Scartho Road (north reserved borders) Cemetery, Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England

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Monument list with thumbnail images surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
imageGPR ref.viewedrequestednotes

1AdcockMary Adcockfirst name on this monument1827691896Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 5
William Adcockhusband of Mary Adcock

2AdcockWilliam Adcockfirst name on this monument1832741906Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 3

3AlbeckJohn Albeckfirst name on this monument1854751929Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 450
Mary Ellen Albeckwife of John Albeck1856811937

4AllisonRobert Allisonfirst name on this monument1852601912Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 349
Wilfred Allisonson of Robert Allison1882371919
Mary Ann Allisonwife of Robert Allison1852821934

5AndersonEdward A Andersonfirst name on this monument1861591920Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 127
Lucy Ann Andersonwife of Edward A Anderson1861801941

6ArnottJohn Arnottfirst name on this monument1852801932Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 249
(3 images)
Jane Walker1882631945
John Hemsley Walker1878771955

7AshmoreAnn Guzzwell Ashmorefirst name on this monument1870601930Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 134
Joseph Ashmorehusband of Ann Guzzwell Ashmore1856801936

8BaconCharlotte Baconfirst name on this monument1845791924Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 396
Joseph Baconhusband of Charlotte Bacon1850761926

9BaconHarold Baconfirst name on this monument1885441929Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 174
James Eric Wilsonsecond husband of wife of Harold Bacon
Gertrude Catherine Wilsonwife of Harold Bacon1889771966

10BarclayIsabella Barclayfirst name on this monument1867541921Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 136
William Barclayhusband of Isabella Barclay1860881948

11BarlowMona Barlowfirst name on this monument1904161920Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 97
George Barlowfather of Mona Barlow1865571922
Monica Maud Barlowmother of Mona Barlow1880871967

12BarnardFred Barnardfirst name on this monument1870731943Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 96
Alice Barnardwife of Fred Barnard1875761951

13BarnattMinnie Barnattfirst name on this monument1873921965Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 419

14BarnesGertrude E Barnesfirst name on this monument1900291929Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 263
(2 images)
Edward Sam Barnes1899591958

15BarnesSarah Barnesfirst name on this monument1869781947Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 258
(3 images)
Sam Edward Barneshusband of Sarah Barnes1867901957

16BaxterWilliam Robinson Baxterfirst name on this monument1857591916Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 108
Mary Ann Baxterwife of William Robinson Baxter1863561919

17BearparkElizabeth Bearparkfirst name on this monument1833941927Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 93

18BeelsElizabeth Beelsfirst name on this monument1861471908Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 325
William Beelshusband of Elizabeth Beels1852911943

19BeelsThomas Beelsfirst name on this monument1863591922Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 119
Dinah Beelswife of Thomas Beels1863651928

20BerryWalter Berryfirst name on this monument1879261905Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 32
(3 images)
John Henry Berrybrother of Walter Berry1875301905
Henry Berryfather of Walter Berry1839491888
Sarah Berrymother of Walter Berry1841891930
Charles Berry1886321918
Lily Berry

21BinningtonEdith Minnie Binningtonfirst name on this monument1872581930Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 265
Henry Foster Binningtonhusband of Edith Minnie Binnington1871691940

22BlackburnJohn Henry Blackburnfirst name on this monument1860811941Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 207
(5 images)
John Henry Blackburnson of John Henry Blackburn1882411923
Lydia Blackburnwife of John Henry Blackburn1850811931
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23BlanchardHenry Blanchardfirst name on this monument1849641913Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 353
(3 images)
Margaret Ann Blanchardwife of Henry Blanchard1853851938

24BlountThomas Henry Blountfirst name on this monument1874501924Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 231

25BoltonThomas Frank Boltonfirst name on this monument1876451921Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 195
(2 images)
Fred Heald1888401928
Louisa Heald
Lucy Boltonwife of Thomas Frank Bolton

26BonnerJohn George Bonnerfirst name on this monument1851721923Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 213
(2 images)
Ruth Ellen Bonnerwife of John George Bonner1851781929

27BoothErnest Richard Boothfirst name on this monument1891281919Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 365
George Watson Boothfather of Ernest Richard Booth
Lucy Boothmother of Ernest Richard Booth

28BoothGeorge Watson Boothfirst name on this monument1850601910Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 335
Lucy Boothwife of George Watson Booth1853651918

29BoothWilliam Boothfirst name on this monument1823671890Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 15
Mary Ann Boothwife of William Booth1822851907

30BotterillGeorge Thomas Botterillfirst name on this monument1849761925Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 229
Edith Ellen Hall1888671955

31BrocklesbyWilliam Brocklesbyfirst name on this monument1848711919Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 312
Jane Ann Symonds1855821937
Walter Fredrick Symonds1853671920
Frances Brocklesbywife of William Brocklesby1848741922

32BrocksomEmily Brocksomfirst name on this monument1863661929Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 280
John Brocksom1873761949

33BromleyGeorge Bromleyfirst name on this monument1850651915Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 111
Rebecca Bromleywife of George Bromley1853811934

34BrownAnn Maria Brownfirst name on this monument1863661929Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 99
(4 images)
William Colton Brownhusband of Ann Maria Brown1860691929
Gordon Davies
Susan Davies1958
H M Vickers
Henry Vickers1957

35BrownCatherine Gardham Brownfirst name on this monument1836751911Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 73
George F Brownhusband of Catherine Gardham Brown1836841920

36BrownEdith Maria Brownfirst name on this monument1889221911Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 345
Frederick Brownhusband of Edith Maria Brown

37BrownGeorge Brownfirst name on this monument1844631907Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 310
Lucy Potterdaughter of George Brown1884831967
Ellen Spencer Brownwife of George Brown1860911951

38BrownJohn William Brownfirst name on this monument1862691931Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 281
Lydia Eliza Brownwife of John William Brown1870801950

39BrownSalah Brownfirst name on this monument1877521929Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 391
(3 images)
Ann Waterland1841851926
Florence Brownwife of Salah Brown1882781960

40BrownTom Brownfirst name on this monument1864591923Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 135
Elizabeth Brownwife of Tom Brown1868641932

41BrowneWilliam St John Brownefirst name on this monument1892171909Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 331
(2 images)
William Brownefather of William St John Browne1856811937
Mary Brownemother of William St John Browne1861941955
Alan Chester Browne1920781998
Alexander Browne1889731962
Barbara Browne1925842009
Doris Gertrude Browne1890891979
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42BrumptonHannah Maria Brumptonfirst name on this monument1856731929Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 62
Isabel Neville Frankishdaughter of Hannah Maria Brumpton1878921970

43BurgessThomas William Burgessfirst name on this monument1853651918Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 372
(2 images)
Martha Burgesswife of Thomas William Burgess1854681922

44BurnettDavid Burnettfirst name on this monument1852751927Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 420
Susannah Maria Burnettwife of David Burnett1857721929

45BurnhamAaron Burnhamfirst name on this monument1857541911Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 334
Kate Burnhamwife of Aaron Burnham1863671930

46ButlinIsabel Margaret Butlinfirst name on this monument1882281910Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 333
George Butlinhusband of Isabel Margaret Butlin

47CampbellEmma Moungall Campbellfirst name on this monument1841561897Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 6
James Campbellhusband of Emma Moungall Campbell1829901919

48CampbellWilliam Campbellfirst name on this monument1834651899Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 27
(5 images)
Mary Campbell1836761912

49CarringtonJohn William Carringtonfirst name on this monument1861621923Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 215
Sarah Gleeson Needham1900271927
Fanny Emma Carringtonwife of John William Carrington1870811951

50ChapmanJohn Neville Chapmanfirst name on this monument1824751899Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 45
(2 images)
Sarah Elizabeth Chapmanwife of John Neville Chapman1828771905

51ChapmanKezia Chapmanfirst name on this monument1855551910Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 338
(2 images)
Joseph Chapmanhusband of Kezia Chapman1853731926
Eliza Chapman1871621933

52ChesmanMary Chesmanfirst name on this monument1884151899Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 22
(4 images)
William Chesmanfather of Mary Chesman1858731931
Easter Chesmanmother of Mary Chesman1858671925
William Chesmanson of Mary Chesman1891211912

53CoatesWilliam Coatesfirst name on this monument1871571928Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 64
(2 images)
Jemima Coates1872631935

54ColeJohn Charles Colefirst name on this monument1880531933Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 196
John Robert Colefather of John Charles Cole1856841940
Sarah Ann Colemother of John Charles Cole1858661924
Toni Frost-Cole1897711968

55CollingwoodJohn Henry Collingwoodfirst name on this monument1851681919Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 175

56CoomberEdwin Coomberfirst name on this monument1886671953Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 205
Jim Coomberson of Edwin Coomber
Flora Coomberwife of Edwin Coomber1888741962

57CrampinWilliam Wesney Crampinfirst name on this monument1854731927Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 159
(5 images)
Fanny Crampindaughter-in-law of William Wesney Crampin1885721957
Rose Crampindaughter-in-law of William Wesney Crampin1888861974
Albert Cooper
Kenneth Crampin Cooper191911920
Sarah Cooper
Bernard Crampin1935431978
Jessie May Crampin1904251929
Rosena Ann Crampin1910741984
Walter Crampin1889811970
Weston Alfred Crampinson of William Wesney Crampin1883571940
William Crampinson of William Wesney Crampin1886551941
Abigail Ham Crampinwife of William Wesney Crampin1857961953

58CrosbyMay Crosbyfirst name on this monument1887341921Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 369
Harry James Frederick Crosby1865571922
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59CrossAlice Crossfirst name on this monument1878131891Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 297
Henry Crossfather of Alice Cross
Ann Parker Harrisongrand mother of Alice Cross1834631897
Mary Ann Crossmother of Alice Cross
Florence Mary Harrisonsister of Alice Cross189171898

60CrosskillFrederick George Crosskillfirst name on this monument1870591929Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 443
Charlotte Crosskillwife of Frederick George Crosskill1873701943

61CurtisSusannah Curtisfirst name on this monument1940551995Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 9
John S Curtishusband of Susannah Curtis1840731913

62DabbGeorge Robert Dabbfirst name on this monument1855711926Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 407
Mary Ellen Dabbwife of George Robert Dabb1864971961

63DanbyGeorge Danbyfirst name on this monument1849641913Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 69
(2 images)
Emily Ann Kitching1873871960
Richard Guy Kitching1871881959
Mary Ann Danbywife of George Danby1854691923

64Dawber-EnderbyLillie Frances Dawber-Enderbyfirst name on this monument1878481926Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 337
Tom Sidney Dawber-Enderbyhusband of Lillie Frances Dawber-Enderby1878661944
Leslie Millson Dawber-Enderbyson of Lillie Frances Dawber-Enderby190901909

65DexterRoland Edward Dexterfirst name on this monument1913161929Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 289
(4 images)
Edward Matthew Dexterfather of Roland Edward Dexter1878801958
Lena Dextermother of Roland Edward Dexter1878761954
Gladys Mary Dextersister of Roland Edward Dexter1906391945

66DixeyRobert Dixeyfirst name on this monument1855701925Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 421
George Dixeyson of Robert Dixey
John Dixeyson of Robert Dixey
Robert Dixeyson of Robert Dixey
Mary Ann Dixeywife of Robert Dixey1858771935

67DoreWalter James Dorefirst name on this monument1900251925Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 226
(3 images)
A S Dorebrother of Walter James Dore1893251918
Arthur Dorefather of Walter James Dore1867661933
Sarah Doremother of Walter James Dore1868621930
Ethel Dorewife of Walter James Dore

68DowseMatthew Dowsefirst name on this monument1846831929Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 439
(3 images)
Kate Dowsewife of Matthew Dowse1858801938

69DreweryAda Mabel Dreweryfirst name on this monument1890421932Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 245
Florence Eleanor Drewery1907511958
Willie Rowland Drewery1893741967
Douglas Eric Perkins1916852001
Jean Emerson Perkins1918822000

70EddowesAmy Goodson Eddowesfirst name on this monument1881411922Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 197
Maisie Eddowesdaughter of Amy Goodson Eddowes
Peter Eddowesson of Amy Goodson Eddowes

71ElvidgeJohn Elvidgefirst name on this monument1836731909Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 308
Maria Elvidgewife of John Elvidge1835741909

72ElwoodWilliam Elwoodfirst name on this monument1851751926Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 395
Gertrude May Elwooddaughter of William Elwood1886701956
Florence Elwood1885761961
Walter Allen Elwood1881781959
Elizabeth Elwoodwife of William Elwood1872771949

73EmbersonAnn Embersonfirst name on this monument1847621909Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 336
Charlotte Fanny Embersondaughter-in-law of Ann Emberson1873491922
William Thomas Embersonhusband of Ann Emberson1843881931
William Thomas Embersonson of Ann Emberson1875781953
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74EmersonElsie Emersonfirst name on this monumentScartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 243
Arthur Emersonhusband of Elsie Emerson

75EmersonFrank Emersonfirst name on this monument1909171926Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 246
(2 images)
Francis Emersonfather of Frank Emerson1879761955
Elizabeth Ann Emersonmother of Frank Emerson

76EmersonJohn William Emersonfirst name on this monument1837651902Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 82
Emma Emersonwife of John William Emerson1842791921

77EmersonWilfred Wardle Emersonfirst name on this monumentScartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 244
Mary Ethel Emerson

78EmersonWilliam Henry Emersonfirst name on this monument1845761921Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 152
(3 images)
Mary Elizabeth Emersondaughter of William Henry Emerson1891371928
Ann Elizabeth Emersonwife of William Henry Emerson1854871941

79EnderbyEliza Enderbyfirst name on this monument1846791925Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 235
Fred Enderbyhusband of Eliza Enderby1850811931

80EvisonFrancis Evisonfirst name on this monument1850561906Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 298
(2 images)
Mary Ann Evisonwife of Francis Evison1851631914

81EvisonJames Thomas Evisonfirst name on this monument1868451913Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 306
(2 images)
Alice Soffee Evisonwife of James Thomas Evison1872541926

82FergusonMatilda Fergusonfirst name on this monument1847541901Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 66

83FisherJohn Fisherfirst name on this monument1861401901Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 50

84FisherOscar Fisherfirst name on this monument1890281918Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 155
Thomas Edwin Fisherfather of Oscar Fisher1863831946
Sarah Elizabeth Fishermother of Oscar Fisher1867811948

85FosterDavid Fosterfirst name on this monument1876291905Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 89
(4 images)
Audrey Foster
David Foster1985
John D Foster1925551980
Minnie Florence Turnerwife of David Foster1878891967

86FosterGeorge Hartley Fosterfirst name on this monument1875541929Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 293
(3 images)
Edith Mary Turner1902901992
Edward Turner
Mary Ellen Fosterwife of George Hartley Foster1878581936

87FranklinAlice Franklinfirst name on this monument1863691932Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 317
Samuel Franklinhusband of Alice Franklin1860771937

88FraserSarah Ann Fraserfirst name on this monument1858631921Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 131
(2 images)
Frederick Herbert Fraser1855771932

89GaitAlbert Gaitfirst name on this monument1834731907Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 320
Frank Lemon Gaitson of Albert Gait1875591934
John Sidney Gaitson of Albert Gait1876401916
Kate Judith Gaitwife of Albert Gait1837901927

90GallSophia Gallfirst name on this monument1855841939Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 451
(2 images)
William Gallhusband of Sophia Gall1855521907
William Samuel Gallson of Sophia Gall1880691949

91GendersSamuel Gendersfirst name on this monument1860491909Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 328
(3 images)
Elsie Gendersdaughter of Samuel Genders1890241914
Emily Genderswife of Samuel Genders1854881942

92GeorgeFrederick James Arthur Georgefirst name on this monument1880531933Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 242
Eliza Ann Georgewife of Frederick James Arthur George1878991977

93GordonSamuel Gordonfirst name on this monument1855631918Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 146
Mary Ann Gordonwife of Samuel Gordon1858731931

94GourlieTom Gourliefirst name on this monument1862531915Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 107
Mollie Gourliewife of Tom Gourlie
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95GraingerWilliam Graingerfirst name on this monument1879321911Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 350
George Graingerfather of William Grainger1854711925
Annie Graingermother of William Grainger1861761937
Lily Graingerwife of William Grainger1881361917

96GrangeWilliam Grangefirst name on this monument1821921913Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 85
Grace Grangedaughter-in-law of William Grange
Ernest Leigh Grangeson of William Grange1860871947
Grace Elizabeth Grangewife of William Grange1825851910

97GrantAnne E Grantfirst name on this monument1885461931Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 380
(5 images)
Joseph Carrigan1860891949
Susannah Carrigan1861871948
Mary E Sutherland1855981953

98GrantDavid Dodson Grantfirst name on this monument1870821952Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 95
Edith Alice Grantwife of David Dodson Grant1872811953

99GrantFlorence Grantfirst name on this monument1881341915Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 360
(3 images)
John Granthusband of Florence Grant
Sarah Jane Grantsecond wife of husband of Florence Grant1885611946

100GreenawayReuben Greenawayfirst name on this monument1861701931Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
id: 288
F C Greenawayson of Reuben Greenaway1895211916
Mary Elizabeth Greenawaywife of Reuben Greenaway1863821945

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