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Help facilities within Gravestone Photographic Resource

How to do things

The how to do things section lists lots of different activities within the GPR website.

Fequently asked questions (FAQs)

The fequently asked questions section lists answers to a variety of questions about how to use the GPR website.

Asking for Help

A comments / feedback / help request is available. This allows site visitors to place help requests onto the website.

Quick search system

The GPR has a quick search at the top of many of its webpages. This has two entry boxes for both forenames and surname.

If you enter both a forename and surname the system will display all the names held within the GPR database that start with those names.

If you enter either just a forename or surname, the system will display all the names that start with them. These lists will be large unless it is a very rare name.

The extended search system

The GPR has a number of different searchs that are available. These can be found by using the other searches link found wihin the quick search section at the top of most pages. When the quick search box is not displayed at the top of a webpage, a SEARCH link will be displayed within the top menu.

Surname lists

The Surname List option within the Search system is also very useful to check to see if there are any variations in the spelling of a surname. The Search system can be accessed using the link on the main menu at the top of every page.

For instance, if you want to see what versions of the name Ablett are stored within the database, just press the A within the surname list option and all the surnames within the resource starting with A will be displayed.

This feature is particularly useful to look for names that sound very similar but are spelt differently. For instance, the names Nichol and Nickle occur on graves close to each other in the churchyard at Cappagh, County Tyrone, Ireland. It is very likely that these two families are related and the different versions of the names are just the result of the different stone masons version of spelling the name.

Surname searches

If you are interested in a particular surname then you can easily find all the entries for that name by using the find surname references search box. This search box is available on many pages within the website. Please note that the same person may appear on many different monuments. For example, not only can a person be mentioned on their own grave monument but also on the monuments of their spouse, their children and even their grand children.

The website also has individual pages for each burial ground. These pages list all the grave monuments that have been photographed and indexed by the project. The easiest way to see all the cemeteries in a particular area is to use the countries link on the top menu of every page.

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