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List of all comment / feedback / help requests for Surnames starting with C

surnametitle of the comment / feedbackcomment / feedbacksubmittednum
CABLEAppreciationThanks to all involved in producing and then distributing of the gravestones. Those of my Cable family are beautifully clear and legible

CABLEphotoMany thanks to Charles and the person who took the photo which is beautifully sharp. An excellent response to my request

CACKETTAlfred CackettThank you for allowing me to see Alfred's headstone. He built the Venture motorcycle in about 1900, a subject which interests me.

CADDYthanks againThank uou again for such a clear image

CADEJust to say thank as always a great helpJust to say thank as always a great help. Have just found the image in my spam for some reason!

CADECADE researchThank you very much for supplying an excellent image. If I ever find the rest of this family I will be very pleased to fill in the gaps. How satisfying to know you are helping so many people with your informative website.

CADEThanks!James and Elizabeth Cade were 4th great grandparents of my husband. It is awesome that I now have a record of their headstone for my research.

CADEOrdering and Receiving ImagesBrilliant resource: ordered 2 images and received them the next day :-) Thank you for doing this: it's appreciated.

CADELLThank you for a quick replyWhat a wonderful, helpful resource. Thank you for the commitment in running this site and the quick reply.

CADELLThanks for your photos, which we will adThanks for your photos, which we will add to our family tree. Best Wishes Always Gary & Wendy Knight Campbelltown NSW

CADMANWonderful ResourceThank you so much for this wonderful resource.It is invaluable to those of us living overseas. I was also very impressed with the prompt response to my request.RegardsJulie (Australia)

CADMANCadmanWhat a fantastic resource. Thankyou for such a speedy response.The web site is great and so easy to use. The information found on the grave has saved me hours of searching.

CAINCain headstoneThank you it gave me dates I needed.

CAINEYThanks Thanks very much, this was most useful. Now I will make a point of visiting my Grandfather's grave as I didn't know where it wad before finding this site.

CAIRDgrave image - CAIRD/MARRYATThis is a very quick and good quality service and it is much appreciated that it is a free service.

CALAMThanksI want to say a big "Thank you" to Charles. I have only resently begun my ancestry research and have had a difficult time finding any information on the Calam family.

CALCOTEYour SiteI'm surprised I just found your site. It contains a wealth of information and will provide invaluable help to my research. Thank You.

CALDERThank youVery quick response to my request for three photos. A brilliant resource for anyone researching family history. Thank you again.

CALDERAble to view gravestone from across the pondThank you for your invaluable service and to all the volunteers who have donated time and photos. I’m researching Calder’s from Latheron, Lybster & Wick area, Adam Calder was my husbands grandfather. It is quite difficult to read the inscription & dates on Janet Thomson’s headstone, if anyone has info from the gravestone I would appreciate their help.

CALDERGreat jobJust want to comment on what a wonderful job you have done with the Wick Cemetery. Very easy to find family members, and photos are very good. Thanks, from halfway around the world.

CALDERGreat jobJust want to comment on what a wonderful job you have done with the Wick Cemetery. Very easy to find family members, and photos are very good. Thanks, from halfway around the world.

CALDERFlorence Grace CalderI requested a copy of a photo of the tombstone for Florence Grace Calder (nee Hardy, All Saints Church burial ground, Beeston Regis, Norf.) and received it right away through a link on the website. I am very pleased with the service. I am researching Hardy, Fuller, Everitt, Hewitt. Am descended from James Hewitt Fuller, b. 1808, Hockering, Norf.

CALDERThanksThank you for photographing my great-great grandparents' gravestone. It's an excellent service you are providing.


CALDWELLMany ThanksThank you so much for the access to the image of my great grandparents gravestone. What a great resource for all family tree researchers.

CALEYRobert Crawforth CaleyThank you for your help Robert Crawforth Caley was born on 1st Aug 1884.

CALLASThank you.Thank you for the Photo. I will to reciprocate soon.

CALLENDERBamburgh, Northumberland, EnglandJames Callender. James was the Gardener at Bamburgh Castle back in the early 1700's. I found a gravestone on this website listing James Callender's daughters, Elizabeth, Miriam and Jane, along with (perhaps) his brother Aaron. James died in Newcastle Upon Tyne, in June of 1770, and is buried at St. Nicholas. He had moved in with his sons Michael and Robert who ran a garden nursery in the area. Does anyone have any information on who James Callender's wife may have been?

CALLIGHANThanksI would like to express my heartfelt thanks to whoever is responsible for indexing and photographing the graves in Thornaby graveyard I could not have ever gone to Thornaby and I never thought I would ever get a photo. Thank you very much Antony Henderson Blackburn.

CALLOWThank youThank you for the quality photo's of my ancestors gravesites, they are highly appreciated and great to add to our family history research xox

CALTHORPESarah CalthorpeThis is a great resource, thank you.

CALTHROPPThank-youYour speedy reply to my request for a photo of the grave marker for my ancestor was very much appreciated. I would have been happy with a wait of a week or more..... less than 24 hours is remarkable. I really appreciate your assistance.

CALTONCALTON, COLMAN, FISHERI am not easily surprised but WOW !!!!, thanks for another piece to the puzzle, gives me exact locations where my ancestors lived. I might actually have to visit Norfolk, England some day. Excellent job, no commercial site could have ever done this!

CALVERMany thanksThrilled to discover your website and thank you for your assistance. Unfortunately I don't believe that I have found any of my family graves but I am truly impressed with your website. Excellent work - I will re-visit the site in the future. Kind regards

CALVERTTerracotta gravestonesThanks for the useful photo supplied of a Torin grave.He was a relative of Mary Seton Watts who started the Compton Pottery. My main research is into the location of terracotta gravestones made near Guildford by Compton Pottery 1900-1950. They are either brick colour or grey, usually Celtic designs or crosses and usually not very large. Sometimes just a moulded kerb with names inscribed. Lettering is cut into the terracotta before firing or is sometimes left standing with a cut-away background. Most are in a 20 mile radius of Guildford but they were supplied in sections by rail and individual examples turn up throughout UK. I could send sample pictures and would be so grateful for a photo from anyone who comes across one in their researches.

CALVETTIBrompton Cemetery & St Pancras CemeteryHello, I would love if someone would be able to send me a picture of the gravestone for Giovanni Calvetti who is buried in Brompton Cemetery (register lists M 145... not sure if that is the number of the plot). I would also be interested in a photo of Romeo Calvetti's gravestone. He is buried in St Pancras Cemetery. His plot number is 315.9.V. Thanks!

CAMACMost grateful for the photos of headstonMost grateful for the photos of headstones of my ancestors.

CAMBAGETHOMAS CAMBAGEThanks so much for allowing me to see a photograph of Thomas and Isabella Cambage's gravestones. Thankyou for putting me in tough with a relative. It is so exciting.

CAMDENThanks for the Grave photoA big thank you to Charles for providing a grave photo which will be very useful in my Family Research

CAMERONExcellent WebsiteI have just received an image of a family headstone in Ford Road cemetery, Crieff. The inscription gives information which I would have never otherwise been able to source. This website is amazing and it is unbelievable that the photos are free and of very good quality. Many thanks to those who organise this website.

CAMERONHappinessThank you so much for your clear photo. You are very kind.

CAMERON-ROSECameron-RoseDear Charles, Many thanks for your prompt reply and providing a photo of the Cameron-Rose headstone. I am hoping to mount a plaque at the crash site; the information you have provided is very helpful. Kind regards, Peter Johns

CAMMCongratulations and Thank YouI came upon your special service quite by accident. It is refreshing to find someone who is dedicated to preserving the history of our earlier inhabitants and providing a service such as yours. Thank you, sincerely, Kevin Camm

CAMMACKGrave Stone PhotoMany thanks for letting me view the Photo of my Uncle, George Francis Cammack & his wife Doris. The information provided has been a great help in my research of the Cammack family. Greatly appreciated

CAMMIDGEBrilliant! Oh to have some time to help Brilliant! Oh to have some time to help expand the resource. Hope others can help out. I'll certainly have my camera with me whenever visiting a graveyard and pass on the pictures.

CAMPChurch cemetery on Lord Townshend Estate, Close to Raynham & Not Far From FakenhamI'm trying to locate the grave of my cousin, Naomi Louise CAMP. She was born prematurely 12 Sep 1960 in the Royal Air Force Sculthorpe base hospital, weighing only 1 lb 8 ozs. baby Naomi only lived for 2 hrs. Per my late Aunt, her mother, she was buried in the church cemetery on the Lord Townshend Estate, close to Raynham and not too far from Fakenham, England. Per index records, she was born and died in District: Fakenham, County: Norfolk. I cannot find an estate by this name but I am finding the Raynham Estate and Raynham Hall. I've also found that the Church of St Mary is on the estate so am wondering if the church cemetery may be where baby Naomi was buried. Can you help me locate her burial? If possible, I would love to have a picture of her grave and headstone. Many thanks for any help you can provide.

CAMPNaomi Louise Camp, BurialI'm trying to locate the grave of my cousin, Naomi Louise Camp. She was born prematurely 12 Sep 1960 in the Royal Air Force Sculthorpe base hospital, weighing only 1 lb 8 ozs. baby Naomi only lived for 2 hrs. Per my late Aunt, her mother, she was buried in the church cemetery on the Lord Townshend Estate, close to Raynham and not too far from Fakenham, England. Per index records, she was born and died in District: Fakenham, County: Norfolk. I cannot find an estate by this name but I am finding the Raynham Estate and Raynham Hall. I've also found that the Church of St Mary is on the estate so am wondering if the church cemetery may be where baby Naomi was buried. Can you help me locate her burial? If possible, I would love to have a picture of her grave and headstone. Many thanks for any help you can provide.

CAMPBELLfrancis norman campbellI would like you for the prompt responce to my request for the image of the gravestone of francisn campbell and his family they are so clear.i thank you for the wonderful work you are doing to bring these pictures to people like me far away .... more

CAMPBELLAlexander CampbellThank you for your prompt reply and the photo of the Grave Monument for my Great-Uncle Alec

CAMPBELLThank youThank you so much for everyone who takes the time to take all these photographs and gravestone inscriptions.

CAMPBELLCampbell Family MonumentWhat a blessing it was to find this site and then to actually find the monument of my Great Great Grandparents Samuel and Elizabeth Campbell. Being able to see and have a picture of their family monument is such a wonderful thing. Thank you so much for what you do in making this information available to others.

CAMPBELLThank You Charles and everyone else volunteering for GSP!This is one fantastic resource. Just viewing one closeup image of my g-g-grandmother's gravestone fascinated me. And, I didn't have to fly over 3,000 miles just to see it! (In return, I'll be out there late next spring with my camera at several cemeteries in my area.)

CAMPBELLWonderful ResourceAn invaluable resource. I am so grateful to be able to see a picture of my father’s gravestone, as I have not yet been able to visit due to distance and circumstances.

CAMPBELLRe: Grave MonumentThank you for the high res photo of the grave monument! Very nice work!

CAMPBELLfamily treeI have recently again found the gravestones of members of my family tree and been able to fill in vital information. Many thanks

CAMPBELLThank you.Rsally appreciate this service. As I live in Canada I would never get to see these markers in person. James and Emma Campbell

CAMPBELLfamily treeonce again I have been able to find the gravestone of a relative on your site, helps alot with my research on the family tree. Many Thanks

CAMPBELLJohn Campbell Place and Date of DeathSearching for my GGF, John Campbell born 1826 Perthshire Scotland, Parents Duncan Campbell and Elizabeth Baxter. Occupation: Master Mariner. Trying to find place and dated of death. Died after 1867.

CAMPBELLThank YouThank you for the photograph of for the Alice Campbell and her family. The photograph provided key information about her son, Patrick, who drowned of the coast of Australia. Without your detailed photograph, I doubt I would have ever discovered this fact. I still looking for details, but I now know what I looking for.

CAMPBELLThank YouThank you for providing the photograph of the monument for the family of Archibald Campbell. Thank you for this wonderful site and all the hard work that has gone into providing it.

CAMPBELLCampbell/McIntyre in/near ComrieI have many forebears interred in the Old Comrie churchyard - your kindness and effort in making these images available is very much appreciated by those of us too far away to take the images ourselves - thank you! Kyle

CAMPBELLExcellent Site - CAMPBELL, SUTHERLAND, STEVENFound site to be irreplaceable, have found numerous ancestors information and photographs not able to be found elsewhere. Appreciate the effort that has been put into your site.

CAMPBELLTHank youThank you for the prompt response to my request. The clear image has helped in the research into the Battle of Britain pilots who perished during the Battle in 1940.

CAMPBELLThank you so much your information was sThank you so much your information was so helpful in my resarch

CAMPIONCAMPION/MCKAYMany thanks for the image of a grave headstone. I will try to send pictures from my local cemeteries.

CAMPIONFrederick Arthur CampionThanks so much for the photo of one of my ancestors. Great site and I was able to look up some of the other Campions you had listed as well. Really appreciated it and will come back to look for more soon!

CAMPIONTHANKSThank you so much for the excellent image of my ancestors' gravestone.It was wonderful to find your website Charles, and to be able to find out where they were buried so easily. Many thanks to the photographer- I am so grateful, as I could never have made it to Lincolnshire myself.

CAMPLINGWilliam and Mary CamplingMany thanks for this very clear image of my 4xgreat-grandfather's gravestone

CANDLINKetley family memorialsI find this site most helpful. When you come to a problem of lack of information. This site comes to the rescue.Sarah Banks

CANEYThank youMany thanks for the prompt response to my request with regard to viewing a better image of my grandmother's memorial stone. Esther Margaret Caney.

CANNThank youthank you very much for photo of my ancestor so very helpful to me.

CANNGravestone Monuments photosThank you very much for the photo of the Cann gravestone monument. I am very impressed with the service you provide. When you sent me the image I requested it also linked to my stepfathers great grandmothers gravestone monument so I have also requested a copy of this photo. I really appreciate the personal time you put into providing this service. As I live in Australia it would be impossible for me to obtain these kind of records if it were not for people like you. Your are to be commended on providing such a selfless service.Once again my sincerest thanks,

CANNJohn CannThank you very much for the prompt response to my request for photos for Lilly Ann, John, and John E. E. Cann. The information provided in the photo was very helpful in verifying my research..

CANNANAn excellent website and service. ThankAn excellent website and service. Thank you for taking the time to assist many who are searching for their families.

CANNINGThank you Many thanks for providing details confirming my own research. It is greatly appreciated.

CANSICKThank you so much for this project. The Thank you so much for this project. The gravestone proved to me that Robert had moved from Marrick to be nearer to his daughter after the 1871 census.

CANTAdditional Info re George Frederick CantGeorge Frederick Cant b 1867 Brightlingsea mariner was part of the crew of a Sydney-built ship the 'Era' that was owned by Winter, Brandt & Co., of Fremantle. He was drowned, presumed fallen overboard from the fishing boat ‘Era’ during the night of Monday 26 June 1905 while the ship was anchored in harbour. The body was discovered by means of pouring oil on the surface and recovered from the bottom on the Thursday. He was known to the crew as Frederick Carter. (see extracts from The Geraldton Express and Murchison and Yalgoo Goldfields Chronicler of Friday 30 June 1905, page 7)

CANTThank you for the photoThank you for the photo of the grave of Oswald Thomas Cant. I am researching the Plummer family tree and Oswald Thomas Cant married Alice Maud Plummer, who was my grandfather's sister.

CAPARNThank you for the photo of John Caparn'sThank you for the photo of John Caparn's headstone. A great service you provide for people that are unable to get to these places from the other side of the world. The unfortunate thing for me is I cannot read the death date as the flowers are in the way

CAPARNWONDERFUL SERVICEAs I have said before, a wonderful site, and very quick with sending images of headstones, less than 24 hours service. Keep up the good work, I really appreciate the service you offer.

CAPEMany thanksThanks you ever so much for sending me the picture of the Frost memorial inscription from Reigate. He was my great uncle and i had not been able to find the monument myself when i was in Reigate last time - regards

CAPONMargaret Capon nee CurtisI'm at the start of researching my family. It was so exciting to find a photograph of a relevant gravestone. Thank you for organising this site and providing such a quick response.

CAPSEYFinding my father Thank you for your fast response nice to see some of my family I am the daughter of Horace Raymond capsey thank you once again great work that you do

CARANDINIThanks for your help!This is an excellent site and a very worthwhile project. It deserves wider publicity and support!

CARBERTHeadstone imageHi, Thank you for replying to my request for a copy of the image of George Carbert. With my husband's assistance I was able to copy it onto the profile of my ancestor on the Ancestry website. My research is open to the public and anyone wishing to find out more about George and his line is welcome to have a look. The image was really clear which I appreciate having tried myself to take photos of headstones. I am happy to donate images I have taken and to transcribe the engraving but I can't research a whole graveyard as I don't live near one. How does one go about uploading photos of headstones in various graveyards onto this site. Always assuming that you don't have it already. Regards, Paula.

CARBUTTGravestone of Betsy Carbutt.Thank you so much for the very clear image of my great Grandmothers gravestone. I could also see some details of my great Grandfather on the stone.

CARDThomas CardWhat a great website this is. Within 24 hours I had an email explaining how to see the image of my great x2 grandfather's grave, Thomas Card. There were clear, concise instructions and I found other Card graves listed as well. A truly useful site.

CARDERThank you for sending me the photo of the gravestoneThank you for sending in the photo of the gravestone for John and Jane Carder (GPR grave number 127818)so promptly. I'm still not sure if this is my great, great great grandparents, but this is helpful to have anyway. Thanks again PAG

CAREYGravestone ImageWhat a useful site, I managed to find details unavailable elsewhere - many many thanks, .... more

CARLINThank you A very helpful and philanthropic service, much appreciated.

CARLYLECARLYLE & WISHARTI found this web site very helpful. I couldn't find any headstones anywhere else for various distant relatives, until I came across this site through Ancestry. I send our my thanks to the person running the web site!

CARMANThank youThank you for the quick response for photos. The subjects were in fact distant ancestors.

CARMANThanks for the photoThanks for the photo

CARMANThank you for your helpThank you so much for providing me with 2 photographs of family gravestones. I am now on my way to view them in person. Your response was very quick and extremely helpful. Many thanks once again - very much appreciate your service.

CARMENEI am looking for Eliane Carmene.My aunt, Eliane Angelique Mary Joseph Carmene was buried at Cimetire de Boulogne-Bilancourt in France. She was born in 1937 and died in 1959. If there is any way to get a picture of her grave I would appreciate it very much. My mother is concerned about it and is unable to travel to France.

CARNABYcarnaby's of newcastleMany thanks for the image John

CARNEGIEExcellent resourceSwift response and clear image. Thank you

CARPENTERThank youThank you for providing access to this photo of grave marker of Mary Ann Atkinson, wife of Thomas Carpenter BIRTH 14 FEB 1843 • Nawton, Yorkshire, England DEATH SEP 1933 • Bransdale, Yorkshire, England a 1st cousin 3X removed. His father was Christopher Carpenter whose sister Elizabeth is my ancestor.

CARPENTERRepeated thanksTo confirm what I have already stated in my previous comment.....excellent site.

CARPENTERCarpenter/MawerThanks very much for your help. Excellent service. Wish more websites like this were available!

CARPHINThankyou for supplying the image. I liveThankyou for supplying the image. I live in Australia so I am unable to physically visit the cemeteries in Britain. With your assistance I can double check whether I have researched the correct person. You supply a great service. Thank you

CARRmunicipal cemetery grave no. 69592 image no. 176 Ambrose Patient CARRthank you very very much for sending me the image of monument, giving death dates of my great great grandfather's nephew's family. This was very helpful to me and I also appreciate your advice to search your resources further. My husband and I will be visiting the UK in May and June and will provide a donation to your great work. thank you again

CARR Thank YouThank you so much for your information and all the hard work you must have done to take all the photos. Once again thank you.

CARRThank youA very good help.Impressed with the site and all its information.Thank you so much.

CARRThank youThank you for the photograph. The index is a wonderful resource that will only get better with more contributions. Many of us can not visit the graves where family members are buried, or indeed do not know where they are buried. This index is a useful genealogy tool

CARRA great resource. Quick response. Much aA great resource. Quick response. Much appreciated. Many thanks.

CARRGreat website, very prompt service and it's freeMany thanks to Charles for the prompt reply to my email requesting a photograph of my great x 3 grandfathers grave in Norwich. I now have the photograph saved. Thanks again.

CARRFlorence CarrRe Florence Carr - Great image of grave from an easy to use site

CARRThank you Thank you for such a quick response and your hard work. The gravestone project must be so interesting and rewarding. It has helped me to find some ancestors from Norfolk.

CARRCarr family searchThank you so much for your prompt response, I've not had any opportunity to visit my mother or grandparents graves for many years.This will now enable me to keep a permanent record.

CARRthanksthis is the second request ive made for images,the first for my grandmother,anne carr,which aiso included my grandfather,george carr,and now this one for my mother and I find this service is invaluable.thank you so much.

CARR Dates and namesC W Carr is Clive William Carr Birth date is 26 March 1920

CARRICKFantastic serviceThis is a fantastic service in terms of what it does, the speed of service, the quality of image and the fact that it is a free service. These days people often look to make financial gain from things, this service is clearly a labour of love that deserves more recognition.

CARRICKMany thanksThanks so much for such a valuable resource provided freely.

CARRINGTONGravestoneThank you very much for sending the photo, a great website with a very promt service.

CARRINGTONCarrington Gravestone Photos HampsthwaiteThankyou for your prompt reply to our resent request for the two Carrington photos. We were very happy with them.We are researching the family history of the Carrington's in Yorkshire and in particular The Carrington's of Hampsthwaite. Thanking you, Loretta

CARROLLAuckland gravestoneThank you for your response and very clear image....another piece of the puzzle solved...this is a wonderful service. Thanks again.

CARSWELLGreat site - fantastic job CharlesWilliam Carswell of Glasgow, Scotland - to Melbourne Australia. Couldnt be any further apart. Greatly appreciate the quick response, and enjoyed just looking throughout your site. Very easy to negotiate. You have made this world a little smaller. Thankyou.

CARTERThank youVery prompt service. thank you.

CARTERgrave detailsI found this service very helpful in reading the inscription on my grandfather john carter of trunkey creek grave of 1911

CARTERFrank Henry CarterA Million thanks - what a useful resource. I shall be photographing the gravestones in my local graveyard to upload to your marvellous site shortly.

CARTERThank youMany thanks for sending me three photos of the headstones at St Nicholas, Bransdale - more pieces for the family tree jigsaw! A great website, well done.

CARTERThomas CarterThank you for providing the Memorial and Gravestones for the Carter family, Thomas and Eliza Hindley. Finding out they died in France but were interred in Leicestershire was very helpful.

CARTERThanksMany thanks for the superb service. The photograph requested was clear and gave me all the information I needed without travelling some 200 miles to North Devon.

CARTERthanks.just a grateful thanks for providing such a useful service. I was thrilled to discover the grave of my great great grand parents and hope to visit their resting place soon.

CARTERCARTER/BARCLAY/GURNEY/FRY ETCJust a big thank you Charles for your wonderful work on this web site. Wishing you, your family and friends a very happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year Thank you again Richenda

CARTERClare/CarterThomas Henry Clare and Agnes (nee Carter)lived in Blenheim where Thomas was a Motor Driver They had one son Alfred Henry named after Agnes's father Alfred Henry Carter from Nelson.Alfred and Ellen had seven children and Agnes was the youngest. I am researching the Carter family and am willing to share my information.

CARTERFanny Maria CarterExcellent site. Very fast response and the image contained all the information I required.

CARTHEWSurprise FindI just wanted the opportunity to say what a wonderful resource this site is for genealogy enthusiasts like myself. I have been researching my paternal ancestry for some months on and off, the family name is Carthew and I am eager to find out as much as possible of my origins. I hope to visit these gravestones in the not-too-distant future! Thank you

CARTLEDGEGravestoneJust wanted to say thankyou for the image of the gravestone you sent. It will help me on my family history search.

CARTWRIGHTThanksThanks for the image.

CARTWRIGHTExcellentBrilliant service very pleased with the photos supplied. thanks

CARTWRIGHTHanmer WW1 soldiersYour website is proving very useful - thank you. We are researching all men from Hanmer who served during WW1 and telling their stories on Twitter (@HanmerWW1) and Facebook. We would love to hear from any family members or anyone who can help

CARTWRIGHTHanmer WW1 soldiersYour website is very useful - I hope to help with the project sometime in the future

CARVEROther name on headstoneElsie May Beamer is recorded on this headstone. She & Kate Francis were sisters - maiden name Carver.

CARVERThomas Gilbert, Henry Clifton & Edmund Drinkwater CarverA huge thank you for this invaluable service. I'm always looking for details to add to my family history & these have been a great help on my Carver line. So fast & so clear too!

CARVERGreat siteMore details given that can be added to family history so please to have found my grandmothers brother's grave as I did not know where he was buried

CARWARDINETheresa MorrisThank you for the very prompt reply to my request for a photo of Theresa's grave stone.

CASERequest for graphics of Headstones.cRequest for improved graphics was replied to promptly, and the quality was excellent. The assistance was most appreciated and the graphics have been attached to my Tree. Thank you very much.

CASHMOREname of the person who had the stone erectedFred Ruddock was a native of Woolpit, who had immigrated to Canada. On a return visit he had stones erected for his Mother and Father, Caroline Ruddock, John Ruddock, and his sister and her husband, Rose and Robert Cashmore

CASLEYimageThanks for allowing me to access the image of William Casley. It was an unexpected surprise.

CASLEYWilliam & Celia CasleyThank you so much for the photo of their headstone. This service is so useful for researching family history. I've uploaded the photo of my parent's headstone.

CASSThank you! Living in Australia makes resThank you! Living in Australia makes researching my family trees difficult but your site is such an amazing help! Thank you

CASSIDYMany Thanks fot the photoThis is the first time I have used your service and I will using it many times in the future. I will also be promoting your service at my local archive. Thanks for the quick turn around on my request today. Kindest Regards

CASSIEThank YouThis site is Brilliant and so thankful to all the volunteers that it is Free, Genealogy is such an expensive business. I appreciate all your time and effort and I'm sure I will continue to find even more family members.

CASSONThank youI dont know how you do it - but the efficiency and kindness of this service is amazing. Thank you

CASTERWilliam CasterThank you for making this resource available. William Caster was my great grandfather, he was born in Upton on Severn to Thomas and Sarah. In 1901 he is at haysham, he was working on the new harbour works registered as horse keeper but internet searches return house keeper.

CASTINGSThank-you!Thank-you so much for your quick response, but even moreso for all the work you have put into this resource. It will become even more valuable over time.

CASTLEThankyou so muchI was so pleased to find this photograph of the gravestone of William and Elizabeth Castle in Heighington Co.Durham. Thankyou so much for your service and please thank the photographer for me. Your site is a wonderful resource for those of us who live overseas and visit the UK infrequently. Margaret (USA)

CASTLEJohn Castle WardThank you so much for this image. I am researching the Castle family in the Darlington area and believe that John Castle Ward may be a connection. Many thanks for this and the other images you have sent me.

CASTLEGraves of Birth FamilyThankyou for posting photos of these graves, my birth family, in Arnos Grove, Bristol. It means so much to finally find them.

CASTLINGFamily HistoryVery good resource to supplement family history research

CATANACHCATANACH/CATANAGHFinding this site was fantastic. Please consider adding your own photos to this website. This is like finding my "needle in the haystack". Kudos to the gentleman who set it up and maintains it!

CATERCATER & FISHER - thank youAs I live in Australia, and don't see the likelihood of getting to UK soon I am so grateful that the headstones and gravestones of Walsham le Willows, Suffolk have been recorded. I am assisting a friend whose ancestors these are, and she will be delighted.

CATEYPhoto received promptlySincere thank you for emailing the photo. Quick service and very helpful. Really appreciate your help. THANK YOU :)

CATHERINEQUICK HELP NEEDEDMy half sister is buried in England at St.Michaels cemetary. She was 6 months old when she died. Her name is Catherine Ruth ???? (working on getting the last name now). My mom is not well to travel and has mentioned that it makes her sad to think of what that grave might look like now since no one is taking care of it (mom was in the Navy- this is over 50 years ago). Catherine was born on 10/21/1958 and died April 1959. My moms birthday is early next week and I thought what a wonderful gift to find the stone have someone photo it as is, clean it up and maybe plant a flower and photo it again. Is there anyone over there in England willing to help me out? I live in the US. PLEASE HELP. Thank you. Deb

CATLIFFWilliam CatliffWhat an excellent service. Thank you very much for the prompt reply to my request.

CATLINGPhoto requestMany thanks for swift response in providing requested photo. Keep up the good work

CATORthank-youThank-you for the image of George William Cator and Alice Cator marker. I did not know that my grandfather Bertie Walter Cator was also mentioned on the marker. If anyone is researching please get in touch.

CATTPhoto of Arthur CartledgeThanks for the photo much appreciated

CATTERICKThank youJust to say thank you for the photos you have made available. It is greatly appreciated and the quick response was unbelievable. Thanks again.

CATTERMOLEWell doneThank you very much all at GPR for your fabulous work on recording the last resting place of some many beloved or forgotten ancestors. Your work has been an invaluable resource for anyone researching far away ancestry.

CATTERMOLEAppreciationThank you for your time and efforts Charles. They are much appreciated

CATTERMOLEVery helpfulThis is a fantastic resource and the kindness and helpfulness of the site owner are wonderful. Much appreciated.

CATTERMOLECattermole famiyMany thanks for your speedy reply to my request to view the headstone for this family. I did not expect to receive such a quick response! Fantastic service.

CATTERMULLGravestone, Wickham MarketI have just received a copy of a Gravestone in Wickham Market dating back to 1869. This was my 3rd great grandfather and it was a great piece of history. We live in Canada now so being able to retrieve this information so easily was fantastic. Thank you.

CATTLEExcellent ServiceThank you so much for the photos. The response time was amazingly quick.

CATTONGreat Find- Thanks!Very cool finding gravestones of the Cattons of Darsham- Thank you!

CATTONQuick ResponseOnce again thank you for all the work that you do it is an amazing job and much appreciated.

CAUDWELLCaudwells of DraytonThank you so much for the photo - what a wonderful service is provided for likeminded family historians and enthusiasts.

CAVANAGHGravestone imageThank you Charles. This is an excellent image and will be added to my family tree on Ancestry.It was for Sarah Alice Cavanagh, the wife of a cousin of mine.This is an excellent resource. Kindest Regards Tim

CAWTEMy grandparentsTheir grave may look neglected in your photo but they are never forgotten

CAWTEcawte headstone in weybridge, surreyThere is an image for Frederick Bertram Cawte which also gives the names of his two wives. I have been able to trace this family through Ancestry uk, thanks to this site for pointing me in the right direction.

CHADBONDGratitudeThanks again for your prompt help in obtaining a grave photo!

CHADWICKThank youMany thanks for the photo it is very much appreciated. I'm intending to purchase a mobile phone with a camera on it in the near future

CHAFFThank youOnce again thank you very much for helping fill in the holes of our tree. Priceless facility.

CHAFFERThanksYour efficient service in providing an enlarged image of Geoffrey Albert Chaffer's grave was appreciated.

CHALCRAFTTears of JoyThank you so very much for giving me access to see my Great, great, great grandparents grave stone. I didn't expect to have the reaction I had. Tears of joy. I appreciate your help.

CHALKThanksThank you so much for the photo of my cousins grave memorial in Leatherhead, England. Super fast response to my request. Wonderful.

CHALKINFeedbackGreat site and thank you so much for your efforts in helping others

CHALLANDWrong grave stoneI requested photo for Charles Challand ref 610947 from East Bridgford cemetery and received photo showing Joseph and Sarah Brown burial year was correct. Thanks for a very valuable service.

CHALLENThanksMany thanks for the picture it arrived very quickly and will be added to my information on my family, what a lovely thing to have

CHALLENORThank YouThank you for the opportunity to access this information. Having th chance to find, let alone access the photo of the Grave site is very much appreciated. Thank you for the opportunity. Very much appreciated!

CHALLISThank youResearching ancestry from the other side of the world has been assisted with this great resource. The names and dates from the headstones provide great validation. The headstones photos then add a personalised connection, above the value of the information on them.Thanks to Charles and all of the volunteers! Phil

CHALLISThank youThough we are often able to find information from other sources. Having a picture of the tombstone adds significantly to my family tree book. My thanks to those who are involved in this project especially since I am doing this research from Canada.

CHALLONERGrave 31943 in Hampton cemeteryThe image for Frances challoner’s grave was received and is very clear. Thank you so much for your efforts in keeping these records up to date. It really is appreciated

CHALLONERCHALLONER/READ/PURNELL/EDGELL/I just requested another copy of an image I'd received before, not realizing till after I posted the request, that I can retrieve the image here. Sorry!

CHALMERSgravestone pictureI would like to thank you so much for sending me the picture it was very quick, your work is appreciated and long may you continue as it helps alot of people from all over, thank you :)

CHALMERSgravestone photographsthanks for the high quality copy of the gravestone photo of John B Chalmers, much appreciated

CHALMERSGrave ID 58382My search for the grave image of James Gordon Chalmers (29.10.1853 - 3.1.1927) and his wife Margery Chalmers (1853-1928) results in this image. Unfortunately the image is the grave of the Mucklow family and no Chalmers are mentioned. I am wondering if there might be another headstone at this location for the Chalmers family. Linthorpe is likely their resting place.

CHAMBERLENthanksTHANKS for the prompt service this will help me start my collection of family information

CHAMBERSSuper fastThank you for an almost immediate response to my request. Superb!

CHAMBERSThanksI am very grateful for the quick and efficient service provided by Mr Sale. It is thanks to the many volunteers and community-spirited people like him up and down the country that we are able to have richer and more meaningful lives. Your work is much appreciated.

CHANCEvery very useful keep up the good workvery very useful keep up the good work

CHANCEThanksThank you for the photograph. High quality and muchh appreciated

CHANDLERHarry Percy ChandlerThank you Charles for the speedy reply to my request for a copy of the memorial headstone of Private Harry Percy Chandler for my family tree. Sadly he passed away very young serving his country to make the world a better place. I appreciate your dedication and time to help other people to achieve what they are looking for to complete their family trees. I have added information that I have regarding him on the edit function. Thank you for all the links you have supplied I will look at them tomorrow and download a copy of the memorial for my tree. regards Robyn from Australia.

CHANDLERChandler Family Vaults at Nunhead cemetery.I have recently discovered the family vault of my CHANDLER family at Nunhead Cemetery, London. On it are listed at least 20 CHANDLER members that are buried there. Is anyone else researching these?

CHANDLERThank youThis is an amazing web site with so much family information. Thank you!

CHANNELLChannel family genealogyThanks so much for the prompt reply to my request for this stone!!! I have many pictures of my father's ancestors' tombstones, and will gladly share with you!!! I love your website....keep up the good work....

CHANNELSCHANNELS/ CHENNELSAnthony CHANNELS born 1772 buried Pateley Bridge 04 May 1847. actual age at death 65 according to Parish Register.

CHANTLERFeedback - CHANTLER/CHAUNTLERJust requested a large sized photo of the grave of Hannah wife of Thomas Chantler and it came through immediately. Great quality photo and helpful transcription. Thanks for such a great website. People like me who are in Australia would never have access to family gravesites overseas without the fantastic work you do. Truly appreciated!

CHANTLETThank you once again for excellent quickThank you once again for excellent quick service

CHAPELOWLocal cemetaryHow can I tell if my area has already had the gravestones photographed?

CHAPLINThomas ChaplinMost interesting and helpful. A great supplement to researching my family tree. Many thanks.

CHAPLINCHAPLIN/COLLISI am very grateful for the dedicated work that enabled me to get a photo of what I'm sure is an ancestor's grave.

CHAPMANGreat resourceThank you so much for the photo. Had 'forgotten' about this website. Was astounded by how many names on here since the early days. Will try to do some photos next summer.

CHAPMANCharles John Chapman MI from Norwich St Peter MancroftVery many thanks for the very prompt response and providing such a valuable and useful service for those who otherwise cannot get to visit the respective sites in person.

CHAPMANPicture of grave of Maria ChapmanThank you so much for sending a copy of this.

CHAPMANthankslooking for info on grandparents who died when I was 2 thank you.

CHAPMANPhoto Of John and Elizabeth Chapman's gravestoneThanks Charles for your very speedy response and for the quality of the photograph I was most impressed.

CHAPMANNo image attachedHi, you very kindly emailed me an image I requested but there was nothing attached to the email. Please can you re-send? Regards, Andrew .... more

CHAPMANMany thanks for sending the better imageMany thanks for sending the better image. Haze

CHAPMANThank Youjust a thank you. wonderful service you provide.

CHAPMANJohn & Jane Chapman's headstone Thanks very much for the photo, and for providing such an excellent resource!

CHAPMANCHAPMAN/LUNNMany thanks to you and your researcher team. John Chapman was the father of Sarah who married Thomas Lunn in 1861. I now the church where they are buried and hope to visit soon to further my research

CHAPMANthanks - CHAPMAN/COATESVery grateful for the quality photos sent to me today. It is really appreciated .

CHAPMANMany thanks Thank you so much for allowing me to have a copy of the photos and for providing such a wonderful service. I didn't realise these gravestones existed until I came across your website. Many thanks again.

CHAPMANMany thanks for prompt reply.Gravestone Many thanks for prompt reply.Gravestone exactly fits all the details we have and completes our research on him. A long way from where he was born on the Isle of Wight

CHAPMANBurials of my 3X Gt Gp William Chapman & Ann Chapman of Mautby NorfolkThank you for these excellent for these excellent photographs

CHAPMANThank you Thank you for your help - you have picture of grave of Charles Chapman who I have been unable to trace much information on elsewhere every little helps.

CHAPMANBrilliantA very quick response to my enquiry/request. This is the most amazing & brilliant website. It must be a passion & lifetimes work. It is a privilege to share. Thank you so much.

CHAPMANAdd a churchyard to the GPR Project: St Wenn, CornwallHello, I wish to request that the St. Wenn Churchyard is added to the GPR Project. St. Wenn is a small rural church serving those living around the parishes of St. Wenn, Rosenannon and Tregonetha. I originally emailed this across but am not sure if it was received. My apologies if this is a duplication.

CHAPMANPhoto ReceivedThank you very much for sending me the link to the photo I requested. I can now clearly see the dates of death.

CHAPPELLExcellent Excellent resource, well done!

CHAPPELLThank youMany thanks for this is most beneficial to people, like me, who live overseas and cannot visit cemeteries to seek headstone information for family research.

CHAPPELLJohn Chappell graveUseful website. I found dates for John's wife Ann and daughter Ellen and a son, Colin, I didn't know existed. Thank you.

CHAPPLEConsistently great service!Thank you Charles. Yet another piece of valuable information provided through your marvellous site.

CHAPPLEGPRVery helpful and easy to access information. The gravestone image was clear and useful in family research.

CHARDThanks so much for this wonderful resourThanks so much for this wonderful resource!!

CHARGEThanksThank you very much for the photos of George Charge in Whorlton,Yorks. and John and Margaret Alexander Charge in Copgrove. I was very interested to see that Margaret died in Clevedon, Somerset, where she must have gone after her husband John died, but was returned to Copgrove to be buried next to her husband. Thanks again for your speedy reply.

CHARITYgravestone of Ethel Rose Austin(Nee Charity)Thank you for your prompt reply,It was nice to find the resting place of my mothers sister.i have precise dates of birth for the other brothers and sisters but only February 1901 for Ethel.Unfortunately my mother Faith Hope Sadd nee(Charity)passed away in 2013 and her sister Mercie Hambling nee (Charity)passed away in January of this year.They were the last of the thirteen brothers and sisters.

CHARLISHThank youthank you very much for the image of my 2nd great uncle's memorial - very much appreciated

CHARLTONAn Ancesteral GravestoneI was overwhelmed someone had gone to all the trouble to photgraph peoples headstones. It make a fantastic resource and it was amazing to see the photo of my familys gravestone. Hopefully one day i will be able to give something back to this sight.

CHARLTONGEORGE CHARLTONSt Margaret of Antioch George Charlton number 50. The infant George Charlton who died in 1892 was the son of the first wife Mary Jane Clementson. The George Charlton who died in 1919 was the son of the second wife Mary Atkins Charlton, not Mary Jane. I am the great granddaughter of this family. .... more

CHARLTONImage of Charlton monument in St Margaret of Antioch church. Dear Charles. Thank you for acting so promptly to my request for the image of George Charlton and family monument. The information on the monument, was very helpful related to my research on the Charlton family. I actually visited the churchyard bur could not find the grave. I am a friend of his great grandson and family who live in Erie, Pennsylvania. I was born in Ashington, Northumberland and now live in USA . Thank you again for your help. If I can assist you anyway with further research, don't hesitate to contact me. Sincerely, Joan Mather Sexsmith

CHARMANGreat ServiceAfter enquiring about a number of grave photos. The next day I received a number of photos from Charles Sale . Thank you what a wonderful service

CHARTI just wanted to say thank you for helpiI just wanted to say thank you for helping with my photo request.

CHARTChart photo requestThank you so much for allowing me to have access to photos of my Chart ancestors' grave markers. Amazing site!

CHASEThank youThank you so much for the photo of the Memorial of George William Chase.

CHASEMany thanks for the gravestone picture oMany thanks for the gravestone picture of my 3 x great grandfather,it's helped my research greatly. Be nice to see Blackburn covered

CHATERChislew ChaterI didn't know about your website, and am very pleased to have discovered photos of the gravestones of ancestors. Thank you

CHATTERTONChatterton family genealogyI just found Charle Sales web site by asodent,but I realy like it.I have already found a relatives head stone photo and whereto find more!

CHATWINGravestone, ScarboroughThank you for the quick response to my request, it has clarified two questions by having an enhanced image of the gravestone to review. Very much appreciated.

CHAVASSEChavasse familyThank you very much for the photo and I've just noticed you have another so will request that also. Your site has inspired me to photo my local church (St Andrew, Enfield, Middx) and I started this project today.

CHAVEThank youThank you for this resource, invaluable for tracing ancestors.

CHAWNERWhat a great service. I could not find this grave myself when I visited the churchyard and it is a surprise addition to my Family Tree.

CHAWORTHCHAWORTH-MUSTERSMany thanks for this posting. Thank you for easily being able to access the image.

CHEALCHEAL AND WOODThank you for your amazing site and the super photograph of my great grandaunt, Ellen, and her husband Henry Cheal.

CHEAPKnaresborough Rev Andrew Cheap and Mrs Maria StevensA Brief Memoir and Account of the Spiritual Labours of the Late Mrs Stevens by her sister Eliza Cheap (1841) clearly states that the vicar Andrew Cheap was her Mrs Stevens' brother-in-law. The Grave says she was his niece. How can this be reconciled?

CHEESEMANSuperb siteWhat a brilliant site. It is so good to be able to see gravestones of our ancesters that are not within our own area. Special thanks to everyone concerned with this site. The work that is put into it and all for free is excellent. Thank you so much for all your hard work

CHEESMONDExcellent resource - thank you!Thank you for the photograph, which will help tremendously in my research in proving (or disproving) the connection between two similarly named families.

CHEETHAMGreat photoThanks for providing photos of these gravestones. I was able to add 4 dates of death from one gravestone!

CHEETHAMWonderful website, fantastic service.Thank you Charles for a wonderful service. It is totally unique, and not enough people seem to value what you do. I was doing this for my husband's family search, and he is totally bowled over! Thank you so much. Jane

CHELLEWFantastic resourceI've only just found this website, and was unbelievable amazed to find the images of two family tree members, one in Cornwall and one in the outback in Australia. I'm hugely impressed. Very many grateful thanks to all concerned.

CHERRYMany thanks for an excellent service andMany thanks for an excellent service and this has provided useful dates to further progress my research.

CHESHIRECheshire and Gumbley FamilyAsked for a photo and came back with a link in less than 24 hours Fantastic response and service/ We know where to visit the grave when next in the area. Cheshire is family but married into Gumbley

CHESSONThank YouThank you so much for the image. It is just what we needed. We have been searching for our roots since 1995, and while we haven't linked this to us as yet, it is great information to add to the collection for later reference. Thank you again and may you have a very happy and blessed New Year.

CHESTERThank-you for the photo of Edward CHESTERs HeadstoneThank-you for the photo of Edward CHESTERs Headstone. I have made a donation to help further your work

CHESTERTONRichard Chesterton, buried in St. John tRichard Chesterton, buried in St. John the Baptist cemetery, Hungerton, Leicestershire, is my direct line ancestor and I have a very clear photograph of this gravemarker. The correct death date is Oct 11, 1750 (the death year shown here as 1759 is incorrect). Thank you.

CHETWOODGRAVE PHOTOGRAPHSMany thanks for the speedy and reliable service - it's wonderful!

CHETWOODFrom Australia thank you Thank you for a wonderful service to be able to see this headstone. Being in Australia we could never come an photograph it for ourselves. Much appreciated.

CHEWThanksMany thanks for this service - great site, very useful.

CHEYNEWilliam Cheyne / Isabella Cheyne (Mitchell)William Cheyne, husband of Isabella Mitchell, is a brother to my great-great-grandmother (Barbara Cheyne/Webster). It’s nice to see physical evidence of information affirming online documentation. Would someday like to make an in-person visit. Looking forward to more potential discoveries. Limited expectations for a personal volunteer effort, but I will provide a donation. Thank you.

CHIDDLEGreat resourceGreat resource - we moved away from this area years ago, before I started researching family history so to be able to see pictures of the gravestone relating to my husband's family is fantastic.

CHIDDLEReally useful siteThank you - came across this site by accident - link from Ancestry but will see if I can find any more of either my husbands or my own family

CHIDGEYGeorge Henry CHIDGEY Born 1870George Henry CHIDGEY - Oldest son of the famous painter, Mariner, Capt Thomas Chidgey and his wife Sarah Ann (Wedlake) Chidgey. He became a sailor and was with his father during the 1881 Cenus - on the Ketch Lousia in Ealing, London! Would be interested to learn of any of his relatives. I am related to the second son, Thomas John Chidgey born 1871.

CHILDThank you for finding the gravestone of Thank you for finding the gravestone of two of my ancestors

CHILDERSappreciationI am absolutely delighted with the new method of access to images. This is a wonderful facility. I shall do what I can to contribute. Just at this moment I can't think of any gravestone pictures which would be of us but ... you never know.

CHILESAppreciationWhat a fantastic aid to genealogy. Thank you so much. I shall certainly pass your site on to fellow genealogists

CHILLYSTONEChillystone Familythank you so much for this free service. so generous.

CHILTONThanksfabulous resource and quick responce many thanks

CHILVERSCHILVERS/TODD familyThank you so much you have made my family come to life! with photos of the grave stones.

CHILVERSInvaluable ResourceThis wonderful resource deserves wider coverage and exposure for the quality and coverage that it offers to historians of all kinds, including family historian, to say nothing of the fact that it is preserving for future generations the much neglected and historically important contribution that monumental inscriptions make to the social and domestic story of our island.

CHILVERSThank you so much for a speedy reply andThank you so much for a speedy reply and the clear and lovely picture of the gravestone of Mary Ann & Edward Chilvers. What a great service

CHILVERSExcellentExcellent and very prompt response. You provide a very valable resource - thank you!

CHILVERSBenjamin ChilversHello, I have been researching my family tree when I have the time, it's Chilvers, and I can only go as far as Bejamin Chilvers, born 1736 married to Francis Baker. Benjamin is my 7x grandfather from Middleton, Norfolk, if anyone has any information on going even further back I would be grateful. Thankyou.

CHINExcellent serviceAs ever, an excellent service that is very much appreciated.

CHINNERYMany thanks for your quick reply.I happened upon your site by doing a google search for James Chinnery. What a wonderful web site! May God bless you with the help you need to continue providing this great service to all family history researches. Many thanks and good luck. I appreciate your quick response.

CHINNERYElizabeth and James ChinneryThank you so much for your service. I live in Texas but my mother was from Bristol, England and all my ancestors from her side lived in and around Bristol. You provide a valuable service to all of us researching our English ancestor. Again thanks M Perry

CHIPPERFIELDJames, Charlotte and Annie ChipperfieldThank you so much for the photo of James and Charlotte Chipperfields grave stumbled across by accident!! You made my day and it now means we are able to visit the grave.

CHIPPINDALEExcellent Site, Many ThanksVery ambitious project! Many thanks for the excellent response time this is an invaluable source of information to researchers, especially abroad like myself.

CHISNALLSue Biddle's Photo of Tombstone of Agnes Ellen ChisnallMany thanks to Sue Biddle for finding my great grandmother Agnes Ellen Chisnall's (1850-1919 (?) burial plot in All Saints Church Cemetery- Sproughton, Suffolk and for her varied photos of the old mossy burial stone Agnes shares with her father Arthur Leach.The family had not been able to find her burial plot as she spent her married life in Brantham,Suffolk near Hadleigh. Thank you also for the succinct and well done precis on Agnes -gleaned from my request for help.Thank you so much! Your site is invaluable to genealogy work, Lynn in Toronto,Canada .... more

CHITTICKCHITTICK/CHITTOCKThank you for sending this through so quickly. I read your comment that you don't receive many acknowledgements. I appreciate the time this sort of thing takes, so I am very grateful.I'm really enjoying the research, on another side of my family I've just discovered that my great great uncle died in the Somme which is something my living family knew nothing about. The whole thing is so fascinating. Websites like yours make it so much easier and more interesting.

CHITTOCKBenjamin ChittockThanks so much for this, it has given me a sense of heritage and pride in my family line. This is my GGGGG Grandfather and is also the second generation back before Frederick Chittock left the shore of England at Gravesend in 1857 on the 'George Canning' Vessel to start a new life and help pioneer the rugged deep south of New Zealand, contributing to farming the Otago area, a family tradition still playing a major role to this day. Again I thank you very much for this service and wish you all the best in the future of preserving our past. N.W.Chittock

CHITTYThank youThank you so much for the images.... I hope everyone who uses you will go to their local graveyards and help yu in your wonderful quest.

CHITTYFinding an imageThank you so much for this amazing service. I was thrilled to find a distant relative and will be looking for more.

CHOATThanksExcellent service and very prompt too!Most helpful.

CHOPINGratitudeThank you so much for a sight of the grave stone I think you are doing a wonderfuljob

CHORLEYAdrian ChorleyThanks so much for taking the time to send me the photo, it will help greatly for my Son's school project. A special thanks for also sending me a copy of the 1911 census, which I didn't even ask for but has proved very interesting. Regards. Adrian Chorley

CHRISTIECHRISTIE/PATERSONThanks so much for sending this -- and so quickly too. In gratitude I'm making a donation to your site, and will be adding another related Christie gravestone I have to your site. What a great help to us family searchers you are!

CHRISTIEIsabella ChristieThanks you so very much. A very speedy response. The quality of the image was superb and the impact of seeing this was tremendous.

CHRISTIEThe Christie family of Garvald, East Lothian, ScotlandThank you for a wonderful service to those researching from afar. I am interested in anything to do with the Extended family of the Christies of Garvald, Scotland. I have a lot of information on the family that came to Australia and some photos.Which I am happy to share with other.

CHRISTYI have recently returned from Kent, reseI have recently returned from Kent, researching our CHRISTY family and unfortunately ran out of time to view this cemetery before returning to Australia. Thank you so much for making this image available for my Family History research. Much appreciated.

CHRYSTIEMany thanks CharlesYour service is fantastic, so quick too. It has meant a great deal to my husband to see the grave he thought he would never have the opportunity to see. Hope I can help in the future recording some of Perth WA graves

CHRYSTIEThank you for your quick response to my Thank you for your quick response to my request for a photograph. I have used this service several times and always found it very helpful.

CHUDLEY John Chudley Thanks for posting the photo will now be able to go and find grave

CHUGGChugg memorial at Marwood, DevonThankyou for your prompt service. I was delighted with your picture and will, definitely, be requesting more of the same. I have sent a donation via Pay-PalRegards Jim Nicholls

CHURCHA very valuable resourceThank you to all the volunteers who contribute to this wonderful website. The photographs are very clear and it is very useful information in family ancestry research.

CHURCHERThank YouThis a brilliant service provided for free which can help in locating graves for family history. The images so far have been of a very good clear quality. So thank you for this website.

CHURCHILLThank-youSo much for the photo you sent and so quickly. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. I stumbled upon your site by accident but shall bookmark it now.

CHURCHMANThank youThis is a very kind service and we are very grateful to those that have volunteered and made it possible to see our fathers grave on a regular basis.Thank you very much

CHUTERchuter family re-searchThank you for for your help . Your help has filled in many blanks for so many . With kind reguards Mr R.Allen

CLAISSEThanks!Excellent facility to be able to see high-res image as soon as requested; many thanks for this service.

CLAPHAMvery quick and good response.this has been really helpful to us. I am very grateful that you do this kind of thing. Thank you very much

CLAPPERTONThank you so much for your very speedy rThank you so much for your very speedy response in sending the photos I requested. Many thanks

CLARENCEAugusta Maria's resting placeMany thanks for your help with the image - it adds visual interest to my research of a relative.

CLARKCLARK/CLARKE - PraiseThank you for all the hard work in our behalf. This is wonderful to fill a need for so many researchers. I can not praise this site enough. I will wait with patience for the Rye Cemeteries where our Clarke & Waite families are buried.

CLARKHUNT / SPAVEN / CLARKE / CLARKMany thanks for providing me with the photo of my relatives gravestone in Hepworth so quickly. This is really a marvelous resourse that you have built, and I am appreciative of all the work you have put in to it. I hope I can contibute something to it myself.

CLARKCLARK / MEGRETTONAgain my thanks for sending me the pictures of gravestones for Peter Clark and Joan Megretton. I didn't have any details at all on Joan, so you have helped me to put another branch on the tree. Hilda.

CLARKThank you for helpThank you for sending the image of Annie Clark's gravestone. Your site is providing and extremely useful service, and I will certain make further use of it and would recommend it to any other genealogists.

CLARKThank YouI recently requested a a gravestone monument image and was amazed at the quick, professional response. In my opinion this is great resource and I would like to thank all those involved in the project

CLARKgeneral listingsGreat site, but is there a way to list surnames by date, say 1700\'s or 1900\'s? Sure would save some time and eye strain. If I\'ve just overlooked that, my apologies. I have some handicaps and it\'s hard for me to search very long in one sitting. But I really like your site, thank you for all the info. God bless J S .... more

CLARKThank youThank you for recent photo; Assisted with genealogy research.

CLARKMany thanksThank you for the image you sent me. Fantastic resource for family historians.

CLARKMany thanks for your work in making thesMany thanks for your work in making these photos available.

CLARKwonderful servicethank you for your prompt service, which saved us a lot of worry about the contents of my dads headstone, so we could add my mums details

CLARKMARTHA CLARKE/CLARKMany thanks for the emailed copy of the headstone of Martha Clark. Very clear and much appreciated

CLARKClark graveIt was very helpful having a photo of the gravestone of my gtgt grandfather. Although I already had the details on the grave, I did not know where he and his wife were buried. This is a useful website for those of us undertaking family history research.

CLARKClark's of Lenham, KentAmazing resource. Thank you.

CLARKComrie Old Cemetery, Perthshire, ScotlandMuch appreciate finding a photo of gt gt gt grandparents headstone. Thank you Charles. regards from New Zealand.

CLARKWilliam Clark Gravestone ImageClear large image ,very prompt service.Great website.Thank you.

CLARKThank youWonderful resource for those interested in family history, easy to use and well organised.

CLARKImagine finding a connection to Cramond Kirk!Charles An unexpected turn in my family research today when I found your site - thank you for its existence and for the prompt response today. Although I was following the Clark family, my connection is with Margaret Black ( wife of James Clark): she is the sister of my Great, Great, Grandmother, Isabella Black who married Alexander Carson in 1848. I am a Carson..... In the 1960's, a student in Edinburgh, I worked in the cafe in Cramond village and have loved the village and Kirk ever since. So to find this connection has been wonderful! Kind regards Norma

CLARKEmma Caroline ClarkThank you very much for this wonderful resource and your very quick response to my request for photos.

CLARKNathan ClarkThank you for your speedy response to my request and the very helpful information in your email. The GPR is certainly an amazing project. Nathan Clark was 4xg grandfather of my husband and to know his resting place confirms the family link with Wiltshire. It would have taken quite a while to locate his grave in the churchyard without the help of GPR which is much appreciated.

CLARKEExcellent ServiceI received the two photos I requested within a couple of hours and they led me to identify the correct couple on the 1841 and 1851 Census, which in turn led me to the home village of my 4x Great Grandmother, her Baptism and the name of her parents. I couldn't have asked for more and am happy to recommend this site to anyone. Neil

CLARKEStill waiting for photoAlmost a month ago I ordered a picture of my father's gravestone- his name is Thomas Johnson Clarke, and he died in January 1953 in Stockton- and it still has not arrived, not even in my 'junk' folder. Would you please send me the image again. Thankyou. Betty .... more

CLARKEGreat resource!I just wanted to say what a great resource this is and thank you for running the website. I hope it doesn't get too busy for you though as I think it will grow massively. I plan to photograph our local gravestones to add in.

CLARKEResearching surname Clarke, in relation to the Stokoe family in the North East of EnglandThank you once again Charles Searle and your team for the image of a headstone I received recently, which was most helpful in my family tree research. Much appreciated.

CLARKECharles Clarke, SheringhamThank you so much, Charles. I requested a gravestone photo from your site today, and by this evening I had received a link to the photo by email. This is my g.g.grandfather's grave, and it is lovely to be able to see it from a distance. I have added further details to the record, as I think the birth year was misread due to the poor condition of some of the lettering.

CLARKEExcellent ServiceExcellent service and fast response, will be back again. Thank you

CLARKEValueable ResourceThank you so much. This is such a vauleable resource. It has allowed me to find Clarke in Suffolk when I am no longer in the country to go to these graveyards.

CLARKEThanksOnce again thanks for a quick response for the image of Thomas Clarke from Llangollen.

CLARKEThanksJust received the request for the image of Thomas Clarke. Once again adds more information to my family tree.

CLARKEFantstic Site A huge Thanks for sending me a photograph requested, this is a wonderful site offering a wonderful service. I am so obliged and can't Thank You enough.

CLARKEYour volunteer contribution is greatly aYour volunteer contribution is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

CLARKEImageThank you so much for the quick response to my request for a gravestone image. Wonderful service and much appreciated

CLARKEThank you, this was a great find.I was able to find the monument of my second great grandmother prior to my visit to Scotland.

CLARKEOnce again you have responded promptly wOnce again you have responded promptly with my request. Thank you so much, keep up the good work.

CLARKEhEADSTONEThank you so much for your help.

CLARKEThank YouThank you for the gravestone image - much appreciated.

CLARKEFeedbackThank you for your prompt service!

CLARKEPhoto of Elsie & Aloysius SMITH's graveThank you for a clear and useful photo of the above's grave

CLARKEThanksOnce again this wonderful site has provided me with an image of my ancestors final resting place.

CLARKEExcellent Website and service A fantastic resource provided free of charge! a credit to all involved. Many thanks.

CLARKSONTHANK YOUThank you very much for the instant images. They are much appreciated

CLARKSONThank youThis is an excellent service. I gained some new information. As time allows further searches will be made.

CLARKSONGravestone PhotographsThank you very much indeed,Charles,for your very prompt sending of the images of memorials relating to members of the Clarkson family in the Kirk of Mid Calder cemetery. I had visited this location some years ago, but with little success. Your hard work on behalf of the GPR is very much appreciated. Hugh Devlin.

CLARKSONThank youThank you for the images of the gravestones of Lucy Clarkson & George James Clarkson. Your work is very much appreciated, & I told others that I know are interested in family history research, of your brilliant website!!

CLARKSONFamily researchThank you so much for sending an image of my families monument. We will be visiting the church in the summer to find out more 😊

CLARRISThank YouThanking you for your assistance with finding the grave of Elsie Clarris.

CLASOHMValuable SiteThankyou for the excellent photos, these have aided me tremendously in resolving errors in dates etc & is now a site bookmarked for ready access for finding details for my citations etc.

CLASPERThank you for the picture resourceThank you for the picture resource

CLATWORTHYAbraham ClatworthyGreat project! I spotted that the dates for Abraham Clatworthy buried at St James, Swimbridge are given as 1824-1899 when the entry below that of his wife Helen on the gravestone reads 1814-1889 - his actual dates.

CLAUGHTONThank youThank you Charles for your help with this, and apologies fir not replying earlier.

CLAXTONGravestone photoThank you Charles, I'm new to the family research and I just want to thank you for all you do.

CLAYDoreen Clay - enhanced imageThank you for your very prompt reply on the image of Norman and Doreen Clay

CLAYDONClaydon Gravestone PhotoCharkes, Thankyou so much for sending me the photo of my great grandparents gravestone. My grandmother used to take me as a young girl to Ipswich cemetery to place flowers on family graves but I did n't know this one was there. Thank you for all the work you do. What a great service. Susan

CLAYDONSpellings GravestoneMany thanks for the copy of Robert Spellings and wife Nancy (nee Claydon) gravestone. I appreciate the time you put into this. I also like the fact that you add comments from family members. Susan

CLAYDONThank you for Claydon informationThank you so much for sending me the image. I think it has solved a brick wall for me. I have added some information so that other researchers may also benefit. If it wasn't for this site, I would have missed the 3 sisters listed from this family I am researching and would have not got very far so quickly. Thank you again. Helen

CLAYFORTHPhoto RequestsI would like to thank you for your prompt response enclosing links to gravestones that may help in my research of our family. The name Clayforth is an unusual one but I am having trouble backtracking as I do not have many close relatives left that can help. Therefore these images, plus any others you may have, could prove invaluable in my research. Thank you once again for your prompt response AND the setting up of this valuable research tool.

CLAYPOLEThanks for photoGreat service as ever.

CLAYSONAppreciation :)Just a word to say thank you for your fantastic efforts with this website. I look forward at a later date to hopefully offer my services to further your database. Great resources and appreciate it remaining a free service too. :)

CLAYTONBenjamin Adolphus ClaytonThanks so much for your response, regarding the grave of my ancestor. Your site is very helpful.

CLAYTONThank you for photoBy chance I found this brilliant resource after searching the internet for references to my 8x Great Grandfather, who was a clergyman in Suffolk. I had not expected to discover so much detail about his family on a single website. The image I requested arrived swiftly, and with lots of helpful information about researching and volunteering. Thank you!

CLAYTONJohn Hockney Clayton - brother in law of second great uncle.Reassuring to see that on his gravestone John Hockney Clayton was shown with his full name, Clayton being his mother's maiden name. He was born two years before his parents married and so was given both parent's surnames. A plain memorial but confirmation at least of his full name and date of death. Many thanks Anne Harrison nee Harvey.

CLEGGThanksThank you so much for finding the headstone of my 4th great grand father, it is amazing to see it,as I live in Australia. Thanks again, amazing

CLEGGETTThank youI have just found this website and was instantly successful finding two graves in Blakiston, South Australia. Thank you. .... more

CLEGGETTThank you for the headstone images for HThank you for the headstone images for Harry & Robert Cleggett. Your help is appreciated.

CLEMENSCapt James ClemensMany thanks Charles for your swift response in sending my GGG Uncle's headstone - great to be able to access this from Australia!

CLEMENTThank you. I never thought I would finThank you. I never thought I would find this info. Lin

CLEMENTUnexpectedI browse the website as part of family research and never really expected to find recently deceased relatives. Really great site so thank you.

CLEMENTSIngham Holy Trinity Church yard burial-James ClementsHow do I find the burial/monument inscription for my great -great grandfather James Clements in Holy Trinity church cemetery? I see online burial lists & inscriptions for everywhere except this one in Ingham. He and his infant son are buried there.Burials were: 14 August1849 and 29 June 1850.I hope to distinguish which one applies to the proper date.I appreciate help anyone can give me.

CLEMENTSJOSEPH/CLEMENTSThank you so much for the photos of the graves. They provide valuable information. As I live in Holland I can do this research myself. I do plan to visit some local dutch cemetries soon and will send you the photos to add to your collection if that is helpful.

CLEMENTSThanksI am so grateful for such an incredibly quick response to my request. This has given me the clues I hoped for to do further tracing. Thanks.

CLEMESHAThank youThanks for the quick response. You are providing a great and valuable service - thanks.

CLEMESHARobert Clemesha 1680 -1747Thank you for this service. I believe Robert Clemesha was buried in the 'old graveyard in Goldsborough'. Would this be St Mary the Virgin or is the another older church? I am visiting the UK from Australia soon and hope to visit places connected to my family tree.

CLEMETTHeadstone photographThank you so much for the speedy photograph. What an excellent resource. Thanks to everyone involved.

CLEMISHAWFantastic Service: CLEMISHAW / ROBINSONI have used this website before and I keep coming back .. absolutely wonderful site and easy to use. A really wonderful idea to keep our ancestors details alive. Thank you

CLEMISHAWMany ThanksMany thanks to Graham Newby for the good work he is doing. Has helped me take my family history further back

CLEMONSCLEMONS/CLEMENTSThank you for your grave photographs for Thomas Clemons, Mary Clemons and their son Thomas on the gravestone it also mention 2 other children which helped in my research. It was great to be able to access the grave photos as I am in Australia and would not have been able to find them otherwise.

CLEMSONAdditional information for a graveBrian was Harold and Lily's son, my Grandfather. Grave No 69180 St Georges Church Telford Shropshire England .... more

CLEMSONgravestone/crossi recieved no picture .... more

CLENNETTHeadstone for Alice Ann and Henry T Clennett (GPR grave No 30818)It is always great to have those extra little snippets of information regarding the Family Tree. Thank you very much for your help and I was able to firm up some of the dates and ages on the headstone.

CLEVERLEYThank youThis is a wonderful resource that has been a great benefit to me for a number of years now. I'm sure that will continue to be the case. Many thanks.

CLEVERLEYNathaniel CleverleyThank you so much for the image I requested. It is one I could/should have got myself some years ago, but was unable to locate it. While I'm here; I have a very small number of gravestone images that I could upload, but the link seems to be mis-behaving

CLEVERLEYMany thanksA tremendous project. I hope it goes from strength to strength. Many thanks to all concerned.

CLEVERLEYCleverleyTwo of my ggg grandparents individually in 1 day! Once again thanks to all concerned with this marvellous site.

CLEVERLEYAppreciationOnce again I'm indebted to your wonderful site; it's much appreciated, thank you.

CLEVLANDWrong photoI wisdhed to see the grave of John Clevbland (1734-1817)

CLIBBENSThanksI am researching the Clibbens family name and was delighted to see a gravestone on john jabez Clibbens and his wife Ellen Mary, i had seen a stained glass window of these two people in Holy Nativity Church in knowle. I am nee Clibbens and would love any information from any possible relatives. Thanks

CLIFFThank youThank you to Charles for the grave stone photos for Nathanial Cliff.

CLIFFGravestoneThank you Charles and your team for your quick response to my request .It will help me with my Family tree

CLIFFORDThank you CharlesThank you Charles for sending me the image of Robert Clifford`s grave. It came so quickly, that I am really impressed. I think you are giving people a huge amount of help and I hope you are appreciated for all the good work that you do by everyone who applies to you for an image. Thanks again Val

CLIFFORDThank you for providing this site, and fThank you for providing this site, and fingers crossed, Marilyn will enjoy finding out who her ancestors were, and where they lived.

CLIFFORDCLIFFORD/PARROTT (WINN)Thank you for the pictures and information that you sent. I know we don't them - but they still family even if distant, but you like to know where the final resting place is. Thanks again for the help.

CLIFFORDGrateful thanksWe requested copy of gravestone for Mary Clifford of Painswick and next day received image of same. This has delighted both myself and my soon to be 84 yr old cousin. Thanks for your prompt response. Keep up the good work.

CLIFTONClifton familyThank you very much for the photo, much appreciated

CLIFTONWith Thanks...Thank you for this information.. Very helpful indeed.

CLOUDSDALEThank you so much for giving us family rThank you so much for giving us family researchers out there your time and effort. It is wonderful to see that these people, who are long gone, are not forgotten. Beth from Canada.

CLOUGHHeadstone at Linthorpe cemeteryI had completely lost track of this person and stumbled across him via your site by accident.The bonus is that I got more than I anticipsted - details included a wife and son. Keep up the stirling work.Many thanks thom someone in Leicestershire.

CLOUGHThe best of its kind...Thanks for the very good HD images I requested. Inthe future I will definitely be uploading you any photographs and info I have to assist you. Excellent site, keep up the good work...thanks again

CLOUGHAnn CloughVery much appreciate the images of my 5th great grandmother's gravestone. Thank you.

CLOUGHJoseph CloughVery helpful resource, thank you for taking the time to provide assistance. Joseph Clough would have been my 5 great uncle.

CLOUGHHannah JonesThank you again for your invaluable resource, it's helping to filling in blanks whilst I work on my family tree.

CLOVERAcknowedgement of photoThank you for sending requested photo for which I am very grateful to receive. Well done for doing such a wonderful job.

CLOVERPhoto requestThank you kindly for supplying the requested photo of my ancestors, this is truly appreciated.

CLOVERClovers of Norwich 1690-1960Many thanks for your help over Joseph Clover of Colby (1805-1870)

COADA huge thank you.Charles thank you so much for the photograph of my ancestors headstone, living on the other side of the world and never expecting to see any of them it was a real thrill to come across it on your website. I appreciate all of the time and effort it must take to host such a fabulous resource and I do hope that people that have benefitted from it can do their part and take photographs at their local cemetaries and send them to you. Once again Thank You Grant Erp

COADResearchThank you very much for your time in forwarding me image of Coad Gravestone. I am researching the Coad family of Liskeard - 1850's, Robert Coad was a very well respected land surveyor and his eldest son Richard, was articled to the well known Cornish architect, Henry Rice. I would love to be able to source photos of the Coad family

COANCharity CoanThank you for the photograph of Charity Coan's grave. I am researching Coan and Coen - I don't have more detail about Charity but still looking. Thank you for the free service.

COATESThank you - what a wonderfull service.I would like to pass on my thanks for this terrific service. How special it is to have a copy of my ancestors tombstone and to know that even if it were to now fall into disrepair we would still have the photo. Many thanks.

COATESCOATES/ BACKHOUSEJust to say a BIG thankyou for the photo and the wonderfull service you provide. This has been a great help in finding the resting place of my family.

COATESBainbridge grave photo - COATES/DINSDALE OF NORTH YORKSThank you Charles for the grave photo of the Bainbridge family of Marrick Abbey. It's great to see some physical evidence of all my online research!

COATESThank you Once AgainThanks once again to Charles for providing such an incredibly helpful service. Many many thanks

COATESCOATES AND BEANOnce again I send many thanks for the help I have been given on this site. I have used it twice before and each time have received pictures in a timely manner. Thanks to everyone involved in this great website. June

COATESMemory of a friend with Alzheimer's A friend with Alzheimer's (Ray) suddenly remembered the name of the father of a friend from school. I was wishing to help his memory and giving him something to tie his memories with. The father was Harry Bellarby Coates and he was the director (?) of the Grimsby hospital immediately prior to, and during, WW2. They lived in a big house in Grimsby. According to the London Gazette he received a gong for services to the Civil Defence in (or around) 1945.

COATESPhoto of gravestoneThank you so much for the photo. This site is a great resource.

COATSGreat SiteWhat a marvellous site the GPR is. Not only did I find 2 ancestors but it also threw up a contact leading to possible further info. Very many thanks for your work just wish I was in a position to help.

COATSGreat StuffThink this site is tremendous as it helps greatly with family searches and throws up other leads. and all for free. Thank you.

COATSGreat SiteThis site is such a valuable aid to family history research.

COBBHelped me locate a gravestone in my local churchyardStumbled across this website when searching for a gravestone in my local churchyard. A request was sent to the vicar about the location of a headstone for this family. I found it on here with no problems and downloaded an image. Site very easy to use and will be somewhere I come to when doing research for my own family.

COBBADA GRACIE COBBAda Gracie Cobb was the sister of Ethel Bruce and was added to her headstone because of their closeness. Her husband who died in 1952 was George Cobb. I expected to celebrate my 8th birthday with her in 1960 when she was expected to be 80. She was notorious over her age so it's difficult to be absolutely certain as to her age. Her daughter Audrey Ethel Cobb (married name Warren-Gash) was my mother. Nicholas Maxwell Warren-Gash.

COBBLEDICKThanksReally uaeful to get data for Phillipa Cobbledick nee Lobb

COBBOLDGrave of Algernon Waller CobboldThank you, Charles, not only for the photograph but for a really wonderful resource. I run The Cobbold Family History Trust and its website which takes up 110% of my time so I cannot offer help but I have sent a donation and I wholly applaud what you are doing...most successfully. Thank you.

COBBOLDheadstoneThank you so much for this headstone photo, The 2 boys drowned in a boating accident in Ipswich, it has been well documented in the Ipswich Journal and it is nice to know that they are buried with their parents.

COBBOLDRose Anna Ward ne CobboldThis is in grateful acknowledgment - and delight. It's been a weekend for making all sorts of unexpected discoveries on the web, whilst idly going over old family history ground. Having not managed to trace the deaths of Rose Anna Ward (ne Cobbold) or William her husband in the mainland BMD, I could not have imagined in my wildest ponderings that after living in Scotland and then Northern Ireland for many years they would end up being buried in Woolpit (where Rose Anna was born) alongside her parents William and Anna. What an unexpected turn-up. .... more

COBBOLDExcellent, thank you As always, excellent... thank you so much for the time & effort you put into this site. Wonderful resource, thank you

COCHRANThanks.Amazingly quick service. you are a gem. Thanks!!

COCHRANCOCHRAN, ORPHOOTCharles, once again your are running an invaluable service here. I got my 2 grave photos in 1 day which is fantastic. Thanks to you and all the volunteers.

COCHRANEPhoto of graveThank you. You make it easy for people living in other countries to obtain images that otherwise we would never have the opportunity of seeing. Your willingness to help other people find their 'past' is great. Thanks so much Debbie and Robert

COCHRANEThanksThank you so much for the headstone photos for Basil Cochrane and William Cochrane.

COCHRANEThanksmany thanks to charles for his help with this photo, much appreciated

COCHRANEThanksI have used this website for only the second time, but have found it to be a valuable resource to solve an issue I have had no other way of dealing with. To look at headstone inscriptions of such quality from the other side of the world is much appreciated. Keep up the good work.

COCKRequest for image of gravestone of Thomas CockThank you so much for providing the image. Unfortunately it was not the Thomas I was searching for but at least I can rule that one out. I am looking for Thomas Cock whose wife was Anne Lovey. However, the assistance was much appreciated.

COCKBURNMany thanks for a fabulous serviceYour time and effort in this impessive project is grately appreciated. Long may it continue to flourish.

COCKBURN-HOODCOCKBURN & COCKBURN-HOODThank you Charles for sending the Photograph link onto me. It is deeply helpful and appreciated and goes a long way into helping with my research. Thank you again x

COCKRAMThank you!I'm impressed with being able to access the photo I requested, within seconds of requesting it. Thank you so much!

COCKRAMReginald Seldon CockramThanks for the quick reply to my request for the photo of the grave. I was doing some research for a 94 year old nephew of Reginald Cockram who was very pleased to see the photo. However he has asked me not to put any additional information onto this site .... more

COCKREMThank youThank you Charles for your wonderful website and your speedy response to my request. Keep up the great work. Thanks again.

COCKREMI just received the photo of the grave sI just received the photo of the grave site for my great-great grandparents. It's unlikely I will ever get to see it in person, and I can't say how much it means to have this link to my history. This is a wonderful service!

COCKSEDGERobert CocksedgeThankyou so much, this site is wonderful keep up the good work, very helpful when like me you are researching your family tree.

CODNERthank youmany thanks for prompt response to my request. image was helpful in my family tree research. more than 1 name on the headstone with further information which was very helpful.

COEGreat site !Big thank you to Charles for providing me with this image. Great site that's totally free :) Thanks again :)

COFFEYThank you for sending another photo relaThank you for sending another photo relation to my family

COGGLE Thank you for the information on the surname Coggle Mary Coggle Charles Coggle Any family history would be welcome.

COGHILLExcellent resourceThis website is an excellent resource for anyone interested in or researching their family history.

COKERWilliam CokerThank you Charles for the image of the tombstone of William Coker. I ASSUME it is the headstone of William born 1724 to John Coker and Margaret Evans and who was buried in 1799. As no date is legible, it is an assumption. The only other William I have found relevant to my family history is his son, born 1776 and died 1776. William was married? to a Sarah who appears on all the baptism records, but may not appear on this headstone. She died 1782 and was also buried at St Peter and St Paul, Fareham, Hampshire. A daughter, Elizabeth, of William and Sarah married a Jonathan Earle and both arrived in Sydney, Australia in 1804, where they received a land grant as free settlers producing food for the struggling colony.

COLBECK-WELCHFantastic!What a fantastic service. Photo received of memorial gravestone well within 24 hours of requesting it. And such a clear photo it is too. Thank you.

COLBORNEThank youThank you for taking the time to respond to my request for a photograph. Your website is great.

COLBORNEThank youThank you for responding so quickly with my request for a photograph. Much appreciated and your website is a great tool for research.

COLBORNEThank youThank you once again for the copy of the grave monument . Much appreciated and adds interest and information to my family tree.

COLBYGREAT SERVICEThank you for offering such a fantastic, fast, professional service. This is the best site for grave information.

COLCHThank youThanks so very much for such a valuable resource. This site has been of great assistance to me as I research my relatives.

COLEThanks Thank you for your kindness in sending me the photograph of Mary Cole's gravestone. I think this is an immensely valuable project that you are undertaking, for which all of us interested in local social and family history should be very grateful. David Powell

COLEGrateful thanksThank you very much for the prompt forwarding of the requested image. I am very impressed! I do have a number of photos of graves in my area in Australia and hopefully will find time over the Christmas break to upload them to this site as it is an invaluable resource. Thanks again. (Researching Henry Thomas/George Ward Cole born 1793 Durham)

COLEHenry John Cole headstoneHaving used this service previously I thinks it's great especially when one lives so far away from the actual area. Would highly recommend this & keep up the good work. Invaluable

COLEdownloading photosince you have changed the way in which you now have to follow a link to download the picture of a grave i am having difficulty in doing so after following the link as it seems to take me nowhere

COLEFredrick ColeVery useful for confirming life details

COLEMany thanks for the photos of Alice MaryMany thanks for the photos of Alice Mary Coles headstone. Confirms her relationship.

COLEHeadstone of Mary ColeThanks for your help with following up on family members. This has been a great help especially when living 'down under'. What you are offering is absolutely brilliant and may you long keep it up. Darryn Cole

COLECommentAs I live many miles away from my descendants I find this website of an invaluable resource. It is also an added bonus that in this day and age you can still get something for nothing! Thanks again for this service and long may it continue. Darryn COLE

COLEHeadstonesHi Charles Thank you for the 2Cole images you sent as usual they were brill. Just got back after a short break and realised I had not sent you a message sorry about that. Regards David

COLEThanksThank you for providing a copy of Frederick James Cole's gravestone. You are providing a very valuable service and I appreciate your very prompt reply.

COLEMANThanks.John Francis Coleman. Many thanks for the photo of this grave.

COLEMANThe gravesite image of Jennifer Elizabeth ColemanThank you so very much for the image link to the gravesite of Jenny. We loved her dearly and it was a comfort to see her last resting place in her beloved England. We are in the U.S.A. and are unable to travel to visit in person, so this was the next best thing! It is a wonderful tool & Thank you again!

COLESGreat site - many thanksGreat site. I received the link to the photo extremely quickly. Many thanks Charles.

COLESFeedbackInvaluable info thank you

COLESFrederick Smithson Coles I am unsure if this is a relation I have a Frederick Smithson Coles in my tree living in the London area but his wife had a different Name ?

COLLACOTTMany thanksThis is a great resource and I so appreciate the help with my research.

COLLETTThank youI think this is the second time you have helped me. Really is a very useful research tool to have the information from the headstone. Thank you for making it possible.

COLLETTIvy CollettThank you for the beautifully clear picture of the requested gravestone

COLLIERSaraThank you for enabling me to add to my family tree.

COLLIERThank youthank you for this amazing resource

COLLINSCorrection of memorial informationMary Elizabeth Collins was the second wife of Joseph Collins, rather than the mother of of Sarah Ann Collins nee York.

COLLINSBlanche Collins/WarnerThanks a million for the photo of my great grandmother's gravestone. I went to this cemetery looking for it when visiting UK some years back, without success so thought she was in the 'pauper ' unmarked section.

COLLINSThank youThank you very much for what you do.

COLLINSThank You!What an amazing website! It's incredible that I was able to see a photograph of the headstone of James and Charlotte Collins who may be my great-great grandparents.

COLLINSThank YouMany thanks for sending the photo that I asked for so promptly

COLLINSA great serviceHave used this service more than once and find it extremely useful. Am wondering whether it extends to cemeteries in Ireland as many of my relatives are buried there. .... more

COLLINSJohn Lucas Collins GravestoneFound picture of John Lucas Collins gravestone on your website. Many thanks for posting and your tireless work is very much appreciated!

COLLISHEBrilliant Site. Thank youI have used this site a few times now when researching my family tree and although many of my graves are not available I am always excited and happy when I find one of my relatives final resting places. Thankyou to all for their amazing work

COLLIVERThanksThank you for the photo of the headstone

COLMANFrederick Charles ColmanMany thanks Charles for your wonderful website. I'm glad I ticked the box "Do you want your details passed to others requesting this image?" I am thrilled to tell everyone that I am now in contact with a distant cousin who's grandfather's family I've been trying to find for over 20 years!

COLMANFrederick Charles ColmanMany thanks Charles for the image of my ancestor's grave - what a wonderful service you provide & I'll help when I can. FYI Frederick Charles COLMAN's wife was Susannah (nee BONNER) born 31 Mar 1825 and died 9 May 1912.

COLMANCOLMAN,STAPLETON,HALL, SMITHThank you, great site, unfortunately alot of the graves im looking for are not on here yet. Living in Australia, this is a great help because i can't get back often to check graves for myself.

COLMANFamily Research - Many ThanksThank you so much for the photographs of Aunt Edie and Uncle Pat Colman's gravestone. I remember visiting this lovely couple when I was a little girl and they lived in Wells. I was 10 when Aunt Edie died and back then families didn't discuss much with children about death and funerals, so I never really knew where they were buried. Now I will be able to lay flowers when I next go to Wells, and I am very grateful for your help. Best wishes, Anne Wales

COLPUSThank You!Would just like to say thanks for providing photos. I am unable to visit the grave yard sites so your work is very much appreciated by people like me.

COLQUHOUNHeadstone of Janet ColquhounThank you for the improved image. You are supplying a grand service.

COLVILLE-HYDEThank YouMany thanks for the images received of my Great Grand Father's grave. This will prove very useful when we come to the church.

COLWELLGeocachingNeeded to find a date for a geocaching church micro and found the photo of the gravestone. A bit hard to read but it gave me what I needed to know so a big thumbs up from me.

COLWODPhoto requestI would l just like to say thank you for the photo of the headstone for the Colwood family. The photo was available immediately and has helped to confirm information for my family tree. This is a great service you offer and I would also like to thank the people who have taken the photos.

COMBEAbram Combe and familyThank you so much for providing this service, Charles. It's very much appreciated.

COMBERPicture requestThank you for such a prompt response and such a high quality picture of my wife's g-g-grandfather's grave.

COMBERGravestone imagesGreat to find some headstones for some of my ancestors and their siblings - keep up the good work

COMERThank youA great resource for those of us living to far away from the grave sites,just wanted to say thank you to all the helpers

COMPTONPhoto of a possible relatives headstoneI very much appreciate you making this service available. I would not be able to verify some details of my family history research without it. Thanks again.

COMPTONThankyouThank you for all the work done to maintain this site at such a high standard. It is hard to find verifiable information when you live half a world away. I often find gravestones help to prove the link between people - every little bit of information helps. Thankyou, again.

COMRIEThank youMany thanks for providing this service. It is a great help in finding direct ancestors and cousins that I would otherwise never known about.

CONABOYBridget ConaboyMany thanks for the link to the photographic image and the fast response! I will be recommending this website to others.

CONDICKFeedback - John Edwin Condick is the father of Sidney Edwin and William Henry. The mother is TabithaFeedback - John Edwin Condick is the father of Sidney Edwin and William Henry. The mother is Tabitha. Not sure who Mary(Nellie) is.

CONDONMy deep appreciationThe service you offer is both amazing and invlauble. Your fast response was deeply appreciated. I'll get invoved as a volunteer to provide information of my ancestors born in Dundee, Scotland 1876 who immigrated to The USA. Thank you for yout time and effort. C. Helton

CONESearching Cone in ScotlandLooking for Cone relatives in and around Edinburgh, Scotland. I have Daniel Cone b 1624 in Edinburgh, but no other relatives. Any help appreciated. Willing to look up something in USA if you need it. Cone is a relative on my mother's side.

CONESearching Daniel ConeLooking for relatives of my mother's side of the family from the Edinburgh, Scotland area. Daniel Cone born about 1624, went to Haddam Colony, Connecticut USA at some point. Died in Haddam 24 Oct 1706. Any other help appreciated.

CONESearching Daniel ConeLooking for relatives of my mother's side of the family from the Edinburgh, Scotland area. Daniel Cone born about 1624, went to Haddam Colony, Connecticut USA at some point. Died in Haddam 24 Oct 1706. Any other help appreciated.

CONIBEARGreat resource!Thank you so much for this fantastic website. In a day when just about everything on the 'net costs money it's refreshing to see someone who offers such a marvellous photographic collection. For a researcher on the other side of the planet it is indeed very useful. I will be doing my bit to add to this photographic collection. Rob.

CONIBEARHeadstonesThankyou Charles for a fabulous resource, made freely available to anyone who cares to search, and for the wonderful photos. Being from Australia,seeing the headstone of my ancestors, is a just wonderful and fascinating. Thankyou again, Robert

CONIBEARVery usefulThank you for providing this very useful site, it has enabled me to track down a very hard to find record, as the gravestone gives details of the death at sea.

CONLANMany thanks Great to be able to see some photos especially as our family is scattered around Australia and NZ

CONLEYMany thanksThank you Charles for the wonderfully clear images you have sent me of my ancestors. What a valuable service you are providing to people who are unable to travel to these graves in person.

CONNAHPhoto requestMany thanks for providing the requested gravestone photo so quickly. Most helpful.

CONNOLLYDiscovering descendants.Thank you for this website. I would like to find other Connolly relations, as I have little information about my ancestry. Help is most appreciated.

CONNOLLYThank youThank you so much for the photograph of my ancestors grave. I don't live locally so really appreciate the time taken to photograph and upload it. Fabulous service thank you! 😃

CONQUESTThanks for imagesThanks for images

CONQUESTGrave of Edith Barraclough Oxbridge Lane Cemetery Stockton-On-TeesThis grave is also grave of William Conquest 1855-1925 and Elizabeth Sarah(nee Gelly)1859-1938 the parents of Edith(nee Conquest)The names are on the right hand side of the base

CONROYFarrell historyThank you so much for the photo,the information it provided was extremely helpful. Bridget Conroy was my grandmother Teresa McCusker,s sister. I do not remember her coming home to Kilcreevy, Armagh, but I do remember her daughter Mary

CONSITTThanksI am very impressed with this service as I have been researching for a while and have never found such a service anywhere else.

CONSTABLEMargaret Constable 1849 - 1880Amazingly quick response - Thank you all for your efforts. Nice clear photo with information I had not found anywhere else

CONSTANTINEMany thanks for a very prompt response aMany thanks for a very prompt response and extremely clear photograph

CONWAYConways - West CalderThis is a superb website and an unbelievable resource. I came across it by chance but I had photos of the headstones the same day - an excellent addition to my project. Many thanks for your help. I am related to all the Conways listed at the West Calder Cemetery although out of contact for 2-3 generations. If anyone related to these Conways, please contact me via my website. Thanks again Richard

CONWAYThank youJust wanted to thank you for letting me have the image of my grandparents' (Peter and Ellen Conway)gravestone. I appreciate your work, it's very useful for family researchers.

CONWAYPossible grave locationI was in Middlesbrough today searching for the grave of my great-great-great-great grandparents, their names are Robert and Mary Ann Conway and they are buried in Linthorpe Cemetery. I was wondering if you are able to provide a more precise location of the grave? Thanks very much, and also thank you for this website. I've already located two family graves thanks to it!

CONWAYNot great engraving!Thanks for the photo of the Conway headstone in Co. Mayo. It just may help me trace the family further back (after years of failing)!

CONYARDNorfolk connectionsFantastic sight - many thanks. Will try to give back in the future by taking some photos to share .

COOKThank you for the imageThank you for this resource. I was very pleased to be able to view and save a good clear image of the gravestone.

COOKJohn & Emma Cook -St Mary's Church - Benhall, Suffolk - grave number 128451Many thanks for a very quick wonderful service. Very much appreciated.A brilliant job is being done........

COOKThank youThis is such a great resource and has been Invaluable in my FT research

COOKThank youThank you so much for this invaluable resource, as well as a prompt reply. Words are not enough to explain how much this means to me.

COOKGeorge CookThank you so much for the image of my relative!

COOKVery quick responseThank so so much for forwarding me the 2 requests for the same family. Henry and Edward Cook are people I can't find too much about. Maybe now I'll keep looking!

COOKThank you for helping me in my family anThank you for helping me in my family ancestry. I will continue to look for the Cook and Clow family info.

COOKThankyouThank you for this image and your very quick response. I have received images before and find the information invaluable Nancy Priestley

COOKThank youI was amazed at the very quick response to my request! This is a fantastic site, many thanks.

COOKTamar CookThank you, Charles Sale for the work you did. To find a little girl from our family who died in 1846 in Clutton, Somerset meant so much to me. Her family had moved to Wales before 1851 and I'm sure they often thought of her being there alone.

COOKExcellent ServiceExcellent free speedy service.

COOKVery helpful for family tree searchThank you for the photo of my ancestor's grave in Charlwood.

COOKAdditional info for youHi you have George Cook in West Hoe Bishops Waltham, I would like to give you additional info to him & the rest of the people in that plot. George William son of Oliver William & Iris Lillian Alethea (nee Andrews) Born 21st May 1942 & Died 17th Sept 1993. Oliver William Cook Born 22nd June 1915 , Died 9th Nov 1993 Iris Lillian Alethea Cook Born 30th Aug 1919, Died 16th Feb 2000. .... more

COOKAn amazing websiteI was thrilled to find GPR online. I am proud to be a Freeman of Ipswich this was by birth as my family ancestors made a considerable difference to life as Blacksmiths in the Ipswich areas mainly Copdock and Washbrook from the early 1700's. I am now researching the exteded family and this site is fantastic. Thank you from Arthur Cook

COOKIncorrect transcription of Christian names on gravestoneTranscription shows name as Phillip Steven Cook while actual name on headstone is Philip Stephen Cook. .... more

COOKTranscription errorTranscription states Vanessa Louise Cook is the son of Phillip Steven Cook, this is totally wrong - Vanessa Louise Cook was the sister of Philip Stephen Cook. .... more

COOKThe Cook family of Pittenweem and St Andrews, FifeThank you for your swift response. All the work you and your volunteers undertake is fantastic and is very much appreciated. THANK YOU!

COOKgeorge cook Thank you so much for providing the detailed photograph of Georges headstone, you are providing a very valued and appreciated service for people such as myself researching family trees.

COOKThanksMany thanks for the great job you do. It enables many of us to see the graves of relatives that we would otherwise be unable to do.

COOKStanley Charles CookThank you for providing an image of my parents' gravestone. It is lovely to be able to look at it on special occasions as I live 250 miles away.

COOK John Roland Cook Many thanks for the photo of the grave of John Roland Cook.Keep up the good work

COOKMarvellous ResourceThank goodness for volunteers, this resource is invaluable for family historians! Thank you so much.

COOKAn invaluable resourceThank you firstly to Charles for creating and maintaining this invaluable resource and making the information within it free to all. Secondly to all those volunteers who contribute to this resource by taking the photographs, transcribing the information and making them available worldwide. The work you all do makes the job of researching ancestors interstate and overseas so much easier.

COOKCook George Homethank you so much for the work you are doing on this site & the pictures you have helped me with over the years long may you continue Noreen

COOK-ABBOTTCook-Abbott genealogyI have further information on the Cook-Abbott family if required. Thomas Abbott married Sarah Cook Glanfield in Ipswich in 1831 and the middle name Cook was associated with all the subsequent children and the name evolved to Cook-Abbott by the 1911 census

COOKECooke gravestoneMany thanks for the image of the gravestone for Anne Cooke. Its a great site, and invaluable in family research.

COOKEThank youResearching Ann Cooke (Nee Hornsby). Thanks go to all at GPR.

COOKEExtremely useful resource for family history researchThis is the first time that I have used this source of information, and immediately traced a grave which is highly likely to be a family member. Very grateful to all involved in compile the data. Great work.

COOKEThank youThank you so much, I really appreciate your quick response....excellent service

COOMBEThank you - great image! Extra names to be added to the indexFrances Eliza COOMBE (nee FIELD) - also on the headstone is her husband, James Knight COOMBE (1847-1928). One of their sons, William Cuithbert COOMBE (1881-1925)is also on a plaque. Perhaps these names should also be added to your index

COOMBSCoombs family gravestoneThank you for your quick response, I am intrigued as to how a family living in Baguley, Cheshire came to be buried in Lister Lane Cemetery in Halifax! If anyone out there can enlighten me, I would be most grateful

COOPThank you so muchThank you for your quick response to my request for a gravestone image, now I've found this website I will continue to look for images for my Ancestors, hopefully I will also be able to contribute as I am starting to visit graveyards to trace my family. Excellent

COOPGenealogy research. I am researching a biography of the artist Hubert Coop 1872 - 1953Thank you for your quick response. If you have any further information, I would be most grateful.

COOPERThank youThank you very much for your prompt response to my request for an image of my 4xggrandparents gravestone. It is greatly appreciated and its lead to bringing down a few "brickwalls" in my tree.

COOPERcooper of BlythburghThank you very much for sending me the images in my quest for a relic of "The James and Eleanor". This is an excellent service!

COOPERThank youThank you!

COOPER Great resource Thank you Charles for the work that you do with this website. I have made many interesting discoveries for my family tree and it is wonderful to find out the final resting places of my relations

COOPERThank youSpeedy response to my request. Thank you. Great resource

COOPERThank YouReally appreciate the prompt attention to my request and it was very helpful in filling in gaps in my family tree.

COOPERFabulous HelpThank you so much for the lovely photograph of my Great Grand Uncle Alfred Cooper's Grave.

COOPERHarriot CooperDear Charles, thank you for your prompt response to my photo request. Unfortunately it did not produce the link I was looking for, but may prove useful. Being in London it is not easy to get to rural Norfolk by public transport, in order to view graves.

COOPERExcellent ServiceCharles, thank you once again for supplying the photographs requested. As so many have already said I would not be able to do this myself and therefore I am very grateful.

COOPERExtra information about the grave, and its whereabouts.Thank you so much for your help the photograph is wonderful.not on the epitaph is that my grand mother was interred also, which is a shame, So i have my grand parents and great grand parent in the one grave, which my mother couldn't find on a recent visit and wondered if you had any idea where too? kind regards Jenny.

COOPERCOOPER/NEWMAN/SIMMONS/HOLLANDThanks for allowing quick access to several requested images. No one knows how long digital images will survive but having visited many cemeteries where monumental inscriptions have long since eroded away to leave blank headstones, it is vital that more and more photographs are taken to record the inscriptions now and show the current condition of headstones for future generations, especially as cemeteries fill up and controversially local authority councils in the U.K. are drawing up plans for plots to be reused.

COOPERCooper Family Thank you, once again, Charles for such a swift response - fantastic as usual.

COOPERWonderful generosityMany thanks for this prompt and excellent service.

COOPERI was pleased to have a new website to sI was pleased to have a new website to search for headstones. Plus the response was quick and helpful. THANKS!

COOPERThank YouThank you for a quick response and a very professional website

COOPERInformation on Cooper and Nooth families, Kew, Surrey.I want to express my very real gratitude to the individuals and organisation involved in making this resource available. Your information and images add a rich extra dimension to family research. Many, many thanks.

COOPERThank youVery much appreciate the very rapid responce to my request for a photo of the grave of William Stanley Cooper. Another branch added to the tree.

COOPERThank you!Thank you Charles for your almost immediate response. And.. the quality of the photo was excellent. This service is greatly appreciated.

COOPERThomas Cooper and Annie Cooper nee RobinsonThank you for the photograph of their grave, I have added it to their appropriate records on my database.

COOPERTrimley St. Mary - Churchyard update reviewMany thanks Charles for enabling the use of such a valuable resource - it is much appreciated, in particular as I am updating some historic information / helping with enquiries regarding the churchyards of St. Martin's, & St. Mary's - Trimley, Suffolk Kind regards Andrew King - Churchwarden

COOPERFantastic quality photograph! This really helped read the detail of the inscriptions - thank you so much! Your kindness appreciated.

COOPERTHWAITEMaggie CooperthwaiteMany thanks for the help finding the grave of my great Aunt. Very much appreciated

COOTEThank youI have only just started to research into my family tree. I found this site during this search and was very grateful to the prompt correspondence with the link to the photo that I required. Thank you

COPEMANElizabeth Copeman 1817-1838Thankyou for the headstone picture of my 5th Great Aunt. I am so grateful and want you to know how much your service means to me as it helps to bridge my ancestry from across the Atlantic.

COPLEYThank you for helping me to find my greaThank you for helping me to find my great grandfathers gravestone .... more

COPLEYEdith CopleyThanks once again for a quick reply. I find this service very useful.

COPLEYSarah Copley (nee Burley)Thank you so much for the help in finding out more about my family - much appreciated. It is good to know that there are people who care enough to create such a marvelous service. Thank you Charles & Team

COPPMany thanks for the helpful info.Many thanks for the helpful info.

COPPI8NSUCH AN EXCELLENT SERVICEThank you so much for all the effort and enthusiasm you give to this project ... I appreciate it greatly. This site adds an additional excitement and help to genealogists.

COPPINGSarah Jane Copping CabourneSarah Jane Copping, the mother-in-law of my great aunt, who was born 28 May 1853 has been added to the photo of Thomas Major's gravestone. In fact she should be with her husband George Redgate Copping in Cabourne Churchyard, Lincolnshire. Thomas Major was my 1st cousin 8x removed. .... more

COPPINGMany Thanks for your service Many Thanks for your service

CORKAINInvaluableThank you again for all your hard work on this site. The information and photographs are the icing on the cake! Well done


CORMACK Thank you very much for the quick resp Thank you very much for the quick response to my request for photos of Daniel and Lily Cormack's grave. I will pass your website to any of my family / friends that are looking for their family graves. Thank you again.

CORMACKThis resource is fantastic!I'd really like to thank for the effort taken to place this resource on the web. This really helps out researching the family, particularly from so far away. Can highly recommend.

CORMACKCormack Gravestones in WickA fantastic resource - many thanks to all the volunteers for their time and effort.

CORMACKJames Cormack (1857-1906)James Cormack is my 1st cousin 3x removed. Thanks for allowing me to use this photo on his Findagrave Memorial (#119051328).

CORMACKAn Excellent Response To My RequestRe: Elizabeth MacKenzie Cormack (1930-1987). Many thanks to Charles and the person who took the photo which is beautifully sharp. An excellent response to my request-it is very much appreciated.

CORNERExcellent service following request for Excellent service following request for grave stone details of a family member I am researching. Detail links received within a few days. Many thanks will no doubt use the facility again.

CORNERCorners in QueenslandThank you for your prompt and helpful response. It will make a great addition to my Ancestry family tree.

CORNEYCorney FamilyI found this site to be most useful for my family research. It was also good to have an image of the graves which help to support information that I had already acquired. Many thanks for this. Cheers Sharon

CORNFORTHThank you once again for your excellent Thank you once again for your excellent image, another piece in the jigsaw

CORNFORTHGrave photoThank you what a wonderful resource for researchers .The grave was not for the Elizabeth I was researching but I'm sure there is a link as my branch of the Cornforth's originated in Yorkshire before moving to West Ham to work at Standard Telephone and Cables .

CORRIGANThanksThank you for the time and help it is really appreciated Pat Moore

CORRYThomas Andrew CorryThank you for the information and prompt response.A really useful service.

CORYCory / Scoles researchThank you so much Charles (and volunteers) for this wonderful service! The photos you provided are treasures that I would never have been able to get on my own. This is a good thing that you do to help genealogists out, especially those of us who may never make it to your country. Bless your heart!

COSGROVEBrilliant!What a brilliant service! Thank you so much for sending the two images I requested. I now plan to visit the graves at the first opportunity. I wish I had come across your site sooner!

COSGROVEThe title is: Thanks!Thanks for the website. It is unique and great!

COSIERJames C Cosier HeadstoneThanks for the headstone image it has helped with my Cosier branch. Many Thanks for a great set of photo records

COSSARWar Memorial Cemetery, Blantyre, Lanarkshire, ScotlandGPR grave number 246204 - image name CEN-1 I am pleased to have received this image which covers surnames A-B and D-G. I should like to have an image for the section (below it?) which contains the name of James COSSAR, as indexed. .... more

COSTELOWReceiptHi, thank you for making this resource available. It has helped me greatly in furthering the research on this line of the family. I do not know if I am posting this in the right place or not - but I received without any problem the image for James COSTELOW and Sarah Beisner, but requested the image of Jane Jefferies (not sure that is the correct spelling) Maria COSTELOW and I think the Henry COSTELOW image yesterday - an email has been received, but when I 'log in' with my email address there is no image there. Am I doing something wrong (possibly ! I'm not very techno!). Anyway, again - thank you for making this information available - I have been able to research this family quite a bit now - I am hoping that the lady Jane is the sister to Maria, but so far cannot find a marriage - otherwise she is the Sister-in-Law! .... more

COTTERILLSplendid serviceA really efficient site and service - so pleased to have found it for my research on the Derbyshire Cotterill family. So helpful and the reply from Charles was extremely fast. It is a pleasure to deal with a site that has such a personal touch.

COTTERILLThanks for helping me track down Eliza Cotterill nee MeekhamThis comment comes from Kent, England and I thank you for photographing the graves as I don't know if I'll ever be able to visit and pay my respects. It's good to know my gt gt grandmother found such a lovely place to be at rest.

COTTINGHAMCOTTINGHAM NEE JOHNSONI am so grateful for the work that you do to help those, such as myself, who are unable to visit. Through the Cottingham/Johnson connection I am trying so hard to trace my direct ancestor JOHN PAGE, SURGEON, of Laxfield, Suffolk. Thank you again.

COTTONCOTTON/LARRETTThank you so much for getting this to me within hours! I'm now finding many more links to family members. Thank you!!

COTTRELLAlexander Joseph CottrellThank you for your assistance - most helpful. I am researching men of Beenham, Berkshire who died in the Great War.

COUCH Help?Hi, I am looking for Ann cou h I. Devon, she died around 1869 I. Stoke damerel. I have just discovered this site but am not sure what I'm doing. I can see they're is one record for Ann but am not sure where to go from here or how to request an image of the gravestone or to find out what churchyard she is buried in. Can anyone help please .... more

COULBECKImpeccable ServiceWill use again, thank you

COULSONThankyou.Thankyou very much to everyone who have made this wonderful resource available to everyone. Thankyou especially because as I live in New Zealand I am unable to visit the various cemeteries where family are buried. Receiving the photo straight away is wonderful.

COUPERThankyou very much for allowing me to seThankyou very much for allowing me to see the gravestones it is very much appreciated

COUPLANDExcellent resource Great resource, really helpful very glad I managed to find this resource. Very appreciative of help received

COURTMANThanksMany thanks for the improved image, i just need to find the transcription from Latin! Regards, James.

COURTNEIDGEPhoto of grave of Jane Wight Courtneidge and othersThank you very much for sending me the link to this photo. I can see some dates on the gravestone that I didn't know before, so it is very useful.

COUSINSouth Australia Cousin FamilyThank you once again for this fantastic family history resource.

COUSINSThank youThank you very much for the image. Wonderful sight

COUTTSAn excellent resourceThank you for doing this and making it easy to search through all of the material available. I wish every cemetery in Scotland was done - it would help us that are miles away, North America, do our research.

COUTTS-SMITHRhoda Ling (nee Coutts Smith)Thank you for a very prompt reply and an excellent photo

COWANEarle/CowanMany thanks for the image. The Mary Ann Earle in the image who died in 1866 was one of the daughters of Alexander Cowan who came to Sunderland in 1798.

COWANVer HelpfulWhen looking for ancestors is like chasing the white stag, this site and people are super helpful! I've been able to find ancestors I wasn't sure I would be able to. It is hard and time consuming work but I am very grateful for it. Thank you!

COWANThank You!Thank you kindly for sharing your photos of the Cowan family.

COWARD98944This is my fathers grave his year of birth was 1933 .... more

COWARDCharles CowardThankyou for letting me see the grave image but sorry to say it is not the Charles I want You have a great site and I will be back

COWELLthankyouwhat a fabulous resource .... more

COWHAMA Great SiteWhat a very helpful site. Congratulations on setting up such an interesting and invaluable site for genealogists. I commend you and wish you every success in the future.

COWIEHeadstone for Sarah Cowey d 1915Dear Charles, Thank you for your efficient and FREE service. Every little thing helps bring our ancestors closer. I will be ordering more in the future.

COWIEThank youThank you for your quick response to my request for the photo of my g grand parents headstone.

COWLARDgravestonephotos - a wonderful resourceVery speedy reply with a very clear .jpg photo - a wonderful web site giving great service to family tree enthusiasts

COWLEDIVY COWLED (NEE BEE)Thank you for this resources. Much appreciated

COWLESGravestone photoMany thanks for sharing this with me - and for the other services that your site offers which I have also just discovered which I am hoping will help me resolve a couple of puzzles regards Charles Cowles as there seem to be a lot of them and who belongs to whom is not easy to unravel. Thanks again.

COWLEYCowley's in WiltshireIf anyone can help me, I am trying to get a photo for my Uncle of his grandfather and grandmother, Uncle and Great Uncle's graves all in Bath Road Cemetery, Cricklade. Hubert Weston William Cowley and his wife Mary are buried in grave number J.474 in a double depth grave. Russell Cowley died in 1928 and is buried in grave J475 and Arthur Cowley died in 1933 and is buried in grave L570. All of the graves are on the right hand side as you walk through the gates but the headstones have all been laid down or so I have been informed. I currently live in New Zealand so can't get there to take any photos. ANy assistance would be greatly appreciated.

COWLEYThanksMany thanks to Charles for providing tombstone pictures which have helped enormously in my family history research.

COWLEYThanks for your assistanceThank-you for your site and the opportunity to see historical burial site of my Great-Great Grandparents Edward Spencer Dickin Cowley and Selina Cowley. It helps to provide a genealogical story of our family.

COWLINGCOWLING/PARKINSON/ETC..Many thanks! This is a really great resource for family historians. I will certainly be happy to add the other photos I have of graves. Many thanks once again! Jenny

COWLINGCowlingThankyou so very much for these photos. They are an enormous help in my research as well as providing a beautiful emotional link as I live outside of the UK>

COWLINGCowling Such a wonderful project much appreciated as I live overseas and while it is my desire to visit in person it is impossible. Such a wonderful person you must me to provide this to humble persons like myself. thankyou

COWLING Thank you for the great photos Just wanted to say thank you for the photos of the graves of members of the Cowling family in Pateley Bridge. Very helpful for my research.

COXthank youThank you for responding so quickly. I came across this site whilst googling a family name and was really impressed by it.

COXA BIG thank you.Having the digital photograph of the gravestone inscription brings a more personal emotion to my history. Now much more than family tree. Thanks a lot for your continued unselfish effort to assist others.

COXThank youWas looking for Caroline Ellen Cox, could not find her but found her mother Ellen Cox. Thank you, this is a great sight.

COXRachel Martha CoxWhat a fantastic site - and such a great servioe and free. Thank you.

COXCOXDate almost correct needs further analysis

COXAppreciationThank you for your photo - it gave me 4 new (previously unknown) relatives.

COXCox - Litton Cheney DorsetHello - do you intend to photograph this church. A number of my ancestors are buried there in particular there is/was a monument to James Cox DD with a large inscription. I am happy to pay for any photographs of Cox headstones in this church yard. thanks

COXadding info to individual grave entries.I have successfully added info to Clara Annie Cox buried at Malvern. I have been unable to add comments to her sister and Husband's grave at Barnstaple,Bear St cemetary. NB She married her deceased sister's husband.

COXAmazing website!Just found your website and am amazed to see so much gravesite/cemetery nformation available and at no cost to the user! You are providing a most helpful service to those of us researching from another country and unable to visit overseas cemeteries in search of family graves. Thank you for all your hard work and generosity in making these images available.

COXFlorence CoxGreat website thank you. However on the entry about Rachel Martha Cox (Ellis ) details have been added that I can find no support for, namely that Rachel had a sister that married her husbands brother. Rachel did have a sister Florence but she was younger ( their parents did not marry till after the other florence was born) There is no marrage between a Florence Rachel Ellis and a George cox I can find instead she either married someone else or never did at all. If I am wrong is there a way you can contact the person who submitted the info to find out why they think it is so? Several peoples family trees see to have based their info on this eronious info. Would welcome any information to the contrary. I think there were too many Coxs living in West Ham at the time with similar names. Keep up the good work.

COXthank you once again. So helpful. Christhank you once again. So helpful. Chris

COXElsa Dora CoxVery many thanks for the image of the above's gravestone in Warsash. I have yet to discover how she is related to my Cox family, but my Cox ancestors were living in Warsash and I feel she must have a link.

COXFeedbackThank you Charles for a great resource and a fantastic service

COXRobert Cox - EnglishcombePlease note error on your comments - Violet Cox was daughter of Robert Cox not wife .... more

COXThank youThank you so much amazing to see tthe stone for Hester and William Cox I will now try and visit

COXPhoto on the page will not same I have the photo on display but it will not save in my files in my computer Thomas Cox grave 35849 .... more

COYSHCoyshThank you so much for the photo of the grave of Elizabeth Coysh. Its the first grave for this line of ancestors that I've managed to find.

COYTEThank YouThank you so much I will be able to send the photos to William Coytes son he will be so pleased . Thank you again.

COZENSGravestoneHave visited cemetery again and found that there is indeed a gravestone for Lovelock Cozens.

CRABBExcellent ServiceThank you for the prompt provison of a photo of the Crabb family grave. It helps complete my Grandfathers family history

CRABBImage requestHi Please cancel my request just made, for the image of the Crabb image. I have just found my earlier requested image on your web page.

CRABBIEphoto. of grave of Miller Crabbie As far as I know from our family tree all people in Scotland (and some in England)with the surname Crabbie are descended from him despite the fact that most of his many children died so very young,as opposed to many of his descendants who lived to a ripe old age! Any information welcomed.

CRABTREE"What a SITE for sore eyes"This is a great site for geneologists, FREE and a great source of info. Highly recommend this site to anyone who knows the death area of ancestors.

CRABTREEHenry Crabtree (or Krabtree)I am looking for evidence of the death/burial of Rev Henry Crabtree. His date of death was between 1685 and 1690. He was the curate at St Mary's Church in Todmorden from 1662 until his death. He had a few altercations with his church due to his interest in astrology and prophesy, and may have fallen out of favour. They buried his wife there, who outlived him, but there is no acknowledgement of his burial in any church record. On the remote offchance, do you have any garvestones that either relate, or are 'unnamed' but reasonable candidates? There was a possible link to Cross Stone church, too. Hope you can help. John

CRABTREEGreat Resource with a Personal TouchA great resource and so easy to use. In this day and age it is lovely that such a service is offered free of charge. A big thank you to all those involved, especially Charles for the personal touch taken when responding to my image request.

CRACKNELLOnce again the photographic resource sitOnce again the photographic resource site comes up trumps. Many thanks for maintaining this invaluable site.

CRAGGSBurial Place of Fanny Kelly/CraggsI wonder if anyone knows how to find out where a person was buried and then if there is a gravestone. My ancestor is Fanny Craggs but apparently she was also Fanny Kelly. Her maiden name may be Massey. She died in Cullingworth in 1886. I have got her death certificate. Otherwise she is an enigma. She is my G-Grandmother. any idesa or help would be appreciated. Also i am interested in the photography of the gravestones - i am in Australia near Brisbane and could do the local Cemetries if it will help.

CRAGGSCharles Howard CraggsThank you for the gravestone photo and although it didn't add anything to the information I have already it is great to be able to put the final fullstop on the life of my relative.

CRAIGThank youWonderful resource for family history! Thanks so much for your prompt response. Within 12 hours of discovering my direct ancestors had a headstone in Bamburgh I was able to read it - and I live on the other side of the world. I can't thank you enough.

CRAIGMnay thanks for your image of Agnes CraiMnay thanks for your image of Agnes Craig. It was a very popular name in our family.

CRAIGIEMany thanks again for your kindness in sMany thanks again for your kindness in sending me a copy of the photograph

CRAIKGetrude Honora Craik (ne Bowstead)Died 1918, not 1910 as your site says --- The error has now been corrected .... more

CRAMENTWith many thanksThank you so much for the image, your work is much appreciated.

CRAMONDThank you very much for sending the photThank you very much for sending the photograph of the tombstone of John McGregor Cramond from Cramond churchyard cemetery, Cramond, near Edinburgh, Scotland. Tombstone hard to read, so there are mistakes in your reading. I will send corrections.

CRAMPEmma Leaver (nee Cramp)Many thanks for allowing access to your resource for my 3rd cousin! The headstone doesn't say much but it's fascinating to see it just the same! Chances are I'd never see it myself otherwise. Kind regards.

CRANEThank youThank you for the photos - brings lots of memories of visiting cemetery at Christmas and keeps memories alive.

CRANMERCranmer Gravestone.Another piece fitted in the family history jigsaw. Many thanks for the photo of great-great-grandad's gravestone. Happy to have contact from anyone researching or with further details on the family.

CRANMERThank youGreat resource - thank you

CRANMERPhotoThank you so much for sending me the very clear photograph of the gravestone of Esther Cranmer, my great,great,great grandmother. My 90 year old mum is also thrilled to see her relative and is keen to learn more from a visit to Stratford.

CRANMERValuablesiteVery impressed with the prompt response to my requests. Thank you. As a sight impaired elderly lady, I am struggling to follow through the instructions, and am not sure how to produce a thumbnail picture as |I selected a large one. However, I am grateful for your wonderful contribution to my research.

CRASKThanks so much for the very quick responThanks so much for the very quick response to a request for gravestone photographs. This has confirmed this person linked to my ancestry. You are to be commended for the great work you do as a volunteer in providing these photos to us all.

CRASKEPhoto RequestI wish to thank you for your extremely quick response to my request for a gravestone image. This was very much appreciated and has helped piece together another part of the family history. Thank you for all the work you do.

CRATHORNEGrave photo of Barbara Elizabeth CrathorneMany thanks for the digital photo of Barbara Crathorne's grave. Your dedication and hard work is very much appreciated. regards Steve Crathorn

CRAVENI am looking for my family. My late granI am looking for my family. My late grandmother cristina craven was the sister of judy? And daughter to a fred and dorris craven. I think the family moved to south africa and then moved to glouchester. Any information would be apprieciated

CRAWFORDCRAWFORD, WOOD, GROCKOCK, SKIPThank you ever so much for this excellent service, Charles. Geneology is such an expensive business and it is very refreshing for someone to have gone to the trouble of creating such an amazing website for free. I do hope that your site generates enough traffic so that you may earn something back from a few selective and appropriate advertisements. If everyone who uses this site could photograph headstones in their own area then this will further your mission. I for one, will be doing just that. Best wishes and good luck with this venture. David

CRAWFORDThank youI could never have imagined it was possible to find my ancestors' final resting place without a great deal of expense. Thank you to all who volunteer and especially to Charles for providing such a prompt and helpful service. .... more

CRAWFORDWonderful and helpful websiteI requested a larger picture of my 3rd great grandmother and grandfather's grave and was delighted with the clarity of the photo and I wish to thank everyone involved for taking the time to photograph and run this website. A wonderful resource for those looking into their family histories.

CRAWFORDGravestone photograpghsA wonderful resource providing an extremely efficient service, enabling me to do a great deal of research in the comfort of my own home prior to making a visit to the site of the memorial. Thankyou.

CRAWFORDThank youThank you once again for the quick response. I am not 100% sure I have right monument, but one never knows. This is a wonderful hobby you have.

CRAWFORDCrawford family in YorkshireEnormous thanks to Charles and Gravestone Photographic Resources for a wonderful service which is especially helpful to me in tracking down my forebears because I live in New Zealand and cannot visit these Yorkshire cemeteries.

CRAWFORDThanks for the photoI was delighted to find GPR online! Living in the US, it is difficult to find sources in Europe.

CRAWFORDAlexander Farquhar CrawfordThank you so much for your prompt reply and your assistance in supporting a local history enthusiast. Thank you too for pernission to use the gravestone image which will ehance my research greatly.

CRAWFORDThank you. Thank you so much for the photos. Really appreciate you forwarding these photos. HB

CREAGHGeorgiana Justina Creagh's headstoneMany thanks for your very prompt response (less than 24 hours) to my request for a photo of Georgiana's headstone in Elton Churchard.

CREASEYThumbnailI've got the high definition copy (thank you) and would like to use the thumbnail on ancestry as you request, but cannot figure out how to do it. I have copied the code given for the thumbnail but how/where do I use it. Can you give me an 'idiot's guide' please. .... more

CREASEYThomas CreaseyWhat a wonderful efficient service. Many thanks to Charles for providing an image so speedily of the gravestone I was interested in. Much appreciated.

CREEThe Cree family and TusculumThanks for the details on the Cree gravestone in the Dean Cemetry, Edinburgh. I am currently compiling a history of Tusculum, the house that James Cree built in North Berwick

CREEDArthur Creed & Irene Evelyn (wife) 1903-1997Thank you again for all your dedicated effort in this important work.

CREEDYThankyou Thankyou for the picture of verena and percy Creedy -it helped me confirm a photo mistakenly labelled of my great aunts second cousin

CREESJohn & Frances CREES, St Nicholas's Churchyard, Charlwood, SurreyBeing able to read the inscription on my great grandparents' gravestone in St Nicholas's Churchyard, Charlwood was most helpful. The surname was correctly spelt CREES whereas her entry in the GRO Death Index is CRESS. In the Charlwood Burial register it was written CRESS but was then deleted and replaced by CRERS. Many thanks for providing the confirmation I was seeking. .... more

CRERARLochtaysideExcellent site. Well pleased with the photograph

CRERARCRERARVery helpful. Thank you so much for the great service, a fantastic help for genealogists.

CRESSWELLDaniel Cresswell graveI requested the image of the grave of Daniel Cresswell and family, the wrong image was received, image of a recent grave for the Baines family was sent .... more

CRESSWELLRecent gravestone photoThank you very much once again for your excellent service. So grateful for your time and effort. David

CRESSYFamily we left behind - CRESSY AND GLADWELLThank you for this web site. My parents moved to Canada when I was only eleven in 1957. I have not seen my Grandfathers headstone since 1969 and I have never seen it with my Grandmother name added. My Aunt Mary Gladwell and my Uncle Eddy Cressy and his wife are also interned at Cleethorpes.

CRESWELLThank youWhat an excellent, efficient service!

CRIBBESwith thanksThank you for such a comprehensive and prompt service. The image was high resolution and sent very quickly - it is much appreciated. N J Archer

CRICHTONPhotographThank you for sending the photograph. A very helpful and useful site. Thank you for your help.

CRINALLSearch for Crinall family membersI found this site during a general web search for crinall family members. I quickly found two new possible family members, and the quality of the photo provided was exceptionally clear Feedback was received within 24 hours, an excellent turn-round. I will certainly use the site again. Many thanks

CRIPPSThanksThank you very much for your easy to use site and for the rapid response to my enquiry.

CRISPCRISP/CRISPEThank you for the info and pix of Mary Crisp, it was a real help in validating my research.

CRISPI am interested in contact with those whI am interested in contact with those who are viewing my grandma's gravesite. My mother is the second daughter of Elsie and James Crisp. First daughter deceased at 3 weeks was named Jean. Thanks Julie Sancaster

CRISWELLHenry Criswell gravestoneIt was fantastic to get such a good quality and detailed image of my son's great-great-grandfather's gravestone - that of Henry Criswell who died in East Grinstead, 22nd October, 1895. It is wonderful to have a service like this so that people from the other side of the world (like us) can discover our history so easily. Thank you Charles and co.

CRITOPHThank youThe images greatly enhance the burial records of Robert Critoph and his wife Mary Ann. I am helping a friend with her research and we would appreciate any help with the Critoph name in Norfolk, Thank you.

CRITTENDENJemima and Samuel CrittendenMany thanks.Very pleased with photo.

CROCKATTMany thanksLovely clear image and great speedy delivery. Many thanks once again!

CROCKERTop notch site Great help from Charles and a fast response too from my initial request. It’s super helpful to have a guide to assist me taking these tentative steps. Thanks

CROCKETJessie Black (nee Crocket) gravestoneThank you for promptly giving me access to the excellent photograph, with useful details about this family. The whole website is an excellent resource.

CROCKFORDCorrections & additionsCrockford Elizabeth 1820-1898 Crockford Fanny 1815-1905 sister of Elizabeth Crockford Henry 1817-1901 brother of Elizabeth Crockford Harriet 1824-1918 sister of Elizabeth all buried together Arnos Vale Bristol Crockford William John (Rev) 1813-1850 brother of Elizabeth buried Mawgan-in_Meneage churchyard, Cornwall

CROFTThank you - CROFT & GRANTJust a note to say how useful this free resource you've developed and run is for people like me - researching family from other parts of the UK. Thank you.

CROFTJames CroftThankyou so much for your promt reply I live in Australia and found this site to be one of the best

CROFTGreat service - CROFT & MELLORSMany thanks, so easy and helpful.

CROFTThank youI would just like to say a big thank you for all your help

CROFTThank youI would just like to say a big thank you for all your help

CROKERimage of grave stoneThank you for the image of Elizabeth croker head stone ,

CROLECROLE/COATS/HOGGWe all manage to make connections and acquire images etc - but sharing can be a bit ad hoc. This gives a great resource in which people can be actively involved. Thanks for the concept and excellent delivery!

CROMBIECrombie/McFarlane family gravesMany thanks for your assistance, I do appreciate your help.

CROMPTONwhat a findI came across this site by accident and to be honest i dot know what i was looking for to find the information, but i am glad i came accross it by accident. Well done for setting it up, a lot of my ancestors was married and baptised at st Johns and i wondered where they might have been burried. Thank you for sharing this wealth of information

CRONEGeorge JB Crone and Ernest BensonVery many thanks for quick response and photograph

CRONSHEYThank you for this facility. I would beThank you for this facility. I would be interested to hear from any Cronsheys in this or any other locality to trace relatives with this unusual name.

CROOKCROOK OF NORTH DEVONThis is a wonderful website that I stumbled on by chance, and contained the image of my grandparents' and aunt's grave that I failed to find whilst searching for it.

CROOKheadstone photoThank you so much for the gravestone photo. This has added another chapter to my research.

CROPPERCharles Michael Walsh CropperYour site was most useful in finding memorial to CMWC. Thank you very much

CROSBIEThank youThe headstone photographs are much appreciated, thank you for the time taken to record all.

CROSBYinvaluable resourceI had no idea this superb site existed until I read the article about it in a recent edition of 'Family History Monthly'. After searching on your site I found details of people I had been looking for in my research straight away, plus, some I had not been aware of until then. Absolutely fantastic. This is just the sort or site/resource that should receive support from charities such as the Lottery fund, as it ought to grow and grow. Thanks again.

CROSBYThank you so much.Thank you so much for the wonderful service you offer. I always wondered where my Gt Gt Gt Grandparents lay? and thanks to you!! I have found them. Keep up the good work.

CROSBYThe Reverend Joseph Crosby of York (1805-1868)Thank you very much for supplying the image of the Memorial Plaque for Rev. Joseph Crosby. He was the husband of one of my ancestors - Amelia Evers.

CROSLEYHeadstone Photo HelpIs there anyone who would be willing to take a picture of the headstone of my great grandfather, William Crosley who died 26 July 1921? He is buried in Brompton Cemetery in location J128. Thank you.

CROSSmartha cross Great service, thank you. I am looking for Martha Cross who was married to Louis le Bouche la martiniere.

CROSSSuch an amazing service. !I have not been able due to health reasons to visit the grave of my father, John Henry Cross, for many years. I had forgotten the care that his partner,Marion, had taken in arranging the illustrations on the headstone. Thank you Charles and your volunteers for an unexpected but very efficient and helpful service.

CROSSA very valuable Family History ResourceThanks for your wonderful web site, it has helped to fill in so many gaps about which areas relatives spent their final years in, and confirms years of work my families. I really appreciate it. My mother in law was over the moon to see a photo of her grandparents gravestone which she hadn't been able to find for years, despite her knowing which large cemetery it was in. Thanks again for all your work and the excellent quality of the photographs.

CROSSThank youThank you so much for all the hard work you do to make my work a lot easier. It has been great to find so many of my ancester's through your web site. Today I have looked at a few grave stones and been able to put dates to my records. Once again many thanks

CROSSCorrection of First Name Cross, Glays Vera should be Gladys Vera Cross .... more

CROSSwhere'd it go?I requested an image of Joseph and Elizabeth Cross's tombstone, but when I followed your directions and clicked on view image after filling out the request, it just sent me back to the start of filling out the request. where do I find the picture I requested? .... more

CROSSFIELDThankyouThankyou so much for this wonderful service. Very happy to recommend.

CROSSMANimage requestHarold William Edward Crossman. RAF I requested a gravestone image. Arrived promptly the next day. Excellent service. Thank you very much Charles.

CROSSWELLCrosswellGreat website for those of us with family in England. My grandfather was born in Swanmore HAM and all his rellies (Crosswell/Cresswell) lived around the Swanmore/Durley area. Allan Cresswell Perth WA

CROUCHFredeick William Nicholls Crouch(1808-1896)Would like contact with anyone researching the family of FWN Crouch

CROUCHI wish to thank you for the quick responI wish to thank you for the quick response to my request. The photo of the grave printed very well and it will only be used for genealogy. This helps me put another bit of the puzzle in place. What a brilliant service.

CROUCHERMany ThanksMany Thanks

CROWSuccessful receipt of image.Thank-you.

CROWEThank you once again for such prompt serThank you once again for such prompt service. The image you sent me of the headstone of Margaret Alexander Charge, nee Crowe, is first class. I appreciate that you find joy in helping people with their search for family members. Thank you very much.

CROWECrowe Family HistoryThankyou for your ( very quick) response to my request for the gravestone image for Isobella Kate Sutherland and John Crowe. I am researching the Crowe family history but Ancestry Australia has very little information available for Scotland.

CROWFOOTPhoto requestThank you for the quick response for my photo request of Susan Crowfoot's headstone. First time I've used this resource, what a great site!

CROWHURSTThankyou for the fast response in sendinThankyou for the fast response in sending the photo of a grave which i believe could be an ancestor of mine. This is a fantastic resourse and i hope to be able to help in the future.

CROWHURSTHeadstone/MonumentThank you for the link to the photograph. It is a lovely monument but unfortunately, I cannot tell if this is part of the family I started researching. I will, however, bookmark this so I can find it again. Thanks so much! Eileen

CROWLEYExcellent site. Much appreciated. Keep Excellent site. Much appreciated. Keep up the good work.

CROWTHERThank you for the prompt service, I am jThank you for the prompt service, I am just starting to get my teeth into the family tree!! Excellent response time. Kind regards GC

CROWTHERThank youThank you for taking the time to provide this service. It is very useful when trying to piece together information about family/long lost relations.

CROWTHERCROWTHER /ELVY/DUNNBrilliant Site -- Charles has done a stunning job .......along with assistance from others....This site has helped me enormously... Well done to all involved, I and others appreciate most sincerely the time and effort that has been expended in making this information available. Kind Regards Paul Elvy

CROXFORDCroxford family historyWe have pinpointed our family to this area of Oxfordshire but sadly this is not who I thought it was.

CROYSDALE CROASDELL/CROASDALE/CROYSDALE GravestonesMany thanks for your excellent and speedy response. This is a great help to my one name study and a much appreciated service.

CRUMMETTBurgess headstone photoBrilliant service and much appreciated. Oliver and Lily Burgess nee Crummett

CRUMPLINThank youThank you for being so helpful this is an amazing site Graham

CRUSHERFantastic siteThank you for this fantastic site which will save me hours in travel time. I will be in touch to offer my help photographing local headstones.

CRYERGravestone image- St Oswald's LeathleyThanks for this excellent photograph. I have visited this cemetery, but failed to find the gravestone, so this was a great help. Now added to the family tree.

CUBISCUBISA brillanr service, delivered quickly and efficently. Your site makes researching family history such a pleasure. Many Thanks

CUBITTThank you very much for your prompt respThank you very much for your prompt response. This is a wonderful resource you are providing.

CUFFEWheeler Cuffe grave stonesThank you for providing the service. It is a great help to us so far away. ( Whitehorse Canada). I greatly appreciate it and excellent photos!

CULLEYCULLEY (LYNSKEY CONNECTION)Thanks so much for the grave photo of Joann and Michael.

CULLINThank you so muchThank you very much for your help on the Cullin family. We even got the death dates for both of the ones we were researching, which we'd wondered for a while. We can't thank you enough.

CULLINThank youWe are researching our family tree and the Cullins are related. Rapid response, couldn't be happier about that. Found the site whilst researching - great site.

CULLINGFeedbackI think your site and research is fantastic, but would you not consider letting anyone adding pictures they have taken and having a general search database like findagrave. To possibly run along side what you are doing or to speed up the process.

CULLINGFORDthank you so much for your prompt reply thank you so much for your prompt reply with the attached photo of my husbands distant grandparents gravestone. having a pictoral link to family we have never met is lovely. thanks again!

CULLINGWORTHCullingworth one-name studyI am involved with a one-name study for Cullingworth and have just found this site. It has proved very helpful in confirming dates of death and family members and also has enabled me to add a couple of deaths where I only had a burial date. Thank you very much for allowing me to see these MIs as I am not able to visit all the burial grounds being some way from where I live.

CULPITWhat a fantastic serviceDear Charles. I can't thank you enough for the amazing service you provide. I live and Canada and my sister lives in France. We have been researching our ancestory for quite some time and have traced our family back to the Culpits who lived in Charsfield. I believe George Culpit is my 3rd Great Grand Uncle and the son of my 4th great grandfather, John Culpit born in Suffolk in 1793. Thank you so much for your help. I only wish my bank was as efficient as this!!

CUMBERFORDSpecial thanksI just wanted to express my thanks for all your time consuming efforts Charles. You have not only helped me add pieces of the puzzle to my family members but brought me closer to them. I doubt I will ever take another trip to Scotland and you have brought Scotland to me. Your dedication is much appreciated!

CUMBERLANDThank youThank you very much for this service, it is very much appreciated.

CUMBYphotosMany thanks for photos and provided within hours. Much appreciated your very prompt action which has saved me considerable time and effort in trekking to Norfolk. Thanks again.

CUMINGJohn Cuming Excellent resource, thank you Charles, as it is difficult to sort out all of the John Cumings in Devon. This John (1731-1842)I think is father of John (1763-1803) father of Elias Williams Cuming (1799-1882) who came to Canada with son John. If folks know more about these John's and their wives it would be great to here. The Descendants ended up settling in Saskatchewan Western Canada thanks again Charles

CUMINGthanks Charles great resource !!!Catherine's maiden name was Williams she is wife of John Cuming 1763-1803 and mother of Elias Williams Cuming 1799-1882 baptized Jan. 16th 1799 at St Andrews Aveton Gifford Devon

CUMMINGThis siteThis is a wonderful site that I have just found. I look forward to exploring it at my leisure.

CUMMINGSThank youHi, I would just like to say a big thank you to Charles Sale of GPR for allowing us to use this picture, without people like him doing this service for free, it would make our family history trees look very bland. The name of the person who this helped was James Holcomb and Philadelphia Wales from Charlwood. thanks again

CUMMINGSAlexander CummingsOnce again thank you so much for your prompt action in supplying me with the gravestone image. So much detail on this gravestone - more family members than I expected. Great service

CUNDYVery helpfulThank you for the image. It was very helpful for my research, especially as it contained the name of a wife I did not know existed!

CUNDYCundy GravestoneThank you so much for the copies of the images. What a great site.

CUNDYThank You So MuchThank You so much for all your hard work for putting together this site, a wealth of information on where some our ancestors are buried. Looking forward to the pictures.

CUNLIFFE-OWENThank you for this photograph.If I would have had this information last year I could have visited the cemetary and paid my respects to my G.G.Uncle, Sir Hugo. This photograph is a close second to that. Thank you.

CUNLIFFE-OWENThank you for this photograph.If I would have had this information last year I could have visited the cemetary and paid my respects to my G.G.Uncle, Sir Hugo. This photograph is a close second to that. Thank you.

CUNNINGHAM Thank you Thank you

CUNNINGHAMPatrick CunninghamI truly appreciate getting all the photos that I have requested for various names I have been researching for my family tree. Thank you so much for letting me have access to them. I do have some photos myself and will check to see if I can put them on your site for others to have access to.Most of my photos are from around my local area near Hubbards in Nova Scotia. Once again thank you so much for all of the photos.


CURLEWilliam CurleThank you very much for sending me the Photograph it is greatly appeciated

CURRANThank you for a swift reply to my enquirThank you for a swift reply to my enquiry. I had nearly given up the research but will now plough on and hopefully finish. I have made a donation.

CURRIEAppreciationThanking you kindly for the photo. Your prompt reply was appreciated very much

CURRINGTONThank youWhat can I say the quality of the photo taken was great. I was surprised the grave was still in great condition. A great site for those researching their family history. many thanks

CURRYAppreciationMany thanks for the image of my Great Grandfather John Curry's memorial stone at St John the Evangelist's Church, Dipton, Durham. My mother and I had looked but been unable to find any evidence of a memorial.

CURTEISThank you for the excellent photo. It was upside down but still a lot of detailThank you for the photo. It was upside down but excellent details.

CURTIESThanksThanks for the immediate result, very much appreciated.

CURTISA brilliant resourceAn excellent service, the reply was really quick and the picture quality is A1. Many thanks

CURTISCURTIS / TUNMORE / CLARKThanks so much for sending the image of my Great-Grandparents' headstone, it has provided very useful dates etc for my research into the family tree.

CURTISReally usefulRequested two pictures which were forwarded really quickly. Much appreciate that it is possible to get photographs of graves as not always possible to visit the cemeteries oneself. Look forward to looking for other family names.

CURTISThank you Thank you for all your time and effort put into this great site it is most appreciated

CURWENfabthis is a great service this is great for people such as me that finds it hard to travel very far keep up the good work i'm taking photos in my local cemetries which i will then pass on to you sharon

CURZONThanks for a grave photo.Many thanks for a quick response to my request for an image of a gravestone. It's very encouraging when kind things are done like this that help genealogists enormously.

CUSDENSidney CusdenThank you so much for the photo, and for the prompt response.

CUTHILLGravestone imagesI came across this site by accident while researching my family tree although I have only used it the once so far I found it to be most helpful and have added it to my conntact list.

CUTLANDCuttland Gravestone BidefordThanks once again for providing these images. The lower part is very hard to read. Any suggestions?

CUTLANDMary Cutland gravestoneThank you Charles and your team of helpers for providing a wonderful service. Greatly appreciated!

CUTLANDGreat Big ThanksGreat photo. Thank you so much! Helen Wilson

CUTLANDThank youThank you to everyone who is irresponsible for this wonderful service! There is such a wealth of information here and the number of work hours involved is unbelievable.

CUTLANDThank YouAn excellent service. Thank you very much. Gerald

CUTLERThe gravestone of Amelia Eliza CutlerThank you very much for supplying the photo of my dad's second cousin's memorial in Barnstaple Cemetery. Your system works very well and I will no doubt be wanting to use it very much in the furure. Thanks again.

CUTTERThank You!What a fantastic service....thank you very much. You have helped to set me on the way investigating a branch of my family that I know very little about, without the risk of a very long and potentially wasted journey.

CUTTERGrateful ThanksSince finding your website on the 3 Jan 2013 I have received 6 monumental photographs for family members who are buried in Thornaby or Stockton Cemeteries, I am most grateful to all the volunteers of GPR who make this wonderful service possible, as I live in Australia and I am 84 the possibility of me being able to visit the area is very doubtful, many thanks to all involved for a great speedy service Regards Gerry.

CUTTER Francis Cutter buried 1958 Thornaby Cemetery Is it possible to get a photograph of the gravestone for Francis Cutter who was buried Thornaby Cemetery 26 June 1958 his wife Susan Cutter was also buried in the same grave, she died 17 March 1996, the information I have for the grave location is section LB letter A number 28. I know there is a grave headstone, but perhaps this section of the cemetery has not yet been photographed. As I live in Australia, and I am 84 the GPR site and all their wonderful volunteers, are my only hope of obtaining an image of the gravestone, and their help would be very much appreciated. Thanks to everyone at GPR. Gerry,

CUTTINGWilliam Thomas CuttingI found this site almost by accident and in less than 24 hours I'd received an image of my great great grandfathers headstone. I'd like to express my thanks to Charles and the volunteers who made this possible. Kate.

CUTTLEThank you for speedy replyThank you for a speedy reply to my request. Its a great service when graveyards are miles from where you live. Thanks once again.

CUTTSThank You from MalaysiaThank you Charles for sending me a gravestone photo to corroborate my genealogy research. This is a wonderful site so again, thank you to you and all your contributors for making this readily availabe especially to those of us who are so far away. Melanie Andersen, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

CYPHERThanksHello Just a thank you for the photograph. I did take a photograph myself a few years ago but lost it so your photo replaces it. Regards David

GUNNCHARLOTTE GUNN Your prompt attention to my request for a photograph of the headstone of Charlotte Gunn at the St. Mary of the Assumption Church, Ufford, Suffolk, is very much appreciated. Thank you for a wonderful service.

JOSLINCOOPER/JOSLINThank You for the quick response and photos , very impressive service Lindsay

KELSEYCOOK PERRIN KELSEYThank you for this wonderful site- I appreciate it is so well organized and easy to use. Also for the time taken to take the photograph. I am an English woman now living in the States so it would have been difficult for me to obtain this photo for my family tree without your help!

REEVEVery helpful-CHARLES WILLIAM REEVEVery quick response to my request for a photo of my grandfather's grave. Thanks very much for your help. Roger Boulger

TOMLINSONThank youJust found this site and it is excellent! Thank you so much for all your hard work it is much appreciated!


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