Wellington Road (part 1) Cemetery, Taunton, Somerset, England

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Monument list

no.family surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1AcklandAlfred John Acklandfirst name on this monument1865781943id: TNWELLRD 9271112

2AcklandElizabeth Sarah Acklandfirst name on this monument1868851953id: TNWELLRD 9281078

3AdamsB Adamsfirst name on this monument1907371944id: TNWELLRD 13351079Royal Artillery , 761591

4AdamsDavid George Adamsfirst name on this monument193431937id: TNWELLRD 7701088
Fred George Adamsfather of David George Adams1902821984
Clarice Adamsmother of David George Adams1906741980
Rosemary Adamssister of David George Adams193821940

5AddicottMary Ann Addicottfirst name on this monument1852881940id: TNWELLRD 6811074
Florence Addicottdaughter-in-law of Mary Ann Addicott1875651940

6AlbrowFred Albrowfirst name on this monument1886571943id: TNWELLRD 2281073

7AlbrowJames Albrowfirst name on this monument1913231936id: TNWELLRD 2271081

8AllenArthur C Allenfirst name on this monument1876691945id: TNWELLRD 11661088
Emmie Louise Allenwife of Arthur C Allen1872831955

9AllenCharles Allenfirst name on this monument1865901955id: TNWELLRD 3231089

10AllenCharles Allenfirst name on this monument1869811950id: TNWELLRD 7041085

11AllenElizabeth Allenfirst name on this monument1871721943id: TNWELLRD 7051092

12AllenLucy Allenfirst name on this monument1867821949id: TNWELLRD 3221083

13AndrewsEdwin James Andrewsfirst name on this monument1878641942id: TNWELLRD 9921071

14AndrewsMary Ann Andrewsfirst name on this monument1903461949id: TNWELLRD 2411071

15AnningEdith Anningfirst name on this monument1891521943id: TNWELLRD 2301076

16AnningHenry Anningfirst name on this monument1864851949id: TNWELLRD 2911077

17AnningMary Ann Anningfirst name on this monument1862701932id: TNWELLRD 2901076

18AnsteyMary Ansteyfirst name on this monument192781935id: TNWELLRD 4681077
F Ansteyfather of Mary Anstey
D Ansteymother of Mary Anstey

19AnsteyRoseanna Ansteyfirst name on this monument1929id: TNWELLRD 4841092
Alfred Blackmorerelationship not known of Roseanna Anstey1864681932 Caretaker of St. Marys cemetery 1902-1929
Mary Ann Blackmorerelationship not known of Roseanna Anstey1867841951 wife of Alfred

20ArcherLlewellyn Evan Archerfirst name on this monument1884571941id: TNWELLRD 6241078
Mildred Elizabeth Millerdaughter of Llewellyn Evan Archer1917691986

21ArmstrongMargaret Armstrongfirst name on this monument1841921933id: TNWELLRD 2881070

22AshEllen Elizabeth Ashfirst name on this monument1906391945id: TNWELLRD 11121071
Herbert James Ashrelationship not known of Ellen Elizabeth Ash1899571956
Irene Mary Ashrelationship not known of Ellen Elizabeth Ash1931812012

23AshtonFrederick C L Ashtonfirst name on this monument1904421946id: TNWELLRD 11261072
Phyllis A L Ashtonwife of Frederick C L Ashton1916721988

24AtyeoFlorence Atyeofirst name on this monument1870701940id: TNWELLRD 6501078
Amy Atyeosister of Florence Atyeo1866751941

25AveryJoseph Albert Averyfirst name on this monument1867771944id: TNWELLRD 7011079Age via FreeBMD; death registered at Barnstaple

26AxeSidney Axefirst name on this monument1884531937id: TNWELLRD 7821078
Lilian Jane Axewife of Sidney Axe1874721946

27BabbageLouisa Ann Babbagefirst name on this monument1885621947id: TNWELLRD 10621080
Percival Babbagehusband of Louisa Ann Babbage1885641949

28BabbageThomas Babbagefirst name on this monument1881551936id: TNWELLRD 5191076
Florence Mary Babbagewife of Thomas Babbage1884901974

29BaileyEthel Ruth Baileyfirst name on this monument1875851960id: TNWELLRD 10311069wife of George
George Baileyhusband of Ethel Ruth Bailey

30BaileyFlorence Elizabeth Baileyfirst name on this monument1898891987id: TNWELLRD 7111067

31BaileyGeorge Baileyfirst name on this monument1871761947id: TNWELLRD 10301077

32BaileyHenry Baileyfirst name on this monument1865841949id: TNWELLRD 8911072Year confirmed via FreeBMD
Mary Jane Baileywife of Henry Bailey1866891955 Year confirmed via FreeBMD
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no.family surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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33BaileyWilliam Baileyfirst name on this monument1874701944id: TNWELLRD 7101068Age via FreeBMD

34BairdArthur James Bairdfirst name on this monument1872641936id: TNWELLRD 1761068

35BakerBeatrice Mary Bakerfirst name on this monument1981id: TNWELLRD 10971065

36BakerCaroline Gertrude Bakerfirst name on this monument1887421929id: TNWELLRD 0611072

37BakerElsie Bakerfirst name on this monument1899791978id: TNWELLRD 12871073

38BakerEmily Jessie Bakerfirst name on this monument1883581941id: TNWELLRD 9081067

39BakerGeorgina Bakerfirst name on this monument1853871940id: TNWELLRD 2581067

40BakerHenry Bakerfirst name on this monument1880571937id: TNWELLRD 3011065late CPO RN

41BakerHenry Frank Bakerfirst name on this monument1946id: TNWELLRD 10961077

42BakerWilliam Bakerfirst name on this monument1879641943id: TNWELLRD 7261074
Agnes Ellen Bakerwife of William Baker1883641947

43BakerWilliam Bakerfirst name on this monument1882781960id: TNWELLRD 3021072
Bessie Bakerwife of William Baker1883871970

44BaleAnnie Balefirst name on this monument1853931946id: TNWELLRD 10651078
Alfred Balehusband of Annie Bale (late)

45BaleGregory Balefirst name on this monument193811939id: TNWELLRD 7331073
W H Balefather of Gregory Bale
M Balemother of Gregory Bale

46BalmanEdward Balmanfirst name on this monument1858791937id: TNWELLRD 3991072
Florence Mary Balmanwife of Edward Balman1862791941

47BarkerA R G Barkerfirst name on this monument1909341943id: TNWELLRD 1471076REME

48BarkerLaurence Checkley Barkerfirst name on this monument1874681942id: TNWELLRD 1481067
Laurence Anthony Barkerson of Laurence Checkley Barker1912801992
Mabel Sarah Barkerwife of Laurence Checkley Barker1874781952

49BarlowMinnie F Barlowfirst name on this monument1877631940id: TNWELLRD 8401066Age via FreeBMD

50BarnardEdward Barnardfirst name on this monument1913942007id: TNWELLRD 12671074

51BarnardStella Trowbridge Barnardfirst name on this monument1911741985id: TNWELLRD 12661074

52BarringtonRaymond Stafford Barringtonfirst name on this monument1920812001id: TNWELLRD 5581073In Darwin , Australia
Segar John Bastardfather of Raymond Stafford Barrington1897681965
Elsie Mary Bastardmother of Raymond Stafford Barrington

53BartinCharles Bartinfirst name on this monument1855791934id: TNWELLRD 5171068

54BartinJohn Edward Bartinfirst name on this monument1939id: TNWELLRD 7481068
Dorothy Maud Bartinwife of John Edward Bartin1958

55BartlettElsie Mary Bartlettfirst name on this monument1895761971id: TNWELLRD 8531066

56BartlettHerbert Francis Bartlettfirst name on this monument1886551941id: TNWELLRD 8521074

57BastardCharles Henry Bastardfirst name on this monument1864721936id: TNWELLRD 5551068
Constance Sarah Bastardwife of Charles Henry Bastard1870811951

58BastardCharles Stafford Bastardfirst name on this monument1898201918id: TNWELLRD 5571076Killed on Active service , Flanders

59BastardConstance Margery Bastardfirst name on this monument1901821983id: TNWELLRD 5561068
Segar Bastardbrother of Constance Margery Bastard

60BatesFrederick James Batesfirst name on this monument1898351933id: TNWELLRD 2961074
Batesfather of Frederick James Bates (late) of Somerset L.I.
Fanny Batesmother of Frederick James Bates1855901945
Alice Lilian Bateswife of Frederick James Bates

61BauchIsaac Bauchfirst name on this monument1866761942id: TNWELLRD 13191084
Adelaide Harriet Bauchsister of Isaac Bauch1869811950
Margaret Sarah Bauchsister of Isaac Bauch1856881944
Bessie Bauchwife of Isaac Bauch1871901961

62BeamentElfreda May Beamentfirst name on this monument1901331934id: TNWELLRD 28310701
William Frank Beamenthusband of Elfreda May Beament1983
Elsie Norah Beamentrelationship not known of Elfreda May Beament1986
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no.family surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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63BeardmoreE Clement Beardmorefirst name on this monument1888id: TNWELLRD 12601074b 01/1888
W D Beardmorefather of E Clement Beardmore of Toronto , Canada
M E Beardmoremother of E Clement Beardmore

64BeckC F Beckfirst name on this monument1895451940id: TNWELLRD 6701069D/21943 Somerset L.I.

65BeckJoseph Skinner Beckfirst name on this monument1860791939id: TNWELLRD 12831065

66BellJoan Bellfirst name on this monument192981937id: TNWELLRD 7751066
F Bellfather of Joan Bell
F M Bellmother of Joan Bell

67BellringerHubert Thomas Bellringerfirst name on this monumentid: TNWELLRD 8361075
Emily Jane Bellringerwife of Hubert Thomas Bellringer1884871971

68BellringerL H Bellringerfirst name on this monument1921201941id: TNWELLRD 8341070RAF , 1164831 , U/T. Observer

69BendingCharles Bendingfirst name on this monument1967id: TNWELLRD 8651070

70BendingDennis R Bendingfirst name on this monument1921221943id: TNWELLRD 8631069Killed flying

71BendingFlorence Bendingfirst name on this monument1963id: TNWELLRD 8641067
Charles Bendinghusband of Florence Bending

72BengerHelen Margaret Bengerfirst name on this monument1943id: TNWELLRD 1521073
Harry Cecil Bengerhusband of Helen Margaret Benger

73BennettAda Mary Bennettfirst name on this monument1881741955id: TNWELLRD 5731076

74BennettElizabeth Bennettfirst name on this monument1930id: TNWELLRD 5101065
Thomas Bennetthusband of Elizabeth Bennett1937

75BennettEmma Bennettfirst name on this monument1886491935id: TNWELLRD 4461067Age from FreeBMD

76BennettHenry William John Bennettfirst name on this monument1879551934id: TNWELLRD 5721068

77BennettIrene Bennettfirst name on this monument1910281938id: TNWELLRD 4431066

78BereRobert Channing Berefirst name on this monument1850841934id: TNWELLRD 3401077
Lydia Elizabeth Berewife of Robert Channing Bere1859741933

79BerreymanFrances Ellen Berreymanfirst name on this monument1905351940id: TNWELLRD 8591069

80BerryJohn Henry Berryfirst name on this monument1864661930id: TNWELLRD 5441069
Mary Hannah Berrywife of John Henry Berry1862781940

81BerryRosa Berryfirst name on this monument1863761939id: TNWELLRD 4381070
William Berryhusband of Rosa Berry1865711936

82BettyEveline Rose Bettyfirst name on this monument1986id: TNWELLRD 3841070

83BettyMontague Bettyfirst name on this monument1885601945id: TNWELLRD 11911070
Lily Emma Bettywife of Montague Betty1888821970

84BickhamAlbert Henry Bickhamfirst name on this monument1885441929id: TNWELLRD 1301067
Ada Bickhamwife of Albert Henry Bickham1884811965

85BickhamCharles Bickhamfirst name on this monument1864901954id: TNWELLRD 1331068

86BickhamHarriet Jane Bickhamfirst name on this monument1864761940id: TNWELLRD 131
(2 images)
Charles Bickhamhusband of Harriet Jane Bickham

87BickhamKate Bickhamfirst name on this monument1886571943id: TNWELLRD 9231068wife of Robert
Robert Bickhamhusband of Kate Bickham

88BickhamReginald R Bickhamfirst name on this monument1902291931id: TNWELLRD 0171068
Henry J T Bickhamfather of Reginald R Bickham1874771951

89BickhamReginald Robert Bickhamfirst name on this monument1883581941id: TNWELLRD 9221067Confirmed name on FreeBMD checking year and age

90BillingFrederick Billingfirst name on this monument1870731943id: TNWELLRD 6961073

91BindingFlorence Bindingfirst name on this monument1877691946id: TNWELLRD 12001069
Walter Charles Bindinghusband of Florence Binding1879781957

92BindingWalter Bindingfirst name on this monument1883761959id: TNWELLRD 2661068
Mabel Rose Bindingwife of Walter Binding1887471934

93BishopCharles Bishopfirst name on this monumentid: TNWELLRD 9751085
Alice Maud Bishoprelationship not known of Charles Bishop
Gladys May Bishoprelationship not known of Charles Bishop
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94BishopReginald Lancelot Bishopfirst name on this monument1906641970id: TNWELLRD 8241066

95BishopWalter Edwin Bishopfirst name on this monument1910731983id: TNWELLRD 9811067
Dorothy Frances Nora Bishopwife of Walter Edwin Bishop1910861996

96BishopWilliam Henry Bishopfirst name on this monument1871621933id: TNWELLRD 4391070
Ada Bishopwife of William Henry Bishop1875851960

97BissVera May Bissfirst name on this monument1910731983id: TNWELLRD 7971067
Janet Bissdaughter of Vera May Biss
Jean Bissdaughter of Vera May Biss
Leonard Bisshusband of Vera May Biss

98BlackmoreAlfred Blackmorefirst name on this monument1860581918id: TNWELLRD 025109419039; Somerset L.I.

99BlackmoreMolly I C Blackmorefirst name on this monument1917271944id: TNWELLRD 10011079
Sidney Blackmorehusband of Molly I C Blackmore

100BlackmoreSidney James Blackmorefirst name on this monument1917922009id: TNWELLRD 10031069

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Wellington Road (part 1) Cemetery, Taunton, Somerset, England.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

To see details of other people with the same surname, just click on the surname that is of interest.

The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

The postcode for this cemetery is TA1 5BP - if you have a GPS this might be useful to locate this cemetery!

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