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Comment :-- family being researched: GILBY

Many thanks for providing the wonderful information on this

Many thanks for providing the wonderful information on this website. It really is a great resource. I am researching my great great grandfather Elisha Bradley, who came to and settled in South Australia in 1850 with his wife Sarah (nee Foster) and two children Edmund and William. Elisha's parents were William and Susannah (nee Snushall). I am currently trying to track down information about Elisha's siblings and forbears in and around Wisbech, Cambridgeshire UK. I believe that one brother, John Bradley married Elizabeth Gilby in the Parish of Wisbech St Mary. The names of Elizabeth's parents Joseph and Sarah and her sister Ann (who is buried there) are inscribed on the headstone (in the Wisbech General Cemetery), an image of which of have accessed on this site.
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