Section CC Cemetery, Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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201JacksonJ W Jacksonfirst name on this monument1916311947id: 41132384271078War Grave

202JacksonSarah Ann Jacksonfirst name on this monument1888651953id: 42872386011075
Alma Jacksondaughter of Sarah Ann Jackson
Lewis Jacksonhusband of Sarah Ann Jackson

203JardineHarry Jardinefirst name on this monument1932461978id: 41002384141070

204JarmanGeorge Leaning Jarmanfirst name on this monument1887831970id: 403223834610771

205LeggottRobert Leggottfirst name on this monument1890581948id: 403223834610771
Thomas Richard Jarmanson of Robert Leggott1927221949
Olive May Lightfoot Jarmanwife of Robert Leggott1891661957
Gladys Leggottwife of Robert Leggott1889831972

206JayDorothy Martha Jayfirst name on this monument1913361949id: 42522385661075

207JeffereysRobert William Jeffereysfirst name on this monument1866351901no image2397791069
Edith Jeffereyswife of Robert William Jeffereys

208JennerFlorence Mary Jennerfirst name on this monument1884621946id: 42162385291083

209JermyCaroline Jermyfirst name on this monument1873751948id: 40562383701071

210JessupJoseph Jessupfirst name on this monument1840601900no image2397601069

211JohnsonEmma Maria Johnsonfirst name on this monument1881681949id: 40642383781070
Martin Johnsonhusband of Emma Maria Johnson1881791960

212JohnsonJames Joseph Johnsonfirst name on this monument1883641947id: 42032385161077
Annie Keightley Johnsonwife of James Joseph Johnson1884831967

213JohnsonWilliam Johnsonfirst name on this monument1944id: 41522384661068

214JonesIsabella Jane Jonesfirst name on this monument1864301894no image2397831072
John Joneshusband of Isabella Jane Jones
Sarah Louisa Partridgemother of Isabella Jane Jones1830601890

215JonesJohn Alexander Jonesfirst name on this monument1872731945id: 418123849510701
Sophia Joneswife of John Alexander Jones1876741950

216JonesLlewellyn Jonesfirst name on this monument1887621949id: 40432383561067
Lily Joneswife of Llewellyn Jones1889621951 from Arthur Irene and Jim

217KellawayJohn Albert Kellawayfirst name on this monument1922771999id: 42282385421067

218KemplayWalter Kemplayfirst name on this monument1889911980id: 42562385701068
Rose Kemplaywife of Walter Kemplay1891941985

219KenningtonKate Gladys Kenningtonfirst name on this monument1904401944id: 40282383421069

220KirmanLavina Kirmanfirst name on this monument1864301894no image2398091068
T W Kirmanhusband of Lavina Kirman

221KirmanSusannah Kirmanfirst name on this monument1874751949id: 422223853610681

222KnoxStephen Francis Knoxfirst name on this monument1926591985id: 39662382801072Father of Susan and Grandad of Charlotte
Joan Knoxwife of Stephen Francis Knox1924802004

223KnudsenFlorence Ellen Knudsenfirst name on this monument1885621947id: 397723829110781
Rita Knudsendaughter-in-law of Florence Ellen Knudsen
Carl Stanley Knudsenson of Florence Ellen Knudsen1916491965

224LadleyCharles William Ladleyfirst name on this monument1922551977id: 422423853810811

225LanghamJames George Langhamfirst name on this monument1910791989id: 40882384021076
Florence Letitia Langhamwife of James George Langham1914761990

226LarnerSamuel Robert Larnerfirst name on this monument1905401945id: 414823846310911

227LawesEthel Iris Lawesfirst name on this monument1909671976id: 41942385071075
Harry Laweshusband of Ethel Iris Lawes1907791986

228LawrenceEdith Alberta Lawrencefirst name on this monument1895501945id: 420723852010682
John Sainsbury Lawrencehusband of Edith Alberta Lawrence1893761969

229LawsonThomas J Lawsonfirst name on this monument1872731945id: 423723855110731Thomas was born on 8 September 1872 in Great Yarmouth. He was a fisherman. He married Minnie in 1894, in Boston, Lincs. They had six children.
Minnie Lawsonwife of Thomas J Lawson1873791952
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230JarmanGeorge Leaning Jarmanfirst name on this monument1887831970id: 403223834610771

231LeggottRobert Leggottfirst name on this monument1890581948id: 403223834610771
Thomas Richard Jarmanson of Robert Leggott1927221949
Olive May Lightfoot Jarmanwife of Robert Leggott1891661957
Gladys Leggottwife of Robert Leggott1889831972

232LineEdwin W Linefirst name on this monument1901771978id: 404523835810701
Elsie Linewife of Edwin W Line1900861986

233LinfordVictor Linfordfirst name on this monument1902831985id: 410423841810801
Annie Florence Sarah Maria Linfordwife of Victor Linford1904821986

234LingardHarold Lingardfirst name on this monument1885641949id: 40822383961073
Ethel May Lingardwife of Harold Lingard1890771967

235LoadesJames Loadesfirst name on this monument1848451893no image2398061069
Catherine Loadeswife of James Loades

236LockDoris May Lockfirst name on this monument1900841984id: 39682382821069

237LongWilliam John Longfirst name on this monument1858441902no image2398021067
Caroline Longwife of William John Long

238LumleyCharles Clifford Lumleyfirst name on this monument1886671953id: 428823860210883
Eva Lumleywife of Charles Clifford Lumley1885651950

239MaceDonald Macefirst name on this monument1893541947id: 39962383101075
Joan Couldstonedaughter of Donald Mace1923802003
Hilda Macewife of Donald Mace1895941989

240MajorGeorge Lewis Majorfirst name on this monument1949id: 42512385651071

241MallinsonOlga Mallinsonfirst name on this monument1930561986id: 40122383261073

242MaltbyThomas Maltbyfirst name on this monument1870821952id: 42962386101072
Alma Maltbywife of Thomas Maltby1877901967

243MarsdenJessie A Marsdenfirst name on this monument1885621947id: 42302385441068
James Marsdenhusband of Jessie A Marsden1882691951

244MartinNellie Martinfirst name on this monument1885611946id: 40662383801074
Ralph Martinhusband of Nellie Martin

245MashfordFred Mashfordfirst name on this monument1884721956id: 39912383051068

246MaudeJohn Bairstow Maudefirst name on this monument1924571981id: 40512383651073

247MaundersJohn Campbell Maundersfirst name on this monument1910761986id: 410223841611101
Doreen Hayhoe Maunderswife of John Campbell Maunders1910912001

248McCannMargaret McCannfirst name on this monument1891521943id: 403023834410821
James McCannhusband of Margaret McCann1888831971
Fred McCannson of Margaret McCann1925161941 lost at Sea
James McCannson of Margaret McCann1915261941 lost at Sea

249McCueEdward McCuefirst name on this monument1901851986id: 40172383311068
Margaret McCuewife of Edward McCue1907831990

250McDonaldRoy Fredrick McDonaldfirst name on this monument1924611985id: 39672382811073
Bernardine McDonaldwife of Roy Fredrick McDonald1927812008

251MelvilleNellie Melvillefirst name on this monument1894541948id: 41292384441067

252MerrettThomas Merrettfirst name on this monument1892601952id: 429323860710761
Dorothy Merrett1914811995
Florence Merrett1894861980
Thomas Edwin Merrett1919621981

253MiddletonCyril Edward Middletonfirst name on this monument1908771985id: 416123847510691

254MilnerJohn Charles Milnerfirst name on this monument1904421946id: 40992384131070

255MilnerLily Milnerfirst name on this monument1910551965id: 39792382931070
Tom Wood Milnerhusband of Lily Milner1897671964

256MitchellJames Henry Mitchellfirst name on this monument1882731955id: 42842385981070
Amy Mitchellwife of James Henry Mitchell1885891974
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257MoodyBenjamin Arthur Moodyfirst name on this monument1865281893no image2397521077

258MooreGladys Moorefirst name on this monument1905471952id: 417823849210701
Fred Moorehusband of Gladys Moore1904741978

259MortonHorace Mortonfirst name on this monument1888581946id: 40872384011067

260MussonSidney William Mussonfirst name on this monument1893551948id: 42182385311075
Rosanna Mussonwife of Sidney William Musson1896531949

261NeedhamDoris Owen Needhamfirst name on this monument1898491947id: 398023829410951
Ernest Needhamhusband of Doris Owen Needham1891871978

262NichollsJohn Pannell Nichollsfirst name on this monument1933431976id: 41072384211071

263NicholsonMinnie Nicholsonfirst name on this monument1894911985id: 41962385091070

264NicholsonRita Nicholsonfirst name on this monument1919832002id: 40462383601068

265NicholsonRoland Nicholsonfirst name on this monument1915691984id: 40462383591088

266NightingaleEliza Ann Nightingalefirst name on this monument1879231902no image2397871074
Josiah Nightingalefather of Eliza Ann Nightingale
Ann Nightingalemother of Eliza Ann Nightingale

267NorrisGladys E Norrisfirst name on this monument1923131936no image2397761070

268NorrisThomas Norrisfirst name on this monument1868811949id: 4221C2385351075

269NorrisThomas W Norrisfirst name on this monument1868811949id: 42212385341076
Jane Elizabeth Norriswife of Thomas W Norris1868891957

270NortonFlorence May Nortonfirst name on this monument1901491950id: 427823859210791
Horace Nortonhusband of Florence May Norton1905871992

271OsbourneEmily Osbournefirst name on this monument1852501902no image2397811067

272OsbourneJohn Johnson Osbournefirst name on this monument1866791945id: 41742384881086
Emma Osbournewife of John Johnson Osbourne1874761950

273OswinKenneth Leslie Oswinfirst name on this monument1916291945id: 409123840410701

274OvertonWilliam Overtonfirst name on this monument1885641949id: 41912385041070

275ParkingsonWilliam Parkingsonfirst name on this monument1865811946id: 40012383151069
Rose Parkingsonwife of William Parkingson1866801946

276ParkinsonErnest William Parkinsonfirst name on this monument1890791969id: 40002383141071
Lily Parkinsonwife of Ernest William Parkinson1898841982

277ParrHarold Parrfirst name on this monument1903411944id: 42062385191074

278ParrottEdith Parrottfirst name on this monument1944id: 42352385491078

279PaskEthel Rose Paskfirst name on this monument1900521952id: 397123828510691Ethel Rose PASK née STEELE, wife of John Thomas William PASK

280PattersonGeorge W Pattersonfirst name on this monument1874731947id: 41562384701067

281PeaceErnest Peacefirst name on this monument1881651946id: 41442384591069

282PearsonEdward Henry Pearsonfirst name on this monument1878691947id: 40602383741075
Frances Pearsonwife of Edward Henry Pearson1874861960

283PeckWilliam Fredrick Peckfirst name on this monument1909741983id: 427923859310782
Ivy Irene Reckwife of William Fredrick Peck1909811990

284PeckWilliam Fredrick Peckfirst name on this monument1886661952id: 417723849110902
Lily Peckwife of William Fredrick Peck1884901974

285PexmanWalter Pexmanfirst name on this monument1886641950id: 425423856810671

286PhillipsPercy James Phillipsfirst name on this monument1890551945id: 418323849610731

287PiercyWalter Piercyfirst name on this monument1909391948id: 40142383281067

288PigottJohn Henry Pigottfirst name on this monument1878691947id: 399423830810691
Alma Pigottwife of John Henry Pigott1887711958

289PikeWilliam E Pikefirst name on this monument1879651944id: 40272383411067
Kate Mary Pikewife of William E Pike1874801954

290PinderTom George Pinderfirst name on this monument1857371894no image23977710722
Sarah Jane Pinderwife of Tom George Pinder1855661921

291PogsonMary Pogsonfirst name on this monument1891571948id: 41692384831089
Charles Henry Pogsonhusband of Mary Pogson1890681958
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292PotterMalcolm G W Potterfirst name on this monument1900501950id: 43022386161071

293PottertonMurial Pottertonfirst name on this monument1917261943id: 414023845510983Daughter of Herbert and Rachel Wilkinson
Robert W Pottertonhusband of Murial Potterton1914351949
Rachel Wilkindon1902831985 Rachel Wilkinson, wife of Herbert, mother of Murial Potterton. Rachel Wilkinson died February 1975 not 1985
Herbert Wilkinson1891811972 Father of Murial Potterton, husband of Rachel Wilkinson

294PowellIsaiah Powellfirst name on this monument1889611950id: 40742383881067
Emily Powellwife of Isaiah Powell1893881981

295PrattErnest Prattfirst name on this monument1898781976id: 42552385691067
Ethel May Prattwife of Ernest Pratt1901831984

296PurlAda E Purlfirst name on this monument1879661945id: 40852383991074

297RapstoneDorothy Rapstonefirst name on this monument1902711973id: 40092383231071
Thomas Harringtonfather of Dorothy Rapstone
Lydia Harringtonmother of Dorothy Rapstone

298RaspinKathleen S Raspinfirst name on this monument1902471949id: 409823841211051

299RawlinAda Alice Rawlinfirst name on this monument1884661950id: 399323830710691
Richard Thompson Rawlinhusband of Ada Alice Rawlin1967

300ReedIssac Reedfirst name on this monument1900461946id: 40862384001073

301ReedNellie Reedfirst name on this monument1887601947id: 42172385301118
Alphaus John Reedhusband of Nellie Reed1885791964

302ReillyBrigid Reillyfirst name on this monument1935511986id: 42582385721076

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