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List of all comment / feedback / help requests for Surnames starting with K

surnametitle of the comment / feedbackcomment / feedbacksubmittednum
KAITENMEIERCorrection of SurnameKaltenmeier, Josef

KANEQuick Response to photo requestThank you for your quick response at a time of year when most people are very busy. You are performing a vital service for people who are unable to visit cemeteries and your indexes (which I've only just come across) are an extremely useful research tool. Well done.

KANNThanks!Thanks so much for providing this excellent resource. I was able to quickly find the image I wanted - much appreciated :)

KARLThanks for this valuable serviceThanks to all the volunteers at GPR for providing this valuable service, especially nice when travel from BC to ON is a major deterrent.

KARRYSThank you! The image was very clear andThank you! The image was very clear and easy to read!

KAYWilliam Kay GravestoneThank you for your quick reply and photo of William Kay's gravestone. This will help researching my family history.

KAYANDKAYAND BELLERBY Just wanted to let you know that I received the photos of requested monuments Thank you so much the photographs they are so clear the information will help me greatly with my research Please keep up the good work Julie in Sunny California

KAYEGravestone for Family HistoryThank you very much for the gravestone image from Lawnswood V, the quality is very good and a quick service. I will be using this service again.

KEABLEgrave stone photoThank you for your photo. It was both interesting and informative.

KEARSLEYWonderful web site with great photos Thank you, thank you, Living in Canada, what a great discovery to be able to see the full tombstone of my Great Grandparents from England. It is because volunteers like yourself care enough about our research that makes this possible, We appreciate all the time you donate to this rewarding cause.

KEATLEYA great resource!Thank-you very much for providing this enormously helpful service. It is greatly appreciated! .... more

KECKFeedbackKenneth Keck was a founding member of Metropolitan Speleological Society, which celebrated its Semicentennial in 2015.

KEDWARDCopies of the HeadstonesThank you so much for providing the copies of the requested headstones. The family will be really amazed. Now that I've used your service, I will be requesting a few more. I will then donate for your services. Thank you so much. M. Gardiner

KEENHoorah!Thank you so much Charles for your speedy reply - what an invaluable resource you provide. You've helped me enormously with my research - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

KEENWilliam and Maria Keen Headstone photoThanks so much for allowing me to see this so promptly. For Keen researchers Maria maiden name was Ashton.

KEENANThank you for your speedy reply.Thank you for your speedy reply.

KEENEThanks!Thank you so much for the quick reply on a free image. What a great project! Keep up the good work .... more

KEEPINGCharles Henry Keepinga great service -

KEERThank youThank you. Living in Canada I really appreciate this service.

KEIRMany thanksThis is a brilliant free service, thanks for your prompt reply.

KELBIEGrateful appreciationA grateful appreciation for an excellent service. The photographs I requested were with me within a couple of days and are of excellent quality. The work and effort to maintain and enhance the database proves a dedication beyond a mere thanks, but I would like to express my thanks to everyone involved with GPR.

KELKThank youThank you for the few images I have requested in the last few days during my research for the Kelk family. The images are very clear and it's great to have access to them to add to my file. Much appreciated.

KELLThanks & possible mistake in Anthony Kell's inscriptionMany thanks for this, not the 1st image you've sent me. Although the burial date for Anthony looks like 1803, it's recorded in Bishop's Transcripts (with a clear image on Familysearch) as: 'Anth: Kell of ChesterleStreet Blacksmith (d) Sep 12th (bur) Sep 15. 1805 (age) 66 Years' (he was probably 63.)

KELLANDKelland cousins in DevonThank you for helping me close off these ancestors. The ability to view immediately is greatly appreciated. Didn't find any of my Derbyshire ancestors though! Will keep looking! Thank you for providing this free service.

KELLETTJane Heselton (Heseltine)Jane Heselton (Heseltine) was buried in the same grave as her maternal grandparents Thomas and Jane Kellett, hence the inscription on the back of the Kellett headstone.

KELLEYPhoto of Henry Kelley's graveThank you for all of your work on this site. I am tracing my brother-in-law's roots, which have led here, by way of Scotland. What an amazing surprise to find his headstone. I have been a findagrave volunteer in the past in the NJ and MA areas of the US, so I know the dedication you have, and thank you for that. Eileen

KELLOCKThank you for a great service. It was grThank you for a great service. It was great to get such a quick response. Best wishes from OZ.

KELLOCKResearch for a biography - KELLOCK/CREASER/REA/GIBSONI am very grateful for the image I have received of a prominent Totness resident named Thomas Creaser Kellock. I am writing the biography of his great grandson, William Gibson who was born at Lake Mead in Maudlin Rd in 1944. The historical society in Totness has been very helpful and I plan to give them a copy of my book when it is completed (early 2013). It will be called 'The Good Prof'.

KELLYReally Grateful - Thanks very much.I really appreciated receiving the photograph of the Gravestone. I am writing a family history and being in New Zealand could never have dreamed that I would be able to add so many family names to the tree as a result of the names on the gravestone and how everyone was related. Thank you very much. A great service.

KELLYPhotograph requestThank you so much for the photograph of my ancestors gravestone. I never thought they would be a headstone and only found it by chance after getting your website from my family tree magazine. What a great resource your site is for genealogists, I have saved it to my favourites and will use it often. Thanks again and best wishes.Vanessa Lord

KELLYExcited gratitudeI am really pleased to have found this information. I have been struggling to find anything at all. My uncles did not ask enough questions when they were younger and we all regret it now.

KELLY-HOLDSWORTHGeneralUseful photo for tracing origin of a scholarship award. Thank you

KEMPThanksThank you for the link to the pictures of the gravestones for Rachel and James Kemp and for Florence Bessie Heald (ne Kemp. I would not have been able to get these myself so great work by your volunteers.

KEMPVery interestingI am delighted to be able to see the gravestones of my grandfather's family in England. He himself is buried in Ireland

KEMPdavid kemp Thanks very much for the enlarged photo of headstone. I now know that this is not the David Kemp that I am looking for. thank-you anyway

KEMPSkinner Street Chapel, Poole, Dorset, EnglandLooking for photos for my ancestors in England, records show they were buried at Skinner Street Independent? I'm tried looking up skiner street but cant really get an real answer on where this place is, much less even photos of my families graves. I know my line of Kemps are supposedly buried all over Dorset,Poole. But right now I'm looking for just this one family George Kemp 8 Feb 1756-Jun 1845 , he was a deacon of the skinner street church for over 60 years his wife Sarah Kemp 19 Mar 1763-22 Nov 1813, So I'd like to find these two and anyother Kemps buried at this Skinner Street Church .... more

KEMPKEMP/RUMPI have found this website so helpful in trying to trace my Family tree, Having no where to really start on my mothers side. Keep up the good work.

KEMPThanksGreat free service especially useful when people don't live in the area where ancestors are buried.

KEMPMaria KempHello, Thank you for sending me the photo of my g-g-g-grandmother Maria Kemp's gravestone which I am pleased to confirm is the right one. One comment I would like to make is that the date on the stone is 1873, not 1878 - I have her death certificate to confirm this. The death certificate does have some conflicting information - it says she died on Nov 25, not Nov 16 as it says on the stone. However, the certificate also says her husband was William but this is wrong - the name Thomas on the stone is right. Perhaps as the certificate was filled in by her son-in-law with whom she had been living explains the error. Anyway, thanks again for your help. Best regards, Mike Brock

KEMPEA Fantastic ResourceI am researching my family history and this wonderful GPR website is a fantastic resource. I never even knew I had a step-grandmother until a few weeks ago and here I am half way across the world in New Zealand able to look at her grave. Thank you SO much to everyone who contributes in so many ways to this resource. It has been quite emotional and means so much to me. Thank you, especially to Charles.

KEMPESurname spellingDear Charles and other fantastic people who have created and run this great resource. Just for accuracy, please can I mention that the surname of Lucy Maud Kemp has an e on the end of it - i.e. Kempe. Frederick Hawke Kempe is my maternal grandfather. Thank you all for your hard work and giving spirit to create this resource. .... more

KENDALAppreciationJust wanted to thank you for the image of my great grandfathers grave,much appreciated.

KENDALLQuery on Mary Ann KendallThank you for this amazing resource, which I have only just discovered. Unfortunately i cannot read the details on the enlarged image of Mary Ann Kendall.It says she died in 1867 but i think she married and died in 1925

KENDALLGravestone requestThank you for the excellent service. It is much appreciated.

KENDALLSt Paul's, Shipley, Yorkshire.Sorry for delayed response. The photographs have been invaluable in helping build my relative Kendall tree. They also brought back very fond memories of St Pauls where I was baptised and confirmed many years ago. Particularly so as I have lived in the South now for several decades.

KENDALLFeedbackMany thanks for the gravestone photograph of Philip Stanley Kendall. And thank you for putting me in touch with his daughter, a second cousin I knew nothing about.

KENNEDYKennedy PhotoThankyou very much for the requested photo. This will be the starting point for my Family History.

KENNEDYThank youThank you for copy of Douglas Kennedy Trollope memorial

KENNEDYThank you.Thank you ever so much for the photo of memorial stone of George Thomas Kennedy wife and child. I will be adding the image to the family history I am writing. This is a great recourse to anyone researching their ancestry. I was given the link on facebook group " The History of Hartlepool in Images." I salute you for your work, it is totally inspired. Thanks again Rita.

KENNEDYPhoto image of graveI have just received a copy of the image of a family grave,the quality of the image is superb, I was so surprised to find this information here . Thank you so much

KENNEDYKennedy Forrest connectionLooking for information on George Forrest born May 1888 in Douglas Lanarkshire and last known of at Fowlis Wester in 1912.

KENNEDYLoveday KennedyThank you for the gravestone photo. Loveday, Maria and Katharine Kennedy worked as dressmakers in Vicarage Lawn, Barnstaple.

KENNEDYImportant resource that is ever expandingGPR is a terrific resource for family researchers. Now you can look at particular gravestones to see more information that may confirm a relative's resting place.

KENNELLYTomline Pretyman queryVery helpful site, thankyou for the quick response

KENNERWilliam H Kenner- appreciation Thank you very much for the photo of Wiliam Henry Kenner,s grave. Very much appreciate this as I live in Aistralia.

KENNERLEYThank youThanks for gravestone photo of Edward Kennerley this will add to my family tree.

KENNEYKenneyThank you so much. I wonder if you realise the pleasure you give to those researching their families.

KENNINGTONPhotographic image of headstoneAn excellent service.

KENTAmazing FindThank you, I was really surprised to find my ancestor had a tombstone and I can now go and look at it.

KENTKentThank you for the high resolution photo of Joseph Kent's grave. It is appreciated.

KENTKent and Gravestones in Worth, SussexThank you for providing such a wonderful service. Very pleased with the photos and the quick response......keep up the good work. Lyn

KENTphotos of john and henry kent gravestonesthank you very much for sending me the images they have been very useful and I will not hesitate to use your page again thank you

KENWARDExcellent resource,Just found this resource via Ancestry/Family Treemaker,and find it excellent. Will most likely be visiting the site again. Splendid for a voluntary service. Will consider whether I may be able to help.

KERRthanksI am very grateful for the comprehensiveness of this site and the professionalism of the way it operates - I understand that it is voluntarily run, but it is easier to operate than many of the commercial sites and has more to offer, so thank you

KERRSarah Jane KerrThank you so much for all the time and effort you have all gone to put this resource together Keep up the good work

KERRThe photo of the Kerr gravestone, listinThe photo of the Kerr gravestone, listing the children, was very helpful. What a wonderful service you provide

KERRFantastic ResourceThank you for this wonderful resource. Easy to navigate and well thought out. Your efforts are very much appreciated.

KERR This is the second time I have checked This is the second time I have checked out your site and I have found it very helpful and easy to follow ;for that I am thankful. I am grateful to all those people who have spent time and effort finding these monuments.I am a senior and unfortunately my health prevents my going out and helping you with your research. You are doing a Marvellous job as Families and Family History are so important and correct information is precious. Many thanks again for your wonderful site.

KERRIDGEExcellent idea. Keep up the good work. VExcellent idea. Keep up the good work. Very useful resource.

KERRIDGEGravestone PhotographI'm just blown away! I now have an image of my gggg-grandfathers final resting place. Thank you so much - it is truly amazing.

KERRIDGEPercy Norman Kerridge b 1886 AustraliaSearching for information on Percy Norman Kerridge of Queensland Australia who was my grandfather. Can not find any information on his whereabouts after 1931 electoral rolls

KERSEYMany thanks.I find this site very interesting and valuable in being able to put dates and names together. Again many thanks.

KERSHAWThank you for sending me the gravestone Thank you for sending me the gravestone photo I requested so speedily, what a great help to those researching their family tree.

KERSLEYThank youJust to say thanks so much for the gravestone photos. A great service you're offering, and much appreciated. Kate

KERSWELLThanksThank you I am excited to find information on the Kerswells they have been a bit of a mystery to me so far and I would dearly love to be able to pad out my family history with photos and stories as well as facts Thank you again Rhona Clay (nee Pope)

KETCHENKETCHEN/ KETCHINThank you so very much for a great photo. It was a pleasant surprise to find this site and a relatives details, confirming my research. I will be delving further. Hopefully I can send some of my photos. Cheers Janet

KETTMany thanks for the excellent service thMany thanks for the excellent service that you provide.

KETTBridget kettThank you for your image ... I am hoping this may help me work out how bridget became married to two brothers and ended up having her first child in the West Indies.

KETTLEWELLWonderful FindI want to thank Charles and all of the wonderful Volunteers who put so much time and energy into this wonderful site. I too stumbled on to this site, and so glad I did. The chance of ever seeing these gravestones in person is pretty slim, so to get a great quality photo is a bonus. I will continue looking now for more :) Thank you so much.


KEWCAPT HENRY JAMES KEWMany thanks for allowing me to download the Image for Captain Henry J Kew and his wife Bertha Annie.It has saved an exhausting journey for an 83 yr Old Born Grimsby 1931 in Rendel St, once again the Volunteer woek is much appreciated

KHANThanks, message to familySo sad to learn of the death of Afjul nine years ago. Thank you for this service. The lawnmower on the headstone confirms that this was the Afjul I was looking for. RIP, Dear friend, how sad that you have gone and I am still here.

KIBBLEThankyouI appreciate your generosity and dedication to voluntarily going to all that effort. and it is free! thank you so much Glenice Gare from South Australia

KIBBLEThomas Kibble and Mary Compton TothillThank you for providing these memorial images for those who do not live in England. I so much appreciate all you to to ensure that family history is preserved for future generations. I had hoped to perhaps find that Mary Compton Tothill (died 1858) had been buried with Thomas Kibble, as I do not know where she and her daughter, Ellen (DIED 1849) are buried. Martha Tothill Woody Portland, Texas

KIDDMany thanks.Much appreciation for supplying gravestone photographs for Baby Lynn Margaret KIDD. Kind regards.

KIDDKidd - PannalThanks for sending photographs. Most useful, particularly when I live on the other side of the world. Appreciate the time and effort of all concerned. Paul .... more

KIDDLEFamily History - KIDDLE / RENDELLThank you for this great resource. Found another three headstones tor the families I am searching.

KIDNERWebsite feedbackJust a typo: FEBRUARY :-)

KIDWELLKIDWELL,STREET,BEASANTwould like to thank all who have made this site and everybody who has taken a photo and shared them with us all. :)

KIDWILLPhotoMant thanks for the quick response in sending the photo - much appreciated.

KIEFFERThank youI thank you with all my heart. Jean Daniel Kieffer is a hero of faith and it is an honor to be able to see his gravestone.

KIELLKiellThanks for the service. A trip to North Devon now has to be arranged!

KIFFKiff familyThank you so much for sending me a copy of the photo I requested.

KIFFThank youThis site is wonderful, and so very easy to use, thank you once again

KILLResearch on F/LT Kill MBE RAFI would like to say thank you for the image of the headstone, it has helped me with my on going research for F/LT Kill. Keep up the great work.

KILLICKFabulous!What a great site and many thanks for the 3 photos. I'm sure I'll be after you for more!

KILLICKGreat workI came across this site by accident and am so glad I did. The service provided is great, the images great. What a wonderful resource - I encourage more to use it and contribute to it. Many thanks.

KILLICKIt would appear that Kingswood has been It would appear that Kingswood has been the family church and it has been great in putting names together. well done

KILLINInvaluable serviceOnce again I've found the needed gravestone photo. New automated service means I can see the image even quicker than before. Many thanks

KILLINGBACKThank you very much for the pics, they aThank you very much for the pics, they are very helpful.

KILMISTERThank youThank you for the HD photo.

KILVINGTONExcellent ResourcesCharles, thank you for the photo's of my 3 x great grandfathers headstone. I received it via email today less than 24hrs after my request, very quick and efficient service and FREE. Come on people have the decency to thanks Charles and the rest of the volunteers fro all their hard work thanks makes this possible.

KILVINGTONTHANKSHi, Would just like to express my thanks for the picture of my great great grandmother Harriet Kilvington. I keep dipping in and out of tracing my family tree and this has given me the incentive to have another look. Many Thanks

KIMBALLThank you!Charles, I can't thank you enough for the picture! The links that you provided were wonderful as well. I've been able to look up so many gravestones from my family surnames because of GSP. Thank you again! Kim M Florida, U.S.

KIMPSTERKimpster HeadstoneThank you for the photo of William and Dorothy's headstone. The service you offer on a voluntary basis is fantastic!

KINDERLEYJohn and Nathaniel KinderleyWhat an excellent site with such a generous service. What a blast to be able to view John and Nathaniel plus Audrey's headstones. I knew nothing of Audrey's adult life so that's a real find. Many thanks also for your prompt email.

KINGThank YouThank you Charles for sending me this image, and so quickly too. It was very moving to see the image and I very much appreciate you sending it to me.

KINGEdgar Sowter KingAn excellent site and a very quick response. Many thanks. My wife now has a photograph of the grave of an ancestor who she did not know existed. Many thanks

KINGThank youI was delighted to come across your site whilst googling my mother's side of the family, I was able to find the gravestone of my great Uncle Oswald.

KINGJonathon and Frances Elizabeth KingJust wanting to thankyou all very much. Being so far away in Australia it's been amazing to actually view an ancestor's gravestone.. Keep up the good work.

KINGthanks for the latest gravestone image. thanks for the latest gravestone image. It has helped me in my research of my family tree. I discovered a relation had died and the year which I was previously unable to locate.

KINGThanks!Thanks for the excellent copy of Margaret Busch's gravestone. I have confirmed she is our long lost rele and finally know where she lies. I really appricate the work you put into photographing gravestones.

KINGGravestone ImageI found this website very helpful in my research on my family tree. It is a wonderful resource and I got a very quick response. Thank you so much!

KINGThank you for the help and images receivThank you for the help and images received - great website

KINGThank youDear Charles, Thank you for responding so quickly to my request. Researching my English ancestors, John King and family, from Australia can become a bit problematic but these gravestone photos help enormous. Thank you for all of your time and effort. Kindest regards, Linda

KINGDONThanksThanks for the image of my Auntie & Uncle's grave in Ilfracombe. I had lost contact with them in the '60's. This was a big help.

KINGDONKINGDON Grave MarkersMany thanx, most useful.

KINGSFORDSo Grateful!i just cannot believe that after years of fruitless searching I now have a photograph of the grave of my g-g-great grandparents, Robert and Ann Kingsford. Anyone who is really into family history will understand what a treasure this is for my research. I am so grateful for the enthusiasm of the person who took the photo and to Charles for so graciously sharing his time to send it.

KINGSTON Very helpful!Many thanks for the image you supplied, of the grave of my great uncle, however I have no idea why he is buried in this plot with Highes family members. I do know that his wife when I knew him was his second wife, as he had previously been widowed. Perhaps that’s the connection. It gives me a new avenue to explore now. Thanks again for your invaluable resource.

KINMONDDOUGLASS KINMONDWould like to thank this site for their help with my family tree research it has been most helpful.

KINNAIRDReceived my first images this morning anReceived my first images this morning and what an amazing site, this is going to prove to be very helpful in researching other members of my family tree, many thanks to all your team for your incredible work.

KINNERSLEYExcellent, thanks to this resource was aExcellent, thanks to this resource was able to find the date one of my ancestors wives died.

KINNOULLKinnoull ,Perth,Scotland graveHi Charles, I have photographed all the gravestones in Kinnoull graveyard,Perth,Scotland and was wondering if you would be interested in putting them up on your website. There are 245 gravestones in Kinnoull graveyard. I look forward to hearing from you. Grant Muckart .... more

KINSEYGreat ResourceOnce again, thanks for providing such a useful service. .... more

KINSEYElizabeth Kinsey's graveOnce again many thanks for providing another clear picture of a Kinsey grave.

KIPLINGAny information regarding the ancestors Any information regarding the ancestors of my late grandfather Arthur Alfred Kipling born in Hull in 1884 died Hull 1962.

KIPLINGAmazing site I can't thank you enough for the prompt response Hearfelt thanks for the wonderful photos of my ancestors gravestones At the present time I'm on holiday in the area and will be able to go and see the gravestones today I actually drove past the church yesterday not knowing at the time my ancestors graves was there Heartfelt thanks to you all who provide this wonderful service free of charge to us all who are interested in our ancestory Kind Regards Jackie .

KIPLING Great site I can't thank you enough for the two great images you sent to me of my ancestors gravestones Both where in the area where I was on holiday and I was able to go and visit It was an amazing experience standing by my ancestors headstones who had been buried there in the 1800 And it's all thanks to you wonderful volunteers who make this possible to people like myself who are interested in their family tree .Heartfelt Thanks to you all Regards Jackie .

KIRBYThank-YouVery much appreciated. Great photo & super quick response.

KIRBYThanksNice south-eastern view of St Anne's Church on Kew Green but unfortunately no sign of Joshua Kirby's grave, which I believe is marked by a flat stone near the south wall of the church.

KIRBYSONElizabeth Hornby GravestoneThank you Charles for this brilliant service and your quick response, especially at this time of year. It is wonderful to see the headstone of my ancestors, it almost brings them "to life".

KIRKExcellent resourceFantastic image of my 5th Great Grandparents headstone, really useful, thank you!

KIRKMillicent Kirk's parents Joseph Kirk & Ellen ______ & siblings?I need help finding the parent's of Millicent, born in Castleton April 1791, who married Joseph Royse, both buried at St Edmund's Church Cemetery. I have no last name for her mother, Ellen who married Joseph before 1791 when Millicent was born. Siblings are needed also. HELP please!!

KIRKelizabeth sherwood kirkI came across your website by accident while trying to make a connection between Cyril Kirk born 1928 in Grimsby and a name appearing in the tower hill memorial Cyril Kirk deckhand aged 16 . I still ahvent made the connection but Well Done on the photos

KIRKThank YouThank you for the photo and swift access

KIRKVery nice website. I found one of my ancVery nice website. I found one of my ancestors and it made my day. I realize a lot of work has been done to gather the information and it is very much appreciated.

KIRK-DUNCAN Brian A C kirk-duncan Thank you

KIRKBANKA useful resourceIt would be good if more publicity for this resource could be created. Any help in this type of search is to be welcomed. Thank you!

KIRKBRIGHTAnn KirkbrightThank you for enabling me to use the image of the headstone for Ann Kirkbright (nee Idle). This website is an excellent resource that I appreciate very much.

KIRKBYThanks.Many thanks for a wonderful service, another piece in the jigsaw of my Kirkby Family. Again Thank You.

KIRKBYA wonderful service!Thank you so much for this service. It helps to confirm my records and your response is si quick.

KIRKBYthankswonderful service, it is the first I knew about my great grandparents grave, very exciting. Thanks again

KIRKHAMSt Helen Churchyard Wheathampstead hertfordshireI am trying to get a photo of Bert Audrey kirkham grave stone she died 7 April 1939 and is buried in St Helens churchyard row Row 17.1 jennifer

KIRKLEYconfusing informationre 1 Dorothy Kirkley 1868 19 1887 first name on the monument Municipal Whitworth Durham England This memorial is in the St paul's Churchyard, same as the gravestone for mary Minto also listed on this site, not as suggested by the photograph of the church on the listing. I have a photo of the monument, but don't know how to add it

KIRKMANKirkman Gravestone PhotosMy request for Photographs of Kirkman Gravestones was answered very quickly on the same day, and provided very useful additional information for my Kirkman One Name Study. I also have a Kirkman Worldwide Family web-siteTony Kirkman

KIRKPATRICKCustomer ServiceSuper fast reply and great customer service with the photo Thank you so much as I live in Australia and otherwise would not be able to photograph this gravestone

KIRKPATRICKOutstanding ResourceMy sincere thanks to the researchers,photographers and all asociated with this amazing site. I trust the unselfish contributions by all behind this site are recognised , as it makes the job of a family historian much easier.THANK YOU

KIRTLEYKIRTLEY/BRIGGS/KITCHINGMany thanks for your help Charles. This is a really gtreat resource and much appreciated.

KIRTONThank youThank you so much for the opportunity to research family from the other side of the world! Great resource. Greatly appreciated.

KIRTONThank you !Thanks Charles for the great service allowing me to see copies of Richard and Elizabeth's gravestone. Very much appreciated and look forward to loading some of my photos to the site, once your new website is up and running.

KISBYHeadstoneMy friend will be delighted that I found your site and obtained a photo of her Gt x 2 grandparent's grave. Many thanks to all concerned with this website.

KISSICKKISSICK/KISSOCKHow nice of you to offer this service for free.

KISTRUCKThanksThank you Charles for the most recent photos supplied. You are dong a great job for FH researchers.

KISTRUCKAnother grave in IpswichI have been in contact before (different email address). I have phtos of my gt gtg grandmothers grave in Ipswich (1875) and also my gd parents in Clacton, if you would like these. Will be back in UK by end September for scanning etc.

KITCHEN Marmaduke Kitchen's gravestone. Many thanks for sending me your link to a larger photo for Marmaduke Kitchen's gravestone.

KITCHENMarmaduke Kitchen and his wife Martha KitchenThank you very much for the photo of my great great grandparents gravestone. Very much appreciated.

KITCHINGGreat siteLove this site and has helped me find some of my ancestors and provide details not previously known. Thank you

KITCHINGKITCHING/ERRINGTONThank you so much for a wonderful service.

KITEThank you Charles and colleagues for youThank you Charles and colleagues for your work

KITEExtended family of Grahams, Holemans or KiteHello there, I'm going through my Grandmother's life stories and am finding a lot of family names I never knew. Edwin Jesse Kite married Alice Georgina Holemans (my Great grandmother's sister). My Nan, Alice Graham stayed with Alice and Eddie during WW2 for a few weeks during the first bombings. I'm very happy to share information on the family that I know with others. So far this is the first I know of the Kite line. I have history on the Grahams, Holemans, Brownings that were in the mix of Eddie's in law family.

KITHAMGrateful ThanksThank you for the image requested which was sent to me within the hour! This has helped enormously with my research & solved a couple of questions that I otherwise couldn't have answered. This website must be so useful to so many people, thank you again.

KITSONGrandparentsInteresting to see again after many years, I was only a child when I last visited with my Father. Thank you.

KITSONFamily connectionThank you for the Picture of the George Kitson headstone. I am researching the Powell family of which his Mother Jane was a member as was Jane's Sister Ann who married William Kitson

KITTMERGreat resourceYour resource (one picture) certainly filled in a some gaps. Thank you.

KITTONThank you!Thank you so much for providing these photos! Adding so much material to the family tree without actually having to fly overseas and track down the grave sites on a short vacation!!

KLOEDENKloeden at Lobethal GeneralCemetery, South Australia.Thank you for the new service of copying the full sized and thumbnail photos directly from the website. A geat time saver. Wonderful, clear photo of the headstone. Much appreciated work by volunteers.

KNAGGSThanks very much for the image of the grThanks very much for the image of the gravestone, such a clear photograph and was sent the day after I requested it. Well done.

KNAPTONThank youThis is an excellent resource and I have found it very helpful indeed.

KNAPTONThank you for a rapid responseDear Charles, Thank you for a rapid response to my request for a photograph of the grave of Viven Knapton. K

KNATCHBULLThank You for Image ReceivedThank you for the high-resolution image of the Knatchbull-Hugessen monument in St. John's Cemetery in Harrietsham, Kent. As I had hoped, it offered more information on the family, including exact dates and relationships. Your service is a boon for those of us who cannot travel to these sites in person. Thank you again for it.

KNELLThank youThank you for your hard work and vision to make this website a great resource.

KNELLERMary Ann KnellerMany thanks for sending the image of Mary Ann Kneller's grave monument in Ash Cemetery. The date of death and her age shown on the image is the same as appears on the Ash burial record and the GRO Index but I'm afraid the absence of any further family information means that at present I am still unable to place her within a Kneller tree or suggest further data to add to your records. I am, however, very grateful to whoever took the photograph and to you for taking the time and effort to send me the image. If I do discover any further information about Mary Ann Kneller I shall certainly send it to you.

KNELLERWalter S. KnellerMany thanks for sending the image of the grave monument in Elmsworth Cemetery, Suffolk which features Walter Samuel Kneller, Ellen R. Kneller, Dorothy E. Forsdike (Kneller) and Bertie Eustace Forsdike. Although I had already been sent a grave headstone transcription it is nice to have an image and I am grateful to whoever took the photograph and to you for taking the time and effort to send me the image. I do have further information about these family members and I shall be sending it to you by the method you have explained in your message.

KNIGHTThanks!A fantastic resource! So lovely to see a photo of my ancestor's gravestone.

KNIGHTI request a photo of gravestone for SaraI request a photo of gravestone for Sarah (Weech) KNIGHT born 1871 and her husband Allen KNIGHT born 1871. Burial for Sarah October 1937---Trealaw Cemetery Porth Rhondda--also known as Llethyrddu-----Glamorgan, Wales

KNIGHT realy helpful site, prompt reply to req realy helpful site, prompt reply to request for image, many thanks

KNIGHTThank you for such a quick response alloThank you for such a quick response allowing me to view the headstone image for Thomas Knight and his family. I no longer live in the Chertsey area so it isn't possible for me to visit the church myself.

KNIGHTAppreciationI really appreciate all the work you've put in to this site - many thanks for sharing it.

KNIGHTSWonderful service you provide I am totalWonderful service you provide I am totally impressed with the turnaround time. Thank you, it is wonderful people like you that enables people like myself (in Australia) to see the treasures of our ancestors in other countries. Keep up the great work.

KNIGHTSCemetery monument look-upA very big thank you to Charles for taking the time to compile these records and to generously share them with those of us who live outside of the UK. It is greatly appreciated!

KNIGHTSThankyou for your dedicated workHi Charles Thank you very much for sending the requested gravestone monument images for Elijah Knights, Mary Selina Knights (James Knights), Samuel Knights and Maria Knights. These images will verify names and dates within the family tree. Thank you for the link to the find family Knights names. I will not request any photos until I am definate that they are ancestors. This website is of great importance to people like myself who is researching family members. I live in Australia, but have a couple of distant cousins who I am in contact with in England who is also researching the family tree. I hope to visit the churchyards when I next visit England. Furthermore, thank your dedicated volunteers who have put in the time and effort so that we can have access to these important monumental images. Arlene Hunt

KNIGHTSMany thanksThanks once again for excellent images that are helping us piece together our family tree. Kind regards to all.

KNIGHTSThank youThank you

KNIGHTSONreply to my requestI got an email that said you've attached the image to the email, however I could not find the attachment (?)

KNILLFantastic resourceWhat a fabulous site this is. Sharp images of the stones. This is brilliant.

KNOTTKnott Family GraveWhat a wonderful resource. I've been researching my family for 16 years and have not heard of it before. I shall be mentioning it to fellow researchers at my U3a.

KNOTTELLEN WINIFRED KNOTT - Many thanks for an amazing resource.Thank you for your time, this is a wonderful resource for those looking for ancestors across time.

KNOWLESgravestonThank you for such a quick responce to my request for knowles gravestone photo. What a wonderfull site that you have. The information from the site is wonderfull for any furher searching of the family history. If anyone is trying to find Gravestones in the Area of Kingston Canada give me an email

KNOWLESFinding familyWhat a wonderful service you offer, finding information about ancestors who had gravestones is like them speaking to us from the past and telling us a little of their lives and travel around the country and perhaps a little of the trials and tribulations that they faced.And giving them a voice into the future. Thank you Heather

KNOWLESMany thanksThanks to you Charles for collating and managing this excellent historical resource. I have only just started tracing several strands of family history but will undoubtedly return to (& hopefully contribute) to your excellent website.

KNOWLESThank youI'm so pleased to have found this very useful resource.

KNOWLESThank-you!I just discovered this site today, & I've not yet received the two images that I requested, but I am so appreciative of this service. Thank-you so much for doing this & for making these photos available for those who are interested in them.

KNOXJohn Knox & Mary Ann AllisonA very useful and great site. Hope to find out more about my ancestors

KNOXThank youThank you for the great information on your website regarding Vicesimus Knox and family.

KNOXmy requests for imagesThank you for your help & prompt replies

KOLBERGGrave ImageThank you for the image of my relatives grave stone. I greatly appreciate all your efforts in this matter. This resource has been extremely useful in my search.

KRIEGELCorrection of birth yearKriegel, Michael - should be born 1884 not 1984 as he died 1942.

KROHNFamily HistoryThank you Charles. I appreciate receiving the clear photograph of the grave plaque of Harold Emanuel KROHN. His wife was my grandfathers first cousin so it helps in adding to the family history. regards Vanessa

KYDDThank youThank you for the photo of William Kydd your was very fast and the photo was most helpful.

KYDDThank YouThank you for a very good site with a wealth of information. Your help is much appreciated.

KYLE Thank you for everything Hi, thank you for the image, but it looks like I can’t put in on my family tree. But thank you anyway. Great site .

KYNOCHAcknowledgmentJust to say thank you for a wonderful resource.

MAKOAREDouble grave site.My sister Karen Makoare is buried with our father Charlie Kauwhata aka Maunsell 12/10/1933- 16/01/1997. Karen 23/02/1965- 18/03/2014. This is a double grave site. .... more

STEPHENKAY STEPHEN - Thank youThank you for the photos, incredibly helpful as a person just can not get them themselves being oceans away.


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