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Help Request :-- family being researched: HAY

Searching for next of kin of F/sgt. Hugh Hay RCAF pilot 418Sq based, Ford England.

Dear Sir/Mrs, I am searching for relatives of F/sgt Hugh Hay, KIA 26-07-1943 in Holland. I saw a picture if a memorial in Scotland and i wonder if anybody can help me finding his family. For years i lay flowers at the Commonwealth War Graves in Holland, near Amsterdam on the graves of F/sgt. Hay and F/O. Seymour. They crashed in a Mosquito of RCAF 418 squardon, after they took off from Base Ford in England for an intruder mission over Holland. On april 29th 2016 i will visit the grave of F/sgt Hugh Hay and his navigator F/O. John Seymour with the next of kin of F/O. John Seymour. Please could you assist me finding relatives of Hugh Hay and send me a picture of the memorial in Cartosh? With kind regards, Eduard IJsbrandij
entry submitted by Eduard IJsbrandij on: 28/03/2016 07:23 GMT ........ contact this person

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