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List of all comment / feedback / help requests for Surnames starting with I

surnametitle of the comment / feedbackcomment / feedbacksubmittednum
IBBOTTHinton Ibbott gravestoneI'd like to thank Charles for running this fantastic resource and any other volunteers or helpers who aid him. I think I may be able to fill in side branches of my husband's tree using the information found on a gravestone. Brilliant.

IDESONThank you.This is a great service which enables you to find ancestors in areas you would not normally visit.

ILESThanksThis service is a wonderful way to obtain gravestone images for people like myself who live far, far away. Your work is most appreciated

ILEYElizabeth and William Iley GravestoneThank you very much for the opportunity to store the image of this gravestone. It has helped me to verify dates that were entered in my family tree.

ILIFFWilliam Marklew IliffThank you for the photograph of the gravestone of my Great Uncle it will prove invaluable in tracing my family history. Thank you again Charles, this really is a top knotch service and website which I will certainly use again and recommend to others.

ILLMANJohn Illman 1778-1850Thank you for supplying this image so promptly. The image is excellent although the gravestone itself is badly weathered, but I didn't expect to find anything at all relating to an ancestor of that generation. This is an invaluable resource.

IMISONAcknowledgement of receipt of imageThank you for the image of the grave of Jane Marshall (1907). There is a name on the grave Maria Imison who I think may be connected to my Imison family who moved from Yorkshire to Northumberland. Census records show that she is the sister of Jane Marshall and was also married so it is her husband who I need to find. Thank you.

IMMSThank youThanks so much for the swift response to my request for a gravestone photo. Much appreciated.

IMPEYVery helpfulThis website is extremely helpful and I am very grateful for the time and resources that Charles puts into it.

INCEINCE/SPIERS/SKINNER/MOGERthank you ever so much for your quick reply. it is fabulous that I can view my ancestors resting place on line. It has helped me ever so much in my family tree. excellent image of grave. thank you.

INCHBOLDGravestone for JW Inchbold at Adel, LeedsVery many thanks for providing an image of this gravestone: previous information was that it could not be found! You are providing an invaluable resource for local historians.

INCLEDONBrauntom St Brannock MIspls note that in the Philip Rogers Webber MI all the Incledon names have been mistranscribed as Ingledon. I think that this has also happened to other Incledon MIs elsewhere in St Brannocks.

INDSarah IndIt was very interesting to come across the gravestone for John and Sarah Ind (nee Head). The biblical references on the gravestone perhaps give some insight to their lives and beliefs. Sarah was a sister of my husband's great grandmother and this information increases our knowledge of that side of the family history. Thank you for all your efforts in making this excellent resource available.

INDfamily historyBrilliant site many thanks

INGAMELLSGrave photographsI am in Australia so find it difficult to wander round English cemeteries, something which I would very much like to do. My first request is of a cemetery already mentioned in your lists, i.e. Sibsey, LIN. I have a John Ingamells buried there on 19 Jan 1783. Also his wife Elizabeth Ingamells buried on 4 Feb 1816. If someone could photograph their graves I would very much appreciate it. My second request refers to Friskney, All Saints, LIN. I have a Charles Ingamells buried on 12 Jan 1859 and his wife Jane Ingamells buried on 9 Dec 1851. My third request refers to Old Leake, LIN, where I have a James Ingamells buried on 25 Aug 1868 and his wife Ann Ingamells buried on 8 Mar 1862. I would very much appreciate it if any kind person(s) did have the time to find and photograph any of these graves for me.

INGANNIinformationthanks for the help. it was really appreciated

INGHAMINGHAM, KITCHING, CAWDREYI am so appreciative of you for giving your time, and then giving the information you have at hand. Photographs make the family come alive, and you are a great part of that.Thank you.

INGHAMIngham family grave in leedsThank you very much indeed for your swift and helpful reply. Much appreciated - has given me another v useful snippet of information

INGHAMGreat web siteThank you very much to Charles and all the volunteers who make this web site possible. Thanks so much for the high quality images of the gravestone monument that you sent. Kind regards, Sue

INGHAMThank youThis has been quite a journey from my grandfathers' journeys in WWII and their fathers in WWI. Robert and Margaret Ingham appeared in my line and a quick search found their headstone. Awesome. It really hits you in the feels when you see this stuff. I can't say enough, and I hope to get back into it a little more here as I get more time. Thanks again !!

INGLEGeorge Henry Nathaniel IngleWhat a surprise it was to start my research for George in India, to end up in Wells Eng. Many, many, many grateful thanks to all the volunteers who have collected the information, and made it possible for the likes of me, living in New Zealand to see. Highly recommended to future researchers.

INGLEDEWThanksThank you for providing this service and for replying so quickly.

INGLESONThis is a great resource thank you CharlThis is a great resource thank you Charles

INGLISWonderful Service!Dear Charles Sale, Magnificent! Words cannot express how much I appreciate this photo! You are a wonderful photgragher - and such a wonderful service you provide. I look forward to wandering around your website some more - I already found a great great uncle through your service this morning and can't wait to see this photo I requested. Thank you again. Charnell Inglis

INGLISINGLIS, ELSIEThank you so much for the incredibly quick response and the photos which will be treasured. Viv

INGLISArchibald INGLIS / Isabella WEIRINGLIS, Andrew Bir 1837 Scot Midl Edinbu Fa: Archibald INGLIS Mo: Isabella WEIR INGLIS, James Weir Bir 1839 Scot Midl Edinbu Fa: Archibald INGLIS Mo: Isabella WEIR INGLIS, Jane Stuart Bir 1839 Scot Midl Edinbu Fa: Archibald INGLIS Mo: Isabella WEIR INGLIS, Janet Spens Bir 1843 Scot Midl Edinbu Fa: Archibald INGLIS Mo: Isabella WEIR INGLIS, Isobel Catherine Bir 1846 Scot Midl Edinbu Fa: Archibald INGLIS Mo: Isabella WEIR *note, I'm not related, please don't contact me. I just wanted to offer some information I had.

INGLISVery HelpfulI found invaluable information about one of my families on this site - dates of death and where they were buried, which enabled me to research the individuals more thoroughly. When I requested the tombstone picture it was sent promptly - thank you so much, GPR.

INGOEgreatgreat site great service thanks for your help

INGRAMThanksThank you so much for your very prompt action in sending me a photo of the headstone. It is the correct family and Charlotte is definitely on the headstone as Charlotte Savi. She was the daughter of William Ingram and Elizabeth Hills who are also on the headstone and her baptism is entered as Charlotte Lacy Ingram but she is shown as Charlotte Laci in the 1871 census. Her death is entered as Charlotte Savi and that is what is on the headstone so my many thanks.

INGRAMIsabella Maria IngramI am looking for the grave of my great aunt who was a patient in St Cadoc's hospital in caerleon, newport, wales. She died there on 8th July 1956 aged 81 years. I do not know whether patients were buried in the grounds at that time or whether she is buried in Caerleon cemetery. If anyone can help it would be a mystery solved in my family tree.


INKPENThank youThank you for your very prompt reply once again

INNESwonderful resourceThis is a great resource and Charles Sale is very kind in providing such a service. He is to be highly commended for his fine work.

INNESmany thanksI have tried myself to find family graves while searching for my family tree - it is a time consuming often frustrating business as so many cemetery's have been neglected and over time graves broken, covered with moss etc, inscriptions weather worn and unreadable. Thank you all so much for the incredible work you do to help preserve our ancestor's memories.

INSCHThank youThank you very much for recent photo.

INSCHINSCH AND TURNERJust wanted to send a big thank you for the photo, it helps confirms information on hand.

INSKIPThankyou for a wonderful serviceThankyou for a wonderful service

IRELANDImagesAfter the initial hiccup, Charles was on to it, images were very clear :)

IRELANDOutstanding ResourceThank you very much for the photo. This has been a great help in my search for my Ireland ancestors.

IRELANDThank youThank you very much for your prompt help. A very useful website. Really appreciate all you have done.

IRELANDHelpful web siteI dropped onto this site quite by accident - and found the grave of a gt grandfather just like that! Amazing. Thankyou

IRELANDElizabeth Ireland and Mary Ireland and other Irelands around Sussex and Kent. Great work and thanks for making this available. Keep it up. Thanks you. Peter

IRELANDExcellent serviceI was delighted to receive such an excellent and prompt response regarding my query concerning Alfred Frederick Ireland my 2nd Cousin 2 x removed. This site is a wonderful service for those such as myself, cannot perform research other then from their computer.

IRONMONGERFirst class resourceWe are so lucky to have access to the GPR - it has answered a lot of my family research questions. Thank you very much for all your hard work

IRONSIDEBrilliant!What a brilliant idea....MANY thanks for such a wonderful rescource for family historians, and others..... A site that needs the utmost promotion and support...

IRONSIDEImage receivedMany thanks Charles for an excellent image... I hope to be able to provide some myself, when I learn how to do so effectively....

IRVINSuccessAfter stumbling across this website, i am extremely pleased with the fact i have had a success. Please forward my thanks to all concerned, Volunteers, Logging volunteers and all others who were involved in this site. I look forward to searching it some more and seeing if the success rate increases Thanks Lee

IRVINE AND ROARKVery helpful resourceI was trying to ascertain whether a gentleman who had written to a family member about possible family connections was still alive. Sadly he has passed away and the image of his plaque confirmed the identity of the letter writer.

IRVINGBig Thankyou for your info on George IrvBig Thankyou for your info on George Irving ...greatly appreciated . Good luck Jintie

IRVINGJoseph IrvingThank you for the gravestone photo of my gg uncle Joseph Irving

IRWINThank youThank you so much for the photo. Much appreciated,

ISAACISAAC/HOOKWAYthanks for your speedy response

ISAACISAAC/BRAUNTONTo me and people like me your service is invaluable as without it I would have no gravestones for people in my tree.I would like to say a big thankyou to all the people who give up their time to travel around to gather the numerous photo's. Thanks again for a brilliant service

ISAACPhotograph of Francis Isaac monument (grave 318655)Thank you for the image. I wanted it for the extremely trivial but, at the same time, vitally important, wish to see if the lambs in Francis Isaac's coat-of-arms had ropes hanging round their necks. Col. Vivian in his edition of the Visitations of Devon, published 1895, stated that, on this monument, they had. On a monument showing Francis' daughter's arms in St Giles-in-the-Wood the ropes were not shown. On this monument in West Down, as shown in the picture, the arms of Isaac are displayed three times and, as far as I can tell, the lambs do not have ropes. Curious.

ISAACA great Resource Thank youA great Resource Thank you

ISAACJohn Paddon Isaac & Mary IsaacThis was a wonderful website to find and enabled me to get a photograph of an ancestor half a world away

ISAACMany thanks,really helpful.Many thanks,really helpful.

ISAACThank you very much most helpful will ceThank you very much most helpful will certainly use your site again.

ISAACGreat GrandparentsThank you so much for sending me photographs of my Great Grandparents Grave in Devon. I am already planning to visit and perhaps give it some TLC. I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to see it.

ISAACSONISAACSON, LEWIN, SPENCERGreat site - have found the response to requests almost immediate...

ISHERWOODThank youI was delighted to have seen an image of the grave I was searching for, thank you very much.

ISLEWhat a wonderful service you provide.I have only just discovered your site and it has helped me to complete my research into a member of my tree. I will certainly check your site in my future research and recommend you to friends.

IVELLIVELL/IVEL/IVILLMuch appreciate the photos and the time and trouble taken to run this site. Thanks very much I shall no doubt be back for more!

IVESThank YouThank you for your help

IVESKEELERThank youThank you for running this site; from the U.S. we were able to locate where my husband's grandparents are buried & can now visit the cemetery when we visit England.


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