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List of Help Requests

surnametitle of the comment / feedbackcomment / feedbacksubmittednum
ARCHERFrederick T ArcherFrederick T Archer committed suicide in February 1914 whilst serving on HMS St George docked in Chatham Kent. He was born in Elmset Suffolk 1881, and served as a blacksmith in Navy. Would he have been buried outside graveyard, or special area within cemetry?

PENDERRichard Pender of TrescoRichard Pender of Tresco

AUGIERAUGIER/GOTENDORF photo requestHi. I have some burial records from JewishGen and they're related to a family already photographed here, but they themselves aren't even listed anywhere in the cemetery. I'm wondering if you take photos by request and if you'd be willing to help... it's in the 24th division of Montparnasse: Emile Augier, wife Isabelle nee Gotendorf, son Jean, and anybody else around them who seems attached. Isabelle is the daughter of Josephine and James Nathan Gotendorf already photographed, so they may be nearby, but I'm not sure.

PRINCEThank you so much for a wonderful WebsiThank you so much for a wonderful Website. I am researching the Prince family and understand there is a memorial and brave in Rossett Church if anyone can help with this?

SEABORNLocate ancestryLooking for ancestors. May Thomas crisp Dearborn.

BUSSAnnie Buss who arrived in Queensland 186Annie Buss who arrived in Queensland 1863 with her father & brothers

BATEMANGravestone QueryOn Horace and Sarah Bateman's gravestone the memories are from the grandchildren. Can anyone help clarify as I cannot find any children of Horace or Sarah, Did the adopt?

STEVENSFramfield, Sussex - St. Thomas a Becket ChurchFramfield, Sussex - St. Thomas a Becket Church All Stevens'buried there are my direct relatives. Thank you in Advance. Ty.

CREASEYThumbnailI've got the high definition copy (thank you) and would like to use the thumbnail on ancestry as you request, but cannot figure out how to do it. I have copied the code given for the thumbnail but how/where do I use it. Can you give me an 'idiot's guide' please. .... more

BRIGHTI am researching the family of Thomas anI am researching the family of Thomas and Elizabeth Bright from Nelson. I am grateful for any help received and willing to share my photos etc. Thank you for your help in receiving these photographs.

DAWSONphoto Thank you so much for the photos available to search. I am not as familiar with websites as many others are so I am not sure about what I do with the thumbnail code. I copied it but I can't get the photo and Ancestry doesn't take the information as a link. I understand you don't want photos put on other websites, like Andestry, but how do you use that code? Anyone help me? (Accidentally put James with the surname after reading I should add the first name so now I am putting the same comment under just Dawson.)

DAWSONJAMES DAWSONThank you so much for the photos available to search. I am not as familiar with websites as many others are so I am not sure about what I do with the thumbnail code. I copied it but I can't get the photo and Ancestry doesn't take the information as a link. I understand you don't want photos put on other websites, like Andestry, but how do you use that code? Anyone help me?

HARKERGrave stone or memorialHello Staff, My name is Marj and I am in Australia. I am looking for my gt gt aunt Marjory Taylor Harker - born 1847-1848, buried 13 March 1906 age 58 yrs at Hampstead Cemetery (London Borough of Camden). Interment No.11939 - Sect. G4 - No.52. do you have any photos of graves in this cemetery as I can't find hers. Thank you so much for reading me request and you have a really wonderful website. Kindest regards, Marj

WELLSI have requested images of Wells monumenI have requested images of Wells monuments in Leigh Kent churchyard, but have not received them.Is this service no longer available, or am I doing something wrong?

TULETTadditional photos of gravesI asked for the Kathleen Tulett (6158). Could you please also send me a high resolution pic of 6157, 6159, 6160, 6161. Thank you very much.

ROBINSONMay Belle RobinsonI very much appreciate the image of May Belle Robinson's gravestone at Hagworthingham in Lincs. I am writing a book on her family and I would be very much interested to hear more from any relatives of May Belle.

STEELHelp Request - Corfu - Roddick Murdoch SteelMy uncle died in Corfu in 2009. His name was Roddick Murdoch Steel. All his family live in Australia and he we have never seen his grave. We would be very grateful if someone could add a photo of his gravestone. We believe that may be buried next to his wife Margaret Steel nee Clancy, who dies some years earlier, Rodd was born on 28.12.1928 in Australia and he died on 11.11.2009. He competed for Australia in fencing at the 1956 Olympics.

CRABTREEHenry Crabtree (or Krabtree)I am looking for evidence of the death/burial of Rev Henry Crabtree. His date of death was between 1685 and 1690. He was the curate at St Mary's Church in Todmorden from 1662 until his death. He had a few altercations with his church due to his interest in astrology and prophesy, and may have fallen out of favour. They buried his wife there, who outlived him, but there is no acknowledgement of his burial in any church record. On the remote offchance, do you have any garvestones that either relate, or are 'unnamed' but reasonable candidates? There was a possible link to Cross Stone church, too. Hope you can help. John

DIXONThank youI am desperate to find a picture of my grandfather Andrew Dixon 1878-1954, who lived for a time, and died in Blantyre. He had a daughter Violet Woods nee Dixon (1922-1994), who relocated and died in Wick, Scotland. I would really love a picture of her too.

MACNEILgrand fatherDonald joseph macneil i am from nz and believe donald was my grand father i know nothing of my scotish heritage just my father is malcolm andrew mcneil aka calum if any one has any information it would be appreciated

BROWNMissing CemeteryThe large Victoria Rd cemetery near Barnard Castle is not yet included in your db. Could you please add this to the projects list to be photographed? Also there is a bug in the validation process, several correct answers were rejected as incorrect.

LAWSONLocation of stain glass window in photos.Can you tell me where the stain glass window you supplied me photos of is located? Is there a church or building in the Old Barony Private cemetery? It is dedicated to Alexander Lawson & wife Susan Cownie. Thank you!

GROVESThank youThank you for all your help. Does anyone have any information on James Groves who died in 1845 in Romford?

CAMPChurch cemetery on Lord Townshend Estate, Close to Raynham & Not Far From FakenhamI'm trying to locate the grave of my cousin, Naomi Louise CAMP. She was born prematurely 12 Sep 1960 in the Royal Air Force Sculthorpe base hospital, weighing only 1 lb 8 ozs. baby Naomi only lived for 2 hrs. Per my late Aunt, her mother, she was buried in the church cemetery on the Lord Townshend Estate, close to Raynham and not too far from Fakenham, England. Per index records, she was born and died in District: Fakenham, County: Norfolk. I cannot find an estate by this name but I am finding the Raynham Estate and Raynham Hall. I've also found that the Church of St Mary is on the estate so am wondering if the church cemetery may be where baby Naomi was buried. Can you help me locate her burial? If possible, I would love to have a picture of her grave and headstone. Many thanks for any help you can provide.

HOLLEYconfirmation of receiptThank you Charles. The inscription is very clear and legible. Wonderful to have. I am interested in the entire family but of particular interest is George Hunt Holley's son George Hunt Holley Dunham born 1798 in Aylsham.

CALDERAble to view gravestone from across the pondThank you for your invaluable service and to all the volunteers who have donated time and photos. I’m researching Calder’s from Latheron, Lybster & Wick area, Adam Calder was my husbands grandfather. It is quite difficult to read the inscription & dates on Janet Thomson’s headstone, if anyone has info from the gravestone I would appreciate their help.

BROWNMary Thomson BrownI have a memorial locket with Mary T Brown's photo and lock of hair. The exact date of her death and year of birth are shown. I want to find her relatives

CALLENDERBamburgh, Northumberland, EnglandJames Callender. James was the Gardener at Bamburgh Castle back in the early 1700's. I found a gravestone on this website listing James Callender's daughters, Elizabeth, Miriam and Jane, along with (perhaps) his brother Aaron. James died in Newcastle Upon Tyne, in June of 1770, and is buried at St. Nicholas. He had moved in with his sons Michael and Robert who ran a garden nursery in the area. Does anyone have any information on who James Callender's wife may have been?

ROBINSONgrave locationthank you for the photo of R.C.Robinson headstone . when I first saw it there was a building in the background and I was wondering if it is possible to see this photo again thank you

COGGLE Thank you for the information on the surname Coggle Mary Coggle Charles Coggle Any family history would be welcome.

I'm sorry but I don't understand how to I'm sorry but I don't understand how to upload the thumbnail image of a grave to Ancestry. I have saved the thumbnail image to my desktop and then loaded it to Ancestry but the resulting image is illegible. I have seen the link you provide to transfer the high quality image to Ancestry but I don't know how to use this link. There is no facility on Ancestry to paste a link into a record. I am really thrilled to see the graves I was looking for but frustrated that I can't get them onto my family tree! Thank you for the massive amount of work you obviously put into this service. Sue .... more

TURNERLoaninghill Cemetery Uphall ~ Photograph Wanted PleaseHello A few years ago a wonderful volunteer helped with my request in taking some photos of my mum's final resting place in Loaninghill Cemetery in Uphall West Lothian. I was so grateful as i now live in New Zealand.Sadly last year i lost my brother who has been laid to rest beside our mum. I organised a lovely slate memorial for him and it was placed at the gravesite on the day of the funeral. I have no family members in Scotland who can help me get a photo showing my brother's memorial ~ i am so far away and would be very grateful if someone could perhaps help with my request. Many Thanks Alana

PRICEThe burial records for St James Church, The burial records for St James Church, STAUNTON, Worcestershire give all the details but I would dearly like to know if there are gravestones/photos of my relatives buried there. My GGGG grandfather Job PRICE of Staunton Court buried 17 April 1807 55 years. His wife Elizabeth PRICE (nee BARNES) of Staunton Court buried 26 July 1830, 88 years. Their eldest son my GGG grandfather John PRICE of Poole House, Upton on Severn 24 June 1843, 67 years. Any help would be most appreciated as I live in Australia and cannot search Staunton St James churchyard myself.

RAMSEYPhotographMany thanks for the photograph; it's a great service you're providing and much appreciated. Such valuable info to be found on the gravestones!

TALMANI would like to request for the cemeteryI would like to request for the cemetery of St. Andrew's, Felmingham, North Norfolk, England to be cataloged and photographed. My 7X great-grandfather, William Talman is buried there and I would like a photograph of his gravesite. William Talman was born 1650 and died 1719. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you! .... more

LEAKEsearch for graveMany thanks for the image of Robert Leake,s grave, I have been trying to find it since we moved to our house. Robert Leake owned 'Hoders' in Oxted, our house was originally an agricultural building part of the estate. Work was completed on it in 1812 and a plaque was placed above the door with the date and Robert Leake's initials

HARRISRobert Harris, son of Robert and MargareRobert Harris, son of Robert and Margaret

GRIFFINFamily treesHello, am researching my family tree, Griffin's and Hayter's. My grandfather was Thomas George Griffin born 1852(known as George), my grandmother was Emma Hayter born 1856. If anyone has further information i would be extremely grateful. Many thanks Tony Griffin

MERCIECASERVICE QUALITYWhat a briliant service this is; thank you! I intend to continue tracing my own ancestry in Ireland, and will let you have any memorial photos that I take, together with any I take at Richmond (Surrey)cemetery when my own family members are buried. I am trying to recreate a photograph of a boys' school soccer team from 1961 when we were all aged 11. I have found 9 of the 11 (all still living) and, following further research thanks to your picture of his sister's memorial, know that a 10th, her brother John, is also alive, but I have no direct contact details for him. Did I read from your information that you had such detail of those who had requested a photo? If so, that might very well lead to down another path to discovery. Best regards. Mike

ALDRIDGESarah Aldridge buried at St. Swithun's 20 May 1804I would like to find the grave of my x3 Great Grandfather James Aldrich first wife Sarah ne Weller. The Bishop's transcripts are for Sarah Aldridge wife of James buried at St. Swithun's East Grinstead on the 20 May 1804.

WYMERFamily researchIam doing a one name study on Wymerand would like some help with the Rev Edward Wymer and His wife Elizabeth Whaites

HOLLINGERImage not received from about two weks agoImage might be under his wife Mabel Taylor image 334 or 202.

MIDDLETONWalsall helpI'm looking for the grave of grandad Middleton, his full name is Arthur Middleton, died April 1926 and is buried in Ryecroft cemetary. Any help would be great. Thank you

SMITHHelp to find graveI'm trying to locate the grave of my grandad. He is buried in Ryecroft cemetary in walsall. Full name is George Thomas Smith and he died in 1942 ... thank you

FISHERThank you & help requestThank you for the image of the headstone for John Fisher in St Mary the Virgin's Church Cemetery, Richmond, Yorkshire. As well as the name of John Fisher who died in 1772, aged 80, there appears to be other names and information on the headstone. I am wondering if anyone can tell me what the names are and what the information is. It would be lovely if someone could help with this. Many Thanks.

WARDBurial Grounds in the Tadcaster areaPlease would you be able to advise me? I am trying to find the graves of my WARD ancestors who died in the 1800's, and lived in Tadcaster and from the 1880's in Stutton. Several children were baptised Methodist, and then 'Primitive Methodist'. Would they be buried in the Church of England churchyard, or is there a seperate Methodist burial ground in the area? I am particularly interested in William Ward who died in Stutton in 1890. Any advise you can give me would greatly be appreciated. Thank you.

FORTNUMDuring my research into my father's famiDuring my research into my father's family I have found this website particularly useful. I will certainly use it again - thank you.

SWITHENBANK Nab Wood Cemetery, Shipley, YorksNab Wood is quite a large cemetery. Is there any information available for the graves there please?

PARSONSParsons Family including Bedell and Fifoot relationsTheir message: Dr James St John Parsons is my paternal to maternal great grandfather. The others are his family and therefore great Aunt's / cousins etc to me. I am undertaking research into the Florance and Parsons family. I would also therefore very much appreciate copies of the memorials for: 1] John Benjamin Bedell 1971 (not a cousin to Dr Parsons but a grandson. Both a cousin and husband to Alice Hazel Bedell. 2] Alice Hazel Gage Bedell 1984 (not a cousin to Dr Parsons but a grand daughter. Both a cousin and wife to Benjamin Bedell. 3] Gertrude Gage Parsons 1961 4] Alice McLearn Fifoot 1940 5] Edith Maude Bedell 1952 6] Elizabeth Parsons 1908 (?)(I think this person is meant to be James Parsons (jnr) wife who died in Celyon. Her name in a 'Will' is Margaret but may of course be known as Elizabeth. She didn't die in Celyon. 7] James Parsons 1908 8]Elizabeth Gage Parsons 1920 If I may gently point out I have corrected the relationships in brackets. Of course if your information is correct according to the memorials this raises important questions. Very many thanks indeed in anticipation for your assistance. Your work is a wonderful resource for researchers. thank you. James (Jim Florance)

photos3 Excellent photos received. Thank you very much


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