Wellington Road (part 1) Cemetery, Taunton, Somerset, England

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List of names found on Wellington Road (part 1) Cemetery tomb monuments

no.family surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.view

1001JonesGeorge Jonesfirst name on the monument1872193866id: TNWELLRD 12207381901066
1002Gertrude Mary Joneswife of George Jones1878195173id: TNWELLRD 12207381901066
1003Gwendoline Agnes Langworthy Joneswife of John David Jones1898198789id: TNWELLRD 10577380471067
1004Hannah Jonesfirst name on the monument1852192876id: TNWELLRD 0957371761066
1005John Jonesfather-in-law of Vera Jonesid: TNWELLRD 4417374941066
1006John David Jonesfirst name on the monument1895194752id: TNWELLRD 10577380471067
1007John Henry Jonesfirst name on the monument1874193763id: TNWELLRD 4407374931065
1008R Jonesmother of Wilfred Jonesid: TNWELLRD 1087371881066
1009Rosa Jonesmother-in-law of Vera Jonesid: TNWELLRD 4417374941066
1010Rosa Annie Joneswife of John Henry Jones1877196487id: TNWELLRD 4407374931065
1011Vera Jonesfirst name on the monument1904196864id: TNWELLRD 4417374941066Daughter-in-law of John/Rosa
1012W J Jonesfirst name on the monument1915194631id: TNWELLRD 1073738061106555th. Field Regt. R.A.
1013Wilfred Jonesfirst name on the monument192119298id: TNWELLRD 1087371881066

1014JoyceAnnie Joycefirst name on the monument1873194774id: TNWELLRD 10367380291070

1015JuddNorah Mary Juddfirst name on the monument1879195576id: TNWELLRD 2577373181065

1016KaySarah Ann Kayfirst name on the monument1850194292id: TNWELLRD 9957379931068formerly of Sheffield

1017KeitchBeatrice May Keitchfirst name on the monument1894197379id: TNWELLRD 8127378241067) These four names are on common curbstones and are probably related
1018Doris Maude Keitchfirst name on the monument1910194838id: TNWELLRD 7097377311067
1019Frank Keitchfirst name on the monument1892194250id: TNWELLRD 8117378231067) These four names are on common curbstones and are probably related
1020Mark Keitchhusband of Mary Keitch1869194172id: TNWELLRD 7527377691067
1021Mark Keitchfather of Stanley Keitchid: TNWELLRD 7537377701067
1022Mary Keitchmother of Stanley Keitchid: TNWELLRD 7537377701067
1023Mary Keitchfirst name on the monument1875194166id: TNWELLRD 7527377691067
1024Peggy Keitchwife of Stanley Keitch1928200880id: TNWELLRD 7537377701067
1025Stanley Keitchfirst name on the monument1919199778id: TNWELLRD 7537377701067Son of Mark/Mary; stone on the front of their gravestone

1026KerbyEmily Olive Kerbyfirst name on the monument1886194054id: TNWELLRD 8557378571069) All within one grave area
1027G J H Kerbyfirst name on the monument1918194325id: TNWELLRD 8547378561069) RE; died while a prisoner of War in Thailand
1028John William Kerbyfirst name on the monument1882196280id: TNWELLRD 8567378581069) All within one grave area

1029KilburnMyra Blanche Kilburnrelationship not known of Kenneth Walter Harris1922198664id: TNWELLRD 12597382211075

1030KimminsBeatrice Mary Kimminswife of Reginald E Kimmins1885196782id: TNWELLRD 13057382641073
1031Diane Kimminsgrand daughter of Reginald E Kimminsid: TNWELLRD 13057382641073) These relationship have been somewhat guessed (but see next entry)!
1032Edward Kimminsson of Reginald E Kimminsid: TNWELLRD 13057382641073
1033Edward Ernest Kimminsfirst name on the monument1917197457id: TNWELLRD 13067382651074
1034Ellen Elizabeth Kimminswife of George William Kimmins1872194775id: TNWELLRD 4007374581070
1035George William Kimminsfirst name on the monument1870193767id: TNWELLRD 4007374581070
1036Gladys Kimminsdaughter-in-law of Reginald E Kimminsid: TNWELLRD 13057382641073) These relationship have been somewhat guessed (but see next entry)!
1037Gladys Phyllis Kimmins nee Gilmanwife of Edward Ernest Kimmins1920201292id: TNWELLRD 13067382651074
1038Kate Kimminswife of Thomas Kimmins1888196880id: TNWELLRD 6227376511068
1039Reginald E Kimminsfirst name on the monument1878194365id: TNWELLRD 13057382641073
1040Ruth Kimminsgrand daughter of Reginald E Kimminsid: TNWELLRD 13057382641073) These relationship have been somewhat guessed (but see next entry)!
1041Thomas Kimminsfirst name on the monument1869194172id: TNWELLRD 6227376511068

1042KingAnnie Kingmother of Elizabeth Kingid: TNWELLRD 5937376321066
1043Dennis Kingfather of Elizabeth Kingid: TNWELLRD 5937376321066
1044Elizabeth Kingfirst name on the monument1863195188id: TNWELLRD 5937376321066
1045Ernest Reuben Mons Kingfirst name on the monument1915193924id: TNWELLRD 7967378081065
1046Honora Lilian Kingfirst name on the monument1870193262id: TNWELLRD 2637373241065(Death registered in Dulverton - FreeBMD)

1047KingzettEric Paul Kingzettfirst name on the monument1884194763id: TNWELLRD 1587372291067late Major , Queen's Royal Regt.

1048KirklandAgnes Kirklandwife of Edward Kirkland1878196385id: TNWELLRD 11307381131072
1049Edward Kirklandfirst name on the monument1877194568id: TNWELLRD 11307381131072

1050KitchenEmma Kitchenfirst name on the monument1855193782id: TNWELLRD 7997378111070
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no.family surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.view

1051KnightFrancis Louise Knightsister of Ida Blanche Talbot1946id: TNWELLRD 12147381851066(Note male spelling)
1052Lillias Helena Jones Knightsister of Ida Blanche Talbot1959id: TNWELLRD 12147381851066

1053LamingE A Lamingfirst name on the monument1920194020id: TNWELLRD 65473768010702859669; 43rd Searchlight Regt R.A. , The Duke of Wellingtons Regt.

1054LaneCharles William Lanefirst name on the monument66id: TNWELLRD 4377374901066Year and age from FreeBMD
1055Helena Maria Lanefirst name on the monument1938id: TNWELLRD 3547374131066
1056Sydney Charles Lanefirst name on the monument1991id: TNWELLRD 3557374141066Probably brother of Helena

1057LangAlfred Langfirst name on the monument1871193665id: TNWELLRD 5607376031067
1058Elizabeth Ann Langwife of Alfred Lang1871194473id: TNWELLRD 5607376031067
1059Mabel Bessie Lowman Langwife of Robert Lowman Lang1985id: TNWELLRD 3307373891066
1060Robert Lowman Langfirst name on the monument1936id: TNWELLRD 3307373891066Priest; Vicar of East Brent , vicar of Holy Trinity in this town 17 years also Rockwell Green for 21 years

1061LangdonElsie May Langdonfirst name on the monument1912193624id: TNWELLRD 12537382171068
1062Pamela Mary Langdonfirst name on the monument193919467id: TNWELLRD 11967381701066

1063LankeyGeorge Lankeyfirst name on the monument1865193873id: TNWELLRD 2297372911072
1064Susan Lankeywife of George Lankey1864195086id: TNWELLRD 2297372911072

1065LawsMarion Lawswife of Walter Laws1884196076id: TNWELLRD 10077380011068
1066Walter Lawsfirst name on the monument1882194866id: TNWELLRD 10077380011068

1067LeakeyHarold Leakeyhusband of Olive Leakeyid: TNWELLRD 7957378071070
1068Olive Leakey nee Pringfirst name on the monument1899193738id: TNWELLRD 7957378071070

1069LearEmily Learwife of Oliver Lear1897197881id: TNWELLRD 0487371351065
1070Oliver Learfirst name on the monument1871195483id: TNWELLRD 0487371351065

1071LeatGeoffrey David Leatfirst name on the monument1929194617id: TNWELLRD 10257380191067
1072Vesta Leatmother of Geoffrey David Leat1964id: TNWELLRD 10257380191067Interred at taunton Deane Crematorium

1073LeavonsCharles Thomas Leavonsfirst name on the monument1906193933id: TNWELLRD 7327377531065

1074LeeA Leefirst name on the monument1895191419id: TNWELLRD 01973711110753062; Somerset L.I.
1075Bessie Leefirst name on the monument1902194644id: TNWELLRD 10747380621067
1076John Harry Leefirst name on the monument1943id: TNWELLRD 12747382351068Organist of Holy Trinity , from April 1905 to 1943
1077Mary Annie Leewife of Reginald Francis Lee1901198887id: TNWELLRD 9407379401068
1078Reginald Francis Leefirst name on the monument1903195451id: TNWELLRD 9407379401068
1079Walter Leefirst name on the monument1884193753id: TNWELLRD 7577377741067
1080Walter Henry Leehusband of Bessie Lee1906195145id: TNWELLRD 10747380621067

1081LeedhamCharlotte Leedhamrelationship not known of Hannah Jones1887196275id: TNWELLRD 0957371761066
1082Eustace Leedhamrelationship not known of Hannah Jones80id: TNWELLRD 0957371761066husband of Charlotte; date and age from FreeBMD

1083LeeworthyEmily Leeworthyfirst name on the monument1869194374id: TNWELLRD 8987379001067
1084Frank Leeworthyfirst name on the monument1906194337id: TNWELLRD 9297379291067
1085Frederick D Leeworthyhusband of Emily Leeworthy1873195582id: TNWELLRD 8987379001067Husband of Emily

1086LegeBrideen Florence Legerelationship not known of Joyce Eveline Lucy Rawle1931200473id: TNWELLRD 11347381171066

1087LeggSusan Cherry Leggfirst name on the monument1951199645id: TNWELLRD 6457376711065

1088Leighton-PriceConstance Mary Leighton-Pricerelationship not known of David John Price1911198372id: TNWELLRD 10517380431067
1089Thomas Leighton-Pricefirst name on the monumentid: TNWELLRD 10527380441068

1090LetherbyArthur Ernest Letherbyfirst name on the monument1885195671id: TNWELLRD 10727380601065Age via FreeBMD
1091Ethel Blanche Letherbyfirst name on the monument1888194658id: TNWELLRD 10717380591065Age via FreeBMD

1092LewisAlan Joseph Lewisfirst name on the monument1930194212id: TNWELLRD 5527375961091
1093Edith Emily Lewismother of Alan Joseph Lewis1902197775id: TNWELLRD 5527375961091
1094Edith Emma Lewisfirst name on the monument1883196784id: TNWELLRD 4947375421075
1095Emma Elizabeth Lewisfirst name on the monument1864194985id: TNWELLRD 4737375241073
1096Ethel Mary Lewisfirst name on the monument1955id: TNWELLRD 1047371841074
1097Florence Ethel Lewisfirst name on the monument1902193836id: TNWELLRD 4447374971073
1098Francis George Lewisfirst name on the monument1877193356id: TNWELLRD 3457374041075
1099George Lewishusband of Ethel Mary Lewisid: TNWELLRD 1047371841074
1100J C Lewisfirst name on the monument1921194221id: TNWELLRD 9987379951076Rasc; T/286206

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