St John and St Cuthbert (joint)'s Church burial ground, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland

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201CleghornJohn Cleghornfirst name on this monument1707851792id: 85265988363
Janet Cleghorndaughter of John Cleghorn1745751820
Sarah Lawriegrand niece of John Cleghorn1820131833
John Cleghorngrand son of John Cleghorn1771251796
George Milne1831291860
John Cleghorn Milne183221834
Robert Milne1781551836
Jane Milne/Mackayniece of John Cleghorn1793441837
Alexander Cleghornson of John Cleghorn1750771827
John Cleghornson of John Cleghorn1739651804
Robert Cleghornson of John Cleghorn1743521795
Thomas Cleghornson of John Cleghorn1738611799
Thomas Cleghornson of John Cleghorn1775581833
Sarah Reid/Cleghornsister of John Cleghorn1849

202CleghornThomas Cleghornfirst name on this monument1813id: 8652
(2 images)

203ClelandWalter Clelandfirst name on this monument1807id: 8591599157
Robert Clelandcousin of Walter Cleland1793211814

204ClephaneAndrew Clephanefirst name on this monument1838id: 99936090567
Anna Jane Douglas Clephanedaughter of Andrew Clephane1910
Anna Maria Clephanedaughter of Andrew Clephane1895
Elizabeth Cecilia Douglas Clephanedaughter of Andrew Clephane1869
Jane Elizabeth Clephanesister of Andrew Clephane1850
Anna Maria Douglaswife of Andrew Clephane1844

205CochranJohn Cochranfirst name on this monument1738781816id: 858859913141
Isabella Cochrandaughter of John Cochran179891807
George Cochranson of John Cochran1800111811
John Cochranson of John Cochran1799261825
Elizabeth Brownwife of John Cochran1762831845

206CochraneMargaret Cochranefirst name on this monument1802501852id: 579604179
Anne Louisa Robertsondaughter of Margaret Cochrane184521847
James Robertsonhusband of Margaret Cochrane1795651860

207CochraneMarjory Scott Cochranefirst name on this monument1847id: 5136038762

208CochraneThomae Cochranefirst name on this monument1789id: 87976000122

209CockburnMary Cockburnfirst name on this monument1833id: 2176031643
Thomas Cockburnfather of Mary Cockburn1787
Cecilia Charlotte Cockburnsister of Mary Cockburn1772621834

210CocksJohn Cocksfirst name on this monument1742481790id: 8801
(2 images)
Ann daughter-in-law of John Cocks1780611841
George Coxgrand son of John Cocks1788591847
George Coxgrand son of John Cocks1845
James Coxgrand son of John Cocks1790501840
John Cox69
Robert Coxson of John Cocks1773421815
Marion Forresterwife of John Cocks1745771822

211CocksRobert Cocksfirst name on this monument1703851788id: 8804600055
Margrat Robwife of Robert Cocks1705651770

212CombGeorge Combfirst name on this monument1745701815id: 92806019521
John Comb1783301813
Marion Newtonwife of George Comb1757921849

213CombJames Combfirst name on this monumentid: 89596008711
Isabella Oliver Combdaughter of James Comb
Margaret Little Combdaughter of James Comb1846
Margaret Little Combdaughter of James Comb1841
James Maitland Combson of James Comb1843
Margaret Glenwife of James Comb1830301860
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214CombJanet Combfirst name on this monument178131784id: 92826019710
David Combbrother of Janet Comb180111802
James Combbrother of Janet Comb1799211820
Walter Combbrother of Janet Comb1795191814
William Combbrother of Janet Comb179001790
James Combe1815601875
Jean Combe1787441831
Jane Combsister of Janet Comb177771784
Marion Combsister of Janet Comb1791161807

215CombeAbran Combefirst name on this monument1785421827id: 92816019632

216CombeAndrew Combefirst name on this monument1797501847id: 9284601981

217CombeMargaret Combefirst name on this monument1794791873id: 92866020010
Beatrice Combe1796781874
John Combe

218CombeMary Combefirst name on this monument1817id: 928560199162
Barbara Combe1777671844
George Combe1815501865
Agnes Dawson1786651851

219CooperRobert Cooperfirst name on this monument1756871843id: 1179606753
Elizabeth McCullochwife of Robert Cooper1758871845

220CoplandR T Coplandfirst name on this monumentid: 87935999862
Euphamia Wald Coplanddaughter of R T Copland1816241840
Jane Niven Coplanddaughter of R T Copland1796441840
John Coplandgrand son of R T Copland1840531893
Catherine Euphamia Pearson Copland1864311895
Robert Copland1847681915
Christina Cruickshank1840561896
Isabella Mackie1846701916
Robert Coplandson of R T Copland183791846
Robert Tait Coplandson of R T Copland1800791879
Helen Bishopwife of R T Copland1807451852

221CopperEliza Copperfirst name on this monument1797491846id: 9631607702

222CormackDavid Cormackfirst name on this monument1806611867id: 4396035419
Elizabeth Cormackdaughter of David Cormack1845
Elizabeth McMillan Cormackdaughter of David Cormack
Janet Cormackdaughter of David Cormack
Janet McMillan Cormackdaughter of David Cormack183431837
David Cormackson of David Cormack

223CormackHelen Cormackfirst name on this monument1819151834id: 9111
(2 images)
Alexander Cormackbrother of Helen Cormack1835561891
Daniel Cormackfather of Helen Cormack1774871861
Elizabeth Walkermother of Helen Cormack1842
Anne Cormacksister of Helen Cormack1872
Elizabeth Cormacksister of Helen Cormack1886
Jane Cormacksister of Helen Cormack1853
Mary Cormacksister of Helen Cormack1843

224CormackJames Cormackfirst name on this monument1801601861id: 911260135181
Daniel Adairgrand son of James Cormack1875
John Bustingrand son of James Cormack187361879
John Adair Ramsaynephew of James Cormack184981857
John Ramsay Cormackson of James Cormack184251847
Agnes Ramsaywife of James Cormack1814881902
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225CottonGeorge Cottonfirst name on this monument1749811830id: 9795608231
Anne Cottondaughter of George Cotton1792301822
Janet Cottondaughter of George Cotton1856
Mary Cottondaughter of George Cotton1787351822
William Cottonson of George Cotton1798311829
Anne Whitewife of George Cotton1757791836

226CottonJohn Cottonfirst name on this monument1806631869id: 9796608241

227CoulmanElizabeth Bladworth Coulmanfirst name on this monument1847461893id: 5496040061
William Bladworth Hardiehusband of Elizabeth Bladworth Coulman1837731910
Christian Jane Pringle1929

228CouperWilliam Couperfirst name on this monument1851id: 194603085
Helen Scottwife of William Couper1837

229CowperWilliam Cowperfirst name on this monument1810491859id: 97096079671
Jessie Craigdaughter-in-law of William Cowper1867
Jessie Craig Cowpergrand daughter of William Cowper186731870
William James Cowpergrand son of William Cowper1863131876
Andrew Spalding Cowperson of William Cowper1840
Mary Anne Spaldingwife of William Cowper1808341842

230CoxRobert Coxfirst name on this monument1845541899id: 88056000621

231CraigJohn Craigfirst name on this monument1792541846id: 84735985951
Christina Powelldaughter-in-law of John Craig1854831937
George Duncan Craigson of John Craig1845861931
John Richard Craigson of John Craig1860
Eliza Waistellsister-in-law of John Craig1809631872
Sarah Waistellwife of John Craig1806661872

232CraufordJames Craufordfirst name on this monument1804721876id: 9600607552
Theodosia Balfourwife of James Crauford1813701883

233CraufurdTheodosia Craufurdfirst name on this monument1842291871id: 9604607572

234CrawfordAlexander Crawfordfirst name on this monument1809471856id: 2602338
Adelaide Crawforddaughter of Alexander Crawford1841371878
Christian Crawforddaughter of Alexander Crawford183931842
Lillias Crawforddaughter of Alexander Crawford1832781910
Sibella Crawforddaughter of Alexander Crawford1834631897
Sibella MacLeanwife of Alexander Crawford1804741878

235CrawfordAlexander Farquhar Crawfordfirst name on this monument33id: 45260359481
William Alexander Crawfordson of Alexander Farquhar Crawford1838
Jane Brown Douglaswife of Alexander Farquhar Crawford1810451855

236CrawfordDonald Crawfordfirst name on this monument1837821919id: 5602356
Lilian Mary Susan Chichesterwife of Donald Crawford1876741950

237CrawfordDonald Crawfordfirst name on this monument1812221834id: 4602341

238CrawfordJanet Crawfordfirst name on this monument1757391796id: 886660034201
Alexander Parkerhusband of Janet Crawford

239CrawfordJohn Crawfordfirst name on this monument1887id: 86995996131
Jane Lellan1880
Marion Thomson1856
Margaret Thomsonwife of John Crawford1877

240CrichtonAlexander Crichtonfirst name on this monument1736711807id: 858559912151
Agnes Stewartwife of Alexander Crichton1741731814

241CrichtonJames Crichtonfirst name on this monument1771481819id: 842959841211
George Crichtonbrother of James Crichton1864
Catherine Gordon Scottdaughter of James Crichton1904
William Forrester Crichtonson of James Crichton1909
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242CrooksJohn Crooksfirst name on this monument1824471871id: 8943600792

243CrosbieGeorge Crosbiefirst name on this monument1783721855id: 1760240215In 1823, George joined the Edinburgh Life Assurance Company at its foundation and by 1834 was the secretary to the National Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh. 1841 Census National Bank, Edinburgh CROSBIE, George M 58 1783 Man National Bank Scotland CROSBIE, Margaret F 52 1789 Midlothian CROSBIE, Mary F 26 1815 Midlothian - died 1841 CROSBIE, Henrietta F 23 1818 Midlothian CROSBIE, Elizabeth F 21 1820 Midlothian SHEARER, Christian F 48 1793 F S Scotland ROUGHEAD, Janet F 40 1801 F S Midlothian BOOG, Helen F 30 1811 F S Scotland SMITH, John M 50 1791 Bank Watchman Midlothian 1851 Census 19, Walker Street, Edinburgh CROSBIE, George Head Married M 68 1783 J P Late Manager N Bank Dumfries Dumfries CROSBIE, Margaret M Wife Married F 62 1789 Wife Edinr Midlothian CROSBIE, Henrietta Daughter Unmarried F 33 1818 Daur Edinr Midlothian WYLIE, Elizabeth Daughter Married F 31 1820 Daur Edinr Midlothian WYLIE, H P M Grand Son Unmarried M 5 1846 Scholar At Home Edinr Midlothian WYLIE, G C Grand Son Unmarried M 3 1848 Scholar At Home Edinr Midlothian WYLIE, A H Grand Daughter Unmarried F 1 1850 Infant Edinr Midlothian WYLIE, M M Grand Daughter Unmarried F (under 1yr) Infant Edinr Midlothian ROBERTSON, Janet Servant Unmarried F 43 1808 Cook Largo Fife STEWART, Elizabeth Servant Unmarried F 37 1814 Housemaid Banff Banff CHARLES, Agnes Servant Unmarried F 37 1814 Nursery Maid Edinr Midlothian SMITH, Sarah Servant Unmarried F 18 1833 Nursery Maid England NIMMO, David Servant Widower M 39 1812 Servant Tranent East Lothian On George's death certificate it was recorded that he had lived in the parish for nine years and that he had been born in Dumfries and had two children, Henrietta, 41, and Elizabeth, 38. Whoever gave the information didn't know his mother's maiden surname. His gravestone in St John and St Cuthbert's cemetery, Edinburgh records the following: George Crosbie d 1855 Margaret Mure (Wylie) d 1856, his wife aged 65 Mary Thompson 1841 his daughter aged 26 Henrietta Crosbie 1893, his daughter aged 75 George Crosbie Wylie 1938 aged 90 - his grandson from his other daughter, Elizabeth
Henrietta Crosbiedaughter of George Crosbie1818751893
Mary Thomson Crosbiedaughter of George Crosbie1815261841
George Crosbie Wylie1848901938
Margaret Murewife of George Crosbie1791651856

244CumineCatharine Cuminefirst name on this monument1770401810id: 8577
(2 images)
Elizabeth Fergusondaughter of Catharine Cumine180511806
Marjory Fergusondaughter of Catharine Cumine1784541838
Thomas Fergusonhusband of Catharine Cumine1768601828
Dorothe Cumine1805

245CummingElizabeth Cummingfirst name on this monument1805191824id: 967605941

246CummingsMary Cummingsfirst name on this monument1861id: 798605211

247CuninghamAlexander Cuninghamfirst name on this monument1883id: 9986061151
Edmund Cuninghamson of Alexander Cuningham
Caroline Cuninghamwife of Alexander Cuningham1818681886

248CuninghamWilliam John Cuninghamfirst name on this monument1848811929id: 1001606131

249CunninghamJohn Cunninghamfirst name on this monument1787571844id: 9477607119
Isabella Cunninghamdaughter of John Cunningham1849
Margaret Cunninghamdaughter of John Cunningham1856
Ann Aikman Wilsondaughter of John Cunningham1906
Archibald Cunninghamson of John Cunningham1902
James Cunninghamson of John Cunningham1887
John Cunninghamson of John Cunningham1890
John MacKenzie Wilsonson-in-law of John Cunningham1902
Ann Aikmanwife of John Cunningham1784751859

250CunninghamJohn Cunninghamfirst name on this monument1750461796id: 96156076121

251CunninghamWilliam Cunninghamfirst name on this monument1744631807id: 9485607133
Jane Cunninghamdaughter of William Cunningham1788181806
Clementina McPhersondaughter-in-law of William Cunningham1797291826
John Cunninghamson of William Cunningham1785211806
Jane Fraserwife of William Cunningham1745801825

252CunninghameJames Fraser Cunninghamefirst name on this monument1870821952id: 7106047951

253DalgetyBethia Edghill Dalgetyfirst name on this monument1872661938id: 94006068315
Rose Masson Bethia Leedaughter of Bethia Edghill Dalgety1902741976
Walter Edward Leehusband of Bethia Edghill Dalgety1865951960
James Paton Watsonson-in-law of Bethia Edghill Dalgety

254DalgetyCharles Dalgetyfirst name on this monument1785691854id: 688604695
Betsy Ritchie Dalgetydaughter of Charles Dalgety
Helen Dalgety1902
Isabella Jamieson Dalgety1912
Margaret Dalgety1912
Charles Dalgetyson of Charles Dalgety1812271839
David Dalgetyson of Charles Dalgety1814211835
Harry Dalgetyson of Charles Dalgety1819531872
Mary Ritchiewife of Charles Dalgety1794791873

255DalyellConstance Louisa Dalyellfirst name on this monument1913id: 87775998823
Amy Mary Margaret Dalyelldaughter of Constance Louisa Dalyell1962
Constance Louisa Gladys Dalyelldaughter of Constance Louisa Dalyell1921
Millicent Blanche Lindsay Dalyelldaughter of Constance Louisa Dalyell1900
J T Dalyellhusband of Constance Louisa Dalyell1827921919
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256DalyellLindsay Hay Dalyellfirst name on this monument1808761884id: 8780599904
Melville Dalyellbrother of Lindsay Hay Dalyell1801861887

257DavidsonEliza Davidsonfirst name on this monument1869391908id: 745604968

258DavidsonMary Davidsonfirst name on this monument1882id: 8470
(2 images)

259DavidsonMatilda Davidsonfirst name on this monument1855id: 9678607861

260DavidsonWilliam Davidsonfirst name on this monument1799671866id: 9902608634
Elizabeth Walkerdaughter of William Davidson1833711904
Marion Milne Dawsongrand daughter of William Davidson1868401908
Adam Davidsonson of William Davidson1840421882
James Davidsonson of William Davidson1843191862
William Davidsonson of William Davidson1843241867
Isabella Bowhillwife of William Davidson1806701876

261DavyHumphry Davyfirst name on this monument183841842id: 6616045782
John Miles Davybrother of Humphry Davy184021842
John Davyfather of Humphry Davy
Margaret Davymother of Humphry Davy

262DawsonCavine Dawsonfirst name on this monument1764851849id: 69460471111
Mary Hendersondaughter of Cavine Dawson1808831891
Margaret Stavert Oliverdaughter-in-law of Cavine Dawson1818761894
Margaret Oliver Coopergrand daughter of Cavine Dawson1910
Maria Coopergrand daughter of Cavine Dawson1932
Mary Gray Coopergrand daughter of Cavine Dawson183851843
Oliver Henry Coopergreat grand son of Cavine Dawson1895221917
Henry Grey Coopergrand son of Cavine Dawson1934
James Coopergrand son of Cavine Dawson1842281870
John Coopergrand son of Cavine Dawson184011841
William Milroy Coopergrand son of Cavine Dawson1917
John Hendersongrand son of Cavine Dawson1838
William Cooperhusband of Cavine Dawson
Laura Condie Steele1925
William Cooperson of Cavine Dawson1800761876
James Hendersonson-in-law of Cavine Dawson1792631855

263DawsonCollas Dawsonfirst name on this monument1850751925id: 790605161

264De FlandreCharlie De Flandrefirst name on this monument186821870id: 855605392
Charles De Flandrefather of Charlie De Flandre1907
Selina De Flandremother of Charlie De Flandre1913
Carrie De Flandresister of Charlie De Flandre187171878
Julia De Flandresister of Charlie De Flandre1872

265De FlandreJ B De Flandrefirst name on this monument1811481859id: 857605414

266DeansElizabeth Deansfirst name on this monument1852201872id: 916460152221
Helen Alexanderdaughter-in-law of Elizabeth Deans1848671915
Emily Mary Catherine Polkarddaughter-in-law of Elizabeth Deans1882
Walter Deanshusband of Elizabeth Deans
Elizabeth Archibaldmother of Elizabeth Deans1819641883
Adam Deansson of Elizabeth Deans1849751924
Margaret Deanssister of Elizabeth Deans185061856

267DenglJane Denglfirst name on this monument1805501855id: 8954
(2 images)
Archibald Middlemasshusband of Jane Dengl

268DenhamJean Denhamfirst name on this monument1811381849id: 9723607996

269DenhamThomas Denhamfirst name on this monumentid: 972460800101
Thomas Denham79
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270DequincyThomas Dequincyfirst name on this monument1785731858id: 9332602195
Margaret Dequincywife of Thomas Dequincy1837

271DewarDavid Wighton Dewarfirst name on this monument1882id: 99156086871
Agnes Nicholsonmother of David Wighton Dewar1888
Charlotte Stewart Dewarsister of David Wighton Dewar1908

272DewarDonald William Dewarfirst name on this monument182561831id: 8341
(2 images)
Henry Andrew Dewar1812491861
Mary Dewar1810591869

273DewarFrederick Dewarfirst name on this monument1803211824id: 9074601195
James Dewar1829
Susan Reid1829

274DewarHenry Dewarfirst name on this monument1772511823id: 834259797121
Helen Margaret Spencewife of Henry Dewar1750701820

275DewarJames Dewarfirst name on this monument1780id: 9065
(2 images)
James Dewarbrother of James Dewar
James Dewarfather of James Dewar1751701821
George Dewar1790261816
Margaret Dewar1761521813
Susan Dewarsister of James Dewar797
Susan Dewarsister of James Dewar181111812

276DewarJohn Dewarfirst name on this monument1876id: 834359798151
Henrietta Andrew Dewardaughter of John Dewar1822191841

277DickHarry Van Dickfirst name on this monument1831191850id: 9219601681

278DickJames Dickfirst name on this monumentid: 8921
(3 images)
Thomas Brownbrother-in-law of James Dick
Robert Dickfather of James Dick
Hannah Coxmother of James Dick
Robert Dickson of James Dick
Jane Dicksister of James Dick
Mary Dicksister of James Dick
Alice Murraywife of James Dick

279DickJames Dickfirst name on this monumentid: 89176006514
William Rutherforduncle of James Dick

280DickJane Dickfirst name on this monumentid: 89176006631
William Waughuncle of Jane Dick

281DickMargaret Dickfirst name on this monumentid: 89176006851
Isabella Meincousin of Margaret Dick
Margaret Meincousin of Margaret Dick
Richard Meincousin of Margaret Dick

282DickMary Dickfirst name on this monumentid: 8917600675
Margaret Waughcousin of Mary Dick
Andrew Meinuncle of Mary Dick

283DicksonDavid Dicksonfirst name on this monument1754661820id: 92466018154
Anne Dicksondaughter of David Dickson1787731860
Margaret Dicksondaughter of David Dickson1778741852
Jeanette Helen Morisondaughter-in-law of David Dickson1796801876
James Wardrobe Dicksonson of David Dickson1794531847
Christian Wardrobewife of David Dickson1755771832

284DicksonDavid Dicksonfirst name on this monument1780621842id: 924760182113
Christian Dicksondaughter of David Dickson181911820
Christian Helen Dicksondaughter of David Dickson1822801902
Jessie Dicksondaughter of David Dickson1826921918
Margaret Anne Dicksondaughter of David Dickson182511826
Elizabeth Crawford Packdaughter of David Dickson1816721888
John Thomas Packgrand son of David Dickson1839231862
Charles Dicksonson of David Dickson1818391857
David Dicksonson of David Dickson1811731884
James Jobson Dicksonson of David Dickson1805861891
John Dicksonson of David Dickson181441818
John George Packson-in-law of David Dickson1811321843
Jessie Jobsonwife of David Dickson1783951878
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285DicksonDavid Dicksonfirst name on this monument1779631842id: 8728
(2 images)

286DicksonHenry Dicksonfirst name on this monument1800471847id: 6426044614
Henrietta Dicksondaughter of Henry Dickson1836
Margaret Dicksondaughter of Henry Dickson1821
Margaret Dicksondaughter of Henry Dickson183371840
James Dicksonson of Henry Dickson1841211862
Janet Dicksonwife of Henry Dickson1786461832
Margaret Sinclairsecond wife of Henry Dickson1801761877

287DicksonJames Dicksonfirst name on this monument1744511795id: 8547
(2 images)
Mary Steedmanwife of James Dickson1743381781

288DicksonJames Dicksonfirst name on this monument1760601820id: 8288597643
Margaret Cameronwife of James Dickson1765901855

289DicksonJames Dicksonfirst name on this monument1777571834id: 990660865132
Jessie Dicksondaughter of James Dickson1807721879
Thomas Dicksonson of James Dickson1810731883
James Matthewson-in-law of James Dickson1807701877
Mary Calder Dicksonwife of James Dickson1786761862

290DicksonVictoria Mary Jane Dicksonfirst name on this monument1846id: 1181606777
Theodosia McNeillniece of Victoria Mary Jane Dickson

291DicksonWilliam Dicksonfirst name on this monument1846id: 142602912
Eliza Dicksondaughter of William Dickson1837
Eliza Dicksondaughter of William Dickson1872
Mary Dicksondaughter of William Dickson1836
Isabella Veitchdaughter of William Dickson1880
Helen Dickson1900
William Dicksonson of William Dickson1840
Thomas Veitchson-in-law of William Dickson1867
Eliza Stewartwife of William Dickson1847

292DonaldMary Elizabeth Donaldfirst name on this monument1878591937id: 768605059
Leslie F Sinhusband of Mary Elizabeth Donald1881611942

293DonaldsonJames Donaldsonfirst name on this monument1751791830id: 9236057751
Jane Gillespiewife of James Donaldson1770581828

294DonaldsonJohn Donaldsonfirst name on this monument1865id: 11806067653
Dorothea Findlaywife of John Donaldson1858

295DonaldsonJohn Donaldsonfirst name on this monument1849id: 93556023152
Agnes Donaldsondaughter of John Donaldson1847
Elizabeth Donaldsondaughter of John Donaldson1880
Jane Donaldsondaughter of John Donaldson1855
William Donaldsonson of John Donaldson
Margaret Urewife of John Donaldson1864

296DouglasAndrew Douglasfirst name on this monumentid: 8552598954
Andrew Douglasfather of Andrew Douglas1813541867
Margaret Richmondmother of Andrew Douglas1819561875

297DouglasJames Hardie Douglasfirst name on this monument1756681824id: 92376017673
Janet Brownwife of James Hardie Douglas1780611841

298DouglasJean Douglasfirst name on this monument1763741837id: 56660411115
Euphemia Pringledaughter of Jean Douglas1796781874
Agnes Caldwellgrand daughter of Jean Douglas1830551885
Maria Caldwellgrand daughter of Jean Douglas1825241849
Thomas Pringlehusband of Jean Douglas1762861848
Thomas Caldwellson-in-law of Jean Douglas1771841855
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299DouglasJohn Douglasfirst name on this monument1816361852id: 9176057344
Jemima Mansfieldwife of John Douglas1824371861

300DouglasThomas Douglasfirst name on this monumentid: 11676067132Son of William Douglas, (8 Sep 1770 - 14 Apr 1834) 11th of Timpendean and of Bonjedward,

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