St Michael's Church burial ground, Coxwold, Yorkshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequestednotes

201FoxThomas Foxfirst name on this monument1811431854id: 712503621912
Jane Foxwife of Thomas Fox1807611868

202FoxThomas Foxfirst name on this monument1768851853id: 692503612175
Elizabeth Foxwife of Thomas Fox1768661834

203GarbuttJane Garbuttfirst name on this monument1793id: 383250631283
John Garbuttfather of Jane Garbutt
Jane Garbuttmother of Jane Garbutt

204GardnerThomas Gardnerfirst name on this monument1788591847id: 148250426113

205GeipelLaura Geipelfirst name on this monument1933id: 105
(4 images)
Herbert Geipelhusband of Laura Geipel1945
Lewis Geipelson of Laura Geipel1982

206GibsonAnn Gibsonfirst name on this monumentid: 262250529287
Robert Gibsonfather of Ann Gibson
Jane Gibsonmother of Ann Gibson

207GibsonGeorge Gibsonfirst name on this monument1814701884id: 264250531116

208GibsonRobert Gibsonfirst name on this monument1820641884id: 263250530188
Jane Gibsonwife of Robert Gibson1831501881

209GillAlice Margaret Gillfirst name on this monument1948id: 451
(2 images)
Robert William Gill1940

210GillSarah Gillfirst name on this monument1851531904id: 163250441175
R T Gillhusband of Sarah Gill

211GoodallEmma Goodallfirst name on this monument1893851978id: 353250604255

212GoodallRichard Goodallfirst name on this monument1915761991id: 3332505851441

213GrahamChristopher Grahamfirst name on this monument1906661972id: 590250816149
Annie May Grahamwife of Christopher Graham1897901987

214GraingerIrene Barbara Graingerfirst name on this monument1899671966id: 552250784409

215GraingerJean Margaret Graingerfirst name on this monument1924852009id: 440250682408

216GraingerJohn Graingerfirst name on this monument1844571901id: 477250716253
Elizabeth Graingerwife of John Grainger1848951943

217GraingerMaurice Graingerfirst name on this monument1919721991id: 439250681176

218GraingerRobert Graingerfirst name on this monument1852721924id: 276250538277
Mary Graingerwife of Robert Grainger1852821934

219GraingerWilliam A Graingerfirst name on this monument1899591958id: 247250515184
Violet Graingerwife of William A Grainger1986

220GrangerWilliam Grangerfirst name on this monumentid: 2952505533141

221GrayElizabeth Grayfirst name on this monument1812201832id: 140250420153
Amy Graymother of Elizabeth Gray

222GriceMargaret Gricefirst name on this monument1928822010id: 8250309261

223GricePeter Gricefirst name on this monument1928541982id: 355250606205

224Grome-MerrileesCecilia Grome-Merrileesfirst name on this monument1901951996id: 364250614169

225HaddleseyLilly Haddleseyfirst name on this monument1876871963id: 3502506013741
Charles H Metcalfeson-in-law of Lilly Haddlesey1900551955

226HainsworthJoan Hainsworthfirst name on this monument1887521939id: 5002507362791
Douglas Hainsworthhusband of Joan Hainsworth1907721979

227HallRobert Hallfirst name on this monument94id: 396250644461
William Hallson of Robert Hall
Hallwife of Robert Hall1777631840

228HallRobert Hallfirst name on this monument1824751899id: 400250648158
Ann Hallwife of Robert Hall1834851919

229HardcastleAnnie Hardcastlefirst name on this monument1891331924id: 274
(2 images)
W Hardcastlefather of Annie Hardcastle
T Hardcastlemother of Annie Hardcastle
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230HardcastleElsie May Hardcastlefirst name on this monument1889881977id: 540250774362

231HardcastleOlive Hardcastlefirst name on this monument1909261935id: 467250706227
Henry Percival Hardcastlehusband of Olive Hardcastle1901711972

232HardcastleTamar Hardcastlefirst name on this monument1861751936id: 446250687138
John William Hardcastlehusband of Tamar Hardcastle1861851946

233HardyThomas Reginald Hardyfirst name on this monument1834691903id: 1852504605331
Thomas Hardyfather of Thomas Reginald Hardy1854611915
Ada Hardymother of Thomas Reginald Hardy1861601921

234HareAnnis Harefirst name on this monument1832351867id: 1412504213682
Margaret Haremother of Annis Hare1882
Anne Haresister of Annis Hare1880

235HareKate Annice Harefirst name on this monument1851id: 515
(2 images)

236HarlandThomas Harlandfirst name on this monument72id: 3672506174251
Jane Harlandwife of Thomas Harland67

237HarrisonJohn Harrisonfirst name on this monument1730921822id: 52250346221
Ann Harrisondaughter of John Harrison1774681842
Jane Harrisondaughter of John Harrison1778631841
George Harrisonson of John Harrison1770591829
Jane Harrisonwife of John Harrison1739881827

238HartleyGilbertson Hartleyfirst name on this monumentid: 438250680111

239HartleyThomas Hartleyfirst name on this monument1860id: 416250662131

240HaydonAlfred Haydonfirst name on this monumentid: 639250867228

241HaytonAlice Mary Haytonfirst name on this monument1877291906id: 219250489709
Alfred Haytonbrother of Alice Mary Hayton1917
William Haytonfather of Alice Mary Hayton
Harriet Haytonmother of Alice Mary Hayton

242HaytonEmily Haytonfirst name on this monument1891971988id: 611250837351
Betty Haytondaughter of Emily Hayton
Dorothy Haytondaughter of Emily Hayton
Stanley Haytonson of Emily Hayton

243HaytonWilliam Spencer Haytonfirst name on this monument1855641919id: 213250484186
William Haytonson of William Spencer Hayton1892541946
Harriet Haytonwife of William Spencer Hayton1855701925

244HedgerErnest Hedgerfirst name on this monument1867721939id: 468
(2 images)
Francis Elizabeth Hedger1946

245HewittAlice Mary Hewittfirst name on this monument1869601929id: 296
(2 images)

246HodgsonRebbeca Hodgsonfirst name on this monument1767841851id: 521250757124

247HoodClaude Cecil Hoodfirst name on this monument189551900no image250423376
G B Hoodfather of Claude Cecil Hood
F A Hoodmother of Claude Cecil Hood

248HoodEliza Hoodfirst name on this monument1830901920id: 196250468168

249HoodHenry Hoodfirst name on this monument1883221905id: 142250422131

250HornbyWilliam Hornbyfirst name on this monument1805711876id: 312503303011
John Hornbybrother of William Hornby1804841888
Thomas Hornbybrother of William Hornby1806851891

251HornerGeorge Hornerfirst name on this monumentid: 639250866155

252HornerMary Hornerfirst name on this monument1846771923id: 2502505173263
Matthew Hornerhusband of Mary Horner1844961940

253HornerMary Ellanor Hornerfirst name on this monumentid: 53250347435
Hornerfather of Mary Ellanor Horner
Mary Hornermother of Mary Ellanor Horner
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254HornerRobert Hornerfirst name on this monument1862561918id: 229250499133
Jane Hornerwife of Robert Horner

255HorsfieldFred E Horsfieldfirst name on this monument1900621962id: 4732507122622
Kenneth Horsfieldson of Fred E Horsfield
Alice Horsfieldwife of Fred E Horsfield1900881988

256HoulstonClara Houlstonfirst name on this monument1907901997id: 332250584169

257HoulstonHarry Houlstonfirst name on this monument1916791995id: 362250612134

258HoulstonHerbert Houlstonfirst name on this monument1878721950id: 3742506222232
William Garbutt Houlstonson of Herbert Houlston1903691972
Ada Mary Houlstonwife of Herbert Houlston1879821961

259HoulstonHilda May Houlstonfirst name on this monument1923802003id: 363250613188

260HoulstonJohn Houlstonfirst name on this monumentid: 244250512202

261HoulstonJune Minnie Houlstonfirst name on this monument1934611995id: 534250768121

262HoulstonLaura Mildred Houlstonfirst name on this monument1896821978id: 536250770229
John William Houlstonhusband of Laura Mildred Houlston1907861993

263HoulstonLouisa Houlstonfirst name on this monumentid: 245250513158
John Houlstonhusband of Louisa Houlston

264HoulstonRobert Houlstonfirst name on this monument1872791951id: 469250708436
Edith Houlstonwife of Robert Houlston1875991974

265HoulstonSybil Annie Houlstonfirst name on this monument1915231938id: 429250673147
Francis Houlstonhusband of Sybil Annie Houlston

266HudsonJohn Robert Hudsonfirst name on this monument1925571982id: 397250645147

267HuntonAnn Huntonfirst name on this monument1880781958id: 399250647225
Joseph Huntonhusband of Ann Hunton1869881957

268HuntonAnn Elizabeth Huntonfirst name on this monument1848131861id: 3250304255
Jonah Huntonfather of Ann Elizabeth Hunton
Mary Huntonmother of Ann Elizabeth Hunton1814491863

269HuntonArthur Huntonfirst name on this monument1908891997id: 5722507981901
Kate Ethel Huntonwife of Arthur Hunton1909952004

270HuntonJoanne Huntonfirst name on this monument1973261999id: 602250828400
Nicholas Rawnsleyfiancee of Joanne Hunton1968311999

271HuntonNorah Ellen Huntonfirst name on this monument1915651980id: 623250849131

272HuntonReuben Huntonfirst name on this monument1879851964id: 548250780142

273HuntonStephen Huntonfirst name on this monument1839681907id: 1832504581762
Christiana Huntonwife of Stephen Hunton1838841922

274HutchinsonRobert Hutchinsonfirst name on this monument1839601899id: 161250439112

275HuttonRachel Huttonfirst name on this monument1776601836id: 2832505444801
Alice Elizabeth Huttondaughter of Rachel Hutton20
George Huttonhusband of Rachel Hutton
George Hutton

276Hutton-WilsonJoan Hutton-Wilsonfirst name on this monument1910581968id: 5872508138842
Jennifer Hutton-Wilsondaughter of Joan Hutton-Wilson
Trixie Hutton-Wilsondaughter of Joan Hutton-Wilson
Michael John Cecil Hutton-Wilsonhusband of Joan Hutton-Wilson1914731987
David Hutton-Wilsonson of Joan Hutton-Wilson

277InghamHenry Percy Inghamfirst name on this monument1907391946id: 3432505943001
Margaret Amelia Inghamwife of Henry Percy Ingham

278InghamSarah Inghamfirst name on this monument1852811933id: 3162505713981
Henry Inghamhusband of Sarah Ingham1845921937

279InglebyJohn Inglebyfirst name on this monument1856301886id: 520250756120

280JonesC H Jonesfirst name on this monument1886321918id: 211250482103
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281JordisonRuth Jordisonfirst name on this monumentid: 3212505761361

282KayGladys Kayfirst name on this monument1918671985id: 150250428196
James Kayfather of Gladys Kay
Jane Kaymother of Gladys Kay

283KayJane Kayfirst name on this monument1885461931id: 372
(2 images)
James Kayhusband of Jane Kay1885681953

284KempEdwin Kempfirst name on this monumentid: 5262507622231

285KendrewGeorge Kendrewfirst name on this monument1893721965id: 892503771691
Florence Elizabeth Kendrewwife of George Kendrew1966

286KendrewJohn Kendrewfirst name on this monument1864721936id: 86250374293
Eva Kendrewdaughter-in-law of John Kendrew1893911984
Hubert Kendrewson of John Kendrew1894721966
Eleanor Ann Kendrewwife of John Kendrew1929

287KendrewThomas Kendrewfirst name on this monument1821721893id: 85250373176
Ann Kendrewdaughter of Thomas Kendrew1859381897
Mary Kendrewwife of Thomas Kendrew1830701900

288KettlewellGertrude Isabel Kettlewellfirst name on this monument188631889id: 133250415141

289KettlewellWilliam Kettlewellfirst name on this monument1847471894id: 1372504191732

290KiddWilliam Kiddfirst name on this monument1849id: 531250765257
Henry Holmesgrand son of William Kidd1829171846
John Holmesgrand son of William Kidd1832161848
Mary Kiddmother of William Kidd1780541834

291KiddWilliam Kiddfirst name on this monument1867id: 532250766104

292KidsonJames Kidsonfirst name on this monument1802531855id: 4502506902121
Elizabeth Kidsonwife of James Kidson1878

293KirkFanny Kirkfirst name on this monument1839691908id: 189250463172
Thomas Kirkhusband of Fanny Kirk

294KirkGiles Kirkfirst name on this monument1899591958id: 339
(2 images)
Beatrice Alice Kirkwife of Giles Kirk1904741978

295KirkMary Elizabeth Kirkfirst name on this monument1876661942id: 342250593115
Giles Kirkhusband of Mary Elizabeth Kirk1862841946

296KirkRichard Kirkfirst name on this monument1801831884id: 1492504271441
Mary Kirkwife of Richard Kirk1812751887

297KirkRoger Francis Kirkfirst name on this monument1933702003id: 153250431106

298KnowlesClara Knowlesfirst name on this monument1875691944id: 421
(2 images)
John Knowleshusband of Clara Knowles1878781956

299KnowlesJames Knowlesfirst name on this monumentid: 639250868215

300LamarqueWalter Geoffry Lamarquefirst name on this monument1913661979id: 4250305157

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for St Michael's Church burial ground, Coxwold, Yorkshire, England.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

To see details of other people with the same surname, just click on the surname that is of interest.

The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

The postcode for this burial ground is YO61 4AD - if you have a GPS this might be useful to locate this burial ground!

The view statistics shown below are from 8 Jan 2014 when collection of these statistics started.

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