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List of all comment / feedback / help requests for Surnames starting with L

surnametitle of the comment / feedbackcomment / feedbacksubmittednum
LACCOHEEThank youThank you so much for sending me the image of the momument that I was looking for. I was extremely pleased to receive this in less than 24 hours! I did not expect such a fast response time. I will be sending on this information to other members of my family who are also involved in researching our family name.

LACEYRobert LaceyThank you for such a wonderful resource. I appreciate all the work that has gone into it.

LADLEYRichard & Susannah LadleyThank you so much, I found this site by accident, I now have the death dates for my 4 x great grandparents.

LAFFERTYThanksThank you very much for the photo's of headstones that I requested., Will add some info that I have for them

LAFLINLAFLIN FIRBYThank you for your help, this has assisted me in my geneology project kind regards

LAFLINThank you so much for being so quick witThank you so much for being so quick with the photograph of Christopher Percy Laflin's grave. I do not know who the Dorothy Laflin on the gravestone is but will do all I can to find out and let you know.

LAHEEFeedbackWhat a fantastic Free resource. How wonderful that volunteers give up their time to research and photograph Headstones in this Cemetery. I would never be able to do this, as I live too far away. Thank you so much, it is so appreciated.

LAHEYOnce again, thank you, Charles.Charles, you do a wonderful job with this web site. Even though I live in Australia I don't always have the time to source the cemeteries and headstones in my own state. Cheers.

LAIDLAWThank youThank you for the photo for Marion - nee Laidlaw and Edward Thomson. It was a big help also because of two extra names. Many thanks Julie

LAIDLERJohn and Ann LaidlerThank you for providing access to the enlarged photograph as requested. Apologies for the delayed response, this was because my email automatically filed it under Trash for some reason.

LAIMBEERJane LaimbeerMaiden name is Jane LUGG

LAINGResponse I am very impressed with the response time from this site. I hope that more people will volunteer to supply images. Many gravestones are deteriorating fast and information could be lost forever.

LAINGA Great Resource!Thank you Charles for the great resource assisting those of us who don’t have the ability to travel to these unique locations to look for lost relatives.

LAINGGreat resource: LAING/WRIGHTThanks for the image. These go along way in filling some gaps in my research’

LAINGThank You FOr Help in Solving a PuzzleThank you for helping to identify a great uncle who I met when I was a child and couldm't place in my family tree. I now know that Uncle Norman was my paternal grandmother's brother. I spent many hours searching for Norman combined with various family surnames before stumbling across this website. It is an excellent resource. Many thanks for the efforts you put in making it available.

LAINGThomas Laing KirklistonThank you for such a prompt response from this great resource. A photo of my three times great grandparents grave is much appreciated.

LAINGThank youI have been researching my GGG grandfather Rev. William LAING. His daughter Joanna doesn't appear on Christening records, but the grave inscriptions and photo have been pivotal in establishing her as a family member. Many thanks for the great work. Brian

LAINGThank youThank you to GPR for a super resource. Your painstaking work is much appreciated. I will continue to explore as I'm sure there are other gems to be discovered! I have already found one (in another name).

LAING LThank you for your quick response. ThisThank you for your quick response. This is a great service and will definitely be using it again. Thanks again. Margaret

LAITScan0001a big thank you for your help kind of you to make time for helping others keith

LAITwrong first name transcribed.GPR Grave # 379490, image name 2821, is listed as Arnold Grafton LAIT and it is actually Harold Grafton LAIT written on the headstone.

LAKEGreat serviceHoew fantastic that from halfway around the world I can access images of ancestor's gravestones. Thank you so much

LAKEThank you.Thank you for sending the link for the photos of my great grandparents gravestones so quickly. This is an amazing and impressive resource. I'm sure I'll be using it again soon. Thanks again.

LAKEThanksThanks for emailing the link so quickly. This site is a brilliant resource. You (and any helpers) must have put an awful lot of time and effort into it and I for one am very grateful.

LAKEImageThanks for the quick response to my request

LAKEBruce Launcelot LakeMany thanks for the photograph of the headstone which you sent in response to my request. It has helped me in the research that I am carrying out into the life of Bruce Launcelot Lake.

LAKEthank you as always first class servicethank you as always first class service

LAKEgravestoneThank you for the photo

LAKERPhotograph of Head Stone for George Lillywhite and Spouse Amelia nee WebbAbsolutely superb website so much information..Thank you so mcuh all of you..

LAKERGrave photsThank you very much for providing the photo, I have never seen the gravestone itself, although I did attend my grandmothers funeral. A great resource, thank you for your time again

LAKINThankyou Charles for an incredible Site.Although I didn't find any connections to my grandfather, Ernest Lakin or he may have been Herbert, I did find some Lakins and that was interesting. The Rock Cemetry looks beautiful and very interesting. Next time I'm in Nottingham I will definitely be visiting the site. So Thankyou Charles, you do an incredible service.

LALORThanksDear GPR, thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly. I was delighted to be able to confirm information on a member of my family for my family history research. I was referred to your site by if that information is useful for you. Thank you again and keep up the great work! Leo Lalor

LAMBAn invaluable resourceI was lucky enough to find this site recently and in a very short time had been supplied with an excellent photograph which has provided the information I'd been searching for. The project is a huge undertaking and invaluable as a source of information for family research so I for one will be taking photo's to help it grow.

LAMBExcellentI was impressed to find this web site. I found a Frederick William Lamb who may be a distant relative. We are Liverpool,Lancashire : Lamb

LAMBA very helpful and professional site A very useful, professional and helpful resource which is very valuable and with more support from other people, could cover a much larger range of churches and graveyards; although the coverage already is very good.

LAMBJames and Eileen Lamb husband and wifeI live far away and wanted something to remember my grandparents who died a long time ago.

LAMBRelationships to Anthony LambIn your record of the gravestone headed Anthony Lamb it states that the relationships of Elizabeth, Jane, Louisa and Isabella Lamb are not recorded. They were all sisters to Anthony and all 5 children died within about a 3 week period spanning late December 1855 to January 1856.

LAMBThank you for your help and quick responThank you for your help and quick response for posting the gravestone of Tom Lamb,this website is very helpful in family research and I will certainly recommend it.

LAMBLamb familyI found the image of John Anson Lamb & family's gravestone on this site and it helped to resolve almost all the issues I had relating to the number of his children, when they died and so on. This was a really useful image on a very useful website and I'd like to thank the owner for putting it up for me to find. We are now planning to visit J A Lamb's grave and lay flowers on it in memory of him and his family.

LAMBI found a new relativeThank you-when looking for information about Cuthbert and Ann Lamb (nee Dawson), I found another son I did not know existed

LAMBESimply wonderful...This is the best genealogical "treasure" that I have come across in years. Thank you - so much! To be able to set my eyes upon the actual 428-440 year old gravestone monument of my very great grandparents is beyond words. I having never been to England had no idea where to look or that these records even existed. Had I not come across your site I would be so much the poorer having never realized this amazing connection to my ancestors. Thank you, again and again!

LAMBEWonderful Site and Terrific VolunteersCharles, thank you so much for sending the picture of Thomas and Winifred Lambe's gravesite. It's a wonderful addition to a family tree.

LAMBERTHeadstone George LambertThank you for sending the link to enable me to add this to my Family History Research. Because I live in Victoria I am unable to go to cemeteries in South Australia to research them myself so I really appreciate your help. Regards. Shirley Taylor

LAMBERTThank You for an excellent experienceI truly appreciate your timely response to my inquiry - it has helped to resolve a family mystery (USA) jeo

LAMBIEHappy To Help!Many thanks for this excellent image. I have around 200 photos of Lambie graves in Scotland. I would be happy to upload some.

LAMBOURNEFantastic Service I would just to like to say thank you for the fantastic service you are providing. A great service for anyone who doesn't live in the area their ancestors did.

LAMINMANThank YouHello Charles I just wanted to say what a great resource you are providing. Very helpful and time saving. Thank you for your time and efforts in maintaining your website. I will make the effort to provide you with some photos in the near future. Thanks again! Daryn Laminman

LAMMINGThanksAs always I found this image useful thank you for your service

LAMONDHuge help for family research into the Lamond family of EdinburghMany thanks for your help with the Lamond family in Edinburgh, the gravestone pictures on your site which relate to the family were a huge assistance.

LAMPSONThank you.What a special website - found through Ancestry. Thank you for the photo!

LANCASTERGeorge LancasterI would like to thank you for this brilliant service. The stated date of death has been misread from the gravestone due to wear. It should be 1848 - supported by the fact that the "main" occupant shown on the stone died 1839, so George who has been added to the gravestone later must have died after 1839. I already have him in my tree as being born 1831.

LANCHESTERgratitudeI never dreamed I would be able to find my 5th g.grandparents head stone on-line and without leaving my family room. This is a wonderful site. However, it has given me a desire to travel and see the real thing. (oh oh) :) Thanks Again, RK

LANDONLandons and Paleys.I found this web site very helpful in enabling me to find some of my ancestors.

LANDSBERGLANDSBERG/ HOLT/EVANS/WATTSI have received a number of gravestone images from this source, which have always been provided promptly and are very useful with my research. The contact from others feature is also helpful & I have made a useful contact through this.

LANEFantastic serviceI very much appreciate that this website is available. The quality of the photos is excellent as is the service. Regards DM

LANEResearching Lane and Farr in Worcestershire and ShropshireThis is a great resource, thank you. I will certainly make a donation and hopefully would like to contribute when time allows.

LANELouisa Lane memorialThanks for information on Louisa Lane's memorial. This gave previously unknown birth and address information and was much appreciated

LANEThank you so very much for the photo andThank you so very much for the photo and the quick response. I really appreciate the information. It helps a lot with my research. Great site. I'll be looking for more ancestors here in the near future.

LANEHelpful serviceRequested image links provided swiftly and efficiently. Many thanks.

LANEGeorge Henry LaneThe image was much appreciate and thank you for what you do

LANE Thank youA great site that I would love to help out with. I have found two graves that previously that I've had no knowledge of. A volunteer request has been sent as would love to help out as and when I can as I have now have extra time on my hands.

LANGBORNElangborne genealogyWhat a great site thank you it is defficult to find out anything when you live half a world away.

LANGLEYIbelieve these are ancestors of mine,so Ibelieve these are ancestors of mine,so nice to know where they are resting.Thankyou

LANGMAID Orford ChurchThanks for the photos of my 4 x great grand father.

LANGRIDGEThank youI would like to thank you for the 2 grave headstones that I requested. They have helped me with my research into my family history. I was directed to your site through a web hint in I live in Spain so the images were so helpful. Kind regards,

LANGRIDGEThank youThank you Charles. Very kind of you to respond so quickly. Your images are of immense help to someone like myself who lives a long way from Sussex and has been unable to visit these gravestones. Tracing my family history has not been easy but I've enjoyed doing it and discovering wonderful resources like this.

LANGTHORNEGeorge W LangthorneMany thanks for supplying the image of the grave of George W Langthorne. Very helpful

LANSDELLPrompt responseI think it's great that you run this site and provide this service. I for one appreciate it very much, especially the speed with which you respond.

LANSONThanks for the site and photoI found this site by accident, but it enabled me to discover or confirm information about my maternal grandparents and great-grandparents. The site is a wonderful resource!

LAPIDGEThank youThis site is an invaluable asset to family research.

LAPWOODHappy to help with anything if requiredGreat website Based in New Zealand

LARAMANResearching the Laraman's from Faversham and WhitstableI would be so interested to link up with any fellow researchers working on the Laraman's from Whitstable or Faversham. I have fairly good data drawn from census etc, but it would be fascinating to know if any distant relatives are still local for me to liaise with. I thank anyone who is kind enough to take the time to respond. My connection is that my great grandfather married a Laraman from Whitstable. Thanks again. Laurence

LARCOMBELarcombe photoAppreciate the fast reply , Love been able to access photos I may never otherwise have. Will give your site a mention in our next genealogy newsletter as I am sure there are others who will use this service.Thankyou .... more

LARDER returned to their Home town - FRANK EDWIN LARDERwill visit next year, Coming home..Allen

LARDERThanksThank you for a most helpful resource for family historians

LARGEThank you!Just want to say thank you for the photo and acknowledge the valuable work of the volunteers. I came across the website this afternoon for the first time and by this evening I had received the link to the photo. Thanks again. .... more

LARKINLarkin family, East PeckhamMany thenks for the photographs of the Larkin memorial which give me some useful information for researching my possible connection to this family.

LARKMANThank You so very much Charles for this Thank You so very much Charles for this wonderful service. It enriches our family history so much to have images of our ancestors headstones.

LARNERThanksMany thanks for your prompt response to a request for a photo of the gravestone for Samuel Larner. Your work is much appreciated.

LARVIESorry found the details requested hard tSorry found the details requested hard to include on the email form hope I got it right this time.

LARWILLThankyou for connecting familyI was very lucky to be contacted by a member of my family tree (Edgcumbe0; after I had gravestone photo sent to me. We live at opposite sides of the world, but it is just wonderful to have such a contact - and thankyou for your hard work.

LASCELLESresearching Lascelles in EnglandDo you know if this John Lascelles was married to a Nancy Ann Galtress and did they have a son Thomas Robert who came to America?

LASCELLESresearchingThank you so much for your help with the family search. It is a very nice thing that you are doing. I live in the US and most likely will never get to England to see this grave. I appreciate your posting. Thanks again.

LASKEYMary Laskey gravestone inscription etcAm advised full transcription reads: Sacred to the memory of Mary Laskey, Wife of William the son of the Rev. William Laskey,Rector of Braton, and The daughter of William James, late Commander of the Portland Falmouth Packet Who came on a visit to her daughter at Hope and Departed life July 27th 1841 aged 68 years. Her end was Peace. Mary LASKEY (nee JAMES)(1772-1841)born Falmouth. Capt.William JAMES (1745- ?)born Falmouth. William Gearing LASKEY (c1770s- ?)born Bratton Clovelly, Devon. Rev. William LASKEY (1744-1793) born Perranarworthal, was rector of Bratton Clovelly till Oct 1779, then rector of Trevalga till death. Sarah GARING/GEARING (c1745-?) born Rotherhithe, married Rev William LASKEY 1765 at St Giles in the Fields, Middlesex.

LASTjames lastthank you for your piture of james last head stone i found it very usfull .

LASTThank youWhat a great resource of those unable to visit the cemetery. The information given is not quite correct in that Leonard Charles Last was not the sun of Percy and Georgina Cook. He was their nephew.

LASTAn excellent research facilityThank you very much for permitting me to access the high quality image of the gravestone of James Last, about which I enquired earlier today

LASTPhotosThank you for the photos you have sent so far. This is a wonderful site and I will be requesting more.

LATHAMWonderful WebsiteWow. What a wonderful thing you have done. I love your website. Thank you so much for all the work you put into this. I never would have thought I could log in to website I stumbled upon and come away with a clean photograph of Dr. Arthur Carlyle Latham's gravestone. Best Regards, Bill Latham

LATHBURY1st venturewallowing in the muddy waters at present but anticipate with various levels some clarity will evolve.

LATHERONThank youMany thanks for the photo, made it a lot clearer as to what happened to him.

LATIMERExcellentSpent ages trying to find death details and wow another success using this excellent resource. Thanks yet again

LATTERImagesThank you so much for the images really pleased to have them and would never have found them without your help.

LATTYTHANK YOU FOR PROVIDING THE HEADSTONE IMAGESThank you for providing the headstone images as part of my researching the LATTY family.

LAUNCHBURYthank you fantastic service thank you so much for the pictures,what a great idea.I would love to help with the taking of photos in the leamington spa area,but at the moment only have a mobile phone and not a camera as soon as I get my hands on a digital camera I will be offering my services thank you once again

LAURANCELAURANCE / DAWSONThis had been an invaluable addition to my collection of records concerning my ancestors, has saved me considerable effort and dare I say it, help to bring mylong dead ancestors to life ! .... more

LAURENCEGravestone Monument ImageThanks for this wonderful service, even sent to me during your holiday time!!

LAURENCEThank you very much for your prompt replThank you very much for your prompt reply, I know the information will be helpful. I go to a genealogy class and will be happy to recommend your web site. Susan

LAVERICKthank youthank you for sending me the photo of my Grand Parents Headstone.I really appreciated the information I have got from this. Sue Lambert

LAVERICKGreat ResourceCharles, Many thanks for the image, this is a great resource for researchers. John

LAVERTYThank youThank you for very efficient and timely help

LAWSo thankfulThank you so much for sending three pictures. They are so clear. I really appreciated how quickly they came. What a wonderful, kind and generous service you have for us far-flung descendants. Regards, Gail

LAWAppreciationThanks for providing such an excellent resource. The photograph you have provided of the memorial stone, validated impotant research I have conducted elsewhere and has therefore been very helpful. Rgds.

LAWThank youMany thanks for providing this information. I now have a much better idea of the family of Thomas Hooper Law than I had before finding your website.

LAWNA very helpful site.I have been searching on this site several times and have found evidence of many ancestors in the Churchyard of All Saints in Saxton, Yorkshire.

LAWNSpeedy Response - thank youBrilliant to receive such a good photo of grave of William Lawn and family - really useful to fill in gaps in my information.

LAWNGrave detailsHi Brilliant website, found loads of info, but a couple of details incorrect, headstone DCSF1541, Lawnswood, Leeds Cemetery, should read Lucy Barker & Mary Anne Southern is Ben Lawn's sister not son in law, just transposed wrongly I think, don't know if you are interested in changing it Regards Pat Knight .... more

LAWNA fantastic resourceThank you so much for making this information available. I am finding information about ancestors which is just brilliant. Well done to all who have had a hand in creating this brilliant resource.

LAWRENCELawrence Graves at Ebenezer Chapel, AmrothThanks for doing this entire graveyard. It is on a steep slope and inaccessible to those with limited mobility. My grandparents are buried there as well as other relatives. Thanks to lady who did the whole yard.

LAWRIEAncestryThank you so much for being a great source for me researching my grandparents!

LAWRIEcopies of gravestone imageswonderful website and brilliant resource. Thank you so much, this helped clear up a sticking point in my research.

LAWRIEwebsite feedbackThis website is an enormously helpful and useful resource. thanks SO much to those who run it.

LAWSJohn Hopper, DurhamThanks so much for posting the monument of John Hopper and his immediate family!

LAWSONLocation of stain glass window in photos.Can you tell me where the stain glass window you supplied me photos of is located? Is there a church or building in the Old Barony Private cemetery? It is dedicated to Alexander Lawson & wife Susan Cownie. Thank you!

LAWSONBrother's Alexander & John Lawson's commemorative gravestone at Kirriemuir & stain glass window commThank you very much for the photo of the brother's Alexander & John Lawson's commemorative gravestone of the family at Kirriemuir, as well as the 2 photos of the stain glass window commemorating Alexander Lawson & his wife Susan Cownie. They have allowed us to go back 2 more generations. We live in Canada so really appreciate the service.

LAWSONGravestone imageMany thanks for the image received so instantly - I am most impressed. - Excellent for someone searching from the other side of the world. Thank you.

LAWSONGeorge Lawson gravestoneCame across this website unexpected, and it was an excellent resource. I have an old diary dated 1817, with lots of names and dates recorded, but found it difficult to work out who everyone was. All the names on the headstone match with names recorded, and states relationships. Has been a valuable resource and a quick responsive service with good links to other potentially useful information. Thank you for your time and effort in building up this informative but gradually fading information and preserving records that may soon be difficult to resource.

LAWSONGeorge Lawson gravestoneCame across this website unexpected, and it was an excellent resource. I have an old diary dated 1817, with lots of names and dates recorded, but found it difficult to work out who everyone was. All the names on the headstone match with names recorded, and states relationships. Has been a valuable resource and a quick responsive service with good links to other potentially useful information. Thank you for your time and effort in building up this informative but gradually fading information and preserving records that may soon be difficult to resource.

LAWSONThank youWhat a fantastic service you are providing. Thank you!

LAWSONThank you so much!Incredibly speedy reply, thank you so very much

LAWTONVery Pleased - LAWTON/MYCOCKThank you for the photo of my cousin's grave, it's much appreciated.

LAXThank youThank you for the very prompt delivery of the image relating to Thomas Robson Lax. Your website is absolutely invaluable to the family historian.

LAYheadstone photosThank you Charles. Fantastic website and search engine. Easily accessible and very informative. Will re-use to search for my other family names

LAYCOCKAndrew Alexander Laycock, Annie Laycock and Minnie LaycockI have just recently learned that my greatgrandparents and my grandmother were buried in North Cemetary. I could not find their names anywhere, but would love to have some information if anyone has something. We are planning a trip to Hartlepool in June, and I was hoping to find where my family is buried. We are coming from Texas. I have been reading about North Cemetary and it is such a shame, but glad to see people trying to save now. Thanks

LAYCOCKFabulous ResourceThank you for a wonderful and free resource. Very much appreciated.

LAZENBYThanksVery useful site, thanks.

LAZENBYCharles Lazenby HeadstoneMany thanks for the headstone image. Very good quality and in less than 24 hours.

LE FRANCOISThank-youThank-you for your prompt reply to my request. The image of the gravestone is first class and of great help. Brilliant.

LE GRICEGrowing my family resourcesI have been studying the Le Grice Tree for 36 years and adding photos of final resting place stones is a further extension of the detail for as many on my tree as possible

LE GRICEBrilliant website Brilliant website - thank you so much for the fantastic service following my request for an image. Also a big thank you to all the volunteers and helpers who have compiled the register.

LE PLALE PLA/ LEPLAWThankyou Charles for sending the Gravestone image of Marc Le Pla so promptly. I have used this service before & I am always happy with the images & the your easy to use & informative website. Hopefully I will be able to help out with some images from My local cemetery.

LE POIDEVINThank you.Thank you.

LEAJOHN HINTON LEA GRAVEOutstanding - brilliant to see this photo without having to drive to Shropshire - thanks!!!

LEAGravestonThank you very much for making this gravestone of my ancestor available to me, it helped me tie up some loose ends. Austin

LEACHSue Biddle's Photo of Arthur Leach's Tombstone My heartfelt thanks to Sue Biddle for finding in 2014 and photographing a Chisnall family tombstone in All Saints Church Cemetery, Sproughton, Suffolk, England.My thanks to you also for this amazing website which is a boon to genealogists! My great grandmother Agnes Ellen Chisnall (1850-?) is buried in her father Arthur Leach's (1797-1883) plot.As she grew up in Hadleigh and spent her married life in nearby Brantham - we did not know where she was buried. .... more

LEADERGravestone of William Francis LeaderMany thanks for the image of the grave of William Francis Leader. In researching family history it is relatively easy to obtain dry lists of names and dates but pictures add the human element.

LEADLEYLEADLEY/WAUDBYI would like to thankyou for your superb service. It has helped make my tree more interesting. Once again Thanks.

LEADLEYThanksHi Charles thanks for sending me the photo of my G G Grandfathers grave. It is very much appreciated. I think the website is brilliant and I'm glad I came across it. Kind regards Sally

LEADLEYYou are doing a fantastic job, thank youYou are doing a fantastic job, thank you. Such a lovely picture of gravestone looking towards Whitby Abbey.

LEAK Thank you!Thank you, very much, for this website and for the amazing gravestone image of my ancestors, the Leak and Marsden families. this just made my day and it is very exciting and rewarding to come across this in my genealogy searching, today. A million thanks!

LEAKEGeneral Robert MARTIN LEAKEGeneral Robeet MARTIN LEAKE b:. 1783 Coddenham, Suffolk d: 187. Death registered Sep Q 1873 at Godstone, Surrey

LEAKEThank youThank you for the images of Robert Levett Leake's monument.

LEAKEsearch for graveMany thanks for the image of Robert Leake,s grave, I have been trying to find it since we moved to our house. Robert Leake owned 'Hoders' in Oxted, our house was originally an agricultural building part of the estate. Work was completed on it in 1812 and a plaque was placed above the door with the date and Robert Leake's initials

LEARMONTThank youI am researching this family name as it was through marriage. What a great suprise it was to me to see all the names and dates right there. Thank you to whoever put this together.

LEASKphotoA great site that has obviously taken a lot of hard work and dedication . Many thanks and to all who have contributed.

LEATHESLeathes family treeI have a burial date of 19th July 1788 Reedham for The Rev.Edward Leathes. Any information would be welcomed.

LEAVESLEYImagesFast response to request, sent next day. Lovely clear image.

LECHMEREGrave mentioning my ancestorI had hoped that this was a MI for my Edmund Lechmere, however it was for one of his servants. Thank you for helping me here. .... more

LECKIEGraveThis website was very useful and it was very easy to request a picture and I received it very quickly.

LEDDENGreavestone photo for William LeddenMany thanks for sending me the photo of my great x 3 grandparents' gravestone. This is a wonderful facility.

LEDDRASincere ThanksThank you for letting me use your wonderful service. This has enabled me to fill a gap in our family history.

LEDGARDGravestone photographic informationThanks Charles distance makes my research hard with you providing this service it makes things a lot easier. Great Web site

LEDIAEVThank you very much for sending me a copThank you very much for sending me a copy of my sisters monument. Xo

LEDINGHAMPhotoThanks for the prompt reply to a request fir a photo. Much appreciated

LEEThankyou! Thankyou for such a quick response, I have only just started researcing my family tree and grateful to have 'stumbled' upon this resource so quickly. I shall definitively be using it again. Thanks again!

LEEMary Jane Lee PhotoThank you so much for this wonderful service. I am unable to get to the cemetery and so really appreciate being able to see the MI. Mary Jane apparently wasn't buried until 22 April and her death reg is elusive. Mystery. Your photo may help clarify - thanks again

LEELEE/MCKAY/GILLthankyou for your dedication in providing a free service where many of us would be unable to get to cemeterys for family research because of distance

LEEThank you!Just wanted to say thank you so much Charles for sending me the image of the memorial that bears my relative’s name. The service you provide is incredible and must involve such a lot of work and dedication from yourself. I, for one really appreciate it.

LEEThe Lee Family of Sibthorpe, NottinghamshireMany thanks to the photography volunteers and those who have created and maintained this valuable site. 11 photos of family gravestones viewed. That is fantastic! Mary Lund Toronto, Canada

LEEAn excellent resourceThank you very much for the image. Is very much appreciated especially how quickly it was sent.

LEEGrave number: 22422Many thanks to all concerned re my request for the Photo, very useful

LEEEnlarged image of headstoneWish to express my gratitude for a very clear and distinct image and detailed information.

LEEThanksMany thanks for such a useful resource. I shall certainly try to add some new details and photos in the future.

LEEFamilyThis is a brilliant site I would not have found this information if not for this site thankyou

LEEfamilyThank you very much brilliant site

LEEThomas Lee born c 1739/40 Hawarden - Buried St. DeniolI am looking for confirmation of the parents of Thomas Lee - Bricklayer - He married Mary Deakin 29 Sept. 1765 - I think his father would be William Lee - Sexton at St. Deniol. I have a photo of the grave. His children are: William, Mary; Thomas; John & Elizabeth.

LEEJANE ANN LEEThank you for the quick response to my request & for providing an invaluable resource for all family history researchers.

LEEThank you Many thanks for a great resourse

LEECHBROWNE FLOWER LEECHThanks again for an excellent service. Well done !

LEEDERfantastic web siteThank you so much for sending me the photo of one of my ancestors.It is nice to know that I can look on here and get photos even though I live a long way away.

LEEKSarah LeekThank you for your prompt reply and excellent photo.

LEEKSBeatrice Ellen Leeks/LastThank you for the image - greAT WEBSITE

LEESGreat websiteThis is a great resource, well organised and user friendly. I hope that those who find the site useful will assist by making a small donation or volunteering. I look forward to returning regularly and seeing it grow bigger and better.

LEESHeadstone photographThank you so much for the photograph of my G G Grandfather's headstone.Having done years of research on my Lees ancestors this is a real bonus, and something I would never have had the pleasure of seeing without your help. All your hard work to create this website is a credit to you & I am sure many people like myself are very grateful to you. Thank You again. Linda Mills

LEESThank youThank you for the photographic resource it is greatly appreciated.

LEGENDERGravestone of Captain Wilton LegenderA very big thank you those who run and have created this website. It is a fantastic website and I am extremely grateful.

LEGGLaurence LeggMany thanks for the great photo of his headstone

LEGGMomument image for Eleanor Jane LeggMany thanks for supplying the Monument image and with such speed it is most appreciated. Regards, Ian

LEGGFound this site very helpful, thanks to Found this site very helpful, thanks to all the people who provide the images

LEGG-BAGGFamily HistoryMany thanks for such a great resource. A very clear photo was received almost immediately.

LEGGETLegget family of Waters of Leith, Damside, EdinburghWhat has been posted so far is great. They are a very significant family in this area { suffice to call it LEGGET LAND }I would request photographs from inside ST. Cuthbert's & St. George's { Marble Tablets }They also use the same name again & again.

LEGGETPhoto Amazing amount of work! Thank you.

LEGGETLEGGET AND THROWERHi Charles,Thankyou for you quick response, I am not sure if that gravestone belongs to my line, but I would love to find anyone researching my ancestors, Legget's and Throwers from the Suffolk area of England. I would be very pleased to share my research with them too. Thanks again for a great Site.

LEGGETTWrong person?I think that the grave image 584 isn't the person referred to in the notes. I think she is Violet May Leggett nee Goodswen, born abt 1910 in Hardwick, Norfolk. I think her husband was a relative of my Leggett ancestors, who are mentioned in the notes.

LEGGETTRhodolpho Leggett gravestone...I'm unable to travel much myself due to poor health but I was so pleased to find the gravestone on here for my 4 x Great Grandparents, Rhodolpho and Rachel Leggett at Laxfield. I've found one or two other family graves on here too. Thanks so much for this service.

LEGGETTBacton Cemetery, Suffolk, EnglandI would like to add another help request for anyone who can help in taking Headstone Photographs in the Bacton Cemetery, Suffolk, England..Areas. I can not see this or these Cemetery as yet Listed on this very helpful web site for Bacton.... Thank You

LEGOODGreat resourceSo great that people take the time to research and publish photos. I will look at my information and if I have any gravestone photos that are not already on this site will upload them.

LEIGHAn amazing resourceAs I live on the opposite side of the country from the place where my ancestor is buried, this website has allowed me to view his grave without doing a 7 hour round trip. Huge thank you to Charles for such a fast response and a wonderful clear photograph of the gravestone.

LEIGHHistorical ResearchCharles, you provide a great service to others.

LEIGHTONVery goodOnce again thank you Charles for the efficient service, the quality of the photograph was excellent.

LEITHLEITH/SUTHERLAND/FLETTWhat a wonderful resource to have at your fingertips when you live across the other side of the world. It makes it all worthwhile when you actually get a photograph of something to do with your past. Thank you so much. .... more

LEITHCharles Leith born abt. 1836Thank you so much for providing this service. The gravestone gave details and dates of my great grandmother Elizabeth Leith's brother Charles born about 1835/36, his wife Elizabeth Rosie, three of their sons William, Murdoch and Peter and also Peter's wife Margaret Wallace. Much appreciated.

LEITHEADThank youThank you Charles for this excellent and very valuable genealogical resource. Thanks too to all your helpers who make it possible. I'm also collecting variants such as Leithhead, Leathead, Leathhead and Liethead etc so I may well be back for more.

LEITHEADConfirmation of death of Dorothy LeitheadFinding confirmation of death of Dorothy Leithead is great because lots of the family trees on Ancestry have John marrying again in 1817. I can now discard this link to Jane Coxon. Further confirmation was found in the England & Wales, Non-Conformist and Non-Parochial Registers of the baptism of all the children some which were credited to Jane. WooHoo!! Many thanks for your assistance with this.

LEMANThankyouIt is great to be able to find pictures of Memorials for ones ancestor when other information for them doesnt appear to exist anymore. Helps to link ancestors up. This service is really appreciated.

LEMARCHANDCorrecting data at St. John's, InstowIt was good to find photos of graves in this churchyard, with which my family was much associated in the 19th century. However, my family name gives rise to confusion because there are three 'branches' from the original founder, each branch spelling the surname differently, thus: Le Marchand: LeMarchand; Lemarchand. I thought you should know that I, too, have photographed these family graves at Instow and the surname in all cases reads - and should read - Lemarchand. This is the branch to which I belong. Incidentally our name in all branches is never spelt with a T - not always obvious from the gravestones after all these years. Incidentally, where the relationships and ages of family members are unknown on your website, would you like me to give you the actual details from my family tree? .... more

LEMONComplimentaryThanks you for the grave photos you sent to me. A wonderful website and very helpful.

LEMONcomplimentaryThank you for your help with the photos you sent me. I would have to travel several hundred miles to take them.

LEMONComplimentaryThank you again for such a wonderful service.

LEMONMary LemonCharles! Thank you SO much for your work! Absolutely appreciated!

LEMONThank youAn excellent site for matching burial details to Family History website. Thank you for sending the link so quickly and efficiently.

LENEYThank youThank you for such and interesting resource

LENGTHANK YOUThank you so much for the grave photos of my great great grandparents. It is wonderful that people like yourself are willing to give their time to help in other people's search.

LENNEYPhotoThanks for the photo, it's nice to know/see where they are

LEONARDGreat SiteThere is not many free sites on the internet so to find one that is free and easy to use is a blessing. Please keep up the fabulous work you are doing.

LEOVArthur Leslie LeovThank you so much for sending the link through so that I may view this cemetery record, also links to see further family members in the system. This is an invaluable resource enabling people like myself to be able to view headstones without having to travel great distances. It is very much appreciated. I am sure I will use the service again in the future. Kind regards, Jannine

LEPPERThank youThank you for the fast efficient service, not only that I may be the first family member in NZ to have this photo, but also able to comfirm that he died to the UK.I will spread the word about the fabulous service you supply. Again thanks.

LEPPERLooking for family tiesHaving found the picture of the grave stone of Henry Lepper of Lydd Kent on your site it put me in contact with someone who could take me four generations back. A great help.

LEPPERWhat a wonderful resource websiteMay I thank you most sincerely for providing such a wonderful resource for researching family ancestry. The information and images available are excellent in detail and quality. The information obtain concerning Henry Lepper of Lydd Kent has certainly filled in one or two of the gaps in my research.

LERWILLA really useful site. We used the photo of my grandfathers gave to locate it, during our first visit there. It was really very helpfully to know exactly what we were looking for. Thanks

LERWILLWhat a great addition to family history What a great addition to family history research.

LESLIEThank you so much for your quick responsThank you so much for your quick response. The images are excellent.

LESLIEmany thanksMany thanks - I accessed the photo of the James Leslie monument using your new link.

LESTERThank youMany thanks for the photograph of the headstone for Emily Lester ( Great Grandmother)

LETHBRIDGEThank-youThank-you so much for the picture I am sure it will help me greatly in my quest. There are many family members to search. So I am sure this little bit of info will help me. Thank-you again.

LETTThanksAppreciate the enlarged photos as they enable to read the details more easily.

LETTSA Thank YouA thank you for all your efforts collating and publishing all this information, you gave me another piece to my research.

LETTSManyt thanks for the three photographs sManyt thanks for the three photographs sent to me.

LEVICKGrt Uncle foundThis is an awesome site and quick to reply...thank you

LEWCOCKThank you for the photo, not sure if sheThank you for the photo, not sure if she was the widow of John Lewcock as no mention on the headstone. Thanks for your help.

LEWISMany thanksMany thanks for this service which has added details to my family tree which I had not found elsewhere.

LEWISWonderful!Many thanks again, Charles. Other normally excellent sites failed in this case, but your site gave me essential information on a member of my family. Only the association of names on the tombstone gave me the identification I needed.

LEWISSincere Thank YouThank you so much for sending me the photo I requested. I have been burned before and appreciate someone giving their service to provide these photos. (actully taking time out of their personal day to help someone else.)

LEWISLEWIS AND THOMPSONA very useful resource which I am grateful for as it has enabled me to locate my great grandparents grave which I had previously been unable to find. Grateful thanks to all who provide this useful information

LEWISThank YouMany thanks for the photograph which you sent. I am very impressed by your web site which is a wonderful idea. Thank you very much.

LEWISJames Henry LewisA big thank you for this service. I knew that 2 of the sons of my great grandfather had been killed in the Great War, but didn't know they had been commemorated on his grave as well as in the Military Cemetaries.

LEWISInteresting siteThank you for photo of gravesite. Discovered this site while researching family history. Hoping this gravesite is of who I was looking for. Would be interested in emailing anyone else with Lewis surname. Regards Tanya.

LEWISExcellent resourceThis website is a treasure trove for anyone researching their family tree - and it's FREE! The organiser gets a huge pat on the back from me.

LEWISLEWIS in Ilfracombe and Hele, DevonThanks for the opportunity to add a number of details about LEWIS family members. I hope my comments can help other researchers.

LEWISThanksThanks for the photo. I am researching Edward and Sarah Lewis, who were both convicts in Tasmania in 1840s-1850s. They actually had a child in Launceston in 1857, but the family subsequently went to NSW. In other family trees involving Edward Lewis I have seen confusion between families. The photo was helpful so I can map out what is my family and what is not.

LEWISThanksMany thanks for a wonderful website, which provided a number of photographs of Samuel & Ann Rebecca Lewis' headstone in a cemetery in a State different to that in which I live and which I could not visit. Thank you Charles.


LEWISWILLIAM LEWIS Grave stone I just wish to say thank you very much for photo that you send it is so nice to find that some one is willing to help. Thank you very much. Barry.

LEWISGravestone PhotosThis website is a trove of treasured photographs that will save many hours and expense of travelling and searching graveyards to find the family headstone. I would recommend this website to any genealogical researcher, and what's more - it's free! A well deserved pat on the back to the organiser.

LEWISWillim Lewis & Sophia lewisMany thanks very helpful

LEWTHWAITELucy LewthwaiteA very quick response and the photo was good. I am very grateful for your trouble.

LEYGravestone photoWhat a wonderful service, so humbled that people actually give up their time to photograph gravestones so as to document them for others to see. This is a free service given by the volunteers & I for one appreciate this no ends.

LEYBORNE-POPHAMAn invaluable resource for family historians!I have not had a chance to look in detail at this website and the resources it contains, but in just a few moments since finding it I have a photo of the gravestone of a possible (very distant) member of my family. Wow! Thank you so much for doing this. I am out of the UK at the moment and rely 100% on the internet and resources such as yours to further my family research, so the work you and others like you is invaluable to researchers like me who cannot wander down to the local cemetery at the weekend!! Keep up the good work, and thanks again.

LICENCEWickham Market grave of Nathaniel LicenceWhat a great resource. I have not yet had a chance to travel to Suffolk to visit my ancestor's last resting place, so this is the next best thing! Thank you so much.

LICKLEYPhoto of Matthew Lickley's gravestoneThanks to this photograph I have obtained the name of another family tree member ( Annie ) and also some useful information about her life .

LIDDELLTHANK YOU!Thank you for the Liddell image. Was great to see my ancestors grave in Stockton especially as I now live in the south.Thank you to the gentleman who took the image and to Charles for setting up this super site. BRILLIANT!

LIDDELLGravestone of James Alexander LiddellBrilliant free service! Many thanks!

LIDDELLVery helpful resourceResearching the Liddell, Watson and Wright families is complicated by records being in Scotland and Jamaica. It's great to have these photos which takes the search a bit further. Most grateful

LIDDLECannot Thank You Enough!Dear Charles Please accept my sincerest thanks for the image of one of our family's gravestones. The information it contains will help our quest enormously, giving us details we didn't even know we were looking for. Having the address of the Cemetery is also a great bonus and we will be visiting in person very soon. What a fantastic site, please keep up this amazing work.

LIDGETTJOHN ALFRED LIDGETTMany thanks for the image of John Alfred Lidgett's gravestone which I requested, I appreciate the time you have taken to send it.

LIDLOWFamily ResearchThankyou so much for all your help in photographing so many graves. I have many many family members dotted about all over Kent and it has proved almost impossible to find all their graves. So, it is lovely to find someone who takes the time to do all of this. Through you I have now got photos of Boakes/Lidlow/Marchant/Masters gravestones. These are all from my Fathers side of my family. Thankyou again.

LIGGETTExcellent website- LIGGETT/DUNNING/FITZGEORGEThank you so much for sending the images through that I requested. Can't recommend website enough. Much appreciated

LIGHTFOOTThank YouThank You

LILLEYFeedbackLovely photograph - what a great service.

LILLYWHITEGeorge Lillywhite and Spouse Amelia nee WebbMany thanks for the original image for George and Amelia Lillywhite very much appreciated

LIMEBEERFamily GravestoneThank you so much for such a clear picture and precise information. This has been invaluable to me in my family research. Mary's mother and father William & Elizabeth are my 4x gr grandparents and it's amazing to find this grave. I hope to travel from South Wales to lay flowers in the near future. The time spent by any/all volunteers to provide these images is to be commended and I hope to offer my own contribution to the collection in due course.

LIMONDLimond graveVery helpfull information in a search on house history.

LINCOLNA major genealogy resourceOnce again, Charles has given an extremely swift response to my request. He does an amazing job and his efforts provide a major contribution to genealogy.

LINDENAlfred Bradshaw Lindenmany thanks for your prompt assistance.

LINDOWMartha not buried with James FYI, Martha Lindow emigrated to the USA after James' death. She died in Chicago in 1946: 7 Oct 1946 in Chicago Cook County Illinois USA Her name does appear on the gravestone in the North cemetery with no dates.

LINDRIDGEFirst timerAs you do, I came across this site by chance. The memorial that I found was interesting and useful. I am sure I will use the site again and perhaps contribute.

LINDRIDGEFirst timerAs you do, I came across this site by chance. The memorial that I found was interesting and useful. I am sure I will use the site again and perhaps contribute.

LINDSAYKaukapakapa Churchyard Gravestone Thank you very much for your quick response.

LINDSAYThank you.The photos of Robert Lindsay's grave 306506 has helped fill in some gaps in my knowledge of the family.

LINDSAYThank youThis is my first time on this valuable site. Thank you to the volunteers who have worked to provide such a great service especially to those overseas people seeking family links to the 'Old Country'.

LINDSELLThank youThank you so much for the images. Brilliant!

LINFOOTMany thanksInteresting to see my great great grandfather's and mother's gravestone. I recently inherited a wall clock with the inscription 'Presented to G & A Linfoot by Lady Sykes 1860' on the pendulum. They both worked at Sledmere House and think this may be a gift for their wedding.

LINFOOTLinfoot graveThanks so much for the grave photo of my 5th time great grandfather. I live in Canada so my research is limited mainly to online. I am thinking of volunteering to do something like that here. Some cemeteries seem to offer it already on thier websites which is good.

LINGThanksA very useful web site. I will be adding some gravestone photos in the future

LINGSmith gravethank you for a great service

LINGFeedbackThankyou for such an interesting and helpful website, the gravestone image arrived in just a few hours.

LINGExcellent resourceThank you once again for your brilliant website

LINGThank youExcellent service for family history researchers

LINGExcellent!Great resource, thank you

LINGMarlesford, SuffolkThank you for the three photos received including that of Frank Ernest Ling in Marlesford. Please note that the parish church at Marlesford is dedicated to St. Andrew, not St. Michael. .... more

LINGThanks for your help in discovering my LThanks for your help in discovering my Ling ancestry.

LINGMemorial to Guardsman Glen LingTank you very much for your quick and helpful response. This will help us greatly in having accurate details of Guardsman Ling and ensure that we will remember.

LINGEllen Daisy HudsonThank you for the image

LINGARDThank youThank you very much for sending me the larger image. It meant a great deal to me to see it.

LINGARDWonderful resourceThank you very much for such a speedy response to my request.

LINNCorrect emailCorrect my email to Thanks!

LINNQuick ResponseI recd my image within 24 hrs after my request! Thank you for providing the image, its nice to have concrete evidence of relatives Ive heard about but never had the opportunity to go over and see for myself. My mother will appreciate the image of her granparents marker. Thanks again!

LISSAMANthanks; errorsThankyou for this database. Couple of errors that could be corrected? Eva Lissaman was wife of Henry Lissaman(not of Rose who was her granddaughter-in-law). Kelsey W Lissaman died aged 90; Phyllis M Lissaman died aged 95. Happy to give you more detail if you need it. Thank you

LISTERLISTER/LOFTHOUSE/DUNWELLThis is a wonderful site, which gives access to so much family history that might never have been found any other way. I would never have expected to find my Lofthouse family in Knaresborough!

LISTERScarborough gravestonesThank you for this brilliant free service, much appreciated.

LISTERGravestone Resources OnlineI am most grateful for this brilliant resource. Thank you to all who make it possible and free.

LISTERWhat a wonderful resource this isIt ought to be in the Top 10 list of FH websites. If only we had found it a few years ago it would have saved us some trouble!

LISTERLISTER & PARKERThank you very much, for all the assistance your website has provided in researching my family history. Many dates and locations have been found to help complete the picture. In lieu of photographs of ancestors, the picture of their headstone has proved invaluable. Thank you again and keep up your great work.

LISTERA very useful site. Gravestones are loadA very useful site. Gravestones are loaded with information for researchers.

LITHERLANDThank youThank you for providing this resource.

LITHERLANDThank you for the image of the LitherlanThank you for the image of the Litherland monument. It confirmed dates. My 3rd great grandparents and two 3rd great aunties are buried there.

LITHGOThank YouThis is the second time I have made use of your excellent resource. Thank you for providing such an amazing search tool. Kind regards, John Reilly

LITTLEThank you! Grave photo re: Rose Little, Sheringham, NorfolkThank you very much for providing the photograph. Unfortunately it gives too little information for me to be able to identify her at present, but I will keep trying!

LITTLEThank you!Thank you so much for the wonderfully clear picture of my ancestors, Mary and Richard Little's gravestone. It makes them seem so much closer, to have tangible evidence of their lives (and deaths). Perhaps one day I will be able to visit it in person.

LITTLEThank youI have requested 5 images so far and all have been a great help in my research. Thank you very much for all your help it is greatly appreciated. Brad jefferies

LITTLEFIELDExcellent ServiceMany thanks for the excellent service. I now know where another seven of my ancestors are buried. Will see what I can do in return. Kind Regards. John

LITTLEJOHNGrave of Emily Littlejohns (Wilcox) & her husband Albert Thomas Littlejohns. Thank you very much for allowing me to see the grave of Emily Littlejohns. Emily was the daughter of my Great Grandparents Thomas Wilcox & Mary Anne Coleman, who are both buried in the churchyard at St Giles in the Wood Devon.

LITTLEMOREThank youMany thanks for the photo of Thomas & Gwendoline Littlemore's gravestone. It is much appreciated.

LITTLERWhat a wonderful resource. I requested What a wonderful resource. I requested a copy of a headstone, and received it within 3 days! Thank you very much.

LIVESEYRequest for the photo of a TombstoneMy friend in Australia was born with the name Livesey and her Grandparents are buried in the Manchester General Cemetery. She constantly tells me she would love to see if there is a headstone for them.I am compiling her Family History for her 82nd Birthday in December and I would love to give her the surprise of a photo of the headstone if there is one.I have checked the grave details which are I think in the Southern Section of the Cemetery. Grave 5033 1 ROBERT LIVESEY and his wife 5033 4 MARY ANN LIVESEY. My friend has no way of getting to England herself so I would really appreciate if this could be made possible. Many thanks in anticipation for your help....Heather

LIVEYGreat ResourceA very useful tool to help find your ancestors. Many thanks to all those who contribute to make this possible.

LIVEYGravestoneVery helpful. Another little piece in the family history falls into place.

LIVINGSTONWonderful resourceGrateful thanks to Charles. Was wonderful to view the gravestone, the closest I will get to actually standing in front of it. A wonderful resource

LLEWELLYNLlewellynMany thanks for the photograph Charles. This is a really good service you are providing and very much appreciated.

LLEWELYNThanks!I've just received the link to the grave of Jenkin Homfray Llewelyn, which adds the names of both his parents to my tree! Thanks!!

LLOYDGrave photoThank you for a brilliant service

LOADERA+++Turn around time from initial request to large monument photo was so quick. GPR is a quality, professional service with excellent customer service. Kudos!

LOCKLOCK & THORNEThis is a tremendous site for genealogical research. Easy to use and well done! Thank you! JHS

LOCKI would just like to say how pleased I wI would just like to say how pleased I was to receive the photo of my great great grandparents grave. Thank you so very much. Pam.

LOCKthankyou very muchthankyou very much for the quick response, and also i think this is a very well laid out and easy to use site. .... more

LOCKThe Lock family, Hallow, WorcestershireI cant tell you how thrilled I am to be looking at these photographs. It is a brilliant site and so helpful. keep up the good work !

LOCKLOCK/OAKLEYThanks so much for putting all the work in for this website. I will see what gravestone photos I have for cemeteries here in Canada, and add them when able.

LOCKThanksThank you for a helpful site. Really appreciate the effort you put in.

LOCKAngelaThank you so much for all of the work that has gone into documenting these cemeteries. I was able to see my 3x Great Grandparents headstone George & Mary Lock because of your work.

LOCKAngelaThank you for all of the work you have done to help us connect with our history. It is greatly appreciated. Edmonton, Alberta

LOCKWOODClear photosAppreciate the clear photos of monuments. Information was helpful for dates and relationships.

LOCKYERLOCKYERThank you for the overnight response to my request for Lockyers in Clutton, Somerset. Very impressed!

LOCKYERHeadstoneThanks for the image - sadly it's not (as far as I know) an ancestor.

LODINGTONAnne Lodington & Rev John LodingtonMany thanks for sharing this information and for allowing free access to all our past ancestors. This is something that is quicky disappearing for profits. I really do appreciate the tireless work all you volunteers place into these documentations of past lives. Without the many hours given to these tasks, from many volunteers, ancestry research would die out and the mysteries and important facts of our ancestors would never be uncovered to become alive once more for our future families. Again many thanks and gratitude to all those history saving volunteers.

LOFTHOUSEVery helpfulThis is a very helpful resource. Thanks for all the work youput into it.

LOFTSfamily treeonce again found the grave to a family tree member, thanks

LOGANThanksCharles, I just want to say thanks for the photo you have provided of my 3rd Great Grandparents. Without you efforts I would never have been able to see the gravestone as I live in Australia, Once again thanks for your time and efforts. Regards Ron Allen

LOGDONThanksThank you so much for maintaining this site. I live in New Zealand and sites such as this are invaluable.

LOKEWilliam LokeThank you Another photo for my family tree

LOKELoke GraveThank you so very much. I can now attach it to the person in my family tree.

LOLLEYThankyou for this photo. I found it veryThankyou for this photo. I found it very helpful in that it also displays extra information that I can compare with details I already have. Keep up the good work!

LOMASFeeback for enquiryThis is a very useful resource, saving a whole deal of legwork for sure, the speed of return of the photo was amazing. Thank you very much for your efforts, and I hope I'll find more of my ancestors in the future!

LOMAXHeadstone PictureMy Grandmother Ethel Mary Lomax died in Somerset ,England 1981. born 1885 May 6th, wife of William George Lomax died in East Ham 1962 there are headstones I don't know any more I have never been to seen them and would like a picture of it to add to my ancestry page Thank you to anyone that can help

LOMAXResources ...Thomas Lomax's lines are well documented at family search and

LONDONThank you very much for the photograph of Elizabeth London's grave. This is an excellent service.Any help on the Norfolk Londons gratefully received

LONGLONG AND CRASKEI would just like to say thank you to all concerned for the hard work that makes this site possible and to offer my assistance photographically in the yorkshire coast area

LONGthank youwhat a brilliant site this is very useful and also heartwarming to see where my relatives are resting thank you charles x

LONGThank youJust to say many thanks for the grave photograph you supplied, vey happy with the quality now look forward to being contacted by any Long family members to enlarge my Family History. Just glad I discovered your site.

LONGThank you for your helpAn excellent service and so helpful in finding out more about the family. Your work is very much appreciated

LONGHeadstone imageVery pleased and surprised to find a photo of my families headstone on line. An excellent service

LONGFELLOWLONGFELLOW/HARDCASTLE/TOWNENDThank you once again..this is such a wonderful project.. and the hard work, time and expense that each person gives is very much appreciated. A massive thanks guys.Great images, very clear

LONGHURSTMarilynI appreciate the use of this website; when I have the chance to return to Iowa where many of my ancestors are buried, I will submit photos of their tombstones. Again thanks for the help. M Schultz

LONGLEYJohn and Ann LongleyThank you for more beautiful photos.

LONGSTAFFNeedles in a hay stackJust to say a big well done ,fabulous site,the infomation and grave photos have help me to no ends,some rela vent,some not,i have many longstaffe names nd some grave stone pics nd dates from around north east ,mainly middlesbrough, stokesly, Northallerton nd yorkshire,i will put my info nd pics on this site in next few weeks,hopefully they will help sort of there needles in haystack out,once again big ty,to all,

LONGSTAFFExcellent serviceMany thanks to Charles for the prompt and useful information he gave to my enquiry. It will definitely help me in my quest to construct a family tree.

LONGSTERproviding relationshipHarry Longster, married to Dorothy May (Grange) Longster, the two women listed with them are their daughters: Edith May Longster & Sarah Jane Longster. Thanks for a terrific site! Kris Johnson-Burrill

LONSDALELove this site!I am still in awe of Charles and his wonderful site. Many thanks, as always.

LORDDate CorrectionRobert Lord, husband of Mary Lord grave number 355322 date of death is 10 May 1895 not 1899 as shown on database. Thank you for providing this wonderful resource. .... more

LORDRosalie LordCorrections: Rosalie Lord was born 13 Jan 1877 and died on 5 Mar 1936 aged 56. Confirmed by Australian Birth Index 1788-1922 and Australian Death Index 1878-1985. .... more

LORENZI just wanted to thank you so much for tI just wanted to thank you so much for the information provided. Regards

LORIMERan important piece of the family jigsawMany thanks for the photo- much appreciated.

LOTTMany thanks for this wonderful site. FouMany thanks for this wonderful site. Found a number of family members. Much appreciated.

LOUDCHIPPENHAM, SUTTON BENGER WILTSHIRE, ENGLAND - CEMETERIESI would like to ask for a help request to see if anyone will be taking Headstone Photographs from the Chippenham and Sutton Benger, Wiltshire, England Cemeteries...Thank You

LOUGHMANThank youThank you for your quick assistance in providing the requested image. Much appreciated help.

LOUNTA Lountthis was really helpful resource. Thanks very much

LOVEA Superb Resource! - LOVE/LOWETH/GAY/GERMAN/MAYLARDAs many family historians know, obtaining burial information from existing online sources is still very difficult. I have only recently discovered this treasure of a site and have been delighted by promptly receiving a bright photographic image of the gravestone listing four ancestors! From this image, I was able to gain additional details about birth and death dates, and, most importantly, learn more about previously unknown family relationships. I encourage all users of this project to give back in some way- either financially or contributing gravestone photos from a local cemetery. Many thanks indeed! Joanna

LOVEJust wanted to say what a great web siteJust wanted to say what a great web site - thank you.

LOVEJames LoveI would like to give a big thanks for sending me a photo of the grave monument of my 1st cousin 2x removed. It meant alot to see it. Wonderful thank you!

LOVELOVE/DALEThank you for your swift response with this headstone, hopefully will help with my continued research of my family history. Kind Regards Claire Whitaker (nee Love)

LOVEBalmoral Cemetery, Queensland, AustraliaWhat an amazingly quick response to my request for a photo. You are doing an outstanding job of helping people locate their ancestors. Well done and thank you sooooooo much.

LOVEEmma Jane LoveThank-you for the photo, very pleased with the fast response. How do I get permission to put it on my family tree on Ancestry?

LOVEVery gratefulThank you so much for making this resource available -- and for the very prompt delivery of my requested images.

LOVEDAYThanksThank you very much for providing this very valuable service. Our children will be very pleased.

LOVEGROVEGrave photoThanks for mailing the photo of my great grandmothers grave. Its helped answer a few questions!

LOVELESSThanksThe high resolution image for the George Loveless grave is wonderful - clearly readable - so now I can enter the details of it into my family tree file. Thank you!

LOVELLWilliam Henry LovellThank you very much for the photo of W.H. Lovell's grave. Great service, much appreciated.

LOVESEYGravestone: Raymond And Amy Lovesey Thank you for the picture. It has enable me to make a connection.

LOWEThe Lowe family of AshoverThank you for sending me the photograph of the place where my ancestors lie

LOWEResearching the Lowe & Hassall family in ShropshireAny information will be of help thank you

LOWELLThank you!Many thanks for your impressively prompt response to my request. I look forward to exploring this excellent site in more detail.

LOWERSONThanking you for the image of the Lowerson HeadstoneThank you for helping me with my research of the Lowerson/Lowrison/Lawerson families. I have been researching my grandmothers family roots for many years. I am very grateful for the help and love to add any snippet of information I receive to my tree. Thank you again for all your hard work.

LOWISLOWIS/HThanks for the quick response and very clear image, I will be checking for other gravestones that may be helpful. Great service.

LOWMAN your sitejust wanted to say I love your site .It , unlike some , is very easy to navigate , and very informative .

LOWRYThank you for this great resourceI was very pleased to find some more information to add to my family tree - the gravestone of my paternal great grandmother.

LOWSLEYAnyone from Hull or Leicester? - LOWSLEY, MACDOUGAL, DARLINGI'm one of Charles's volunteers - I'd recommend it as a hobby, especially if like me you're new to an area. It's amazing how much you learn about local history from old churches. My problem is I live in Surrey, but most of my ancestors came from Hull, Rugby or Leicester and so far no-one has photographed any of their graves. I'm appealing for anyone who lives near cemeteries in any of these places to please donate some photographs to the resource. Also if you add the areas you are interested in to your messages it may encourage people who live in those areas to send in some photographs, and before long we could have covered the entire country!

LOWSONThank youI'm grateful for your prompt assistance and help with my research.

LOWTHERMany thanks for the super photoMany thanks for the super photo

LOYNESFantastic service.Many thanks for your quick reply for pictures, you provide an excellent service and it is much appreciated.

LPPERTHENRY LPPERTHallo,Charles ich danke Ihnen für die überaus schnelle Antwort auf meine Suchfrage. Die beiden Photos sind sehr gut und haben meine Fragen beantwortet, sie waren also sehr hilfreich! Ganz herzlichen Dank für Ihre Hilfe, Sie haben ein sehr interessantes Werk geschaffen, das nur mit sehr viel Arbeit, Zeitaufwand und Eigeninitiative möglich ist! Ich bewundere Ihren Einsatz! Herzlichen Gruß, Erwin Schmitt

LUBBOCKthanksTo photograph these pieces of history is such a good idea before they age any more and become illegible. It is such a shame that the modern generation do not care for the graves of their ancestors like my nan used to, every month they would be cleaned and flowers changed. Thank you keep up the good work.

LUCASThanksThanks for the image. Seeing the gravestone inscription meant I did more research. A great service. Thanks

LUCASAppreciationWonderful facility, many thanks.

LUCASImagesThanks for providing these. Love the anti-spam validation :)

LUCKAnnie LUCK nee COLEThank you for providing access to this photo. I'm confident that Annie is Sarah Ann COLE, first wife of William LUCK and daughter of George COLE and Elizabeth FRANKLIN.


LUKELuke and Hill family tree.Thank you for this wonderful service. I have found where the grave of my great great grandfather Thomas Luke is thanks to you. This is invaluable.

LUKERVolunteering and Snapshotting in Time the CemeteryIt's great to get involved. Due to decreasing medium-size particle pollutants, lichen and moss are taking over many graves. The plant life may be very pretty, quite trim and a country garden in many cemeteries near me, but unfortately this has been to the detriment of graves - but some hope now exists!

LUMBFamily History researchGood quality image, promptly provided and if required I will use this service again.

LUMKINLUM(P)KINAn incredible website. I received a very speedy response to my request for a photo which I hadn't realised existed, and one I'd never have found as the individual concerned was so far from his roots. Thank you again for all your help Charles.

LUMLEYCaroline Morley nee LumleyThank You very much for posting this grave photo. It answered about whom Caroline married and her death. Excellent quality photo too.

LUMLEYJohn Robert LumleyAn original image of John Robert Lumley's grave exists as a carte de visite on Andrew Dally's site: PS No relation to this guy - just doing my bit!

LUMLEYJohn Lumley Burried St Leonards ChurchHi, I live in Canada and I am desperate to find the grave of a relative of mine. I know he was buried on the 15th Jan 1834 at St Leonards Anglican Church Thorton Le Street he was born 1753 and his wife was isabel/isabella (they may be buried together) I am hoping someone can help me locate the grave stone and send a picture or if not tell me how I may go about getting onei.e. can I contact the church? Any help is gratefully received.thank you so much!

LUMLEYThank you for fulfilling my Martha Lumley gravestone photo requestI live in the U.S., so being able to take photos of many of my english ancestors' gravestones myself isn't really an option for me. Luckily, there are people/groups like you who care enough to donate their time and energy to help others (like myself) by providing pictures and other valuable family information! Thank you so much for all you do and please know how much it is truely appreciated!

LUNDThank you!I have only just discovered this website and it proved useful on the very first hit. Thanks so much for sending the photo of Christian Lund's grave.

LUNDIEUnable to read date on gravestoneIn the photo of the grave of James Lundie, at Scartho Road Cemetery, Grimsby, the year is 1942, the month is August, but I cannot read the exact date even by blowing up the image. Can anyone help? .... more

LUNNGreat fast responseYour page and photo has really helped with my research for my brother in law. He saw the grave years ago but the details were forgotten. Excellent service that you are providing. Will consider your photo request once retired. thanks again

LUNTLEYMonuments/GravestonesThanks i am grateful you got back to me ,iv found this quick and really helpful and interesting keep up the good work and many thanks Amanda.

LUPTONLUPTON/MINOGUEWhat a great fast service. Website is excellent and very helpful. Thanks

LUSBYOngoing AppreciationAlways a great help much appreciated as always best regards Laurie

LUSBYEliza J Lusby Maria E.SquireI can't thank you enough for such a prompt response to my request! Not only did I get the photo I required- through sending a message via your website to another person who requested the same image, I am already in contact with a distant relative in Australia! I will be looking up further graves in the future and am happy to make a donation. Thank you again!

LUSCOMBEThank YouI received the image of Gertrude Elizabeth and George Eli's grave marker within 24 hours - many thanks.

LUTHERVery confusing!Sorry but I have to say this is the most confusing site I have ever used and I have been doing family history for nearly 15yrs - I googled Bridgenorth cemeteries and this came up - sorry but not impressed!

LUXTONPersonal assistance was much appreciatedReceived some very helpful information back following my initial request. Thank you.

LYALLLYALL GRANTThank you so much for your quick response. It was so exciting to find a resource for my Great Great grandfather at your website. Even more exciting to receive the actual image of the headstone. Living in Canada I do not have the luxury of wandering around cemeteries to find my ancestors. Thank you so much for the time and effort you have put into assisting us in finding our long lost ancestors. I will continue to look for my Lyall-Grant ancestors which includes: Grants, Raggs, Lyall, Abernathys, Lumsden, Craik , Farquhar, Brackenridge, Rowe, Strathey, Tadman, Hardy. Thanks a million!

LYDAMOREthank you for responding to my request, thank you for responding to my request, although you are not able to fill my request I gratefully appreciate you responding to my request. hopefully in the future I will be able to receive the photo that I requested. Once again I really appreciate your response. .... more

LYFORDExcellent resource Would just like to say a huge thank you for all of the effort that goes into producing and maintaining this resource. Such an excellent idea and has been very helpful during my genealogy research.

LYNDA new Australasian immigrant found thanks to your site....Dear Charles - Thanks so much for your wonderful site, your quick response, and the quality of the photo. Your generosity in hosting this site and sharing this new information is outstanding, Best wishes, C.Brill, Melbourne, Aus.

LYNES Thanks!Thanks Charles for running this site. I will be bookmarking this page :)

LYNNLYNN & BIRKETTThis is truly a wonderfully amazing service & a much-needed one. The photos I received are of excellent quality & were received within 24 hours. I am so grateful & appreciative of all the effort & work. I am researching from a different country to where my ancestors are buried, so this service is invaluable to me. Kudos! Thank you & keep up the great work.

LYONExcellent Resourcevery prompt response from this excellent website many thanks

LYONSMany Thanks. It is great to have the phoMany Thanks. It is great to have the photo. Thnk you to whoever took the image.

LYTTELTONCorrectionThe name Lytteltor at St Deniol's Churchyard, Hawarden is incorrect and should read Lyttelton. i.e Charles F (Frederick) Lyttelton

OLESENLIE OLESENSo glad I came across this page! Love any info on my family history! Thank you

SANDERS LESLIE SANDERS - What a Great ResourceHaving photos of my grandparent's grave's has aided in getting floral tributes placed on them for Christmas :-)


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