Campbells Hill (Anglican) Cemetery, Maitland, New South Wales, Australia

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1Bessie first name on this monument1892id: 7956702711069

2Johanna first name on this monument184911850id: 1626696391071

3AbigailAlice Abigailfirst name on this monument1882371919id: 13846708601078dau/J.W. and C. Abigail
C Abigailparent of Alice Abigail
J W Abigailparent of Alice Abigail

4AbramsFrederick Abramsfirst name on this monument1855631918id: 15316710071077h; f
Mary Abramswife of Frederick Abrams1857791936 w; m

5AdamsHenry John Adamsfirst name on this monument1905id: 10196704951070

6AdamsHenry John Adamsfirst name on this monument1905id: 10206704961075born Battle , Sussex , England

7AdamsLydia Sophia Adamsfirst name on this monument1860221882id: 6356701111075dau/William and Lydia
William Adamsfather of Lydia Sophia Adams
Lydia Adamsmother of Lydia Sophia Adams

8AdamsM M Adamsfirst name on this monument1846681914id: 11856706611073

9AgnewAda Agnewfirst name on this monument1856581914id: 13296708051079
James Agnewrelationship not known of Ada Agnew1854651919
Kenneth G Agnewrelationship not known of Ada Agnew1890211911

10AirdNeil Airdfirst name on this monument1844361880id: 14976709731073born Ireland

11AkersGordon William Akersfirst name on this monument1914791993id: 8646703401069h; f; gf
Sylvia Mary Akerswife of Gordon William Akers1927782005 w; m; gm

12AkersPhillip Joseph Akersfirst name on this monument1865731938id: 6266701021069h; f
Alma Pearl Akerswife of Phillip Joseph Akers1880601940 w; m

13AkersWalter George Akersfirst name on this monument1916141930id: 6276701031070

14AlcornRobert George Alcornfirst name on this monument1852741926id: 786695551070
Arthur Hayes Alcornrelationship not known of Robert George Alcorn188331886
Mary Alcornrelationship not known of Robert George Alcorn1856661922

15AllenWilliam Nortliff Allenfirst name on this monument1880281908id: 7516702271084
James Allenrelationship not known of William Nortliff Allen
Minnie Ellen Allenrelationship not known of William Nortliff Allen

16AllisonAlfred Albert Allisonfirst name on this monument188341887id: 6526701281079s/W. and E.M. Allison
E M Allisonparent of Alfred Albert Allison
W Allisonparent of Alfred Albert Allison

17AlmondHarold Almondfirst name on this monument1897631960id: 8886703641091

18AndersonCharles Andersonfirst name on this monument1963351998id: 13896708651071h; f

19AndersonGordon Rutherford Andersonfirst name on this monument1915id: 13266708021075s/Allan and Emily
Allan Wesley Andersonfather of Gordon Rutherford Anderson
Emily Andersonmother of Gordon Rutherford Anderson

20AndrewsAnnie Andrewsfirst name on this monument1848361884id: 15866710621078
William Andrewsrelationship not known of Annie Andrews1842631905

21AndrewsEmily Elizabeth Andrewsfirst name on this monument1868321900id: 6066700821074w/William Henry
William Henry Andrewshusband of Emily Elizabeth Andrews

22AnthonyA Anthonyfirst name on this monument1823751898id: 9026703781075

23AnthonyJames Anthonyfirst name on this monument1795681863id: 3786698551074

24AntoniadouIrene Antoniadoufirst name on this monument1912551967id: 306695071069

25AppletonAlice Pearl Appletonfirst name on this monument1908952003id: 115167062710971w/Gordon
Gordon Appletonhusband of Alice Pearl Appleton

26AppletonColin Appletonfirst name on this monument1903721975id: 11486706241097h; f
Elsie Agnes Appletonwife of Colin Appleton1887661953 w; m

27AppletonLeonard Appletonfirst name on this monument1941451986id: 11496706251070

28AppleyardAda Appleyardfirst name on this monument1888631951id: 5476700231068w; m
Herbert Appleyardhusband of Ada Appleyard1886841970 h; f
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29AppleyardHarriet Hettie Appleyardfirst name on this monument1916621978id: 15666710421067m; gm

30AppleyardWilfred Appleyardfirst name on this monument1926882014id: 5486700241068
Eleanor Maureen Appleyardrelationship not known of Wilfred Appleyard1932822014

31ApthorpeJohn Apthorpefirst name on this monument1865631928id: 15476710231074
Barbara Apthorperelationship not known of John Apthorpe1868741942

32ArkellAnnie Ella Arkellfirst name on this monument1891311922id: 15076709831067w/George
George Arkellhusband of Annie Ella Arkell

33ArkellCharles Henry Arkellfirst name on this monument1846421888id: 12366707121067
Thomas Arkellson of Charles Henry Arkell187991888 s

34ArkellEdmund L Arkellfirst name on this monument1854531907id: 5936700691068
Charles Henry Arkellrelationship not known of Edmund L Arkell23
Walter William Arkellrelationship not known of Edmund L Arkell16

35ArkellJames Underwood Arkellfirst name on this monument1863841947id: 12356707111071h
Hanna M Arkellwife of James Underwood Arkell1866831949 w

36ArkellSarah Arkellfirst name on this monument1829531882id: 12346707101073w/Charles Henry
Edith Pearl grand daughter of Sarah Arkell1884 gd
Charles Henry Arkellhusband of Sarah Arkell

37ArkhurstJohn Henry Arkhurstfirst name on this monument190981917id: 14196708951071
Nina Arkhurstrelationship not known of John Henry Arkhurst1882731955
Thomas James Arkhurstrelationship not known of John Henry Arkhurst1885761961

38ArtherEsther Amelia Artherfirst name on this monument185731860id: 5376700131069
Louisa Theresa Artherrelationship not known of Esther Amelia Arther1862

39ArthurEliza Arthurfirst name on this monument1822431865id: 5366700121071w
James Arthurhusband of Eliza Arthur1817841901 h

40AshmanMabel Annie Ashmanfirst name on this monument1913841997id: 15146709901068ashes

41AshmanRichard Ashmanfirst name on this monument1910831993id: 15156709911069

42AshworthJohn George Ashworthfirst name on this monument1903491952id: 996695761072h; f
John Thomas Ashworthson of John George Ashworth1933191952 s
Irene M Ashworthwife of John George Ashworth1906661972 w; m
Annette Sindonrelationship not known of John George Ashworth1940241964 w/Peter

43AtkinGeorge Atkinfirst name on this monument1857641921id: 14486709241068born Sheffield , England

44AtkinsCharles Richard Atkinsfirst name on this monument1881741955id: 6956701711067

45AtkinsonCharles Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1822671889id: 3646698411072
Frances Eliza Atkinsonrelationship not known of Charles Atkinson1866521918
Harriet Blanch Atkinsonrelationship not known of Charles Atkinson1824741898

46AtkinsonFrank Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1904171921id: 12686707441072
Frances Maud Atkinsonrelationship not known of Frank Atkinson1880691949

47AtkinsonMadge Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1914id: 13056707811071dau/L. and M. Atkinson
L Atkinsonparent of Madge Atkinson
M Atkinsonparent of Madge Atkinson

48AuckettEdward Auckettfirst name on this monument1865691934id: 9776704531069h
Rose Ann Auckettwife of Edward Auckett1871271898 w

49AustinHarriet Anne Austinfirst name on this monument1850391889id: 3686698451077w/James
James Austinhusband of Harriet Anne Austin

50AyliffeDaisy Winifred Ayliffefirst name on this monument189391902id: 6226700981068dau/T. and E. Ayliffe
E Ayliffeparent of Daisy Winifred Ayliffe
T Ayliffeparent of Daisy Winifred Ayliffe

51BagleeCharles Cook Bagleefirst name on this monument1893631956id: 1116695881068h 1
Hazel Irene Bunyonwife of Charles Cook Baglee1915571972 w
Arthur Henry Bunyonrelationship not known of Charles Cook Baglee1906551961 h 2

52BaileyGarry Baileyfirst name on this monument194651951id: 8336703091066s
Robert Henry Baileyfather of Garry Bailey1915681983 h; f
Freda Madeline Baileymother of Garry Bailey1921761997 w; m
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53BaileyLee Jason Baileyfirst name on this monument1968432011id: 156694921071s; bro
Ivan Alfred Baileyrelationship not known of Lee Jason Bailey1933772010 h; f; gf

54BaileyMary Baileyfirst name on this monument1807481855id: 3756698521093
Charles E Wilksrelationship not known of Mary Bailey1831421873
Mary Ann Wilksrelationship not known of Mary Bailey1832811913
William Charles Wilksrelationship not known of Mary Bailey1852

55BaileyWalter Linton Baileyfirst name on this monument1909571966id: 326695091066h
Florence May Baileyrelationship not known of Walter Linton Bailey1910932003 sis; au

56BakerGeorge Bakerfirst name on this monument1910id: 3666698431066

57BaleyElizabeth Blackburn Baleyfirst name on this monument1812601872id: 5586700341072
William Baleyrelationship not known of Elizabeth Blackburn Baley1879

58BambachBaby Bambachfirst name on this monument1956id: 526695291070s/Bruce and Mary
Bruce Bambachfather of Baby Bambach
Mary Bambachmother of Baby Bambach

59BambachBruce Norman Bambachfirst name on this monument1912801992id: 10516705271070f; gf; bro

60BanfieldFrancis Kingston Banfieldfirst name on this monument1828511879id: 6566701321070
Johanna Banfielddaughter of Francis Kingston Banfield1868 d
Sarah Ellen Dyer Banfielddaughter of Francis Kingston Banfield186541869 d
Sarah Banfieldwife of Francis Kingston Banfield1836831919 w

61BanfieldGeorge Banfieldfirst name on this monument1817561873id: 6586701341067
Lawrence Hornibrook Banfieldrelationship not known of George Banfield1816171833

62BanfieldGeorge Lawrence Banfieldfirst name on this monument1879371916id: 6576701331069s/Francis and Sarah
Francis Banfieldfather of George Lawrence Banfield
Sarah Banfieldmother of George Lawrence Banfield

63BanfieldJane Grace Banfieldfirst name on this monument1860821942id: 8076702831075

64BanfieldMargaret Kingston Banfieldfirst name on this monument1861761937id: 8086702841068

65BanfieldMartha Alice Banfieldfirst name on this monument1882491931id: 6486701241067w
Hewitt Pool Banfieldhusband of Martha Alice Banfield1863721935 h

66BanfieldMary Hornibrook Banfieldfirst name on this monument1857611918id: 8056702811073dau/Francis and Sarah
Francis Banfieldfather of Mary Hornibrook Banfield
Sarah Banfieldmother of Mary Hornibrook Banfield

67BanfieldThirza Banfieldfirst name on this monument1871621933id: 3216697981074w/Francis
Francis Banfieldhusband of Thirza Banfield

68BanhamEmmett Charles Banhamfirst name on this monument1871641935id: 6146700901069

69BanhamWilliam Banhamfirst name on this monument1834751909id: 13796708551070
Emma Banhamrelationship not known of William Banham1843701913

70BarnesStephen Richard Barnesfirst name on this monument1877211898id: 9056703811068

71BarnettRaymond John Barnettfirst name on this monument195161957id: 586695351067s; bro

72BarrBill Barrfirst name on this monument1887601947id: 1876696641069h; f
Florence Barrwife of Bill Barr1895621957 w; m

73BartlettArthur Charles Bartlettfirst name on this monument1821651886id: 10896705651074born Norfolk , England
Emma Bartlettrelationship not known of Arthur Charles Bartlett1929

74BartlettHarold Arthur Bartlettfirst name on this monument1862651927id: 10906705661069
Francis Henry Bartlettrelationship not known of Harold Arthur Bartlett1867621929

75BartlettHarold Robert Bartlettfirst name on this monument186101861id: 12306707061075s/Arthur Charles and Emma
Arthur Charles Bartlettfather of Harold Robert Bartlett
Emma Bartlettmother of Harold Robert Bartlett

76BeardmoreFrederick Joshua Beardmorefirst name on this monument1914391953id: 12256707011069surgeon

77BeatheEileen Clare Beathefirst name on this monument1933521985id: 11186705941070

78BeattyJames Beattyfirst name on this monument1885id: 7706702461068

79BeavanThomas Beavanfirst name on this monument1888641952id: 1016695781079
Clare Beavanrelationship not known of Thomas Beavan1886701956
Thomas Lewisrelationship not known of Thomas Beavan1911881999
Vera Lewisrelationship not known of Thomas Beavan1912761988
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80BeavenWilliam Beavenfirst name on this monument1837821919id: 13836708591073
Catherine Beavenrelationship not known of William Beaven1842881930

81BeckettFrederick Isaac Beckettfirst name on this monument1846781924id: 2946697711070h
Emily Jane Beckettwife of Frederick Isaac Beckett1846841930 w

82BeckmanJohn Henry Beckmanfirst name on this monument1862271889id: 36966984610671

83BellamyHannah Bellamyfirst name on this monument1870431913id: 9396704151078w/Thomas
Ronald Harley Eckfordgrand son of Hannah Bellamy192901929 gs
Thomas Bellamyhusband of Hannah Bellamy1851721923 h
Arthur James Bellamyson of Hannah Bellamy1893321925 s

84BennettCatherine Anne Bennettfirst name on this monument1845581903id: 9816704571068

85BennettEmma Louise Bennettfirst name on this monument1873471920id: 13426708181072

86BennettMichael John Bennettfirst name on this monument1848671915id: 49566997110661
Thomas Hamerrelationship not known of Michael John Bennett1835601895

87BernardSarah Bernardfirst name on this monument1855641919id: 8036702791068

88BertlesSamuel Bertlesfirst name on this monument1848701918id: 10236704991071
Emma Cecilia Bertlesrelationship not known of Samuel Bertles1845861931

89BertlesSamuel Bertlesfirst name on this monument1819561875id: 10766705521067h
Eleanor Bertleswife of Samuel Bertles1824881912 w

90BeveridgeJim Beveridgefirst name on this monument1934381972id: 15216709971071h/Faye
Faye Beveridgewife of Jim Beveridge

91BiemanEdward Henry Biemanfirst name on this monument1874781952id: 5066699821067
Alice Rosaline Biemanrelationship not known of Edward Henry Bieman1876661942

92BignellAlfred Duncan Bignellfirst name on this monument1916701986id: 160467108011121
Mona Rosabelle Bignellrelationship not known of Alfred Duncan Bignell1916962012

93BirkbyThomas Birkbyfirst name on this monument1807481855id: 1726696491068
Mary Birkbyrelationship not known of Thomas Birkby1811471858

94BirkenheadEmily Mary Birkenheadfirst name on this monument1847751922id: 1226695991069w
Joseph William Birkenheadhusband of Emily Mary Birkenhead1845921937 h

95BirkenheadEva Birkenheadfirst name on this monument1882id: 4506699261071dau/Walter and Emily
William Dines Birkenheadbrother of Eva Birkenhead1884 s/William and Emily
Walter Birkenheadfather of Eva Birkenhead
Emily Birkenheadmother of Eva Birkenhead

96BirkenheadNellie B Birkenheadfirst name on this monument1886781964id: 1246696011081
A William Windeyer Galerelationship not known of Nellie B Birkenhead1903661969
Marion Birkenhead Loughnanrelationship not known of Nellie B Birkenhead1900691969

97BirkenheadRichard Carlyle Birkenheadfirst name on this monument1874711945id: 1236696001073
Violet A B Galerelationship not known of Richard Carlyle Birkenhead1917461963
Violet Marion Galerelationship not known of Richard Carlyle Birkenhead1872811953

98BirkenheadWilliam Birkenheadfirst name on this monument1819401859id: 1666696431072
Charlotte Birkenheadrelationship not known of William Birkenhead185811859

99BirkmyreWilliam Wrixon Birkmyrefirst name on this monument1895id: 3336698101069

100BlackDorothy E Blackfirst name on this monument1917391956id: 5866700621067w; m

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