War Memorial, Redruth, Cornwall, England

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Surname list

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1AbrahamsHerbert Victor Hill Abrahamsname on the war memorial1917id: p14565571125Royal Garrison Artillery - 95405 buried: Redruth St Days Cemetery

2AlderE Aldername on the war memorialid: p14565581090

3AllenHarold Allenname on the war memorial1944id: p44565591067RN - D/JX369463 buried: HMS Mahratta Plymouth Naval Memorial
4Richard Thomas Allenname on the war memorial1917id: p14565601068DCLI - 16561 buried: Arras Memorial France

5AngoveBertie Angovename on the war memorial1918id: p14565611075DCLI - 26445 buried: Redruth St Days Cemetery

6AnnearNoel Reginald Annearname on the war memorial1896191620id: p14565621066DCLI - 16717 buried: Wailly Orchard Cemetery France

7ArmstrongSidney William Armstrongname on the war memorial1897191720id: p14565631068DCLI - 202561 buried: Tyne Cot Memorial Belgium

8BathJohn Bathname on the war memorial1889191627id: p14565641066DCLI - 514 buried: Maala Cemetery Yemen

9BawdenBertie Bawdenname on the war memorial1896191620id: p14565651075RN - M/18602 buried: Plymouth Naval Memorial HMS Defence
10Edward Semmens Bawdenname on the war memorial1920194323no image4565661074RAF - 146417 buried: Reichwald Forest War Cemetery Germany

11BeckettFrancis Norman Beckettname on the war memorial1925194621id: p44565671069RAFVR - 3045024 buried: Runnymede Memorial

12Berryman (Berriman)James Berryman (Berriman)name on the war memorial1898191820id: p14565681068RNVR - R/2749 buried: Vis en Artois memorial France

13BeskeenHenry Roland Beskeenname on the war memorial1944no image4565691067RAFVR - 1498017 buried: El Alamein Cemetery Eygpt
14Henry Ronald Beskeenname on the war memorial1944id: p44565811067RAFVR - 1498017 buried: El Alamein Cemetery Eygpt

15BinghamCharles Henry Binghamname on the war memorial1885191530id: p14565701067London Regt - 2149 buried: Hazelbrouck Commulan Cemetery France
16George Binghamname on the war memorial1886191630id: p14565711069DCLI - 200016 buried: Bagdad (North Gate) Cemetery Iraq

17BlameyJames Richard Blameyname on the war memorial1913194330id: p44565721073RAF - 1127749 buried: Redruth St Uny Churchyard Ext

18BlightWilliam Henry Blightname on the war memorial1893191825id: p14565731065RN - Z/1211 buried: Arras Memorial France

19BolithoJohn Moore Bolithoname on the war memorial1893191724id: p145657410711DCLI - 16738 buried: Savona Memorial Italy

20BoucherJoseph Jon Bouchername on the war memorial1883191734id: p14565751068Royal Engineers - 104980 buried:

21BrayCharles Sydney Brayname on the war memorial1878191739id: p14565761071Royal West Sussex Regt - 41334 buried: Longuenesse (St Omer) Souvenir Cemetery
22Dougles Haig Brayname on the war memorial1922194220id: p44565771077RAOC - 10584227 buried: Redruth St Days Road Cemetery

23BriceCyril Vivian Bricename on the war memorial1877191538id: p14565781083Devonshire Regt - 37604 buried: Le Touret Memorial France

24BroadThomas Humphry Broadname on the war memorial1894191723id: p14565791065Royal Field Artillery - 34751 buried: Redruth St Day Cemetery

25BrownVivian William Brownname on the war memorial1917194629id: p44565801066RAFVR - 1424708 buried: Hamburg Cemetery Germany

26BuckinhamHarry Buckinhamname on the war memorial1897191821id: p14565821069Royal Garrison Artillery - 159178 buried: Arras Memorial France

27BullenErnest Francis Bullenname on the war memorial1891191827id: p14565831077Royal Engineers - 32392 buried: Ploegsteert Memorial Belgium

28CarterBert Cartername on the war memorial1917id: p14565841074London Regt - 652617 buried: Menin Road South Military Cemetery

29ChappellA Chappellname on the war memorialid: p44565851076

30ClemoNorman Vivian Clemoname on the war memorial1889191829id: p14565861069RASC - M2/116950 buried: Nairobi South Cemetery Kenya

31CollinsJames Edward Collinsname on the war memorial1878191739id: p14565871077Royal Garrison Artillery - 107573 buried: Ypres Belgium The Huts Cemetery

32CongdonWilliam Thomas Congdonname on the war memorial1897191720id: p14565881082Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry - 23886 buried: Arras Memorial France

33CookeHenry O P Cookename on the war memorial1915194227id: p44565891071Royal Indian Army Service Corps - EC/2459 buried: Kranji War Cemetery Singapore

34CoombeWilliam John Coombename on the war memorial1881191635id: p14565901078DCLI - buried: Theipval Memorial France

35CowlingCharles Cowlingname on the war memorial1877191942id: p14565911110RNR - DA/13973 buried: Redruth (St Uny) Churchyard

36CrawfordGeorge Bernard Crawfordname on the war memorial1921194221id: p44565921068RAFVR - 11878840 buried: Brookwood Military Cemetery
37Sidney William Crawfordname on the war memorial1896191721id: p14565931065DCLI - 26201 buried: Tyne Cot Memorial Belgium

38CurnowRichard Curnowname on the war memorial1922194321id: p44565941068RAFVR - 1316951 buried: Redruth (Illogan) Cemetery

39DartThomas John Dartname on the war memorial1918id: p14565951068Hampshire Regt - 27224 buried: Loos Memorial France

40DaveyJohn Henry Garfield Daveyname on the war memorial1914194228id: p44565971069RN - D/KX82151 buried: Plymouth Naval Memorial HM Tug St Issey

41Davey (Davie)A Davey (Davie)name on the war memorial1884191834id: p14565961068South African Infantry - R/204 buried: Valenciennes (St Roch) Communal Cemetery

42DaweF Dawename on the war memorialid: p14565981066
43Harold Dawename on the war memorial1897191720id: p14565991066DCLI - 23968 buried: Tyne Cot Memorial Belgium

44DellAlbert Leslie Dellname on the war memorial1919194324id: p44566001076Royal Sussex Regt - 5439307 buried: Krakow Rokowicki Cemetery Poland

45DelvesJames Walter Evans Delvesname on the war memorial1886191832id: p14566011066RN - 307134 buried: Plymouth (Ford Park) Cemetery

46DonnithorneJohn Gray Donnithornename on the war memorial1878191739id: p14566021078Royal Garrison Artillery - 93238 buried: Mendinghem Military Cemetery Belgium

47DowningArthur Kitchener Downingname on the war memorial1917194225id: p44566031083RN - D/JX137641 buried: Plymouth Naval Memorial HMS Hecla

48DuftyMervyn Benjamin John Duftyname on the war memorial1919194324id: p44566041085RN - D/JX139269 buried: Plymouth Naval Memorial (HM Submaine Tigris)

49DunstanJ Dunstanname on the war memorialid: p14566051078
50James Edwin Dunstanname on the war memorial1896191822id: p145660610691Royal Field Artillery - 123946 buried: Redruth (St Day Road) Cemetery
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51DyerG M Dyername on the war memorialid: p14566071067

52EathorneRichard Eathornename on the war memorial1915id: p14566081070Rand Rifles - 601 buried: Swakapmund Municiple Cemetery Namibia

53EddyFrederick Eddyname on the war memorial1876191539id: p14566091073Royal Engineers - 121843 buried: Citadel New Military Cemetery France
54William Eddyname on the war memorial1917id: p14566101068DCLI - 17271 buried: Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery Ypres Belgium

55EleyErnest Francis Eleyname on the war memorial1883191936id: p14566111077RN - 297026 buried: Redruth (St Day Road) Cemetery
56Frank Eleyname on the war memorialid: p44566121067

57EllisJames Reginald Ellisname on the war memorial1913194330id: p44566131076DCLI - 5444899 buried: Massicault War Cemetery Tunsia

58EslickWilliam Eslickname on the war memorial1870191545id: p14566141074RASC - SS/14123 buried: Gallipoli Turkey (lost at sea)

59EvansAlbert James Evansname on the war memorial1897194649id: p44566151068Merchant Navy - buried: Shotley Royal Naval Cemetery
60Stephen Brencley Evansname on the war memorial1894194450id: p44566161065RAFVR - 1417582 buried: Bayeux War Cemetery France
61William Joseph Evansname on the war memorial1887191730id: p14566171067Royal Garrison Artillery - 98623 buried: Cambrai Memorial France

62FarrW J Farrname on the war memorialid: p44566181065

63FinchPeter Love Finchname on the war memorial1920194020id: p44566191071RN - FAA/FX76664 buried: Lee on Solent Memorial (HMS Glorius)

64FinucaneJames Nelson Finucanename on the war memorial1896191923id: p14566201067Royal Engineers - WR/12519 buried: Pepinster Communal Cemetery Belgium

65FisherCharles Fishername on the war memorial1861191655id: p14566211074DCLI - 2341 buried: Redruth (St Day Road) Cemetery

66FloydErnest Clifton Floydname on the war memorial1898191719id: p44566221067Royal Inniskilling Fusillers - 43215 buried: Mendinghem Military Cemetery Belgium
67J Floydname on the war memorialid: p14566231088
68William Gerald Floydname on the war memorial1913194330id: p44566241068DCLI - 5434679 buried: Sangro River War Cemetery Italy

69FooteWilliam Henry Footename on the war memorial1871191544id: p14566251067RN - M/12127 buried: St Johns Cemetery Halifax Nova Scotia (HMS Carnavon)

70FrancisBenjamin Francisname on the war memorial1897191518id: p14566261070DCLI - 17215 buried: ypres (Menin Gate Memorial) Belgium
71Donald Francisname on the war memorial1922194119id: p44566271066NAAFI - buried: HMS Galatea ship torpedoed
72Horace Victor Francisname on the war memorial1919194223id: p44566281067RN - P/JX178512 buried: Alexandria (Hadra) War Memorial Cemetery Eygpt
73Richard Percy Francisname on the war memorial1883191633id: p14566291093DCLI - 26458 buried: Delville Wood Cemetery France
74Sidney Edward Francisname on the war memorial1920194525id: p44566301068DCLI - 5442380 buried: Redruth (St Day Road) Cemetery

75FrenchJames Stanley Frenchname on the war memorial1891191827id: p14566311065Durham Light Infantry - 302867 buried: St Erme Communal Cemetery Extention France

76GeorgeSamuel Georgename on the war memorial1899191819id: p14566321068Royal Berkshire Regt - 38535 buried: Soissons Memorial France

77GilbertErnest Gilbertname on the war memorial1890191626id: p14566331065RN - k/2889 buried: Plymouth Naval Memorial HMS Defence
78Nicholas Gilbertname on the war memorial1896191822id: p14566341065Hampshire Regt - 27165 buried: Esquelbecq Military Cemetery France

79GillFoster James Gillname on the war memorial1897191619id: p14566351071DCLI - 5110 buried: Redruth (St Uny) Churchyard

80GlassonJames Glassonname on the war memorial1886192034id: p14566361071Royal Engineers - 132266 buried: Redruth (St Uny) Churchyard

81GoldsworthyDavey John Goldsworthyname on the war memorial1921194423id: p545663710701RN - D/SSX 265540 buried: Bayeux War Cemetery France
82Frank Goldsworthyname on the war memorial1919194526id: p54566381070REME - 1886516 buried: Redruth (St Day Road) Cemetery
83Kenneth Kitchener Goldsworthyname on the war memorial1915194227id: p54566391074RASC - T/179508 buried: Redruth ( St Day Road) Cemetery
84Leonard Goldsworthyname on the war memorial1920194222id: p54566401074RAFVR - 912826 buried: Singaore Memorial

85GoodmanW S Goodmanname on the war memorialid: p54566421069

86GouldThomas Gouldname on the war memorial1892191725id: p24566411065Royal Garrison Artillery - 41080 buried: Trois Arbres Cemetery France

87GrahamGeorge Edward Grahamname on the war memorial1923194219id: p54566431070RAFVR - 1337741 buried: Pioneer Cemetery Zimbabwe

88GrayM Grayname on the war memorialid: p24566441065

89GreenJames Greenname on the war memorial1889191627id: p24566451065DCLI - 18751 buried: London Cemetery and Extention France

90GreensladeFrederick Osborn Greensladename on the war memorial1897191619id: p24566461067Machine Gun Corps - 22462 buried: Theipval Memorial France

91GriffithsWilliam Griffithsname on the war memorial1899191819id: p24566471066Somerset Light Infantry - 29339 buried: Vis en Artois memorial France

92HarrisFrank T Harrisname on the war memorial1882191735id: p24566481065South African Infantry - 3499 buried: Dar es Salaam War Cemetery Tanzania
93William Leslie Harrisname on the war memorial1909194031id: p54566491067Cheshire Regt - 4132840 buried: Treleigh (St Stephen) Churchyard

94HillA Hillname on the war memorialid: p24566501073
95Wilfred James Hillname on the war memorial1893191623id: p24566511068DCLI - buried: Heilly Station Cemetery France

96HodgeArthur James Hodgename on the war memorial1900194040id: p54566521095RN - D/J38405 buried: Plymouth Naval Memorial HM Drifter Reed

97HoneychurchGeorge Stephen Honeychurchname on the war memorialid: p245665310721

98HooperJ T Hoopername on the war memorialid: p24566541065
99W J Hoopername on the war memorialid: p24566551069

100HoskingEdwin Bennett Hoskingname on the war memorial1912194028id: p54566561067DCLI - 5437678 buried: Oostduinkerke Communal Cemetery Belgium

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War Memorial Photographs

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for War Memorial, Redruth, Cornwall, England.

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