St Mary's Church burial ground, Car Colston, Nottinghamshire, England

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1AlveyElizabeth Alveyfirst name on this monument1732441776id: CAR 2097276961068She was first the wife of William Eagleston and Afterward the wife of Thomas Alvey
William Eaglestonfirst husband of Elizabeth Alvey
Thomas Alveysecond husband of Elizabeth Alvey

2AshWilliam Henry Ashfirst name on this monument1866id: CAR 046
(2 images)
7276291068age 1950 - A Very Dear Lady and a Very Fine Gentleman

3AuchinlechAlexander Eccles Auchinlechfirst name on this monument1904id: CAR 1397276751069Vicar of Car Colston

4BakerElizabeth Bakerfirst name on this monument1756351791id: CAR 2257277061068The wife of William Baker
William Bakerhusband of Elizabeth Baker

5BakerJohn Bakerfirst name on this monument1778671845id: CAR 0337276231069
Sarah Bakerwife of John Baker1776751851

6BatesAnnie Batesfirst name on this monument1805791884id: CAR 0887276501074Wife of John
John Bateshusband of Annie Bates

7BatesCharles Farnham Batesfirst name on this monument1914591973id: CAR 0867276481070

8BatesJohn Harold Batesfirst name on this monument1906821988id: CAR 0897276511077Husband of Annie
Annie Bateswife of John Harold Bates

9BlackwellAlfred Blackwellfirst name on this monument2id: CAR 0447276281071The Youngest and Dearly Beloved Son of Albert and Elizabeth Blackwell
Albert Blackwellfather of Alfred Blackwell
Elizabeth Blackwellmother of Alfred Blackwell

10BlaggAnn Blaggfirst name on this monument1762831845id: CAR 0187276091067Relict of Henry Blagg
Thomas Blagghusband of Ann Blagg

11BlaggElizabeth Mary Blaggfirst name on this monument1922721994id: CAR 2997277561067

12BlaggEthel Mary Blaggfirst name on this monument1885891974id: CAR 2957277541067

13BlaggHenry Blaggfirst name on this monument1766411807id: CAR 0177276081067
Henry Blaggson of Henry Blagg Who died in his infancy

14BlaggRobert Blaggfirst name on this monument1846941940id: CAR 0157276061068

15BlaggThomas Colston Blaggfirst name on this monument1914691983id: CAR 2977277551067

16BlaggThomas Frederick Colston Blaggfirst name on this monument1942582000id: CAR 3007277571068

17BlaggThomas Matthews Blaggfirst name on this monument1874741948id: CAR 2947277531068

18BoddyErnest Boddyfirst name on this monument1896741970id: CAR 0917276541068
Gladys Boddywife of Ernest Boddy1902992001

19BonserHannah Bonserfirst name on this monument1736511787id: CAR 2177277021074Wife of Henry Bonser
Henry Bonserhusband of Hannah Bonser

20BonserHenry Bonserfirst name on this monument1730641794id: CAR 2207277031068

21BranstoneEmma Maria Branstonefirst name on this monument1777691846id: CAR 2907277511071Relict of John Branston , Gent: Late of Bath in the County of Somerset: Died ar Car-Colston
John Branstonehusband of Emma Maria Branstone

22BrownMary Brownfirst name on this monument1764821846id: CAR 2427277181067The wife of Will.m Brown
William Brownhusband of Mary Brown
Richard Brownson of Mary Brown1804241828

23BrownWilliam Brownfirst name on this monument1764581822id: CAR 2407277171069(Late of Newark)

24BucklandGeorge Edgar Bucklandfirst name on this monument1963id: CAR 0817276461068
Dorothy Ann Thurman1973

25BucklandGeorge Edgar Bucklandfirst name on this monument1963id: CAR 0927276551070
Charles Buckland1899771976
Emma Elizabeth Buckland1990
Dorothy Ann Thurman1973

26BurbidgeDorothy Burbidgefirst name on this monument1905641969id: CAR 3157277651067

27BurbidgeDorothy Burbidgefirst name on this monument1905641969id: CAR 1037276581067Beloved daughter of Fanny
Fanny Burbidgemother of Dorothy Burbidge

28BurbidgeFanny Burbidgefirst name on this monument1863931956id: CAR 098
(2 images)

29Burrows*****en Burrowsfirst name on this monument1750421792id: CAR 2157277011076

30BurtonRobert Burtonfirst name on this monument1818651883id: CAR 148
(2 images)
7276781069Of Scarrington and Car Colston
Samuel Burtondaughter of Robert Burton1858331891
Mary Ann Burtonwife of Robert Burton1822911913
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31CampionJames Campionfirst name on this monument1708761784id: CAR 0327276211068

32CampionJames Campionfirst name on this monument1708761784id: CAR 3037277591067
Mary Campionwife of James Campion1711721783 The wife of the abovesaid

33CampionMary Campionfirst name on this monument1711721783id: CAR 0327276221068

34ChettleHannah Rachel Chettlefirst name on this monument1824791903id: CAR 1657276791069Of Shackerdale Born Christmas day
Henry Chettlehusband of Hannah Rachel Chettle1827911918

35ChettleJohn Chettlefirst name on this monument1770501820id: KNE 3647277741069

36ChettleMary Chettlefirst name on this monument1784321816id: CAR 0127276041068The Wife of William Chettle

37ChettleMary Chettlefirst name on this monument1770761846id: KNE 3657277751069

38ChettleMary Chettlefirst name on this monument1748781826id: CAR 3077277621068Relict of Thomas Chettle
Thomas Chettlehusband of Mary Chettle

39ChettleMary Chettlefirst name on this monument1748781826id: KNE 3577277721068Relict of Thomas Chettle
Thomas Chettlehusband of Mary Chettle

40ChettleMary Chettlefirst name on this monument1780591839id: CAR 0247276141069Wife of William Chettle
William Chettlehusband of Mary Chettle

41ChettleMary Chettlefirst name on this monument1770761846id: CAR 3107277631068

42ChettleMary Chettlefirst name on this monument1809641873id: CAR 3067277611068

43ChettleMary Chettlefirst name on this monument1809641873id: KNE 3567277711069

44ChettleMary Ann Chettlefirst name on this monument1796831879id: KNE 3687277761068Relict of Thomas Chettle
Thomas Chettlehusband of Mary Ann Chettle

45ChettleTho Chettlefirst name on this monument1740831823id: KNE 3607277731068

46ChettleThomas Chettlefirst name on this monument1811811892id: CAR 0487276301070
Frank Chettleson of Thomas Chettle1864311895
Sam Chettleson of Thomas Chettle1872311903
William Chettleson of Thomas Chettle1866251891
Mary Chettlewife of Thomas Chettle1839751914

47ChettleThomas Chettlefirst name on this monument1823121835id: KNE 3717277781068Son of Thomas and Ann Chettle
Thomas Chettlefather of Thomas Chettle
Ann Chettlemother of Thomas Chettle

48ChettleThomas Chettlefirst name on this monument1774531827id: KNE 3707277771069
Catherine Chettleson of Thomas Chettle
Will M Chettleson of Thomas Chettle Son and Daughter of Tho.s and Ann Chettle who died in their Infancy
Ann Chettlewife of Thomas Chettle

49ChettleWilliam Chettlefirst name on this monument1778751853id: CAR 0127276031068

50ClarkeAnn Clarkefirst name on this monument1800521852id: CAR 2837277441067The wife of Thomas Clarke
Thomas Clarkehusband of Ann Clarke

51ClarkeJohn Clarkefirst name on this monument1745811826id: CAR 2877277481071
Sarah Clarkewife of John Clarke1793501843

52ClarkeJohn Clarkefirst name on this monument1778701848id: CAR 2857277461067

53ClarkeJohn Clarkefirst name on this monument1810621872id: CAR 2827277431067Of Epperstone

54ClarkeMary Clarkefirst name on this monument1805441849id: CAR 2847277451067Wife of Thomas Clarke
Thomas Clarkehusband of Mary Clarke

55ClarkeSarah Clarkefirst name on this monument1781641845id: CAR 2867277471071Wife of John Clarke
John Clarkehusband of Sarah Clarke

56CraggJohn Craggfirst name on this monument1781601841id: CAR 2397277161067

57CraggJohn Craggfirst name on this monument1751861837id: CAR 23772771510712
Ann Craggwife of John Cragg1751881839

58CraggRobert Craggfirst name on this monument1782581840id: CAR 2347277121067

59CraggRobert Craggfirst name on this monument1813521865id: CAR 232
(2 images)
7277111067To the memory of a beloved father

60CraggSarah Craggfirst name on this monument1820481868id: CAR 2357277131067Relict of Thomas Cragg
Thoms Cragghusband of Sarah Cragg
Sarah Craggfirst wife of husband of Sarah Cragg1802271829 The former fife of Thomas Cragg
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61CraggThomas Craggfirst name on this monument1786711857id: CAR 23672771410731

62EgglestoneJob Egglestonefirst name on this monument1805701875id: CAR 1137276661067
Mary Egglestonedaughter of Job Egglestone Who died in childhood
Sarah Egglestonedaughter of Job Egglestone Who died in childhood
Charlotte Egglestonewife of Job Egglestone1819601879

63ElsonJohn Elsonfirst name on this monument1698791777id: CAR 2237277041067

64EuerbyMark Euerbyfirst name on this monument1776891865id: CAR 24372771910671
Jane Euerbywife of Mark Euerby1805551860

65FarrerCyril Charles Farrerfirst name on this monument1899761975id: CAR 0647276371068
Mabel Farrerwife of Cyril Charles Farrer1906711977

66FarrerOlwen Farrerfirst name on this monument193831941id: CAR 0597276351076Loving Daughter of Mabel and Charles Farrer
Charles Farrerfather of Olwen Farrer
Mabel Farrermother of Olwen Farrer

67FisherHorace Arthur Fisherfirst name on this monument1855821937id: CAR 1047276591065
Sarah Kate Fisherwife of Horace Arthur Fisher1855841939

68Forman HardyWilliam Edward Bailey Forman Hardyfirst name on this monument1947271974id: CAR 0787276451068Who died tragically in a road accident
Thomas Eben Forman Hardyfather of William Edward Bailey Forman Hardy1919701989
Marjorie Senior Forman Hardymother of William Edward Bailey Forman Hardy1908881996

69ForrestHenry Forrestfirst name on this monument1825361861id: CAR 2777277401066

70ForrestThomas Forrestfirst name on this monument1856id: CAR 2787277411065Son of Henry and Mary Forrest Aged 3 months
Henry Forrestfather of Thomas Forrest
Mary Forrestmother of Thomas Forrest

71FosterAnnie Fosterfirst name on this monument1905761981id: CAR 0657276381068
George Hubert Langley Fosterhusband of Annie Foster1907791986

72FosterElizabeth Fosterfirst name on this monument1800801880id: CAR 2597277291067
Thomas Fosterhusband of Elizabeth Foster1808701878

73FosterSamuel Fosterfirst name on this monument1846371883id: CAR 2607277301065
Samuel Graham Fosterson of Samuel Foster188301883 Infant son of Samuel and Hester Foster
Hester Fosterwife of Samuel Foster

74FoxCaroline Frances Foxfirst name on this monument1833741907id: CAR 2637277331070
Emma Foxdaughter of Caroline Frances Fox1859711930

75FoxWilliam Foxfirst name on this monument1830661896id: CAR 2637277321065

76FretywellThomas Fretywellfirst name on this monument1851221873id: CAR 2537277251070The beloved son of Thomas and Hannah Fretwell
Thomas Fretywellfather of Thomas Fretywell
Hannah Fretywellmother of Thomas Fretywell

77FryerAnn Fretwell Fryerfirst name on this monumentid: CAR 2557277271068Who was their daughter She died in her infancy

78FryerAnne Fryerfirst name on this monument1849211870id: CAR 2557277261073Wife of Thomas Fryer
Thomas Fryerhusband of Anne Fryer

79GilbertC Geoffrey Gilbertfirst name on this monument1948301978id: CAR 1127276651074
John Gilbertfather of C Geoffrey Gilbert1910691979

80GilbertJoseph Gilbertfirst name on this monument1913471960id: CAR 1117276641065

81GilbertMary Ann Gilbertfirst name on this monument1867671934id: CAR 0377276251065

82GilbertWilliam Gilbertfirst name on this monument1832761908id: CAR 0427276261065
Hannah Gilbertwife of William Gilbert1836841920

83GilesJohn Gilesfirst name on this monument1744511795id: CAR 0167276071065

84GreenAnn Greenfirst name on this monument1709741783no image7277681067Wife of William Green
William Greenhusband of Ann Green

85GreenAnn Greenfirst name on this monument1709741783id: CAR 0307276191065Wife of William Green
William Greenhusband of Ann Green

86GreenJoseph Greenfirst name on this monument1743511794id: CAR 0297276181067
Mary Greenwife of Joseph Green1749451794
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87GreenMatt W Greenfirst name on this monument1728711799id: CAR 2267277071065
Ann Greendaughter of Matt W Green25
Matthew Greenson of Matt W Green27
Elizabeth Greenwife of Matt W Green1733621795

88GreenWill M Greenfirst name on this monument1772271799id: CAR 2287277081067Also of two children who died in their infancy

89GreenWilliam Greenfirst name on this monument1711751786id: CAR 0317276201065

90HallRobert Hallfirst name on this monument1754751829id: CAR 1987276911067
Ann Hallwife of Robert Hall1747801827

91HarveyClara Ann Harveyfirst name on this monument1863641927id: CAR 0877276491074
Daniel Clarke Bates1858771935
Mary Asling Bates1867701937 And his wife

92HawkinsSarah Hawkinsfirst name on this monument1823791902id: CAR 0697276401065The Beloved Wife of George Hawkins of Eye Green Northamptonshire who died in East Bridgford
George Hawkinshusband of Sarah Hawkins

93HodgkinsonIsabella Lydia Hodgkinsonfirst name on this monument1825631888id: CAR 1237276721067Wife of the Revd George Christopher Hodgkinson
George Christopher Hodgkinsonhusband of Isabella Lydia Hodgkinson

94HughesHenry Caswell Hughesfirst name on this monument1850751925id: CAR 072
(2 images)
Martha Ann Hugheswife of Henry Caswell Hughes1848801928

95JacksonCatherine Ann Jacksonfirst name on this monument195161957id: CAR 0607276361067

96KnightJames William Knightfirst name on this monument1820521872id: CAR 135
(2 images)

97MackenzieJanmes Don Mackenziefirst name on this monument1916461962id: CAR 1187276701065

98MarriottAnn Marriottfirst name on this monument1745691814id: CAR 0147276051065Daughter of Thomas and Ann Marriott
Thomas Marriottfather of Ann Marriott
Ann Marriottmother of Ann Marriott

99MarriottElizabeth Marriottfirst name on this monument1788671855id: CAR 1997276921065Wife of Will:m Marriott

100MarriottHannah Marriottfirst name on this monument1759741833id: CAR 1917276881069Relict of William Marriott
William Marriotthusband of Hannah Marriott

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