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Hall family, Gate Helmsley

I live in El Salvador, Central America and I have been working on a genealogical study of the Hall's who show a continuous presence in Gate Helmsley and Dunnington area for almost 250 years. My grandfather, Fred, was evidently born in Dunnington about 1888 although there seem to some later connections with the Walmgate area in York. Fred always insisted that his family were from Gate Helmsley, just a mile of so from Dunnington. His mother, Mary Hall, is variously reported to have been born in Gate Helmsley or Wilberfoss around 1861 but I have never established this or that she ever married. In the 1891 census Fred, his mother and some uncles and aunts were said to be living with his grandfather, James Hall, variously reported to have been born in Gate Helmsley, Holtby or Warthill in 1826 or 1832. In the 1901 census indicates that he was living with a grandparent, a Jane Whitwell born around 1830 but with no marriage details for the mother it's difficult to establish a relationship with this family. Have hit another more serious brick wall on a George Hall born in Gate Helmsley born around 1671 but my sources have failed to provide any parents. Evidently married around 1695 to a Mary and I am supposing an Agar born Stockton on the Forest? It appears he had four children, William, Mary, George and Francis. There is a truncated link to a Mary Hall born around November, 1609, in Gate Helmsley who possibly married twice to a Jonie Sicklin, born in Dunnington and to a Robert Wittie born in Beverley. Robert Wittie was a respected doctor famous for his literary discourse on the virtues of sea bathing and the spa waters of Scarborough. Can anybody help? Do the local church yards offer any clues to the identity of this George? Is he linked in some way to this Mary Wittie nee Hall?
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