Whats New? 2011

2011: latest cemeteries and war memorials

The following graveyards and war memorials have been added to the Gravestone Photographic Resource since 1st January 2011:

num.datecountrystate / province / countycity / town / villagecemeterygravesnames
1 New ZealandAucklandWaikumete1161
2 ScotlandLothianMunicipal596
3 EnglandGloucestershireSt Mary de Crypt26
4 EnglandGloucestershireSt Mary de Crypt1
5 EnglandGloucestershireSt Mary de Crypt31
6 Norfolk IslandKingstonKingston31
7 ScotlandLothianGreyfriars Convenanters Prison39
8 EnglandYorkshireMunicipal Section B429
9 EnglandYorkshireMunicipal Section B429
10 EnglandYorkshireMunicipal Section F4285
11 EnglandYorkshireMunicipal Section E2165
12 EnglandYorkshireMunicipal Section C5241
13 EnglandYorkshireMunicipal Section F528
14 EnglandYorkshireMunicipal Section D118
15 EnglandYorkshireMunicipal Section C3162
16 EnglandYorkshireSt Mary201
17 EnglandYorkshireSt Cuthbert140
18 EnglandEssexSt Botolph156
19 EnglandEssexSt Botolph War Memorial113
20 EnglandNorfolkSt Andrew and St Peter134
21 EnglandWiltshireSt Peter146
22 EnglandWiltshireSt Peter ad Vincula172
23 EnglandWiltshireSt Katherine and St Peter46
24 EnglandWiltshireAll Saints65
25 EnglandHampshireShip Lane320
26 EnglandSurreySt Peter57
27 EnglandSurreyMunicipal343
28 EnglandYorkshireHarlow Hill (Sections G J)536
29 EnglandYorkshireHarlow Hill (Sections H K)256
30 EnglandYorkshireHarlow Hill (Section L)89
31 EnglandYorkshireHarlow Hill (Section F)316
32 EnglandYorkshireHarlow Hill (Section E)128
33 EnglandYorkshireHarlow Hill (Section C)164
34 EnglandYorkshireHarlow Hill (Section C)164
35 EnglandYorkshireHarlow Hill (Section B)20
36 EnglandYorkshireHarlow Hill (Section B)1
37 EnglandYorkshireHarlow Hill (Section B)2
38 EnglandYorkshireHarlow Hill (Section B)1
39 EnglandYorkshireHarlow Hill (Section B)19
40 EnglandYorkshireHarlow Hill (Section B)1
41 EnglandYorkshireHarlow Hill (Section B)2
42 EnglandYorkshireHarlow Hill (Section B)1
43 EnglandYorkshireHarlow Hill (Section B)3
44 EnglandYorkshireHarlow Hill (Section B)1
45 EnglandYorkshireHarlow Hill (Section B)6
46 EnglandYorkshireHarlow Hill (Section B)0
47 EnglandYorkshireHarlow Hill (Section B)11
48 EnglandYorkshireHarlow Hill (Section A)140
49 EnglandYorkshireHarlow Hill (Section A)1
50 EnglandYorkshireSt John the Evangelist160
51 EnglandYorkshireSt Luke179
52 EnglandYorkshireHoly Trinity46
53 EnglandYorkshireMunicipal597
54 United StatesSouth CarolinaBaptist238
55 United StatesSouth CarolinaChurch81
56 United StatesSouth CarolinaAntioch Pentacostal62
57 United StatesSouth CarolinaBelle Isle Presbyterian20
58 United StatesSouth CarolinaEpiscopal69
59 United StatesSouth CarolinaBaptist70
60 United StatesSouth CarolinaJohnson9
61 United StatesSouth CarolinaMarlboro13
62 United StatesSouth CarolinaBaptist101
63 United StatesSouth CarolinaDroze49
64 United StatesSouth CarolinaMunicipal162
65 United StatesSouth CarolinaHoly Rood39
66 United StatesSouth CarolinaMunicipal38
67 United StatesSouth CarolinaNew Market108
68 United StatesSouth CarolinaOak Grove192
69 United StatesSouth CarolinaChristian161
70 United StatesSouth CarolinaSmyrna103
71 United StatesSouth CarolinaSt John567
72 United StatesSouth CarolinaSt John Baptist85
73 United StatesSouth CarolinaSt James59
74 United StatesSouth CarolinaChapel215
75 United StatesSouth CarolinaTaylor104
76 United StatesSouth CarolinaThornley111
77 United StatesSouth CarolinaSunset174
78 United StatesSouth CarolinaTrinity Church Black Oak35
79 United StatesSouth CarolinaDeliverance Whiteville Road4
80 EnglandBerkshireSt Nicholas15
81 EnglandBerkshireSt Andrew4
82 EnglandWorcestershireSt Thomas128
83 EnglandWorcestershireSt Nicholas74
84 EnglandWorcestershireSt Mary Madalene33
85 EnglandWorcestershireSt James84
86 EnglandWorcestershireSt James204
87 EnglandMiddlesexPaines Lane784
88 EnglandNorfolkSt Mary332
89 EnglandWiltshireHoly Cross13
90 EnglandYorkshireSt Mary317
91 EnglandRutlandSt Peter201
92 EnglandSuffolkAll Saints215
93 EnglandSurreyNightingale190
94 EnglandLancashireHoly Trinity51
95 EnglandYorkshireSt Wilfred43
96 EnglandYorkshireSt Helen15
97 EnglandYorkshireSt Oswald4
98 EnglandYorkshireExtension20
99 EnglandYorkshireAll Saints16
100 EnglandYorkshireSt Patrick5
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101 EnglandYorkshireAll Saints29
102 EnglandYorkshireAll Saints5
103 EnglandYorkshireSt Andrew4
104 EnglandYorkshireSt Martin4
105 EnglandYorkshireSt Peter1
106 EnglandYorkshireSt Peter26
107 EnglandYorkshireUnited Reform Church1
108 EnglandYorkshireSt Mary the Virgin11
109 EnglandYorkshireSt Agatha6
110 EnglandYorkshireSt John5
111 EnglandYorkshireSt Peter1
112 EnglandYorkshireAll Saints4
113 EnglandYorkshireAll Saints1
114 EnglandYorkshireAll Saints7
115 EnglandYorkshireCommon Lane12
116 EnglandYorkshireSt Columba4
117 EnglandYorkshireSt Mary4
118 EnglandYorkshireMunicipal6
119 EnglandYorkshireSt James2
120 EnglandYorkshireSt Peter7
121 EnglandYorkshireSt Michael6
122 EnglandYorkshireSt Mary1
123 EnglandYorkshireAll Saints10
124 EnglandYorkshireSt Mary11
125 EnglandYorkshireSt Peter3
126 EnglandYorkshireHoly Trinity7
127 EnglandYorkshireHedon Road1
128 EnglandYorkshireMunicipal1
129 EnglandYorkshireMunicipal23
130 EnglandYorkshireMunicipal2
131 EnglandYorkshireSt James the Great1
132 ScotlandLothianOld Calton294
133 GermanyBerlinFrench15
134 EnglandEssexSt Michael206
135 EnglandEssexSt Mary33
136 EnglandDerbyshireMunicipal425
137 ScotlandLothianCanongate Kirk10
138 ScotlandLothianCanongate Kirk1
139 ScotlandLothianCanongate Kirk239
140 ScotlandLothianCanongate Kirk1
141 ScotlandLothianCanongate Kirk222
142 GermanyBerlinSenerfelderplatz Jewish34
143 EnglandGloucestershireBaptist11
144 EnglandMiddlesexSt Mary with St Alban37
145 EnglandMiddlesexSt Mary with St Alban13
146 EnglandMiddlesexSt Mary with St Alban1
147 EnglandMiddlesexSt Mary with St Alban1
148 EnglandMiddlesexSt Mary with St Alban47
149 EnglandCornwallSt Swithin31
150 ScotlandWest LothianMunicipal26
151 New ZealandAucklandAnglican Methodist Co-operating Parish250
152 EnglandNorfolkSt Michael at Plea42
153 EnglandGloucestershireSt Catherine100
154 CanadaOntarioSt James Anglican Crown Hill259
155 CanadaNova ScotiaOld Burying Ground334
156 CanadaNova ScotiaOld Burying Ground133
157 CanadaOntarioSymington53
158 CanadaOntarioMount Pleasant737
159 CanadaOntarioGuthrie United Presbyterian127
160 CanadaOntarioSpence21
161 EnglandNorfolkSt John Maddermarket73
162 EnglandYorkshireMunicipal2262
163 EnglandYorkshireSt Martin11
164 EnglandLincolnshireSt Nicholas10
165 EnglandDurhamArea K102
166 EnglandDurhamArea G159
167 EnglandDurhamArea F62
168 EnglandDurhamArea C174
169 EnglandWorcestershireSt James260
170 EnglandWorcestershireSt James77
171 EnglandYorkshireLawnswood A-D1214
172 EnglandBerkshireCongregational25
173 EnglandSuffolkSt Mary and St Botolph478
174 EnglandSuffolkWar Memorial19
175 EnglandSuffolkMillennium Yew Garden51
176 EnglandWiltshireMunicipal1034
177 New ZealandRodneyWilson Road Private18
178 EnglandGloucestershireMethodist Burial Ground61
179 EnglandSuffolkSt John111
180 EnglandSuffolkBaptist Chapel132
181 EnglandYorkshireSt John22
182 WalesWrexhamSt John the Baptist140
183 EnglandNorfolkSt Margaret101
184 EnglandNorfolkSt Mary153
185 EnglandNorfolkAll Saints82
186 EnglandNorfolkSt George111
187 EnglandNorthamptonshireSt Bartholomew8
188 EnglandNorfolkAll Saints75
189 EnglandNorfolkSt Mary137
190 EnglandNorfolkSt Mary50
191 EnglandYorkshireSt Mary41
192 EnglandDevonAll Saints1
193 EnglandSurreyMunicipal1
194 EnglandGloucestershireSt Peter1
195 EnglandDevonSt Mary1
196 EnglandDevonSt Michael29
197 EnglandDevonSt Peter2
198 EnglandDevonSt Matthew3
199 EnglandDevonSt Nicholas2
200 EnglandDevonFord Park 31
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201 EnglandDevonSt George8
202 EnglandDevonMunicipal1
203 EnglandDevonSt Barnabas2
204 EnglandDevonSt Mary2
205 EnglandDevonSt Sylvester3
206 EnglandDevonSt James2
207 EnglandDevonHoly Trinity1
208 EnglandDevonSt Mary2
209 EnglandDevonSt John2
210 EnglandDevonSt Lawrence3
211 EnglandDevonSt Mary1
212 CanadaSaskatchewanWoodlawn1
213 EnglandYorkshireUndercliffe3
214 EnglandYorkshireScholemoor1
215 Northern IrelandAntrimBelfast City4
216 EnglandYorkshireSt Mary306
217 CanadaOntarioMethodist92
218 CanadaOntarioPresbyterian57
219 CanadaOntarioSt Andrew Presbyterian44
220 CanadaOntarioSt Peter Catholic38
221 CanadaOntarioSt James27
222 CanadaOntarioShelburne1
223 CanadaOntarioMount Pleasant3
224 CanadaOntarioLatona224
225 CanadaOntarioKnox Hill Presbyterian118
226 CanadaOntarioDurham50
227 CanadaOntarioBatteau Hill46
228 EnglandKentSt Peter and St Paul698
229 EnglandSussexSt Nicholas764
230 EnglandSurreySt John143
231 EnglandKentSt Peter93
232 EnglandSurreySt Mary the Virgin196
233 EnglandSurreySt John the Evangelist269
234 EnglandHampshireSt Peter118
235 EnglandWorcestershireMunicipal255
236 EnglandWorcestershireSt Deny148
237 EnglandNottinghamshireHoly Trinity440
238 EnglandCheshireSt Mary34
239 EnglandCheshireSt Thomas22
240 EnglandCheshireSt Peter12
241 EnglandKentWoodlands1
242 EnglandHertfordshireSt Mary the Virgin4
243 ScotlandWest LothianMunicipal I-J18
244 ScotlandWest LothianMunicipal I-J1
245 ScotlandWest LothianMunicipal I-J13
246 ScotlandWest LothianMunicipal I-J1
247 ScotlandWest LothianMunicipal I-J10
248 ScotlandWest LothianMunicipal I-J1
249 ScotlandWest LothianMunicipal I-J16
250 ScotlandWest LothianMunicipal I-J1
251 ScotlandWest LothianMunicipal I-J8
252 ScotlandWest LothianMunicipal I-J23
253 ScotlandWest LothianMunicipal I-J1
254 ScotlandWest LothianMunicipal I-J7
255 EnglandSuffolkOld Baptist Chapel20
256 EnglandSurreyKingston Cemetery and Crematorium484
257 EnglandWorcestershireSt Peter Cowleigh Bank278
258 EnglandYorkshireSt Mary the Virgin559
259 EnglandNorfolkAll Saints190
260 WalesWrexhamPeters Memorial Methodist Chapel95
261 EnglandNorfolkSt Mary Magdalene143
262 EnglandNorfolkSt Mary179
263 EnglandNorfolkSt Andrew54
264 EnglandNorfolkSt Mary101
265 EnglandNorfolkSt Peter69
266 WalesPowysSt Cewydd110
267 WalesPowysSt Cewydd13
268 EnglandKentSt Nicolas54
269 CanadaBritish ColumbiaSt Luke211
270 EnglandNorthumberlandSt Peter111
271 CanadaBritish ColumbiaPioneer34
272 EnglandKentAll Saints40
273 EnglandHampshireVictoria Road299
274 EnglandDurhamArea B139
275 EnglandYorkshireAll Saints287
276 EnglandSuffolkSt Mary576
277 ScotlandWest LothianMunicipal K-L21
278 ScotlandAngusBarnhill2
279 ScotlandAngusSt Rule13
280 EnglandLincolnshireAll Saints24
281 EnglandLincolnshireMunicipal127
282 EnglandNorfolkAll Saints9
283 EnglandNorfolkSt Mary196
284 WalesWrexhamHoly Trinity57
285 WalesWrexhamSt Chad346
286 EnglandNorfolkSt Mary339
287 EnglandNorfolkSt John47
288 AustraliaSouth AustraliaPrimitive Methodist30
289 EnglandYorkshireSt Mary Magdalene83
290 EnglandLancashireAllerton Municipal371
291 EnglandSomersetSt George114
292 EnglandMiddlesexSt James226
293 EnglandLancashireSt Paul72
294 EnglandSurreySt Mary 248
295 EnglandSurreyStoke New 2400
296 EnglandMiddlesexSt Mary with St Alban99
297 EnglandYorkshireSt Peter68
298 EnglandYorkshireSt Wilfrid139
299 EnglandYorkshireAll Saints234
300 EnglandYorkshireAll Saints369
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301 EnglandYorkshireAll Saints369
302 EnglandYorkshireSt Edward333
303 EnglandYorkshireSt Peter73
304 EnglandSomersetSt George188
305 EnglandMiddlesexMunicipal208
306 EnglandHampshireSt Peter219
307 EnglandHampshireSt Mary369
308 EnglandDurhamArea J97
309 EnglandDurhamAreas Q U R S A311
310 ScotlandLothianMunicipal580
311 FranceParisMontmartre105
312 ScotlandLothianGreyfriars507
313 EnglandWorcestershireSt Matthias645
314 EnglandWiltshireSt Mary103
315 EnglandWarwickshireHoly Trinity486
316 EnglandGloucestershireSt James241
317 EnglandEssexSt Margaret245
318 EnglandDevonChrist Church171
319 EnglandDevonSt Peter106
320 EnglandDevonSt Brannock 3221
321 EnglandDevonSt Brannock 2349
322 EnglandDevonBaptist50
323 New ZealandAucklandHobsonville164
324 EnglandWiltshireHook144
325 EnglandSurreyMunicipal 3643
326 EnglandSurreySt Paul 237
327 EnglandSurreyStoke New351
328 EnglandMiddlesexSt Mary the Virgin33
329 EnglandGloucestershireSt Stephen70
330 EnglandDorsetSt Nicholas34
331 EnglandDevonSt Helena19
332 EnglandCornwallEglosmerther19
333 EnglandCornwallSt Wyllow19
334 EnglandBerkshireChurch Road225
335 EnglandBedfordshireSt Mary11
336 EnglandDevonSt Peter and St Paul1
337 EnglandBedfordshireFoster Hill Road9
338 AustraliaVictoriaSmythdale17
339 AustraliaVictoriaMelbourne24
340 AustraliaVictoriaCheltenham12
341 AustraliaVictoriaBallarat19
342 EnglandYorkshireSt Mary the Virgin315
343 EnglandNorfolkSt Agnes163
344 EnglandNorfolkAylsham Road57
345 EnglandNorfolkSt Andrew119
346 EnglandSussexQueens Road488
347 EnglandSussexSt Swithun678
348 CanadaOntarioSt Wilfrid34
349 CanadaOntarioSt Francis de Sales424
350 New ZealandWaikatoMaori War and Early Settlers7
351 New ZealandWaikatoMaori War and Early Settlers3
352 New ZealandWairarapaWaihenga13
353 EnglandSurreyStoke Old276
354 EnglandSurreyMunicipal 2168
355 EnglandSuffolkAll Saints141
356 EnglandSuffolkTown355
357 EnglandSuffolkAll Saints120
358 EnglandKentSt Cosmos and St Damian1
359 EnglandKentMunicipal5
360 EnglandCambridgeshireSt Andrew2
361 EnglandCambridgeshireSt Mary9
362 ScotlandWest LothianMunicipal IJ100
363 EnglandSuffolkSt Mary of the Assumption243
364 EnglandSuffolkSt Edmund (old cremations)129
365 EnglandSuffolkSt Edmund (old cremations)164
366 EnglandSuffolkSt Mary241
367 EnglandCheshireHoly Trinity6
368 ScotlandAngusWar Memorial5
369 EnglandLeicestershireSt Giles5
370 EnglandSurreySt Andrew6
371 EnglandCornwallSt Cyrus and St Julietta1
372 EnglandYorkshireOld Holy Trinity1
373 EnglandYorkshireSt Peter5
374 EnglandNottinghamshireSt Peter6
375 EnglandYorkshireSt Mary1
376 EnglandYorkshireMunicipal10
377 EnglandYorkshireSt Mary5
378 EnglandYorkshireSt Leonard2
379 EnglandLincolnshireSt Leonard1
380 FranceNordCommunal1
381 EnglandYorkshireHoly Trinity8
382 EnglandDerbyshireSt Lawrence1
383 EnglandDerbyshireMunicipal3
384 EnglandYorkshireAll Saints1
385 EnglandYorkshireBurn Cross Municipal14
386 EnglandNottinghamshireAll Saints1
387 EnglandBuckinghamshireSt Michael5
388 EnglandMiddlesexSt Leonard3
389 EnglandEssexSt Andrew1
390 ScotlandAngusWar Memorial5
391 EnglandLancashireMunicipal161
392 EnglandLancashireSt Anne88
393 EnglandNorthamptonshireSt Edmund King and Martyr1
394 EnglandCornwallSt Paul (lower churchyard)93
395 EnglandCornwallSt Paul97
396 EnglandSomersetSt George41
397 ScotlandLothianGogar Kirk42
398 GibraltarGibraltarTrafalgar2
399 GibraltarGibraltarNorth Front2
400 EnglandSussexSt Mary2
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401 EnglandSussexSt Mary the Virgin1
402 EnglandBuckinghamshireSt John the Baptist2
403 EgyptEgyptCWGC Cemetery2
404 EnglandBuckinghamshireSt Mary1
405 EnglandSomersetSt Mary the Virgin (part)6
406 New ZealandRodneyMunicipal61
407 AustraliaTasmaniaEng145
408 AustraliaTasmaniaCath86
409 EnglandBuckinghamshireSt Thomas1
410 EnglandNorfolkAll Saints12
411 EnglandSurreySt Martha on the Hill1
412 EnglandCambridgeshireAll Saints3
413 EnglandSuffolkSt John the Baptist (new)128
414 EnglandSuffolkSt John the Baptist87
415 EnglandWiltshireChristchurch1
416 EnglandSussexSt James278
417 EnglandSuffolkSt Mary Old219
418 EnglandSuffolkSt Mary97
419 ScotlandAngusBarnhill2
420 EnglandNorfolkSt Mary the Virgin1
421 EnglandDevonSt Brannock612
422 EnglandDevonSt Peter274
423 EnglandDevonAll Saints199
424 EnglandDevonMethodist20
425 EnglandNorfolkSt John the Baptist427
426 EnglandSuffolkSt Peter and St Paul163
427 EnglandSurreyMunicipal104
428 EnglandSuffolkSt Andrew200
429 EnglandSurreySt Luke146
430 ScotlandMidlothianSt Nicholas Buccleuch18
431 EnglandYorkshireSt Mary129
432 EnglandYorkshireHill Top2
433 EnglandYorkshireSt Mary Magdalen6
434 EnglandSurreyHoly Trinity 2113
435 EnglandMiddlesexMunicipal220
436 EnglandMiddlesexMunicipal503
437 EnglandSurreySt John the Evangelist449
438 EnglandSuffolkSt Andrew159
439 EnglandSuffolkSt John the Baptist Old190
440 EnglandSuffolkSt Michael158
441 EnglandSurreySt George248
442 EnglandSuffolkSt Peter188
443 EnglandSuffolkSt Mary223
444 EnglandSuffolkSt John the Baptist New124
445 EnglandSuffolkAll Saints172
446 EnglandSuffolkAll Saints172
447 EnglandSuffolkAll Saints408
448 EnglandSuffolkSt Peter139
449 EnglandSuffolkAll Saints151
450 EnglandSuffolkSt Mary109
451 EnglandSuffolkSt Andrew356
452 EnglandSuffolkNew (F) Municipal163
453 EnglandSuffolkNew (E) Municipal166
454 EnglandSuffolkNew (D) Municipal347
455 EnglandSuffolkNew (C) Municipal225
456 EnglandSuffolkNew (B) Municipal197
457 EnglandSuffolkNew (A) Municipal239
458 EnglandSuffolkSt Mary155
459 EnglandSuffolkOld (D) Municipal67
460 EnglandSuffolkOld (C) Municipal161
461 EnglandSuffolkOld (B) Municipal429
462 EnglandSuffolkOld (A) Municipal244
463 EnglandYorkshireArmley Hill Top F723
464 EnglandSurreyCrematorium589
465 New ZealandWaikatoMunicipal170
466 EnglandCornwallSt Paul (upper churchyard)8
467 EnglandSuffolkAll Saints189
468 EnglandSuffolkSt Peter325
469 EnglandSuffolkSt John the Baptist238
470 EnglandSuffolkSt Mary315
471 EnglandSuffolkSt Mary143
472 EnglandSuffolkSt Peter230
473 EnglandNorfolkSt Lawrence60
474 EnglandDevonSt Paul354
475 EnglandYorkshireMunicipal A4150
476 EnglandMiddlesexMunicipal595
477 EnglandNorfolkSt Michael148
478 EnglandDevonSt Mary the Virgin 287
479 EnglandDevonSt Mary the Virgin 1624
480 EnglandNorfolkSt Bartholomew137
481 EnglandDevonSt James329
482 EnglandDevonSt James 2208
483 EnglandDevonSt Mary the Virgin 1624

Whats New? 2011

August 2011

Power Cuts

With the arrival of tempory generators and the fact that most of the island is on holiday for much of August, there has be an improvement in the power supply situation. Since the beginning of August there have been few power cuts at weekends. Since mid-August the number of power cuts has reduced with many days not have one at all.

New website navigation

Additional navigation is now gradually being added to the website. This is in the form of "breadcrumb" links on the right hand side just below the top menu. These "breadcrumbs" show the links that lead up to the current page.

This new feature should be especially useful for those visitors who come direct from a search engine to a grave detail page.

Enhancement of the findfamily search

If a family name search is unsuccessful, the webpage now displays all the family names held within the GPR database starting with the same first two letters.

July 2011

Evangelos Florakis Naval Base Explosion

At 6am on Monday 11th July 2011 a catastrofic explosion occurred at the Cypriot Evangelos Florakis Naval Base. The explosion happened when a bush fire reached an explosives dump and killed thirteen and injured over forty.

The explosives had been stored at the base since 2009 when they were confiscated from the vessel Monchegorsk because it was in breach of the UN Security Council Resolution 1747.

The explosion was felt thirty miles away at the home of Charles Sale who runs the GPR. It is reported to have been the largest civil explosion ever.

Although it damaged much property in the surrounding area, the worst distruction was at the nearby Vassilikos powerstation which was virtually destroyed. It has been stated that two billion euros will be needed to rebuild the powerstation and that it will take at least a year.

Because Vassilikos supplied 50% of Cyprus' electric supply, the damage has had a tremendous impact on the whole country with power cuts every day. There is at least one power cut each day that lasts for just over two hours but sometimes there have been as many as five lasting nine hours.

This loss of power has had a disrupting effect on GPR and has meant that fewer new cemeteries have been added this month.

June 2011

French grave monuments now in the GPR databse

The GPR now has a few of volunteers in France. One volunteer has now started to photograph and index the extremely interesting cemetery at Montmartre, Paris. This cemetery is amazing not only for its stunning monuments but also because it contains the remains of many very famous people.

As part of the Montmartre project, the GPR is hoping to add a new feature to the website: biographical notes. At present this has not been implemented but once they start to become available the new feature will also be available.

Extra information about cemeteries

Extra information about cemeteries,when available, is now being displayed on the cemetery pages..

Adding extra information about people mentioned on a grave monument

Extra information about people mentioned on a grave monument can now be added to the GPR database. At present this can only be done immediately after requesting an image.

Extra information about people mentioned on a grave monument

When it is available, extra information is now displayed on grave information pages.

Cemetery location maps

The cemetery details pages have now been updated so that if a postcode is held within the database for a cemetery then a Google location map for the cemetery will be displayed. The cemetery records are gradually being updated with postcodes to take advantage of this new feature. You can see how it works by looking at the Dean Cemetery page. Currently this only works for UK postcodes.

User input validation

A new user input validation system has been implemented using GPR photos. You can see a demonstraion of it below:

system to help stop automatic hacking

User Validation

Please validate your input by answering the question below this image.

(this is to make sure you are a human and to stop automatic spammers!)

image of gravestone used for validation

When did Ellen Langridge die?

WC3 HTML 4.01 (strict)

The new WC3 HTML 4.01 (strict) compliant version of the GPR website is now live!

Improved comments system

There is now a new improved version of the comments system.

New website features

Some new features are being developed to allow visitors to the GPR website to upload a variety of information. These new features will al have additional feature to help to stop hackers uploading inappropriate material. They should be live in July.

May 2011

Website re-write

A major re-write of the website has started to make it WC3 HTML 4.01 (strict) compliant. Thsi work should be completed by mid June 2011.

Valid HTML 4.01 Strict

April 2011

Change on how cemetery data is stored

The way cities/towns and villages details are stored within the GPR database has now been modified to allow villages to have more than one cemetery!

March 2011

A number of minor website faults have been corrected

February 2011

The information held about each cemetery has now been extended to include:

This extra information, when it is available, will be displayed on the cemetery pages. If the geo-location is available then a Google map will show the location of the cemetery.

January 2011

The information held about individuals mentioned on grave monuments has now been extended to include:

This extra information, when it is available, will be displayed on the individual grave pages. If the geo-location is available then a Google map will show the location of the grave.

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