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Help Request :-- family being researched: GUYLEE

Gravestone image readible difficulty

Dear Sir, I wish to thank you so very much for sending to me ever so promptly the photo that I requested from The Banks Municipal Cemetery in Bingham, Nottinghamshire. I am referring to photo image BC CW 070; Grave Marker #465738 with Arthur Martin as the first person on the stone. The image that was sent is very lovely to have for our genealogical records especially since we live in Canada. However, I am wondering if the photographer of this stone has a written record of how the stone reads I would be forever grateful for that as well since the image is nearly impossible to read clearly the inscriptions for Arthur Martin, his wife; Elizabeth Martin, his daughter; Hannah Elizabeth Martin and his other daughter; Edith Whitley Guylee who is the ancestor that I am tracing. I am still delighted to have the photo of her final resting place but I would be very happy to know exactly what is written on the stone. The service that you provide to researchers like myself is phenomenal and it is a great asset to all of my fellow family historians alike. From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much for all the work that you do free of charge for us all.
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