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KENDALAppreciationJust wanted to thank you for the image of my great grandfathers grave,much appreciated.

HODGSONThanks and helpGrateful thanks for this valuable resource. I am researching the life of Rev Charles Henry Hodgson born 1869 and family, and have information on them if anyone is interested.

LOLLEYThankyou for this photo. I found it veryThankyou for this photo. I found it very helpful in that it also displays extra information that I can compare with details I already have. Keep up the good work!

WAUCHOPEDate of burialSt. Andrew Churchyard Dacre, Cumbria - Admiral Robert Wauchope. Monument No. 223 Image Name DSCN0484. The burial date of 1877 for this person is unfortunately incorrect. He died at Edinburgh on 14/6/1862 and I guess he was buried about the 20/6/1862 at St. Andrew Churchyard. The details for his wife Anne are correct. He was born 1789 at Niddrie, Midlothian, Scotland being one of at least 14 children. Regards, Quentin Green

FAIRWEATHERSo helofulI saw my grandparents' (Thomas and Susan Fairweather) headstones once as a child. On returning to the churchyard 35 years later it was so overgrown I couldn't find them. Having found these photographs they gave me the information I need to start tracing my ancestors.

BARKERFred & Nellie BarkerThank you for sending me the grave photo for Fred & Nellie. It has answered a few questions. I would certainly use GPR again.

GIBBONSThank you so much. A superb websiteThank you so much. A superb website

Hannah BentleyThank you so much for the recent photo of the headstone for Hannah Bentley. She died in 1782 aged 58 so I think that makes this my oldest headstone - thanks from your fan in NZ!

MAXWELLthank youthis is the 2nd time I have used this resource. thank you for providing this service which helps many people, some of whom would not be able to visit these graves in person.

GARDNERHeadstoneThank you the photo is great, really good site for people researching family History, the people on the headstone are Father, Mother and son, Charles, Joyce and Charles Gardner

HASTELLThank you.Thank you for the time and trouble of keeping a photographic index of gravestones, helped me a great deal in my family research.

BARTLEThank YouThank you for your recent help. The website is soooo helpful.

TUCKFIELDThankyouWonderful resource and very helpful

BACONThank youMany thanks to Charles Sale for providing access to an image of Charlotte and Joseph Bacon's shared grave monument in Grimsby, England. I live in Dallas, TX and am researching one of my immigrant ancestors. Captain Bacon served as ship master of the SS Huddersfield when my ancestor traveled from Hamburg to Grimsby aboard that vessel in 1891.

LEGG-BAGGFamily HistoryMany thanks for such a great resource. A very clear photo was received almost immediately.

SALMONGravestone photoMany thanks for the gravestone photo, much appreciated.

POULTERappreciationThanks ever so much for sending me an enlarged photo of Andrew Poulter's headstone. He was my great-grandmother's husband. Much appreciated.

JOHNSONLynda Johnson, 1925-2008Many thanks Charles for giving me access to the gravestone image of my aunt Lynda Johnson. I have suggested a correction to the year of death/burial from 2006 to 2008. Your website is a very useful resource for family history research. Keep up the good work.

PADDISONerror?Hi I wonder should the date be 1903 not 1906 for James Paddison, see Photograph of James Paddison monument (grave 289110) Thanks for your wonderful work.

BOGGETTMany thanksResearching from Canada can be a challenge. Thanks for the photo and continue the good work.

STIRRUPWhat a wonderful service you are doing for others. Thank you.T.W. Stirrup was my great Uncle. Full name was Thomas William Stirrup from County Durham England.

WHITTINGTONRobert Whittington GravestoneCharles, thank you for having taken the time to photograph the headstones and research the plots per families. This is a huge help to my family history research. I love having the photos of as many of my ancestor's gravestones as possible. Thanks again, Denise Myler

SIMSThank youThank you very much for the image of my Gt Gt Grand Uncle Fredrick Thomas Sims. To be able to view his headstone without having to travel hundreds of miles to do so is a great benefit to family historians. Many thanks and much gratitude X

LECHMEREGrave mentioning my ancestorI had hoped that this was a MI for my Edmund Lechmere, however it was for one of his servants. Thank you for helping me here. .... more

LAWRIEAncestryThank you so much for being a great source for me researching my grandparents!

SPEIRSAdditional family membersWilliam Speirs / Jane McFarlane gravestone inscription. Just two family members missing from the inscription. Christina Speirs - believed to have emigrated to America in 1910 and married Eric Gilzean in New Jersey. William Muir McFarlane Speirs - died in 1975 in Dundee.

MURDOCHFamily informationAugusta Maria Murdoch born 1802 in Madeira, was the daughter of Thomas Murdoch (1758-1846) and Charlotte Leacock (1770-1843). Thomas was a wine merchant dealing in Madeira Wines. Their next daughter, Caroline Lennox Murdoch, born in London in 1804, is buried alongside her sister in St Dunstan's graveyard. Another sister, Louisa Murdoch (1795-1838) was married to the vicar of St Dunstan's, Revd. John Kirby (1786-1844) and they were laid to rest in the Kirby crypt, beneath the church.

CAMDENThanks for the Grave photoA big thank you to Charles for providing a grave photo which will be very useful in my Family Research

PORTERFamily Footprints - PORTER/ SHARROCK/ DYSON/ PETTII appreciate your dedication to assist with my family history. We all leave a foot print and you are helping preserve them.

COOPERExcellent resource - ANTHONY COOPERThank you so much for the gravestone photo of my great, great, great grandfather. It has helped my family history research and your website is a tremendous resource.

CAMPBELLfamily treeonce again I have been able to find the gravestone of a relative on your site, helps alot with my research on the family tree. Many Thanks

SAMBROOKEJames SambrookThank you, finding this gravestone - by chance - has given me a local link to my family in Staffordshire.

MESSERMESSER GEOFFREYThankyou for the photo that I have been able to download onto my family tree research notes. This is all new to me so I am still learning all the tricks.

HUNTERfamily treeonce again you have come up with the picture of a gravestone for somebody on my family tree. Helps loads in getting death dates. Many Thanks

DEANPhotographThanks for allowing me to download the photo. I have not uploaded the photo to any Internet site, it is just stored locally in my genealogy software. Thanks again.

SAVORYThanksIt helps to cement the family and dates of birth and death to complete the tree many thanks

MOXONFrancis Holbrook MoxonFrancis was the son of John Pollard Moxon's second wife, Emily Hallam, not his first wife Alice Charlesworth. Francis was a fraternal twin. His twin sister Dorothy Varden Moxon lived until 1990. They were born 24 Sep 1903. Alice Charleworth Moxon died Q1 1902.

WALKERThank you for helpI am researching Susan Goat, my late wife. Her grandmother was Louie WALKER married to Thomas GOAT. Elizabeth Walker is shown on the image I have just received with the added information of her children. I really appreciate your help. Thanks.

WILSONThank you!Thank you for sending the gravestone photo for John Henry Wilson, who died on board HMS Warspite off Corfu in 1938. I had an old picture of his grave which had a rather battered wooden cross on it circa 1970, but am glad to see that it now has a smart Commonwealth War Graves stone memorial instead. He was a very distant cousin.

PIKEWilliam Pike Headstone.Thank you so much for sharing these images. As a resident of Australia it is unlikely for me to ever see them in person so I am extremely grateful for the efforts you have undertaken. All the best.

HORSPOOLWonderful site! Thank you for taking thWonderful site! Thank you for taking the time to index all of this information! I'm very grateful for your efforts.

TURNERAppreciationA very helpful resource for tracing my easily navigable site. Thank you for the quick response!

MARJORAMWonderful serviceThank you so very much for allowing me to see a photograph if my great great grandmothers gravestone in Diss churchyard. I didn't believe this would be possible, and then it popped up on the screen.

GREGORYKnightThank you do much for the Photo Brilliant Help very quick response,

SKAGGSMary ColeYour website is a real help. The response is quick and the picture is of good quality. Thanks so much and I will surely be back.

HALLMany Thanks Many thanks to your site I've been able to research my ancestor's and discover where they are laid to rest, with out this service this wouldn't have been possible

LEPPERLooking for family tiesHaving found the picture of the grave stone of Henry Lepper of Lydd Kent on your site it put me in contact with someone who could take me four generations back. A great help.

NEWSONThanksThank you for maintaining this site. It has proved useful in the past but not sure the gravestone of Samuel Newson is relevant to me as there is no date on it, however worth looking at. If ever visiting a graveyard I will take pics and send them to you.

WILSONThanksThis is a very useful site and must have taken a huge amount of time to prepare and maintain. Thank you.

WRIGHTthanksspeedy and helpful. appehensive with waning from mcafee re site,probably linked to ask site


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