnough family.

WOOLNOUGHwilliamThank you for the picture, we are looking for further info on this man at the moment.

WOOLNOUGHgravestoneThank you for forwarding the photo.I have no idea at all if he was a relative.But will try to find out. My father was Frank Woolnough and you have his birthdate wrong It was 23rd Oct 1902. .... more

WOOLNOUGHWoolnough Just a thank you for replying to my request so quickly.

WOOLSEYErnest John Woolsey, Felixstowe Municipal Cremations Memorial CemeteryI am not a relative, but this man made a significant contribution to the Gt War. 3 marriages, no children. Subject of my local Gt War Research. Image requested 3 times, nothing received. Information added this site, no acknowledgement. Disappointed with the site. Quite prepared to pay for image & not have to be 'vetted' & refused with no explanation. Now I need to make a long trip to Felixstowe. .... more

WOOLSEYGrave photoWilliam Albert Woolsey was my maternal grandfather. I would be most happy to reciprocate any gravestone photos from here in Hawkes Bay New Zealand.

WOOSTHANKSmuch appreciated :-)

WOOSTERthankyouthankyou so much for sending me the image of wooster gravestone,very clear and readable. .... more

WOOTONThankyouThanks v much. Helped me greatly in research. Very helpful. Wonderful to offer this service at your own expense.

WORBOYSWonderful resourceThe prompt service and quality of the photographs are excellent. I happened upon this site by chance and thrilled that I did, as it helped fill more gaps in my family history.

WORBYWorby FamilyThank you for your time and effort, I'm new to family history, I was aware my fathers line came from England, and went to Canada, and the young ones came to the U.S. and live in many states. Thank you for being helpful

WORBYThank you all for this great service - mThank you all for this great service - much appreciated

WORLEYGreat service Many thanks for providing such a great service. It was so good - and surprising - to see a photo of my ancestor's gravestone.

WORMALDJoseph Wormald GravestoneI would like to adhere to the old adage (less is more)when refering to this web site, so in two words...ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!

WORMERSLEYlots of spelling variations I am hoping to find information on John WORMERSLEY WORMSLEY FATHER OF Boyfield, transported to NSW. Father born about 1761 Halifax, Yorkshire. .... more

WORRALLPhoto RequestFantastic response to my request for a photo, good clear picture. Would love to know who tends to the grave. Thanks again for the quick response.


WORSFOLDRobert Farley buried St. Andrews Steyning Sussex What a fantastic resource and completely free. I wish I had found your site years ago. You are to be commended not only for making the data freely available but for the ease and speed with which results are made available. My first search was an interest in the mention of Henry Worsfold my 1st cousin three times removed. Thanks to your thorough indexing this found Robert Farley's Grave stone (and that of his wife) which made reference to Henry being her second husband.

WORSFOLDFamily tree searchI found this Resource quite by accident. I think it adds a new dimension to my search and has given me the impetus to actualy visit the area where my ancestors lived. Great site. Mike

WORSLEYMajor General George Francis WorsleyThank you so much for the wonderful photograph - he was a solider and a hard-campaigner for many years in India, its nice to see him lying in such a beautiful place and so near the the home of his birth

WORTHAMThank youThank you for your very interesting website. I found it quite by accident whilst researching on Google for the death of Robert Adams Brewis. I have now found gravestones on your website for another 3 members of my family and I will be requesting an improved image for those shortly. I have been a long term and VERY active member of for 10 years now and I will be very happy to share with you pictures of gravestones that I have researched BUT you may have to wait a little while as I am currently baby sitting my 17 month old granddaughter indefinitely. As I get the opportunity, I will be very happy to add to your website. Thank you very much to all those volunteers that have had fun exploring graveyards and donated their pictures and thank you for taking the time to set up this most useful website. Regards Diane.(in Australia)

WORTHINGTONOnce again many thanks for the latest imOnce again many thanks for the latest image.

WORTHINGTONJohn Nuttall (1821-1876) St John the Evangelist. Farnworth & KearsleyThanks very much for you help, found a gravestone with about 7 ancestors which provided so much valuable information. Many thanks.

WOTTONThanksThanks for the photo it is gret to be able to get this.

WOULDThank you.What a great surprise to find a photograph of the memorial to my great grandfather, Overton Would of Bingham. Thank you!

WOVENDENIncorrect relationshipHi, just been looking at my great grandfather's grave. You have recorded William Edmund ( died aged 7) as father of Henry Wovenden, died 1911. henry was son of Henry senior. Many thanks Ann .... more

WRAGGA wonderful resourceWhat a wonderful resource that has made my 84 year old mother so happy. She has now found her Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother and other members of her family. I will try to hep your resource by research of my own in the Milton Keynes area (starting with North Crawley, near Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire)which i hope we can add to this resource.

WRAGGGeorge WraggI am very impressed with your site. By finding the George Wragg headstone I was able add a complete new branch of cousins to my tree Thank you

WRAIGHTJames Wraight Thanks for sending me the image of James Wraight, having great fun with brick walls on this stem I can tell you!. If anyone out there knows anything about Abigail Polhill, wife of William Wraight born around 1777 I would be eternally grateful x

WRAYMalta gravesIt looks like there might be a problem with the photographs of the Malta cemeteries. I do not seem to be able to see any of the photos. Regards .... more

WRAYThank YouMany thanks for your fast and efficient service. Your help is greatly appreciated.

WRAYGrave photo of Herbert William WrayThank you for the photograph of my Great Grandfather's grave stone. Herbert William Wray 1867-1948.

WREATHALLEfficientFast response with a very clear gravestone image

WRIGGLESWORTHThgank you for myour great service & proThgank you for myour great service & prompt reply to my request.

WRIGGLESWORTHThanks for an excellent service you provThanks for an excellent service you provide.The photo of the headstone was excellent and I got all the information I needed.

WRIGHTThank youJust what I was looking for, many thanks.

WRIGHTFantastic websiteCongratulations to everyone on a great website. I requested two photographs late one evening and had them on my computer upon waking - great service and free too !! Well done Charles and his team for all their hard work.

WRIGHTThanksThanks for a great service, I used it to obtain a photo of my great grandfather's memorial. Keep up the good work.

WRIGHTExcellent siteThank you so much for the effort you and others have put into making this such a worthwhile and valuable site. Keep up the good work. Gordie

WRIGHTThanksAbsolutely amazed that there is information i.e. gravestone pictures on the web of my ancestors 5 generations back! Many thanks for your stirling work. I shall certainly try to add to the photographic collection.

WRIGHTDavid Wright and FamilyThank you very much for the picture. It was very useful and provided much information when tied into my tree and research databases. A fabulous resource. Many thanks for your hard work.

WRIGHTthanksspeedy and helpful. appehensive with waning from mcafee re site,probably linked to ask site

WRIGHTbeckwithsthank you very much for your assistance.graham s wright.


WRIGHTThank youThank you for a wonderful service.

WRIGHTFamily TreeThank you very much for providing this information

WRIGHTA valuable resource, Thank youThis Aussie thanks you very much for the access to information on the Poms in my family. What an awesome thing you have given us all.

WRIGHTSamuel WrightMany, many thanks for the photo. Brilliant resource. Samuel Wright died 21st November 1932, his father, also a Samuel was a founding member of Leak and Thorp of York. Samuel senior was also twice Sheriff of York and left a wonderful legacy to his children. I have a wealth of information on the family, but until now - no grave! Thank you again.

WRIGHTWRIGHT/YOUNGSWhat a great help this site is, so glad I found it. Received information the very next day, Thank you so much keep up the good work :)

WRIGHTSONWrightson/Cosgrove familyBrilliant, quick service, this enhanced picture of the gravestone has helped with dates for my research, and helped place this family member. What a great site, will be using it more often. Thanks for a prompt service.

WRIGHTSONThankyouThankyou for the photo it was very usefull will be photographing selby for you as without pepole doing so i would not have found out the information i needed as quickly thank you. Emma

WRIGHTSONWrightson Little Ouseburn GravesThank you very much for the photographs. Such prompt service and very much appreciated.

WRIGLEYTimothy Wrigley died 23 April 1841I believe our Timothy is buried amongst many T. Wrigleys in one of the 3 huge cemeteries attached to St. Chads, Uppermill, Yorkshire. I hope one day that your organisation will photograph this cemetery. In 2001 the local TIC sold me copies of transcriptions of 2 of the 3 cemeteries. The third had not yet been transcribed, but I hope this has been rectified by now.

WYARDThank youMany thanks or this great service . It has helped me to take my family tree back further and confirmed the relationships of my ancestors .

WYARD / RIXThank youThanks for such a fantastic service. x

WYATTI have sent images of gravestones in theI have sent images of gravestones in the past for Christchurch, Virginia Water, Surrey and St Michael and St Mary Magdalene, Bracknell, Berkshire. If I visit any other cemeteries in the course of my research I will endeavour to photograph more than the ones I am interested in and send them to you.


WYBRONVery helpful websiteThank you so much for this photo of the Wybron family grave in Devon. I live in Canada and have found your website is very useful in researching my family history from far away.

WYBRONEmanuel Wybron grave stoneThank you for sending this photo too. It's been just as helpful as the previous one of the Wybron gravesite. I'm finding them both very useful in my ancestral research.

WYKESThankyouI have just found your website, and a gravestone of my GGG Grandparents. I want to say thankyou to all the volunteers taking photos around the world... what a wonderful resource!

WYLIECorrecting dates of Birth in recordsSymington Lanarkshire gravestone: corrections to calculated dob. Laura Jackson Wylie b 1898 d 1982 Evelyn Anna Wylie b 1896 d 1955 Margaret Elizabeth Cryer nee Wylie b 1900 d 1995

WYMEREXCELLENT IMAGEJust discovered this site. Excellent quality image. And reminds me that these were real people, not just paper records

WYMERMany thanks Many thanks for your quick response to my requests for 2 gravestone images. I was surprised to get such a quick response from you! An excellent service thank you.

WYMERThank you for the grave picture I requesThank you for the grave picture I requested.

WYMERFamily researchIam doing a one name study on Wymerand would like some help with the Rev Edward Wymer and His wife Elizabeth Whaites

WYNNJoseph and Sarah WynnLiving overseas is always hard when researching - what is great is when you stumble on a site like this and you find a hidden treasure you never thought you would find - many thanks to you for the hours spent helping others like myself

WYNNE Thanks for doing the legwork it makes reThanks for doing the legwork it makes researching much easier. Thanks again Regards graham

WYNNEPhotoThank you very much for the grave photo of my 6th g/grandfather Peter Wynne. We are not sure of his birth year or where born but he purchased the George Inn/Hotel in Farnborough, Kent about 1720. When he died in 1731 the business was then taken over by his 3rd wife Margaret until his son Peter Wynne b.1713 came of age and was there until he died 1792 and is also buried at Farnborough Churchyard.

WYVILLFrances WYVILL nee FRASERMany thanks for the quick reply. A super service for people who want that little bit extra when compiling their family history.


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