Section CC Cemetery, Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1AgarRichard Agarfirst name on this monument1938712009id: 41272384421

2AllanLeslie Allanfirst name on this monument1901461947id: 39982383122

3AllenPhyllis Allenfirst name on this monument1920251945id: 411723843121

4AllenbyCordelia Allenbyfirst name on this monument1898511949id: 42532385671

5AllenbyHilda Allenbyfirst name on this monument1923211944id: 40612383751

6AndersonHilda Alberta Andersonfirst name on this monument1884591943id: 41152384292

7AndrewHarold Andrewfirst name on this monument1892611953id: 42862386001
Mabel Constance Andrewwife of Harold Andrew1897781975

8AshtonAlice Ashtonfirst name on this monument1854481902no image2397751
W R Ashtonhusband of Alice Ashton

9AtkinJohn H Atkinfirst name on this monument1882691951id: 42972386116
Mabel Atkinwife of John H Atkin1886891975

10AtkinsonCharles Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1866271893no image2397711
Annie Atkinsonwife of Charles Atkinson

11AtkinsonHenry Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1886921978id: 42012385141
Nellie Atkinsonwife of Henry Atkinson1886911977

12BaileyEdith Maud Baileyfirst name on this monument1945id: 40352383482

13BainbroughJohn Bainbroughfirst name on this monument1851791930no image2397951
Emily Janet Bainbroughwife of John Bainbrough1867761943

14Bamford-SweenyAnthony John Bamford-Sweenyfirst name on this monument199221994no image2397551

15BarnardGeorge K Barnardfirst name on this monument1945id: 417523848911

16BarnardViolet B Barnardfirst name on this monument1959id: 41762384901

17BarrellDavid Charles Barrellfirst name on this monument1922631985id: 41632384774
Sylia Barrellwife of David Charles Barrell1921872008

18BarryJames Barryfirst name on this monument1829611890no image2398171

19BarryJames Barryfirst name on this monument1829611890no image2397681

20BartlettEmily Bartlettfirst name on this monument1891571948id: 411123842512
Robert James Bartletthusband of Emily Bartlett1886621948

21BassWilliam E Bassfirst name on this monument1874701944id: 41842384971

22BateMatthew Batefirst name on this monument1915791994no image2397961
Mary Batewife of Matthew Bate1912902002

23BattyFlorrie Battyfirst name on this monumentid: 40622383761

24BaumberJohn William Baumberfirst name on this monument1872771949id: 41582384722
Ann Isabelia Baumberwife of John William Baumber1869871956

25BeasleyJoseph Beasleyfirst name on this monument1866871953id: 39742382881
Mary Ann Beasleywife of Joseph Beasley1867921959

26BeelSamuel Hammond Beelfirst name on this monument1908861994no image2397781
Enid Beelwife of Samuel Hammond Beel1909962005

27BeesonAlfred Beesonfirst name on this monument1882631945id: 40632383771
Annie Beesonwife of Alfred Beeson1884801964

28BelkenCharles Alfred Belkenfirst name on this monument1895551950id: 40812383951

29BellJohn Bellfirst name on this monument1876721948id: 42082385211
Mary Jane Bellwife of John Bell1876671943 killed by enemy action

30BennettG T W Bennettfirst name on this monument1881651946id: 39992383131member of The Victory Club

31BentonBetsy Miriam Bentonfirst name on this monument1984id: 42002385131
Fredrick Ernest Lounds1987

32BentonJ W Bentonfirst name on this monument1907781985id: 41982385111

33BestMillicent Bestfirst name on this monument1887631950id: 4239
(2 images)
Thoms Besthusband of Millicent Best1885671952

34BilbeMarguerite J Bilbefirst name on this monument1916281944id: 42322385461
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35BirdCarol Ann Birdfirst name on this monument194461950id: 41932385069
Leslie Birdfather of Carol Ann Bird1919781997
Lilian Birdmother of Carol Ann Bird1919771996

36BishopGeorge B Bishopfirst name on this monument1939531992no image2397821

37BlakeJack Blakefirst name on this monument1912721984id: 41342384491
Louisa Mary Blakewife of Jack Blake1903861989

38BlakeyMuriel Blakeyfirst name on this monument1912681980id: 42592385731
Fredrick George Blakeyhusband of Muriel Blakey1918721990

39BlandRebecca Blandfirst name on this monument189861904no image2398162
Arthur Blandfather of Rebecca Bland
Annie Blandmother of Rebecca Bland

40BlandfordHarriet Blandfordfirst name on this monument1894551949id: 406523837911
Harry Blandfordhusband of Harriet Blandford1895701965

41BlythVictor Henry J Blythfirst name on this monument1912361948id: 42022385152
Marjorie Betty Blythwife of Victor Henry J Blyth1914761990

42BoltonWilliam James Boltonfirst name on this monument1848421890no image23977411

43BoothGeorge Boothfirst name on this monument1918691987id: 42572385711
Ethel Boothwife of George Booth1916751991

44BoothGeorge Lenard Boothfirst name on this monument1927591986id: 41352384501

45BormanJames Bormanfirst name on this monument1909741983id: 40772383911
Violet Caroline Bormanwife of James Borman1912902002

46BoweringMark Boweringfirst name on this monument1871751946id: 41462384611
Lily Bowering1878841962
Gladys E Gunn1920812001
Henry A Gunn1919872006

47BoyersJoseph Arnold Boyersfirst name on this monument1955id: 42952386091

48BradleyFrank Bradleyfirst name on this monument1914301944id: 411623843011

49BradleyJohn Bradleyfirst name on this monument1922631985id: 40472383611
Betsy Elizabeth Bradleywife of John Bradley1925832008

50BrennanEllen Brennanfirst name on this monument1926661992no image23978811

51BrennanWilliam J Brennanfirst name on this monument1924611985no image2397931
Anthony Brass plates on a bench
Ellen Brennanwife of William J Brennan1992

52BrocklesbyFrank Brocklesbyfirst name on this monument1866791945id: 41722384864

53BrocklesbyWilliam Henry Brocklesbyfirst name on this monument1889621951id: 42662385801
William Brocklesbyson of William Henry Brocklesby1914311945 killed In Action

54BroomheadRose Eveyln Broomheadfirst name on this monument1913721985id: 41012384152
Henry Broomheadhusband of Rose Eveyln Broomhead1914811995

55BrownGeorge Henry Brownfirst name on this monument1883661949id: 405423836811

56BrownGeorge Robert Brownfirst name on this monument1881661947id: 41392384541
Beatrice Alice Brownwife of George Robert Brown1885791964

57BrownJohn Henry Brownfirst name on this monument1845571902no image2397851
Mary Brownwife of John Henry Brown

58BrownLillian Frances Brownfirst name on this monument1922731995no image2397611

59BrownLillian Frances Brownfirst name on this monument1922731995no image2397991

60BrownMabel Brownfirst name on this monument1877701947id: 40592383732

61BrownSamuel Brownfirst name on this monument1870781948id: 40572383714
Jane Ann Brownwife of Samuel Brown1872821954

62BullGrace Bullfirst name on this monument1914701984id: 41602384741
William Eric Bullhusband of Grace Bull1913771990

63BurnsJoseph Burnsfirst name on this monument1886801966no image2384931
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64ButterworthPercy Butterworthfirst name on this monument1890561946id: 41142384282
Eliza Butterworthwife of Percy Butterworth1889741963

65CairnsSamuel Cairnsfirst name on this monument1889581947id: 40942384081

66CallHilda Callfirst name on this monumentid: 41122384261
Ray Callbrother of Hilda Call

67CarrEmma Carrfirst name on this monument1883661949id: 42092385221
Ernest Carrhusband of Emma Carr1883891972

68CarrLeonard Carrfirst name on this monument1910701980id: 42802385941
Muriel Carrwife of Leonard Carr1915771992

69CartwrightThomas Edward Cartwrightfirst name on this monument1935641999no image2397531
Brenda Agnes Cartwrightwife of Thomas Edward Cartwright

70CarverBertie Carverfirst name on this monument1897511948id: 40242383383

71CasswellDorothy Casswellfirst name on this monument1895561951id: 426223857611
Charles Casswellhusband of Dorothy Casswell

72ChadwickJack Chadwickfirst name on this monument1897791976id: 40752383891
Doris Chadwick1917902007

73ChallenWilliam Challenfirst name on this monument1886621948id: 416823848241

74ChapmanBen Chapmanfirst name on this monument1894561950id: 42102385231
Margaret Chapmandaughter of Ben Chapman
Olive Chapmanwife of Ben Chapman1897831980

75ChappellMartin Chappellfirst name on this monument1956401996no image2397511

76CharlesworthMaria Marie Charlesworthfirst name on this monument1879731952id: 42822385962

77ChaseCharles H Chasefirst name on this monument1882651947id: 40582383722
Clara Chasewife of Charles H Chase1885851970

78ChaseEdward Chasefirst name on this monument1895501945id: 41192384332
Doris Chasewife of Edward Chase1900911991

79ChesterWallace Chesterfirst name on this monument1980-291951id: 42642385781
Elsie Chester1893841977
Iris Chester1925802005

80ChiltonEmily Chiltonfirst name on this monument1876751951id: 43002386141
Thomas Salmond Chiltonhusband of Emily Chilton1873851958

81ChristensenMaraget Ann Christensenfirst name on this monument1908681976id: 41662384803

82ClarkeEmily Francis Clarkefirst name on this monument1921231944id: 42132385261

83ClarkeJames J Clarkefirst name on this monument1877701947id: 40392383522
Kate Clarkewife of James J Clarke1880911971

84ClarkeRobert Clarkefirst name on this monument1836571893no image2398111
Sarah Clarkewife of Robert Clarke

85ClarksonHerbert Clarksonfirst name on this monument1890551945id: 41182384321

86ClaytonGeorge Ernest Claytonfirst name on this monument1881671948id: 42752385891

87CleggLaura Cleggfirst name on this monument1895571952id: 39952383091

88CleveleyAlbert W F Cleveleyfirst name on this monument1918271945id: 402923834311

89ClipsonAnne Clipsonfirst name on this monument1880641944id: 41712384851

90CoatesFrances Lillian Susan Coatesfirst name on this monument1912811993no image2397981
John Thomas Coates1909831992

91CoatesGrace Coatesfirst name on this monument1884691953id: 39832382972
Ernest Louie Teesdale Coateshusband of Grace Coates1878861964

92CockerillEllen Lucy Cockerillfirst name on this monument1877751952id: 398423829811
Walter Cockerillhusband of Ellen Lucy Cockerill1875811956

93CockingWill Cockingfirst name on this monument1882651947id: 40952384091

94ColdronWalter Coldronfirst name on this monument1864841948id: 402523833911
Clara Coldronwife of Walter Coldron1866851951
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95CoppinJessy Coppinfirst name on this monument1871751946id: 40372383503
Arthur Coppinhusband of Jessy Coppin72

96CoppinWilliam Coppinfirst name on this monument1827741901no image2397701
Annie Coppinwife of William Coppin1829741903

97CoulbeckSamuel Joseph Coulbeckfirst name on this monument1928671995no image23976511
Mavis Ivho Coulbeckwife of Samuel Joseph Coulbeck1928742002

98CouplandAlice Couplandfirst name on this monument1874731947id: 40052383191

99CouplandJohn Couplandfirst name on this monument1850831933no image2397841
Rebecca Couplandwife of John Coupland1844921936

100CouttsMary Couttsfirst name on this monument1948id: 40722383864
John Couttshusband of Mary Coutts1949

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Section CC Cemetery, Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, England.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

To see details of other people with the same surname, just click on the surname that is of interest.

The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

The postcode for this cemetery is DN35 8EQ - if you have a GPS this might be useful to locate this cemetery!

The view statistics shown below are from 8 Jan 2014 when collection of these statistics started.

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