English War Memorials, Military Cemeteries and other Public Memorials that have been photographed and indexed

Below are the English War Memorials that have been photographed and indexed by the GPR.

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War Memorial.Houghton ConquestWar Memorial2626019 April 2017
War Memorial.RoxtonWar Memorial5656017 July 2017
War Memorial.SilsoeWar Memorial1818015 December 2016


War Memorial.AbingdonWar Memorial2842841628 August 2014
St Peter War Memorial.Ufton NervetSt Peter War Memorial1111021 June 2016


War Memorial - Australian Forces.Arnos ValeWar Memorial - Australian Forces20202
War Memorial - British Forces.Arnos ValeWar Memorial - British Forces203203528 September 2014
War Memorial - Canadian Forces.Arnos ValeWar Memorial - Canadian Forces1818128 September 2014
WW2 Cremations.Arnos ValeWW2 Cremations6868228 September 2014
School.Barton HillSchool1081085
Brislington.BrislingtonBrislington58031 December 2014
War Memorial.BrislingtonWar Memorial33023 November 2015
Air Raid Victims 1940-45.BristolAir Raid Victims 1940-45288288922 May 2015
St Peter (Air Raid Victims 1939-1945).Castle ParkSt Peter (Air Raid Victims 1939-1945)13941394018 March 2018
All Saints with St John War Memorial.CliftonAll Saints with St John War Memorial5959128 September 2014
Blackboy Hill War Memorial.CliftonBlackboy Hill War Memorial9090128 September 2014
General Draper Memorial 79th Regiment of Foot.CliftonGeneral Draper Memorial 79th Regiment of Foot2929020 November 2014
St Johns Church War Memorial.CliftonSt Johns Church War Memorial8484115 August 2014
Scout War Memorial.DownendScout War Memorial7704 December 2014
St Marks Church Roll of Honour.EastonSt Marks Church Roll of Honour40401
Baptist Church (military graves).FishpondsBaptist Church (military graves)25028 September 2014
War Memorial (replacement plaque).FrenchayWar Memorial (replacement plaque)2323328 September 2014
Greenbank (south side).GreenbankGreenbank (south side)2603 March 2015
Military (other forces).GreenbankMilitary (other forces)17231
War Memorial (south block).GreenbankWar Memorial (south block)217217428 September 2014
War Memorial.HenburyWar Memorial5454728 September 2014
Baptist Church Roll of Honour.HorfieldBaptist Church Roll of Honour3939128 September 2014
St Gregory the Great War Memorial.HorfieldSt Gregory the Great War Memorial6609 October 2014
War Memorial.ShirehamptonWar Memorial5757015 August 2014
Old Boys War Memorial.St WerburghOld Boys War Memorial186186116 December 2014
War Memorial.Stoke GiffordWar Memorial1818115 August 2014
St Gregory the Great War Memorial.Upper HorfieldSt Gregory the Great War Memorial66017 September 2015
Canford (rememberance corner).Westbury on TrymCanford (rememberance corner)5256026 September 2017


War Memorial.HardwickWar Memorial1212020 August 2017
War Memorial.Little MissendenWar Memorial3636124 May 2015
War Memorial.SwanbourneWar Memorial6666021 June 2016


War Memorial.ChatterisWar Memorial3737124 May 2015
War Memorial.CoveneyWar Memorial1414124 May 2015
War Memorial.Little DownhamWar Memorial1111124 May 2015
War Memorial.MarchWar Memorial332332127 March 2016
War Memorial.Oundle and AshtonWar Memorial929207 May 2015
War Memorial.St IvesWar Memorial1051051believed to be complete30 July 2015


Clock Tower War Memorial.BodminClock Tower War Memorial77013 May 2015
Lower Bore Street Library.BodminLower Bore Street Library151151513 May 2015
Post Office.BodminPost Office55013 May 2015
War Memorial.BolventorWar Memorial2323029 November 2016
War Memorial.CamborneWar Memorial231232713 May 2015
War Memorial.DobwallsWar Memorial1717028 February 2015
War Memorial.HayleWar Memorial9595613 May 2015
War Memorial.IlloganWar Memorial146146730 January 2015
War Memorial.LadockWar Memorial2626019 February 2017
War Memorial.PerranwellWar Memorial2222310 January 2015
War Memorial.PolperroWar Memorial035028 February 2015
War Memorial.PoolWar Memorial89894believed to be complete6 January 2015
War Memorial.PortreathWar Memorial027028 February 2015
War Memorial.Praze An BeebleWar Memorial03203 March 2015
War Memorial.RedruthWar Memorial234234616 February 2015
War Memorial.St IvesWar Memorial9595030 October 2016
War Memorial.TuckingmillWar Memorial7878414 January 2015


War Memorial.Above DerwentWar Memorial3232010 August 2017
War Memorial.MurtonWar Memorial1313130 August 2013


WW1 War Memorial.BakewellWW1 War Memorial6666012 September 2016
WW2 and Korea War Memorial.BakewellWW2 and Korea War Memorial2525012 September 2016
War Memorial.Baslow and BubnellWar Memorial3535023 October 2016
Denby Pottery World War 1 Memorial Plaque.DenbyDenby Pottery World War 1 Memorial Plaque1212026 November 2014
St Leonard (War Memorial).MoneyashSt Leonard (War Memorial)4545011 January 2017
War Memorial.YoulgreaveWar Memorial34340believed to be complete6 September 2016


Country Park.CockingtonCountry Park3650410 July 2012
War Memorial.DartmouthWar Memorial277277115 March 2017
War Memorial.GalmptonWar Memorial222211 November 2016
War Memorial.LyntonWar Memorial525218 December 2016
War Memorial.South MiltonWar Memorial99011 August 2016
War Memorial.ThurlestoneWar Memorial2323017 July 2017
War Memorial.TotnesWar Memorial9494815 December 2012


St George War Memorial.FordingtonSt George War Memorial105105029 September 2016
Royal Naval.Isle of PortlandRoyal Naval52058415believed to be complete11 August 2016
War Memorial.Okeford FitzpaineWar Memorial1515210 August 2015
St Osmund (roll of honour).OsmingtonSt Osmund (roll of honour)1111014 September 2017
War Memorial.PorteshamWar Memorial212119 September 2017
War Memorial.PorteshamWar Memorial2121014 September 2017
Cenotaph.PortlandCenotaph344344013 April 2017


War Memorial.EvenwoodWar Memorial44441believed to be complete26 November 2015
War Memorial.HamsterleyWar Memorial20201believed to be complete22 October 2016
War Memorial.Haverton Hill and Port ClarenceWar Memorial1401405believed to be complete4 October 2015
St John War Memorial.LynesackSt John War Memorial51512believed to be complete23 February 2016
War Memorial.SedgefieldWar Memorial676703 July 2017


Civilian War Memorial.BarkingsideCivilian War Memorial121121119 February 2017
Holy Trinity.BarkingsideHoly Trinity103122012 June 2017
St John Lychgate War Memorial.Buckhurst HillSt John Lychgate War Memorial199199012 June 2017
War Memorial.BulphanWar Memorial1616024 March 2017
War Memorial.Chadwell St MaryWar Memorial131308 December 2015
Chingford Mount War Memorial.ChingfordChingford Mount War Memorial7070021 March 2017
War Memorial.ChingfordWar Memorial242242019 February 2017
Holy Trinity War Memorial.ColchesterHoly Trinity War Memorial161628 December 2015
St Botolph War Memorial.ColchesterSt Botolph War Memorial11311311believed to be complete11 December 2011
St Martin War Memorial.ColchesterSt Martin War Memorial161618 August 2015
St Andrew (CWGC Graves).North Weald BassettSt Andrew (CWGC Graves)6070021 April 2017


War Memorial.AlmondsburyWar Memorial39421believed to be complete24 July 2014
St Mary (Roll of Honour).BittonSt Mary (Roll of Honour)30300
War Memorial.BittonWar Memorial48480believed to be complete
1928 Railway Accident Memorial.Charfield1928 Railway Accident Memorial10103believed to be complete4 January 2015
War Memorial.CharfieldWar Memorial1161161believed to be complete25 October 2014
War Memorial.Coalpit HeathWar Memorial33331believed to be complete
War Memorial.CromhallWar Memorial25250believed to be complete7 May 2015
St Peter War Memorial.FiltonSt Peter War Memorial14140believed to be complete28 September 2014
War Memorial.Frampton CotterellWar Memorial23231believed to be complete
War Memorial.HanhamWar Memorial95950believed to be complete30 April 2015
Somerset Monument.Hawkesbury UptonSomerset Monument110believed to be complete26 January 2015
War Memorial.HillesleyWar Memorial13130believed to be complete30 October 2014
Holy Trinity War Memorial.KingswoodHoly Trinity War Memorial2312316believed to be complete9 October 2014
War Memorial.KingswoodWar Memorial25250believed to be complete7 August 2014
War Memorial.MangotsfieldWar Memorial30300believed to be complete25 October 2014
War Memorial.Morton-in-MarshWar Memorial41410believed to be complete10 August 2017
War Memorial.OlvestonWar Memorial38383believed to be complete11 April 2016
War Memorial.PilningWar Memorial26262believed to be complete11 April 2016
War Memorial.SnowshillWar Memorial550believed to be complete22 September 2017
War Memorial.StanwayWar Memorial11110believed to be complete28 September 2017
War Memorial.TythingtonWar Memorial31310believed to be complete9 October 2014
War Memorial.WapleyWar Memorial14141believed to be complete4 January 2015
St Barnabas (military graves).WarmleySt Barnabas (military graves)12300oddments (more than ten)9 December 2014
War Memorial.WarmleyWar Memorial46464believed to be complete15 August 2014
War Memorial.Westbury upon TrimWar Memorial2402401believed to be complete4 February 2015
War Memorial.WesterleighWar Memorial660believed to be complete15 August 2014
Holy Trinity (military graves).WickwarHoly Trinity (military graves)460believed to be complete11 December 2014
Holy Trinity Roll of Honour.WickwarHoly Trinity Roll of Honour36361believed to be complete4 January 2015
War Memorial.Winterbourne DownWar Memorial24240believed to be complete7 August 2014
Parnell Memorial.YateParnell Memorial52522believed to be complete7 August 2014
St Marys Church Roll of Honour.YateSt Marys Church Roll of Honour11111believed to be complete15 August 2014
War Memorial.YateWar Memorial32323believed to be complete7 August 2014


War Memorial.BeaulieuWar Memorial1515117 May 2015
War Memorial.BotleyWar Memorial4545121 June 2015
St Mary and All Saints (roll of honour).DroxfordSt Mary and All Saints (roll of honour)99018 July 2017
War Memorial.East BoldreWar Memorial2323124 May 2015
War Memorial.FarehamWar Memorial414414312 May 2016
War Memorial (St Peter and St Paul).FarehamWar Memorial (St Peter and St Paul)1919011 April 2016
HM Submarine Affray.GosportHM Submarine Affray7575119 July 2016
St Mary (roll of honour).GosportSt Mary (roll of honour)3838018 July 2017
War Memorial.Hedge EndWar Memorial4242128 May 2015
Fleet Air Arm Memorial.Lee-on-the-SolentFleet Air Arm Memorial19401940521 June 2016
War Memorial.Lee-on-the-SolentWar Memorial8989022 October 2016
War Memorial.LyndhurstWar Memorial365365323 April 2013
Falklands War Memorial.MarchwoodFalklands War Memorial101012 July 2015
War Memorial.MarchwoodWar Memorial303022 July 2015
Police Training Centre.NetleyPolice Training Centre242402 June 2017
St Mary War Memorial.OvertonSt Mary War Memorial5252021 June 2016
Civil (memorial tablets).PetersfieldCivil (memorial tablets)315454320 July 2017
Portsmouth Cathedral WW1 War Memorial.PortsmouthPortsmouth Cathedral WW1 War Memorial7878024 September 2016
War Memorial.RomseyWar Memorial273273222 August 2014
War Memorial.Sarisbury GreenWar Memorial6868026 January 2017
War Memorial.TottonWar Memorial170170012 April 2017
War Memorial.WarsashWar Memorial4444022 January 2017


St Michael and All Angels (roll of honour).LedburySt Michael and All Angels (roll of honour)104104021 January 2018


St Mary (roll of honour).AshwellSt Mary (roll of honour)252254012 June 2017

Isle of Wight

War Memorial.ShanklinWar Memorial12112108 March 2017


War Memorial (Holy Innocents).AdishamWar Memorial (Holy Innocents)1818019 April 2017
War Memorial.AlkhamWar Memorial2222024 September 2017
War Memorial.BarfrestoneWar Memorial6602 April 2017
St John the Baptist (roll of honour).BarhamSt John the Baptist (roll of honour)6565030 June 2017
War Memorial.BeltingeWar Memorial262604 November 2017
War Memorial.BroadstairsWar Memorial224224413 April 2015
War Memorial.ChillendenWar Memorial1313011 April 2016
War Memorial.ColdredWar Memorial99022 September 2017
St George (War Memorial).DealSt George (War Memorial)5659112 April 2017
War Memorial.DoverWar Memorial8518511718 April 2015
War Memorial (St Mary).DoverWar Memorial (St Mary)167167126 November 2015
War Memorial.EythorneWar Memorial3535013 April 2015
St Mary (WW1 roll of honour).FrittendenSt Mary (WW1 roll of honour)2626021 February 2018
St Mary (WW2 roll of honour).FrittendenSt Mary (WW2 roll of honour)1010021 February 2018
Memorial Park.Herne BayMemorial Park350350018 March 2018
War Memorial.HoughamWar Memorial2222026 September 2017
War Memorial.KilndownWar Memorial1414020 January 2018
War Memorial.KilndownWar Memorial00020 January 2018
All Saints War Memorial.LyddAll Saints War Memorial6666314 December 2015
War Memorial.ManstonWar Memorial2121028 September 2016
St Mary Roll of Honour.NoningtonSt Mary Roll of Honour2727124 September 2016
All Saints (official war graves).OrpingtonAll Saints (official war graves)2162200believed to be complete23 February 2018
All Saints (roll of honour).OrpingtonAll Saints (roll of honour)103103017 January 2018
War Memorial.SandwichWar Memorial106106018 April 2015
War Memorial.ShepherdswellWar Memorial3434013 April 2017
St Peter and St Paul War Memorial.ShorehamSt Peter and St Paul War Memorial505002 June 2016
St James War Memorial.StapleSt James War Memorial99028 September 2016
St Peter and St Paul (vicars).Temple EwellSt Peter and St Paul (vicars)5959022 September 2017
War Memorial.Temple EwellWar Memorial2424022 September 2017
War Memorial.TilmanstoneWar Memorial99028 September 2016
St Mary (roll of honour).West MallingSt Mary (roll of honour)2323013 March 2018
War Memorial.West MallingWar Memorial343404 March 2018
War Memorial.WhitstableWar Memorial311311211 April 2016
St Mary War Memorial.WoodnesboroughSt Mary War Memorial4343028 September 2016
St Martin (clergy).WoottonSt Martin (clergy)5252023 April 2017


War Memorial.Ashton-under-LyneWar Memorial1813181332 April 2017
St Mary Rolls of Honour.EcclestonSt Mary Rolls of Honour1515012 October 2016
War Memorial.LindaleWar Memorial2323117 October 2014


War Memorial.BarwellWar Memorial1261260believed to be complete10 March 2018
War Memorial.BitteswellWar Memorial18190believed to be complete10 March 2018
Rose Garden of Remembrance.BurbageRose Garden of Remembrance52520believed to be complete23 February 2018
War Memorial.BurbageWar Memorial91910believed to be complete23 February 2018
War Memorial.Claybrooke ParvaWar Memorial19190believed to be complete21 June 2016
War Memorial.LeireWar Memorial7708 April 2017
Memorial Gardens.LutterworthMemorial Gardens5760024 May 2017
War Memorial.LutterworthWar Memorial8282121 June 2016


War Memorial.Barnetby le WoldWar Memorial414118 May 2015
Holy Trinity War Memorial.Barrow upon HumberHoly Trinity War Memorial4949012 February 2017
War Memorial.Barton upon HumberWar Memorial24924988 May 2015
All Saints (clergy).BigbyAll Saints (clergy)494927 January 2017
War Memorial.BonbyWar Memorial1515031 January 2017
War Memorial.BriggWar Memorial141141112 July 2016
Manchester Regiment War Graves.CleethorpesManchester Regiment War Graves30305
Memorial Hall Plaques.CleethorpesMemorial Hall Plaques3623621321 June 2016
St Peter Church Roll of Honour.CleethorpesSt Peter Church Roll of Honour111111128 May 2015
WW2 War Graves.CleethorpesWW2 War Graves51543
War Memorial.ConisholmeWar Memorial44023 March 2017
War Memorial.CovenhamWar Memorial2223022 February 2017
War Memorial.CroftWar Memorial7171022 September 2017
War Memorial.ElshamWar Memorial1313021 January 2017
St Mary War Memorial.FotherbySt Mary War Memorial33019 March 2017
War Memorial.GrainsthorpeWar Memorial2222229 December 2015
War Memorial.GrimoldbyWar Memorial1010021 October 2017
Freeman Street Market Roll of Honour.GrimsbyFreeman Street Market Roll of Honour2292291430 April 2015
Post Office Roll of Honour.GrimsbyPost Office Roll of Honour1818121 June 2015
Wintringham School Roll of Honour.GrimsbyWintringham School Roll of Honour163163830 April 2015
War Memorial.HaxeyWar Memorial4848323 March 2017
War Memorial.HealingWar Memorial1515221 June 2016
War Memorial.Holton le ClayWar Memorial1010011 March 2017
War Memorial.ImminghamWar Memorial4545025 May 2017
War Memorial.KeelbyWar Memorial212104 June 2016
War Memorial.KeelbyWar Memorial2121021 June 2016
St Peter (clergy).KingerbySt Peter (clergy)5858127 January 2017
War Memorial.Kirkby cum OsgodbyWar Memorial1212027 January 2017
St Mary Incumbents.LudboroughSt Mary Incumbents4242019 February 2017
War Memorial.LudboroughWar Memorial1313021 February 2017
Mablethorpe and Trusthorpe War Memorial.MablethorpeMablethorpe and Trusthorpe War Memorial2626014 September 2017
War Memorial.North CoatesWar Memorial272703 March 2016
War Memorial.North SomercotesWar Memorial104104214 December 2015
War Memorial.Saxby All SaintsWar Memorial99019 February 2017
St Nicholas War Memorial.Searby cum OwmbySt Nicholas War Memorial6604 January 2017
War Memorial.SnitterbyWar Memorial88124 March 2017
War Memorial.UlcebyWar Memorial223413 May 2015
St Andrew (clergy).UtterbySt Andrew (clergy)6666019 March 2017
War Memorial.WalthamWar Memorial242401 October 2016
War Memorial.Welton le WoldWar Memorial88013 October 2017
War Memorial.West AshbyWar Memorial1010019 February 2017
War Memorial.WorlabyWar Memorial1111125 January 2017


Liverpool Street Station (roll of honour 1914-1919).BishopsgateLiverpool Street Station (roll of honour 1914-1919)12241224117 January 2018
West Ham Cemetery War Memorial.Forest GateWest Ham Cemetery War Memorial100100126 February 2017
Albert Embankment SOE War Memorial.LambethAlbert Embankment SOE War Memorial11019 February 2017
Manor Park War Memorial.Manor ParkManor Park War Memorial232232012 June 2017
Woodgrange Park War Memorial.Manor ParkWoodgrange Park War Memorial129129119 February 2017
Abney Park Civilian War Memorial.Stoke NewingtonAbney Park Civilian War Memorial113113021 March 2017
Abney Park War Memorial.Stoke NewingtonAbney Park War Memorial225225021 March 2017
War Memorial.StreathamWar Memorial15115126 February 2015
WW1 War Memorial.WansteadWW1 War Memorial199199021 March 2017


Post Office.EnfieldPost Office77030 August 2013


War Memorial.AlburghWar Memorial2424021 November 2016
War Memorial.AshillWar Memorial391010believed to be complete8 December 2015
St Michael War Memorial.AslactonSt Michael War Memorial1111025 February 2017
War Memorial.BanhamWar Memorial48482believed to be complete14 June 2015
War Memorial.BeightonWar Memorial990believed to be complete9 October 2015
War Memorial.BesthorpeWar Memorial16161believed to be complete23 November 2015
War Memorial.Blo NortonWar Memorial550believed to be complete12 July 2015
War Memorial.BoughtonWar Memorial550believed to be complete5 August 2015
St Nicholas War Memorial.Bracon AshSt Nicholas War Memorial18180believed to be complete1 October 2016
War Memorial.Brandon ParvaWar Memorial8814 December 2016
War Memorial.BressinghamWar Memorial141424 December 2015
War Memorial.BridghamWar Memorial2020013 December 2016
War Memorial.BrookeWar Memorial2222010 March 2018
War Memorial.BroomeWar Memorial1919017 May 2016
War Memorial.BunwellWar Memorial2727015 November 2016
War Memorial.Burnham MarketWar Memorial44443believed to be complete6 November 2016
War Memorial.Caistor St EdmundWar Memorial9908 July 2017
War Memorial.CarbrookeWar Memorial272701 September 2017
War Memorial.Castle AcreWar Memorial525202 April 2017
War Memorial.ColneyWar Memorial660believed to be complete5 August 2015
War Memorial.ColtonWar Memorial99012 November 2015
War Memorial.CostonWar Memorial330believed to be complete6 May 2016
War Memorial.Cranworth, Letton and SouthburghWar Memorial1616026 November 2015
War Memorial.CromerWar Memorial888848 December 2015
St Mary the Virgin War Memorial.DentonSt Mary the Virgin War Memorial1111021 January 2017
War Memorial.DickleburghWar Memorial29290believed to be complete18 September 2015
War Memorial.DissWar Memorial1981981believed to be complete31 December 2015
War Memorial.East BradenhamWar Memorial15340believed to be complete22 June 2015
War Memorial.East HarlingWar Memorial48481believed to be complete22 February 2014
War Memorial.EastonWar Memorial1414019 December 2016
War Memorial.ElsingWar Memorial14141believed to be complete28 April 2016
War Memorial.FersfieldWar Memorial440believed to be complete23 November 2015
War Memorial.ForncettWar Memorial111102 June 2016
War Memorial.FundenhallWar Memorial17170believed to be complete29 September 2016
War Memorial.GarboldishamWar Memorial19190believed to be complete26 November 2014
War Memorial.GillinghamWar Memorial2020017 May 2016
War Memorial.Great CressinghamWar Memorial1227112 May 2016
War Memorial.Great DunhamWar Memorial121205 November 2016
War Memorial.GreshamWar Memorial18180believed to be complete19 April 2016
War Memorial.HackfordWar Memorial440believed to be complete27 September 2016
War Memorial.HainfordWar Memorial25250believed to be complete23 November 2015
War Memorial.HepworthWar Memorial131315 January 2016
All Saints War Memorial.HethelAll Saints War Memorial440believed to be complete12 July 2016
War Memorial.HilboroughWar Memorial141406 August 2016
War Memorial.HinghamWar Memorial4747128 February 2017
War Memorial.Holme HaleWar Memorial14171believed to be complete5 April 2015
War Memorial.IckburghWar Memorial12120believed to be complete17 September 2015
St Mary War Memorial.KenninghallSt Mary War Memorial313105 January 2016
War Memorial.KilverstoneWar Memorial9905 January 2016
St Peter (roll of honour).KimberleySt Peter (roll of honour)292901 March 2018
St Peter (roll of honour).KimberleySt Peter (roll of honour)292901 March 2018
St Andrew War Memorial.Kirby BedonSt Andrew War Memorial1616023 January 2017
War Memorial.LitchamWar Memorial202005 November 2016
War Memorial.Little CressinghamWar Memorial81707 March 2016
War Memorial.Little DunhamWar Memorial131305 November 2016
War Memorial.Little EllinghamWar Memorial15150believed to be complete28 July 2015
All Saints (roll of honour).Little MeltonAll Saints (roll of honour)1111010 December 2017
War Memorial.MiddletonWar Memorial343410believed to be complete
War Memorial.MundfordWar Memorial21210believed to be complete17 September 2015
War Memorial.North LophamWar Memorial38380believed to be complete14 November 2014
War Memorial.North PickenhamWar Memorial981071believed to be complete3 May 2015
St Stephen War Memorial.NorwichSt Stephen War Memorial4040219 July 2016
War Memorial.Old BuckenhamWar Memorial4646123 November 2015
War Memorial.Pulham MarketWar Memorial29290believed to be complete29 December 2015
385th Bomb Group.Reedham385th Bomb Group212112believed to be complete21 April 2012
War Memorial.ReedhamWar Memorial2525921 April 2012
St Peter War Memorial.Rockland St PeterSt Peter War Memorial14140believed to be complete14 December 2015
War Memorial.RoydonWar Memorial22220believed to be complete4 October 2015
St Mary (roll of honour).RushallSt Mary (roll of honour)1111017 July 2017
St George War Memorial.Saham ToneySt George War Memorial49110628 February 2016
War Memorial.ScoultonWar Memorial151518 November 2016
War Memorial.Seething and MundhamWar Memorial990believed to be complete14 January 2017
All Saints War Memorial.ShelfangerAll Saints War Memorial990believed to be complete14 January 2017
War Memorial.SheltonWar Memorial17170believed to be complete16 December 2016
War Memorial.ShipdhamWar Memorial411011believed to be complete17 September 2015
War Memorial.ShoteshamWar Memorial2121012 September 2016
War Memorial.South LophamWar Memorial16161believed to be complete7 December 2014
War Memorial.South PickenhamWar Memorial11171believed to be complete3 May 2015
War Memorial.StanhoeWar Memorial75756believed to be complete27 September 2012
War Memorial.Stoke FerryWar Memorial20201believed to be complete28 June 2015
War Memorial.SwaffhamWar Memorial115115117 November 2016
War Memorial.SwanningtonWar Memorial13130believed to be complete7 March 2016
War Memorial.SwardestonWar Memorial1111010 March 2018
War Memorial.TacolnestonWar Memorial14140believed to be complete17 September 2015
War Memorial.TaverhamWar Memorial1111027 March 2016
All Saints (roll of honour).ThurgartonAll Saints (roll of honour)66017 July 2017
War Memorial.TottingtonWar Memorial6060327 March 2016
War Memorial.WattonWar Memorial4747016 July 2017
War Memorial.WellinghamWar Memorial131315 November 2016
War Memorial.WerehamWar Memorial17171believed to be complete30 July 2015
War Memorial.West BradenhamWar Memorial15430believed to be complete22 June 2015
War Memorial.West RuntonWar Memorial5151216 November 2014
War Memorial.Weston LongvilleWar Memorial10100believed to be complete17 September 2015
War Memorial.WicklewoodWar Memorial1717124 November 2016
St Mary the Virgin War Memorial.WinfarthingSt Mary the Virgin War Memorial15154believed to be complete14 January 2017
War Memorial.WormegayWar Memorial88027 March 2016
War Memorial.WortwellWar Memorial2626015 December 2017
War Memorial.WrettonWar Memorial16161believed to be complete


St Martin (rectors).LitchboroughSt Martin (rectors)59590believed to be complete5 February 2018
St Martin (roll of honour).LitchboroughSt Martin (roll of honour)28280believed to be complete15 December 2017
War Memorial.LitchboroughWar Memorial880believed to be complete13 October 2017
St Martin.WeltonSt Martin5083131 March 2015


St Michael the Archangel War Memorials.LaxtonSt Michael the Archangel War Memorials7676222 August 2015
War Memorial.Stanton-on-the-WoldsWar Memorial13020 August 2017


War Memorial.Aston RowantWar Memorial1919217 September 2014
War Memorial.BensonWar Memorial56566
War Memorial.ChinnorWar Memorial3939414 September 2014
War Memorial.GarsingtonWar Memorial2222215 September 2014
War Memorial.TetsworthWar Memorial1919215 September 2014
War Memorial.ThameWar Memorial117117314 September 2014
War Memorial.WatlingtonWar Memorial5656214 September 2014
War Memorial.WheatleyWar Memorial4545317 September 2014


War Memorial.GreethamWar Memorial111105 November 2016


Holy Trinity (roll of honour).Abbots LeighHoly Trinity (roll of honour)126126017 January 2018
St Mary War Memorial.Abbots LeighSt Mary War Memorial13131believed to be complete
War Memorial.Abbots LeighWar Memorial1616017 January 2018
Methodist.Alston AllingtonMethodist35015 May 2017
St Mary (roll of honour).BerrowSt Mary (roll of honour)88017 July 2017
War Memorial.BerrowWar Memorial880believed to be complete7 May 2015
Holy Trinity Roll of Honour.BurringtonHoly Trinity Roll of Honour1313019 February 2017
St James Church Roll of Honour.CameleySt James Church Roll of Honour991believed to be complete25 November 2014
St Andrew (Rolls of Honour).Chew MagnaSt Andrew (Rolls of Honour)2626122 April 2017
Rememberance Cross.Compton DandoRememberance Cross63633believed to be complete except inside church28 September 2014
St Michael the Archangel Roll of Honour.Compton MartinSt Michael the Archangel Roll of Honour1010021 February 2017
All Saints War Memorial.CorstonAll Saints War Memorial181816 October 2014
War Memorial.DundryWar Memorial22220believed to be complete6 October 2014
St George War Memorial.Easton in GordanoSt George War Memorial73733believed to be complete6 October 2014
Methodist Church Roll of Honour.KeynshamMethodist Church Roll of Honour1717014 September 2014
War Memorial Gates.KeynshamWar Memorial Gates721270believed to be complete
War Memorial.MineheadWar Memorial154154110 January 2018
War Memorial.PensfordWar Memorial881believed to be complete6 May 2016
War Memorial.PillWar Memorial44440believed to be complete6 October 2014
Ashley Combe Memorial.PorlockAshley Combe Memorial140
Porlock Ridge Memorial.PorlockPorlock Ridge Memorial1112
War Memorial.PortburyWar Memorial757506 October 2014
St Lawrence (roll of honour).PriddySt Lawrence (roll of honour)88027 May 2017
St Lawrence (Roll of Honour).PriddySt Lawrence (Roll of Honour)353502 April 2017
St Lawrence (War Memorial).PriddySt Lawrence (War Memorial)4402 April 2017
War Memorial.RowberrowWar Memorial22014 May 2017
War Memorial.SaltfordWar Memorial2323115 August 2014
St Leonard (Roll of Honour).ShiphamSt Leonard (Roll of Honour)11110believed to be complete9 April 2017
War Memorial.ShiphamWar Memorial12120believed to be complete9 April 2017
Blessed Virgin Mary (roll of honour).StringstonBlessed Virgin Mary (roll of honour)2525029 August 2017
Vivary Park War Memorial.TauntonVivary Park War Memorial6386381120 January 2015
War Memorial.UbleyWar Memorial55028 February 2017
War Memorial.UphillWar Memorial2626511 August 2014
St Gregory (roll of honour).WeareSt Gregory (roll of honour)1111019 May 2017
War Memorial.WiltonWar Memorial2121115 July 2017
War Memorial.WraxallWar Memorial32321believed to be complete6 August 2014


War Memorial.AldridgeWar Memorial1021022believed to be complete22 August 2015
War Memorial.BrownhillsWar Memorial1201205believed to be complete14 August 2015
War Memorial.FazeleyWar Memorial6262115 June 2015
Railway Station.Stoke on TrentRailway Station146146123 June 2016


War Memorial.AssingtonWar Memorial1818024 May 2015
War Memorial.BarnhamWar Memorial2222128 July 2015
War Memorial.BedingfieldWar Memorial1414013 February 2016
War Memorial.BotesdaleWar Memorial747419
War Memorial.BraiseworthWar Memorial551believed to be complete11 April 2016
War Memorial.BramfordWar Memorial2424430 July 2012
War Memorial.BramptonWar Memorial111104 January 2017
War Memorial.BungayWar Memorial13913919
Boer War Memorial.Bury St EdmundsBoer War Memorial1931932believed to be complete20 September 2015
Martyrs Monument.Bury St EdmundsMartyrs Monument18185believed to be complete27 September 2012
St Peter and St Paul War Memorial.ClareSt Peter and St Paul War Memorial393901 January 2016
St Peter War Memorial.CockfieldSt Peter War Memorial313111 January 2016
War Memorial.CortonWar Memorial2222022 February 2014
War Memorial.CottonWar Memorial1414016 August 2017
St Peter War Memorial.Creeting St PeterSt Peter War Memorial8801 January 2016
War Memorial.EustonWar Memorial1313030 June 2017
War Memorial.EyeWar Memorial6060421 June 2016
War Memorial.FelixstoweWar Memorial27427414 December 2015
St Peter War Memorial.FelshamSt Peter War Memorial13113121 January 2016
War Memorial.FinninghamWar Memorial1717030 June 2017
War Memorial.FrostendenWar Memorial2525017 October 2017
War Memorial.GislinghamWar Memorial1818013 January 2018
War Memorial.Great BartonWar Memorial2323022 September 2017
War Memorial.Great LivermereWar Memorial1212030 June 2017
War Memorial.HepworthWar Memorial1313119 April 2016
War Memorial.HinderclayWar Memorial18184
War Memorial.HoxneWar Memorial262628 December 2016
St Margaret (roll of honour).IlketshallSt Margaret (roll of honour)44022 October 2017
War Memorial.LaxfieldWar Memorial4343011 February 2018
War Memorial.Market WestonWar Memorial7704 December 2015
Old Church WW1 Wooden Crosses.MeltonOld Church WW1 Wooden Crosses89011 May 2012
St Mary (roll of honour).MendleshamSt Mary (roll of honour)3434013 March 2018
War Memorial.MonewdenWar Memorial661believed to be complete2 June 2016
War Memorial.NortonWar Memorial3131010 December 2017
St Nicholas War Memorial.OakleySt Nicholas War Memorial7704 January 2017
War Memorial.PalgraveWar Memorial2222025 February 2018
War Memorial.RamsholtWar Memorial99013 March 2017
St Giles War Memorial.RisbySt Giles War Memorial99021 June 2016
War Memorial.Santon DownhamWar Memorial551believed to be complete24 September 2016
War Memorial.SoutholtWar Memorial8809 February 2016
War Memorial.Stoke AshWar Memorial11027 March 2016
War Memorial.StradbrokeWar Memorial2424022 September 2017
War Memorial.SudburyWar Memorial30230265 January 2016
War Memorial.ThelnethamWar Memorial88022 January 2018
War Memorial.ThrandestonWar Memorial14142believed to be complete9 October 2015
St Mary War Memorial.UggeshallSt Mary War Memorial66025 February 2017
War Memorial.WangfordWar Memorial292902 March 2018
War Memorial.WesthorpeWar Memorial1313013 January 2018
War Memorial.Wetheringsett cum BrockfordWar Memorial2828018 October 2017
War Memorial.WhittonWar Memorial1919328 September 2011
War Memorial.WingfieldWar Memorial1313012 September 2016
War Memorial.WoolpitWar Memorial323208 October 2016
War Memorial.WorthamWar Memorial3838017 October 2017
War Memorial.YaxleyWar Memorial1212021 February 2018


War Memorial.CapelWar Memorial464602 June 2016
St Bartholomew War Memorial.HorleySt Bartholomew War Memorial164164414 July 2015
Mausoleum.Ockham CommonMausoleum13029 September 2014


War Memorial.ArundelWar Memorial119119118 July 2015
War Memorial.BarcombeWar Memorial4747025 January 2016
Bear Road.BrightonBear Road570601120% complete24 August 2017
War Memorial.CowfoldWar Memorial252509 February 2016
Parish Church War Memorial.East HoathlyParish Church War Memorial3131112 July 2016
War Memorial.HellinglyWar Memorial6969020 January 2018
War Memorial.HellinglyWar Memorial00020 January 2018
War Memorial.HerstmonceuxWar Memorial00020 January 2018
War Memorial.HerstmonceuxWar Memorial5858020 January 2018
St Nicholas (roll of honour).IfordSt Nicholas (roll of honour)7704 September 2017
St Pancras (roll of honour).KingstonSt Pancras (roll of honour)88014 September 2017
All Saints (roll of honour).LaughtonAll Saints (roll of honour)2626025 January 2018
War Memorial.Little HorstedWar Memorial66025 January 2018
St James the Less (war memorial).NutleySt James the Less (war memorial)3838012 July 2017
War Memorial.RipeWar Memorial141405 February 2018
St Peter (roll of honour).RodmellSt Peter (roll of honour)101008 September 2017
War Memorial.RusperWar Memorial3131013 February 2018
War Memorial.SteyningWar Memorial8282127 March 2016


War Memorial.AlvestonWar Memorial46460believed to be complete4 March 2018
War Memorial.AnstyWar Memorial111believed to be complete2 October 2014
St Michael (rectors).Baddesley ClintonSt Michael (rectors)56560believed to be complete18 January 2018
War Memorial.BagintonWar Memorial660believed to be complete9 April 2017
St Peter (roll of honour).BarfordSt Peter (roll of honour)23230believed to be complete7 September 2017
War Memorial.BarfordWar Memorial24240believed to be complete8 December 2016
War Memorial.Binley WoodsWar Memorial660believed to be complete22 October 2014
War Memorial.BirdingburyWar Memorial880believed to be complete1 May 2017
War Memorial.Bishops TachbrookWar Memorial17170believed to be complete18 September 2015
War Memorial.Bourton-on-DunsmoreWar Memorial10100believed to be complete10 March 2018
War Memorial.BrandonWar Memorial990believed to be complete22 October 2014
War Memorial.BrinklowWar Memorial25253believed to be complete
War Memorial.BulkingtonWar Memorial46461believed to be complete3 March 2016
War Memorial.Church LawfordWar Memorial10100believed to be complete18 March 2018
St Peter (roll of honour).CoughtonSt Peter (roll of honour)15150believed to be complete10 August 2017
Bomb Disposal Memorial.CoventryBomb Disposal Memorial770believed to be complete4 October 2015
Coventry Cathedral Unity Lawn.CoventryCoventry Cathedral Unity Lawn660believed to be complete11 April 2016
Holy Trinity.CoventryHoly Trinity2201oddments (less than ten)7 October 2015
War Memorial Park.CoventryWar Memorial Park110oddments (less than ten)31 March 2015
War Memorial Park.CoventryWar Memorial Park23330oddments (more than ten)28 February 2016
War Memorial.CubbingtonWar Memorial41411believed to be complete25 September 2014
War Memorial.GrendonWar Memorial2323015 June 2015
War Memorial.Harborough MagnaWar Memorial11110believed to be complete28 February 2016
War Memorial.HarburyWar Memorial43430believed to be complete18 March 2018
War Memorial.HattonWar Memorial39390believed to be complete11 July 2017
War Memorial.KenilworthWar Memorial2072072believed to be complete4 December 2014
War Memorial.Leamington HastingsWar Memorial12120believed to be complete19 May 2017
War Memorial Hall.MartonWar Memorial Hall660believed to be complete10 March 2018
War Memorial.Monks KirbyWar Memorial22222believed to be complete9 October 2014
War Memorial.Napton on the HillWar Memorial2828114 July 2015
War Memorial.Norton LinseyWar Memorial770believed to be complete2 March 2018
South Africa Memorial.NuneatonSouth Africa Memorial1061062believed to be complete
War Memorial.NuneatonWar Memorial1313131311believed to be complete19 November 2014
War Memorial.OffchurchWar Memorial13130believed to be complete17 September 2015
War Memorial.PailtonWar Memorial15150believed to be complete3 October 2014
Adelaide Bridge.Royal Leamington SpaAdelaide Bridge110believed to be complete17 September 2015
Civilian War Memorial.Royal Leamington SpaCivilian War Memorial13130believed to be complete4 November 2017
Czech Memorial Fountain.Royal Leamington SpaCzech Memorial Fountain770believed to be complete17 September 2015
Mill Gardens.Royal Leamington SpaMill Gardens9121believed to be complete3 August 2015
War Memorial.Royal Leamington SpaWar Memorial76476421believed to be complete17 September 2015
War Memorial.Ryton-on-DunsmoreWar Memorial18180believed to be complete9 October 2014
War Memorial.SnitterfieldWar Memorial42420believed to be complete11 February 2018
War Memorial.SouthamWar Memorial69692believed to be complete12 April 2017
Garden of Remembrance.Stratford upon AvonGarden of Remembrance1081110believed to be complete8 July 2017
WW1 Memorial.Stratford upon AvonWW1 Memorial2472470believed to be complete8 July 2017
WW2 Memorial.Stratford upon AvonWW2 Memorial1211210believed to be complete8 July 2017
War Memorial.UftonWar Memorial12120believed to be complete18 March 2018
War Memorial.WellesbourneWar Memorial35350believed to be complete26 September 2017
War Memorial.WhitnashWar Memorial21240believed to be complete23 November 2015
War Memorial.WolstonWar Memorial32323believed to be complete22 October 2014


Holy Trinity War Memorial.BrathayHoly Trinity War Memorial151508 October 2016


War Memorial.AmesburyWar Memorial636312believed to be complete3 August 2013
Rememberance Cross.ChippenhamRememberance Cross241241414 September 2014
War Memorial.HookWar Memorial131333 August 2013
St James War Memorial.Marston MeyseySt James War Memorial5151217 January 2016
St George War Memorial.SemingtonSt George War Memorial1414031 July 2016
War Memorial 1914-18.Sutton BengorWar Memorial 1914-181414018 August 2014
St Michael and All Angels War Memorial.West OvertonSt Michael and All Angels War Memorial2828221 June 2016
War Memorial.WilsfordWar Memorial1212122 August 2015


War Memorial.NortonWar Memorial1515227 February 2012


War Memorial.AldbroughWar Memorial31310believed to be complete13 May 2015
Halifax Bomber Memorial.BalkholmeHalifax Bomber Memorial14140believed to be complete28 April 2017
War Memorial.BeefordWar Memorial11110believed to be complete1 June 2015
War Memorial.BemptonWar Memorial16160believed to be complete3 June 2015
War Memorial.Bilton in HoldernessWar Memorial57570believed to be complete
War Memorial.BrandesburtonWar Memorial771believed to be complete6 January 2015
Memorial Gardens.BridlingtonMemorial Gardens55455911believed to be complete14 January 2015
South Pier.BridlingtonSouth Pier660believed to be complete12 November 2015
War Memorial.BurstwickWar Memorial95950believed to be complete17 May 2015
St Martin (roll of honour).Burton AgnesSt Martin (roll of honour)1111111believed to be complete23 January 2018
War Memorial.Burton AgnesWar Memorial18180believed to be complete7 June 2017
Memorial Gardens.CottinghamMemorial Gardens1591597believed to be complete14 January 2015
War Memorial.CottinghamWar Memorial1021023believed to be complete10 January 2015
Lockington Rail Crash Memorial.DriffieldLockington Rail Crash Memorial990believed to be complete4 January 2017
Remembrance Gardens.DriffieldRemembrance Gardens73730believed to be complete19 October 2017
War Memorial.DriffieldWar Memorial1811813believed to be complete20 April 2015
War Memorial.Easington (East Riding)War Memorial14140believed to be complete19 April 2015
Memorial Gardens.FileyMemorial Gardens330believed to be complete29 April 2017
War Memorial.FileyWar Memorial1281281believed to be complete29 April 2017
War Memorial.FlamboroughWar Memorial43441believed to be complete14 January 2015
War Memorial.FollifootWar Memorial25250believed to be complete15 December 2017
War Memorial.Greenhow HillWar Memorial66010 August 2017
Mausoleum.HalshamMausoleum130believed to be complete except inside church29 April 2017
War Memorial.HeckmondwikeWar Memorial217217229 December 2015
War Memorial.HessleWar Memorial104104223 April 2016
War Memorial.HowdenWar Memorial1051050believed to be complete6 June 2016
Eton Street Memorial.HullEton Street Memorial13130believed to be complete10 January 2015
War Memorial.Hutton CranswickWar Memorial30310believed to be complete30 July 2016
War Memorial.KeyinghamWar Memorial71710believed to be complete30 July 2016
War Memorial.KilhamWar Memorial28280believed to be complete30 July 2016
War Memorial.KnaresboroughWar Memorial21121104 March 2018
War Memorial.LangtoftWar Memorial17170believed to be complete14 September 2017
War Memorial.LangtoftWar Memorial1717022 September 2017
St Catherine (roll of honour).LeconfieldSt Catherine (roll of honour)35350believed to be complete14 September 2017
St Catherine (roll of honour).LeconfieldSt Catherine (roll of honour)3535022 September 2017
War Memorial.LevenWar Memorial22220believed to be complete18 November 2014
158 Bomber Command Memorial.Lissett158 Bomber Command Memorial8508502016 November 2014
Hamblethorpe Bridge.Low BradleyHamblethorpe Bridge1707 October 2015
War Memorial.MustonWar Memorial13130believed to be complete7 June 2017
War Memorial.NaffertonWar Memorial2162160believed to be complete24 September 2017
War Memorial.North FerribyWar Memorial36360believed to be complete18 November 2017
War Memorial.North FrodinghamWar Memorial19194believed to be complete7 January 2015
War Memorial.North NewbaldWar Memorial18180believed to be complete8 October 2016
War Memorial.North NewbaldWar Memorial1818022 October 2016
War Memorial.NunningtonWar Memorial15150believed to be complete4 September 2017
War Memorial.PatringtonWar Memorial1101106believed to be complete18 November 2014
War Memorial.Patrington HavenWar Memorial34341believed to be complete18 April 2015
Roll of Honour.PaullRoll of Honour73731believed to be complete6 December 2014
War Memorial.PaullWar Memorial23231believed to be complete4 January 2015
War Memorial.PrestonWar Memorial1821823believed to be complete9 June 2015
War Memorial.RotherhamWar Memorial244724472818 December 2014
St John the Baptist War Memorial.RoystonSt John the Baptist War Memorial12212237 October 2016
War Memorial.RudstonWar Memorial1111030 July 2016
Olivers Mount.ScarboroughOlivers Mount570believed to be complete18 August 2017
St Leonard (War Memorial).ScorboroughSt Leonard (War Memorial)12120believed to be complete7 September 2017
Sewerby Hall.SewerbySewerby Hall1081720believed to be complete except inside church21 March 2017
War Memorial.SewerbyWar Memorial441believed to be complete16 November 2014
War Memorial.SkirlaughWar Memorial23230believed to be complete16 December 2014
War Memorial.SproatleyWar Memorial61610believed to be complete15 May 2015
War Memorial.Sunk IslandWar Memorial40400believed to be complete10 January 2018
War Memorial.Sutton on HullWar Memorial1511511believed to be complete27 April 2015
War Memorial.SwineWar Memorial21210believed to be complete17 May 2015
War Memorial.TicktonWar Memorial18183believed to be complete8 June 2015
St Mary (roll of honour).WansfordSt Mary (roll of honour)36360believed to be complete7 September 2017
St Mary (roll of honour).WansfordSt Mary (roll of honour)3636014 September 2017
St Mary (war memorial).WansfordSt Mary (war memorial)440believed to be complete14 September 2017
War Memorial.WelwickWar Memorial31311believed to be complete18 April 2015
War Memorial.WetwangWar Memorial12120believed to be complete13 January 2018
Old War Memorial.WithernseaOld War Memorial1291291believed to be complete14 June 2015
War Memorial.WithernseaWar Memorial1311311believed to be complete16 November 2014
War Memorial.WithernwickWar Memorial14140believed to be complete12 November 2015
War Memorial.WoodmanseyWar Memorial55550believed to be complete4 January 2017
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