Prospect Cemetery, Glasnevin, Dublin, Ireland

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Monument list with thumbnail images surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
imageGPR ref.viewedrequestednotes

1AlpinPatrick Alpinfirst name on this monument1857201877Prospect
id: Glas146
Denis Alpinbrother of Patrick Alpin
Joseph Alpinbrother of Patrick Alpin
John Alpinfather of Patrick Alpin1830491879

2AndrewsFitzjames W Andrewsfirst name on this monument185271859Prospect
id: Glas19

3AstinJohn Astinfirst name on this monument1797381835Prospect
id: Glas253
Patrick Carrollbrother-in-law of John Astin1852
John Carrollnephew of John Astin21
Bridget Carrollniece of John Astin184051845

4AylmerEmma M Aylmerfirst name on this monument1792601852Prospect
id: Glas3

5BeattyMary E Beattyfirst name on this monument1875651940Prospect
id: Glas115
Kathleen Beattydaughter of Mary E Beatty
Thomas Hughesfather of Mary E Beatty
Anne Hughesmother of Mary E Beatty

6BehanJoseph Behanfirst name on this monument1849611910Prospect
id: Glas164
Dorah Mary Behandaughter of Joseph Behan188811889
Ellen Mary Connie Behandaughter of Joseph Behan1895201915
John Behanfather of Joseph Behan1812801892
Julia Behanmother of Joseph Behan1814801894
Thomas Ignatius Behanson of Joseph Behan1888361924
Ellen Behanwife of Joseph Behan1933

7BerginMary Berginfirst name on this monument1838601898Prospect
id: Glas163
Mary Gertrude Bergindaughter of Mary Bergin1855121867
William Berginhusband of Mary Bergin1823851908
William Berginson of Mary Bergin

8BerryMargaret Berryfirst name on this monument1794351829Prospect
id: Glas293
Mary Sophia T Berrydaughter-in-law of Margaret Berry1837751912
Margaret Crosbygrand daughter of Margaret Berry1870421912
Arthur H R Crosbygrand son-in-law of Margaret Berry
Joseph Berryhusband of Margaret Berry1787721859
John Berryson of Margaret Berry1828771905
Joseph Berryson of Margaret Berry1822621884
William Berryson of Margaret Berry1823241847

9BlakeThomas Blakefirst name on this monument1839391878Prospect
id: Glas104
Thomas Bolgerbrother-in-law of Thomas Blake1894
Denis Bolgerfather-in-law of Thomas Blake
Rosanna Blakewife of Thomas Blake1844841928

10BoganMary Boganfirst name on this monument1811521863Prospect
id: Glas215
William Boganhusband of Mary Bogan

11BolgerJames Bolgerfirst name on this monumentProspect
id: Glas112
(2 images)
Denis Bolgerfather of James Bolger1801681869
Rose Bolgermother of James Bolger
Maryanne Bolgersister of James Bolger

12BoomerJ P Boomerfirst name on this monument1920Prospect
id: Glas72

13BoydMargaret Boydfirst name on this monument1816181834Prospect
id: Glas82

14BradyCatherine Bradyfirst name on this monument1810651875Prospect
id: Glas4
James Bradyhusband of Catherine Brady1792901882
Catherine McKennarelationship not known of Catherine Brady1834701904
Patrick McKennarelationship not known of Catherine Brady
John Sheridanrelationship not known of Catherine Brady1802901892
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15BradyJane Bradyfirst name on this monument1800651865Prospect
id: Glas35
James Bradyson of Jane Brady

16BradyPatrick Bradyfirst name on this monument1790621852Prospect
id: Glas266
Elizabeth Bradywife of Patrick Brady1795581853

17BriscoeCatherine Briscoefirst name on this monument1816701886Prospect
id: Glas278
James Briscoebrother-in-law of Catherine Briscoe
Roger Briscoefather-in-law of Catherine Briscoe
Edward Briscoehusband of Catherine Briscoe
Annie Briscoeson-in-law of Catherine Briscoe
Francis Farrell Foyuncle-in-law of Catherine Briscoe1875

18BrowneRichard Brownefirst name on this monument1809661875Prospect
id: Glas240
Ellen Josephine Boylanrelationship not known of Richard Browne1868751943
Mary Brownerelationship not known of Richard Browne1844721916

19BurgessSarah Burgessfirst name on this monument187351878Prospect
id: Glas235
Henry Burgessrelationship not known of Sarah Burgess1871371908
Joseph Burgessrelationship not known of Sarah Burgess187661882

20BurkeGeorge Henry Burkefirst name on this monument1847291876Prospect
id: Glas237
Thomas Clarebrother-in-law of George Henry Burke
James Burkefather of George Henry Burke1890
Eliza Burkemother of George Henry Burke1886
Margaret Claresister of George Henry Burke1903

21BurkeMartha Burkefirst name on this monument1820401860Prospect
id: Glas254
John Devinegrand father-in-law of Martha Burke1747871834
John Burkehusband of Martha Burke

22ButlerJames Butlerfirst name on this monument1824341858Prospect
id: Glas204
Thomas Butlerson of James Butler1841601901
Julia Butlerwife of James Butler1826301856

23ByersRobert Byersfirst name on this monument1834361870Prospect
id: Glas281
Catherine Byerswife of Robert Byers
James Byersrelationship not known of Robert Byers
Mary Sarah Byersrelationship not known of Robert Byers
Michael Byersrelationship not known of Robert Byers

24ByrneAnn Byrnefirst name on this monument1833Prospect
id: Glas261
Patrick Byrnebrother of Ann Byrne1833
Richard Byrnefather of Ann Byrne
Mary Byrnesister of Ann Byrne1833

25ByrneElizabeth Byrnefirst name on this monument1802311833Prospect
id: Glas268
Mary Byrnedaughter of Elizabeth Byrne
Edward Byrnehusband of Elizabeth Byrne1781821863
Edward Byrneson of Elizabeth Byrne183631839

26ByrneJane Byrnefirst name on this monument1797451842Prospect
id: Glas224
Francis Byrnehusband of Jane Byrne1802671869
Patrick Byrneson of Jane Byrne

27ByrneJohn Byrnefirst name on this monument1797711868Prospect
id: Glas277
Denis Byrneson of John Byrne1834471881
Elizabeth Byrnewife of John Byrne1818691887

28ByrneMichael Byrnefirst name on this monument183421836Prospect
id: Glas213
William Byrnefather of Michael Byrne

29ByrnePatrick Byrnefirst name on this monument1830471877Prospect
id: Glas249
John Patrick Byrneson of Patrick Byrne186421866
Esther Byrnewife of Patrick Byrne
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30ByrnePatrick Byrnefirst name on this monument1828481876Prospect
id: Glas271
Anne Byrnewife of Patrick Byrne

31ByrneTimothy Byrnefirst name on this monument1844321876Prospect
id: Glas135
Daniel Byrnefather of Timothy Byrne
Bridget Byrnegrand mother of Timothy Byrne85
Bridget Byrnesister of Timothy Byrne
Mary Byrnesister of Timothy Byrne

32CahillTeresa Cahillfirst name on this monument1879Prospect
id: Glas127
Thomas Cahillson of Teresa Cahill1869
Julia Hayesrelationship not known of Teresa Cahill1868
Andre Ryanrelationship not known of Teresa Cahill1881

33CallanFrances Callanfirst name on this monument1800521852Prospect
id: Glas202
Peter Callanhusband of Frances Callan1786861872
John Callanson of Frances Callan
Peter Callanson of Frances Callan1832231855
Richard Callanson of Frances Callan
Frances Maria Callanrelationship not known of Frances Callan1870821952
Henry G Callanrelationship not known of Frances Callan1854761930

34CanavanGeorge Canavanfirst name on this monument183341837Prospect
id: Glas168
Thomas Canavanfather of George Canavan

35CareyEleanor Careyfirst name on this monument1829301859Prospect
id: Glas94
Michael Careyhusband of Eleanor Carey
James Careyson of Eleanor Carey1849
Richard Careyson of Eleanor Carey1838

36CarrollM Carrollfirst name on this monument1919Prospect
id: Glas58

37CartanPeter Joseph Cartanfirst name on this monument1815351850Prospect
id: Glas20
(3 images)
Margaret Cartanwife of Peter Joseph Cartan1800601860

38CashmanRose Cashmanfirst name on this monument1886Prospect
id: Glas18
Michael Cashmanhusband of Rose Cashman1817741891

39CassidyMichael Cassidyfirst name on this monument1795451840Prospect
id: Glas239
Jane Cassidywife of Michael Cassidy1796651861

40CavenaghHenry Cavenaghfirst name on this monument1745891834Prospect
id: Glas84
Mary Cavenaghdaughter-in-law of Henry Cavenagh1828271855
Mary Cavenaghgrand daughter of Henry Cavenagh
John Cavenaghson of Henry Cavenagh1827371864

41ClanchyArthur D Clanchyfirst name on this monument1889291918Prospect
id: Glas129
Arthur French Clanchyfather of Arthur D Clanchy1842831925
Sophia M Clanchymother of Arthur D Clanchy1857901947

42ClareJohn Clarefirst name on this monument1804341838Prospect
id: Glas31
(2 images)
John Clareson of John Clare1837361873
Michael Clareson of John Clare183641840
Mary Clarewife of John Clare1820521872

43CoadyPatrick Coadyfirst name on this monument1846361882Prospect
id: Glas182
Margaret Coadywife of Patrick Coady

44ColemanJohn Colemanfirst name on this monument1901Prospect
id: Glas106
(3 images)
John Joseph Colemanson of John Coleman189661902
Mary Whitesister-in-law of John Coleman45
Margaret Colemanwife of John Coleman1834701904
Edward Francis Colemanrelationship not known of John Coleman1868601928
James Joseph Colemanrelationship not known of John Coleman1875421917
Mary Agnes Colemanrelationship not known of John Coleman1872461918
Michael Colemanrelationship not known of John Coleman1902181920
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45CombeCharlotte Combefirst name on this monument1847Prospect
id: Glas292
James Nicholas Ratiganfriend of Charlotte Combe
Edward Ratiganrelationship not known of Charlotte Combe1811601871
Elizabeth Frances Ratiganrelationship not known of Charlotte Combe1813451858
Margaret Ellen Ratiganrelationship not known of Charlotte Combe1825381863

46ConneryEdmond Conneryfirst name on this monument1810621872Prospect
id: Glas36
(2 images)
Michael Conneryson of Edmond Connery186811869
Sophia Amelia Connerywife of Edmond Connery

47ConnollyBridget Connollyfirst name on this monument1873471920Prospect
id: Glas43
Kathleen Cookseydaughter of Bridget Connolly1889841973
Margaret Cookseygrand daughter of Bridget Connolly
Edward Connollyhusband of Bridget Connolly1867601927

48ConnorGregory Connorfirst name on this monument1837Prospect
id: Glas227
John Joseph Connorbrother of Gregory Connor184251847
John Connorfather of Gregory Connor1813531866
Elizabeth Connorsister of Gregory Connor184011841
Mary Connorsister of Gregory Connor183921841

49ConnorMary Connorfirst name on this monument1815251840Prospect
id: Glas108
Patrick Connorhusband of Mary Connor

50ConroyJ H Conroyfirst name on this monument1917Prospect
id: Glas67

51ConroyJulia Conroyfirst name on this monument182891837Prospect
id: Glas291
Francis Conroyrelationship not known of Julia Conroy

52CooneyRosanna Cooneyfirst name on this monument1815291844Prospect
id: Glas298
Bridget Cooneydaughter of Rosanna Cooney1841
Rosanna Cooneydaughter of Rosanna Cooney1843
Joseph Cooneyhusband of Rosanna Cooney
Peter Cooneyson of Rosanna Cooney1837
William Cooneyson of Rosanna Cooney1843

53CorriganMary Corriganfirst name on this monument1880Prospect
id: Glas263
(5 images)
Patrick W Corriganbrother of Mary Corrigan1956
Margaret Corrigancousin of Mary Corrigan1843721915
Peter Corriganfather of Mary Corrigan1885
Catherine Corriganmother of Mary Corrigan1885
John Corrigannephew of Mary Corrigan1888
Mary Corriganniece of Mary Corrigan1903
Dora Corrigansister-in-law of Mary Corrigan1884
Elizabeth Corrigansister-in-law of Mary Corrigan1900
Elizabeth Corriganrelationship not known of Mary Corrigan1954
Herbert Corriganrelationship not known of Mary Corrigan1956
Michael A Corriganrelationship not known of Mary Corrigan1953
Nan Corriganrelationship not known of Mary Corrigan1962
Peter A Corriganrelationship not known of Mary Corrigan1889
William R Corriganrelationship not known of Mary Corrigan1962

54CosgravePatrick Cosgravefirst name on this monument183711838Prospect
id: Glas212
John Cosgravebrother of Patrick Cosgrave183911840
John Cosgravefather of Patrick Cosgrave
Elizabeth Cosgravesister of Patrick Cosgrave184311844

55CoulahanA Coulahanfirst name on this monument1886331919Prospect
id: Glas75

56CowleyRose Cowleyfirst name on this monument1798371835Prospect
id: Glas10
Owen Cowleyhusband of Rose Cowley

57CrannonMichael Crannonfirst name on this monument1811251836Prospect
id: Glas220
Mary Crannonwife of Michael Crannon
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58CroftonMary Croftonfirst name on this monument1753801833Prospect
id: Glas89
Honora Carolin Carlinrelationship not known of Mary Crofton1785561841
Thomas Carlinrelationship not known of Mary Crofton1798421840

59CullenMary Cullenfirst name on this monument1893141907Prospect
id: Glas116
Peter Cullenfather of Mary Cullen1858661924
Brigid Or Bridget Cullenmother of Mary Cullen1864821946

60CunninghamMaryanne Cunninghamfirst name on this monument1856311887Prospect
id: Glas101
Edward Cunninghamfather of Maryanne Cunningham1833591892

61CunninghamPatrick Cunninghamfirst name on this monument1764721836Prospect
id: Glas107
Bridget Cunninghamwife of Patrick Cunningham1769731842

62CurryMary Curryfirst name on this monument1949Prospect
id: Glas190

63DalyJames Dalyfirst name on this monument1851471898Prospect
id: Glas222
Ellen Dalydaughter of James Daly
Rebecca Dalywife of James Daly1859761935

64DalyMargaret Dalyfirst name on this monument1875Prospect
id: Glas16
James Dalyhusband of Margaret Daly1917

65DavisJames Davisfirst name on this monument1802461848Prospect
id: Glas251
Elizabeth Davisdaughter of James Davis
James Davisson of James Davis
Catherine Daviswife of James Davis1791761867

66DeneheyThomas Deneheyfirst name on this monument1832751907Prospect
id: Glas141

67DevinePatrick Devinefirst name on this monument1809261835Prospect
id: Glas34
Patrick Devinefather of Patrick Devine
James Devinerelationship not known of Patrick Devine1819171836
Michael Devinerelationship not known of Patrick Devine1814211835

68DillonB Dillonfirst name on this monument1895521947Prospect
id: Glas114

69DohertyJohn Dohertyfirst name on this monument1829211850Prospect
id: Glas209
James Dohertybrother of John Doherty
Martin Dohertybrother of John Doherty
Henry Dohertyfather of John Doherty1811501861

70DollardAlicia Dollardfirst name on this monument1902Prospect
id: Glas97
James Dollardhusband of Alicia Dollard1831751906

71DonahoeEstherin Donahoefirst name on this monument1789451834Prospect
id: Glas165
James Donahowhusband of Estherin Donahoe1776601836
Michael Colganson-in-law of Estherin Donahoe

72DonnellyElizabeth Donnellyfirst name on this monument1808501858Prospect
id: Glas143
Michael Donnellyhusband of Elizabeth Donnelly
Edward Donnellyson of Elizabeth Donnelly185711858

73DonnellyJane Donnellyfirst name on this monument1838Prospect
id: Glas160
Francis Donnellybrother of Jane Donnelly183281840
James Donnellyfather of Jane Donnelly
Teresa Donnellysister of Jane Donnelly1840

74DonnellyMatthew Donnellyfirst name on this monument1786751861Prospect
id: Glas105
(2 images)
Jane Donnellydaughter of Matthew Donnelly1822141836
Mary Donnellydaughter of Matthew Donnelly1827191846
Bridget Donnellywife of Matthew Donnelly75
William Joseph Donnellyrelationship not known of Matthew Donnelly1804571861

75DonnellyPatrick Donnellyfirst name on this monument1823471870Prospect
id: Glas96
Mary Donnellywife of Patrick Donnelly1830361866

76DonnellyWinifred Donnellyfirst name on this monument77Prospect
id: Glas290
Rebecca Mooneydaughter of Winifred Donnelly1800431843
Maryann Mooneygrand daughter of Winifred Donnelly1820181838
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77DooleyKate Dooleyfirst name on this monument1832361868Prospect
id: Glas176
(3 images)
Catherine Dooleyrelationship not known of Kate Dooley1872
William Dooleyrelationship not known of Kate Dooley1828401868

78DowdallMary Jane Dowdallfirst name on this monument1870651935Prospect
id: Glas177
Philomena Dowdalldaughter of Mary Jane Dowdall1900151915
Thomas Dowdallrelationship not known of Mary Jane Dowdall1862751937

79DoyleAlicia Doylefirst name on this monument1775621837Prospect
id: Glas260
Henry Doylehusband of Alicia Doyle

80DoyleAndrew Doylefirst name on this monument1808651873Prospect
id: Glas191
(2 images)
Kate Doyledaughter of Andrew Doyle1840641904
James Doyleson of Andrew Doyle1852341886
Catherine Doylewife of Andrew Doyle1813701883

81DoyleBridget Doylefirst name on this monument1852501902Prospect
id: Glas282
Anne Doyledaughter of Bridget Doyle
Nellie Doyledaughter of Bridget Doyle1888241912
William Doylehusband of Bridget Doyle1855701925
James Doyleson of Bridget Doyle

82DoyleJohn Doylefirst name on this monument1804681872Prospect
id: Glas25
(3 images)
James Doylerelationship not known of John Doyle1820461866
Patrick Doylerelationship not known of John Doyle1808621870

83DoyleJohn Doylefirst name on this monument1820141834Prospect
id: Glas137

84DoyleMichael Doylefirst name on this monument1830351865Prospect
id: Glas242
Anne Doylewife of Michael Doyle1827681895

85DoyleW Doylefirst name on this monument1919Prospect
id: Glas80

86DuffyF T Duffyfirst name on this monument1919Prospect
id: Glas65

87DunneFrancis Dunnefirst name on this monument1847161863Prospect
id: Glas21
(3 images)
Michael Dunnefather of Francis Dunne1804671871
Michael Joseph Dunnerelationship not known of Francis Dunne1834411875

88DunneMargaret Dunnefirst name on this monument1849251874Prospect
id: Glas128
Eliza Mary Dunnedaughter of Margaret Dunne1874
Charles Dunnehusband of Margaret Dunne

89DunneRobert Dunnefirst name on this monument1806371843Prospect
id: Glas32
Robert Dunneson of Robert Dunne
Jane Dunnewife of Robert Dunne

90EustaceG Eustacefirst name on this monument1882321914Prospect
id: Glas124

91FaganCatherine Faganfirst name on this monument1845701915Prospect
id: Glas280
Charles Faganson of Catherine Fagan
Francis Faganson of Catherine Fagan
Micheal Faganson of Catherine Fagan
Patrick Faganson of Catherine Fagan

92FallonBartholomew Fallonfirst name on this monument1803541857Prospect
id: Glas158
Ellen Higginsrelationship not known of Bartholomew Fallon1815521867

93FallonThomas Fallonfirst name on this monument1759751834Prospect
id: Glas258
Matthew Fallonson of Thomas Fallon

94FarnenJohn Farnenfirst name on this monument1764731837Prospect
id: Glas221
Jane Farnendaughter-in-law of John Farnen1803441847
Walter Farnenson of John Farnen

95FarrellElizabeth Farrellfirst name on this monument1794651859Prospect
id: Glas30
(2 images)

96FarrellGrace Farrellfirst name on this monument1848241872Prospect
id: Glas27
(4 images)
Michael Farrellbrother-in-law of Grace Farrell
Fergus Farrellfather-in-law of Grace Farrell
John Farrellhusband of Grace Farrell
Ellen Farrellmother-in-law of Grace Farrell1807441851
Ellen Anna Farrellsister-in-law of Grace Farrell1836111847
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97FarrellMary Farrellfirst name on this monument1780811861Prospect
id: Glas125
Mary Dowlingdaughter of Mary Farrell

98FarrellPatrick Farrellfirst name on this monument1824111835Prospect
id: Glas157
Michael Farrellfather of Patrick Farrell

99FineganPatrick Fineganfirst name on this monument1781521833Prospect
id: Glas296
John Fineganbrother of Patrick Finegan1790471837
Grace Reillymother-in-law of Patrick Finegan1770641834
James Fineganson of Patrick Finegan1808311839
John Fineganson of Patrick Finegan

100FitzgeraldJames Fitzgeraldfirst name on this monument17421051847Prospect
id: Glas243

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Prospect Cemetery, Glasnevin, Dublin, Ireland.

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