Campbells Hill (Anglican) Cemetery, Maitland, New South Wales, Australia

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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801LambertRonald Albert Lambertfirst name on this monument1936601996id: 11656706411067h; f; gf
Cheryl Miriam Lambertdaughter of Ronald Albert Lambert195411955 d
Beryl Lambertwife of Ronald Albert Lambert1918852003 w; m; gm; ggm

802LamblePercival Lamblefirst name on this monument189881906id: 4926699681066s/J. and R. Lamble
J Lambleparent of Percival Lamble
R Lambleparent of Percival Lamble

803LamotteHarriett Maria Lamottefirst name on this monument1868511919id: 5446700201066w
Edgar Bertie Lamottehusband of Harriett Maria Lamotte1868591927 h

804LamotteJohn Thomas Lamottefirst name on this monument1844691913id: 9386704141066
Eliza Ellen Lamotterelationship not known of John Thomas Lamotte1844751919

805LancasterEdith Lillian Lancasterfirst name on this monument1886791965id: 15646710401082m
James Maxwell Lancasterrelationship not known of Edith Lillian Lancaster1928
William James Allen Lancasterrelationship not known of Edith Lillian Lancaster1913141927

806LaneEdwin James Lanefirst name on this monument1885621947id: 1856696621073
Alda Maud Lanerelationship not known of Edwin James Lane1883711954

807LaneyAlbert Laneyfirst name on this monument1882751957id: 16436711191066h/Doris
Doris Laneywife of Albert Laney

808LaneyDoris Laneyfirst name on this monument1907591966id: 16446711201069

809LangEdward Grant Langfirst name on this monument186841872id: 13606708361080
Elizabeth Anna Langrelationship not known of Edward Grant Lang1848291877 w/Joseph
Joseph Langrelationship not known of Edward Grant Lang

810LanhamGeorge Lanhamfirst name on this monument1851421893id: 4986699741068
Sarah J Lanhamrelationship not known of George Lanham1851701921

811LanhamRobert Lanhamfirst name on this monument1819721891id: 4676699431069
Emily Lanhamrelationship not known of Robert Lanham1822691891

812LarkinAgnes Larkinfirst name on this monument1864801944id: 10646705401084w
Alfred Larkinhusband of Agnes Larkin1862931955 h
Alfred Rushworth Larkinrelationship not known of Agnes Larkin1907831990

813LauYin Oi Laufirst name on this monument1937521989id: 14886709641067w; m; gm

814LawrieVera Lawriefirst name on this monument1888321920id: 9896704651072w/A.C. Lawrie
A C Lawriehusband of Vera Lawrie

815LaybuttAlfred James Laybuttfirst name on this monument187311874id: 14786709541069s/James and Jane
Herbert Charles Laybuttbrother of Alfred James Laybutt1877751952 s
James Laybuttfather of Alfred James Laybutt1849701919 h
Jane Laybuttmother of Alfred James Laybutt1847731920 w

816Le MearsFrances Eliza Le Mearsfirst name on this monument1850761926id: 15346710101076

817LeaLeslie A Leafirst name on this monument1898751973id: 14476709231073h; f
Winifred Lucy Leawife of Leslie A Lea1904811985 w; m

818LeakeJohn Edmund Leakefirst name on this monument1884151899id: 14916709671069

819LedsamAlice Mildred Ledsamfirst name on this monument190121903id: 6076700831066
Darenda Mabel Ledsamrelationship not known of Alice Mildred Ledsam1870531923

820LeeKathleen Johnson Leefirst name on this monument1892id: 886695651069dau/John Eckford Lee
John Eckford Leefather of Kathleen Johnson Lee
Isabella Maria Leerelationship not known of Kathleen Johnson Lee1861381899
Jemima Spaull Leerelationship not known of Kathleen Johnson Lee1837821919 w/John L.

821LeeMary Ann Leefirst name on this monument1836471883id: 866695631067w
John Leonard Leehusband of Mary Ann Lee1834791913 h

822LeeThomas Benjamin Leefirst name on this monument1868311899id: 876695641100s/John Lee
John Leefather of Thomas Benjamin Lee
Mona Loreen Leesister of Thomas Benjamin Lee1899 dau/Thomas Benjamin
Ada Blairrelationship not known of Thomas Benjamin Lee1863851948 w
Edward Blairrelationship not known of Thomas Benjamin Lee1901 sil; died Parramatta
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823LeggettEllen Leggettfirst name on this monument1816841900id: 7246702001082

824LeggettGladys Leggettfirst name on this monument1895251920id: 11146705901065dau/Samuel and Sarah
Samuel Leggettfather of Gladys Leggett
Sarah Leggettmother of Gladys Leggett

825LeggettJohn Leggettfirst name on this monument1846581904id: 11066705821068h
Emma Leggettwife of John Leggett1851931944 w

826LeggettJohn Thomas Leggettfirst name on this monument1878211899id: 10086704841073
Emma May Leggettrelationship not known of John Thomas Leggett1889511940
William Alfred Leggettrelationship not known of John Thomas Leggett1875241899

827LeopoldCatherine Leopoldfirst name on this monument1833761909id: 9366704121065
John Conrad Leopoldrelationship not known of Catherine Leopold1833791912

828LethbridgeChristina Lethbridgefirst name on this monument1845501895id: 3046697811070
Thomas Lethbridgerelationship not known of Christina Lethbridge1837751912

829LethbridgeDoris Eve Lethbridgefirst name on this monument1896621958id: 10946705701069w/William
William Lethbridgehusband of Doris Eve Lethbridge

830LeveinEmily Rebecca Leveinfirst name on this monument1820541874id: 13626708381075

831LevesqueMary Levesquefirst name on this monument1822701892id: 5956700711068
John Levesquerelationship not known of Mary Levesque1818741892

832LewisClara Lewisfirst name on this monument1864841948id: 12026706781072
Vera May Lewisrelationship not known of Clara Lewis1899851984

833LewisHetty Jeanette Lewisfirst name on this monument190421906id: 12046706801076dau/R. and C. Lewis
C Lewisparent of Hetty Jeanette Lewis
R Lewisparent of Hetty Jeanette Lewis

834LewisJacob Lewisfirst name on this monument1886331919id: 12486707241076

835LewisMartha Elizabeth Lewisfirst name on this monument1866531919id: 13826708581075
Thomas Lewisrelationship not known of Martha Elizabeth Lewis1865781943

836LewisReece Lewisfirst name on this monument1854751929id: 12036706791075
Martha Jane Lewisrelationship not known of Reece Lewis1888891977

837LillymanHenry Lillymanfirst name on this monument1848581906id: 6156700911068born Northampton , England
Mary Ann Lillymanwife of Henry Lillyman1846611907 w

838LindsayFlorence Lindsayfirst name on this monument1883221905id: 11036705791076
Alice Maud Lindsayrelationship not known of Florence Lindsay1881841965
John Lindsayrelationship not known of Florence Lindsay1888191907
Olive Maud Lindsayrelationship not known of Florence Lindsay1910211931
Reginald William Lindsayrelationship not known of Florence Lindsay1881811962

839LingCharles H Lingfirst name on this monument1883701953id: 1066695831090
Alice H Lingrelationship not known of Charles H Ling1891841975

840LispcombMary Alice Lispcombfirst name on this monument1867511918id: 9646704401065w/J.T. Lispcomb
J T Lispcombhusband of Mary Alice Lispcomb

841LispcombWilliam Lispcombfirst name on this monument1816621878id: 9636704391066
Caroline Lispcombwife of William Lispcomb1821701891 w/William
George Sebright Lispcombrelationship not known of William Lispcomb1765661831
Grace Maud Lispcombrelationship not known of William Lispcomb1853841937
Jessie Caroline Lispcombrelationship not known of William Lispcomb188031883
Lucy Caroline Lispcombrelationship not known of William Lispcomb1861841945
Mary Louisa Lispcombrelationship not known of William Lispcomb1848191867
Matilda Catherine Lispcombrelationship not known of William Lispcomb1845821927 w/William Griffin
William Griffin Lispcombrelationship not known of William Lispcomb1846731919

842LivanosJames Livanosfirst name on this monument1906631969id: 426695191068h; f
Maria Livanoswife of James Livanos1921932014 w; m; gm

843LockeJane Lockefirst name on this monument1856891945id: 8766703521065
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844LoganEliza Mary Ann Loganfirst name on this monument1853601913id: 11086705841065
John Augustus Loganrelationship not known of Eliza Mary Ann Logan1852641916

845LogueDaniel John Loguefirst name on this monument1884591943id: 1376696141067
Clara May Loguerelationship not known of Daniel John Logue1882711953

846LogueMary Loguefirst name on this monument1850771927id: 1356696121067

847LongJohn Longfirst name on this monument1829231852id: 10976705731066

848LordColin Frederick Lordfirst name on this monument1925101935id: 7336702091069s/Frederick and Grace; drowned
Frederick Lordfather of Colin Frederick Lord
Grace Lordmother of Colin Frederick Lord

849LordJohn Lordfirst name on this monument1814751889id: 3346698111070h
Harry V Ellicottgrand son of John Lord1885141899 gs
Mary Ann Lordwife of John Lord1819841903 w

850LordJohn S Lordfirst name on this monument1873661939id: 14586709341065
Emily Lordrelationship not known of John S Lord1902371939 w/Albert
Robert Lordrelationship not known of John S Lord1931

851LordJohn Stanley Lordfirst name on this monument1900191919id: 14576709331065s/J. and R. Lord
Rachel M Lordrelationship not known of John Stanley Lord1879451924 w/J.S. Lord

852LordPeter Thomas Lordfirst name on this monument1925772002id: 7346702101065h; f; gf; ggf
Joan Lordrelationship not known of Peter Thomas Lord1924822006 w; m; gm; ggm
Stuart Frederick Lordrelationship not known of Peter Thomas Lord1957442001 drowned

853LowcockJohn S Lowcockfirst name on this monument1873781951id: 8406703161065

854LuscombeJohn Wells Luscombefirst name on this monument1817501867id: 12376707131068

855LutovacAnto Lutovacfirst name on this monument1912922004id: 76694841065h; f; gf; ggf

856MacartneyAda Macartneyfirst name on this monument1881id: 10836705591065
A Macartneyrelationship not known of Ada Macartney1896

857MacleodAnnie Ellen Macleodfirst name on this monument1834631897id: 6336701091065

858MacmillanJames Macmillanfirst name on this monument1863651928id: 5406700161065professor of music

859MacmillanThomas Edwin Macmillanfirst name on this monument1886281914id: 11886706641067

860MaddenElizabeth Anne Maddenfirst name on this monument1863591922id: 15816710571067

861MaitlandErnest Leslie Maitlandfirst name on this monument1807821889id: 3126697891065

862MallonEileen Patricia Mallonfirst name on this monument19101012011id: 9996704751065

863MallonPatrick Leo Mallonfirst name on this monument1899721971id: 9986704741065

864MannwarringKevin Edward Mannwarringfirst name on this monument1931561987id: 8926703681070h; f; gf

865MannwarringPeter Edward Mannwarringfirst name on this monument1959231982id: 8946703701065

866MannwarringRuby Lavina Mannwarringfirst name on this monument1896631959id: 8936703691066w; m
Edward John Mannwarringhusband of Ruby Lavina Mannwarring1895691964 h; f

867MarchHarold Marchfirst name on this monument1898561954id: 6976701731066

868MarkwellFrances Markwellfirst name on this monument1822711893id: 4726699481066
F E Markwellrelationship not known of Frances Markwell
Florence Markwellrelationship not known of Frances Markwell1887 dau/W.C. and F.E. Markwell
W C Markwellrelationship not known of Frances Markwell

869MarkwellH M Markwellfirst name on this monument1888311919id: 2326697091067
W C Markwellrelationship not known of H M Markwell1857651922

870MarriottLeslie George Marriottfirst name on this monument192661932id: 2866697631065s/H. and M. Marriott
H Marriottparent of Leslie George Marriott
M Marriottparent of Leslie George Marriott

871MarshallHenry Marshallfirst name on this monument1838671905id: 15956710711068h
Isabella Marshallwife of Henry Marshall1852621914 w

872MarstonCharles Louis Marstonfirst name on this monument1849781927id: 14226708981073

873MarstonElvina May Marstonfirst name on this monument1833711904id: 14046708801066

874MartinAlbert Martinfirst name on this monument1880411921id: 14546709301071h
Alice Maud Martinwife of Albert Martin1880611941 w
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875MartinCecil Martinfirst name on this monument1887361923id: 14536709291068

876MartinMary Conroy Martinfirst name on this monument1909791988id: 13126707881065

877MarwoodCleve Marwoodfirst name on this monument1927id: 14236708991071

878MaslinMaria Maslinfirst name on this monument1834471881id: 12676707431065w
William Maslinhusband of Maria Maslin1827321859 h

879MaslovaricDusan Maslovaricfirst name on this monument1926281954id: 11586706341070h/Martha
Martha Maslovaricwife of Dusan Maslovaric

880MasonHerbert Stanley Masonfirst name on this monument1902601962id: 8286703041065
Phyllis Margaret Masonrelationship not known of Herbert Stanley Mason1909781987

881MathesonRaymond John Mathesonfirst name on this monument1926571983id: 14746709501065h; f

882MayoRebecca Thwaites Mayofirst name on this monument1843651908id: 10176704931072
John Thomas Mayorelationship not known of Rebecca Thwaites Mayo1837871924

883MayoWilliam Mayofirst name on this monument1853571910id: 12966707721070born Gloucestershire , Eng.
Eliza Ann Mayowife of William Mayo1856901946 w

884McalisterThomas Mcalisterfirst name on this monument1859261885id: 3296698061068born Co. Amagh , Ireland

885McdonaldHarriet Mcdonaldfirst name on this monument1818861904id: 6086700841067

886McdonaldJames Mcdonaldfirst name on this monument1883571940id: 10546705301069h
Jane Mcdonaldwife of James Mcdonald1884771961 w

887McdonaldKenneth Allan Mcdonaldfirst name on this monument1892861978id: 5156699911065
Marion Mary Mcdonaldrelationship not known of Kenneth Allan Mcdonald1905941999

888McdonaldRuth Lurline Mcdonaldfirst name on this monument1913851998id: 2416697181070
Dorothy May Crawfordrelationship not known of Ruth Lurline Mcdonald1928722000 ashes

889McdougallCyrus Alexander Mcdougallfirst name on this monument1823401863id: 706695471069

890McdowallEthel Mcdowallfirst name on this monument1881281909id: 3536698301066

891McelroyCharles Hunt Mcelroyfirst name on this monument1881501931id: 10486705241072

892McentyreJohn Mcentyrefirst name on this monument1907441951id: 8366703121066h
Katie Mcentyrewife of John Mcentyre1904921996 w

893McgilvrayLouisa Mcgilvrayfirst name on this monument1866701936id: 6756701511065
John Wilsonbrother of Louisa Mcgilvray bro/Louisa

894McglashanArchibald Mcglashanfirst name on this monument1864851949id: 186694951067h; f
Alice A Mcglashanwife of Archibald Mcglashan1870931963 w; m

895McgovernEdward Thomas Mcgovernfirst name on this monument1859791938id: 11276706031065
Caroline Australia Mcgovernrelationship not known of Edward Thomas Mcgovern1859731932

896McgovernHenry Herbert Mcgovernfirst name on this monument186521867id: 6406701161065s/John and Lydia
Annie Maud Mcgovernrelationship not known of Henry Herbert Mcgovern1871131884
John Mcgovernrelationship not known of Henry Herbert Mcgovern1833811914 h
John Joseph Mcgovernrelationship not known of Henry Herbert Mcgovern1860251885
Lydia S Mcgovernrelationship not known of Henry Herbert Mcgovern1835721907 w

897McgovernLizzie Mcgovernfirst name on this monument1866251891id: 6296701051066w/W.J. McGovern
W J Mcgovernhusband of Lizzie Mcgovern

898McgovernMary Eliza Mcgovernfirst name on this monument1852411893id: 12286707041066w/Charles
Charles Mcgovernhusband of Mary Eliza Mcgovern
Herbert Leslie Mcgovernson of Mary Eliza Mcgovern1 s
Eliza Stapletonrelationship not known of Mary Eliza Mcgovern1826691895

899MckeachieAmelia Margaret Mckeachiefirst name on this monument1845791924id: 776695541071dau/William and Mary Ann
William Nicholsonfather of Amelia Margaret Mckeachie
Mary Ann Nicholsonmother of Amelia Margaret Mckeachie
William Mckeachierelationship not known of Amelia Margaret Mckeachie1887501937

900MclaughlinElsie Mclaughlinfirst name on this monument1899711970id: 1046695811080m

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