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Whats New? 2018

July 2018

Search system improvements

The GPR full name search has been improved.

The changes to the full name search routine has meant that is now possible to display the results in a variety of different orders. To use these different displays, simple click on the column heading at the top of the search result list.

The full name search routine now has the option to restrict the search to just the exact name entered. This is useful if you are getting too many search results for a specific surname.

If you have been research a particular surname then you can now easily check to see when the latest additions for that surname have been made. To see this list just click the column heading date added.

The search results based upon the location of the cemetery have now been extended so that they can be displayed in country, county/province/state and location (village/town/city) order.

The search results can now also be displayed in decending year of death, age and year of birth. However, these results currently only return the lists using the actual dates and age stored on the database. Calculated dates and age, shown in RED, are not used.

June 2018

FAQ system

The GPR FAQ system has been extended.

A number of new FAQ topics have now been added.

May 2018

EU data protection

The GPR has been amended to conform with th3e requirements of the legilation.

The way Google Ads displays has been changed so that they do not use personal information.

The GPR did display details of who photographed and indexed cemeteries. This option has now been removed. However, the system will be changed in the future so that if a volunteer authorised the GPR then those volunteer details will be displayed.

Feburary 2018

Complete re-vamp of the GPR website

The GPR website has had a major re-vamp.

This re-write of the site has been designed to make its pages more reactive to the size and type of device used to view it. This means that the amount of detail displayed may change depending upon the width of the browser window. The size of the text display will also change depending upon the browser window width.

If you come across a particular page that is not displaying well on your particular device, then please let us know. To get errors corrected please email the GPR using errors @ (with no spaces within the email address).

Search system changes

The GPR search system has been modified to try and make it less confusing to use.

Cemetery listing system chages

The GPR cemetery listing system has been modified to try and make it less confusing to use.

At present the option to display thumbnail images on cemetery listing is not working - it will be fixed soon.

January 2018

A million names and half a million English graves

There are now over 500,000 graves and 1,000,000 names held within the GPR for England.

Yorkshire is currently the county/area which has the most cemeteries and names listed within the GPR

The 500,000's English grave is that for Wynne Wasley in St John the Baptist's Church burial ground, Mathon, Herefordshire, England.

You can check how many graves and names are available within the GPR by looking at the country list page.

Grave monument thumbnail images now available on cemetery pages

There is now an option on each cemetery page to display grave monument thumbnail images.

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