All entries for the surname GRAY held within the Gravestone Photographic Resource

All GPR entries for the surname GRAY

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1 Gray Lawn (part 2)Cohuna
2 Gray Chapel newGarioch
3 Gray 1Old Burying GroundHalifax
Nova Scotia
4 Gray 1837 St John and St Cuthbert (joint)Edinburgh
60371not known
5 Gray 1807 St Mary the VirginChurch Fenton
85146not known
6 Gray190019000Old GraveyardEday
7A Gray Liverpool Street Station (roll of honour 1914-1919)Bishopsgate
8A Gray War MemorialWoodhill
9A C Gray (Private)1925198459Stockton (part 3)Stockton
New South Wales
10A E Gray MontoWide Bay
11A C I Gray London Necropolis (plot 30)Brookwood
12A Duncan Gray1933198047The Banks MunicipalBingham
13A May Gray1924199874MethodistMaxwell
14Aaron Jon Gray1966200943ClunesClunes
New South Wales
15Abraham Gray1801188483St PeterWawne
16Abram Gray1777179518Currie KirkCurrie
17Ada Gray St LukeHolton le Moor
18Ada Gray nee Woollock1904199692Eppleworth RoadCottingham
19Ada Gray1871194170MunicipalOtley
20Ada Gray1876195074St LukeHolton le Moor
21Ada Frances Gray1870192656St MargaretStanford le Hope
22Ada Margaret Gray St CuthbertEtherley
23Ada Mary Gray1903199289Civil (memorial tablets)Petersfield
24Ada R Gray1899197374St StephenHigham
25Ada Susan Gray1868191850St John the BaptistHamsteels


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There are 2996 surnames for the name GRAY held within the GPR database.

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About the GRAY names held within the GPR

This page contains a list of all the entries for the surname, maiden and family name GRAY that are held within the Gravestone Photographic Resource online database. It is quite likely that there are also entries available for alternative spellings of this name. It is very easy for you to check to see if there are any alternative spellings: you just need to look at the page that shows all the names listed under the starting letter (G in this case) of the surname you are interested in.

The GRAY name may also be found within either maiden or family names stored within the GPR.

If you click on a particular name or GPR reference number above you will see details of what information is held for that particular grave monument. If there is a high quality image available then you will be able to order a free copy of it.

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Please note that all ages and dates of birth listed in the above list that are shown in red have been calculated and are probably not on the monument.

You should treat the calculated dates of birth with caution as the ages given on monuments are often inaccurate. The dates and ages on many monuments are also often hard to read. It is therefore important to use the dates as guides as they may be incorrect.

The same person may appear many times in the above list. This is because a person can easily be listed on many different monuments. For instance, a person could be listed on their own grave as well as on the gravestone monuments of their children and their spouse. Occasionally names will be duplicated because the monument has in error been photographed and indexed twice.

Where a relationship is shown as unknown, this usually means that parts of the monument are illegible and relationship cannot be read.

Where no relationship is given this means that this is normally the first name on the monument. All the relationships on any particular monument relate to this first named individual.

If there is no burial date then it is likely that they are not buried at this location. Please note that the GPR records ALL names on monuments.

All comment /feedback /help requests within the Gravestone Photographic Resource for the name GRAY

Excellent Resiurce

A big thank you to Charles Sale for the excellent work he is producing. My family on my Mum’s side is the Gray family in the Calthorpe area of Norfolk. Through these excellent web pages, I have had access to details of several distant relatives and have retrieved images of gravestones. My Great Grandmother is Ada Maria Chase nee Gray born 1877. Her father is Aurelius Earle Gray, born in Calthorpe, Norfolk, England on 16 Mar 1851 to John Gray and Emily Earl. Aurelius Earle Gray married Mary Elizabeth Puxley and had 5 children. He passed away on Jun 1929 in Wayland, Norfolk, England (source Aurelius’s brother is Rowland Earle Gray Born in Calthorpe, Norfolk on 25 Feb 1849. Once again this is an excellent resource and many thanks for access and assistance provided by Charles.
entry submitted by Graham Seal on: 30/01/2021 01:45 GMT ........ contact this person

Hidden Resource

Thank you Charles - I was just at my Genealogy club meeting earlier today and we watched a Webinar about Cemeteries so I was quite surprised when your site popped up instead of the “usual” find a grave or billion graves - the quality of your pictures are superior. Thank you for this service!
entry submitted by Kimberly Bohny on: 17/01/2019 05:11 GMT ........ contact this person


Thank you so much for all you are doing Charles. Until now, I had not been able to find any links to my Grandfather's family line. I appreciate the value you place on ensuring that the individual story is not lost. Any feedback would be most welcome.
entry submitted by Cathy (Gray) Deacey on: 22/10/2017 04:25 GMT ........ contact this person

Finding great uncle

Thank you for the image. My family in UK will be pleases i have found Uncle Bobs resting place at last
entry submitted by Michelle chappell on: 03/09/2017 01:14 GMT ........ contact this person


This is a remarkably altruistic scheme- many thanks for helping to shine light on some of the daarker corners of family history
entry submitted by T Hooper on: 15/07/2016 11:21 GMT ........ contact this person

A big thank you!!

Thank you so much Charles for sending me the headstone photo of Henry Gray (1868-1945) and Annie (Mackay) Gray (1863-1949). Henry Gray was my Great Great Uncle and Annie (Mackay) Gray was my Great Great Aunt. Again your help is greatly appreciated. You have a great website!!
entry submitted by Murray Thomson on: 15/10/2014 01:04 GMT ........ contact this person


Thanks to all concerned for the photograph. It has helped me place people in the Family Tree as I did not have accurate dates until now... A great resource..
entry submitted by MAS on: 31/05/2014 01:11 GMT ........ contact this person

I am looking for my grandmother's grave Edith Gray

My mother is 98 and wants to to find her mother Edith Gray who died 11 march 1923 aged 36 at110 Beechwood Drive Partick Glasgow. We live in Australia and I want to find her before my mother dies.
entry submitted by Jill Morison on: 21/05/2014 01:33 GMT ........ contact this person

Fantastc site

This is a really easy site to use, the facility to order name searches by county is invaluable in tracing family graves. The quality of the images is wonderful and its marvellous to have a visual record from places which would be very difficult for me to visit. A true labour of love!
entry submitted by Helen Evans on: 04/05/2014 11:55 GMT ........ contact this person
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