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List of Help Requests

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JOHN HAWKINS Coming for a cemetery visit in May I believe my great-grandfatherJohn and Elizabeth Hawkins are buried in your cemetery.As he grew up in sutton bridge and died in nineteen twenty. I am traveling from london with a rented car on the eighth of may. I have found your location, but how long do you think it would take to drive from Pethro to Your Location?As I will leave accordingly in the morning. I live in the USA.Thank you For any help...David Hollingsed


DAVIESDavies FamilyI am researching 2 Davies families in the Llangoedmore/Bettws Ifan/ Beulah area of Wales. Would be great to connect to anyone who looking for at any Davies family in the area. Great service offered on this website too - Thank you

PALFII want to get in touch with my relativesKalman Rose is my cousin. Many decades ago I lost contact with the Kalman family. Can you help me get in touch with her children (Agnes, Joseph, George)?

FLORANCEPhoto of gravestoneI am seeking a photo of a grave in Mangotsfield Cemetery (formerly known as Downend cemetery) Bristol. Henry Wilby Florance (1845-1925) Plot B470 I would most grateful if there is anyone in that location who may be able to assist. .... more

BLAKESeems like once you request a viewing ofSeems like once you request a viewing of monument you are unable to view or access again. I briefly viewed the clearer image but then had hoped to copy but lost it and am not able to access. Thomas Patrick Ulick Blake and family members on monument. Thanks. .... more

POWELLGravestone ImageI am looking for a gravestone of an Ancestor. I live in Australia, an invalid so cant get to a library. Anthony Powell circus proprietor . Grave No 256200 Died 7th Sept 1882 I believe he shares a grave with his mother in law. Corrigan I would dearly love an image if there is one. Kind Regards

JAFFRAYJeffery family of StirlingJames Jaffray was born in Saint Ninian's Parish, Stirling in 1651. Parents were Alexander jaffray born 1619 and Margaret livingstone born 1623. James married Elisabeth Simsone in 1649. James siblings were henry and Anna. James and elisabeth farmed at New Bigging, Innerwick and had my ancestor, Patrick Jaffray. James and elisabeth died 1711 and are buried in Garvald churchyard.Any other info would be great. .... more

CHALMERSGrave ID 58382My search for the grave image of James Gordon Chalmers (29.10.1853 - 3.1.1927) and his wife Margery Chalmers (1853-1928) results in this image. Unfortunately the image is the grave of the Mucklow family and no Chalmers are mentioned. I am wondering if there might be another headstone at this location for the Chalmers family. Linthorpe is likely their resting place.

PEACOCKphotographI am researching Arthur George Peacock he is buried in Burvale Municipal 2 Surrey 28th March 1920 to 2000. How can I get a photograph of his head stone? Many thanks.

COXPhoto on the page will not same I have the photo on display but it will not save in my files in my computer Thomas Cox grave 35849 .... more

CROSSwhere'd it go?I requested an image of Joseph and Elizabeth Cross's tombstone, but when I followed your directions and clicked on view image after filling out the request, it just sent me back to the start of filling out the request. where do I find the picture I requested? .... more

BARRACLOUGHFinding great grandparents gravesI would like to find the graves of my great grandparents George Barraclough who died in the sub district of Kildwick County of York ( reg district Skipton) in 1927 ( born 1854) and Emma Barraclough ( nee Langdale) died in 1895 in sub district of Ovenden, counties of York & Halifax ( born in 1852) Is it possible that you can help please

INGRAMIsabella Maria IngramI am looking for the grave of my great aunt who was a patient in St Cadoc's hospital in caerleon, newport, wales. She died there on 8th July 1956 aged 81 years. I do not know whether patients were buried in the grounds at that time or whether she is buried in Caerleon cemetery. If anyone can help it would be a mystery solved in my family tree.

THOMPSONincorrect imageYour service is amazing and I am really grateful to all involved. However the image you have for the grave of Mary Ethel Thompson is not correct. It is an image of the grave of other family members. To put it another way images of graves 24090 and 24059 are of the same grave. Mary Ethel Thompson died and was born in 1890, her parents were William E Thompson 1850-1931 and Mary Ann Thompson 1854-1931. .... more

GOLDSMITHMabel (Allen) GoldsmithA kind person sent me images of Mabel (Allen) Goldsmith's engraved plot coping (1919-1942) and of her parent's Frances Allen and A Allen. In the image was a marker for Blanche B Barrett who died January 25, 1942 GPR number 390732, St. Mary's Church burial ground Norfolk, England. The images I received did not clearly show the dates of Mabel or her parents' deaths - could someone help?

COUCH Help?Hi, I am looking for Ann cou h I. Devon, she died around 1869 I. Stoke damerel. I have just discovered this site but am not sure what I'm doing. I can see they're is one record for Ann but am not sure where to go from here or how to request an image of the gravestone or to find out what churchyard she is buried in. Can anyone help please .... more

RUSH REQUEST FOR PHOTOGRAPHOld Municipal Cemetery Ipswich SECTION 'L' ALL THE FOLLOWING ARE IN SAME GRAVE:_ ELIZABETH RUSH BURIED 1911..age 44 (Wife of John McLaren) ELIZABETH RUSH BURIED 1912..age 73 CHARLES RUSH BURIED 1922...age 87 THERESEA WOODS... JOHN McLAREN... I need a good resolution photo please.

MOUNSEYCannot locate Burial GroundYour details of my grandfather's grave give its location as Plot 63964 in St Michael and All Saints Burial Ground, Hersham Road, Walton on Thames, Surrey. However, I have been unable to locate this. I have the original Grant of Burial which quotes Hersham Road, but plot 94. Any suggestions how I might proceed please?

BURKESearching a graveHi. I'm trying to find my grandmother grave. Catherine Burke(burk at birth) DOB:7 October 1874. Death around 1953. Cemetery All Saints Jesmond Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Iv tried every grave search site I can find, I'm doing ancestry but still can't find the grave. Iv sent a 2nd email to all saints but still heard nothing back. Can anyone help please? Sharon

WILLOWSHow to advance past page 1 of surname listYour site shows 5 more pages, I click each and do not see the next 25 names. Why not? I know there are several family members buried in several Lincolnshire cems, and would like to compile a list. .... more

BULLOCKHow to add someoneHi, How do I add a grave to the churchyard of St Mary the virgin, Wooton-uner-edge, Gloucestershire. The graves of Paul W Bullock 1825 1873 and his wife Julia are there, but there is no record of it on this website. The stone is quite badly flaked and was hard to read 5 years ago, on my last visit. So it may just have been passed over. Regards Tom Carter

NEWMARCHMissing gravestoneHi, I am looking for the gravestone of William Newmarch. He was the son of William and Catherine Newmarch (I’ve requested a photo of their grave). He died in 1887 before his parents aged 26 and according to the burial records was buried by the same vicar yet I cannot see a gravestone. Could this be because it is there but illegible? I live in New Zealand so cannot come and hunt! Many thanks Margaret

PERRINGPerring Photos for St Marys, ActonHi there, I hope you are well! Are you able to send me photo/s of Margaret Perring, Margaret Perring and Ann Perring from St Mary's Acton, Cheshire pretty please? Kind regards, Kelly

HOATHRe: Finding grave.Just wondering if you could help with the following query? I am trying to find out where my aunt and her husband are buried. My aunt's name was Mary Hoath (her maiden name was Mary Hegarty). Her husband's name was Henry Hoath - and he was also known as Harry. They lived at 69, Mortimer Crescent, Worcester Park, Surrey, England. Mary died in 1964, Henry died in 1968. I presume they are buried somewhere in Surrey. Henry was originally from Croydon - don't know if they might have been buried there? I really appreciate any help or advice you can give as to how I would go about finding their grave. Many thanks, Jane

WOOKEYseeking connection between surnamesI hold a prayer book dedicated in 1842 to Mrs Wickham with The Rev G. T. Hudson Kind Regards March 1842. Inside the prayer book are original letters (1838, 1840, 1841) addressed to Ann Wookey, Rudge, West Harptree, Old Down (Letters are from Rev. George Ireland and his wife Mrs Sarah Ireland). I am trying to find why my G-Grandfather J.T.A. Webb or his wife Mary Ann Hobley had this prayer book in their possession - what the connection maybe to ancestral surnames of Webb, Goodman, Coal or Hobley

FOWLERUnreadableHi, In the Old Calton Cemetery, Edinburgh, Scotland there is a headstone for Alexander Fowler which also lists Penelope ?, William ?, George ?, John Wauchope & Alexander Goodsir (Fowler) Unfortunately, headstone is overgrown in ivy. If possible, would like the ivy pulled away and another photo taken. many thanks Leigh

PROCTORCannot find my uncleI know my uncle, Thomas Ward Proctor, lived in Weymouth and died in 1973. I cannot find any information about him at all. I would be interested in date of death or a photo of his gravestone please. Thank you!

PEARSONtrying to find my grandmothers graveif anyone knows of a June Pearson born 1942 died 1974 i would like to know if there is other family members about , she had a spouse called george lockett my grandfather but don't know if they were married or not, fulfilling my ancestry research . thanks

HOLDENchildrenwould like to find children of lily may holden for family tree

DAVISONBreadcrumb TrailI'm sorry, but I couldn't find the grave I was looking for using this system. The person I am searching for is William Davison.

MARSDENAnnLooking for the grave stone of Ann Marsden, died 1844, buried at St Elphins church in Warrington. Many of the old grave stones were saved and placed around the church as walkways. I would be so grateful if someone could find her stone and take a photo of it! Her son William was also buried there in 1847. He may be on her stone or have his own stone. Ann's husband was William Leak Marsden. I am in the USA so thank you to anyone who can help.

HOPE. Finding location of my aunt's grave.Just wondering if you could help me? I am trying to find the location of my aunt's grave. Her maiden name was Mary Hegarty. Her married name was Mary Hope. Her husband's first name was Harry. Mary died in 1963. Harry died a few years later. I would really love to know where they are buried. They lived in Surrey, England. Part of their address was Worcester Park so I think maybe the grave yard might be in that vicinity....but not sure of this. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!

FARIEHeadstone of Alex David FarieI was attempting to receive an enlarged photo of Alex David Farie's headstone in the Old Rutherglen Cemetery... apparently his headstone is shown as David Farie… He was the father of Ian Esom Farris, who was my original direct ancestor to emigrate from Scotland to Virginia Colony approximately 1642.

JERVISJervis researchLooking for info on Maj. Edward Lennox Jervis for whom I have a copy of death certificate, death May 6, 1900, burial May 9. in Balham, Wandsworth? Assume burial in the church or the Jervis Mausoleum on the church grounds? I am in the U.S. so a bit removed. Thanks in advance for any info.

HOPEI can't find the imagesI can't find the images I am told I have satisfactorily requested so must be looking in the wrong place. Can you assist please? .... more

PRENTICEI know my grandmother - Amy Prentice wasI know my grandmother - Amy Prentice was buried in St Mary Redgrave in 1930 (at the age of 27). I was told there was no headstone but would like to sort one. I have no idea what the plot number is.

MOTTBARBARA JOYCE MOTTFamily history research

TOWNSENDHigh resolution image wantedI cannot seem to be able to obtain a high resolution image of the grave stone of Mr. Townsend. It seems as if only his name is on it (not also other names such as Benedicta Bretherton and James Bretherton).

GILDERSLEEVESStanley Gildersleeves - Looking for some informationI have reason to believe that Stanley Gildersleeves is my grandfather. My mother's family emigrated from England to Canada around 1927. My grandmother would be around the same age as Stanley. My father reported upon my mother's death that her father was Stanley Gildersleeves. My mother's family name was Chiverton and she did not know her father and this information was unknown to her children till she passed. Any background on Stanley and his family would be greatly appreciated.

O'NEILLongtown CumberlandHello - Relatives of mine Patrick and Bridget O'Neil both with the same headstone - a little black heart they both died in 1895 - I did have a picture of the headstone but lost it years ago. If anyone from that area ever sees it I would love another picture - thanks Jennifer

Oldest Gravesite at Campbell’s Hill CemeteryI was wondering if you could help us with knowing who the oldest burial site belongs to in Campbell’s Hill Cemetery? My sons & I strolled through the cemetery today admiring the beauty of the old world charm of the various gravesites of those who have left this world before us, and we were wanting to know who the first person was who was buried here? We believe it was as early as 1850? Kind regards Kerrie Cameron

Oldest Gravesite at Campbell’s Hill CemeteryI was wondering if you could help us with knowing who the oldest burial site belongs to in Campbell’s Hill Cemetery? My sons & I strolled through the cemetery today admiring the beauty of the old world charm of the various gravesites of those who have left this world before us, and we were wanting to know who the first person was who was buried here? We believe it was as early as 1850? Kind regards Kerrie Cameron

GERVASThank youI am researching my ancestors and have discovered they came from Epworth. Surname Gervas. Any assistance would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

ROSSIwanting know if an Aleardo Rossi died in county durham as he was my none's business partner (none wathank you Charles for all you do connecting families. also if anyone out there knows who Aleardo rossi was married too and his children id be grateful. Also having difficulty finding his other business partner - Nello Padreddi .... more

ATKINSONWetherby Kirk Deighton Ancestors - ATKINSON AND FARRERI am a direct descendant of George Atkinson of Wetherby/Kirk Deighton. My descendant was church warden (1805-1807)of All Saints in Kirk Deighton and is buried, as is his wife (Elizabeth Farrer), in the All Saints cemetery. He died in 1822. He lived on High St. in Wetherby in the house between the Red Lion Inn and Crown Inns. His father-in-law, William Farrer, was innkeeper of the Crown Inn and is also buried in the All Saints cemetery. George Atkinson's son (also George) purchased the home on High St. during the sale of Wetherby in 1824. I have birth, marriage, and death records but would love to know if there are any other specific church records relating to the Atkinson-Farrer families. George Atkinson owned for a while a freehold (90 acres) just southeast of Kirk Deighton in the early 1800s.

WILLIAMSONSeeking a photoWilliamson John, d 1882, Stirkoke,Scotland. Seeking a photo please. Thank you for your reply and for this web site you have taken a lot of time to set up for others to use. Living in Australia, being able to get a photo of a grave means so much to me.

KENDALLQuery on Mary Ann KendallThank you for this amazing resource, which I have only just discovered. Unfortunately i cannot read the details on the enlarged image of Mary Ann Kendall.It says she died in 1867 but i think she married and died in 1925

TUTCHENTutchen Reunion in NZ June 2020Any information from Uk family of Peter Tutchen born South Petherton 1801. He had at least 1 brother. Peter and wife Sarah and their children arrived in Wellington NZ 1841

BROOKESWilliam Richard Brookes, memorial inside the churchThanks for this site, it solved the mystery death date and burial of Eleanor Brookes! I wonder if there are any photographs of memorials inside the church as I have seen a list of names which contains both Eleanor and her father William Richard Brookes on that list. It was posted noting it as the index to the Mural, Monuments & Memorials inside the Church. I also wonder if WR's gravesite is somewhere in the St Nicholas churchyard? I do not see it listed.


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