All Saints' Church burial ground, West Haddon, Northamptonshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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201JamesAnne Jamesfirst name on this monument1890791969id: Aswh1996815751066
William Morgan Jameshusband of Anne James1889881977

202JamesJohn Jamesfirst name on this monument1856781934id: Aswh2016815771065
Margaret Jameswife of John James1860761936

203JamesJohn R S Jamesfirst name on this monument1904731977id: Aswh2006815761065
Irene Jameswife of John R S James1915761991

204JeffkinsJob Jeffkinsfirst name on this monument1801231824id: Aswh2026815781081Grandson of John and Mary Kilsby.
John Kilsbygrand father of Job Jeffkins
Mary Kilsbygrand mother of Job Jeffkins

205JohnsonAnn Johnsonfirst name on this monument1795301825id: Aswh2036815791069Wife of John Johnson. Daughter of John and Mary Shepard.
John Shepardfather of Ann Johnson
John Johnsonhusband of Ann Johnson
Mary Shepardmother of Ann Johnson
John Johnsonrelationship not known of Ann Johnson Died in infancy.

206JohnsonFrederick Arthur Johnsonfirst name on this monument1902641966id: Aswh204
(2 images)
Christine Ann Johnsonrelationship not known of Frederick Arthur Johnson
Lawrence Arthur Johnsonrelationship not known of Frederick Arthur Johnson1928732001

207JohnsonJohn Johnsonfirst name on this monument1836691905id: Aswh2056815811065
Louisa Johnsonwife of John Johnson1909

208JohnsonJohn Johnsonfirst name on this monument1793831876id: Aswh2066815821065
Mary Johnsonwife of John Johnson1799781877

209JonesDennis Charles Jonesfirst name on this monument1920591979id: Aswh2076815831065

210JonesMargaret Jonesfirst name on this monument1918791997id: Aswh2086815841065

211JudkinOliver John Judkinfirst name on this monument1879871966id: Aswh2096815851068

212JudkinWalter A Judkinfirst name on this monument1888771965id: Aswh2106815861068
Hilda Judkinwife of Walter A Judkin1892911983

213KempAline Kempfirst name on this monument1890921982id: Aswh2116815871076

214KempHenry Kempfirst name on this monument1924581982id: Aswh2126815881065Husband of Janet.
Janet Kempwife of Henry Kemp

215KeylockGeorge Keylockfirst name on this monument1865651930id: Aswh2136815891068
Charlotte Emma Keylockwife of George Keylock1867731940

216KilsbyAnn Kilsbyfirst name on this monument1772611833id: Aswh2156815911066Daughter of John and Mary Kilsby.
William Kilsbyrelationship not known of Ann Kilsby74

217KilsbyElizabeth Kilsbyfirst name on this monument1741141755id: Aswh2166815921066Daughter of William and Grace Kilsby.
William Kilsbyfather of Elizabeth Kilsby
Grace Kilsbymother of Elizabeth Kilsby

218KilsbyGrace Kilsbyfirst name on this monumentid: Aswh2176815931066

219KilsbyJohn Kilsbyfirst name on this monument1816701886id: Aswh2196815951072

220KilsbyJohn Kilsbyfirst name on this monument172321725id: Aswh2186815941066plus 8 months.

221KilsbyJohn Kilsbyfirst name on this monument1776321808id: Aswh2226815981066Son of John and Mary Kilsby.
John Kilsbyfather of John Kilsby
Mary Kilsbymother of John Kilsby

222KilsbyJohn Kilsbyfirst name on this monument1643781721id: Aswh2216815971067

223KilsbyMary Kilsbyfirst name on this monument1746731819id: Aswh2236815991066
John Kilsbyhusband of Mary Kilsby1727561783

224KilsbyMary Kilsbyfirst name on this monument1665621727id: Aswh2206815961066Relict of John Kilsby.
John Kilsbyhusband of Mary Kilsby

225KilsbyRobert Kilsbyfirst name on this monument1769581827id: Aswh2246816001068
Elizabeth Kilsbywife of Robert Kilsby1751791830

226KilsbyWilliam Kilsbyfirst name on this monument1681721753id: Aswh2256816011067Husband of Grace Kilsby.
Grace Kilwife of William Kilsby
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227KilworthJohn Kilworthfirst name on this monument1733971830id: Aswh2266816021067
Mary Kilworthwife of John Kilworth1737431780

228KilworthJohn Kilworthfirst name on this monument1770661836id: Aswh2276816031066Husband of Ann Kilworth.
Mary Ann Kilworthdaughter of John Kilworth1816 Died in infancy.
William Kilworthson of John Kilworth1818231841
Ann Kilworthwife of John Kilworth

229KirtlandElizabeth Kirtlandfirst name on this monument1688331721id: Aswh228
(2 images)
Edward Kirtlandhusband of Elizabeth Kirtland1680921772 Died in December.

230KirtlandMary Kirtlandfirst name on this monument1733id: Aswh2296816051066Year of death may be incorrect.

231KirtlandThomas Kirtlandfirst name on this monument1655621717id: Aswh2306816061066

232LadkinMary Ladkinfirst name on this monument1835561891id: Aswh2316816071066Daughter of Richard and Mary Ladkin.
Richard Ladkinfather of Mary Ladkin
Mary Ladkinmother of Mary Ladkin
Jane Elizabeth Ladkinsister of Mary Ladkin1827731900

233LadkinMary Ladkinfirst name on this monument1823371860id: Aswh2326816081068
Richard Ladkinhusband of Mary Ladkin Died in December.

234LarbyHugh Ben Larbyfirst name on this monument1897791976id: Aswh2336816091068

235LattimoreEdward William Lattimorefirst name on this monument1905841989id: Aswh2346816101068
Jessie Selina Lattimorewife of Edward William Lattimore1904891993

236LeaAlice Leafirst name on this monument1729721801id: Aswh2356816111068Wife of Thomas Lea. Daughter of Sam and Jane Baucutt.
Sam Baucuttfather of Alice Lea
Thomas Leahusband of Alice Lea
Jane Baucuttmother of Alice Lea

237LeeAlfred Thomas Leefirst name on this monument1915852000id: Aswh2366816121082

238LeeBeryl Florence Leefirst name on this monumentid: Aswh2376816131069

239LeeEna Margaret Leefirst name on this monument1923701993id: Aswh2386816141068

240LeeWilliam Harold Leefirst name on this monument1921711992id: Aswh2396816151069

241LeistJanet Sharpe Leistfirst name on this monument1866641930id: Aswh240
(2 images)
Thomas William Leisthusband of Janet Sharpe Leist1871601931

242LettsGeorge Scott Lettsfirst name on this monument1899531952id: Aswh24168161710761Died in December.
Annie Mary Lettsrelationship not known of George Scott Letts1897721969

243LettsWilliam Scott Lettsfirst name on this monument1849751924id: Aswh2426816181076
Hannah Lettswife of William Scott Letts1853871940

244LettsWinifred Mary Lettsfirst name on this monument1907781985id: Aswh2436816191075
Frederick William Lettshusband of Winifred Mary Letts1912741986

245LineMary Linefirst name on this monument1841601901id: Aswh2446816201066
James Linehusband of Mary Line1840691909

246LineWilliam Linefirst name on this monument1791id: Aswh3556817311065
Jane Linewife of William Line1727681795

247LitchfieldJoseph Coles Litchfieldfirst name on this monument1884751959id: Aswh2456816211068
Annie Florence Litchfieldwife of Joseph Coles Litchfield1894751969

248LitchfieldRobert Charles Joseph Litchfieldfirst name on this monument1922771999id: Aswh2466816221067

249LordMark Lordfirst name on this monument1745751820id: Aswh2476816231067
John Lordson of Mark Lord1766711837
Richard Lordson of Mark Lord1763771840
Mary Lordwife of Mark Lord1754751829

250LovellMary Lovellfirst name on this monument1738871825id: Aswh2486816241065Relict of Randal Lovell. Sister of Robert Andrew.
Robert Andrewbrother of Mary Lovell
Randal Lovellhusband of Mary Lovell

251LovettWilliam Lovettfirst name on this monument1781781859id: Aswh2506816261074Son of William and Mary Lovett.
William Lovettfather of William Lovett
Mary Lovettmother of William Lovett
Catherine Woodcocksister of William Lovett1780831863
Ann Buswellrelationship not known of William Lovett1797771874
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252LovettWilliam Lovettfirst name on this monument1751811832id: Aswh2496816251068
Mary Lovettwife of William Lovett1749841833

253LoweFred Lowefirst name on this monument1890771967id: Aswh3906817661065

254LynchWilliam Bannister Lynchfirst name on this monument1885871972id: Aswh2146815901065

255MackieRachel Mary Mackiefirst name on this monument1897id: Aswh2516816271067

256MantonHannah Mantonfirst name on this monument1800201820id: Aswh2526816281069Daughter of John and Ann Manton.
John Mantonfather of Hannah Manton
Ann Mantonmother of Hannah Manton

257MantonJohn Mantonfirst name on this monument1775711846id: Aswh2536816291071Husband of Ann Manton.
Ann Mantonwife of John Manton

258MantonMary Mantonfirst name on this monument1803571860id: Aswh2546816301078Wife of William Manton.
William Mantonhusband of Mary Manton
John Mantonson of Mary Manton1862

259MargettsMartha Margettsfirst name on this monument1843141857id: Aswh2556816311070Daughter of John and Eleanor Margetts.
John Margettsfather of Martha Margetts
Eleanor Margettsmother of Martha Margetts

260MiddletonWilliam Middletonfirst name on this monument1841571898id: Aswh2566816321067
Lucy Middletonwife of William Middleton1845631908

261MillerJames Phillip Millerfirst name on this monument1853821935id: Aswh2576816331069

262MorganAlice Maud Buckley Morganfirst name on this monument1879201899id: Aswh2586816341070

263MorrisKenwyn John Morrisfirst name on this monument1938501988id: Aswh2596816351066
Levi Marcel Morrisfather of Kenwyn John Morris1917791996
Edith Violet Morrismother of Kenwyn John Morris1909831992

264MuddimanLouie May Muddimanfirst name on this monument1924241948id: Aswh2606816361066
Olive May Stevensmother of Louie May Muddiman1897591956

265NashGeorge Henry Nashfirst name on this monument1914711985id: Aswh2616816371068
Barbara Annie Nashwife of George Henry Nash1919721991

266NashHenry Charles Nashfirst name on this monument1887491936id: Aswh2626816381065
Emily Elizabeth Nashwife of Henry Charles Nash1889841973

267NelsonWallace Nelsonfirst name on this monument1929691998id: Aswh2636816391065

268NesslingReginald Nesslingfirst name on this monument1928722000id: Aswh2646816401068
William Arnold Nesslingrelationship not known of Reginald Nessling

269NewcombeArthur Thomas Newcombefirst name on this monument1839371876id: Aswh2656816411066

270NewcombeHarriett Maris Newcombefirst name on this monument1829251854id: Aswh2666816421065Daughter of Thomas and Harriett Newcombe.
Thomas Newcombefather of Harriett Maris Newcombe
Harriett Newcombemother of Harriett Maris Newcombe

271NewcombeThomas Newcombefirst name on this monument1798471845id: Aswh2676816431065
Harriett Newcombewife of Thomas Newcombe1805881893

272NewtonHannah Newtonfirst name on this monument183341837id: Aswh2686816441065
Emma Newtonsister of Hannah Newton1827111838

273NewtonSamuel Newtonfirst name on this monument1799441843id: Aswh2696816451065Husband of Elizabeth Newton.
Elizabeth Newtonwife of Samuel Newton

274NunnsAnn Nunnsfirst name on this monument1841741915id: Aswh2706816461067

275NunnsFanny Nunnsfirst name on this monument1843861929id: Aswh3186816941070
Elizabeth Slyerelationship not known of Fanny Nunns
Thomas Slyerelationship not known of Fanny Nunns
William Walter Slyerelationship not known of Fanny Nunns1821821903 Son of Thomas Walter and Elizabeth Slye.

276O'shaughnessyNeil O'shaughnessyfirst name on this monument1962371999id: Aswh275
(2 images)
Thomas Joseph O'shaughnessyfather of Neil O'shaughnessy1998 Adjacent gravestone to Neil's.

277OliverElizabeth Oliverfirst name on this monument1829581887id: Aswh2716816471071
Joseph Oliverhusband of Elizabeth Oliver1831811912
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278OrlandElizabeth Orlandfirst name on this monument1856731929id: Aswh2726816481065
George Benjamin Orlandhusband of Elizabeth Orland1850811931

279OrlandRosa Irene Orlandfirst name on this monument1880281908id: Aswh2736816491065Wife of W G Orland.
W G Orlandhusband of Rosa Irene Orland
Elizabeth Orlandrelationship not known of Rosa Irene Orland
Ethel Mary Orlandrelationship not known of Rosa Irene Orland1893201913 Daughter of George and Elizabeth Orland.
George Orlandrelationship not known of Rosa Irene Orland

280OsbourneThomas John Osbournefirst name on this monument1894241918id: Aswh274
(2 images)
6816501069Son of George and Josephine Osbourne.
George Osbournefather of Thomas John Osbourne
Josephine Osbournemother of Thomas John Osbourne
Annie Sara Burmanrelationship not known of Thomas John Osbourne1892721964

281PainClement Painfirst name on this monument1771561827id: Aswh2766816521069
Rachel Painwife of Clement Pain1770741844

282ParnellCaroline Parnellfirst name on this monument1837761913id: Aswh2786816541065Wife of Thomas Parnell.
Thomas Parnellhusband of Caroline Parnell

283ParnellElizabeth Parnellfirst name on this monument1730611791id: Aswh2796816551068Wife of Richard Parnell.
Richard Parnellhusband of Elizabeth Parnell

284ParnellFrederick Richard Parnellfirst name on this monument1886851971id: Aswh2816816571066Son of Richard and Kate.
Richard Parnellfather of Frederick Richard Parnell
Kate Parnellmother of Frederick Richard Parnell
Eunice Elizabeth Parnellwife of Frederick Richard Parnell1888841972

285ParnellJane Parnellfirst name on this monument1659581717id: Aswh2776816531065Wife of Thomas Parnell.
Thomas Parnellhusband of Jane Parnell

286ParnellKate Parnellfirst name on this monument1857871944id: Aswh2826816581065

287ParnellNathaniel Parnellfirst name on this monument1797551852id: Aswh2806816561066
Anne Parnelldaughter of Nathaniel Parnell1834151849
Elizabeth Parnelldaughter of Nathaniel Parnell1837101847
Joseph Ebenezer Parnellson of Nathaniel Parnell1881
Nathaniel Parnellson of Nathaniel Parnell1841311872
William Parnellson of Nathaniel Parnell1847131860
Elizabeth Parnellwife of Nathaniel Parnell1809841893

288ParnellRichard Parnellfirst name on this monument1923id: Aswh2856816611066

289ParnellRichard Parnellfirst name on this monument1790691859id: Aswh2836816591066
Mary Ann Parnellwife of Richard Parnell1792811873

290ParnellRichard Parnellfirst name on this monument1712711783id: Aswh2846816601066Husband of Elizabeth.
Elizabeth Parnellwife of Richard Parnell

291ParnellThomas Parnellfirst name on this monument1757621819id: Aswh2866816621065
Joseph Parnellson of Thomas Parnell180211803 Died in December.
William Parnellson of Thomas Parnell Died in infancy.
William Parnellson of Thomas Parnell180761813
Ann Parnellwife of Thomas Parnell1772701842

292ParnellWilliam Cotterell Parnellfirst name on this monument1879831962id: Aswh2876816631065
Margaret Parnellwife of William Cotterell Parnell1875911966

293ParsonsCharles Heygate Parsonsfirst name on this monument1797681865id: Aswh2896816651065
Sarah Parsonswife of Charles Heygate Parsons1795811876

294ParsonsIsabella Mary Ann Parsonsfirst name on this monument1831461877id: Aswh2906816661065Wife of Charles W N Parsons.
Charles W N Parsonshusband of Isabella Mary Ann Parsons

295ParsonsJames Parsonsfirst name on this monument1770641834id: Aswh288
(2 images)
6816641067Son of John and Mary Parsons.
John Parsonsfather of James Parsons
Mary Parsonsmother of James Parsons
Ann Westrelationship not known of James Parsons
John Westrelationship not known of James Parsons
Mary Westrelationship not known of James Parsons1752821834 Daughter of John and Ann West.
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296ParsonsMartha Parsonsfirst name on this monument1801711872id: Aswh2916816671066Sister of Charles Heygate Parsons.
Charles Heygate Parsonsbrother of Martha Parsons

297PaynePercy Harold Paynefirst name on this monument1913781991id: Aswh2926816681066Husband of Margaret.
Margaret Paynewife of Percy Harold Payne

298PearceyFanny Pearceyfirst name on this monument1896731969id: Aswh2936816691065
Albert Mcdonald Pearceyrelationship not known of Fanny Pearcey1900881988

299PearceyMalcolm Pearceyfirst name on this monument1933501983id: Aswh2946816701065

300PearsonThomas Pearsonfirst name on this monumentid: Aswh2956816711067
Doris Rearsonwife of Thomas Pearson

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Grave Monument Photographs

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for All Saints' Church burial ground, West Haddon, Northamptonshire, England.

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