Campbells Hill (Anglican) Cemetery, Maitland, New South Wales, Australia

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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701JeansDavid Jeansfirst name on this monument1906191925id: 15546710301066

702JeansJoan Jeansfirst name on this monument1925561981id: 16026710781067w; m; sis
Roy Dorset Jeanshusband of Joan Jeans1919822001 h; f; gf; ggf

703JeansJoseph Dorset Jeansfirst name on this monument1891641955id: 1106695871067h; f
Birdie Ethel Barbara Jeanswife of Joseph Dorset Jeans1892851977 w; m

704JeansPamela Joan Jeansfirst name on this monument194861954id: 646695411066dau; sis

705JenkinsAnn E Jenkinsfirst name on this monument1885621947id: 10666705421067w; m
James Jenkinshusband of Ann E Jenkins1886631949 h; f
Thomas Elias Jenkinsrelationship not known of Ann E Jenkins1919822001 h/Veronica
Veronica Eileen May Jenkinsrelationship not known of Ann E Jenkins1914611975 w/Thomas

706JenkinsJames Henry Jenkinsfirst name on this monument1914521966id: 9486704241065h; f
Thelma Doreen Jenkinswife of James Henry Jenkins19171002017 w; m; gm; ggm
James Henry Jenkinsrelationship not known of James Henry Jenkins1938

707JenkinsJean Harriet Jenkinsfirst name on this monument1922902012id: 10676705431065dau/Ann and James

708JensenFrancis Leslie Jensenfirst name on this monument192411925id: 14066708821069s/H.W. and H. Jensen
H Jensenparent of Francis Leslie Jensen
H W Jensenparent of Francis Leslie Jensen

709JensenSarah Ann Jensenfirst name on this monument1853571910id: 9376704131067w
Martin Jensenhusband of Sarah Ann Jensen1844731917 h

710JensenThomas Charles Jensenfirst name on this monument1874691943id: 5186699941071
Keith Jensenson of Thomas Charles Jensen1916211937 s
Amy Elizabeth Jensenrelationship not known of Thomas Charles Jensen1883651948

711JohnsonFrederick George Arthur Johnsonfirst name on this monument1874id: 13616708371090s/Frederick and Agnes
Frederick Johnsonfather of Frederick George Arthur Johnson
Agnes Johnsonmother of Frederick George Arthur Johnson
Alice Johnsonrelationship not known of Frederick George Arthur Johnson
Ethel May Johnsonrelationship not known of Frederick George Arthur Johnson188781895 dau/William and Alice
William Johnsonrelationship not known of Frederick George Arthur Johnson

712JohnsonNorma Johnsonfirst name on this monument1944662010id: 14266709021068w/Max; m; gm; ggm
Max Johnsonhusband of Norma Johnson

713JohnsonThomas James Johnsonfirst name on this monument1856501906id: 6776701531068
Christina Johnsonrelationship not known of Thomas James Johnson1860421902

714JohnstonGordon Clair Johnstonfirst name on this monument191611917id: 14156708911069

715JohnstonKate Isabella Johnstonfirst name on this monument1877721949id: 14146708901065
Ronald Hector Johnstonrelationship not known of Kate Isabella Johnston1907621969 h/Ruby
Ruby Johnstonrelationship not known of Kate Isabella Johnston

716JohnstonSamuel C Johnstonfirst name on this monument1877611938id: 14136708891065

717JonesAlexandress Jean Jonesfirst name on this monument1910381948id: 236695001065w

718JonesDorothy May Jonesfirst name on this monument1907911998id: 13906708661065

719JonesFrederick Jonesfirst name on this monument1828781906id: 6516701271065
Alice Jonesrelationship not known of Frederick Jones1833931926

720JonesGeorge Silva Jonesfirst name on this monument1875421917id: 13106707861087

721JonesGeorge W Jonesfirst name on this monument1884581942id: 16086710841066h; f
Maud Agnes Joneswife of George W Jones1930431973 w; m

722JonesKeith George Jonesfirst name on this monument1912721984id: 16076710831065
Edna Maud Jonessister of Keith George Jones1913922005 sis

723JonesLewis John Jonesfirst name on this monument1885261911id: 12856707611070

724JonesMary Ann Jonesfirst name on this monument1833311864id: 5266700021066w/John A.
John A Joneshusband of Mary Ann Jones

725JonesMary Elizabeth Jonesfirst name on this monument1851881939id: 16136710891067
Emily Cookrelationship not known of Mary Elizabeth Jones1889841973
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726JonesThomas Jonesfirst name on this monument1840681908id: 13936708691074h; f
Mother Joneswife of Thomas Jones1848741922 w; m

727JonesWilliam Henry Jonesfirst name on this monument1857651922id: 15056709811065h
Mary Jane Joneswife of William Henry Jones1862771939 w

728JonesWilliam Henry Jonesfirst name on this monument1942692011id: 8476703231065

729JordanCharles Jordanfirst name on this monument1887631950id: 86694851067
Beatrice Jordanrelationship not known of Charles Jordan1889811970

730JowettElizabeth Jowettfirst name on this monument1863581921id: 7526702281068
William Jowettrelationship not known of Elizabeth Jowett1883171900

731JowettWalter Jowettfirst name on this monument1862711933id: 7536702291067

732JuratowitchAlice Juratowitchfirst name on this monument1890771967id: 5506700261066m; gm

733JuratowitchAlphonsus Gordon Juratowitchfirst name on this monument1924511975id: 5526700281067

734JuratowitchDouglas George Juratowitchfirst name on this monument1912841996id: 5516700271067ashes
Arthur Henry Juratowitchrelationship not known of Douglas George Juratowitch1925882013 ashes

735JuratowitchJean Verlye Amilda Juratowitchfirst name on this monument1923661989id: 8216702971079w; m; gm
Gregory John Juratowitchhusband of Jean Verlye Amilda Juratowitch1921862007 h; f; gf

736JuratowitchNicholas Roy Juratowitchfirst name on this monument1917511968id: 346695111067h; f; gf
Irene Joyce Juratowitchwife of Nicholas Roy Juratowitch1929812010 w; m; gm

737JuratowitchRaymond James Juratowitchfirst name on this monument1927631990id: 5536700291066h; f; gf

738JuratowitchShirley Bernice Juratowitchfirst name on this monument1931782009id: 5546700301069w/ Jim

739KayArchibald Kayfirst name on this monument1872691941id: 16116710871069
Hannah May Kayrelationship not known of Archibald Kay1878701948

740KayCecil James Kayfirst name on this monument1950id: 16096710851065

741KayHilda M Kayfirst name on this monument1907942001id: 116694881065

742KayHilton A Kayfirst name on this monument1923221945id: 16126710881068
Leslie Kayrelationship not known of Hilton A Kay1902471949

743KayJames Kayfirst name on this monument1862581920id: 4376699131065
Elizabeth Kayrelationship not known of James Kay1863841947

744KayJohn W Kayfirst name on this monument1971id: 126694891065s/John and Hilda
John W Kayfather of John W Kay
Hilda Kaymother of John W Kay

745KayJohn W Kayfirst name on this monument1950id: 106694871065

746KayMargaret Josephine Kayfirst name on this monument1909831992id: 4396699151069m

747KayMaxwell Kayfirst name on this monument1943id: 16106710861065

748KayPaul John Kayfirst name on this monument196401964id: 8266703021065
Michelle Ann Jonesrelationship not known of Paul John Kay196411965

749KayRobert Kayfirst name on this monument1902461948id: 4386699141066

750KedwellAubrey William Kedwellfirst name on this monument1925872012id: 8166702921066

751KedwellZena Olga Kedwellfirst name on this monument1924411965id: 8156702911070w
Gail Annette Kedwelldaughter of Zena Olga Kedwell1958151973 d

752KeefeCaroline Keefefirst name on this monument1862821944id: 8726703481069

753KeenJames Keenfirst name on this monument52id: 6386701141073born Wiltshire , England
Caroline Keenrelationship not known of James Keen1832591891
Louisa Keenrelationship not known of James Keen1882
William James Keenrelationship not known of James Keen1852331885

754KeilyEliza Jane Keilyfirst name on this monument1890781968id: 9326704081067w
Daniel John Keilyhusband of Eliza Jane Keily1885901975 h

755KeilyJane Frances Keilyfirst name on this monument192581933id: 9316704071066

756KellermanAnne Kellermanfirst name on this monument1838201858id: 3276698041076w/William
William Kellermanhusband of Anne Kellerman

757KellermanAnne Kellermanfirst name on this monument1838201858id: 1676696441070w/William
William Kellermanhusband of Anne Kellerman
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758KellyTimothy William Kellyfirst name on this monument1831651896id: 3436698201078h
Catherine Emma Kellydaughter of Timothy William Kelly1856751931 d
Amy Florence Paynedaughter of Timothy William Kelly1874781952 d
Albert Arthur Kellyson of Timothy William Kelly1869451914 s
Elizabeth Kellywife of Timothy William Kelly1834671901 w

759KennedyAlexander Kennedyfirst name on this monument1850441894id: 4966699721070born Co. Amagh , Ireland

760KennedyFrank Kennedyfirst name on this monument1920id: 2216696981076s/W. and M. Kennedy
M Kennedyparent of Frank Kennedy
W Kennedyparent of Frank Kennedy

761KentCornelius Kentfirst name on this monument1889501939id: 7406702161073
Violet Harriet Kentrelationship not known of Cornelius Kent1886901976

762KerriganHarry Kerriganfirst name on this monument1916id: 13036707791066h/Katie
Katie Kerriganwife of Harry Kerrigan

763KerriganJohn Kerriganfirst name on this monument1815381853id: 1996696761066h/Elizabeth
Christopher Kerriganrelationship not known of John Kerrigan1786681854
Elizabeth Kerriganrelationship not known of John Kerrigan1814641878

764KerriganJohn Kerriganfirst name on this monument1866481914id: 13026707781070h; f
Mary Kerriganwife of John Kerrigan1866831949 w; m

765KiddAdelaide M Kiddfirst name on this monument1890291919id: 15326710081080w
Catherine Ann Kiddrelationship not known of Adelaide M Kidd1866801946

766KillenDeborah L Killenfirst name on this monument1945id: 8506703261066

767KillerHarold Killerfirst name on this monument1909761985id: 14246709001066h; f
Edward Killerrelationship not known of Harold Killer1907211928

768KimblerAsher Kimblerfirst name on this monument1843721915id: 11826706581066
Jessie Josephine Cushrelationship not known of Asher Kimbler w/Fred
Harriett Kimblerrelationship not known of Asher Kimbler1846791925

769KinderHarry Kinderfirst name on this monument1932id: 4816699571066
Catherine Mary Kinderrelationship not known of Harry Kinder1910
Ellen F Kinderrelationship not known of Harry Kinder1919

770KingAlbert Kingfirst name on this monument1896681964id: 16016710771070

771KingBruce Allen Kingfirst name on this monument1944id: 10446705201066s/Bert and Lil
Bert Kingfather of Bruce Allen King
Lil Kingmother of Bruce Allen King

772KingCharles Kingfirst name on this monument1865641929id: 16006710761065h
Elizabeth Ann Kingwife of Charles King1867901957 w

773KingCharles J H Kingfirst name on this monument1851591910id: 6136700891068h
Mary Kingwife of Charles J H King1854861940 w

774KingFrancis Kingfirst name on this monument1855761931id: 3036697801065w; ashes
Walter Kinghusband of Francis King h; ashes

775KingGrace Kingfirst name on this monument1876561932id: 10436705191065w/Herbert
Herbert Kinghusband of Grace King

776KingGrace Eliza Kingfirst name on this monument1858id: 7726702481065dau/Grace and Francis
Francis Kingfather of Grace Eliza King
Grace Kingmother of Grace Eliza King
Charles Walka Kingrelationship not known of Grace Eliza King1861
John Francis Kingrelationship not known of Grace Eliza King185571862
Mary Frances Kingrelationship not known of Grace Eliza King185661862

777KingHerbert Henry Kingfirst name on this monument1882681950id: 10456705211065h/Grace
Grace Kingwife of Herbert Henry King

778KingJohn Hedley Kingfirst name on this monument1893591952id: 11456706211065

779KingLeah Kingfirst name on this monument1826641890id: 3026697791067w
Spencer Kinghusband of Leah King1828831911 h
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780KingNoah Kingfirst name on this monument1847581905id: 12796707551068
Emily Jane Kingrelationship not known of Noah King1912
Stephen George Kingrelationship not known of Noah King1877721949

781KingRichard Napoleon Kingfirst name on this monument1831701901id: 11016705771065

782KingThomas Kingfirst name on this monument1806621868id: 12336707091066
Maria Marshdaughter of Thomas King1830381868 dau; w/Thomas
Thomas Marshson-in-law of Thomas King
Elizabeth Kingrelationship not known of Thomas King1805761881
Sarah Elizabeth Kingrelationship not known of Thomas King1842541896

783KirkwoodElizabeth Kirkwoodfirst name on this monument1871281899id: 10106704861067w/John Thomas
John Thomas Kirkwoodhusband of Elizabeth Kirkwood1867551922 h

784KirkwoodH M Kirkwoodfirst name on this monument1914231937id: 10256705011071

785KirkwoodHilda May Kirkwoodfirst name on this monument1882351917id: 10116704871066

786KirkwoodJohn Thomas Kirkwoodfirst name on this monument1836801916id: 10096704851073h
Isabella Kirkwoodwife of John Thomas Kirkwood1836801916 w
Henry Kirkwoodrelationship not known of John Thomas Kirkwood1863711934

787KirkwoodMargaret Ethel Kirkwoodfirst name on this monument1932792011id: 2176696941069w; m

788KirkwoodRobert C Kirkwoodfirst name on this monument1878621940id: 10266705021075
Ethel S Kirkwoodrelationship not known of Robert C Kirkwood1879751954

789KirtleyMargaret Kirtleyfirst name on this monument1882391921id: 15036709791067born Newcastle On Tyne , Eng.

790KlineCharlotte Klinefirst name on this monument1837261863id: 3816698581066
Bathaser Klinerelationship not known of Charlotte Kline1830631893
Charlotte Klinerelationship not known of Charlotte Kline1863
Sarah Emily Klinerelationship not known of Charlotte Kline1837791916

791KlineSusanna Klinefirst name on this monument1852151867id: 3826698591070dau/John and Margaret
John Klinefather of Susanna Kline1826811907
Margaret Klinemother of Susanna Kline1828651893
John Klinerelationship not known of Susanna Kline1858

792KnightEileen Melba Knightfirst name on this monument1928872015id: 11116705871069m; gm; ggm

793KnightWilliam Henry Knightfirst name on this monument1898861984id: 9416704171069born Palmerston North , NZ.

794KyleWilliam Kylefirst name on this monument1837791916id: 11786706541074

795LakeJoseph Lakefirst name on this monument1860601920id: 13396708151069h
Charles William Lakeson of Joseph Lake1909801989 s
John Henry Lakeson of Joseph Lake1912341946 s
Joseph Lakeson of Joseph Lake1897281925 s
Annie Lakewife of Joseph Lake1877701947 w

796LambertHarriett May Lambertfirst name on this monument1919801999id: 14826709581067w; m; gm; ggm
Cecil Leslie Lamberthusband of Harriett May Lambert1917721989 h; f; gf; ggf

797LambertHarry A S Lambertfirst name on this monument1890631953id: 11446706201065
Florence M Lambertrelationship not known of Harry A S Lambert1891751966

798LambertIsabel Lambertfirst name on this monument1881751956id: 11716706471082
Albert Newton Brown Lambertrelationship not known of Isabel Lambert1889881977

799LambertJohn M Lambertfirst name on this monument1872791951id: 8356703111065
Lillian S Lambertrelationship not known of John M Lambert1881881969

800LambertRita Isabel Lambertfirst name on this monument1919862005id: 11726706481065

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