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Thank you for this website, I have foundThank you for this website, I have found it very useful in my family research and appreciate the images that I have been able to view. I am wondering however, why the names that are listed as being on a monument, are not visible on the photograph, and am curious as to where this information came from. .... more

MADGEViewing larger imageI requested a larger image of a gravestone for Samuel Madge, but the link in your e-mail response only gives me a list of requests for the same image, not the image itself. Am I doing something wrong? Grateful for any help. LL

HARPERWilliam Harper May 1778 - 1822 M 1803 William Harper May 1778 - 1822 M 1803 Ann Lovick B 1782/6 - c1834 Trying to find out the parents of Ann Lovick

WHITECHESTERInformation on Whitechester surname linked to Scotland and LithuaniaI have found information about the Whitechester name in Scotland connected to the Scott clan and the name Buccleigh. In a Pennsylvania death record in 1935 for Anthony Whitechester, my grandfather, his father, Thomas Whitechester, is listed as an immigrant from Lithuania. Thomas and Agnes Whitechester's four children were born in Pennsylvania in the USA according to their marriage licenses. There is a reference in Wikipedia to some land in Lithuania owned by the Buccleighs that they lost when Russia took over Lithuania. Does anyone have any information about the Whitechester name in Scotland or Lithuania? I haven't been able to find information prior to 1920 on Ancestry and Google about that last name. Thank you.

COATESMemory of a friend with Alzheimer's A friend with Alzheimer's (Ray) suddenly remembered the name of the father of a friend from school. I was wishing to help his memory and giving him something to tie his memories with. The father was Harry Bellarby Coates and he was the director (?) of the Grimsby hospital immediately prior to, and during, WW2. They lived in a big house in Grimsby. According to the London Gazette he received a gong for services to the Civil Defence in (or around) 1945.

RUDDSudbury cemeteryI am hoping to get a photograph of Frederick Rudd's grave in Sudbury Cemetery who died in December 1959. If anybody can help I can send them the plot number and a map of the cemetery showing the grave location

MURPHYThank youA big thank you to Charles for sending the photograph of the Blantyre War Memorial inscription including the names of my three great uncles. James Murphy - Northumberland Fusiliers – Loos – 26/09/1915 Hughie Murphy – Cameron Highlanders – Afion Kara Hissar Turkey - 08/10/1916 Tobias Murphy – Scots Guards – The Somme - 16/09/1916 William, Michael and Richard Murphy enlisted with the three brothers named above on 05/01/1915 from Blantyre. Richard was born 1878 emigrated to USA 1918-21. Parents were William Murphy and Margaret (neé Walters) married Barrhead 02/06/1870. Any information on the above would be most welcome.

BURGESS I do appreciate the kind service that yoI do appreciate the kind service that you are giving and thank you so much. Elizabeth Burgess nee Page was born at Laxfield, Suffolk, and she is the daughter of John Page, Surgeon. I am so interested to learn whether any of her children have continued on to the present day.

ROONEY To contact any other cousins Are there any other family members in my age group in there 20's related to Peggy and Jimmy Rooney from Blantyre? I'm Peggy and Jimmys Great Granddaughter.

CHARTI just wanted to say thank you for helpiI just wanted to say thank you for helping with my photo request.

CALVERTTerracotta gravestonesThanks for the useful photo supplied of a Torin grave.He was a relative of Mary Seton Watts who started the Compton Pottery. My main research is into the location of terracotta gravestones made near Guildford by Compton Pottery 1900-1950. They are either brick colour or grey, usually Celtic designs or crosses and usually not very large. Sometimes just a moulded kerb with names inscribed. Lettering is cut into the terracotta before firing or is sometimes left standing with a cut-away background. Most are in a 20 mile radius of Guildford but they were supplied in sections by rail and individual examples turn up throughout UK. I could send sample pictures and would be so grateful for a photo from anyone who comes across one in their researches.

GATESMany thanks I was wondering if you had aMany thanks I was wondering if you had any idea what the engraving at the top of the headstone means. Any help would be much appreciated.

WYATTI have sent images of gravestones in theI have sent images of gravestones in the past for Christchurch, Virginia Water, Surrey and St Michael and St Mary Magdalene, Bracknell, Berkshire. If I visit any other cemeteries in the course of my research I will endeavour to photograph more than the ones I am interested in and send them to you.

JARMANVisit to CoatesThank You Looking for any information regarding the Jarman Family in Whittlesey and Coates

DORNANPumpherston Oil Tank DisasterAn extremely useful and user-friendly site. Iam researching a branch of the Thomson family in the Scorttisg Borders. My earliest confirmed dates are the 1790s with Gideon Thomson in Eddleston, marrying firdt Elizabeth Dickson, who presumably died in childbirth, and later Margaret Hope with whom he had four sons and a daughter, Margaret. She married into the Wilkie family and in the 1930s a Wilkie was the second husnaband of Mary Dornan, marrying by declaration in Edinburgh, hence my interest in the Dornans. The Wilkie, a chartered surveyor died 1959sh, in Dumfries. I can find no subsequent ecord of Mary's death in Scotland. I would appreciate any help in this matter. Michael Thomson.

HARTLocation help pleaseThank you for the recent requested image, however it turns out not to be the the relative I am searching for. I have been researching my family tree for over 22 years and I am looking for my G.Grandmother's grave. Her name was Elizabeth Hart nee Baker. Died at Kingsclere, Newbury, Berkshire on 22nd December 1954 aged 78. I have the birth and death certificate but desperatley want to find her final resting place. If anybody has any information or can suggest where to start looking I would really appreciate it. Many many thanks TH

HOLMANThumbnail image not displaying on Website, In finding a number of this Family on this site where other names have 'Thumbnails' of the image each of these 'Holman's' did not show one it merely listed that one exists like: - image of grave number 61121 with a square symbol in front of the text. Tried to open in new window, it stated the image was not found, almost as if it did, but has been deleted or lost in the system (broken link). .... more

HESTERDate correctionCould I ask you to make a correction to the estimated dates (given in red) that accompany the image of the gravestone of one of my ancestors? This concerns Elizabeth Hester: grave number 54312, image no. 226. Her estimated date of birth (in red) is given as 1812, but should in fact be 1842. I'm sure the reason for this is interpreting her age at death on the gravestone as 89, whereas it actually reads 59. I am quite sure about this, especially as a date of birth of 1812 would have meant that her youngest child would have been born when she was 66 years old (rather than 36)!!

CALVETTIBrompton Cemetery & St Pancras CemeteryHello, I would love if someone would be able to send me a picture of the gravestone for Giovanni Calvetti who is buried in Brompton Cemetery (register lists M 145... not sure if that is the number of the plot). I would also be interested in a photo of Romeo Calvetti's gravestone. He is buried in St Pancras Cemetery. His plot number is 315.9.V. Thanks!

SUNDERLANDTrying to find my cumbrian ancestorSeeking any information on James SUNDERLAND, born around 1726 (based on age at death), who married Mrgaret CROZIER at Carlisle St Cuthbert on 12 Jun 1757, and died at Beacon Hill, Dalston Parish, Cumbria on 16 Jan 1817 aged 88. Occupation: Tailor In 1775 he was 1 of 2 churchwardens for Carlisle St. Cuthbert's, Blackwell quarter. In 1793 he subscribed to 'Poems, with Edwin & Catherine, or The Distressed Lovers, A Tragedy' by Thomas SCOTT, Paisley, published 1793, printed by John Neilson.

SMYTHEPhotos from earlier requests not transferred to the 2014 versionSome years ago, I requested and received some photos from a family vault in Aldeburg, UK, St. Peter and St. Paul graveyard. Since this has been transferred to, a search there links to those burials, but further search doesn not include any of them. Is the database not finished, or have these graves been lost in the system? I know they exist, as I downloaded them into my old computer. Thanks for your help.

RUDKINCharles Iliffe RudkinMany Thanks for the photo link. Unfortunately the subject is a little out of focus - if you have another image and could send it would be great. I think the service you offer really does help researchers link a few reference numbers with an actual person. I am sure that for some researchers overseas this is invaluable to provide a tangible link. Many thanks for the service, which I will look to use again. Shame about the image though.

THOMPSONDid Elizabeth died before she married???Firstly, many thanks for the photo Charles. The information on it is however curious. The Henry data fits my ancestor exactly, as does his first wife Mary Jane (preferred to be mostly known as just Jane). Problem is with second wife Elizabeth. The headstone gives her death as 7 Oct 1891 but the only marriage registration I can find, anywhere, between a fitting Henry and an Elizabeth (maiden name unknown) was in Dec quarter 1891 ref Stockton 10a 69. Any ideas anyone??

KEMPSkinner Street Chapel, Poole, Dorset, EnglandLooking for photos for my ancestors in England, records show they were buried at Skinner Street Independent? I'm tried looking up skiner street but cant really get an real answer on where this place is, much less even photos of my families graves. I know my line of Kemps are supposedly buried all over Dorset,Poole. But right now I'm looking for just this one family George Kemp 8 Feb 1756-Jun 1845 , he was a deacon of the skinner street church for over 60 years his wife Sarah Kemp 19 Mar 1763-22 Nov 1813, So I'd like to find these two and anyother Kemps buried at this Skinner Street Church .... more

WEBBERalbert james webberIm researching my family tree. Ive got albert james webber, who was born in 1913 in plymouth, devon, we now he moved around and was living in merthyr tydfil, midgalmorgan,, uk at the time of his passing through a mining accident. His parents were john webber born 1882 in south molton, devon i think he married a emily jane piper who was born 1883 in marwood, devon. At the moment im struggling to find any further information going back. any information would be a great help. thanks lisa

ERISEYErisey aisle inside ChurchHello, members of the Erisey family are direct ancestors on my mother's side of the family and I believe there is a section inside the Church where family members are either interred or have memorials. Is it possible to find out which members of the family are included and whether there are photographs showing the area of the Church where they are? Hoping to hear some good news. Many thanks for your time.

POWELLFamily HistoryI would like to hear from anyone who maybe related to Phyllis Powell(my great aunt)and George and Lottie Powell (my great grandparents) especially the person who is researching for their mother, who was the child born to Gladys May Powell(also a great aunt of mine)

POWELLFamily HistoryI would like to hear from anyone who maybe related to Phyllis Powell(my great aunt)and George and Lottie Powell (my great grandparents) especially the person who is researching for their mother, who was the child born to Gladys May Powell(also a great aunt of mine)

TOMKINSONThank you and are you able to answer a question?What a brilliant website! Wonderful to see an image of my Great Grandad's grave stone. I wondered if you were able to give me any extra information such as funeral/burial details or name of person who purchased the plot etc....anything really. My Nan (James's daughter) died when I as very young so I know very little about James or his wife May.

DANIELDANIEL, ALLITT, MATHER, GREEN,Thanks for the photos of my Dad's cousins graves at Codnor. My Dad's Mum was Annie Marie Spence and her parents and siblings settled in Denby. Annie Marie's Dad (Richard)'s family originated from Huddersfield and Richard was the only one to stay in this area. They have all passed away now - including my Dad and all but one of his seven brothers and sisters. I am trying to find out as much as I can about how/where they lived, what they did and anything of interest. I'd love to see any photographs if anyone can help. Many thanks again to Charles and his helpers.

CHALLONERCHALLONER/READ/PURNELL/EDGELL/I just requested another copy of an image I'd received before, not realizing till after I posted the request, that I can retrieve the image here. Sorry!

LOVEEmma Jane LoveThank-you for the photo, very pleased with the fast response. How do I get permission to put it on my family tree on Ancestry?

PHIPPS St. John's the baptist Kidderminster I was wondering if anyone has any info or pictures of a Gertrude violet tugela Phipps nee: Edwards and a Arthur Phipps buried in St. John's the baptist Kidderminster

NOTLEYEMILY & RICHARD NOTLEY - GravestonesI've been researching my ancestors in England. My aunt went over there in the 1960's and located the stones and wrote down what she saw. The marker I'm researching is for Emily Notley, my great grandfather's sister. The photo your organization sent me only shows one side of the marker According to my aunt, there is more information on the other side/s of the stone. One documents that Emily's son was killed in WWI and where he was buried. Also, Emily's daughter Mabel Emily; it documents that she was a Sister of a religious order of St. Mary's Baldslow. I would appreciate, if anyone has, or could obtain these photos for me for documentation in my ancestry research. I was thrilled to find this site and pictures. I had given up hope of ever being able to see my family's stones. Thank you

SANDERSThank youThank you for the quick reply and clear picture of a distant cousin.

NEWELLTom D NewellI am interested in hearing from anyone researching the family of Tom D Newell - pantomime dame

SCOTTThe Scott, Randall and Orrett family.I have been researching my Heyward, Scott, and Randall lines for many years, and would love to hear from anyone who can add any information at all about these families from Poole Dorset, Liverpool and Lancashire, England, and particularly anyone with any knowledge regarding the ship building business that both the Scott and Randall families appeared to have had in Liverpool England in the mid to late 1700's. Many thanks.

GUNNERPamela Jacqueline Gunner buried in the British Cemetery at Erimi, Limassol, CyprusI would like to have contact with Pamela Jacqueline Gunner's relatives/children. Pamela was my cousin, and the daughter of my father's elder sister, Cornelia Jacqueline Lienard Stigner.

LONGDENIncorrect Link - now correctedMary Longden, deceased 1816 age 25, is linked to a Gravestone for John Watson and family and listed as 1st wife of Benjamin named thereon. His death is itemised on the stone as 27 Feb 1919 age 75. This is clearly not a correct link. Mary, maiden name not known, is understood to be the 1st wife of a Benjamin Longden, albeit with connections to Hope, Derbyshire. .... more

BOWLESBOWLES OF GOSPORTLooking for help in finding gravestones for Catherine, Leonard, Dorothea, Charles, and Elizabeth Bowles of Gosport. Died as infants in the 1780's, buried in Rowner. Baptised in Holy Trinity, Gosport, Parents Tobias & Mary Bowles originally from London.

SKIPWORTHI believe a Skipworth Family Tomb is in I believe a Skipworth Family Tomb is in St Mary's churchyard, South Kelsey. Is this on any of the image you have. Thank you, Sue

HAYSearching for next of kin of F/sgt. Hugh Hay RCAF pilot 418Sq based, Ford England.Dear Sir/Mrs, I am searching for relatives of F/sgt Hugh Hay, KIA 26-07-1943 in Holland. I saw a picture if a memorial in Scotland and i wonder if anybody can help me finding his family. For years i lay flowers at the Commonwealth War Graves in Holland, near Amsterdam on the graves of F/sgt. Hay and F/O. Seymour. They crashed in a Mosquito of RCAF 418 squardon, after they took off from Base Ford in England for an intruder mission over Holland. On april 29th 2016 i will visit the grave of F/sgt Hugh Hay and his navigator F/O. John Seymour with the next of kin of F/O. John Seymour. Please could you assist me finding relatives of Hugh Hay and send me a picture of the memorial in Cartosh? With kind regards, Eduard IJsbrandij

HOWELLSNew headstoneI wish to replace my mother Mary Elizabeth howells's headstone as it is in need of repair. Can you please tell me if I need to contact someone regarding this for entry to the graveyard to erect a new headstone and if there are any requirements regarding size or type of headstone looking forward to hearing from you many thanks for your help kind regards Brian howells

BIRDFrederick George Bird of Luckington and Lacock, WiltshireI am researching the family tree of FREDERICK GEORGE BIRD, born in Luckington and who lived most of his life working at Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire. My family tree is on Ancestry and I would be pleased to share my findings with other researchers. I live close to Lacock and Luckington and the Wiltshire History Centre so can help you photos and things.

BIRDFrederick Kenwood Lear Bird Would JACKIE NIGHTINGALE from AUSTRALIA please contact me. You are the grand-daughter of Frederick Kenwood Lear Bird born in Lacock, Wiltshire. I am the grandson of his brother Lionel Frederick Bird. My family tree is on Ancestry and I would be pleased to share my research. I live close to Lacock and Luckington where our great-grand-father Frederick George Bird was born so can help you with photos and things.

CLEMESHARobert Clemesha 1680 -1747Thank you for this service. I believe Robert Clemesha was buried in the 'old graveyard in Goldsborough'. Would this be St Mary the Virgin or is the another older church? I am visiting the UK from Australia soon and hope to visit places connected to my family tree.

HANNANTBirth of Hephzibah HannantHephzibah Hannant on census 1851 & 1861 as niece of William Hannant before that no information whatever

LUMLEYJohn Lumley Burried St Leonards ChurchHi, I live in Canada and I am desperate to find the grave of a relative of mine. I know he was buried on the 15th Jan 1834 at St Leonards Anglican Church Thorton Le Street he was born 1753 and his wife was isabel/isabella (they may be buried together) I am hoping someone can help me locate the grave stone and send a picture or if not tell me how I may go about getting onei.e. can I contact the church? Any help is gratefully received.thank you so much!

BOOREResponding to a family member trying to trace us.The late Syd and Anna Boore are buried in Church Road Cemetery, Old Windsor, Berks. I noticed when carrying out some investigations that someone had left a comment on Syd and Anna's memorial page that they are trying to trace family. I am one of Syd and Anna's Grandsons. There are others, and Grand daughters, and many other family members which may be of interest to the searcher.

HILDREDGrave marker of Elizabeth Pocklington Hildred (b. 1815, d. 1848) in All Saints Church Cemetery in HoI am working on my family history over here in Wisconsin, USA. My family is from Lincolnshire and we still have someone living on the family farm purchased in 1856 by Sam Hildred of Lincolnshire. Samuel Hildred was born November 11, 1811 in his mothers village of Belleau and Aby, Lincolnshire, England and passed away on August 12, 1897 in Saxeville, Wisconsin. Sam lived 29 years after the passing of daughter Christiana Hildred Roemer and his second wife Ellen Hildred in 1868, and 17 years after his third wife Judith passed in1880. During that time, he worked hand-in-hand with grandchildren Arthur and Frances Roemer, sold the farm to grandson Arthur in 1890 and helped raise his great-grandchildren Pearl and Anthony Roemer. On May 14, 1841 at St. Adelwold's in Alvingham Sam married Elizabeth Pocklington from Aby. Sam and Elizabeth later moved 30 miles south to Kirton-in-Holland, where their daughter Christiana was born. Elizabeth died in May 1848 and is buried in at All Saints Church in Holland Fen. Later in 1850, Sam married his second wife Eleanor and together they all emigrated from England to the United States with daughter Christiana. Christiana married Carl Roemer from the farm directly southwest of the Hildred homestead in Saxeville. Their children were Arthur (b. 1861), Frances (b. 1863) and Samuel (b. 1866). Christiana passed away on February 3, 1868 at age 25 and Eleanor on December 5, 1868 after taking care of her step-daughter. Eleanor and Christiana are buried side by side in Saxeville, Wisconsin. I would like to complete the family and find the grave marker of Elizabeth in Holland Fen.


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