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Hi Charles Thanks very much for the efforts in establishing the gravestone photographic system I have just one comment to make in regards copyright restrictions that you have attached to the photos. Some years ago I used to subscribe to an obscure magazine called Traction and Models. That magazine had a motto that lives with me to this very day 'information is of no use unless it is shared with others'. I would like you to think about this motto and reflect on your decision to apply copyright to the photos in your system. Regards Jim
entry submitted by Jim Webster on: 30/07/2017 11:44 GMT ........ contact this person

When anyone takes a photograph they own its copyright. The GPR copyright is there to protect the photographers rights. One of the big problems with the internet is people publishing other peoples' work without permission. With the GPR, this is an issue when people publish its photographs on websites such as Ancestry. If you read the small print on these websites, then when you submit a photograph you are giving the website full access rights to that photograph even if you do not possess such rights.
entry submitted by Charles Sale on 30/07/2017 01:29 GMT ........ contact this person

Hi I do agree about the use of the photos but instead maybe a small charge per photo would get over this problem then you are buying then information. I have made a donation when l have had a few of the photos. If l ever get time to do my local graveyards l wouldn't mind at all if people use the photos on line.
entry submitted by Mrs G Mercer on 31/07/2017 08:29 GMT ........ contact this person

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