St Nicolas' Church burial ground, Portslade, Sussex, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1AndrewsAlbert Andrewsfirst name on this monument1912821994no image2
Margaret Andrewswife of Albert Andrews1912892001

2ArnoldMary Arnoldfirst name on this monument1778351813id: IMG_010
John Arnoldhusband of Mary Arnold1781691850

3BampshereDaniel Bampsherefirst name on this monument1812561868id: IMG_013

4BartlettEdward Augustus Bartlettfirst name on this monument181331816id: IMG_145Son of Augustus and Fanny Bartlett
Augustus Bartlettfather of Edward Augustus Bartlett
Fanny Bartlettmother of Edward Augustus Bartlett

5BeardJohn Beardfirst name on this monument1763711834id: IMG_0113
John Beardson of John Beard1810161826
Jane Beardwife of John Beard1781391820

6BeckettArthur Beckettfirst name on this monumentid: IMG_0451
Barbara Joan Grahamdaughter of Arthur Beckett1894541948
Dorothy Kathleen Hodgsondaughter of Arthur Beckett1888721960
Geoffrey Beckett Blakerson of Arthur Beckett1893701963
Elizabeth Jane Blakerwife of Arthur Beckett

7BishoppHelen Mary Bishoppfirst name on this monument1897801977no image1

8BlakerArthur Wilfred Blakerfirst name on this monument1889261915id: IMG_027Killed in action onboard HMS Inflexible at the Dardanelles and buried at sea

9BlakerBrian Oscar Blakerfirst name on this monument1942id: IMG_128In memory of Brian Oscar Blaker died June 2nd 1942 in Australia whose family has been closely associated with this church from the year 1485 , the space under this tower was adapted as a baptistery.

10BlakerEdward Blakerfirst name on this monumentid: IMG_043
Elizabeth Susanna Blakerdaughter of Edward Blaker181281820
Anna Kempdaughter-in-law of Edward Blaker1783861869 Widow of Edward Blaker (died 1875)
Charles Blakerson of Edward Blaker1878 age 18 days
Edward Blakerson of Edward Blaker1780711851 Fourth son of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Blaker
Anna Kemp Blakerwife of Edward Blaker

11BlakerJohn Blakerfirst name on this monument1805591864id: IMG_044Brother of John Blaker and known as John Blaker the Younger
John Blakerbrother of John Blaker
Ada Matilda Blakerdaughter of John Blaker1845 age 3 weeks - Second daughter of John and Mary Blaker
Henrietta Blakerdaughter of John Blaker1840361876 Eldest daughter of John and Mary Blaker
Elizabeth Jane Blakerdaughter-in-law of John Blaker1855691924 Wife of Arthur Beckett Blaker
Arthur Beckett Blakerson of John Blaker1843711914
Mary Blakerwife of John Blaker1809711880

12BlakerJohn Blakerfirst name on this monument1774771851id: IMG_026In memory of John Blaker of Lewes
Cordelia Blakerdaughter of John Blaker1807201827 Fourth daughter of John and Sarah Blaker
Elizabeth Blakerdaughter of John Blaker1801241825 Second daughter of John and Sarah Blaker
Emily Blakerdaughter of John Blaker1811141825 Fifth daughter of John and Sarah Blaker
Mary Ann Blakerdaughter of John Blaker1803871890 Third daughter of John and Sarah Blaker
Sarah Blakerwife of John Blaker1776561832

13BlakerJohn Blakerfirst name on this monument1764521816id: IMG_025d 10/1816
Caroline Blakerdaughter-in-law of John Blaker1815431858
John Blakerson of John Blaker Year of death either 1850 or 1870

14BlakerNathaniel Blakerfirst name on this monument1743721815id: IMG_042AD 1616. In the vault beneath are deposited the remains of Nathaniel Blaker of this parish Gent who died on the 6th day of May 1815 aged 72 years
Ann Blakerdaughter of Nathaniel Blaker1778331811
Charles Blakerson of Nathaniel Blaker1787401827
Elizabeth Blakerwife of Nathaniel Blaker1746691815
Edward Blakerrelationship not known of Nathaniel Blaker
Edward Spenser Blakerrelationship not known of Nathaniel Blaker1862351897 Only son of Edward and Emma Blaker
Emma Blakerrelationship not known of Nathaniel Blaker

15BlakerThomas Blakerfirst name on this monument1783641847id: IMG_041
Nathaniel Blakerfather of Thomas Blaker
Elizabeth Blakermother of Thomas Blaker
Cordelia Blakersister of Thomas Blaker1785661851 Sister of Thomas Blaker and fifth daughter of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Blaker
Catharine Blakerwife of Thomas Blaker1776711847
Edward Blakerrelationship not known of Thomas Blaker
Ellen Blakerrelationship not known of Thomas Blaker
Walter Isaacson Blakerrelationship not known of Thomas Blaker1854411895 Fourth son of Edward and Ellen Blaker and Vicar of St Nicolas Church
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16BlakerWalter Leopold Blakerfirst name on this monument1817161833id: IMG_136Son of Harry Blaker of Brighton
Charles Blakerbrother of Walter Leopold Blaker182431827
Harry Blakerfather of Walter Leopold Blaker
Harriett Blakersister of Walter Leopold Blaker1821 age 3 months

17BorrerJohn Borrerfirst name on this monument1785811866id: IMG_033Of the Manor House
Kate Borrerdaughter of John Borrer1811791890
Sarah Anne Borrerdaughter of John Borrer1824841908
Sarah Anne Borrerthird wife of John Borrer1794721866 Third wife of John Borrer

18BorrerJohn Borrerfirst name on this monument1844id: IMG_127In memory of John the affectionate son of John and Mary Anne Borrer who by an awful dispensation of Providence on the 10th day after his marriage was suddenly cut off and separated from his beloved wife and all who are dear to him by a coach accident on entering the city of Carlisle on 17thAugust 1844 aged 29 years. Having endured with remarkable fortitude the amputation of his leg , he died after 3 days of acute suffering leaving his family in deep affliction for the loss of one most justly endeared to them. A solemn warning for all to prepare for eternity. Consider this ye that forget God. Repent ye and believe the Gospel
John Borrerfather of John Borrer
Mary Anne Borrermother of John Borrer

19BorrerJohn Borrerfirst name on this monument1785811866id: IMG_125
Ellen Borrerdaughter of John Borrer1817171834 Daughter of John and Mary Anne Borrer
Frederick Leopold Borrerson of John Borrer181901819 Son of John and Mary Anne Borrer
Lindfield Borrerson of John Borrer1823201843 Son of John and Sarah Anne Borrer
Nathaniel Borrerson of John Borrer181801818 Son of John and Mary Anne Borrer
Kitty Borrerfirst wife of John Borrer1784271811 1st wife of John Borrer
Mary Anne Borrersecond wife of John Borrer1792271819 2nd wife of John Borrer
Sarah Anne Borrerthird wife of John Borrer1794721866 3rd wife of John Borrer

20BorrerWilliam Arthur Borrerfirst name on this monument1816291845id: IMG_126In Memory of William Arthur the second son of John and Mary Anne Borrer born on 19thJanuary 1816 who sailed from Singapore on 23rd September 1845 , and no tidings having been heard of him , it is supposed the vessel foundered in a terrific hurricane which raged in the China Seas a few days after he left the port. Blessed with a cheerful and benevolent disposition , he gained the good will and affections of his crew and the friendship of his acquaintance. Whilst from his distant wanderings he communicated to his family when in affliction such Christian consolation as would induce them not to sorrow as those without hope. Thy way is in the sea and thy paths in the great waters and thy footsteps are not known. Psalm 77. In the midst of life we are in death.      Watch therefore for ye know neither the day or the hour wherein the Son of Man Cometh.
John Borrerfather of William Arthur Borrer
Mary Anne Borrermother of William Arthur Borrer

21BoydJulia Boydfirst name on this monument1809531862no imageOn floor near sanctuary steps

22BoyleSophia Courtney Boylefirst name on this monument1861471908no image1Only sister of Reverand Armstrong Boyle
Armstrong Boylebrother of Sophia Courtney Boyle

23BrooksTom Brooksfirst name on this monument1916922008id: IMG_0371
Eileen Brookswife of Tom Brooks1917972014

24BrownThomas Brownfirst name on this monument1793741867id: IMG_023
Sarah Brownwife of Thomas Brown1793731866

25BuckollJohn Buckollfirst name on this monument1673671740id: IMG_030

26BuckollJohn Buckollfirst name on this monument1740id: IMG_130
(2 images)
A Tailor by trade

27BuckollThomas Buckollfirst name on this monument1706381744id: IMG_031

28BuckollThomas Buckollfirst name on this monument1744id: IMG_130a

29BusterCharlotte Busterfirst name on this monument184521847id: IMG_022Daughter of William and Charlotte Buster
William Busterfather of Charlotte Buster
Charlotte Bustermother of Charlotte Buster

30ButcherElizabeth Butcherfirst name on this monument1741751816id: IMG_014

31CaplanJames Caplanfirst name on this monument1821291850id: IMG_017
Clara Caplandaughter of James Caplan1850 age 4 months

32CarpenterSarah Carpenterfirst name on this monument1726no imageage 3 months 8 days - Inside of church on floor of north aisle. Daughter of Robert and Esther Carpenter
Robert Carpenterbrother of Sarah Carpenter1732 age 11 months 13 days - Son of Robert and Esther Carpenter
Robert Carpenterfather of Sarah Carpenter
Esther Carpentermother of Sarah Carpenter
Esther Carpentersister of Sarah Carpenter1722161738 Daughter of Robert and Esther Carpenter
Henrietta Carpentersister of Sarah Carpenter1739 age 16 months 1 day - Daughter of Robert and Esther Carpenter
Sarah Carpentersister of Sarah Carpenter1728 age 3 months 10 days - Daughter of Robert and Esther Carpenter
Hester Carpentersister-in-law of Sarah Carpenter1696461742 Wife of Robert Carpenter

33ClarkeLucy W Clarkefirst name on this monument185711858id: IMG_1441

34ClaytonEliza Jane Claytonfirst name on this monument1851131864id: IMG_012Daughter of James Frederick and Eliza Clayton
James Frederick Claytonfather of Eliza Jane Clayton
Eliza Claytonmother of Eliza Jane Clayton
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35ClentThomas William Clentfirst name on this monument1856id: IMG_016age 7 weeks

36CluttonRalph Cluttonfirst name on this monument1695661761no imageLate Vicar of this Parish and Rector of Horsted-Keynes
Ralph Cluttonson of Ralph Clutton1728441772 Rector of Horsted-Keynes and Aldrington
Elizabeth Cluttonwife of Ralph Clutton1706791785

37CookeMary Cookefirst name on this monument1673441717no image2Wife of Thomas Cooke
Thomas Cookehusband of Mary Cooke

38CookeThomas Cookefirst name on this monument1659831742no image1Inside of church on floor of north aisle.

39CoomGeorge Coomfirst name on this monument1743761819id: IMG_142
Charles Coomson of George Coom1812211833 Died at sea
Ann Coomwife of George Coom1860

40CranhamLilian Rose Cranhamfirst name on this monumentno image

41CroughtonAnthony John Croughtonfirst name on this monument1945662011no image

42DixonJoyce E Dixonfirst name on this monument1930531983no image
Stanley C Dixonhusband of Joyce E Dixon1930822012

43DudneyHorace Dudneyfirst name on this monument185631859id: IMG_133Son of William and Fanny Dudney. Grandson of John Dudney of the Portslade Brewery
William Dudneyfather of Horace Dudney
John Dudneygrand father of Horace Dudney
Fanny Dudneymother of Horace Dudney

44DysonRonald George Dysonfirst name on this monument2008no image

45ElgarMary Ann Elgarfirst name on this monument178161787id: IMG_140Altar Tomb - East face

46EnglishConstance May Englishfirst name on this monument1940652005no image1

47FarmerFrancis Farmerfirst name on this monument1805641869id: IMG_060What is life? It is a vapour that appeareth for a little time and then vanish away.

48Field-WrightDennis Edward Field-Wrightfirst name on this monument1931832014id: IMG_034

49FinnemoreDavid Allan Finnemorefirst name on this monument1944682012id: IMG_039

50GoddardJames Goddardfirst name on this monument1766751841id: IMG_021

51GoddardMary Goddardfirst name on this monument1827181845id: IMG_019Daughter of Thomas and Mary Goddard
Thomas Goddardfather of Mary Goddard
Mary Goddardmother of Mary Goddard

52GoddardSarah Goddardfirst name on this monument1769801849id: IMG_020Wife of Thomas Goddard
Thomas Goddardhusband of Sarah Goddard

53GoddardThomas Goddardfirst name on this monument1793541847id: IMG_018Son of James and Sarah Goddard
James Goddardfather of Thomas Goddard
Sarah Goddardmother of Thomas Goddard
Mary Goddardwife of Thomas Goddard1794721866

54GodfrayJune Sylvia Godfrayfirst name on this monument1933722005no image
John James Godfrayhusband of June Sylvia Godfray1929792008
Robin James Christopher Godfrayson of June Sylvia Godfray1969372006

55GodleyWilliam Godleyfirst name on this monument1768571825id: IMG_148 Elizabeth Godley was Schoolmistress of this Parish for fifty years and Sarah Patching the first Mistress of the National School. Mother and daughter alike showed the sincerity of their own faith by their unwearied exertions to lead those under their care to the knowledge of the Truth as it is in Jesus. Whose Faith follow considering the end of their conversation. Jesus Christ the same yesterday today and for ever.
Sarah Patchingdaughter of William Godley1810361846
Elizabeth Godleywife of William Godley1779671846

56GodleyWilliam Godleyfirst name on this monument1800611861id: IMG_053In Memory of William Godley for 25 years the faithful parish clerk of Portslade who died November 3rd 1861 aged 61 years. In the hour of death and in the day of Judgment good Lord deliver us. Also of Charlotte Godley his wife died 30th September 1879 aged 76.
Charlotte Godleywife of William Godley1803761879

57GodsmarkMary Godsmarkfirst name on this monument1776271803id: IMG_015d 01/1803
Samuel Godsmarkhusband of Mary Godsmark1773561829

58GoodmanStanley C Goodmanfirst name on this monument1902751977no imagePriest

59GrinyerSamuel Grinyerfirst name on this monument1815481863no imageAffliction sore long time he bore / Physicians were in vain / Till death did seize and God did please / To ease him of his pain. 

60HallettWilliam Hallettfirst name on this monument1782751857id: IMG_138

61HeatonGeorge Heatonfirst name on this monument1903481951id: IMG_0401
Freda Heatonwife of George Heaton1988

62HerringDan Herringfirst name on this monument1907751982no image

63HillSarah Hillfirst name on this monumentno imageDaughter of James and Harriett Hill
James Hillfather of Sarah Hill
Harriett Hillmother of Sarah Hill
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64HodsonJohn Hodsonfirst name on this monument1783731856id: IMG_131

65HudsonAnn Hudsonfirst name on this monument1831id: IMG_047age 2 months - Daughter of Henry and Mary Maria Hudson
William Hudsonbrother of Ann Hudson1836 age 2 days - Son of Henry and Mary Maria Hudson
Henry Hudsonfather of Ann Hudson
Mary Maria Hudsonmother of Ann Hudson
Ellen Hudsonsister of Ann Hudson184011841 Daughter of Henry and Mary Maria Hudson

66HudsonMary Maria Hudsonfirst name on this monument1800501850no image
Elizabeth Johnsondaughter of Mary Maria Hudson1825261851
Henry Hudsonson of Mary Maria Hudson1833381871
John Hudsonson of Mary Maria Hudson1825351860

67HunterMary Hunterfirst name on this monument1725451770id: IMG_147d 12/1770 - Wife of Richard Hunter
Betty Hunterdaughter of Mary Hunter1777
Richard Hunterhusband of Mary Hunter1719781797 There are two inserts in the stone where the name ‘Richard’ was installed – presumably because the mason cut the wrong Christian name

68HylandsWilliam Hylandsfirst name on this monument1845221867id: IMG_024d 06/1867 - Son of Walter and Charlotte Hylands
Henry Hylandsbrother of William Hylands1866 d 12/1866 - Son of Walter and Charlotte Hylands
Lewis Hylandsbrother of William Hylands1865 d 06/1865 - Son of Walter and Charlotte Hylands
Walter Hylandsfather of William Hylands1809581867 Father of William , Henry and Lewis Hylands
Charlotte Hylandsmother of William Hylands

69KeepingHarriet Keepingfirst name on this monument1788281816id: IMG_058

70KerrWilliam Kerrfirst name on this monument1779751854no imageWilliam Kerr was for 18 years a Private in the 12th Light Dragoons and served in Egypt , Spain and Flanders under Abercrombie and Wellington. He was present at the Battles of Alexandria , Salamanca , Vittoria and Waterloo. He resided 36 years in this parish and was remarkable during the latter part of his life for his gentleness of disposition and general good conduct. He died hoping and praying for mercy in the name of his Redeemer.

71KnellGeoffrey Knellfirst name on this monument1929732002no image
Patricia Knellwife of Geoffrey Knell1933812014

72LickorishEric Alfred Lickorishfirst name on this monument1921902011id: IMG_036
Joyce Amelia Lickorishwife of Eric Alfred Lickorish1923892012

73MichellJohn Michellfirst name on this monument1764id: IMG_141age 16 months 14 days - Son of John and Margaret Michell
Will Michellbrother of John Michell1767 age 14 weeks 6 days - Son of John and Margaret Michell
John Michellfather of John Michell
Margaret Michellmother of John Michell
Anna Michellsister of John Michell176711768 Daughter of John and Margaret Michell

74MitchellSarah Mitchellfirst name on this monument1701751776id: IMG_1372Relict of John Mitchell
John Mitchellhusband of Sarah Mitchell

75MitchellThomas Mitchellfirst name on this monument1727731800id: IMG_1462

76MobsbySarah Mobsbyfirst name on this monument1837281865id: IMG_132Daughter of William and Caroline Mobsby of Portslade Mill
William Mobsbyfather of Sarah Mobsby
Caroline Mobsbymother of Sarah Mobsby

77MottLucy Mottfirst name on this monument1774571831id: IMG_0551
Luke Motthusband of Lucy Mott1781611842

78NewmanElizabeth Newmanfirst name on this monument1843321875id: IMG_140d 08/1875 - Altar Tomb - North face. Daughter of Thomas and Mary Barber
Thomas Barberfather of Elizabeth Newman
Mary Barbermother of Elizabeth Newman

79NewmanJames Newmanfirst name on this monumentid: IMG_139

80NewmanMary Newmanfirst name on this monument32id: IMG_139

81ParkinsonJohn Parkinsonfirst name on this monumentid: IMG_139

82PatchingAnthony Patchingfirst name on this monument1755841839id: IMG_005
Mary Patchingwife of Anthony Patching1763781841

83PatchingJohn Patchingfirst name on this monument1798691867id: IMG_007
Mary Patchingdaughter of John Patching1808521860

84PatchingMary Patchingfirst name on this monument1800881888id: IMG_0082Wife of John Patching
John Patchinghusband of Mary Patching
Jane Thompsonstep daughter of Mary Patching1837821919 Daughter from second marriage

85PayneAlex Paynefirst name on this monument2015-221993id: IMG_038
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86PenfoldCharles Frederick Penfoldfirst name on this monument1906721978no image

87PentecostAnn Pentecostfirst name on this monument1765841849no image

88PetersJohn Petersfirst name on this monument178021782id: IMG_143Son of John and Susanna Peters
John Petersfather of John Peters
Susanna Petersmother of John Peters

89PetersJohn Petersfirst name on this monument178021782no imageage 2 years 2 months - Son of John and Anna Peters

90PigottMary Pigottfirst name on this monument1910942004no image

91PockneeJane Pockneefirst name on this monument1821311852id: IMG_134Daughter of Richard Pocknee. Died first quarter of 1852 (from BMD Index)
Richard Pockneefather of Jane Pocknee

92PollardPhillip Pollardfirst name on this monument1763681831id: IMG_052

93PollardRichard Pollardfirst name on this monument171181719no imageSon of Richard and Susanna Pollard
Richard Pollardbrother of Richard Pollard1758141772 Fifth son of Richard and Sara Pollard. Baptised 24/12/1758 in Portslade
Richard Pollardfather of Richard Pollard1712761788
Susanna Pollardmother of Richard Pollard

94ReadEileen Mary Readfirst name on this monument1927902017id: IMG_035Wife of Frank Read
Frank Readhusband of Eileen Mary Read

95RichardsonHarriett R Richardsonfirst name on this monument1844231867id: IMG_032Wife of Arthur Richardson
Arthur Richardsonhusband of Harriett R Richardson

96ScraseRichard Scrasefirst name on this monument1499id: IMG_1295Here lyeth buried Rychard Scrasce late of hangleton , gentlema whiche died in ye yeare of our lord god one 1499. Here lyeth buried Rychard Scrasce of Blechington gentlema which died in ye yeare of our lord one 1519. Here lieth buried Edward Scrasce of blechington gentlema who died in ye yeare of our lord 1579
Edward Scraseson of Richard Scrase1579 Here lyeth buried Rychard Scrasce late of hangleton , gentlema whiche died in ye yeare of our lord god one 1499. Here lyeth buried Rychard Scrasce of Blechington gentlema which died in ye yeare of our lord one 1519. Here lieth buried Edward Scrasce of blechington gentlema who died in ye yeare of our lord 1579
Richard Scraseson of Richard Scrase1519 Here lyeth buried Rychard Scrasce late of hangleton , gentlema whiche died in ye yeare of our lord god one 1499. Here lyeth buried Rychard Scrasce of Blechington gentlema which died in ye yeare of our lord one 1519. Here lieth buried Edward Scrasce of blechington gentlema who died in ye yeare of our lord 1579

97SmithThomas Smithfirst name on this monument1647831730no imageOn floor near sanctuary steps

98StedmanThomas Stedmanfirst name on this monument1742461788id: IMG_003
Mary Stedmanwife of Thomas Stedman1742461788

99WakefordThomas Wakefordfirst name on this monument1920681988no image
Mildred Grace Wakefordwife of Thomas Wakeford1920952015

100WelchMargaret Kay Welchfirst name on this monument1946612007no image

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