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List of Feedback

surnametitle of the comment / feedbackcomment / feedbacksubmittednum
ROLFERolfe family in NorfolkThanks for the rapid response. Now much clearer to read. Hope to use your service again soon.

SMEEDThank youThank you Charles, wonderful resource for those far away.

INSCHINSCH AND TURNERJust wanted to send a big thank you for the photo, it helps confirms information on hand.

GALEGreat Site to NavigateI have been to this site several times, and it’s very easy to get the information you are looking for. I am researching Parnell and Mary Wilhelmina Gale (Shine) and any Gale connected to them.

COOKHERBERT COOK - Thank youThank you once again for this wonderful resource: the photographs are so clear - and I know from my limited experience that is not easy.

GALEGreat Site to NavigateI have been to this site several times, and it’s very easy to get the information you are looking for. I am researching Parnell and Mary Wilhelmina Gale (Shine) and any Gale connected to them.

BLOMFIELDthank youthank you for all you do as it has helped me tremendously with my family tree research

PROCTORStearman GraveThank you for your help with my research.

PETTITA GREAT RESOURCE FOR FAMILY HISTORYThis website is an excellent resource for those looking for the final resting place of a family member. The quality of the material is first class and clearly shows the diligence of all who have taken the time to produce this material in their own time and at their expense. Well done.

GUINNESSRequest for 2 images.Recently requested 2 images which were received promptly and of very good quality. Would recommend.

HOLLEYHEADservicegreat service, larger image confirmed this is my great grandparents grave, Emmanuel and Louisa Holleyhead, and that we will be able to find it much more easily in the graveyard

PERRYMany thanks for re-submitting the photo Many thanks for re-submitting the photo to me of Jemima Perry's gravestone. I accidentally deleted the first one you sent me some time ago.Kind regards

BALLSThank youI was in Suffolk recently visiting my great aunts grave. I did not know where my great uncles grave was. I located it on returning home and feel sad I missed the opportunity to visit it. However this resource of Charles Sale’s has enabled me to see his grave. Much appreciated.

AVEYFamily Grave locationsI wish to thank you again for such a valuable resource that helps me as Churchwarden, answer questions from people researching their family trees and for checking as a backup to church registers for full burials/cremated remains etc

HALLIWELLThank you Charles SaleThis is a fantastic service, especially for someone like me who is disabled and not in the country of my family’s origin. I would really have a tough time finding this information and these images without this service.

RABETTAn excellent resourceVia this website, I have just found the image of the monumental inscription of my 7 x great grandfather John Rabett (1663 - 1702). What a marvellous resource. I also found his PCC proved will elsewhere and was able to use both resources to validate his children, parents, wife and father-in-law.... fantastic, keep up this great work for researchers.

MARTINThankyou - MARTIN / BUONAVOLONTAThis website is a fantastic resource. Quick and easy to navigate. I am currently researching my family tree and this has helped me find my ancestors.

MCNAUGHTheadstone image for Joan Margaret McNaught. Thank you so much for this free service which has been aThis free service is a bonus and very much appreciated. Thanks for sending it back so quick.

ABEGrateful thanksThanks for providing this service as it is no longer possible for me to wander round graves looking for the ones I wish to see.

GUINNESSJohn M Guinness HeadstoneThank you for access to the picture of the headstone for John M Guinness. Great quality and service.

FORDMany Thanks for all that you do it is grMany Thanks for all that you do it is greatly appreciated . I would hope one day I can be of help .

LETTSA Thank YouA thank you for all your efforts collating and publishing all this information, you gave me another piece to my research.

NIVISONThanks once again for such a great serviceThanks once again for such a great service - NIVISON, THOMAS AND FAMILY

DI PLACITIODI PLACITIO/CAPALDI - distant cousinVery useful website and helpful in giving relationships where there is a family plot, helped me tidy up a few ends on a great aunt Domenica di Placito and her husband.

WILLIAMSmany thanks for directing me to the photmany thanks for directing me to the photo of my great grandparents gravestone

ANDREWSThank you once again Charles for your prThank you once again Charles for your prompt response and attention to my request . I am looking for Gamage Andrews who allegedly died at sea and is buried or mention in a graveyard at Clovelly ,Devon ?

RICHESEdgar Charles RichesThank you for supplying me with a copy of the Banham War Memorial photo. A simple process.

PEPPERELLGreat site for family researchThank you for the link to the gravestone I was interested in, very helpful. Still a mystery as to why only one child had Pepperell in their name but the search continues...….

CALDERFlorence Grace CalderI requested a copy of a photo of the tombstone for Florence Grace Calder (nee Hardy, All Saints Church burial ground, Beeston Regis, Norf.) and received it right away through a link on the website. I am very pleased with the service. I am researching Hardy, Fuller, Everitt, Hewitt. Am descended from James Hewitt Fuller, b. 1808, Hockering, Norf.

SKINNERGrave stoneThank you very much for assisting me in my research

CHERRYMany thanks for an excellent service andMany thanks for an excellent service and this has provided useful dates to further progress my research.

GARRARDGravestone of two brothers GarrardThanks for the use of site, already have Frederick grave pictures was hoping for George,s grave stone. Thanks anyway good site. M J Moore

HANDValuable ResourceA valuable resource, especially for those who are unable to travel to places where their ancestors lived.

WILSONThank you very much for the photo of JamThank you very much for the photo of James Wilson and family. Teresa is my Husband's 3x Great Aunt and she was the second Wife of James. She and James didn't have children of their own, but she became Mum to James's children. This site is so helpful please keep up the great work you do

COLLISHEBrilliant Site. Thank youI have used this site a few times now when researching my family tree and although many of my graves are not available I am always excited and happy when I find one of my relatives final resting places. Thankyou to all for their amazing work

COLEHenry John Cole headstoneHaving used this service previously I thinks it's great especially when one lives so far away from the actual area. Would highly recommend this & keep up the good work. Invaluable

DEEExcellent Website adds missing link to family TreeThe quick and efficient return of an image of the gravestone has enabled us to fit in another piece of the jigsaw in respect of the Dee family tree in Warwickshire

SEAMANThank you so much for the ability to see the grave stones of my ancestors.There were sisters Helena Houghton Seaman and Charlotte Elizabeth Seaman. Their parents Lydia and William Seaman and his parents Elizabeth and George Seaman. My great aunts, Great grandparents and Great grandparents.

CROSSSuch an amazing service. !I have not been able due to health reasons to visit the grave of my father, John Henry Cross, for many years. I had forgotten the care that his partner,Marion, had taken in arranging the illustrations on the headstone. Thank you Charles and your volunteers for an unexpected but very efficient and helpful service.

SHOUTPhotoMANY MANY thanks for the photos I really appreciate the time and resources that you have given to this project

NICHOLSThanksThank you for this site, its much easier than travelling miles and miles just for one Headstone!

BICKERTONGreat siteWas able to view headstone of ancestors many miles away. Thanks

WELLSJesse Jazeb WellsThank you - clearly Jazeb not Jabez

COYTEThank YouThank you so much I will be able to send the photos to William Coytes son he will be so pleased . Thank you again.

CAMPBELLWonderful ResourceAn invaluable resource. I am so grateful to be able to see a picture of my father’s gravestone, as I have not yet been able to visit due to distance and circumstances.

HODGSONMany thanks for such a quick service, so helpful in this day & ageThank you so much for the fast response. The photo has exceeded my expectations both in terms of the unbelievable clarity of the inscription and the value of the information it provides. I really do commend you on the truly wonderful and worthwhile service you are providing in offering people the chance and above all, the hope, of tracing their family roots. Without your great enthusiasm and resolve the wealth of information held within these cemetries would be very quickly lost forever.

AMORYResearching my family history.Thank you very much for allowing me to view image of grave stone showing names of four family members.This is a fantastic website, lots of information given.

DOWNINGThank you so much for your helpThank you for your help, you are building bridges between people and their families. That is priceless. x

PADDISONHelpful photoCharles, thanks for the image you sent me it cleared one chapter and started another, many thanks.

PAYNEThankyouThankyou for access to an image of a gravestone. I am researching for a brain injured client who does not have access to internet and is not able to research himself. By doing some research for him, has brought back some memories that were hidden in the deep recesses of his mind. It has brought him great pleasure to recall events and people he had only a vague recollection of. Thankyou.


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