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surnametitle of the comment / feedbackcomment / feedbacksubmittednum
JUNIPERMany thanks Many thanks - I would never have found this without your help.

KARLThanks for this valuable serviceThanks to all the volunteers at GPR for providing this valuable service, especially nice when travel from BC to ON is a major deterrent.

CARLYLE & WISHARTGratefulI found this web site very helpful. I couldn't find any headstones anywhere else for various distant relatives, until I came across this site through Ancestry. I send our my thanks to the person running the web site!

RICHARD & BLANCHE ROEExcellent serviceA wonderful source of family details and history. Many thanks for such quick and efficient reply to my request. Searching the family of Blanche Roe (nee Gannon).

BROWNThanks for a great serviceWithin hours of requesting an image, an email arrived from Charles Sale with the link to a high definition picture - far better service than most commercial sites. The image was clear and sharp. Sadly the tombstone was less so. Time had taken its toll and the lettering was virtually illegible. But that really is not the point. Far better to find out that the hoped for family information isn't available than to waste time hoping it is. Once again, thanks for an invaluable service.

MITCHELL Thank you again for allowing me to see tThank you again for allowing me to see the monuments of my Scottish ancestors.

BECKMary Ann & William BeckThank you so much for the photograph of Mary Ann and William Beck's headstone. It's nice to know that you are helping so many people with these fantastic photos!

HOOKINGSThank you for a very clear photo of the Thank you for a very clear photo of the tombstone of James Hookings. It helps establish his date of death.

DOUGLASSReally quick response ThanksReally quick response Thanks

KINGSTON Very helpful!Many thanks for the image you supplied, of the grave of my great uncle, however I have no idea why he is buried in this plot with Highes family members. I do know that his wife when I knew him was his second wife, as he had previously been widowed. Perhaps that’s the connection. It gives me a new avenue to explore now. Thanks again for your invaluable resource.

SAYERSthank you.. I would not be able to get tthank you.. I would not be able to get there for a photo of my ancestor

SCOTTThank you for youe serviceThank you for youe service

PRICEthank youas always a prompt service with high quality photos. highly recommend this service. many thanks monica

FLATTWar GraveThanks you very much for the picture of my relative Joseph Flatt's headstone

ROBINSONGreat site - I find it useful in helpingGreat site - I find it useful in helping with the research I am doing into my family tree. The Robinson family I am interested in came from Bramley (Leeds, Yorkshire, U.K.) and the ones I am interested lived there from as far back as I can find (abt. 1800) through the 1800s. Ann Robinson, a direct forbearer married into the wood family in 1833.

DIXONThank youI am desperate to find a picture of my grandfather Andrew Dixon 1878-1954, who lived for a time, and died in Blantyre. He had a daughter Violet Woods nee Dixon (1922-1994), who relocated and died in Wick, Scotland. I would really love a picture of her too.

e thackerthank you charles as always much appreciated

CUTLANDThank YouAn excellent service. Thank you very much. Gerald

ISAAC / HOOKWAYthanks for your speedy responsethanks for your speedy response

HOGGHogg /Baston Family historyThanks to your site I have been able to add to my family search, the recent photo has given me another link

DOWNINGThanksA wonderful resource that enabled me to view the gravestone of my great (x2) grandparents in (very) remote Suffolk. The effort involved is much appreciated.

RENTONThanksThanks for pics of person requested. Great clarity in images Thank you.

Great ServiceThank you Charles for Providing me with A vital piece Of my Ancestry history--much appreciated

LIVEYGreat ResourceA very useful tool to help find your ancestors. Many thanks to all those who contribute to make this possible.

TOWARD, DAVISON, WADDELLGravestonesthis is a wonderful site to help people who don't live in England. Haven't been able to find any of these graves, before now

HAWKINSThanks for this. A great resource. A quiThanks for this. A great resource. A quick response to my request, and very clear photographs received. This has helped me considerably.

CONLANMany thanks Great to be able to see some photos especially as our family is scattered around Australia and NZ

RUDLERHenry RudlerIn my researches of the Rudler family from Wiltshire I found the gravestone entries very helpful in sorting out complicated relationships.

FAULKSThanksDear Charles, Thank you for your email. I did however receive the images I requested with many thanks although I will also download them. I do have some images other FAULKS graves mainly from Long Clawson Dunchurch but not really in the format or details you request but if I re visit those place I am happy to include them to you. Many thanks for your continued help to family researchers David

SHARP / ATKINSONExtreamly usefull Thankyou so much.Extreamly usefull Thankyou so much.

CHALLONERGrave 31943 in Hampton cemeteryThe image for Frances challoner’s grave was received and is very clear. Thank you so much for your efforts in keeping these records up to date. It really is appreciated

GEORGEThank ya'll.Thank you so much for the excellent image of my ancestor's monument. If anyone else has, or is searching for, information about the Alexander George family, born abt 1630, please send me an email. Thank ya'll again.

DONOVANGrateful thanksThank you so much for providing a copy of my great uncle's headstone

JUPPJupp of Horne(Horsham)What a wonderful site this is. It will be so helpful in my genealogy research. Thanks to all concerned. Irene in Australia

HOWELLSThanksThankyou for your service,very usefulfor my research

GODDARDThank youThank you for providing this service. You made it possible to have a photo of my ancestors resting place as I am in Canada and unable to visit myself. This service that you provide is very much appreciated. Christena

BRANDThank You!Thank you so much for your site and this brilliant service you provide! Much appreciated!

MOLLWhat an awesome site! My grandmother wasWhat an awesome site! My grandmother was a WW1 war bride and came to New Zealand but we had no information about her family, so at least having a photo of this gravestone is really special !! Thanks everyone :-)

WATSONThank you for sending me the precious imThank you for sending me the precious image of the headstone of William C Watson alone with the grave details. It has been really, really helpful in our family history process. So generous.

KINGThank YouThank you Charles for sending me this image, and so quickly too. It was very moving to see the image and I very much appreciate you sending it to me.

WILLIAMSGravestone in Durham Road Cemetery, Stockton on TeesVery pleased to find a photograph of grandparents gravestone William John and Maria Elizabeth Williams which we didn't know was there. A very good resource

MACNEILgrand fatherDonald joseph macneil i am from nz and believe donald was my grand father i know nothing of my scotish heritage just my father is malcolm andrew mcneil aka calum if any one has any information it would be appreciated

SMITHThank you was a great helpThank you was a great help

LALORThanksDear GPR, thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly. I was delighted to be able to confirm information on a member of my family for my family history research. I was referred to your site by if that information is useful for you. Thank you again and keep up the great work! Leo Lalor

WADDINGTONGreat resource! Dear Charles, Thank you for the image of the gravestone of Samuel Waddington, my 7th great-grandfather. Please know how much I appreciate your dedication in providing this resource. It must take huge amounts of time to maintain and administer. Truthfully, I get excited every time I find another link to my family's history! I hope to be able volunteer to photograph the cemetery where several generations of my family are buried - Prospect Presbyterian Church, China Grove, North Carolina - established 1824. It is large... perhaps I could enlist a few cousins to help me! Thanks again and best wishes, Elizabeth Weddington Grimm North Carolina, US

DAVISONcomplicated site to search Directed here from Ancestry which showed details of a Robert Davison but could not find the respective info - found it very complicated. The validation image was also ridiculously unreadable I had to use a magnifying glass and not everyone has one Name: Robert Davison Birth Year: 1737 Burial Year: 1818 Burial Place: Rothbury, Northumberland, England Death Age: 81 Cemetery: All Saints .... more

Wonderful Resource and ServiceI've been using the Gravestone Photographic Resource for a long time now and have found it an amazing resource with first class service. Very much appreciated - keep up the good work.

SMALLMANExcellentHi Charles This is an excellent service and so well run and organised can not thank you enough for your help and all the efforts you have put in to it Alison

STEPHENSSuch a help!Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to have the picture of the gravestone in Swimbridge churchyard.We could not find it when we visited in the spring and were wondering who to ask about photographing it for us.Then from a hint through Ancestry here it was.So very grateful.I will offer to help with collecting photographs locally for the site

MARKSELIZA MARKSMany thanks to the volunteers for making it possible to visit my GT.Gt.Grandmother ELIZA MARKS grave. She was born In Ipswich Suffolk in 1842 her maiden name was BUTCHER,she then married a WILLIAM J. WILKINS ,then later DANIEL MARKS of WOODBRIDGE


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