All Saints' Church burial ground, West Haddon, Northamptonshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1AbbottJames Abbottfirst name on this monument1768771845id: Aswh16813771071
Maria Abbottwife of James Abbott1770821852

2AdamsAnnie Adamsfirst name on this monument1888661954id: Aswh26813781068

3AdamsCharles Adamsfirst name on this monument1823721895id: Aswh46813801070
Mabel Adamsdaughter of Charles Adams1888221910
Ann Adamswife of Charles Adams1849761925

4AdamsCharles W Adamsfirst name on this monument1947id: Aswh36813791069

5AdamsEmma Adamsfirst name on this monument1815371852id: Aswh56813811067Wife of Thomas Adams.
Thomas Adamshusband of Emma Adams

6AdamsJames Adamsfirst name on this monument1785671852id: Aswh66813821069
Elizabeth Adamswife of James Adams1788461834

7AdamsJames Adamsfirst name on this monument1814691883id: Aswh86813841072Year of death may be incorrect.

8AdamsJames G Adamsfirst name on this monument1872821954id: Aswh76813831068

9AdamsJessie M Adamsfirst name on this monument1896701966id: Aswh96813851068

10AdamsJohn Adamsfirst name on this monument1833561889id: Aswh106813861070Son of William and Elizabeth Adams.
William Adamsfather of John Adams
Elizabeth Adamsmother of John Adams

11AdamsJohn Edward Adamsfirst name on this monument1887611948id: Aswh1168138710701Age may be incorrect.

12AdamsLilian Annie Adamsfirst name on this monument1909801989id: Aswh126813881068

13AdamsLily M Adamsfirst name on this monument1961id: Aswh136813891068

14AdamsMargaret Ann Adamsfirst name on this monument1860531913id: Aswh146813901067

15AdamsMary Adamsfirst name on this monument1817381855id: Aswh166813921070Wife of James Adams.
James Adamshusband of Mary Adams

16AdamsMary Ann Adamsfirst name on this monument1846161862id: Aswh156813911071Daughter of Thomas and Emma Adams.
Thomas Adamsfather of Mary Ann Adams
Emma Adamsmother of Mary Ann Adams

17AdamsNancy Adamsfirst name on this monument1920721992id: Aswh176813931067

18AdamsPriscilla Adamsfirst name on this monument1853501903id: Aswh186813941070
Margaret Louise Adamsdaughter of Priscilla Adams1881 aged 6 weeks.
Ruth Evelyn Adamsdaughter of Priscilla Adams1882 aged 3 weeks.
Samuel Adamsrelationship not known of Priscilla Adams1850691919 Interred at Alton , Hampshire.

19AdamsThomas Adamsfirst name on this monument1814681882id: Aswh206813961071

20AdamsThomas Adamsfirst name on this monument1849691918id: Aswh196813951070
Eliza Adamswife of Thomas Adams1851781929

21AdamsWilliam Adamsfirst name on this monument1811711882id: Aswh21
(2 images)
Elizabeth Adamswife of William Adams1805811886

22AdamsWilliam Adamsfirst name on this monument1846161862id: Aswh226813981068Son of William and Elizabeth Adams.
William Adamsfather of William Adams
Elizabeth Adamsmother of William Adams

23AingeCecily Aingefirst name on this monument1891911982id: Aswh236813991069

24AingeFrederick E Aingefirst name on this monument1885821967id: Aswh246814001068

25AtterburyFrances Henry Atterburyfirst name on this monument1865101875id: Aswh256814011074Died in March.
Norah Atterburyrelationship not known of Frances Henry Atterbury1884 Died in August.

26AtterburyGeorge Gee Atterburyfirst name on this monument1872681940id: Aswh266814021070

27AtterburyHenry Herbert Atterburyfirst name on this monument1839571896id: Aswh276814031073

28AtterburyHerbert Atterburyfirst name on this monument1871781949id: Aswh286814041077
Ethel Atterburywife of Herbert Atterbury1863881951

29AtterburyHerbert Atterburyfirst name on this monument1800771877id: Aswh296814051076

30AtterburyJohn Clarke Atterburyfirst name on this monument1913741987id: Aswh306814061081

31BaileyEliza Anne Baileyfirst name on this monument1843651908id: Aswh316814071067
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32BarnetElizabeth Barnetfirst name on this monument1728601788id: Aswh326814081068

33BatemanWalter Thomas Batemanfirst name on this monument1895771972id: Aswh336814091067
Stanley Thomas George Batemanson of Walter Thomas Bateman1921691990
Millicent Emma Batemanwife of Walter Thomas Bateman1895801975

34BatesGeoffrey Batesfirst name on this monument1940622002id: Aswh346814101068

35BaucuttMary Baucuttfirst name on this monument1772541826id: Aswh356814111071Wife of Samuel Baucutt. Daughter of John and Mary Kilsby.
John Kilsbyfather of Mary Baucutt
Samuel Baucutthusband of Mary Baucutt
Mary Kilsbymother of Mary Baucutt

36BaxterFrank Baxterfirst name on this monument189441898id: Aswh366814121083Son of Fred and Sarah Ann Baxter.
Arthur Baxterbrother of Frank Baxter1887341921
Fred Baxterfather of Frank Baxter
Sarah Ann Baxtermother of Frank Baxter

37BaxterHannah Elizabeth Baxterfirst name on this monument1849591908id: Aswh376814131071
George Vause Baxterhusband of Hannah Elizabeth Baxter1839931932

38BennettClara Bennettfirst name on this monument1891471938id: Aswh386814141071
Thomas Bennettrelationship not known of Clara Bennett1888891977

39BiggsMaud M Biggsfirst name on this monument1982id: Aswh396814151067
Mary A Biggsrelationship not known of Maud M Biggs1968

40BotterilAlice Botterilfirst name on this monument1838181856id: Aswh406814161067
Stephen Botterilfather of Alice Botteril1803751878 Husband of Mary Botteril (see also Bottrel)
Mary Botterilmother of Alice Botteril

41BottrelMary Bottrelfirst name on this monument1807381845id: Aswh416814171067Wife of Stephen Bottrel (see also Botteril)
Stephen Bottrelhusband of Mary Bottrel

42BoundsJames Boundsfirst name on this monument1957id: Aswh426814181067

43BoundsThomas Boundsfirst name on this monument1907id: Aswh436814191067

44BowmanHorace Bowmanfirst name on this monument1899741973id: Aswh446814201067
Clara Emily Bowmanwife of Horace Bowman1898811979

45BradfordJames Bradfordfirst name on this monument1848781926id: Aswh456814211069

46BurdettMatthew Burdettfirst name on this monument1834691903id: Aswh466814221069
Frank Burdettson of Matthew Burdett1863671930
Elizabeth Burdettwife of Matthew Burdett1834981932

47BushCharles Bushfirst name on this monument1849791928id: Aswh486814241071Husband of Lavinia Harriett Bush.
Lavinia Bushwife of Charles Bush

48ButlerOlive Butlerfirst name on this monument1914711985id: Aswh496814251067

49CarrEmma Annie Carrfirst name on this monument1899681967id: Aswh506814261067

50CarterDorothy Carterfirst name on this monument1912851997id: Aswh516814271080
Henry Carterrelationship not known of Dorothy Carter1907881995

51CaveJohn Cavefirst name on this monument1829631892id: Aswh5268142810711
Elizabeth Cavedaughter of John Cave1860241884
Charles Caveson of John Cave1851441895
Sarah Cavewife of John Cave1822791901

52ChaterGeorge William Henry Chaterfirst name on this monument1885411926id: Aswh536814291074Husband of Florence Matilda Chater.
Florence Matilda Chaterwife of George William Henry Chater

53ChittyPhilip Chittyfirst name on this monument1855581913id: Aswh556814311070Husband of Mary Jane Chitty.
Edith Chittydaughter of Philip Chitty1883321915
Mary Jane Chittywife of Philip Chitty

54ChrisfieldJohn James Chrisfieldfirst name on this monument1870711941id: Aswh566814321068Husband of Florence E Chrisfield.
Florence E Chrisfieldwife of John James Chrisfield

55ClarkeEmma Clarkefirst name on this monument1842751917id: Aswh576814331066Wife of John Clarke.
John Clarkehusband of Emma Clarke
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56ClarkeFrank William Clarkefirst name on this monument1885811966id: Aswh586814341067
Lily Elizabeth Clarkewife of Frank William Clarke1886811967

57ClarkeHenry Clarkefirst name on this monument1925id: Aswh596814351068
Mary Clarkerelationship not known of Henry Clarke1851771928

58ClarkeJohn James Clarkefirst name on this monument1975id: Aswh606814361065

59ClarkeLeonard Clarkefirst name on this monument1923651988id: Aswh616814371065Son of Frank William and Lily Elizabeth Clarke.
Frank William Clarkefather of Leonard Clarke
Lily Elizabeth Clarkemother of Leonard Clarke

60ClarkeWilliam Clarkefirst name on this monument1858821940id: Aswh626814381067
Annie Mary Elizabeth Clarkewife of William Clarke1861911952

61ColbourneCyril Joseph Stephen Colbournefirst name on this monument1898561954id: Aswh636814391069
Hilda Rose Colbournewife of Cyril Joseph Stephen Colbourne1907751982

62ColbourneStanley Ernest Colbournefirst name on this monument1931181949id: Aswh646814401074

63ColdwellAlfred Carpenter Coldwellfirst name on this monument1884781962id: Aswh656814411065

64ColesJane Colesfirst name on this monument1834621896id: Aswh666814421072
William Coleshusband of Jane Coles1840871927

65CollinsDora Lucy Collinsfirst name on this monument1909551964id: Aswh676814431072
Madeleine Joy Webbdaughter-in-law of Dora Lucy Collins1929631992
Dennis Arthur George Webbson of Dora Lucy Collins1931601991

66CollinsGeorge Charles Collinsfirst name on this monument1905781983id: Aswh686814441072
Helen Kate Collinswife of George Charles Collins1905901995

67CollinsRichard Collinsfirst name on this monument1738731811id: Aswh696814451072
Ann Collinswife of Richard Collins1730651795

68CollinsRichard Collinsfirst name on this monument1841381879id: Aswh706814461072Husband of Mary Ann Collins.
Mary Ann Collinswife of Richard Collins

69CollinsWinifred Mary Collinsfirst name on this monument1899841983id: Aswh716814471072Wife of Frank Collins.
Frank Collinshusband of Winifred Mary Collins

70CookWilliam Cookfirst name on this monument1843751918id: Aswh726814481065
Alice Cookwife of William Cook1852831935

71CoppockHerbert Joseph Coppockfirst name on this monument1892741966id: Aswh736814491066
Patience Coppockwife of Herbert Joseph Coppock1889921981

72CottrellArthur Ronald Cottrellfirst name on this monument1921731994id: Aswh746814501065

73CottrellWilliam Herny Cottrellfirst name on this monument1912791991id: Aswh756814511069
Phyllis May Cottrellwife of William Herny Cottrell1913811994

74Crew GeeAnthony Gilbert Crew Geefirst name on this monumentid: Aswh766814521065

75CrossAnne Sarah Crossfirst name on this monument1878541932id: Aswh776814531068
John William Crosshusband of Anne Sarah Cross1878691947

76CrossEli Crossfirst name on this monument1825571882id: Aswh786814541065
Mary Ann Crosswife of Eli Cross1840671907
Elizabeth Crossrelationship not known of Eli Cross On the Open book at the base of the main headstone.

77CrossRodney Mark Crossfirst name on this monument1946161962id: Aswh796814551066
Reginald Mark Crossfather of Rodney Mark Cross1975
Constance Louise Crossmother of Rodney Mark Cross1979 Died in November.

78CroweFrances Emma Crowefirst name on this monument1856331889id: Aswh806814561066Wife of Reuben Crowe.
Reuben Crowehusband of Frances Emma Crowe

79CroxfordWilliam John Croxfordfirst name on this monument1893751968id: Aswh816814571072
Harriet Elizabeth Croxfordwife of William John Croxford1894861980

80CurtisMary Curtisfirst name on this monument1735531788id: Aswh826814581066Wife of Robert Curtis.
Robert Curtishusband of Mary Curtis

81DarkerDavid John Darkerfirst name on this monument1947532000id: Aswh846814601066

82DarkerJohn William Darkerfirst name on this monument1921681989id: Aswh856814611066
Mary Redfern Darkerwife of John William Darker1916801996
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83DarkerLewis Darkerfirst name on this monument1894781972id: Aswh866814621066
Dorothy Ethel Darkerwife of Lewis Darker1898841982

84DarleyAlfred Russell Darleyfirst name on this monument1942id: Aswh836814591066

85DavidElizabeth Ann Davidfirst name on this monument1900801980id: Aswh2996816751071
Arthur Percy Randallbrother of Elizabeth Ann David1907801987
Reginald W B Davidhusband of Elizabeth Ann David1882841966 Interred in Wales.

86DavisRhoda Davisfirst name on this monument1881711952id: Aswh87
(2 images)
Frederick Stephen Davisrelationship not known of Rhoda Davis1875841959

87DeeleyJo-anna Deeleyfirst name on this monument1965301995id: Aswh886814641066

88DennettHenry James Dennettfirst name on this monument1849571906id: Aswh906814661067
Mary Ann Dennettwife of Henry James Dennett1850861936

89DennettThomas Edwin Dennettfirst name on this monument1886151901id: Aswh896814651066Son of Henry and Mary Dennett.
Henry Dennettfather of Thomas Edwin Dennett
Mary Dennettmother of Thomas Edwin Dennett

90DesterWilf Desterfirst name on this monument1910611971id: Aswh916814671066
Pat Desterrelationship not known of Wilf Dester1915721987

91DickinsMary Annie Dickinsfirst name on this monument1865751940id: Aswh926814681066
William James Dickinshusband of Mary Annie Dickins1873841957

92DileoAntonio Dileofirst name on this monument1919801999id: Aswh936814691073

93DobsonDouglas Alexander Dobsonfirst name on this monument1921551976id: Aswh946814701070
Esme Doris Dobsonwife of Douglas Alexander Dobson1924711995

94DootsonJenny Dootsonfirst name on this monument1920641984id: Aswh956814711068
Harold Dootsonhusband of Jenny Dootson1918801998

95DrewettRonald Victor Drewettfirst name on this monument1921761997id: Aswh966814721068

96DunkleyGeorge Frederick Dunkleyfirst name on this monument1922751997id: Aswh986814741068

97DunkleyJohn Dunkleyfirst name on this monument1788511839id: Aswh97
(2 images)
John Dunkleyson of John Dunkley183351838
Richard Dunkleyson of John Dunkley1818211839
Thomas Dunkleyson of John Dunkley181621818 and nine months.
Jane Dunkleywife of John Dunkley1792451837

98DunkleyWilliam Samuel Dunkleyfirst name on this monumentid: Aswh996814751068
Ann Eliza Dunkleyrelationship not known of William Samuel Dunkley
Florrie Mary Dunkleyrelationship not known of William Samuel Dunkley
William Samuel Mills Dunkleyrelationship not known of William Samuel Dunkley

99DunnEsther Dunnfirst name on this monument1759291788id: Aswh1006814761066Wife of John Dunn.
John Dunnhusband of Esther Dunn

100DurkinWilliam Durkinfirst name on this monument1912561968id: Aswh1016814771070

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