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List of all comment / feedback / help requests for Surnames starting with M

surnametitle of the comment / feedbackcomment / feedbacksubmittednum
Thank you again CharlesI just wanted to say thank you again for assisting with an image of a family burial stone. The first one you helped me with a couple years ago was of my 2nd great grandmother that helped spur me on to seek more about my family in England. I am grateful for services like this that help people see stones that are so far away.

BECKAge at deathMary Beck (GPR 316887) was 85 in the 1891 census,and corresponding ages in all ealrier censuses If, as i believe, she died in 1898 then she would have been 92 not 82

M'GIBBONPhoto of john M'Gibbon's gravestoneMany thanks for the excellent photo of Dr John M'Gibbon's grave.

M?HLBACHCorrection of SurnameMuehlbach, Anton

M?HLHANSCorrection of SurnameMuehlhans, Gerhard

M?LLERCorrection of SurnameMueller, Erich

MACDONALDThankyouI looked in Dean cemetery & could't find it,will try again.I have some photos from waipu in N.Z.(N.I.) of the Rev.Norman Mcleod quite a history to the family.If you are interested let me know.Regards Bob Whiteside.

MACDONALDGravestone photoMany thanks for quick response and copy of photo.This service is fantastic for people researching family history/connections and it is rare to find one that provides this sort of info for free.Will visit the site again and highly recommend to others.Thanks again

MACDONALDMACDONALD/MACKENZIEAs I live in Queensland, Australia I find it to be a wonderful source of graveyard photos. Charles, you have a great site here. Congratulations to you and all the other people who find and take the photos. Cheers

MACDONALDThank you so much for a fantastic servicThank you so much for a fantastic service. My thanks to your wonderful volunteers. When you live on the other side of the world like I do in New Zealand it is not always easy to find such far away records.

MACDONALDMACDONALDYour website is brilliant. Living in Queensland Australia the photos on your site have helped find answers to many questions. Thank you.

MACDONELLMACDONELL OF GLENGARRYThanks ever so much for the photograph - The ancestor in England who helped pay for the refurbishment would be Mr. Hiley I think - when that work was being carried out, I was unaware of my connection to the family.

MACDOUGALLMacdougall gravestoneMany thanks for the prompt response to my request for a high definition photo of my family gravestone. It gives me much more information than I previously had sourced and adds to the history of my ancestors James Macdougall, his wife Susanna Robinow Macdougall and their children.

MACE Request for copy of photo of Trafalgar Mace gravestoneHello I sent you a request for the photo of the grave of Trafalgar Mace at Heacham, Nfk, perhaps a month ago, but don't seem to have had a reply or the photo so far. I check my Spam folder and Inbox daily. Could you kindly let me know if you've sent the photo so that I can investigate further to see where it's got to? I appreciate all the hard work you invest in your site and in this wonderful photo request service. It's a firm recommendation to friends and to members of the family history society I help to run. Many thanks in advance. Sharon .... more

MACGREGORMany Thanks Indeed Mr Sale"It is the MacGregor i was looking for" A superb service for researchers and alike. This type of service requires 100% dedication which shows very clearly in the results received. You even took the time to write a personal comment to me regarding Lieutenant Col W.W MacGregor Many thanks indeed for all your help. With warmest regards, Gerald Springthorpe

MACINNESMunicipal Cemetery KielHi, I think the MacInnes graves on the Keil, Perthshire page are actually on Skye in the Kilchrist (Cill Chriosd)church yard. Some of the other names e.g Anderson are too. Rgds

MACKArthur Paston MackMany thanks Charles....I was so happy to find my GGranddfather's name on a burial memorial. My granddaughters found it very interesting particularly with the Gallipoli Centenary celebrations at their schools, here in Western Australia. I will definitely travel to Norfolk to visit this site. Once again thank you.......Helen Cerini

MACKAYCorrection of a nameVery useful website. There is a spelling error in the name on ref 51913 Jeannie Cow Mackay - Cow should in fact be Gow .... more

MACKAYWhat a superb resourcethis site is already a superb resource for those wishing to research their family history. In time it will become even better. The response from Charles Sale was fast and helpful. Thank you.

MACKENZIEThanksJust to say thankyou to all the voluteers who have helped to compile this website. It is a long way for me to travel to take the photographs for myself.

MACKENZIECongratulationsWhat an excellent service you and your photographers provide. I have only just been introduced to the site and will use it again.

MACKENZIEMy Fathers FamilyI have traced 147 relations of my Father. I have printed out, Issue One, the first 118 names and given a copy to the Gairloch Heritage Museum. I am in the process of printing out Issue Two which is now up to 147 names. I have a problem in identifying modern day relations. Do you know of any possible relations around that may be able to assist. Kindest Regards, Roderick Mackenzie

MACKIEIsabellaIsabella was the daughter of Rebeccca and Peter Stewart Mackie. she married George William Linsley.

MACKINNONAngus Iain MacKinnon, StaffinI visited my uncle's memorial at Staffin Clachan Cemetery many years ago when I lived in the southwest of England. I moved to the southwest of Scotland a couple of years ago and have mislaid the photographs I took of the stone. This resource has enabled me to retreive almost exact copies of my own photographs, which I will forward to my uncle's newborn great grandson in Australia as part of his memory box. Thank you to the volunteers who maintain GPR

MACKINNONGrave photoThank you so much for the quick response for large image. perfect!

MACKINNONReceived picture of grave markerThank you for the picture. I receive it this morning. This was so quick and easy. The picture was beautiful. Thank you so much. Clare Yeakle

MACKINTOSHHeadstone of Anne Brown Mackintosh with her daughter Annie MackintoshHeadstone Reads: Anne / daughter of the lat Robert Brown -- -- -- / and widow of the Rev / Charles Calder Macintosh D.D. / minister at Tain -- -- / who fell asleep 9th July 1899 / aged 70 / we will gladly -- -- with -- / also of / Annie / her eldest daughter / who died 20th February 1904 / aged 55 / (cannot read the rest) * -- means that it is too blurry to read.

MACKIRDYThanksThanks for your prompt reply in sending photo of war grave which I hope to visit some time in the future. Through the war graves commission I discovered my uncle is buried in a cemetery in Ostend which I have visited.

MACKLAMThank youOnce again thanks for the prompt return of the gravestone photo, another piece in this amazing hobby of gaining insight into a very extended family

MACKRILLFamilyThank you so much for the work you have done. I live in Australia & you have made it easier to research & find out where my ancestors are laid to rest. Cheers for now Cheryl

MACKRILLThank YouA massive Thank You to the many people who have made this site a goldmine for those of us who live in different countries around the World. I live in Australia & you have made me a very happy family researcher. So glad I stumbled upon this web site. I will return very soon. Mackrill's from Lincolnshire UK

MACKRILLThanksHi Team, would like to thank all those involved in bring this site to life, it is wonderful to see the names & headstones of my family. Other surnames would be Abey or Abbeys. Kind Regards Cheryl Mackrill Williams

MACLAGANGreat serviceA very useful service. The online information and quick response time for images has been very useful to my research.

MACLEANgreat grandfatherThank you for the photo that I think may be of my great grandfathers grave. Thank you also for all the work that must have gone into this project. Regards Wendy

MACLEODSmall Error in your referencesAngus Macleod grave monument: legible names and details Angus Macleod 27 1870 1897 first name on monument Braes Died at London. Roderick A Macleod 77 1828 1905 not given of Angus Macleod Free Church Elder Inverasdale. Christina Macleod nee Forbes 91 1849 1940 not given of Angus Macleod Wife of Roderick A. Macleod Roderick actually died on 30 October 1906 not 1905 as you have in your database. I have confirmed this by viewing the record of his death on Scotlands People, the government's website. Many thanks for your photo and the valuable resource that you provide. It help to add colour to family research.

MACNAMARAThanksWow...this is an awesome site and I want to thank you so much for providing the instant access to the photo I requested. Do you have any information on the burials or is this just for photos?

MACNEILgrand fatherDonald joseph macneil i am from nz and believe donald was my grand father i know nothing of my scotish heritage just my father is malcolm andrew mcneil aka calum if any one has any information it would be appreciated

MACNEILFantastic serviceThankyou so much for providing me with the images requested. Your website is fascinating and is a wonderful tool to help with family trees. I was very surprised and pleased to receive a personal reply to my request. Thankyou so much for your help.

MACNEILFantastic websiteWhat an absolute treasure your website is. Prompt, personal service and the images were very very and high quality. Many thanks for helping me discover Jonathan and Kate MacNeils resting place.

MACPHERSONexcellent serviceI have been trying to find family for a while now and a friend suggested I look at your site and there was my family. I couldn't believe it. I am certainly going to try and do some photos for the site even if its my own family graves. I am researching Ernest Macpherson and his father Alfred Abel Macpherson who passed away in 1954 in Surrey area Very good resource thankyou team

MACQUAKERYour WebsiteWhat a fabulous website! Wonderful resources. Thank you for all the hard work you do. It truly is amazing and so very much appreciated.

MACRAEFabulous Resource!Thank you for providing me with something I have not had all of my 56 years - the knowledge of my grandparents and great grandparents. Without this website, I would never have known them or where they were. To actually have photographs of my grandmother and great grandparent's graves is absolutely amazing! To know that they are buried in New Zealand even more amazing. Thank you.

MACRAEThank youThank you providing a high quality image extremely quickly. It is greatly appreciated

MACREDIECharlotte MacredieCharles ; Thank you for your speedy response on Charlotte Macredie's gravestone in Dean Cemetery. It would be helpful to have the image of the rest of the inscription on this gravestone since the inscription reads "also in Memory of their eldest daughter CHARLOTTE". I hadn't been able to find this in the Murray index. Any help would be appreciated.

MACROFFWARD family history, Larling, NorfolkAnother high quality image gratefully received. Thank you for the wonderful work that has gone into the production, maintenance and sharing of this valuable resource.

MADDENJames Patrick MaddenAny information on the Madden Family, originally from Fulham.

MADDENExcellent SiteCongratulations on this wonderful site. Found headstone for James Patrick Madden, I passed on information to my cousin who now lives in America, she was dumbfounded as family member's went to this graveyard for years not knowing James Patrick Madden was also there. Thank You for all your time and effort put into this GREAT SITE

MADDEVERthank youMuch appreciated to find the gravestone of my children's great grandfather who had been estranged from his children

MADGEViewing larger imageI requested a larger image of a gravestone for Samuel Madge, but the link in your e-mail response only gives me a list of requests for the same image, not the image itself. Am I doing something wrong? Grateful for any help. LL

MADIGANCompleteness of entriesThe record for North Sheen cemetry was recorded as being complete however I do not feel it is complete due to the lack of records of my relatives plus the large number of graves at North Sheen which are not reflected in the number of entries recorded. Aprart from that I believe this is a very useful project and thank you to the volunteers.

MAGGSFeedback on ImageThank you very much for the link to the gravestone image, sources like this are very helpful as an extra citation.

MAGRATHMAGRATHThank you Charles for this wonderful service. My interest is in Miles Binny Magrath who was at Haileybury with one of my Great Uncles and served with him in the RND during the Great War. I wondered what had happened to him afterwards, and you have shown that he lived to a good age and had a slightly exotic wife!

MAHONThank you for this photo of George AugusThank you for this photo of George Augustus MAHON grave. Finding out where someone is buried adds valuable information. I'm thrilled.

MAIDENA great idea!Thank you for this photo. As my aunt died so much earlier than my uncle, I had not managed to discover her life span before. I have suggested that taking photos of graves could be a summer project for family history group members. That might help the project grow.

MAIDMENTJOHN MAIDMENT: Gravestones of casualties of HMS Charybdis at the Foulon Cemetery, GuernseyThank you for all your help in supplying photos for the above research. They will be included in the research file for the Charybdis and Limbourne Association.

MAINSMAINS - GatesheadThank you Charles for your prompt reply to my request. At this stage I cannot see a connection to my MAINS family who lived in the Gateshead area from I believe the 1840s. According to the census Robert was born in Co Down/Antrim, father John. At the time of his marriage to Mary Jane MARTIN in Newburn 1843, both he & Mary were living in Lemington. Many thanks once again.

MAINWARINGThank youThank you for the photos of the grave of Henry Germain Mainwaring and his wife. Much appreciated. Regards Anne Australia It is just marvellous to be able to view the grave pictures from the antipodes

MAISAdah Mary Mais monument.Thank you for the photograph it adds the final piece to the research. First class site

MAJOLIERExcellent website and service. Many thanExcellent website and service. Many thanks.

MAJORGravestone imageMany thanks for the enlargement of my 3rd Great Uncle. Your website is valuable to researchers like myself

MAKEYThank YouAfter reciving the image I now know that Arthur & alice also had a son Thank you for your help

MAKINSONGrave Stone of James MakinsonThank you so much for this service. I was so surprised to receive such a prompt answer to my request!! The photograph is excellent and I am hoping it will further my research. There are a number of names and dates on the stone so I am now about to try and connect them to the names I have.

MALCOLMMaria hay malcolmI never knew the site existed, have stumbled on it but have added it to favourites and will let other family members know that you are here. i hope it has a lead for me but if not, it has given me some hope to keep searching.Thank you very much Vivienne

MALCOLMWonderful SiteMy recent research is John Malcolm, b. Caithness being almost 100% of my enquiries. This site contains all the records from the two main cemeteries so has been very useful to me.

MALCOLMGreat websiteThank you Charles for the speedy reply to my request. The service you give is great, and amazingly in this day and age free.

MALLETTROBERT MALLETTThank you for the photo - it is appreciated.

MALLETTJames and Rosalie MallettThank you for the excellent service

MALLOYExcellent websiteJust a thank you for you're fast response..I know wher to search now. Thanks

MALONEThanksThank you for the photo. I hope you had a great holiday and welcome back. The photo was very helpful. You have done an excellant job.

MALTHOUSEThank you so much for the image of my 4tThank you so much for the image of my 4th great grandparents William and Mary Malthouse. I live in Australia and the service you provide here is invaluable!! I can't wait to delve further into this great site!

MALTONThank you I was looking for this grave last year whilst on holiday in Yorkshire and was unable to locate . Thank you so much for the information and photograph. which is so useful . Much appreciated Charles.

MALVERNThanksMany thanks for providing this resource, it adds a missing piece to my family\\\\\\\'s history.

MALYONThank you so much for your helpI am delighted with the response I got from this site and was very happy to be able to locate my 2nd great uncle George Malyon and his wife Ellen, an excellent source for those researching their family history

MANCHESTERGrave stone image infoYou list several John Manchester graves in LEicestershire. Do the images for any of these list children. I am looking for Anne Manchester, whom I believe is his daughter. She married John Robinson.

MANLEYLocation of a GraveMy great great aunt Eliza Katharine Manley nee Francis married Col. Henry Manley and they lived in India. Eliza Katharine Manley died in 1855 at the age of 27 in what appears to be Saucor, India. I believe that she may be buried there and I would like some direction in locating her grave.

MANNThank you for your prompt reply An exceThank you for your prompt reply An excellent site for family research.

MANNA very helpful website which has helped A very helpful website which has helped to clarify dates etc for me. Many thanks. If there are other relations looking for the Australian connection please contact me.

MANNgravestone enlargement imageThank you for this very useful site and the quick response, sadly on this occasion I did not find the information I was looking for, but going forward I know I will be visiting this wonderful resource again in the future.

MANNWho knew?Never knew such a service existed, found through whilst searching family history. What a great person they made him sound, nothing like who he really was!

MANNFeedbackMany thanks for the image requested of William Webster and Adelaide Mann's gravestone, my family will be over the moon for the additional information. Keep up the good work. Kind regards, Shani

MANN-PELSALLThank youThank you for providing this wonderful resource

MANNERINGEllen Sarah ManneringThank you very much. Your assistance is appreciated. You certainly are a great help

MANNERINGSThomas Abraham Mannerings 1818-1895Thank you very much for the image. Thomas was a publican. His wife and most of his children predeceased him. He committed suicide by stepping in front of a train, hence I was a little surprised to see his name on a gravestone in a Catholic Churchyard.

MANNERSTHANKYOUThanks so much for the photo i requested.

MANNINGManningHi this site has been very helpful on my research in finding various members of my Manning family I have. Thanks for taking the time to photograph these and they were very useful and now I have a bit more information for my family Tree. Thanks again. x

MANNINGFamily historyHave just come across this site. It appears that it may be very useful in my research of my family tree. Great site.

MANNINGVery useful site in verifying dates of aVery useful site in verifying dates of ancestors & nice to actually see the inscriptions. .... more

MANNINGEdward (Ted) Manning 1883-1958The grave in Brandon Road Swaffham is that of Edward and his wife Bessie. The plague in the centre of the grave was added later, in memory of their daughter Bessie Agnes (who married John Broomfield) who died in Acton Hospital in 1978; and grandson Jim (James Kennedy Broomfield) who died in West Drayton in 1997

MANROWMemorial stone of my great grandfatherI was delighted to receive your photograph of my great grandfathers memorial. Now I know where to look and know what it looks like a can go and visit. Thank you very much

MANSFIELDThank you for your dedicated workI was so pleased to receive the photograph and details of my maternal grandfather's grave. My mother never knew where he was buried as she was only three years old when he died and this information was never given to her. I made a promise to her that if it was at all possible I would try and find out for her, so promise fulfilled with your help, thank you.

MANSONThanksYour website is a real gem of a find! I was thrilled with the two photographs I have downloaded. Sincere thanks to all those who have contributed photographs. Thanks also to those involved in running the website.

MANSONMANSON/SMITHThis service is exceptional - within 3 hours I had received the photos requested - thank you so much. Please keep up the good work.

MANSONthank you very muchThank you very much for your wonderful service. Living in Australia makes it very hard to go to cemeteries in the UK.

MANSONThank you - JOHN MANSONThank you for your valuable help, much appreciated.

MANSONA wonderful helpful service supplied free would you believe..I would like to send my many thanks for this wonderful site. It is only with the help of generous people such as Charles that some of us that do not know where to start are able to move forward and backwards in our search. One more piece in the jigsaw solved Thank you. Thomas J. Shaw.

MANSONPhotos received promptlyMany, many thanks for the very prompt response to my requests for photos of the headstones at the Lady Kirk Pierowall Cemetery on Westray. Fantastic service, especially for those of us living half way around the world. Thanks You!

MANSONFantastic ServiceThank you very much for sending my Gravestone Request promptly. It is very much appreciated. You have a great and very detailed website which grows on a daily basis.

MANSONGPRI have found this site to be absolutely awesome! GPR has found my 4th great grandfathers grave & I really appreciate that, Thank you! I am researching John Manson who died in 1832.

MANTELLThank youThank you for a very prompt efficient service.

MANTLEMany Thanks!Thanks so much for finding these graves for my Mantle research. Always helpful to connect names and dates. Thank you for your time.

MANTONWillay Manton St Cuthberts, Billingham Grave 44111Thank-you for this, it is my Great Grandfather. I think it actually reads William Manton, his wife Fannny died aged 89 on 7.1.1935 in Sheffield, she is buried in Crookes cemetery there, Grave G, 5502.

MANTONThomas Manton, LinthorpeThank you for the grave picture. I am not 100% sure this is a relation, though it looks promising, & it will help me to find out more.

MANTONThank You for the promptness of the photThank You for the promptness of the photo you provided. It is much appreciated. Kind Regards, Mellissa A.Q. Kennedy

MANUELRose & Kathleen ManuelThanks for making these headstone images so easily accessible to interested friends and relatives. One of the most user-friendly sites I've seen.

MANUELRose Amelia Manuel (nee Deverson)Rose Amelia Deverson, b 1886 Margate, Kent; m Thomas Manuel in 1915, Wandsworth RD, London. Daughter Kathleen Rose Manuel b 1916 (last quarter), d 2004. Thomas killed in action 1918, bur France

MANYAppreciation - Once again this outstanding site has been a boon to my family research , and I have no doubt it will prove to be for many years to come. There are very few quality family sites available for those of us that cannot make a personal visit to the cemeteries listed , and this site is one of the most professionally administered sites I have encountered.Thank you again

MANYPositive feedbackGood morning from Western Australia. Just a note to say thank you for a great website. It is obvious that a lot of effort went into setting it up and maintaining it. I am military pensioner and my hobby is assisting folk (for free) with their family history/trees. Your website assists us researchers to add just a bit more interesting data. Thank you for the time and effort that you put into this project. Kindest regards Chas Monk

MANYAn amazing site.A real gem of a site to find. So well layed out and the images are briliant. A lot of hard work has gone into this and it shows. Def wort bookmarking

MANYSt Michaels Alnwick Northumberland England Dear GPR I am chairman of Alnwick Family History Society. We are very anxious to produce on our website the ability for the many visitors to our town to be able to see whether their ancestor lies buried in St Micheals churchyard. We would be delighted to give GPR any credit required and include your URL and the GPR ref if you wished, but can we ask for a big favour please? Could you possibly send me an Excel of the data on St Michaels graveyard Alnwick Northumberland England pages as shown on your website. It will save us approx 200 working hours of manually writing down each grave, so would be an unbelievable godsend. I see that you say that the graves are 80% pictured. Given this information I could definitely try to raise at least one volunteer to complete the process in return. Many Regards Dudley George Chairman Alnwick Branch NDFHS PS I would have sent you the URL of our microsite on the Bailiffgate Museum Alnwick website, but when I did my previous messge was zapped by your filters..

MARCHThank you!I appreciate this resource as I live in Canada. Steve LOCKWOOD took and indexed my MARCH photos. My great-grandfather's brother, William MARCH married an Ann LOCKWOOD and emigrated from England to Auckland, NZ.

MARCHMARCH Many thanks for providing a fantastic resource such as this. It is VERY much appreciated.

MARCHANTFamily researchI am so very grateful to receive a very clear image of my 4 x Gt Grandparents. I, only, requested it late on saturday 25th June and by the next day, I had received it. I do have lots of other Marchant relatives buried there, so would be very grateful for more images. Thankyou.

MARCHANTWrong link on a couple of imagesHi just to let you know that George Johnson Marchant is listed on grave 372989 instead of 372990 where his name appears on the images. He is the husband of Mary Helena Marchant. There is also a Selina Richardson listed on 372990 which doesn't appear on the images and may be incorrect? .... more

MARCHANTAdding more leavesA Brilliant site that aids enormously in piecing together the past, especially for those of us with overseas roots.

MARCHANTA huge thankyou for the image of my 4 x A huge thankyou for the image of my 4 x Gt Grandfather, William Marchant 1770 - 1837. It means such a lot to me, to see his grave.

MARCHANTThankyou so much for the image of my 5 xThankyou so much for the image of my 5 x Great grandmother, Elizabeth Marchant. I cannot believe I can see a headstone going back so many years.

MARDENMARDEN & GIBBSI was so amazed when I found this site. I am traveling to England in a couple of weeks and want to do my family research while I was there. I had no idea of where to start before I found this. Now I have more information and guess I will start with the cemeteries where they are interred. Please let me know if this is the best place to start because I have limited time. Thank you!

MARGARYGreat help as alwaysWonderful resource that has many times come up with information that I needed. Thanks for all the hard work.

MARGETSONThank you for your service.Very happy to receive a photograph of my 4th Great grandfathers, David Margitson's headstone and find the location of his resting place.

MARISSONEXCELLENT SITEThis is a wonderful site. THANK YOU for taking the time to make it possible for me to enrich my research into my ancestors.

MARJORAMWonderful serviceThank you so very much for allowing me to see a photograph if my great great grandmothers gravestone in Diss churchyard. I didn't believe this would be possible, and then it popped up on the screen.

MARJORAMJames MarjoramMany thanks for sending me the photograph of the gravestone of James Marjoram. You are providing a valuable service as it difficult to research where people are buried or if there is even a gravestone. I will certainly be using your service again as I delve further into my family history, it is so interesting. Many thanks again

MARKHeadstoneElizabeth Mark thank you for the photograph of the headstone.

MARKMaurice Stanley Gollop - MarkCan anyone Please take Headstone or Grave Photos in the Blean Cemetery ,Nr Ashford Kent, England I would Love a Grave Photo of My Uncle Maurice Stanley Gollop who By De-Poll changed his Birth Name from Gollop to Mark. Thanks to anyone who can help me in the Kent area.This Information could also help another searcher who is looking for Maurice in knowing that he had changed his name by De-Poll.Thanks for anyone who can help me.

MARKHAMJane MarkhamI am over the moon re photo of gravestone of Jane, I came across your website looking for something else, this was my lucky day, thank you so much, I feel a real connection with my g.g.grandma, I would hope that I can use your service again, now that I've found you.I only wish that I had a photo of her.

MARKHAMthanksthank you so much for your lovely large photo of the Bloodworth grave I requested butit has been a little difficult to leave this thank you .... you keep bouncing me out... still hopefully this will get thru... This is a great website.. thanks to all the volunteers who continue to make this work for people half a world away

MARKHAMThank youThank you for the photo of my 4th great grandparents headstone - Thomas markham and your prompt service from Sue Smith Australia

MARKINGravestone PhotoJust found this site and at long last a Markin gravestone, recieved a good picture and am so pleased to be able to add it to my family tree collection. Many thanks, much appreciated.

MARKSELIZA MARKSMany thanks to the volunteers for making it possible to visit my GT.Gt.Grandmother ELIZA MARKS grave. She was born In Ipswich Suffolk in 1842 her maiden name was BUTCHER,she then married a WILLIAM J. WILKINS ,then later DANIEL MARKS of WOODBRIDGE

MARKWALDMackowiakYour dedication to this project is astounding. Much appreciated. Thanks.

MARKWELLVery happy to receive the photo .PictureVery happy to receive the photo .Pictures always add another dimension to the records

MARLANDmarlands of barnstapleMany thanks for the photo of Albert Marlands grave, I am hoping to find his connection to my Great-Grandmother Augusta Marland.

MARLERThanksI am writing to thank you for allowing me to publish this photo on our village web site. Regards Clive

MARLEYThanksMany thanks for your link to the photo of William Marley's It is much appreciated.

MARPOLEGreat resource!Thanks so much! This site has proven to be a valuable resource for my genealogical research!

MARRThank youThank you very much for offering this wonderful service and for making the process so easy.

MARRIOTTThis is wonderfulI literally stumbled onto this site and am totally enthralled by the sevices available,it is my bedtime here in Australia but I will be back to enjoy in full tomorrow. G'night.

MARRISGrave stone picture.Thanks so much for the image of my 2 x great grandparents.

MARRISGrave stone picture.Thanks so much for the image of my 2 x great grandparents.

MARSDENJust to acknowledge and thank you for prJust to acknowledge and thank you for providing this service. The information helps to confirm and add dates & details to the family's background

MARSDENAnnLooking for the grave stone of Ann Marsden, died 1844, buried at St Elphins church in Warrington. Many of the old grave stones were saved and placed around the church as walkways. I would be so grateful if someone could find her stone and take a photo of it! Her son William was also buried there in 1847. He may be on her stone or have his own stone. Ann's husband was William Leak Marsden. I am in the USA so thank you to anyone who can help.

MARSDENThanksYour website has gotten better than ever. Wish I could help, but being in the USA it's not possible. Thanks for all the work you do keeping it up-to-date!

MARSHGravestone ImagesVery simple and easy to follow instructions Mary Ann Marsh & Francis Sturton Marsh. Carmen in Canada

MARSHALMuch appreciatedExcellent quality of photo of the Marshall and Woodman grave I was looking for. Thank you!

MARSHALLGreat Service!Just to say thank you for the wonderful service. I live abroad and am researching my family history in the UK. This service makes it so much easier from here. You will hear from me again during my searches. Thanks again. John

MARSHALLThank you for sending me the image I reqThank you for sending me the image I requested, I found this site by accident when looking for info about my great grandparents and family, what a great idea, so useful

MARSHALLMARSHALL/STRACHANThank you for the very useful website! I hope more people can add information to your website.

MARSHALLThank YouThank you so much for the image I requested and for the service you are providing. It is fantastic!! My ancestors came from Cornwall and unfortunately reviewing the info you had sent I see no Marshalls from Cornwall. I guess your site won't be of much help to me, but I'm sure it will aid many in their family searches. Paul

MARSHALLThanksWhat an amazing service you are offering. You deserve many thanks. I restore headstones of my ancestors in New Zealand and know how nice it is to have feedback.

MARSHALLThank you so much for making these imageThank you so much for making these images available for people who live at a distance

MARSHALLRelationship of John Marshall and William DavieRe grave no 296524 in Holy Trinity, Ilfracombe William Davie is the husband of John Marshall's daughter Rebecca

MARSHALLimage for Sarah MarshallThis is a great resource and I will use it in the future. Thank you for your prompt reply to my request. I maybe able to contribute to this site as I have a large number of Australian Country Headstone photographs. Many thanks Camella

MARSHALLMarvellous siteMany thanks to Joyce Hunter who took pictures at St John's Church Gateshead Fell. The information on the gravestone I found filled in a lot of details for my family history. Other ancestors who are buried in the same cemetery unfortunately don't seem to have gravestones. Please keep up the good work. It is greatly appreciated, I'm sure. by everyone doing family history research.

MARSHALLThomas Forrest MarshallMany thanks for sending through the photographs of the Marshall family gravestone in Otley. It is very useful to me for Family History research when I live so far away from the area. This project is a great idea and I am very grateful to all the volunteers who have made this possible. Keep up the good work!

MARSLANDThanksThanks for the prompt sending of the two images both from my Marsland ancestors, which I requested. I would like to thank the transcriber and the photographer for the clear images and clear transcription.

MARSTONArthur MarstonArthur Marston 1902 - 1984 was an artist. A couple of his works can be found at Many thanks for providing me with a photograph of Arthur's resting place

MARSTONMany thanks for your assistanceI was interested to read that the grave of the Antarctic explorer and artist George Marston was in a country churchyard in Somerset. As I was touring in the area, I hoped to see the grave, but - probably because the inscription is badly weathered - I was unable to identify it. This service will, I hope, enable me to see it on a return visit - thanks!

MARTERRalph & Ellen M MarterA wonderful turn-round service with a great quality photo found the web site by just 'trawling' looking for Chertsey burials and up came Weybridge!

MARTERFound this website very useful. I am tryFound this website very useful. I am trying to research my family history and this gave me a lot of avenues to search. thankyou

MARTERService Provided by GPRThis is a wonderful resource for family historians and, once again, I thank you for the tremendous service you provide :)

MARTINWilliam MartinThank you for your very quick response to my request. Fantastic service and resource, which is greatly appreciated. It adds that extra bit of info to my family history research, and it's very rare to come across something that's free! My thanks once again.

MARTINWhat a fantastic service you provideThank you Charles for the photograph of my ancestors Martin's headstone this is great for the family historian as I'm just starting out.

MARTINThankyou - MARTIN / BUONAVOLONTAThis website is a fantastic resource. Quick and easy to navigate. I am currently researching my family tree and this has helped me find my ancestors.

MARTINGreat Resource!!I requested a photo of a grave marker and received a reply with a link within 1 day!! Thanks very much for volunteering your time to help others connect with our past!!

MARTINJohn and Rosa Martin, AucklandThanks for all the time and effort that goes into this site and for the instant response to my request for a larger scale version of the photo. Regards, Christine

MARTINTHANK-YOUDear Charles, Wow, thank you for your extremley quick response. My grandfather is looking forward to seeing the picture, very much appreciated! What a wonderful job you are doing for total strangers, thank you.

MARTINThank YouI am very impressed with this site which has been very useful in filling in some blanks, and it was really good to see an actual photo of a gravesite that I believe belongs to relatives.

MARTINFamily gravestone at Farndale, Nth YorkshireMy wife and I were delighted to find the photos of this family memorial, listing the eight infant siblings of her had heard of this from family but hadn't expected to be able to see it ourselves. Thankyou

MARTINWhat an excellent idea and followed by aWhat an excellent idea and followed by a extremely good service. I ve booked marked this page and may be able to help take some photos next year.

MARTINMARTIN / DAVIEThank you. Wonderful service and so quick. Other research hadn't shown a headstone at all so this is amazing. Again thank you.

MARTIN140/201156/9vernon martin is in fact malcolm vernon martin husband of nelle not father.margaret martin is malcolm vernon's second wife not mother of nelle. .... more

MARTINThank youThank you once again for such a speedy response and clear photos of the gravestones. An invaluable tool in my Wick genealogy research - another branch completed!

MARTINThank youThanks for displaying the higher-quality image of Brotherton Martin's grave. It was quite legible and nice to have.

MARTINBerrrynarbour, DevonMany thanks for the excellent image of the grave of William Parkin and others - might just have solved a family mystery.

MARTINPhotographA fast efficient service.

MARTINMartin headstone, St Katherine's Church, MersthamThis is just an amazing service and I cannot thank you enough for providing me with a photo of my great great great grandfather's headstone. My request was responded to within a couple of hours, which is also pretty impressive!

MARTINThank youThank you for the pictures of all the headstones of my Martin ancestors in Minehead. I can't thank you enough and I wish I had found this site a lot sooner.

MARTINDALEThank you for your fantastic service in Thank you for your fantastic service in providing gravestone images. The image I requested was very clear, and appeared very quickly!

MARTINOVICHincorrect informationJames Kendrick Martinovich was not the son of Pauline Meda Martinovich. She was his sister.

MARTINOVICHHope I have filled this in correctly. I Hope I have filled this in correctly. I am almost 90 years of age & I still have a lot to learn about computors.Sorry for any inconvenience,

MARWICKThank you!I really appreciate you taking out the time to help me with the pictures of some of my marwick family! Appreciate all you do!

MARXThank youAppreciative of your service to the community.

MASONMASON - WILLIAM LINLEYMy Father is a Canadian Merchant Navy Vetern of WW2. Somehow we ended up in our possesion a Mercantile Marine Medal - awarded to those who served at sea for at least six months, and on at least one voyage through a danger zone from WW1 era issued to William Linley Mason. Now I know the final resting place of another Hero.

MASONA1 serviceA superb and helpful service with an immediate response to my request. Many thanks.

MASONThanksDear Charles, Many thanks for your prompt and efficient response. Yours is a great initiative and I will certainly search your website in the hope of finding more relevant photos. Strange but seeing the headstone of one's ancestors (john Mason & Mary Ann Hildon) brings them alive, certainly if there is no family photo of them available. Once again thank you so much. Linda

MASONfantastic. filled in some blanksthis was fantastic, not just getting the headstone of one of my ancestors but also the information that was on it, if only i could be so lucky with all my ancestors

MASONDavid Mason Gravestone in USAMany,many thanks for the photograph. It is so much appreciated and may I add what a helpful job you are doing. The family is here in Scotland and some emigrated in the late 1880's to Australia. Once again many thanks and you sent it so quickly.

MASONRobert MasonThank you to the gravestone inscriptions volunteers - I have looked for Mason men from South Queensferry & noticed the age of Robert in the 1851 census was not inline with your record. His birth year there was recorded as 1796 & Helen was 1800. He does look to be too young for Helen with your date and I guess the stone was worn or weathered ?

MASONMany thanks for excellent serviceThank you very much for the speedy response - less than one minute after submitting my request the image was there for me to view!

MASONMASON WORCESTERJust wish to thank you and the kind researcher who made this photograph available. Living in Australia it's great that there is another way of viewing graves. Did visit the UK last year and have a few graves I can share if you let me know when your upload page is working. Thanks again Caroline

MASONfamily history researchMany thanks for what is a great asset to anyone researching family history. Easy to use and a very quick response.

MASONExcellent resourceVery grateful to the volunteers who take these photographs - hope to find time to take them myself one day.

MASONThank youThank you very much. Strange to see the grave of two people I never met.

MASSINGHAMThanksThanks for doing this great work. Thank you for the image of the gravestone for John Massingham and his wife Sophia (nee Fox). Their daughter Maria, who married Charles Dixon, migrated to Australia in 1854 with four of their children.

MASSONThank YouI have only just discovered this great site. Many thanks for all the effort that has clearly gone into it.

MASTERWonderful work.Thank you for the help and dedication in photographing and indexing. It is so helpful to those of us who live far away (USA). My family surnames I am searching for are: Hughey and Anders

MASTERMANThank you for your rapid response to my Thank you for your rapid response to my first request. I have just made a second request. I hope my small donation will help to keep this very useful service going. Keep up the good work. James H Masterman

MASTERMANThank you for sending me the photograph Thank you for sending me the photograph as requested for Osmond Janson Masterman. It provided me with additional information that confirmed the research I had already conducted. Thank you Lesley

MASTERSMasters of Esher, Surrey.Thanks for providing me with the Masters family grave image. It was very clear & gave a lot of valuable information.

MASTERSMasters in Guilden Mordenshared What a wonderful site & service. Thank you for the great photo of the MASTERS family headstone in Guilden Morden, where Thomas, his wife Mary Ann & son William are resting - my distant reles.

MASTERSONGravestone ImageThank you very much for the image. This is a great service and will recommend to family and friends.

MASTERSONWith thanksThank you so much for the image of my great grandparent's grave which I will show my mother who believes the grave has now gone with a reorganisation of the churchyard, so the photograph is an important memorial.

MASTERTONMasterton FamilyMany thanks for the images Charles. A few gaps have been filled in the Masterton family trees as a result!

MASTONgood serviceRequested hi res image. Had the link almost immediately. Well done thank you.

MATHAMS MATHAMS St Peter and St Paul Old FelixstoweFred & Elsie Mathams were my parents. Elsie b1913, died 1986. Fred b1921, died 1998

MATHERAppreciationThankyou for sending me the photo of my husbands great,great,great granfather.I am so excited as I have been searching for years for links in the family.Finally today you have provided a very important photo.Thankyou so much.Kind Regards Marlene. Augusta Australia

MATHERHenry Penkett Mather(14291)Charles, Thank you very much for your assistance in providing the gravestone picture for Henry. I have added some family detail around Henry for your website, hope this is of help. You have an interesting site and if I can find the time I will try to take some photos for you in Alton (Staffordshire, England). Again thanks for the help. John Mather

MATHESONMATHESON/MATHIESONThanks for providing a very valuable service.

MATHESONEuphemia Matheson or Hood 1882-1944Many thanks for the photograph. A 1st class service.

MATHEWMATHEW/MATTHEWSWhat a fabulous resource - well done!

MATHIASFound my grandpa's graveThanks for the website

MATSONJohn MatsonTHANK YOU!! I was unable to see the image until you so kindly sent it to me. While I am not certain if this John Matson is kin or not, I am delighted to see such a memorial. Thank you and please keep up the great work.

MATSONMatsonThe photo I requested was sent very quickly and was extremly helpful in my family history research. Thank you for all your time and help.

MATTHEWSThanks from WalesThank you so much! I have copied 3 pictures for my family history. It's a long way to visit from Pembrokeshire.

MATTHEWSthank youI wish you all the best for the further development of this marvelous project

MATTHEWSThanks - MATTHEWS/CAPELThanks for the access to your image Charles.

MATTHEWSAnne Matthews & Raymond Maurice MatthewsAnne Matthews (nee Gready) was widow not sister of Henry William Pegler Raymond Maurice Matthews was 2nd husband of Anne Matthews .... more

MATTHEWSElisabeth Moore(Matthews)Thanks very much for the image of Elizabeth Moore. This service is helping me trace my ancestors, where they lived and when they died. Keep up the great work.

MATTHEWSTamar Matthews GravestoneThank you received photo for the above very quickly.

MATTYHenry MattyThank you for enabling me to view the larger picture of Henry's gravestone. From the little I have already, he certainly would seem to be my direct ancestor; his age at date of death is shown as 75 on the headstone. I think his wife's date of death is actually 1833, as she does not appear on the 1841 census.

MAUGHANFamily HistoryThanks for the image supplied and for the service provided.Very much appreciated.

MAUGHANHeadstone photoWhat a wonderful service you offer. So much appreciated. Many thanks Daphne

MAULDrysdale's tombThank you so much for this. With this photographic evidence, I can pinpoint Jean Maul's burial place.

MAUNDERLaxenThank you for the very speedy response to my request! This resource is a new discovery for me, so I will be checking many of my ancestors places of rest through this. I will also be glad to help out by taken photos of my local cemeteries/graveyards and adding them, or trying to help with requests for photos in my locality.

MAVINMAVIN - grave photo is wonderfulMany thanks for the super, clear photo of the grave in Bamburgh Churchyard. I really do appreciate the time and effort expended by the volunteers, both in photographing the graves and in making them available via the site

MAWThanksThankyou so much for the help you gave me researching my family gravestones.This is an invaluable resource and we are so lucky to have it.Thanks again for your time and effort, regards lisa

MAWThank youThis is a very helpful resource, particularly as you are able source burial information from all over UK.

MAWMany ThanksYet again many thanks for your help , with your help my tree is looking more colorful with these photo,s .

MAWDSLEYMawdsleys of South Queensferry from 1870Would like contact with anyone else researching the above

MAWDSLEYThank youThank you very much for all your time and effort, great site.

MAWERThank you for your prompt reply and linkThank you for your prompt reply and link. A very useful website.

MAWSONAlice Annie MawsonThanks for the prompt reply much appreciated.

MAWSONMawson /Ashton - Ribston Hall and HunsingoreThanks for supplying the image of the gravestone for my 3xg grandma Charlotte Ashton (nee Mawson) and her 2nd husband Thomas Ashton. The information has obviously helped my family research and now I know that there is a gravestone in the church yard marking their final resting place together then I intend to visit Hunsingore at the next opportunity. Thanks again. Graham

MAXTEDMaxted gravesites and genealogyVery excited to see this gravestone for Richard and Mary Maxted in Milstead, Kent. They were my great (x5) grandparents. Would love to connect with any Maxted relatives on either side of the Atlantic or elsewhere interested in our line. I also have information that may be of interest.

MAXTEDMany thanksThank you for the photograph of William and Jane MAXTED grave at Doddington, Kent. I look forward to seeing his Great Grandfathers grave (Richard MAXTED) at Milstead. Thanks again

MAXWELLSuperb resourceThis is a fantastic resource for researchers - response was immediate and quality first class. I will try to contribute some photos from my local churchyards!

MAXWELLthank youthis is the 2nd time I have used this resource. thank you for providing this service which helps many people, some of whom would not be able to visit these graves in person.

MAXWELLAlice Maud MaxwellMany thanks for providing two excellent images of the gravestone of Alice Maud Maxwell. I am researching this person for a friend and to have these images is wonderful addition to the history of this woman.

MAYProfile of Lifeboat Coxswain Sam MayThanks very much for your help again Regards Frank Upcraft "Curator Alfred Corry Museum"

MAYgravestone photohow wonderful it was to receive my's gravestone photo. you do a wonderful job. many thanks.I am seriously considering helping in the summer, when I am not at work.

MAYuntraceable ancestorwe will welcome any info regarding the may family we understand joseph may married annie weedan and came to south africa further more any details remain a mystery/ kind regards may family south africa

MAYThank you so muchI am delighted. You have provided me with a cemetery memorial that has led me to identify my missing 2 x great grandfather and all relevant dates. Genealogy websites were no help. Also sad to then learn he met a violent death from a work accident. Thank you also for a very prompt service.

MAYMay GravestonesThankyou for such a wonderful service. Liz

MAYthankyou for all your help what a lovelythankyou for all your help what a lovely service its wonderful to know i can go and see this grave

MAYAppreciation - MAY/ROBINSON/HUBBE/MULLERThanks for the photo. Much appreciate the time it takes to do this sort of work, and it is a valuable resource for genealogists.

MAYMAY, BENTON, STANDENExcellent service, have used this site before, always efficient and quick the the results. Many thanks, will gladly use again.

MAYHeadstone photo receivedHeadstone photo received with sincere thanks

MAYESLooking for FamilyHi, I'm trying to find members of the Mayes family. Thomas and Elizebeth Mayes were my Great great uncle and aunt.If you have any conection with them I'd love to hear from you. .... more

MAYESJames Mayes - RattlesdenThanks for your prompt reply. It helps my young grandson who now lives in Australia with his family background. Next time he is in the UK I will take him to Rattlesden as James Mayes is his GGGGrandfather. I know the family lived in the Woolpit/Rattleden area and married into the Bird family through my Grandmother, Blanche Amelia whose husband (Oliver) and father both travelled to Australia in their early years before returning to Suffolk.

MAYHEWMayhew MIMany thanks for your hard work, I am delighted to be able to see the Gravestone images which helps so much with the research. Thomas Edgar Mayhew ties in with my Spurling research and his descendants are also theirs.

MAYHEWThanks to photographer and volunteersThank you for sending photograph of plaque of Mayhew family. It is much appreciated.

MAYHEWRobert Mayhew d 1831 WalpoleThanks very much for the image of Robert's gravestone. As I surmised, the age at death is 36, not 56, which fits with his known age (christened Feb/Mar 1795 Westhall) .... more

MAYNARDThankyou CharlesThankyou Charles for your prompt reply and fantastic photo.I really appreciate what you have done. Anne.

MAYNARDThank youOnce again, speedy turn around and excellent picture - it really means a lot to see family resting places

MAYNARDThank youOnce again, many thanks for the photo of a Maynard family grave. It was quickly sent and of good quality. Much appreciated.

MAYNARDThank youThank you for the image of the gravestone.

MAYNEGravestone imageVery quick response to my request. Picture quality was very good. Will now bookmark this site.

MAYNEheadstone of John MayneMy request was answered very quickly I have supplied a new photo in exchange.

MAYNE-BATERVery helpful found what I was looking foVery helpful found what I was looking for.

MAYSGrave PhotoMany thanks for the grave photo of Sydney Mays which will help to get his war grave recognition.

MAYSTONAlthough the website is still being deveAlthough the website is still being developed I was amazed to find a couple of my ancestors. Good luck in developing it and when I can add anything I will.

MCADAMSThank youI am researching my ancestor Ann McAdam(s), my namesake and part of my family I know nothing about. She married a William Lakey.

MCAINSHThank YouThanks to you and those who have supplid the photgraphs, this is a very useful resource for helping with the tracing of family history.

MCALINDENthank youThank you so much for sending me the photos of Patrick McAlinden's gravestone. I was delighted to see it, particularly as when I wrote to St. Edward's church, I was told they could find no record of my great great grandfather's burial!The inscription at the base of the stone,which is difficult to read and therefore does not appear on your index,relates to Patrick's daughter Margaret McAlinden,who,I have discovered, died on 3rd march 1872, aged 10 months.

MCALLISTERmany thanks!Thanks so much for your great kindness in sending photos of the two McAllister graves near Menton. I wasn't aware that Ward McAllister and his son Heyward were there. Thank you again for your generosity.

MCARAMissing gravestone data and imagesI cannot find details of the gravestone at Monzie, Perthshire which is bilingual Gaelic on one side and English/Latin on the reverse. It was erected in 1793 by Donald MacGregor in memory of his wife, Ann McAra died aged 53 and daughter, Catrina MacGregor d1783 ages 4. I have the full transcription and photos.

MCARTHURFamily TreeThankyou so much for all the good work you do by making it possible for family to gain access of photographs of grave monuments. So much appreciated!!

MCARTNEYThank you for Gravestone ImagesThis is an excellent, well thought-out and useful site. Thank you for providing such a great resource. Best Regards, Lisa Clark

MCBRINNFamily researchThank you for your resource - it all helps in trying to find a lost family

MCBRYDEMCBRYDE FAMILY Thank you for this great site - you have helped find a missing relative.

MCCALLThank YouThank you so much for the great photo of my families grave stone..I came by this site by accident and am so glad I did..I live in Australia and so have to rely on the internet for any information.. I care for a very ill and disabled husband so am not able to travel..Than you again for your kindness, it is much appreciated.

MCCALLUMA very valuable resource. Many thanks.A very valuable resource. Many thanks.

MCCARTHYFamily Tree ResearchDear Charles Thank you so much for the photographs you have sent me and for such a fast reply! I was so excited to find your website. My Grandmother and her family were very close and I remember seeing some of the graves when I was a little girl and am so excited to have a physical record of them. Your photographs have also allowed us to see the grave stones we have not yet seen of loved ones who past after we moved away. I will record them and how they were sourced in our family tree.

MCCLEMENTSjust a wee note to say thank yougreat site very helpfull

MCCLENAGHANThank you!Thanks so much for your rapid response. I look forward to investigating your incredible site some more and will pass it on to other family members who are researching other branches of my family. Who knows what else we might find...?

MCCLUREMcClureThanks again for your great service. Bob

MCCLUREQuick and efficientThank you for your speedy and professional service, much appreciated. Bob F

MCCLYMENTThank YouThank you for a wonderful service.

MCCLYMENTError in informationThere is an error in the information given for grave number 152223. Isabelle McClyment died in 1876, and she was the twin sister of Thomas McClyment listed above her. .... more

MCCOLLMany thanks!Many thanks for quick response and copy of photo.This service is fantastic for people researching family history/connections and it is rare to find one that provides this sort of info for free.Will visit the site again and highly recommend to others.Thanks again!

MCCORMICKThank youThanks so much for the photo of Samuel McCormick's gravestone. This has given me another branch of my family tree.

MCCORMICKMary Dow HeadstoneThank you very much for the instant response to my request for headstone. I appreciate all the hard work that goes into making such a helpful site.

MCCORMICKServiceGreat service excellent image thank you very much.

MCCORMICKunreadable imageThank you for the image. However in this case the image is not legible.Don't know where the problem lies for Shepherd McCormick Boyd.


MCCRIEThank you!Many thanks Charles for being so efficient and friendly! You are running a very valuable resource, which is extremely helpful when researching a family tree. Very generous to offer the service free of charge! Many thanks aggin.

MCCULLOCHPhotoVery excited to see photo of my cousin's grandparents grave. He will be rapt to see it.

MCCULLOCHThanks Thanks for all the effort, very valuable for family history research

MCCULLOCHThank you GPRThanks for the pains-taking work in photographing and cataloguing all the gravestone photos. Well done.

MCCUMISKEYGRAVESTONEThank you for sending me the photograph of the gravestone of Raymond Morel Woodcock. He was my father's cousin.

MCDERMOTTThanks for the quick responseFirst visit to this site - stumbled on it while searching for Geoffrey Lister McDermott - filled in a request for a photo and received it in less than a day. When one lives an ocean away and allows for the fact that this is a volunteer FREE site -pretty darn good ! ! Thanks again Bob

MCDONALDThank youThank you so much for sending me the link to view the gravestones of Matilda Jane McDonald and her daughter Jane and sons Evan and James. The work you do is wonderful.

MCDONALDWar Grave of Donald McDonald at Wick Municipal cemetartDonald was born in 1885, son of John Mcdonald and Barbara m.s.Bremner. He enlisted in the Seaforth regiment in 1914 and was the first WWI casualty in Wick and as such his burial was recorded in some detail in the local newspaper. He was brought home from France after the battle of Loos but died in hospital in staffordshire of his wounds.

MCDONALDExtra details need to be verified, thank you.Thank you, I am trying to tie the dates I have together with these two people. They sound right but I need to tie them down. I would love to hear from anyone else who has 'claimed' that these people are in their tree, be it the same as mine or not. I will be in touch again when I have completed my investigations. Thank you again.

MCDOUGALLGood resourceThank you for providing these photos. The one I downloaded will be a valuable addition to my research project.

MCDOUGALLMany Thanks!Thank you again for such prompt, professional, and friendly service! As a retired history teacher and amateur genealogist I know its value to those of us engaged in preserving and telling the story of times past. Highest recommendations!

MCDOUGALLjohannajohanna mcdougall nee ahearn maybe at waverley cemetery ?? spelling maybe wrong

MCELHINNEYgreat site if you need any help with anything please message m

MCEWENPerhaps Ican helpYou have three comments, re Horne, from people who viewed the McEwen gravestone in Wick, where my father Alexander Adam McEwen is buried. I may be able to help them. Can I contact them, or can you put them in touch with me? Your help would be much appreciated. Thankyou

MCEWENThank youThanks so much for your prompt reply. Greatly appreciated. Working on my husband's family tree (Mcewen / MacEwen / McEwan / MacEwan ... all variants seem to show up) and hope to visit some of the gravesite on our next trip to Scotland.

MCFALLThank YouThank you for a very speedy response to my request for photograph of my great uncle Joseph McFall and his wife Annie Keddilty McFall. I'm over the moon to find their final resting place. Thank you great service.

MCFARLANDThanks so much - Brilliant!You must be one dedicated man! Thanks so much for this image. I am sure it is going to be very interesting to my Mother-in-law. Thanks again for the time and devotion this ?hobby? must cost you.

MCGALEPerfectThank you for your image! You just do not know what usuful info is out there until you start looking, amazing.

MCGENNISKINMany thanks for a job well done, wont heMany thanks for a job well done, wont hesitate to use you again.

MCGEORGEMcGeorgeA great service, thank you

MCGEORGEMcGeorgeThank you Charles for this wonderful service. It is really appreciated.

MCGEORGEThank you!A very quick and great service. Thank you

MCGEORGEThank youThank you again Charles for your prompt reply. A wonderful service

MCGEORGEA wonderful serviceThank you once again for this very prompt and great service. Very much appreciated

MCGOUNMcGoun family gravesMany many thanks for the prompt reply to my request. The photo is of excellent quality but poses more questions than it answered. I now have more research to do!. Thanks once again

MCGRATHThank youThank you for allowing me to obtain a nice photograph of one of my distant cousins/ancestors. Today is ANZAC day and I have been updating my Genealogical Database regarding ones I had not searched for regarding their military service to our countries, regardless of where they served in Australia, NZ or the UK they died to help us today. Was nice to get the photo and was really great to also get the HTML code to use for a link to the site as well. Thanks. Was looking at the details regarding Frank McGrath, who died 17 Nov 1917, Was in the Scots Guards No 9352.

MCGREGOR"Mollie" McgregorFound your web site by chance but now I can visit the grave of my grandmother who died the year I was born.Many thanks for that.

MCGUIREThank YouI appreciate your timely e-mail of the images I requested. They have been helpful in supporting my research into my genealogy (John McGuire & Mary O'Leary - 3 times great grandparents, William McGuire & Margaret Parrell - 2 times great grandparents).

MCHATTIEA Wonderful ResourceThank you so much for this site and for the rapid despatch of the requested gravestone photo. It has given me useful information for my reseach into my Mchattie ancestors which is much appreciated. I shall try to hone my photographic skills enough to take some useful photos in my locality. Thank you again.

MCILRAEMcIlrae, Agnes Thanks very much for the excellent image of this gravestone. Conducting a one-name study requires using numerous resources in many countries. Your site is extremely well organized and useful. Kathleen Cooper McELREA (and variants)One-Name Study

MCINNESGGGgrandparents graveThank you for a fantastic service. It is so helpful to have such a resource and much appreciated when doing distance research.

MCINNESThankyou for emailing the link to the grThankyou for emailing the link to the gravestone requested. I am researching my McInnes ancestors and will be visiting the resource again.Regards Liz Short,neè McInnes.

MCIVORThank YouThank you Charles for your quick response to my request, without people like you that have this passion it would make it very hard for some people to source this information. Very much appreciated, again Thank you.

MCKAYWILLIAM MCKAYMany Thanks for the swift service you have provided to me, it was a great help to receive the image of my brother-in-laws gt grandparents grave stone, It has helped with further research that I am now able to do. Once again my appreciation.

MCKAYLooking for William Mckay William McKay b. 1824 in Ireland d. April 11, 1889 in Drumgauney, Ireland married Margaret Laughery b. 1819 in Ireland William is buried in the Lislane Burial Grounds in Ireland. Would love a photo of my gggg grandfathers stone.

MCKAYWILLIAM MCKAYA wonderful resource. Very quick response received to request for a large image.

MCKAYGrave photoThank you for the work you are doing, Much appreciated.

MCKAYExcellent serviceI requested a copy of William & Elizabeth McKay gravestone from this site and I was delighted with the speed that it was sent to me. Picture was so clear and readable. Excellent service and hope to be using again. Many thanks to Charles

MCKEEVERardee co.louth mc keever looking for relatives of my ancesters in louth ireland

MCKENNAMany thanks!Many thanks for sending me the photograph so quickly and for your help, much appreciated.

MCKENNAGrateful thanksI am so appreciative of your resources - especially for cemeteries it is impossible for me to get to.

MCKENZIEMCKENZIE AND MCCOLLThank you for providing this service which has been very helpful to me. My McKenzie and McColl ancestors were slate quarriers in the Laroch/Ballachullish area. Any information on Ewan McColl, born about 1755 and still alive in 1851, would be most useful. Thank you again.

MCKENZIEApology, wrong ancestorMy apologies. I learned after requesting photo that I have the wrong ancestor. Alexander McKenzie is not my ancestor.

MCKENZIEJohn McKenzie headstoneThank you so much. When I live in Australia it is difficult to visit these sites so to be able to access an image is exceptionally helpful.

MCKERROWOutstanding Recourse: MCKERROW & HARROPYour website is outstanding and has helped me invaluably in researching my family tree - thanks heaps

MCKEVITTthanksThanks you x

MCKINNONThank you Charles for the prompt responsThank you Charles for the prompt response to my McKinnon request. Your kindness is deeply appreciated.

MCLACHLANJessie McColl/MclachlanMany Thanks for the photo of the grave of Jessie McColl. The James who died age 4 years is James McLachlan son of William McLachlan and his second wife Jeanie/Jane Livingston. The information adds to the information I already have and I now know there is no memorial for his Uncle John McLachlan who was buried there in 1850.

MCLACHLANJanet Fyfe McLachlanThanks very much for the information on my grandmother's grave: Cemetery name: Dean 2e Cemetery location: Lothian Scotland GPR cemetery number: 601 Iain

MCLAREN very useful siteFound this site very useful and wished i had found it years ago. Excellent especially when you live a long way from the family you`re researching

MCLARENDuncan MacLaren Grave PhotoThank you so much for the photo of Duncan MacLaren Grave with other members of his family listed. I really appreciate the work that you do and as I obtain any family grave photos I will upload them to your site

MCLARENAnnie Ada McLarenThank you very much for sharing the photograph of Annie Ada McLaren's grave in Ashstead, Surrey. It helped confirm information about her that I was previously unsure about.

MCLARENSThanksThank you so much for the photo of Duncan McLarens grave. You have an excellent site which is a great help for researchers and family as well. Well done.


MCLATCHIEcemetery photoThank you so much for photo this is a great site keep up the great work.

MCLATCHIEAgnes McLatchieMy Fathers aunt left for Canada in the early part of 1900s as far as i am aware,could anyone tell me if McLatchie was here maiden name or married name,any help would be most appreciated. Thank you

MCLAURINThank you very much.Thank you very much for your highly valued work. This is great work you are doing, keep up the great historical work. Thank you, Garland Johnson

MCLEANMCLEAN / MCKENZIEGreat fast, friendly & helpful Service. I am looking forward to helping. Thanks ever so much.

MCLEANMy thanksI just want to thank you for your work here. It is a grueling process to try to find ancestors. At least here, we can find a ray of hope and quite possibly, a true connection! There are a lot of Duncan McLeans! But I believe we are on a good lead here and am excited to have this photo! I welcome any other McLean family researchers' questions or input. Sincerely, Nancy McLean Tipton, Texas, USA

MCLEANBrilliant SiteThank you so much for your help.

MCLEISHJamesResearching McLeish Stevenson Pizzey Crapp. Thanx for your help with Mitchell tombstone

MCLEODGrandfathers GravestoneHi Charles, Thanks for this amazing service. You are to be applauded for the time you spend on helping folk to find their forefathers. Please keep up the good work.

MCLEODThank youThank you for the hs photoof Catherine McLeod

MCLEODThank youThank you for the beautiful photograph, I very much appreciate your work Regards Frances

MCLEODMcLeod family relationshipsFrances McLeod is the daughter of John and Agnes McLeod. I am very pleased to find this website, so good to know that early settlers in the district are being recorded. Thank you.

MCLEODColin McLeodThank you for the quick response in sending me the picture of my old school friend's gravestone. I am very impressed with the GPR site and how important resources are like this for anyone researching family history. Although my personal life is somewhat busy, I am hoping to be able to set some time aside later this summer and be able to photograph the graves in my village church yard and add them to this valuable resource.

MCLEODDiscovering about my son`s grandfatherextremely helpful site without the help of it we would not be able to find out more

MCMAHONAndrew McMahon ancestryFantastic website, I have solved many unanswered question & family mysteries concerning my past, Found final resting places of many relations & are ready to do a NZ road trip visiting many people. Thanks guys.

MCMANUS Photos Thank you for making the image available

MCMENAMENPhoto(s) of Grace requiredHi, I am interested in sourcing an image(s) of the grave of: Thomas M McMenamen, buried in the Kingston Cemetery. Grave Details: Cemetery: Kingston Grave Number: 724 Type of Grave: Consecrated Class: A Would anyone have an image of this grave already? Or would anyone be willing to photograph the grave for me? Thomas is a relitive. I live in New Zealand and cannot get there myself. I look forward to hopefully corresponding with someone who might be interested in helping. Kind regards, Michael G .... more

MCMENAMENMcMenamen - photo(s) requestHi, I am interested in sourcing an image(s) of the grave of: Thomas M McMenamen, buried in the Kingston Cemetery, Kingston Upon Thames, London. Grave Details: Cemetery: Kingston Grave Number: 724 Type of Grave: Consecrated Class: A. Would anyone have an image of this grave already? Or would anyone be willing to photograph the grave for me? Thomas is a relitive. I live in New Zealand and cannot get there myself. I look forward to hopefully corresponding with someone who might be interested in helping. Kind regards, Michael .... more

MCMILLINThank you for sending the photo I requesThank you for sending the photo I requested so quickly... love this site and will pass it on to my friends

MCMULLENThanksThanks very much for all your hard work in taking the photos and uploading them. Much appreciated.

MCMURTRIEThankyouThank you very much for the hours and effort you put into this resource. It is invaluable for research and very much appreciated.

MCNABthank youThis James McNab is not my great grandfather but is probably a cousin. Thank you for the photo, it helps my search very much.

MCNAIR excellent websiteI am absolutely delighted by the excellent service that you offer. The information on the graves helps me with my research. Your website is really quite remarkable and I wish you all the best with continued additions to the databank that you have established.

MCNAIR Thank youThank you

MCNAUGHTThanksThank you very much for your prompt reply to my request for the headstone photo,sorry for making a second request for it I thought the first had not gone through. Regards Bill

MCNAUGHTheadstone image for Joan Margaret McNaught. Thank you so much for this free service which has been aThis free service is a bonus and very much appreciated. Thanks for sending it back so quick.

MCNEAMcNea Grave MarkerI am very grateful, to you for sending me the photo of my McNea relative grave stone. It's people like you, that gives family history, a pleasure to do. So thank you very much, for the photo.

MCNEEARCHIBALD MCNEEThank you for all your trouble, really excellent service.

MCNEILImagesThank you for your quick reply to view the image for Annie Elizabeth and James Ward. The sight of the images help keep the family tree accurate with dates. You do a great job.

MCNEILLThank youI recently found my 3xgt grandparents (maternal side|) who are buried in Crieff cemetery on your website. However I also found other family members who I did not know were there. I also looked at the New Calton Cemetery list and found the gravestone for my 2xgt grandparents on my fathers side. I had no idea it was there. Thank you very much I found your information extremely helpful.

MCNIVENA great serviceThanks very much for supplying a great image of the grave memorial.

MCOMISHValue of resourseUnpaid voluntary work such as gravestone recording is of untold value. Helping individuals access the past. I guess we all contribute to some extent in helping and shaping our communities. But the great unknown in our societies is, to me, how we got here, why do we react the way we do as individuals, what has made us what we are as people. The answer is clearly families and our wider community. The wider community aspect is well catered for in published sources but genealogical resources are nowhere as well developed.

MCOWANMcOwan GravestoneThank you for this great website. I would never have known where my 4x gtgrandparents were buried.

MCPHAILThank You!This is a wonderful resource...thank you so much to all of the volounteers that have put this together...especially Charleswho responded so quickly

MCPHAILThank youAs i live away from Leeds, where my fathers memorial is located i wanted to see it, as i believe it was erected after his wife's death and we had lost touch. Thank you for taking the time to do this it meant a lot to me.

MCPHEEMCPHEE / WILSONThank you so much for replying so quickly Charles, what a wonderful site you have created and I cant thank you enough for the information you have collated as I have been trying to find records for quite some time.

MCPHEEFamily researchI always find this site so useful. You can gain so much more information when you get copies of the headstones. Always a speedy response to your request. Thanks.

MCPHERSONMcPherson graveI had no idea I'd ever come across the gravestone of Annie Maxwell McPherson, a first cousin once removed, whose mother died young in Cultowa Australia far from her Otago NZ origins.What an efficient, friendly service and excellent image clarity you provided.

MCQUEENThanksWhat a marvellous site. Many thanks for sending the image of the headstone for the Alexander Brodie McQueen Mackintosh and his wife. It is extremely difficult getting photos of headstones when you live on the other side of the world (New Zealand). Once again many thanks

MCQUEENFantastic Service - ThanksJust requested the image of a grave marker for Alexander Brodie McQueen Mackintosh - and was amazed at how quickly this was fulfilled. Thank you so much for this great service. It is always exciting to add information to my family history. Grateful appreciation, Eunice

MCROBERTSThanksThanks this is a new resource for me so will have to do some more investigating to find who else is here.

MCTIERNANwhy do you want feedback? - surely this is delaying your work?why do you want feedback? - surely this is delaying your work? The image shown to validate is a nice clear picture - well done! .... more

MCURICHfamily treeadded more info to family tree. thanks

MCVEIGHThank youThank you very much for all you do. William John McVeigh was my great grandmothers older brother.

MCVITIEUseful, Helpful and PromptHelp greatly appreciated with image re Robert McVitie. although I knew that this grave was at Dean Cemetery I have been in ill health and am located in Dumfries eighty miles south so visiting it was a bit of a problem

MEADGravestone PhotographThank you very much for the photograph. This was a Grt Aunt of mine who was born in Ireland and married into the Mead family in London.

MEADThank YouMartha and Henry Mead were my paternal great great grandparents. I had no idea when Henry died or where they were both buried until I came across your marvellous site. Thank you very much to everyone who is involved with this project, it is very much appreciated.

MEADEincorrect death yearAnn Butcher Barnstaple Grave died in 1861 She was my 3 great grandmother .... more

MEADOWSGravestones MedbourneI would like to point out that MEDBOURNE is in the County of LEICESTERSHIRE. A place I have visited many times & personally noted family names you have mentioned. .... more

MEADOWSThank you to all concerned for the very Thank you to all concerned for the very clear image

MEADOWSclarityWhilst I appreciate the service offered and the work done by the volunteers I have found that most of the images I have requested have, in the main, been generally indecipherable and of little use as a record. The temporary removal of a vase of flowers obliterating text or the angle at which the photo was taken would make all the difference

MEADOWSThank youThank you for the two gravestone photos I have received very promptly

MEAKINSBenjamin MeakinsPrompt response on request, photo is clear, accurate and legible. Would certainly use again.

MEALINGThank you for the image of Isaac and Betty RingroseMany thanks Charles for this image, with much new information on the maternal ancestors of the Mealings who sailed to Australia in 1854 to become pioneers in southern New South Wales. By the way your email with all its valuable links landed in my gmail spam box - it was 3 days there before I noticed it - I wonder if some of your unacknowledged emails to other researchers met the same fate. Thank you again.

MEANWELL Meanwell Thanks for the speedy service, this will add depth to my family tree. Thank you also to the photographers

MEANWELLThank YouWonderful service and very, very much appreciated. Thanks for all your work on this and that of the photographers.

MECKThomas Meck - NorfolhThank you for your help with this!

MECKLENBURGThanks for the photo, greatly appreciatedThank you so much for the photo of Nathaniel Mecklenburg's grave. Living in Australia, its difficult to get this type of information. Thanks again and best wishes, Geoff Cresser

MECKLENBURGHTHANK YOU SO MUCH!I can't thank you enough for the wonderful service that you are doing. It's such an invaluable work that you are doing for those who are researching their ancestors. Thnakk You, Shonny Russell

MEDDThomas and Hi You might want to amend the information you have for the above. The name of Thomas' wife is actually Florence Amelia Medd, not Gwendoline as stated on your site. Thank you for the photo. Regards Donna .... more

MEDDPrompt Reply and resouceReply to request recieved within the evening. Super image of inscription John Eccles Medd and Wife Betty

MEDFORTHThankyouThis is a brilliant site the photos of the Medforth gravestones have helped fill some blanks on my family tree.

MEDFORTHMany thanks.Thank you so very much for making this information available, and so easily accessible. These are my 3x great grandparents, who I have only recently discovered, so these pictures are wonderful.

MEDFORTHValuable resourceThank you so much for providing information regarding my direct ancestors that I have been unable to find anywhere else.

MEDFORTHMant ThanksA wonderful resource with information not available elsewhere.

MEDHURSTGrateful ThanksThank you Charles for your wonderful service and enabling me to add more to my family history

MEDLARThankyou!Thankyou for your speedy response!

MEEKThankyou for image of the gravestone of Thankyou for image of the gravestone of Richard Meek, very much appreciated.

MEEKA useful facilityVery impressed by this website. An excellent initiative for family historians. I asked for a high resolution picture of a possible ancestor and it was available in a few moments. Just in case someone from the Meek 'clan' reads this... I am attempting to track down my great- great-great grandparents Robert Meek and Jane or Jean Meek nee Gowans or Gowns whose son George Meek is noted at West Calder as birth 1.8.1801 and baptised on 16.8.1801.

MEEKSSo helpfulGreat tool for family research, thanks

MEGGESONQuality ServiceGreat web site. Thanks to all who contribute to this great service

MEGGISONThank youThank you Charles, and also thanks to Bob Willis for taking the the photo. It is very much appreciated.

MEIKLEJOHNResourceThis has been a very helpful site for my research.

MEIKLEJOHNAcknowledgement of helpThank you for providing help with image of Magnus Sutherland's headstone which includes my 3rd Great Aunt Elizabeth Meiklejohn. Members of the Meiklejohn family emigrated to Australia, I am one of their descendants.

MELLARDRE the gravestone of Sarah MellardThank you so much for the prompt reply and the image. As in most cases I guess this stone poses more questions for my research than providing answers. That's the fascination of studying family history. At the moment I am spending much of my spare time on this research but would be glad to be involved in adding photographs in the future. In the meantime I will use your resource to continue my work Regards, Bob Mellard

MELLORFamily History ResearchPrompt and helpful service.The image will help to firm up details of Mellor family members for further research.

MELLORMELLOR, SWANN. COOPERI appreciate the time and help you have given in supplying the photos requested. They are an invaluable resource for those unable to travel to graves away from home. Many, Many Thanks Denise Davison Nee' Mellor

MELLORIncorrect name recordedRe GPR grave number: 227213 The database lists one of the interred as Walter Jonas Mellor. As far as I can see from the photographs there is no evidence that the middle name is Jonas, in fact I believe him to be Walter John Mellor whose death was registered in Ipswich in March 1997.

MELLORexcellent servicealways obliging & helpful everything dealt with in a timely manner thanks again bev

MELLORS Great serviceThis is a great service and many thanks to all the volunteers involved. Thank you Photo of gravefor Henry George and Katherine Mellors

MELLORS Great serviceThis is a great service and many thanks to all the volunteers involved. Thank you Photo of gravefor Henry George and Katherine Mellors

MELLOWSI was happily surprised to find the photI was happily surprised to find the photo of the gravestone of my ancestor, Margaret Mellows, who is my gr, gr, great grandmother. This site looks to be very informative and I will be doing a lot more digging here in the future. I am also interested to find if there are any links to Liam Mellows (William Joseph), who was executed for his part in the Irish rebellion of 1916. Thanks

MELLSThank youThank you so much, Its wonderful to see the final resting place of an ancestor when i am in Australia

MELVILLE-JACKSONThank youHave just received the image requested for the above family. It will help me to confirm the parentage of a friend , who has no computer knowledge, but is very keen to find out more of her background. Your data base is so useful, and brings to 'life' details better than words. many thanks for a super resource

MENNELLHave just stumbled upon your website. I Have just stumbled upon your website. I am looking forward to exploring it. Thank You

MENZIESBrilliant siteReally grateful to find photo of gravestone for William Cunningham Menzies with his wife and 1 of his sons. Great addition to our family tree many thanks.

MENZIESThank youThank you for the photo of the menzies head stone, i will us it as part of my Ancestry research.

MENZIESGravestone of Robert MenziesThank you for sending the pics out so quickly. I'm researching family history and there are some new details on here I didn't have.

MERCERThank youJust wanted to Thank You for posting these images. I appreciate all of the hard work...I have gone to cemeteries here in the USA to research and it is hard work

MERCERThank you & Help RequestThank you so much for your quick response to my image request. I am not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I am in search of the cemetery/headstones for Frederick & Laura (Chapman) Mercer. Frederick would be a son and grandson to Joseph and Ambrose Mercer (grave ID 529962). He was born around 1858 in Cranbrook and possibly died in 1941 in Croyden, but cannot say for sure that this is the correct death date or place. Can anyone help me?

MERCIECASERVICE QUALITYWhat a briliant service this is; thank you! I intend to continue tracing my own ancestry in Ireland, and will let you have any memorial photos that I take, together with any I take at Richmond (Surrey)cemetery when my own family members are buried. I am trying to recreate a photograph of a boys' school soccer team from 1961 when we were all aged 11. I have found 9 of the 11 (all still living) and, following further research thanks to your picture of his sister's memorial, know that a 10th, her brother John, is also alive, but I have no direct contact details for him. Did I read from your information that you had such detail of those who had requested a photo? If so, that might very well lead to down another path to discovery. Best regards. Mike

MEREDITHthanksJust to say thank you for a great website.

MERIFIELDGreat resource Another swift and excellent service in providing an image of this headstone. Thank you

MERITONRequest for buriel information: MERITON/WHITEWonderful website you have Charles ! The speed in finding a grave for a distant relative and the good image was really amazing Many thanks to you

MERRELLSGrateful ThanksCharles - Grateful appreciation for such a fast response to my request for two photographs for Edward & Patience Merrells gravestones at Leiston in Suffolk. Excellent photographs. Thank you, Sandra

MERRELLSEnquiry from Albert CoxReceived your comments Albert, yes a connection through marriage Merrells/ Tongeman. I cannot reply through here, if you want to contact me directly key my name into Sandra

MERRETTExcellent serviceThank you for such a quick response Charles, I wasn't expecting a reply so quickly, especially with it being the weekend. A huge thank you to everyone who makes this site possible, I think this Is such a great resource and should be on all genealogist bookmarks :)

MERRICKGravestoneThank you for a very prompt reply to my request. Great website and very good quality photo with clear engravings.

MERRITTImage of gravestone enhanced for Winifred Rose MerrittThank you Charles for such a quick response to my request. Great website!

MERRITTMERRITT/FISHERI received a photograph of the monument to my maternal great grandparents - Charles and Deborah Merritt. The work of the volunteers is really appreciated. Thank you everyone of you who do this valuable work. I hope to photograph gravestones in the Bedfordshire area come spring.

MERRY-WESTThank youI wish to thank you and your volunteers for this site. I am always happy to find a Merry-West as they are hard to find.

MESNEYThank youThank you so much for sending the photo of Michael Mesney's grave so promptly. It is much appreciated and I'm sure I'll be back for more photos.

MESSENGERgrave photoThankyou so much for the photo of one of my ancestors

MESSERMESSER GEOFFREYThankyou for the photo that I have been able to download onto my family tree research notes. This is all new to me so I am still learning all the tricks.

MESTONThank youThank you again for this very useful resource.

METCALFHelpful photosThis site was very helpful and it is gratifying to see the actual gravestone of my ancestor. Living in Canada, it is not viable for me to go to the graveyards in England to do this research. I truly appreciate the volunteers who have spent so much of their time making it easier of others to track the details of their ancestors' final resting place. Many thanks, Rosemary P

METCALFBrilliant WebsiteI would just like the administrators and volunteers of this website for their invaluable help in my research of my Australian ancestors.As I live in England, and my ancestors are all over Australia, it would be an impossible task for me to be able to visit their gravestones. Therefore the service you had provided me has been immensely helpful. Thank you very much. Heather

METCALFEgravestonesThanks Charles for your valuable site. It has helped sort out some discrepancies in my research.

METHERELLMetherell - BULLOCKThank you very much for the excellent quality of the photograph and your exceptional service. Im so very grateful to you, Charles, for your dedicated efforts in making it so much easier to find our pasts for all of us so far away.

METHLEYGreat site!I have just used this site for the first time and it is such a great resource. To be able to see a gravestone with all it's information for free is amazing. I look forward to helping in the future.

MEYERJulia MEYERSHad no idea where Julia was buried, so very happy to have place of burial and photo of stone and also one of whole grave.

MICHAELPaul Michael & Tilly Michael headstoneThank you for sending the enlarged image of my 2nd cousin's headstone. You were very prompt and you have my appreciation for doing so. Regards Cheryl

MICHELLThankyouThank you for a great site. Keep it up. Herbert Wilson Michell's information is incorrect. Is there a way to get it changed?

MICKLEThank you for this headstone image. It Thank you for this headstone image. It has been helpful

MIDDLEDITCHfeedbackI really appreciate your prompt reply to my request of a grave photo of Earn Middleditch. REally pleased


MIDDLETONThank youMany thanks to Charles and this website for such a useful and time saving resource. When I needed details of a grave in Alford the town council wanted 20 just to look it up on their already computerised system. This site is totally free and also supplied me with a superb photo of the grave stone thus eliminating the need to travel and locate. Good luck for the future with this fantastic enterprise.

MIDDLETONWilliam & Elizabeth MiddletonThank you for the speedy response to my request. Your website is a great help to researchers of family history. I would also like to thank the people that photograph the gravestones as they are very generous people to give their time to this help. Thank you once again.

MIDDLETONFrostThank you so much. A brilliant site. Long may it continue.

MIDDLETONWalsall helpI'm looking for the grave of grandad Middleton, his full name is Arthur Middleton, died April 1926 and is buried in Ryecroft cemetary. Any help would be great. Thank you

MIDGLEYThank youThis is a great idea especially for pople who live some distance form where their relatives are buried.

MIDWINTERWonderful Family History ResourceThank you so much for providing this service for those who don't live near the churchyard, and which is especially helpful for those of us who live in far-away countries.

MIDWORTHSibsey connectionsHow refreshing and delightful to get an excellent service at no cost. The info on the stone takes me one small step closer to solving a great mystery. I'd love to hear from anyone with Midworth, Pickett or Morton interests that relate to Sibsey, Lincolnshire.

MILBANKBarbara Ann Kelly / Dorothy Florence Reiss MonumentThank you so very much ' for showing the Grave Monument photo with Death Info, on Barbara Ann Kelly & Dorothy Florence Reiss Nee Milbank. Thank you... Regards Margaret Strobl ' Nee ' Milbank.

MILESMILES & GODDARDThank You For sending the photos that I Requested, Great and Fast Service, Many Thanks

MILESCaptain Thomas George Miles 1837-1892Thank you for the opportunity to download the grave site of my great great Uncle

MILESThank you for a wonderful site, I have fThank you for a wonderful site, I have found several ancesters as I did not know where they were buried. Many many thanks.

MILESGreat siteI stumbled across this site while preparing for my first trip back to England since getting interested in family history. It's already saved me a lot of roaming around cemeteries time. Many thanks to everyone who has contributed.

MILESMILES - CRITTENDENThank you for the grave stone of John William Crittenden,I believe he was born 1846 but I have not sent for his birth certificate yet, but he did die in 1926 in Withyham.

MILESThank YouThank you for the photo of the grave of Rachel Miles in Yarm. Very much appreciated

MILESThanksThank you for making an image of my 2xGtgranparents grave available. It is much appreciated.

MILESMiles headstonesThank you so much the enlarged copy i received was brilliant although a little hard to read towards the bottom but you get that after all this time.

MILESGravestone Picture of Samuel MilesMany thanks for the gravestone picture of my many times great grandfather. Much appreciated.

MILLGreat resourceMany thanks for a speedy response to my request. This is a great resource for researchers.

MILLAGEFinding my Grandpartents grave siteMy Grandparents aren't listed in your online records. How do I find their plot? .... more

MILLARMILLAR CRAIGWhat a brilliant and helpful site, thank you so much for doing this.

MILLARDThanksMany thanks for the photograph of William Wright Millard. It has filled in another gap on the family tree. This is a wonderful site and I hope that it keeps on growing so we can all continue to find something useful.

MILLARDIncorrect description on web site.To correct details on this web site, for Millard graves at Balmoral Cemetery, Brisbane: Elizabeth is the DAUGHTER of Maria Millard, and the Robert John on this epitaph is the HUSBAND of Maria Millard. And William Dennis is the son of Elizabeth and Robert John Millard. Thank you,and thank you for the work you do.

MILLERKeith John MillerThank you for your wonderful efforts.

MILLERMILLER - STOCKTON ON TEESMany thanks for the image. The dates tie inmaking these people part of my family tree. Kindest regards

MILLERMILLER/WARD/STIFFELL/SURMANThis is a fantastic resource and fills a gap in presently available genealogical resources. I never expected to be able to see a family gravestone from Wick, Caithness. Than you Charles and all your volunteers.

MILLERThank youThank you for a wonderful site that has enabled me to solve another piece of my family tree puzzle. It's a credit to you for providing a service free of charge, a link to our history and to travel the world through the press of a button.

MILLERIan millerWow thanks so very much charles for your super quick response and also for all your hard work . This is the 1st time i have seen my grandmother, grandads and uncles grave and it is so much appreciated .Many many thanks . susan swanson

MILLERAbraham Miller, Norton, Suffolkthank you for the image. it makes my family research more interesting than just names and dates.

MILLERRequest for details of gravestone for John Robert MillerThe response to my request for a copy picture of the grave stone for the above names was almost immediate. Unfortunately whilst it stated the copy s attached...there was NO ATTACHMENT.

MILLERThanksMany thanks for your response. I really appreciate it. I have quite a lot on at the moment but will get back to my research soon. You are doing a really great job.

MILLERMiller FamilyWould like contact from anyone researching The Miller/Muller families mainly from the Marlborough/Nelson area. I will be adding headstone photo's for the Millers and descendents to this site in the near future. Kind Regards Tracy

MILLERThanksYou have been a great help in my studies of millers in Wetherby & Kirk deighton Many thanks

MILLERA very big thank youI have just found my grandmothers gravestone in your collection. I never knew her and didn't think there would be a memorial as the family was poor. Charles you provide a wonderful service, thank you.

MILLERThank you Charles!What a great resource to stumble upon :-). It can be very hard researching UK ancestors from the other side of the world, and to find this site that has photos on it as well is amazing. Thank you Charles for this awesome work, it is much appreciated.

MILLEREdward Mant MillerWow! What a brilliant site, not only for family research but in preserving the info of these people for future generations. You and your team of volunteers are doing a fantastic job. Thank you.

MILLERThankyouExcellent service as always, much appreciated.

MILLERMiller graveexcellent, thank you

MILLERThank youI would like to thank you for helping me find the gravestone of my 3 X great grandparents and I look forward to being able to go and pay my respects to them .

MILLERfound photo of headstone very helpful anfound photo of headstone very helpful and gave confirmation of info. many thanks

MILLERRichard King Miller. Finally found a conRichard King Miller. Finally found a connection for my family tree (Rist/Nugent)in Australia.

MILLETTThank YouThank you for sending information re Millett family. Much appreciated. Apologies for late acknowledgement. Cheers Gwladys Main

MILLGATEThanksWhat a lot of hard work some people have gone to. Unfortunately it was not the person I was looking for, but good to see all the same.

MILLIGANThe John Milligan lineI am very interested in the line of John Milligan and his brother Dr Joseph Milligan (both forward and back in time) as John is my gggrandfather. I can be reached at I would also like to thank the many volunteers who provide this service. The photographers; data input individuals; and those who respond to queries are very much appreciated. A sincere thank you to all of you

MILLIGANMany thanks for the image of the monumenMany thanks for the image of the monument to Frederick Paterson MILLIGAN (1870-1961) it has been helpful in my research of the family.

MILLINGTONExcellent photograph This website is absolutely fantastic for family history research. I recieved a high quality picture straight away after request, couldn’t be happier!

MILLINGTONMILLINGTONs from East BridgfordThank you for all the photographs from East Bridgford church yard. I am trying to put together the numerous MILLINGTON families and these fill in some of the gaps - although I still have more to look at :-) If anyone else is researching these families - please contact me.

MILLINGTONThank youThank you for having yet another photogrpah of a gravestone of my family - it's great!

MILLMANGreat HelpThank you for supplying me with the image of our 4th G Grandparents headstone. A huge help in confirming our research into our family tree. Looking forward to looking for more.

MILLNEReleanor millnerThankyou i have been trying to work out where the family were buried and the inscription on the memorial was full of information

MILLSPossible new ancestorMany thanks for sending the memorial photo so quickly, it's quite exciting that I may have found another branch of my family I never knew I had! A very interesting website, I wish I had found it earlier.

MILLSJohn MillsVery, many thanks for the images of the John Mills and Henry Mills gravestones which I came upon by accident, when I googled my grandmother's name. A wonderful website, to which I hope to send in some of my own images soon.

MILLSThankyou for your prompt service. Much aThankyou for your prompt service. Much appreciated.

MILLSInformation for Harry Mills son of Cyril John Mills aka SidI would like to get in touch with Harry or Max Mills, Harry has requested to know where his father was laid to rest in Ilfracombe. Cyril John Mills aka (Sid) was aged 49 when he passed away in October 13th 2002/3 .... I did not know that the boys had been adopted. I was at one point in a relationship with there Dad and both boys visited me in Worthing West Sussex with there dad .... more

MILLSResourceYour website is a marvellous resource and all your hard work is much appreciated. Invaluable to someone like me who is researching her family history but is unable to make long trips.

MILLSThanksReceived the photos - thank you so much for such a quick and helpful service!! PS.

MILLWARDThank youThank you so much for sharing photos, this has helped me greatly in tracing my husbands family tree.

MILLWOODThank youThank you for making headstone photographs available. I have used your service several times with excellent results.

MILMINEThanksJust wanted to sat what a wonderful site - so glad I found you. The 2 images I have viewed are great. Very many thanks Maureen M Hailstone Stranraer Scotland

MILNEtrying to establish a date of death in 1912Iam researching the family of JOHN BANNERMAN MILNE the dundee cinema owner his father charles milne was a coal merchant died suddenly aged 65 june 17 1940 buried in eastern cemetery dundee scotland his wife susan bannerman milne died august 21 1942 at a nursing home in perth buried in eastern cemetery dundee scotland there was also a daughter susan bannerman milne born july 13 1900 died 1912 aged 12 years old dont have a date of death for her JBM also had a brother charles and a sister lizzie(elizabeth) she was older than jbm charles was younger again, dont have any dates of death i do know that charles was married and had two sons david and john as milne left his estate(ruthven estate) to them in his will i dont know if lizzie married or not at a rough guess i reckon lizzie died in the 50's and charles possibly died mid 60's as the average age for this family was around 65/6 any help trying to locate the grave in eastern cemetery would be much appreciated as i have never visited this cemetery which is on arbroath road

MILNEThank youThank you for the image of Irvine Kempt Milne's gravestone.

MILNERThank youThank you so much for your speedy response to my request for 2 photos of gravestones connected with the Milner family.I am so grateful to have these and will visit in the near future.Best regardsJackie

MILNERI wish to acknowledge prompt support froI wish to acknowledge prompt support from Mr Charles Sale Gravestone Photographic Resource. Charles made available high quality headstone photograph late Mr William Edward Milner interred Linthorpe Middlesbrough. I confirm distant family connection to this gentleman. Regards Ken Partridge Western Australia

MILNERThank you so much for your help in my seThank you so much for your help in my search for Edward and Sarah Milners gravestone, very much appreciated

MILNER-GIBSONDelighted researcherExcellent quality images that told me much I could never otherwise have known about my wife's family.

MILNESThank you !Thanks so much for the photos of the memorial to John Milnes inside the Ashover Church. I will be visiting Ashover in Sept this year, and look forward to returning to the lovely church.

MILROYTHANK YOUMany thanks to all the kind people who are capturing these photos before the MI is totally weathered and for making distance research easierA picture helps to bring the past nearerTHANK YOU ALL

MILROYGrave of Margaret Milroy BarnstapleThe photographer has kindly revisited the grave and has now read it as: Margaret Milroy Born at Kirkmaiden Scotland Jan 1795 Died April 1872 also Mary wife of the late James Milroy of Barnstaple died January 1873 or 5 Alexander Milroy July 1877 also John Milroy July 1886 aged 86 On her first visit she also could read Margaret's age was 72 the second age was 69 and Alexander's age was either 52 0r 61 This matches data found on Free BMD and censuses for the family believed to be siblings children of Patrick Miloy and Agnes Hamilton of Kirkmaiden Wigtownshire who traded in drapery and tea in Cornwall and Devon

MILSOMCatherine Ann Milsom / George MilsomMany thanks for forwarding the photos of the graves of the above.

MILSOMMany thanks for this resource - invaluabMany thanks for this resource - invaluable

MILSONI am very grateful for this resource andI am very grateful for this resource and for all the effort that must have gone in to setting it up and maintaining it. Having seen an image of the graves of some 3rd great-grandparents it has inspired me to actually visit the churchyard where I now know them to be buried. Many thanks.

MINCHINMinchin / Dumas family historyThis resource set up by Charles Sale has proved invaluable in my ancestral research. The image of the family gravestone that he sent me was more useful than all the census searches I had done!(Not to mention a little emotional too.) Thank you Charles Sale.

MINESThanks!Thanks for the gravestone photo. I have added additional comments and would like to add photos of more family members.

MINGAYA thank youThanks very much for sending these images to me so quickly. The website and service you provide is really useful for those of us who are unable to personally visit these graveyards. Keep up the good work!

MINIFIEThank youThank you for doing this. It's a remarkably efficient and helpful resource.

MINIFIEThank youThank you for all these images of the graves of lots of my Somerset ancestors.

MINIFIEMINIFIEThank you. A great number of my Minifie family are in your records.

MINTERChurch nameI believe the church in Marlesford is St Andrews, not St Michaels. .... more

MINTERName on memorial Arthur Minter Thanks do much for sending the image over so quickly. As I wont be able to visit the cemetery in person yet, its so great to be able to see something real to help being my family history research to life. Thank you for all the time and effort you have so clearly put into this website - I'll be using it again to see what other ancestors I can find more information on. VERY MUCH APPRECIATED! Just for extra information, the full name of my ancestor is Arthur Edward Minter (1865-1880)

MITCHELLJosias Mitchell Gravestone PhotoJust like to say, thanks so much for the photo and thanks to all the volunteers for their hard work

MITCHELLThank youThank you for your prompt response and beautiful photo. I have already recommended youir site to family and friends. Cheers

MITCHELLI would welcome any photos of East Green farmMy great great grandparents lived in the village 1851-1871 I can forward cencus copies for your information. many thanks for all your help. The mitchells ended up in Haverhill at the beginning of the last century, so we are very local.

MITCHELLResting Place of Our AncestorsWith gratitude to Gravestone Photographic Resources I have received an image of a family member, interred long ago and in a far off place. GPR is a valuble resource for us who seek to know our family's history. Thank you again and good luck in the future. Regards PJM.

MITCHELLThank youMany thanks for the speedy reply of the photo. The photos are very clear making it much easier to read as the inscriptions can be very worn. Excellent service that I would recommend to all those searching for the final resting place. Which isn't easy!! Thank you once again.

MITCHELLJust a note to say thank youDear sir or madam I visited your web site just as reference and found out that my great grandfather/mother John and Louisa Mitchell (GPR grave number 77155) was buried in the local cemetery here in Barnstaple. So I did not need to request a photo from you, I visited the grave myself. I would just like to say that I appreciate the information held on your website and found it has been very useful. many thanks Paul Gaish

MITCHELLCharles Ritchie Edinburgh, ScotlandThere are more children for this family, here are all that I know of (could be more) RITCHIE, Margaret Bir 1797 Scot Midl Edinbu Fa: Charles RITCHIE Mo: Mary MITCHELL RITCHIE, Charles Bir 1798 Scot Midl Edinbu Fa: Charles RITCHIE Mo: Mary MITCHELL RITCHIE, Mary Bir 1800 Scot Midl Edinbu Fa: Charles RITCHIE Mo: Mary MITCHELL RITCHIE, Christian Bir 1802 Scot Midl Edinbu Fa: Charles RITCHIE Mo: Mary MITCHELL RITCHIE, Janet Bir 1804 Scot Midl Edinbu Fa: Charles RITCHIE Mo: Mary MITCHEL RITCHIE, John Bir 1806 Scot Midl Edinbu Fa: Charles RITCHIE Mo: Mary MITCHEL RITCHIE, Elizabeth Bir 1808 Scot Midl Edinbu Fa: Charles RITCHIE Mo: Mary MITCHELL RITCHIE, Jane Bir 1808 Scot Midl Edinbu Fa: Charles RITCHIE Mo: Mary MITCHEL

MITCHELLGravestone photo request thank you.Thank you so much for your wonderfully prompt service. The image is also very crisp and perfect. I'm also very impressed with the craftmanship on the headstone. My sincerest regards.

MITCHELLthank youthank you for your prompt reply, Great service for all researching family ancestry. Keep up the great work

MITCHELL Thank you again for allowing me to see tThank you again for allowing me to see the monuments of my Scottish ancestors.

MITCHELLThank youReally quick response to my request. I will now spend several hours checking out other family members details that may well be held on this site. Very useful resource. Thank you.

MITCHELL Edward Mitchell Gravestone and information on McLarensThank you so much for supplying the gravestone image for Edward Mitchell. We do appreciate the promptness of your reply and gratitude for the hard work you have so obviously put in to this site. We have more information on Edward Mitchell if anyone is interested. We also have a huge archive of McLarens - info. copied from many parish records in Perthshire (recorded before 1855) if anyone is interested in that surname.

MITCHELLJohn Mitchell and Louisa Mitchell nee DymondMy grandmother Mabel Maud Cook nee Mitchell died aged 44 before I was born. I know little of her family. I was therefore delighted to find the headstone of her parents John Mitchell and Louisa Mitchell nee Dymond on your site. Thanks so very much, and keep up the good work.

MITCHELLExcellent Geneaological ResourceI am so impressed with this website. My request for a gravestone photo was responded to within hours; the photo is of exceptional quality. My deepest thanks to Charles Sales and the many volunteers who support this site.

MITCHELLThank you once moreThank you for providing an image of the gravestone of Robert Mitchell. I honestly think you provide one of the most useful on-line services to family historians

MITCHELLArthur Mitchell gravestoneThis image of Arthur Mitchells gravestone has been very helpful as I have noticed the initial E as his middle name. I believe the Arthur I have been looking for has the middle name Edward This find will help me move further on with my family search Thank you Charles for all the work you do with this web site its a great archive.

MITCHELLGrave of James MitchellThank you for the work done by Caroline Church.

MITCHELLMitchellsI have just come upon your site and I must say I am blown away. I live in Quebec Canada so for me searching for my Mitchells in England Cornwall and Sussex is extremely difficult. I am finding this site extremely helpful and know from personal experience how difficult this work is as my cousin and I took on the cleaning and repairing of our home cemetery which had been left in a disgraceful state. I have been searching for my Mitchells for a long time and have found a lot of pertinent information and this site can only add I hope to the material I have already found or confirm some I am not sure off. Thank-you for all the effort you have put into this site. Margaret Mitchell

MITCHELLJohn Frederick Mitchellborn Johannes Freidrich Kugel.

MITCHELLEmily Julia MitchellI have been searching for my missing family for many years now, and would like to thank those involved with this website for making it possible to locate missing family, in particular in locales outside of ones own residential district. Great site. Thank you.

MITCHELLNorman MitchellThis Norman Mitchel is of the right age but without reference to a relative I can't prove one way or another that is the man I want. Thank you all the same

MITCHELLA big thank you for providing thisThis was so easy to use, so quick to get and I am very grateful for all your help!

MITCHELLMany thanksMany thanks for allowing me to view three headstones of distant family members, all of whom are in my family tree. I have added some info which you do not have, and hope this is helpful.

MITCHELLFEEDBACKThank you so much for your copy of photo. I was able to get so many dates and now will follow-up with Local Histroy at the Library. I live in Sydney Australia so your service is invaluable to me, thanks once again >>> Christine

MITCHELLThank youThank you so much for sending the photo of Robert Mitchell's grave. It is rather a long way from Cheshire to Heighington, but I have started to collect as many photos of the family graves as I can - they somehow give you even more of a connection to your ancestors.

MITCHELMOREA big thank you for the speedier than spA big thank you for the speedier than speedy image which you kindly forwarded. It's helped to fill in another ancestry gap. Kind Regards Mike

MITCHENALLThank youMany thanks for the great service. Would like to hear from others researching the same name.

MITCHINSONMITCHINSON/NELSONYour work in providing this service is very much appreciated by people like me, who are in the process of adding to their family tree. Many thanks Charles

MITFORDMy Thanks!I am so grateful to be able to see the inscription on the gravestone for Mary Ann Mitford, William Mitford, and his second wife, Sarah. I believe that Mary Ann and William are my 2x great-grandparents. What an invaluable service!

MOBBSThanks for great serviceThanks as usual for the Grave photos and the great servie you provide

MOCHRIEGravestone for William MochrieThank you for your quick reply to my email. Perhaps I did not understand your response. There was not an attachment as the email suggested showing the gravestone of William Mochrie.

MOCKThank you!I bookmarked this website over a year ago. I am so glad that I did! It gave me some much needed information for my family tree!

MOCKThank you for your help for this serviceThank you for your help for this service. If I follow the prompts I can see the headstone, so I do not need an e-mail telling me what to do. This will save your time an d usage of your e-mail account. Many thanks. Christine Verrall

MOCKMOCK/HODSON/NORTONThank you for providing such an invaluable resource!

MOCKThank youOutstanding service for the fact poor, and the remote relative. I'm overwhelmed that this is all done voluntarily, and congratulate you. In Australia, but descended from Tucker, Terrey, Atkins, Mock from Barnstaple area.

MOCKA fantastic resourceTo Charles and all the volunteers who give their time photographing a big thank you for the help that it provides for people like myself tracking down family relatives. Keep up the good work!

MOCKFantastic serviceThank you so much for provided this service, i received my request within 24 hours such a quick response, thank you again for all the your hard work and dedication.

MOELTONMOELTON/MOWTON/MOULTONThankyou for your prompt emailing of the two images of gravestones. It has been wonderful to receive these. And it is a wonderful service you provide.

MOFFATTSo helpfulThank you for the picture of Eleanor Moffatt's grave. Although not easy to read she was far away from where we expected her to be so thanks very much.

MOFFATTAlanJust to say thank you for this super resource.

MOIRMoir Family of Surrey and environsI am most impressed by your website and very pleased by the prompt sending of images for the Moir gravestones. Thank you very much. Keep up the good work.

MOIRTOMBSTONE PHOTOThanks so much to Steve Lockwood for sending me a larger image of Peter & Margaret Moir's tombstone at E Grinstead. Scottish Peter became a pioneering coffee-planter in Ceylon in 1822 and was apparently the cousin of James Taylor from Laurencekirk, Scotland, who first experimented successfully with tea-planting in Ceylon.

MOIRDonationI'd like to transfer you a small donation as thanks for your trouble with the Moir image but I can't see any acct details on your site. Please help me!


MOLINEUXMOLINEUX MONTGOMERIEI live in Australia and I have been searching for the Molineux Montgomerie on my mother's side of the family in England. I am so grateful with this wonderful website which has enabled me to find some missing family history information.

MOLINEUXMOLINEUX MONTGOMERIEThank you very much for the fast service, i really do appreciate this wonderful service.

MOLISONMolison and Davidson families of Balnagask AberdeenSeveral answers came to long standing questions using this very thoughtful, complete and efficient service. Many Thanks indeed for your time and effort, all reflected in the excellence of delivery.

MOLLWhat an awesome site! My grandmother wasWhat an awesome site! My grandmother was a WW1 war bride and came to New Zealand but we had no information about her family, so at least having a photo of this gravestone is really special !! Thanks everyone :-)

MOLLWonderful HelpThank you so much for this image - what you do is wonderful

MOLLERMany thanks for sending the image of JohMany thanks for sending the image of John Alan Moller's WWII gravestone in the Jonkerbos World War II Cemetery. It is a fantastically clear image. And many thanks for your excellent work keeping this site going.

MOLLISONBetsy Strachan Mollison (nee Gillespie)Her death year is transcribed incorrectly: she died on 30 Jan 1907 (info from her death cert.). She was born on 1 Oct 1851, so this fits with the given age at death (55).

MONCRIEFFrelationshipthe first entry under the name Moncrieff on your list - Robina Christian Scott Moncreiff - was the daughter-in-law of Alexander Dickson.

MONCURMoncur lair, Dean Cemetery, EdinburghWonderful to view the names and details of my family so crisply photographed. Hoping to make use of this excellent site to unearth Moncurs and Kerrs. Thank you so much, James Moncur Kerr. Ross-shire, Scotland.

MONEYCorrectionWilliam Money was married to Martha, whose maiden name was Woodger. Harriet Money is listed on the stone as "sister of above", not sister of Martha - she was actually the sister of William. .... more

MONKMANThanksThank you so much for your prompt reply to my image request. Your help is greatly appreciated.

MONTEITHMonteith informationVery good website - great resource. Thanks.

MOODIEThankyouThankyou so very very much..i had no idea where my gt gt grandparents where buried and you have been so helpful. I really appreciatted finding them. Thankyou,Carole.

MOODYThank youThank you for such a speedy reply to my request for a photograph of my grandfather's grave which I have never visited. Percy Moody is buried in Randalls Park Municipal Cemetery in Leatherhead. I really appreciate the work that you and other volunteers have put in to creating this database.

MOODYPhotosI'd just like to say I've found this website to be immensely helpful and I am enjoying it very much. I've seen photos of graves that I never would have been able to glimpse otherwise, at least not for a few years. So thank you. Keep up the great work! J. G.

MOODYGravestonesThank you so much for your service of providing photos of gravestones of our past ancestors. It gives us the chance to see them that most of us would never see.

MOONMoon grave at FobbingI'm glad I requested this photo, because the one I have of this Moon grave was taken earlier and one name (Muriel B. Moon)has been added later - the grave has also been tidied up. Must see who did this.

MOONIEGravestone PhotoMany thanks for your very quick response in providing the photograph for me. You are offering a wonderful service, especially for people who are unable to visit the site in person.

MOORMoor headstoneThank you Mr Sale.I had no idea my ancestors were buried here and till I stumbled on this site through another link had no idea this site existed.

MOORRe Betsy Moor (nee Teal)Many thanks for supplying me the image of the above gravestone.

MOOREGravestoneMany thanks for the picture of Knaggs Moores gravestone - something else to add to my family history file!

MOOREsampson moore grave inscription/photoI am very keen to find the gravestone inscription or photo from my GGGgrandfather, Sampson Moores grave. He was a well known engineer in Liverpool and I know he was buried at Walton on the hill cemetary in july 1874. His wife, Elizabeth moore, was also buried there in 1859. Can anyone help? It would be greatly appreciated.

MOOREA great projectWhat a wonderful idea, I do hope more people contribute photos. I will certainly make this site known to other family historians.

MOOREGravestone ProjectThank you so much for the extremely clear photograph. I think that your project is really impressive and will certainly recommend it to fellow researchers.

MOOREHELPFULLNESSMany thanks for the information regarding my inquiry about a picture of my grandfather's (Walter Moore) headstone! the information you suggested was very useful!

MOOREMOORE, JACKDavid Jack married Charlotte Mary Moore in Georgetown, B. Guiana, in July 1865; they had 5 children, first one in the British Guiana (Alice) and the other three in Edinburgh: Norah, Ernest, Lewis and Charlotte. Let me add - now that I've seen photograph and comments on the tomb, that JOHN MOORE was Charlotte (Moore) Jack's father, then a widower, who spent 40 years in the British Guiana as a Catechist (1842 to 1883). Cheers A Moore

MOOREJames Roderick MooreThank you GPR for the photo of James Memorial, your time and help is greatly appreciated.

MOOREGrave photosHuge thank you to the site which today tied up some loose ends and confirmed dates of death for me. Can you tell me how I can continue to view the photos I have requested as I have managed to save the images to my computer yet. Can't seem to find the view image page. Many thanks

MOOREre: grave picsI would like to request grave photos for John Moore (died June 23, 1980)and Frances Moore (died Jan. 22, 1974)at Aldershot Crematorium, Aldershot, Rushmore Borough, Hampshire, England thank you, donna white

MOOREfeedbackthank you for letting me download this photo, its another ancestor on my mother's paternal grandmothers side of the family

MOOREKevanThanks yet again for your help.

MOOREThanks!Thanks for this brilliant website - and thanks in particular for the photo of the Moore family grave in Cleasby.

MORANMORAN, CUMMINGS, WRIGHTSONJust discovered this site and looking forward to receiving my first image. Having just ordered a small engraved plaque, to mark the place where the ashes of my parents rest in a small local graveyard. I am aware that this wonderful resource of gravestone information will be lost in the future.

MORDENMordenYour work in invaluable, this is the only resource for the information. I am grateful for your unique passion of gathering and posting the history. Kind regards Robert

MOREGrave Monument of Donald More & Alice Campbell, Wick Old CemeteryMany thanks once again to Charles Sale for your prompt (instantaneous) response. This gravestone website is really a marvellous resource, with invaluable family information and photos not available anywhere else. Greatly appreciated.

MOREHEADIn gratitudeThank you very much first, for hosting this very useful site and second for your prompt response to my query.

MOREHEADHandy resource.Handy resource.

MOREHEADMorehead HeadstoneThanks for a wonderful service.

MOREHEADInscriptionsThank you for your photos of monuments and the inscriptions. I'm sure your details help others in their family history research, especially for people who live far away.

MORELYThank youThank you for the photographs.

MORELYElizabeth HARGRAVES [1833-1900]From the gravestone it would be assumed that Elizabeth HARGRAVES nee HOLT was William HARGRAVES second wife. In fact she was his third. The second,not on this gravestone as she was buried in Garforth, Yorkshire, was Adelaide HARGRAVES nee MORELY [1831-1862] by whom he had two children - Margaret Morely [1859-1920] and William Arthur [1861-1941] HARGRAVES. Thank you or the information on and photo of Elizabeth's gravestone.


MORGANMARTHA MORGANHello Charles, thank you very much for this site. A brilliant resource re family history activity. No doubt a considerable amount of effort has gone into producing this resource. Have just started undertaking family history research, and, will submit photo's of various grave sites( Cemeteries as I undertake further research. Once again thank you Regards Sam ROBINSON

MORGANAnthony WebsterThankyou for a copy of Anthony Webster's grave. I am certain it is Anthony's daughter, Elizabeth who married my 6 x great grandfather, George Morgan

MORGANSt Thomas Church Barnsley UKI am wondering if there are any volunteers in the Barnsley area? I would like photos of my ancestors headstones, all in St Thomas Churchyard at Gawber in Barnsley. I have a list of all names and dates and some numbers that might be plot numbers or parish register numbers. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

MORGANInformationThank you very much for the link you sent so that I could view A long forgotten gravestone, this site is a great help many thanks for all the hard work maintaining it Regards Craig

MORGANCharlton Elliot MorganThankyou for allowing me to view the site.It has helped me enormously.

MORGANFamily ResearchThanks so much for providing the photo of this headstone. It certainly helped me decipher the names of Frederick Morgan and Clara Hawkey's children.

MORGANDavid Andrew MORGANDavid Andrew Morgan age 75 years was the Father. Catherine Anne Dumsday age 44 years was his divorced daughter. David Lewis Morgan aged 42 years was his elder son. Percival (Lloyd) Morgan age ~34 years was his younger son. They were killed by a V-1 Doodlebug landing on their house 84 Blythe Road, in Hammersmith. David Andrew's wife Catherine Mary Morgan died in the June quarter of 1940, age ~69 years. Only 1 daughter survived - Lillian May Tudor Miles who was married and living outside London. Lillian died 16 Aug 1983, birth date 17 Aug 1907. In his early life, David Andrew Morgan was known as David Andrew Jones according to my relatives.

MORGANThanksThank you for providing this service. Trying to obtain this image in other circumstances would have been extremely awkward. The last person on this gravestone was not officially listed in 1 list of those reported dead.

MORLEYThank youStumbled upon this site just today and would like to thank everyone involved. Currently researching George Morley the father of Thomas George Morley who was born in the UK about 1825 , Thomas left his homeland and ventured to Australia, he married Sarah Bott in Australia January 1855 and died May 1891 at the age of about 65. Thomas & Sarah had 9 children ( Rebecca, Robert, John, (John child death) Mary, Elizabeth, Maria, Charlotte & William ) we have limited information of his family in Britain and finding a site like this is wonderful and could be very helpful. Thank you

MORLEYThanks for the first request sorry I askThanks for the first request sorry I asked for the same one again. opps I did not see how the look at them until now. Regards Greta

MORLEYMany thanks for photo of Thomas Morley mMany thanks for photo of Thomas Morley my 4th great grand father very grateful for people like you that do a lot of work to make a family tree come to life.

MORLEYThank you.The images are brilliant. Such a useful site which enables researchers to look at the gravestone without having to travel hundreds of miles. Thank you so much.

MORLINGthanks for photo of a morling gravestoneMany thanks for the very swift response to my request for a copy of the photograph, much appreciated

MORLINGThanksGreat to see Headstone. I live in Christchurch, New Zealand so unable to visit UK CEMETERIES.

MORPHETTfeedback - MORPHETT- PRESTON- RICHARDSthankyou for all that you do it helps a lot

MORRELLMorrells in PannalThank you for images of gravestones in Pannal churchyard - they have helped me fill in several gaps in my tree.

MORRELLMany thanksVery grateful to the volunteers who take the photographs and to Charles for putting them online. Sorry for delay in responding, you replied very promptly but it went into my spam folder.

MORRESThank youI was very pleased to receive the digital version of the Morres memorial at Wokingham, Berkshire to add to my research on the Reverend John Morres who was Rector of our parish, Nether Broughton, Leics. Mary, remembered on the memorial was his daughter and the first wife of Elliot Morres; Beatrice, also remembered was his second wife - your notes on the memorial says she was WIFE of Mary - clearly this is an error. John is buried in our churchyard as are his wife Elizabeth, sons John and Philip, grandson John Michael and granddaughter Elizabeth Charlotte. There are three large ledger-type slates - one is to sons John & Philip; the second to his wife Elizabeth and (I believe) to the Reverend himself - there are patches of concrete stuck to the surface; and a third bears only the initials I.M. - no idea yet? I have photos of these and all the other memorials at St Mary the Virgin, Nether Broughton and although I have recorded the inscriptions I doubt if my records would fit in with your standards. You are most welcome to the pictures if I can get them to you. Regards Ann Schmidt

MORREYThank you!I found the photo you sent earlier.....I did not realize that it would be on your website until now (I guess I thought it would be emailed to me, but it was not). I really appreciate your service in this project, and that you are willing to send larger photos than those on the website. GREAT!! Thank you very much for doing this!!

MORRISMORRIS, GEDDES, FLEMINGTONThanks for the photos - great idea!

MORRISMorris GravestoneThanks for a quick reply to my request for a photo. Your site is very helpful for family historians. Keep up the good work.

MORRISGrateful thanksFor your hard work and time freely given. I am now the proud owner of a photograph of the the grsvestone of my husbsnd's ancestor.

MORRISAppreciationWhat a wonderful site. My request was dealt with in such a speedy fashion. Also, dignity and respect are not compromised.

MORRISThankfulI am very grateful for this site and to be able to see photos of my ancestors headstones. Thank you.

MORRISThank youI am so grateful for the photograph and the very quick response. I am searching the Morris family of East Grinstead/Forest Row for a friend and this site led me to other family members.

MORRISFamily researchThank you so much for allowing me access it has helped my research very much. Many thanks.

MORRIS AssistanceHello again, Although I am living in Mt Gambier, South Australia, I have retired from police work three years ago. Is there anything I would be able to achieve from here for your site in respect to photographing any particular family grave stones necessary for your ongoing Gravestone Photographic Resources. It is just an idea as I have plenty of time on my hand when not travelling around the place. Regards Wayne Morris.

MORRISGravestone PhotosWhat a lovely service you are giving to so many. I for one am truly thankful.

MORRISdoes anyone have any imformation on the cemetery at tatworth somerset ukHelp request

MORRISSisters of Mercy gravestone, St Edward's, CliffordThank you for posting these photos - it was such a thrill to find them!

MORRISmany thanks for the prompt response.many thanks for the prompt response.

MORRISGravestonesI am wondering whether any work has been done photographing Oxford cemeteries, Kirtlington in particular. My Gt.Grandmother, Emily Morris came to New Zealand in the early 1870s, and research has shown that there were a considerable number of Morris family members in the Kirtlington Parsh records, also a generation back to the John Smith family. Thank you for the great help you provide. Jan.

MORRISHelpful serviceThank yo so much for providing these photographs and the web interface to find them. What a wonderful service.

MORRISHthanks The service you provide has once again helped confirm my findings. Thanks so much 😊.

MORRISONThank youDear Mr Sale,I would like to say thank you for a wonderful gift. Never would I have imagined that I would ever have known where they we're buried but, to have actually seen there stone is just incredible! I understand that many people have not acknowledged the hard work that must go into providing them a picture of something that they otherwise may never have seen. I am sure you have provided them with an awe inspiring moment and It must have been an oversight on their part to not acknowledge you. Keep up the great work. You certainly are special.

MORRISONMORRISON/DRUMMONDVolunteers are a necessary part of researching and rarely receive any recognition, so, on behalf of all researchers , I would like to say a very big THANK YOU for all the time and effort put into this wonderful site.

MORRISONMORRISON/DRUMMONDThank you for the gravestone photo of Catherine Drummond/Morrison. How wonderful it is to get this photo, as I live in Australia. Many thanks Charles.

MORRISONFeedbackMany, many thanks for the wonderful site! Very helpful and kind! I am most grateful to the volunteer who works so hard to help researchers! Well done and thank you!

MORRISONMany thanksWhat a wonderful free service you offer. Many thanks for sending me a photo of the headstone I believe could be my grandparents. Keep up the good work

MORRISONHelpfulFinding this gravestone gave me more information which enabled me to find my ancestor's death,although she outlived her husband by many years and was not buried in his family grave. Thank You

MORRISONThank you very much Mr.Sale. The informaThank you very much Mr.Sale. The information obtained from the tombstone has been very useful. The photo is very good.

MORRITTThanks to Charles for a very helpful resourceThanks, Charles, for dealing with my request so quickly. This has been a great help to me in my search. Kim

MORTIMERThank!Thank you very much for the headstone images, and also for your resource. Your hard work is appreciated!

MORTIMERSuperb service!Having requested a photo of a grave, the highly detailed images was sent almost immediately. Thank you and well done! It has moved me to offer my services at my local churchyard.

MORTONEyam linksThank you for such a swift response to my request. I have added the headstone photograph you sent me to the others in my family history research file. This service is so very helpful to people like me who live a fair distance away from the people whom they are researching. You haven't seen the last of me! Many thanks!

MORTONThank youMany thanks - without GPR I would not have located this gravesite at short notice. I am amazed that the info comes from England - so, with thanks to he internet also.

MORTONAppreciationMany thanks for this great resource. Much appreciated.

MOSCROPMoscrop family treeThankyou for the photo of the grave of JOHN MOSCROP. I have a lot of the MOSCROP family on my family tree.Some are buried in teddington cemetery ,shacklegate lane.This photo is much appreciated.If anyone else is rezearching info on the MOSCROP family please email me. Regards Andrew

MOSESThanksThank you Charles for your prompt service. Having a headstone photo is always a bonus to my research

MOSEYBrilliantVery grateful to Charles for this service. To be able to see a gravestone for a family member I am researching is wonderful, particularly as a visit is difficult because of the distance involved. Thank you.

MOSFORTHExcellent ServiceThank you for a very fast and efficient service

MOSSThank you!I was thrilled to find your resource. Not only to see the photo, but to be able to add more people to my family tree

MOSSFletcher Moss of DidsburyFantastic resource. Many thanks for all your hard work.

MOSS Photothanks for photo, will now try and find other relatives

MOSSThank You What a great website! You don't know how helpful this is to those of us who do not live in the British Isles as we are not likely to ever see these gravestones. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to do this. It is much appreciated.

MOSSRequest for picture of great- grandfather/ great grandmother memorial.Thankyou very much for your prompt reply to my request.I will now visit the cemetery in Cleethorpes and hopefully find the gravestone for myself.

MOTHERSOLEArthur Mothersole, died July 1939.Thank you very much for your reply to my search. Unfortunately, I could not find my ancestor on your lists, but my research continues.

MOTLEYThanksMany thanks for the photo this has helped with my research without these, dedicated voulnters this information would not be avaliable without having to travel many miles to the various cemetery's

MOTTRAMThank you so much for the photograph AnThank you so much for the photograph Another gap has been filled

MOUBRAYFantastic resourceHave found this site very helpful in genealogy and research. Many thanks, and I fully intend to upload/ pass on any gravestone photos I take in the course of my research. Thanks again.

MOULDENWilliam MouldenWilliam Moulden is the great grandfather of my husband, Kevin. Have been researching the family tree and this site has proved most helpful. Especially since photos can be downloaded. Very extensive and thorough site, well worth looking at. Well done!

MOULTONMowton/MoeltonThank you for an excellent service. The information contained on the website is very useful. Being able to send for the photos is an added bonus.

MOUNSEYCannot locate Burial GroundYour details of my grandfather's grave give its location as Plot 63964 in St Michael and All Saints Burial Ground, Hersham Road, Walton on Thames, Surrey. However, I have been unable to locate this. I have the original Grant of Burial which quotes Hersham Road, but plot 94. Any suggestions how I might proceed please?

MOUNTAINFamily Tree RsearchThank you so much for emailing the photograph and so quickly, I live some distance from where my ancestors come from and it is fantastic that this resource is available. Thanks again

MOUNTAINJoseph MOUNTAIN 1863-1903GRO Birth: 2nd Qtr 1863, Spilsby Registration District, Ref: 7a565. Baptised 26 Apr 1863 Mumby Chapel St Leonards, Lincs, ENG. Joseph sn of John & Mary Ann Simcotes MOUNTAIN of Mumby Chapel, farmer.

MOUSERHeadstone for Nicholas Ernest MouserThank you very much Charles for providing this service. From a researcher in Australia, it is much appreciated. Regards, Geoff Mullins

MOWATWILLIAM DOUGLA MOWATThe photo was very helpful and we wish to thank you. There is a lot of work being carried out in the Cemetery and some of the grave stones are being repaired.

MOWFORTHThank youThis is my fourth attempt at trying to thank you for your quick and speedy service at providing my photo requests. You have helped me to dispatch many relatives I have previously been unable to find. Your work is much appreciated.

MOXHAMKeep up the good workMany thanks for such a quick response - I appreciate the work involved in taking the pictures and distributing them

MOXONThank YouThank you for the gravestone image of George Moxon 1799-1864, my husband's 3X Great Grandfather from Barnsley. I greatly appreciate the valuable service you are providing.

MOXONFrancis Holbrook MoxonFrancis was the son of John Pollard Moxon's second wife, Emily Hallam, not his first wife Alice Charlesworth. Francis was a fraternal twin. His twin sister Dorothy Varden Moxon lived until 1990. They were born 24 Sep 1903. Alice Charleworth Moxon died Q1 1902.

MOYMany ThanksMany thanks for the great quality and clear image of Emma Moy's gravestone. Possibly my wife's Great Grandmother. Will research in person sometime soon.

MOYLEMoyles in WimborneThank you, I have been looking for an image of this memorial for years!

MOYSEGravestone of great grandparentsThank you for the photo , it was very interestingand helpful, when I go to Lowestoft next I hope to go and view it in person.Many thanks, and wonderful website.

MOYSEYThanksI had the words but not the picture of his memorial. Many thanks for the pictures.

MUCKLESTONWebsiteThis is an excellent site and I would encourage everyone who is near a cemetery or visiting one to undertake research to take as many photographs as you can. I also love the validation system - very apt!

MUIRThanksThank you so much for the very rapid reply and the wonderful image sent. I am most grateful.

MUIRFamily History ResearchThank you for giving me access to a photograph of the gravestone of my 2x great grandparents,William and Mary Muir.

MUIRHEADBrilliant resourceEasy to find the person that I was looking up, Charles Muirhead. The onscreen description offers a lot historical information that made onward research a lot easier.

MULHERANIt was lovely to find that someone had iIt was lovely to find that someone had installed a memorial plaque on my grandmothers gravesite. May help me to contact missing cousins.

MULLENDERCatherine Mullender gravestone, Pakefield, SuffolkMany thanks for the image of Catherine Mullender, wife of Emanuel. They were my husband's 3 x great grandparents. I would love to hear from anyone else researching the Mullenders. My mother-in-law believed that they came from Holland originally but I have not yet been able to verify this.

MULLEYEdna Gladys Parslow ne Mulley: gravestone at St Andrew's Churchyard, Tostock, SuffolkA beautiful photograph, and very moving - thank you!

MULTIPLEThank you for St Mary Cemetery, Downe, Kent imagesHi Charles, Thank you for photographing, whether you or another, please express my appreciation for their / your time and effort in taking the Photos. I am researching my family and am very grateful to be able to view the gravestones from Perth, Australia. There are numerous family buried in St Mary's Cemetery: Smith, Phillips, Harding, Harris, Stringer. Consequently, I have not thanked you individually as I have downloaded each image. Please accept this as my collective thanks for all images that I have and will download. Regards, Ann Dalton

MUNCASTERFantastic image and quickly deliveredReally happy with this image of my distant relatives grave stone. This will enable me to visit the actual grave on a future visit to the Lancashire area. Many thanks!!

MUNDAYSusan Munday born 1831 coddenham Died Susan Munday 1891I was delighted to find a photo of my gt gt grandmother. Thank you so much for putting these photos online for us. The image was sent back to me straight away. Very professional. Keep up the good work. Thank you again

MUNDELLGrave Stone PicturesWhat a wonderful website with such invaluable information and photo's, I cannot thank Charles enough for his time and effort and very prompt response. Thank You

MUNHALLHi Charles, Many thanks for the image - Hi Charles, Many thanks for the image - it has certainly helped with my family research.

MUNROThank you so very muchThanks so very much for my ancestor's (Henry Munro) monument picture. Words cannot express how excited I was that you had answered my request. I have passed along this website to my genealogy group so hopefully others will be as lucky as I am. Again, thank you.

MUNROThanksA helpful image which has helped forward my research.

MUNROMunro ResearchThankyou so much for a fantastic site and service. The photo is amazing.

MUNROA great photograph,very much appreciatedA great photograph,very much appreciated and a great help in my research. Very much appreciated.

MUNROThank-you so much. Since I live in CanadThank-you so much. Since I live in Canada, and the grave is in Scotland, this is a godsend!!

MUNROMunrosThank you for the photo.,I appreciate it as I did not have on of their grave.

MUNROThanksThank you for the photos - they helped clear up at least one loose end. I have suggested your website to others, hopefully they will get benefit also

MUNROChristina nee Orr Munro Thankyou for such a great site. Have been searching for this image for some time.. Family tree research and this has helped find people by linking names and locations.

MUNSLOWAstbury and MunslowThankyou so very much for sending the photos of my great great great grandparents headstones. The astbury photo has confirmed the name of James Astbury's wife and why she disappeared after 1840 ( unfortunately she died!) The Munslow photo also helps with my family tree research. Without your great service this would not be possible as I live in Australia! THANKYOU!

MURDOCHFamily informationAugusta Maria Murdoch born 1802 in Madeira, was the daughter of Thomas Murdoch (1758-1846) and Charlotte Leacock (1770-1843). Thomas was a wine merchant dealing in Madeira Wines. Their next daughter, Caroline Lennox Murdoch, born in London in 1804, is buried alongside her sister in St Dunstan's graveyard. Another sister, Louisa Murdoch (1795-1838) was married to the vicar of St Dunstan's, Revd. John Kirby (1786-1844) and they were laid to rest in the Kirby crypt, beneath the church.

MURGETTMurcett gravestone Alby NorfolkI think the stone listed as Murcett may be Murgett

MURIWAIGeorge Henry Woods & Ripeka (Rebecca) MuriwaiThank you Charles, for providing me with a photo of my great aunt and uncle's final resting place. I am so glad to have stumbled upon your website. Keep up the great work, we sincerely appreciate your generosity. Kind regards, Moreen

MURPHYGrave of Ann MurphyThankyou Charles for excellent service as usual and a Happy New Year. Regards Pat.

MURPHYThank youA big thank you to Charles for sending the photograph of the Blantyre War Memorial inscription including the names of my three great uncles. James Murphy - Northumberland Fusiliers – Loos – 26/09/1915 Hughie Murphy – Cameron Highlanders – Afion Kara Hissar Turkey - 08/10/1916 Tobias Murphy – Scots Guards – The Somme - 16/09/1916 William, Michael and Richard Murphy enlisted with the three brothers named above on 05/01/1915 from Blantyre. Richard was born 1878 emigrated to USA 1918-21. Parents were William Murphy and Margaret (neé Walters) married Barrhead 02/06/1870. Any information on the above would be most welcome.

MURRAYGravestone information - LYDIA MARY MURRAY (MOXHAY)This has been a really useful resource in confirming where some of my ancestors moved to and were buried, and also enabled me to discover another son I didn't realise they had (since researched and it definitely is the correct family). Many thanks for the work involved in doing this.

MURRAYQuick ResponseWhat a great site, thank you for all your time and effort, which assists greatly with family research.

MURRAYThanks for your very quick response to mThanks for your very quick response to my request and for sending me a very clear image. I was disappointed that there was a reflection of a car on the image so unfortunately I will not be using this for the village WW1 exhibition. Many thanks anyway for your effort.

MURRAYThanksThanks Charles for the gravestone image of Lionel Murray and his wife it was a great moment to discover your webpage and the image today and now to be able to put the final piece of information into their part of my tree is just great thank you cw

MURRAYWilliam Arthur MURRAYDear Charles, Thank you very much for your prompt reply to my request. Your link led to very good images of the grave site. You are providing a very helpful service to us genealogists. I will pass on the web address to others I know.

MURRELLMaritime researchYour photo has been a great help in my research of Hartlepool shipowners. Many thanks for a wonderful site.

MUSGROVEmuch thanks for your researchI really appreciate the time you took in doing this research as my family line dates into 1700's England. I am unable to go to the headstones and am thankful to have found the site so I can get a tangible link to the Musgrove family line. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

MUSHETTWould it be possible to have your voluntWould it be possible to have your volunteers search for a gravestone in the name of MUSHETT in Alloa or Nigg in Scotland ?

MUSKETTA Surprising SuccessI entered my ancestor's name in to Google, was directed to this site and was astounded to see his gravestone. What a success and achieved so easily.

MUSSELLWhat a fantastic site, I have requested What a fantastic site, I have requested a few family grave photo's and always have a speedy response. It as helped me so much with distant relations and I cannot thank you enough regard JL

MUSSELLExcellent website - MUSSELL & HILLYERThank you for operating this very useful and efficient website. It is very easy to search and quick to respond. Images are very clear.

MUSTARDThank you!Thank you, once again, for gravestone images that supply information and confirmation I can get in no other way. So appreciate this service.

MUSTERCHAWORTH-MUSTERSThank you so much for your contribution.

MUSTOEMustoe gravestone, ShurdingtonThank you for a very quick response and perfect photograph.It is always useful when a gravestone gives additional information. This website is a brilliant and very useful resource for all those interested in family history.

MUTTERThank youWe really appreciate the wonderfully quick response to our photo request It really helps with research when we live on the other side of the world. Most appreciated.

MUTTERThanksThanks for the photograph, will look at volunteering.

MUXWORTHYWOW amazingThank you so very much for this wonderful resource. Simply amazing to be able to view this monument from Canada. Forever grateful.

MYCOCKMycock FamilyWe found this site very valuable in our research, and were able to supply the CWGC with images to help in the restoration of a war grave in England, and we are very appreciative of the quick response to our request.

MYERSThank youThanks for forwarding the photo of the Myers family headstone. I have now attached it to my Ancestry tree with a link to this site.

MYHILLThank youThank you for the image. I hope to be able to contribute to this very helpful site in the near future.

MYNGSChristopher MyngsThank you for the grave photo for Christopher Myngs. If any one has details for this gentleman I would be pleased to hear from them. Susan


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