Holy Trinity's Church burial ground, Tythby, Nottinghamshire, England

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Monument list

no.family surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1AllenHannah Mary Allenfirst name on this monument1868131881id: TY 3435588131100The beloved daughter of John and Alice Allen
John Allenfather of Hannah Mary Allen1843671910
Alice Allenmother of Hannah Mary Allen1843571900

2AllenJohn Allenfirst name on this monument1797711868id: TY 3695588321067
Ann Allenwife of John Allen1868 Age hidden below ground level

3AllroydAlice Allroydfirst name on this monument1785901875id: TY 3775588401092Relict of William Allroyd
William Allroydhusband of Alice Allroyd

4AllroydIsaac Allroydfirst name on this monument1776231799id: TY 1085586481074Son of Isaac and Ann Allroyd
Isaac Allroydfather of Isaac Allroyd
Ann Allroydmother of Isaac Allroyd

5BaddileyPeter Baddileyfirst name on this monument1921822003id: TY 0925586331067
Richard Baddileyson of Peter Baddiley1947542001 Beloved Husband and Father
Edith Beryl Baddileywife of Peter Baddiley1921651986

6BakerSarah Bakerfirst name on this monument1784221806id: TY 0825586241066Wife of William Baker
William Bakerhusband of Sarah Baker

7BaldockHannah Baldockfirst name on this monument1820511871id: TY 1325586641101Wife of Joseph Baldock.
Joseph Baldockhusband of Hannah Baldock
Joseph Baldockson of Hannah Baldock Children of the above
Joseph Thomlinson Baldockson of Hannah Baldock
Walter Baldockson of Hannah Baldock

8BaldockJoseph Baldockfirst name on this monument1803801883id: TY 3055587841075

9BaldockMary Baldockfirst name on this monument1805381843id: TY 1305586631085Wife of Joseph Baldock. Also six children of Joseph and Mary Baldock who died in their infancy
Joseph Baldockhusband of Mary Baldock

10BarlowMary Barlowfirst name on this monument1718451763id: TY 2405587351072The wife of John Barlow
John Barlowhusband of Mary Barlow

11BarnesJohn Barnesfirst name on this monument1807841891id: TY 3915588461071This stone was erected by the parishioners of Tythby-cum-Cropwell Butler to the memory of John Barnes of Tythby. Sexton and Clerk of this parish 44 years

12BarrattCatharine Barrattfirst name on this monument1789351824id: TY 2195587161079Wife of John Barratt
John Barratthusband of Catharine Barratt

13BarrattEllen Eliza Barrattfirst name on this monument1863361899id: TY 37855884110711

14BarrattHannah Barrattfirst name on this monument1824171841id: TY 2125587091080daughter of William and Ann Barratt
William Barrattfather of Hannah Barratt
Ann Barrattmother of Hannah Barratt

15BarrattHenry Barrattfirst name on this monument1763801843id: TY 2155587121093
Alice Barrattwife of Henry Barratt1768361804

16BarrattIsaac Barrattfirst name on this monument1800681868id: TY 2185587151068
Isaac Barratt1803741877

17BarrattJohn Barrattfirst name on this monument1698401738id: TY 2395587341067

18BarrattJohn Barrattfirst name on this monument1789641853id: TY 2205587171073

19BarrattMary Barrattfirst name on this monument1822541876id: TY 3555588221092Of Cropwell Butler
George Barratthusband of Mary Barratt1818811899

20BarrattSarah Barrattfirst name on this monument1812401852id: TY 2115587081075The wife of George Barratt
Rebecca Barrattdaughter of Sarah Barratt1839221861
George Barratthusband of Sarah Barratt

21BarrattWilliam Barrattfirst name on this monument1815771892id: TY 2895587691070Who died at Cropwell Butler
Ann Barrattwife of William Barratt1816591875

22BarrattWilliam Barrattfirst name on this monument1787611848id: TY 2135587101071
Ann Barrattwife of William Barratt1788871875

23BatemanFrederick Batemanfirst name on this monument1871271898id: TY 3535588201067
George Bateman1832731905

24BatemanJohn Beck Batemanfirst name on this monument1813801893id: TY 2575587491070Who died at Cropwell Butler
Hariett Batemansister of John Beck Bateman1820781898
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no.family surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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25BatemanMary Batemanfirst name on this monument1777501827id: TY 2525587451070Wife of George Bateman
Mary Ann Batemandaughter of Mary Bateman1807491856 daughter of George and Mary Bateman
George Batemanhusband of Mary Bateman

26BatemanWilliam Batemanfirst name on this monument1800501850id: TY 2285587251069

27BeecroftAbel Beecroftfirst name on this monument1829531882id: TY 0645586071071

28BeecroftEdith Ann Beecroftfirst name on this monument188961895id: TY 2965587761091The dearly beloved daughter of Henry and Rebecca Beecroft
Henry Beecroftfather of Edith Ann Beecroft
Rebecca Beecroftmother of Edith Ann Beecroft
Edmund Cumberland1816721888

29BeecroftHannah Beecroftfirst name on this monument1819361855id: TY 0635586061082This stone was erected be her son Abel Beecroft as a mark of his dutiful respect 1881
Abel Beecroftson of Hannah Beecroft

30BeecroftJane Beecroftfirst name on this monument1826611887id: TY 3895588451080Widow of Abel
Abel Beecrofthusband of Jane Beecroft

31BeecroftMartha Beecroftfirst name on this monument1771321803id: TY 0365585811070Wife of Thomas (Year possibly 1808)
Thomas Beecrofthusband of Martha Beecroft

32BeecroftThomas Beecroftfirst name on this monument1825861911id: TY 3995588541073
Mary Beecroftwife of Thomas Beecroft1820721892

33BeetJane Beetfirst name on this monument1835641899id: TY 4005588551074
Richard Beethusband of Jane Beet1819811900

34BeetJohn Beetfirst name on this monument1773631836id: TY 2075587041077stone eroded , numerals indistinct

35BellRobert Bellfirst name on this monument1712271739id: TY 1235586591068

36BellThomas Bellfirst name on this monument1666611727id: TY 1215586571072First letter of his surname not certain

37BirdWilliam Birdfirst name on this monument1794561850id: TY 2105587071074
Martha Birdwife of William Bird1792721864

38BirkittElizabeth Birkittfirst name on this monument1702461748id: TY 2175587141069The wife of Richard Birkitt. Slate stone on its side by church
Richard Birkitthusband of Elizabeth Birkitt

39BirkittRichard Birkittfirst name on this monument1739141753id: TY 1495586771071Son of Richard and Elizabeth Birkitt
Richard Birkittfather of Richard Birkitt
Elizabeth Birkittmother of Richard Birkitt

40BlackwellEluijah Blackwellfirst name on this monument1851651916id: TY 2995587781071
Ann Blackwellwife of Eluijah Blackwell1844441888

41BradleyElizabeth Maud Bradleyfirst name on this monument1876id: TY 36155882710736 months The beloved daughter of William and Hannah
William Bradleyfather of Elizabeth Maud Bradley
Hannah Bradleymother of Elizabeth Maud Bradley

42BreedonMary Breedonfirst name on this monument1852241876id: TY 3545588211077The beloved daughter of William and Mary Breedon
William Breedonfather of Mary Breedon
Mary Breedonmother of Mary Breedon

43BreedonMary Breedonfirst name on this monument1849421891id: TY 2865587671071The beloved wife of John Breedon
John Breedonhusband of Mary Breedon

44BreedonMary Breedonfirst name on this monument1818661884id: TY 3065587851070
William Breedonhusband of Mary Breedon1819821901

45BrettMary Brettfirst name on this monument178471791id: TY 0195585701085Daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Brett
Robert Brettfather of Mary Brett
Elizabeth Brettmother of Mary Brett

46BrettWilliam Brettfirst name on this monument1733751808id: TY 0415585851082
Ann Brettwife of William Brett1733731806

47BrettWilliam Brettfirst name on this monument1814301844id: TY 0385585831078Son of William and Sarah Brett
William Brettfather of William Brett
Sarah Brettmother of William Brett

48BrettWilliam Brettfirst name on this monument1768541822id: TY 0595586021065

49BrettWilliam Brettfirst name on this monument1768541822id: TY 0655586081086Farewell my wife and children....
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50BrewsterJohn Charles Brewsterfirst name on this monumentid: TY 2795587601068The beloved child of George Oliver and.... Remainder of inscription sunk below ground level
George Oliver Brewsterfather of John Charles Brewster

51BucknallGeorge Bucknallfirst name on this monument1845271872id: TY 3665588311073
Bucknall1845271872 Given name and age illegible , almost certainly the wife of George
George Thomas Bucknallson of George Bucknall Dear Son...possibly George Thomas Bucknall sandstone badly eroded and characters difficult or imposssible to read

52Burton Burtonfirst name on this monument1708771785id: TY 0615586041073Part of face of stone with his given name is missing.

53BurtonAndrew Burtonfirst name on this monument1777841861id: TY 1435586731071
John Burtonson of Andrew Burton1812611873
Hannah Burtonwife of Andrew Burton1781671848

54BurtonElizabeth Burtonfirst name on this monument1815691884id: TY 2515587441067The beloved wife of John Burton
John Burtonhusband of Elizabeth Burton

55BurtonMary Burtonfirst name on this monument1892121904id: TY 2665587561077Youngest daughter of Thomas and Mary Burton
Thomas Burtonfather of Mary Burton1845641909
Mary Burtonmother of Mary Burton

56BurtonMary Elizabeth Burtonfirst name on this monument188031883id: TY 3875588431074The dearly loved child of Thomas and Mary Burton
Thomas Burtonfather of Mary Elizabeth Burton
Mary Burtonmother of Mary Elizabeth Burton
Ann Burtonsister of Mary Elizabeth Burton1883 3 months

57ButlerThomas Butlerfirst name on this monument1795731868id: TY 029
(2 images)
5585741066Of Cropwell Field's
Mary Smithdaughter of Thomas Butler1830671897 Wife of Henry Smith of The Grove Cropwell Butler
Henry Smithson-in-law of Thomas Butler1828871915 Of Cropwell Grove
Frances Butlerwife of Thomas Butler1797671864

58CarringtonElizabeth Carringtonfirst name on this monumentid: TY 0735586151071Who died february 18th... Other detail below ground level

59CarterGeorge Edward Carterfirst name on this monument1903561959id: TY 3405588101076
Gwendolen Dora Carterwife of George Edward Carter1917902007

60CarverElizabeth Carverfirst name on this monument1844271871id: TY 4015588561107
Polly Carverdaughter of Elizabeth Carver1869151884

61CarverFanny Carverfirst name on this monument1833321865id: TY 2255587221092
Hannah Kemp Carver1848171865

62CarverJoseph Carverfirst name on this monument1811771888id: TY 3305588031082
Stephen Carverson of Joseph Carver1845451890
Hannah Carverwife of Joseph Carver1815721887

63CarverMaria Carverfirst name on this monument1821801901id: TY 3275588001076A mother so dearly beloved....

64CarverThomas Carverfirst name on this monument1803591862id: TY 2275587241075
Sarah Carverwife of Thomas Carver1802561858

65CauntJohn Cauntfirst name on this monument1792591851id: TY 1975586981081

66ChallandJoseph Challandfirst name on this monument1780231803id: TY 0885586291073

67ClarkWilliam Clarkfirst name on this monument1756661822id: TY 12955866210731

68ClarkeAnn Clarkefirst name on this monument183471841id: TY 13655866710751Three daughters of Charles and Martha Clarke
Charles Clarkefather of Ann Clarke
Martha Clarkemother of Ann Clarke
Martha Clarkesister of Ann Clarke1841 8 months
Mary Clarkesister of Ann Clarke Who died in her infancy

69ClarkeJohn Clarkefirst name on this monument1786721858id: TY 13555866610651

70ClarkeMary Clarkefirst name on this monument1766801846id: TY 13455866510751
Elizabeth Clarke1794451839

71ClarkeWilliam Clarkefirst name on this monument183791846id: TY 13855866910881Son of Charles and Martha Clarke
Charles Clarkefather of William Clarke
Martha Clarkemother of William Clarke

72CliftonFrancis Stuart Cliftonfirst name on this monument1878211899id: TY 3235587961080Only son of the Rev Francis Clifton and Mary Stuart Cursham
Francis Cliftonfather of Francis Stuart Clifton
Mary Stuart Cliftonmother of Francis Stuart Clifton
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73CliftonGeorge Cliftonfirst name on this monument1743771820id: TY 1035586431079
Elizabeth Cliftonwife of George Clifton1730801810

74CliftonGeorge Cliftonfirst name on this monument1781271808id: TY 1075586471086Son of Thomas and E Clifton of Kinoulton
Thomas Cliftonfather of George Clifton
E Cliftonmother of George Clifton

75CliftonThomas Cliftonfirst name on this monument1776791855id: TY 1045586441075

76CockayneWalter Cockaynefirst name on this monument1849611910id: TY 267
(3 images)
Kenneth James Erithgrand son of Walter Cockayne1917271944 Killed in action in Italy
Anne Mary Cockaynewife of Walter Cockayne1864701934

77CooperEleanor Cooperfirst name on this monument1794201814id: TY 0945586351070Daughter of Thomas and Frances Cooper
Thomas Cooperfather of Eleanor Cooper
Frances Coopermother of Eleanor Cooper

78CooperWilliam Cooperfirst name on this monument1809831892id: TY 29055877010661
William Cooperson of William Cooper1831181849
Hannah Cooperwife of William Cooper1808901898

79CoyEliza Coyfirst name on this monument1857211878id: TY 3575588231068

80CramptonAnn Cramptonfirst name on this monument1832201852id: TY 1015586411081Daughter of Thomas and Sarah
Thomas Cramptonfather of Ann Crampton
Sarah Cramptonmother of Ann Crampton

81CramptonElizabeth Cramptonfirst name on this monument1735131748id: TY 1135586531074The daughter of Richard and Alice Cranton
Richard Cramptonfather of Elizabeth Crampton
Alice Cramptonmother of Elizabeth Crampton

82CramptonRichard Cramptonfirst name on this monument1727731800id: TY 1245586601070

83CramptonThomas Cramptonfirst name on this monument1801821883id: TY 2145587111069
Elizabeth Cramptonwife of Thomas Crampton1799591858

84CramptonThomas Cramptonfirst name on this monument1730801810id: TY 0975586381066
Joseph Cramptonson of Thomas Crampton1774471821
Sarah Cramptonwife of Thomas Crampton1740891829

85CramptonThomas Cramptonfirst name on this monument1769791848id: TY 0985586391067
Sarah Cramptonwife of Thomas Crampton1801681869

86CramtonThomas Cramtonfirst name on this monument1672921764id: Tyx 0395586401072
Ann Cramtonwife of Thomas Cramton1692721764

87CraneWilliam Cranefirst name on this monument1874851959id: TY 274
(2 images)
5587581077Knight of Nottingham
Gladys Ethel Cranewife of William Crane1890781968

88CunningtonJ W Cunningtonfirst name on this monument1879211900id: TY 3165587891067son of John and Georgina Cunnington (late of Cropwell Butler) who died in Lindley South Africa of wounds received in action
John Cunningtonfather of J W Cunnington
Georgina Cunningtonmother of J W Cunnington

89DerryJohn Derryfirst name on this monument1849331882id: TY 3215587941071The beloved son of Thomas and Elizabeth Derry
Thomas Derryfather of John Derry
Elizabeth Derrymother of John Derry

90DerryThomas Derryfirst name on this monument1807821889id: TY 3225587951081
Elizabeth Derrywife of Thomas Derry1814811895

91DixonSarah Dixonfirst name on this monument1805401845id: TY 1565586841068Wife of William Dixon
William Dixonhusband of Sarah Dixon

92FaulkesThomas Faulkesfirst name on this monument1796241820id: TY 2425587361075

93FisherThomas Fisherfirst name on this monument1787801867id: TY 1535586811066
Catherine Fisherbrother of Thomas Fisher1796661862

94FisherThomas Fisherfirst name on this monument1755591814id: TY 1545586821071
Elizabeth Fisherwife of Thomas Fisher1760851845

95FlowerWilliam Flowerfirst name on this monument1734871821id: TY 1515586791067
Mary Flowerwife of William Flower1732751807
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96FormanMarguerite Hope Formanfirst name on this monument190301903id: TY 3935588481070Infant daughter of Arthur and Marguerite Forman born September 17th died September 18th
Arthur Formanbrother of Marguerite Hope Forman190801908 and of their infant son born and died January 1st
Arthur Formanfather of Marguerite Hope Forman
Marguerite Formanmother of Marguerite Hope Forman

97ForthJane Henrietta Forthfirst name on this monument1905501955id: Tyx 0405586561072
Eric Forth1895821977 Presumably husband and wife

98FrisbySarah Frisbyfirst name on this monument1869811950id: TY 1915586961083
John Ezra Thomas Frisbyhusband of Sarah Frisby1872821954

99GibsonThomas Gibsonfirst name on this monument1779771856id: TY 1285586611069
Ann Gibsonwife of Thomas Gibson1786801866

100GilbertRichard Gilbertfirst name on this monument1797771874id: TY 3765588391079
Ann Gilbertwife of Richard Gilbert1800891889 sandstone eroding

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Holy Trinity's Church burial ground, Tythby, Nottinghamshire, England.

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