Section CC Cemetery, Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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301RhindAlexander Hilton Rhindfirst name on this monument1913371950id: 41202384341080
Margaret Rhindwife of Alexander Hilton Rhind1915952010

302RhodesFlorence May Rhodesfirst name on this monument1890591949id: 410823842210711
Daniel Rhodeshusband of Florence May Rhodes1899551954

303RhoneMary Rhonefirst name on this monument1877731950id: 42232385371068
Stanley Rhonehusband of Mary Rhone1873781951

304RickardJohn Mantle Rickardfirst name on this monument1876731949id: 42412385551070
Beta Rickardwife of John Mantle Rickard1877781955

305RidallWilson Ridallfirst name on this monument1819631882no image2397501068
Emily Ridallwife of Wilson Ridall

306RoachGeoffrey Roachfirst name on this monument1934171951id: 42652385791081
Helen Roach1896741970
John Robert Mark Roach1901691970

307RobertsRawson Fairburn Robertsfirst name on this monument1891521943id: 42382385521071

308RobinsonEthel May Robinsonfirst name on this monument1916811997no image23980510682

309RobinsonFlorence Robinsonfirst name on this monument189381901no image2397911075
William Robinsonfather of Florence Robinson
Betsy Robinsonmother of Florence Robinson

310RobinsonGeorge William Robinsonfirst name on this monument1912831995no image2398101074
Ethel May Robinsonwife of George William Robinson1917801997

311RockJoseph Rockfirst name on this monument1904811985id: 40782383921070
Mabel Rockwife of Joseph Rock1904972001

312RoeRosa E Roefirst name on this monument1866791945id: 41732384871071
Robert H Roehusband of Rosa E Roe1873861959

313RoeWalter Roefirst name on this monument1946id: 42042385171068

314RogersJoseph Rogersfirst name on this monumentid: 41922385051067

315RogersSarah Ellen Rogersfirst name on this monument1879691948id: 41282384431075mother of Eric Lindsey; Polly; Jean; Olive and Ann

316RoundtreeHettie Spencer Roundtreefirst name on this monument1895581953id: 428323859710691
Charles Roundtreehusband of Hettie Spencer Roundtree1896691965

317RuddEileen Ruddfirst name on this monument1921301951id: 43012386151102
Ronald Ernest Ruddhusband of Eileen Rudd

318RussellCyril Russellfirst name on this monument1903431946id: 418023849410833
Ethel May Russellwife of Cyril Russell1899791978

319SagarJoseph Sagarfirst name on this monument1878691947id: 39782382921082

320SandersonJohn George Sandersonfirst name on this monument1893551948id: 427123858510741
Violet Ruby Sandersonwife of John George Sanderson1975

321SaxbyThomas Albert Saxbyfirst name on this monument1920331953id: 429023860410982He was lost during a ship wreck on 23 December 1955 while serving as a deckhand on the Trawler Prince Charles (H249)a Hull Trawler. His parents were Will Saxby and Violet Ruby (Knights) Saxby. He had two brothers by Will and Violet. Will was also lost at sea and Violet re-married.
Laurence Sandersonbrother of Thomas Albert Saxby1928571985 The half brother of Thomas Albert Saxby through Violet Ruby Sanderson who married John George Sanderson after the loss of her first husband Will. Violet and John are buried close by.
Lawrence Sandersonbrother-in-law of Thomas Albert Saxby
Edward Sandersonnephew of Thomas Albert Saxby
Marion Sandersonniece of Thomas Albert Saxby
Audrey Marion Sandersonsister of Thomas Albert Saxby1928772005 see notes for Lawrence Sanderson.

322SchubertJohn Arthur Frank Schubertfirst name on this monument1887571944id: 42122385251086
Minnie Schubertwife of John Arthur Frank Schubert1890721962

323ScottBertha May Scottfirst name on this monument1928812009id: 40262383401067

324SharpeEllen Lucy Sharpefirst name on this monument1880691949id: 41382384531070
Samuel George Sharpe1871801951

325SheardownAnnie Mary Sheardownfirst name on this monument1883661949id: 40152383291068
Herbert Henry Sheardownhusband of Annie Mary Sheardown1882781960

326ShephardMillicent Shephardfirst name on this monument1900481948id: 42472385611067
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327ShowlerWalter Showlerfirst name on this monument1884621946id: 408423839810732
Jack Showlerson of Walter Showler1915271942 killed in action.
Mary Jane Showlerwife of Walter Showler1885701955

328ShuteGeorge A Shutefirst name on this monument1877721949id: 412123843510712
Eliza Jane Shutewife of George A Shute1880851965

329SimonsMary Simonsfirst name on this monument1916781994no image2397671080

330SimpsonCharles Simpsonfirst name on this monumentid: 403623834910731
Ann Meadows
Eliza Simpsonwife of Charles Simpson

331SimpsonDavid George Simpsonfirst name on this monument1896901986id: 399223830610841
Gordon David Simpsonson of David George Simpson1922842006
Sarah Then Jane Simpsonwife of David George Simpson

332SimpsonFlorence Annie Simpsonfirst name on this monument1984id: 40502383641067

333SimpsonGladys Mary Simpsonfirst name on this monument1915471962id: 42772385911071
Herbert Arthur Simpson1920741994

334SimpsonHenry Robert Simpsonfirst name on this monument1921641985id: 40482383621077
Decima Irene Simpsonwife of Henry Robert Simpson1920802000

335SimpsonSarah Ann Simpsonfirst name on this monument1891551946id: 40072383211069
Jane Simpsonsister of Sarah Ann Simpson1907651972

336SkeltonFredrick Skeltonfirst name on this monument1918781996no image2397591081
May Skeltonwife of Fredrick Skelton2000

337SleetElsie May Sleetfirst name on this monument1924221946id: 40932384071071
George Morris Sleetbrother of Elsie May Sleet1921501971

338SleightGeorge Sleightfirst name on this monument1947id: 39762382901095
Charlotte Mary Sleightwife of George Sleight

339SmithEliza Smithfirst name on this monument1882651947id: 41702384841087
Kathleen Smithdaughter of Eliza Smith
James Henry Smithhusband of Eliza Smith1885821967

340SmithHarry Smithfirst name on this monument1878671945id: 42362385501069
Betsy Smithwife of Harry Smith1877721949

341SmithHenry Smithfirst name on this monument1873711944id: 42342385481067

342SmithIrene Smithfirst name on this monument1927501977id: 41322384471069
Harry Smithhusband of Irene Smith

343SmithJean Smithfirst name on this monument1946id: 40062383201071

344SmithJessie Elizabeth Smithfirst name on this monument1889581947id: 42762385901069
Charles R Smithhusband of Jessie Elizabeth Smith

345SmithMabel Smithfirst name on this monument1963id: 421123852410701
Laura Maria Scrimshawsister of Mabel Smith1950

346SmithMarion Wilhelmia Smithfirst name on this monument1883661949id: 413123844610671

347SmithMona Smithfirst name on this monument1901791980id: 41992385121073
Enid Smithsister of Mona Smith1916922008

348SmithPeter Smithfirst name on this monument1926171943id: 42422385561071killed by enemy action
Roy Smithbrother of Peter Smith1928151943 killed by enemy action

349SmithRaymond William Smithfirst name on this monument1933621995no image2398001067

350SmithWilliam Smithfirst name on this monument1866781944id: 42442385581068

351SmithWilliam Smithfirst name on this monument1885681953id: 415323846710963
Mary Maria Smithwife of William Smith1886581944

352SparksEllen Amelia Sparksfirst name on this monument1877711948id: 42192385321105
George Edward Sparkshusband of Ellen Amelia Sparks1874801954

353SpencerKathleen Legeyt Spencerfirst name on this monument1986id: 41622384761068

354SprayHarriet Sprayfirst name on this monument1881711952id: 39702382841078
William Sprayhusband of Harriet Spray1874881962
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355SquireGeorge Wilfred Squirefirst name on this monument1912341946id: 41262384411091

356StaintonC Staintonfirst name on this monument1947id: 41882385011071
Lucy Ann Staintonwife of C Stainton1871781949

357SteelAlbert Victor Steelfirst name on this monument1888631951id: 41452384601085
Alice Maude Steelwife of Albert Victor Steel

358StephensonCharlotte Stephensonfirst name on this monument1887681955id: 39822382961098
Nora Elizabeth Inksondaughter of Charlotte Stephenson1907491956
Silas Stephenson1885811966
John William Inksonson-in-law of Charlotte Stephenson1903661969

359StonemanJohn Henry Stonemanfirst name on this monument1902841986id: 41972385101074
Elsie May Stonemanwife of John Henry Stoneman1911701981

360SvendsenMary Louisa Svendsenfirst name on this monument1914641978id: 405223836610742
Knud Svendsenhusband of Mary Louisa Svendsen77

361SwansonAlice Swansonfirst name on this monument1908721980id: 41652384791101
Ronald Swansonhusband of Alice Swanson1907871994

362TaylorJohn Taylorfirst name on this monument1871791950id: 408923840310851
Fanny Taylorwife of John Taylor1873851958

363TaylorJoyce Taylorfirst name on this monument1945id: 40912384051072
Ann Eliza Taylormother of Joyce Taylor1956

364TeasdaleElizabeth Alice Teasdalefirst name on this monument1883101893no image2397661069
William Teasdalefather of Elizabeth Alice Teasdale
Emily Teasdalemother of Elizabeth Alice Teasdale

365TemsEdward Temsfirst name on this monument1924611985id: 404923836310742

366ThomasJohn Henry Thomasfirst name on this monument1867331900no image2398131071

367ThompsonEveyln Maude Thompsonfirst name on this monument1904761980id: 41592384731092
Ernest William Thompsonhusband of Eveyln Maude Thompson1902811983

368ThompsonFred Thompsonfirst name on this monument1880691949id: 41092384231079
Harriett Elizabeth Thompsonbrother of Fred Thompson1880821962

369ThompsonGladys Mary Thompsonfirst name on this monument1915691984id: 42612385751076
Harold Thompsonhusband of Gladys Mary Thompson1914761990

370TillG R Tillfirst name on this monument1945id: 41492384641071
Rose H Goodhewwife of G R Till1976

371ToftonJacob Toftonfirst name on this monument1846521898no image23978010671

372ToftonMaria Toftonfirst name on this monument188911890no image2397691067
J Toftonfather or mother of Maria Tofton
M Toftonfather or mother of Maria Tofton

373ToftonThomas P Toftonfirst name on this monument1884621946id: 414723846210761
Alice Toftonwife of Thomas P Tofton1889861975

374TownsendAlice Townsendfirst name on this monument1903801983id: 40042383181073

375TownsendBenjamin Townsendfirst name on this monument1886791965id: 40032383171077

376TrainFlorence A Trainfirst name on this monument1869751944id: 42152385281069

377TreacherHenry Herbert Treacherfirst name on this monument1882741956id: 429223860610831

378TrevorElizabeth Sarah Trevorfirst name on this monument1908391947id: 40112383251067
George Fredrick Trevorhusband of Elizabeth Sarah Trevor1909721981

379TrushellSidney Henry Trushellfirst name on this monument1902741976id: 413723845210791
Florence Eva Trushellwife of Sidney Henry Trushell1905941999

380TullockArthur Tullockfirst name on this monument1949id: 41102384241067
Agnes Tullockwife of Arthur Tullock1949

381TurnerJoseph Turnerfirst name on this monument1824661890no image23980410671

382WaddingtonHaigh Waddingtonfirst name on this monument1839521891no image23975810811

383WadeKathleen Eva Wadefirst name on this monument1903851988id: 41332384481073
Hilda Alice Wadesister of Kathleen Eva Wade1899901989
Phyllis Emma Wadesister of Kathleen Eva Wade1897841981
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384WaldieJohn W Waldiefirst name on this monument1944id: 41862384991068

385WallerAlice Mary Wallerfirst name on this monument1888631951id: 428123859510902
Ethel Lawrencedaughter of Alice Mary Waller1909731982
Harry Dent Wallerhusband of Alice Mary Waller1882801962
Sidney Lawrenceson-in-law of Alice Mary Waller1903841987

386WardElizabeth Wardfirst name on this monument1838631901no image2397541067
Henry Wardhusband of Elizabeth Ward

387WardellRay Wardellfirst name on this monument1934702004id: 429423860810731from Hucknell Fly Fishers
Daphne Wardellwife of Ray Wardell1935702005

388WardieJohn Thomas Wardiefirst name on this monument1865361901no image2397631067
Emily Wardiewife of John Thomas Wardie

389WatsonMichael Watsonfirst name on this monument1938571995no image2397921067

390WattsHettie Wattsfirst name on this monument1895511946id: 412523844010731

391WattsJames Wattsfirst name on this monument1892531945id: 412523843910671

392WelshBetty Welshfirst name on this monument1927581985id: 43052386191072
Joe Welshhusband of Betty Welsh1923862009

393WestLily Westfirst name on this monument1877681945id: 415023846510721
Daniel Westhusband of Lily West1875771952

394WestonJane Westonfirst name on this monument1828661894no image2397891067
William Adams Weston1824521876

395WhiteJohn William Whitefirst name on this monument1884611945id: 41242384381073
Maggie Eilza Whitewife of John William White1884811965

396WhitelamCharles Whitelamfirst name on this monument1889601949id: 42732385871082
Annie Elizabeth Whitelamwife of Charles Whitelam1957

397WiggMary Irene Wiggfirst name on this monument1949id: 42692385831105
Edward Wiggfather of Mary Irene Wigg1900801980
Ellen Elizabeth Wiggmother of Mary Irene Wigg1906631969

398WilkinsonIris Florence Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument1930651995no image2397721080
John Thomas Wilkinsonhusband of Iris Florence Wilkinson1926782004

399WilkinsonSarah Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument1878701948id: 40312383451068
John Henry Wilkinsonhusband of Sarah Wilkinson1880871967
Thomas Wilkinsonson of Sarah Wilkinson1899501949

400WillisRose Lillia Willisfirst name on this monument1876251901no image2397641068
Robert W Willishusband of Rose Lillia Willis

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