GPR database error correction list

This page lists the most recent corrections to errors within the Gravestone Photographic Resource database.

Error correction list

gravenameerrordate submitteddate correctednotes
395800Montgomery TUCKERShould be Montague TUCKER.20200930
366451Martha TateFurther information can be read from this gravestone. John and Martha Tate lived at Guyzance and Martha died on August 8th 1822 John Tate died on April 23rd, but it is not possible to read the year. The information about Guyzance means that this is the couple whose burial place and gravestone I wished to discover.20200927
116829Samuel AnmerIt's not really an error. I noticed that his wife is also named on the Headstone: Susannah Anmer.20200914
337810Capt Sam EastaughIn the database listing, the surname is spelled ESTAUGH I have received the hi-res photo and the name on the grave is clearly EASTAUGH20200910
622245David Sharples BatterThe deceased name is David Charles Bather and he was 68 (1864 - 1932) when he died20200904
788597Robert Henry PRESSMistranscription: Robert Henry shouild be Herbert Henry 20200828
100500William SampleIndex states he died 1860, gravestone states 1880.20200827
417712William GloverNo sign of william glover on these images20200815
213536Gladys FordThe person's full name is Gladys Louise Ford. Her dates were 2 Dec 1909 - Sep 200520200804
561060Ann ManchesterJohn Manchester Rebekah Manchester do not appear on the monument. The parents of Ann are on the monument as William and Rebecca Manchester. (Image HAA 204)20200730
318086Mary HoughtonThe Headstone is cut-off. The image did not transfer as only the top portion is visible. It lists Mary Houghton and Grandson Michael Thomas Ferneley.20200729
114278Lionel John Neville NevilleLionel's wife Agnes Lillian Fife Neville died on 19 August 1956, not in 1936.20200727
28435William GrahamHis death was on April 7th 1906 rather than 1916 as shown on the list.20200720
416530Robert Frederick LoxtonThe name on the image of the headstone is not Robert Frederick Loxton20200719
128696William RunnaclesThe image shows the name of the person as William RUNACRES, not RUNNACLES.20200719
404636William HollingWilliam Holling was about 48 or 49 when he died, not 40. Born abt 1829.20200719
404636William HollingThe headstone also appears to list John Thomas Ledger, biological son of Sarah Holling and Stepson of William Holling.20200719
143542Annie Mary SlingerThe image is plain black?20200718
235949Robert HodgsonThis is not an error of information, rather an inability to upload the thumbnail link. I am at a loss as to how to follow your instructions as i don't wish to breach copyright. I have tried numerous ways and cannot get an image. Thanks Rachel20200709
291957Emilie Miriam MillerI think the death/burial year for this person is 1911, rather than 1971. GRO Death Ref: MILLER, EMILY MIRIAM 43 GRO Reference: 1911 D Quarter in GUISBOROUGH Volume 09D Page 621 I believe this person is Emily/Emilie Miriam MILLER, nee BALGUE, who married George Laidler MILLER in 1899. This couple lived at the Queen's Hotel in Redcar. George L Miller's mother was Elizabeth Miller (nee Laidler) - who died in 1912 and is buried in the same plot as her daughter in law Emilie/Emily Mirian Miller 1868-1911.20200704
131839KatherineActual inscription: Katherine Burk, relict of Wm. Griffin, died May 3, 1899, age 61 years. So her last name is not Burk; it is Griffin. Her death year is not 1898; it is 1899 (as can be seen from the outer shape of the last digit). Her birth year is therefore about 1838, not 1837. Thank you. 20200624
74802Sarah PriceAlfred Price was the son of Sarah Price. Isabella Price was his wife. Anna M Price was their eldest daughter. Alfred D Price was their 3rd son.20200624
198687Albert Charles FreshwaterShould be Alfred Charles Freshwater20200623
271872Lelly KnightUnfortunately when I requested the photograph, I received a photograph of Mary Booth's tombstone instead at this link so something has unfortunately gone wrong: With many thanks Francis20200622
71414Cissie GrafhamThe ages of Cissie Grafham and George T Grafham are both given as 255. Presumably, this is a default value because their ages are not given on the gravestone. It results in both being given invalid birth dates, which might confuse naive researchers. It might be better to use some other default for missing dates.20200621
151555Selina AntellSurname should be AXTELL. All other details are correct20200621
344725Francis WrightThis gravestone image does not contain details of Francis Wright. Hopefully this is helpful. Please note, This is the first time I have found an error on may visits, I always find it a helpful and useful site. Best regards, Guy20200610
140762SarahSarah was William Besley's wife not sister Died 28 March, 1938. Richard Besley died in 1890.20200608
67638E Norton EldridThe picture shown is for Edward John Huggins and not E Norton Eldrid.20200607
377588John Thorley SykesJohn Thorley Sykes and Mary Louise Sykes were husband and wife.20200605
172393William Moore WoolerAll three Woolers are siblings and none ever married. The are the children of James Upton Wooler and Ann Sykes. Not related to Dr. William Moore Wooler. thanks Christine20200530
373295JohnThe gravestone listed as John William Shephard, should be (as is clear on your photo and ones I have taken since) Joseph William Shephard.20200527
38218James HawksfordDate of birth is 25th March 1832. His age was 72.20200522
131313Robert Oldham MacfarlaneDate of burial/death should be 1840. As per notice in local paper & other records.20200519
388733George ReedGeorge Reed died in 1901 in the Royal Infirmary in Newcastle (the eroded figure would have been a zero and not a 3). He was born in 1844 which makes him 57 years old at his death as shown on the gravestone. (This removes the evident anomalies in the record which make it look as though the second person on the gravestone pre-deceased the first and that the husband was born full 29 years after his wife.)20200517
63113Minnie DawsonDate of death for Minnie Dawson is 1964, not 1961 as transcribed. The date is a bit blurred in the photo, but appears in England & Wales, Civil Registration Death Index, 1916-2007 (on Ancestry) as 4th Quarter of 1964 in Samford, aged 86.20200516
234948John ForsterAge at death is 84, not 94. So DOB more likely 1807.20200509
11843Nathaniel MathewFirst name on grave is Mary, wife of Nathaniel Mathew (nee Windus). Relationship shown in Notes is incorrect: Edward Windus Mathew 1812-1889 was the son of Nathaniel Mathew by his wife Mary (Windus).20200506
800207Ida CrosslandThe relationship notes suggest that Marjorie Crossland is Ida Crossland's aunt. They are in fact sisters. The mention of 'daughter' on the grave refers to the fact that their mother Kate Crossland was still alive when Ida died. Harry and Kate Crossland are buried together in another plot at Stonefall.20200501
107372William Websterdaughter, Alice Hardaker age at death is incorrect should be 63 years not 83 yrs. Ages vary between typed text and then you view the photo. 20200425
128795Malcolm Alvar LummisDetails state that family name is Alvar - the family name is LUMMIS. The name Alvar is a forename given to him at birth, and came from Alvar Liddell who was a BBC newscaster during the Second World War when Malcolm was born. He was my brother.20200424
382933Robert ClarkOn the grave it says that May Brown is the sister of Sarah Clark, rather than Robert Clark20200422
138392Sarah Ann BuckleThese appear to be one and the same20200422
13829Walter BuckleThese appear to be one and the same.20200422
357715Unna von DitfurthRelationship: Anna and Ottilie were sisters.20200422
357713Jda von DitfurthGiven name is Ida, not Jda. It looks like capital j because of the used font (caps and small caps).20200422
357719Bartold von DitfurthGiven name is Barthold, not Bartold.20200422
357720Hildeguard von DitfurthGiven name is Hildegard, not Hildeguard.20200422
357731Hans Deitrich von DitfurthGiven name is Hans Dietrich, not Hans Deitrich.20200422
357735Hans Deitrich von DitfurthGiven name is Hans Dietrich, not Hans Deitrich.20200422
357715Unna von DitfurthGiven name of the sister of Anna von Ditfurth is Ottilie, not Dttilie (german Fraktur letters ...). Compare capital O of Ottilie and capital D of Ditfurth.20200422
357715Unna von DitfurthGiven name is Anna, not Unna (german Fraktur letters are not easy to read).20200422
176575John Hennessy McDonaldJohn Hennessy McDonald grandfather of John Hennessy McDonald SHOULD READ John Hennessy Esq. of Mebourne. JHMcD's mother Annie's maiden name was Hennessy and the grandfather referred to is her father. The wording on the headstone is correct. Thank you Maureen Stavely20200422
240573William Raymond SwinburnYear of death for William Raymond Swinburn born 1870 should be 1913 not 1912. Clearly stated on gravestone Thank you20200420
299037Reginald Spreadburywrong image. I sent you an email about the same error a YEAR ago. When will be it fixed? The image for Reginald Spreadbury is showing a tombstone for JOAN ETHEL ALICE HANLIN. Wrong, please correct. Murray R20200419
357719Bartold von DitfurthThe name is Barthold von Ditfurth not Bartold.20200416
158290Arthur RentonThe photograph does not show all the people named in the listing. In particular, Jane Brown is shown but not the details in the grave listing along with her daughter, Arthur's 2nd wife Mary Jane. Is there any way to get a complete photograph of the monument? Thank you20200415
357720Hildeguard von DitfurthThe name is Hildegard von Ditfurth, not Hildeguard!20200414
357731Hans Deitrich von DitfurthThe name is Hans Dietrich von Ditfurth, not Deitrich! Full text on the cross: Hier ruhet in Gott.| Hans Dietrich von Ditfurth,| Königl. Landrat, Kammerherr u. Stiftshaupt-| mann v.| Obern-| kirchen.| geb.| 16. Jan.| 1862.| gest.| 6. März| 1917.20200414
357715Unna von DitfurthThe names are Anna not Unna and Ottilie not Dttilie! There relationship is given in the text above the names: Hier ruhen die Schwestern (Here rest the sisters). The name of the place is Rinteln not Rintelen.20200414
357735Hans Deitrich von DitfurthThe name is Hans Dietrich von Ditfurth not Deitrich.20200414
307413James Tyson YEATSJames Tysoe YEATS: Middle name should be Tysoe not Tyson. Date of death 19 March 1954 Date of birth 25 January 1868 Age at death 86 not 89. Annie Ruth YEATS: Date of birth 7 May 1876 Date of death 27 June 1956 Maiden name: SAWTELL20200405
16140Thomas BeverleyThomas Beverley grave transcription very poor condition (also completed using information from tree records). items in brackets are where information is not precise. This may be useful to anyone using your database, and will clarify the entries in the database as different people have the same name, and not all the people in the grave are on the website - owing to having the same name.FOr clarity Joseph was also a son of Thomas, and both Thomas and Joseph had wives called Jane, and these are both in this grave when the wording that can be made out is compared to the family tree records. SACRED TO THE MEMORY OF THOMAS BEVERLEY OF LOOSEHILL WHO DIED FEBY 8 1874 AGED 59 YEARS _______ ALSO OF JANE HIS WIFE, WHO DIED MARCH 1(6)TH 1888, IN HER 73RD YEAR. ALSO SAMUEL SON OF THE ABOVE THOMAS AND JANE BEVERLEY, WHO DIED AUG (21ST) 1875 AGED 26 YEARS. ALSO OF MICAH, THEIR SON, DIED MARCH (3RD) 1896, AGED 50 YEARS. ALSO OF JOSEPH, THE BELOVED HUSBAND OF JANE BEVERLEY WHO DIED (Q1???) 1894 AGED 55 YEARS ALSO OF JANE BEVERLEY, WHO DIED (FEB ??) 1910 AGED 67 YEARS 20200403
53060Margaret Stuart WatsonSurname of the family group should be Muirhead, not Watson, i.e. the head of the family is John Watson Muirhead, not John Watson.20200324
299723Susan Charlotte SmartDate of death 26th November 1953, not 6th November 195320200323
300292Leslie T FalgateBurial year for wife 1968 - shows 192620200321
114Miss Hanna* CourtneyThe other names mentioned on this headstone belong to 11520200320
13049Louisa Ann JellicoeNot an error but an additional name at the bottom of the monument - Clara Matilda Jellicoe her Sister ...1949 Aged 92 suggesting that she was born in 1857.20200318
105929Annie AllenThe first name on the grave is actually 'Annas Allen' ..... she was the sister of Margaret Alice Cockayne (nee Allen)20200315
693554RobertRobert (my great, great grandfather) died 09/10/1900 and not 09/10/1908. This fact is confirmed by The England and Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations) and reports in a variety of local newspapers of the time. 20200315
398302 Nicholasthis gravestone is listed under Nicholas but I think the family name is Shewring. 20200315
156121Martha Jane CrowtherVirte Ada was born 1883 not 188220200311
324371James ConibearThe first James Conibear listed on the monument was 54 (not 34) when he died making his birth year 1832 (not 1852)20200310
355674Jane BeechName is James Beech not Jane 20200306
354704William RickvanceThomas should be Thomas F Beech he was called Thomas Fairclough Beech he was the son of John Beech and Elizabeth (maiden name Fairclough) see GPR 354800 he was the brother of Mary Pickvance (maiden name Beech)20200306
354704William RickvanceSurname should be Pickvance not Rickvance husband of Mary (maiden name Beech) she was the daughter of John Beech see GPR 354800 20200306
83661John MurchThis IS NOT John Murch grave, it is WILLIAM BAKER20200305
179946Daniel McOmishThe headstone depicted is not of Daniel McOmish, but of Peter McOmish (1846-1908) and his wife, Elsie Ross (1842-1914).20200301
313054Walter Joseph SnellingThe first name is Phillip not Walter.20200301
61135Francis OatsI think that the wrong picture was associated with this grave. The record is for a Francis Oats but the grave photo is for John Nekervis.20200229
632565Francis Hungerford DaubenyThere is an error in the others listed on this entry. Francis is listed as a parent to children born before him. I don't see their names anywhere on the stone. I wonder if there was some kind of a mix-up.20200222
753519Henry James HungerfordThe correct name is Henry Jones Hungerford. He was born 20 Sep 1825 in Cahirmore, Cork, Ireland and died 20 Nov 1905 in Clonakilty, Cork, Ireland.20200222
398437Samuel HillmanSamuel Hillman Date of death should read 1883. GRO record and various census confirm this.20200218
23362Sarah WagstateShould read Wagstaff not Wagstate20200215
329301Phoebe Priscilla Brown1956 minus 1877 makes 79 not 89 for Phoebe's age at death.20200212
239399Bernard T RosindaleHello, This is the wrong gravestone. It does not show the burial of Bernard T Rosindale. Do you have a picture of Bernard's gravestone please? Many thanks Jayne Parker20200210
284659Wheaton HarermanWheaton HAGERMAN20200203
154913Ian Edward Colin TaylorName of deceased is incorrect. Should be Alan Edward Colin Taylor (not Ian)20200130
77698Abraham IsaacHi. Surname on gravestone is ISAACS not ISAAC20200126
869William AlgerListed as age 30 but actually age 80, born 1828. Thank you for the image.20200118
295360Fanny PammellThe familly name is RAMMELL20200117
27020Gilbert Archey PeachThe use of the word Peach is incorrect. The word on the cross reads Peace not Peach. My great granduncle was Gilbert Archey and his wife was Elizabeth McNeice not Peach.20200113
80463Margaret GrerarShould be CRERAR2020010620200415
185233Charles JacobsThe details of Charles' Wife Jane are obscured by a plant in front of the headstone. Is there another image available that shows the complete text?2020010620200415
161620Anna SalterThis is the grave of Malachi Salter died 1781. There is no mention of his wife Susanna (Anna) on this gravestone.2020010620200415
377103Sarah Elizabet CookName should read Sarah Elizabeth Cook2019123020200415
329308Harold HollowdayThe name should be Howard, not Harold Hollowday2019122420200415
672984Leslie AtkinsWhile the headstone gives Leslie's age as 78, the secondary marker gives it as 87, making his year of birth approximately 1929. His birth was registered in quarter 2 of 1930.2019121120191212
563917John DixonJOhn died 7th Feb 1723 (not 1803) and hence was born in 17032019120720191212
15961James Lambertthe photo is not James Lambert's gravestone.2019120420191211
405793Albert SapsedWrong picture for named person2019113020191201Unable to find correct photo.
369147Thomas Doddrecorded MI reads: a) Thomas Dodd died 2 March 1925 age 61. And his wife Emma Eliza died 28 September 1938 age 75. b) My son L. V. Raper R. A. F. died in India 23 September 1943. RAPER Leslie Verdun, Leading Aircraftman, 1161077,261 Sqdn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Son of William Thomas Raper and Emma Eliza Raper, of Grimsby, Lincolnshire. Died 23rd September 1943, aged 27 years, Buried grave 2. B. 8. DELHI WAR CEMETERY, India. Commemorated Addition to Grave Marker [GSRC]. 2019112920191201
240672Charles TaylorShould read Clarissa Taylor PLUS The image (447) is not correct. I have a photo of the grave monument if that would be helpful.2019112520191201
240672Charles TaylorThis should read Clarissa Taylor2019112520191201Cannot identify the correct record - there are 124 different Charles Taylor records on the GPR
318800William TuckerThis is not the grave of William Tucker but is a Joseph Joslin and his wife2019111920191201The error has been corrected: the image for the grave record was pointing to the one next to it.
764750Francis Bainbridge Curtishis father's name is given as Francis Digby Curtis -gravestone says JOSEPH Digby Curtis. There's a duplicate photo grave number 764872 -same error2019111520191201
27206Jane TaylorMunicipal Cemetery Knaresborough Transcription error Jane Taylor death age should be 63 not 83, and Death Year 1898 not 1892, so calculated Birth would be 1835. Also Elizabeth Taylor age should be 57 not 67, so calculated birth year would be 1865 not 1855 I visited the grave in 2017 and have a clear photo Great website Thankyou volunteers2019111420191117
384226BrunschwigOne of the names reads Mo�se Moldenberg (?). This is incorrect. It should read Moise Dimoldenberg. I know this is correct as he was my great-grandfather's brother.2019111120191117
324211Mary WillisPlease note the changes... the word son should be daughter and daughter should be son. And all three children are from William Willis's second marriage to Hester Ann (nee Pugsley) not first wife Mary.2019110820191117
75966William GordonMaggie Gordon's burial year should be 1880 (not 1860). (She was born in 1861). Thomas Hall Gordon's burial year should be 1917 (not 1907). (He was born in 1866).2019110420191117
527471PriscillaNot an error on the monument but an omission, Priscilla,s name is given as Priscilla lambert, this is correct but her surname was Ottley, she being the daughter of Drewry Ottley who died in 1801.2019110120191117
321495William LaneThe Age given is 43, but the gravestone says 45. This ties in with his burial record, making his year of birth 1794.2019102820191030
612232Robert H TownendCorrection Died 1920 Vicar 1916-19202019102720191030
23384John BrookNot an error. Clarification of relations. John and Mary Brook (nee Yeates)'s daughter, Mary, married the son of Philip and Mary Pumfrey (nee Penrice). So they are in laws. Regards, Christine2019102120191023It is not clear on the grave monument some of the relationships
365677Richard HolmanDetails show an age of 51 however image clearly shows age of 31 which is also supported by the parish records stating Richards age as 31.2019101420191019
187386EstherGeorge Henry Harvey is not the husband of Esther2019101320191019
666094JamesLooking at the gravestone more carefully I note the husband was Thomas Wyborn and I am not related as previous thought ! Jw2019101320191019unable to correct
38439William ToveyThe image displayed is the gravestone of Margaret, widow of Captain Keir2019101320191019unable to correct
183637James Alfred PycroftJames Alfred PYCROFT's wife was Olive S(arah) as per the first part of this gravestone inscription. Therefore I believe the second named person should be Olive Sarah and not June Sarah. The firstname of the second person buried (the also of) is unclear on the gravestone but I believe the first letter can be made out as O (rather than J). The date of death of this second person appears to be Jan 5th 196[6?]. According to the National Probate Calendar, Olive Sarah PYCROFT of Nightingale Cottage, Dilham, Nfk died 5 January 1966. Therefore I believe this second person is Olive Sarah PYCROFT, the wife of James Alfred PYCROFT. Many thanks for all your work on this resource.2019092920191002
111343Florence Hannah AtkinsonDied age 62 Therefore birth 18962019092620191002
292381Frederick Thomas HarmsworthThe name Helen should be Ellen2019092020190921
238769Susannah FeeneyThe MI for Section BB - Row I – 133 reads Susannah Feeney died 25 Sep 1940, Also James W. Feeney died in action 27 Feb 1941. therefore James W, has been omitted and refers to Stoker. Feeney, James William. Service Number LT/KX 116797. Died 27/02/1941. Aged 34. H.M. Trawler Remillo. Royal Naval Patrol Service. Son of James and Eliza Feeney, of Grimsby, Lincolnshire; husband of Edna May Feeney, of Grimsby. Commemorated at LOWESTOFT NAVAL MEMORIAL, Panel 7, Column 1.2019092020190921
196521John Anthony Blowexisting m.i reads John William Blow died 30 Oct 1923 age 75, Also Elizabeth Blow wife died 13 Nov 1926 age 73, Also John Blow died 5 Nov 1950 age 79, Also his wife Annie Blow died 17 May 1967 age 96, Also John Anthony Blow died 22 Nov 1928 age 8 months. Separate stone: May Blow died 28 Mar 1972 age 78, (Also Pte. J. G. Blow died 15 Jul 1917 age 20, buried Lijssenthoek, nr Ypres. [this part of stone is missing]). J. G. Blow is: CWGC: Private. Blow, John Grant. Service Number S/40443. Died 15/07/1917. Aged 20. 11th Bn. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. Son of John and Annie Blow, of Hope Cottage, Mill Rd., Cleethorpes, Grimsby. Buried at LIJSSENTHOEK MILITARY CEMETERY, XVI. B. 16. SDGW: Died of wounds, born and resident Cleethorpes, enlisted Grimsby 2019091920190921Cemetery image file also contained images with incorrect postscript letters.
196415George Walter Banksexisting MI reads George Walter Banks died 18 Mar 1937 age 34, Also Emily Banks wife died 21 Mar 1973, Also Eunice Theodosia Banks died Jan 1958, Also Walter Edward Banks father of above, lost at sea 8 Sep 1915 age 37. Vase: My son George. so the following have been omitted Eunice Theodosia Banks and Walter Edward Banks Mate. Banks, Walter Edward. Died 08/09/1915. Aged 37. Steam Trawler Devonian (Grimsby). Mercantile Marine. Son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Banks; husband of Eunice Theodosia Banks (nee Starfield), of 87, New Market St., Grimsby. Born at Grimsby. Commemorated at TOWER HILL MEMORIAL2019091920190921
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