Campbells Hill (Anglican) Cemetery, Maitland, New South Wales, Australia

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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301CoxElijah Coxfirst name on this monument1860891949id: 246695011071
Harriett Coxrelationship not known of Elijah Cox1869821951

302CoxJohn Coxfirst name on this monument1823691892id: 5966700721069h
Eliza Coxwife of John Cox1824781902 w

303CoxLinda Agnes Coxfirst name on this monument1927852012id: 2486697251069

304CoxThomas Lymor Coxfirst name on this monument1858281886id: 3326698091073

305CoyneMary Jane Coynefirst name on this monument1844491893id: 7696702451065

306CracknellMary Ann Cracknellfirst name on this monument1916id: 10816705571065w/Walter
Walter Cracknellhusband of Mary Ann Cracknell

307CracknellStanley George Cracknellfirst name on this monument1891751966id: 6626701381066
Lillian Cracknellrelationship not known of Stanley George Cracknell1893771970

308CracknellWalter Cracknellfirst name on this monument1851701921id: 10826705581065h/Mary Ann
Mary Ann Cracknellwife of Walter Cracknell

309CraikSamuel Alexander Craikfirst name on this monument1830581888id: 3226697991069
Margaret Emma Craikdaughter of Samuel Alexander Craik1876 d
Blanche Craikwife of Samuel Alexander Craik1848931941 w

310CraneGeorge Cranefirst name on this monument1846311877id: 14656709411069

311CrawfordMargaret Crawfordfirst name on this monument1898id: 5346700101065
Sarah Alexandria Crawfordrelationship not known of Margaret Crawford1842841926

312CrawfordT S W Crawfordfirst name on this monument1833241857id: 5356700111065

313CrawfordThomas Crawfordfirst name on this monument1803721875id: 5336700091065h
Mary Crawfordwife of Thomas Crawford1814581872 w

314CreeseVela Creesefirst name on this monument1887311918id: 766695531068w/A.W. Creese
A W Creesehusband of Vela Creese
Mary Portus Donaldrelationship not known of Vela Creese1865671932
Charles Edward Nicholsonrelationship not known of Vela Creese1853781931
Ellen Nicholsonrelationship not known of Vela Creese1861701931

315CrewFrederick A Crewfirst name on this monument1807961903id: 12076706831068
Mary A Crewdaughter of Frederick A Crew1933 d
Margaret Crewwife of Frederick A Crew1825801905 w
Harold D'argeavelrelationship not known of Frederick A Crew1882171899

316CridgeJohn Cridgefirst name on this monument185021852id: 3746698511072
James Cridgerelationship not known of John Cridge185131854
Lucy Jane Cridgerelationship not known of John Cridge1889
Thomas Cridgerelationship not known of John Cridge

317CridlandCharles Henry Cridlandfirst name on this monument1897941991id: 16326711081065
Ethel Francis Cridlandrelationship not known of Charles Henry Cridland1903811984
Gordon Edward Cridlandrelationship not known of Charles Henry Cridland193191940
Raymond Henry Cridlandrelationship not known of Charles Henry Cridland1922461968

318CrittendenKenneth Edwin Crittendenfirst name on this monument1911401951id: 10576705331074
Violet Lenard (crittenden)relationship not known of Kenneth Edwin Crittenden1919892008

319CrittendenMaud Adeline Crittendenfirst name on this monument1884651949id: 10586705341071
Charles Leslie Crittendenrelationship not known of Maud Adeline Crittenden1886871973

320CrittendenRueben Leslie Crittendenfirst name on this monument1910491959id: 9496704251070
Leslie C R Crittendenrelationship not known of Rueben Leslie Crittenden1932271959

321CrossMary Ann Crossfirst name on this monument1811691880id: 12606707361065
Samuel Crossrelationship not known of Mary Ann Cross1808841892

322CrothersJane Crothersfirst name on this monument1832701902id: 9796704551065
Henry Crothersrelationship not known of Jane Crothers1833781911

323CrothersMary Letitia Crothersfirst name on this monument1844741918id: 6216700971075
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324CroyleJoseph Croylefirst name on this monument1823751898id: 4566699321070

325CroyleSarah Croylefirst name on this monument1814621876id: 4576699331067w/Joseph

326CruiseJames Cruisefirst name on this monument1842471889id: 3406698171065

327CrutchPhyllis Angela Crutchfirst name on this monument1899id: 9116703871071
John William Crutchrelationship not known of Phyllis Angela Crutch190741911

328CuddiganGwen Cuddiganfirst name on this monument1925471972id: 8636703391065w; m; gm
Dianne Cuddiganrelationship not known of Gwen Cuddigan
Susan Cuddiganrelationship not known of Gwen Cuddigan

329CumminsCharles Cumminsfirst name on this monument1832731905id: 2026696791068born Newcastle On Tyne , Eng.
Amelia Cumminswife of Charles Cummins1839891928 born Cumberland , England

330CumminsCharles Henry Cumminsfirst name on this monument1931id: 2056696821067s/Charles and Amelia
Charles Cumminsfather of Charles Henry Cummins
Amelia Cumminsmother of Charles Henry Cummins

331CumminsFrank E Cumminsfirst name on this monument1882211903id: 2006696771067

332CumminsJames Cumminsfirst name on this monument1823531876id: 6456701211065
Maria Cumminsrelationship not known of James Cummins1823841907

333CumminsSep A Cumminsfirst name on this monument1868281896id: 2016696781067Captain Maitland United F/C

334CunninghamRobert Cunninghamfirst name on this monument1876671943id: 8706703461065

335CurranHarriett Curranfirst name on this monument1855121867id: 3736698501073
J W Curranrelationship not known of Harriett Curran1819601879
Mary Ann Curranrelationship not known of Harriett Curran1862181880

336CushThomas Cushfirst name on this monument1861451906id: 4696699451070

337D'argeavelRobert Nicholson D'argeavelfirst name on this monument1844691913id: 11346706101067
Frederick Stanley Nicholson D'argeavelrelationship not known of Robert Nicholson D'argeavel1932
Margaret D'argeavelrelationship not known of Robert Nicholson D'argeavel1932
Elaine Johnstonrelationship not known of Robert Nicholson D'argeavel1925121937

338D'argeavelRobert W T D'argeavelfirst name on this monument1952id: 286695051066
Norma C D'argeaveldaughter of Robert W T D'argeavel1992 d
Hilba D'argeavelrelationship not known of Robert W T D'argeavel1963

339DallasMargaret Dallasfirst name on this monument1855771932id: 5296700051066w
Roderick Dallashusband of Margaret Dallas1855861941 h

340DalyellJames Rigg Dalyellfirst name on this monument1812511863id: 3976698741067
Lindsay Dalyelldaughter of James Rigg Dalyell54 d

341DaviesB J Daviesfirst name on this monument1913441957id: 11746706501065Signalwoman

342DaviesHerbert Daviesfirst name on this monument1889351924id: 14076708831066
Ellen Pittrelationship not known of Herbert Davies1892771969
Frank Pittrelationship not known of Herbert Davies1891841975

343DaviesJohn Benjamin Daviesfirst name on this monument1936682004id: 12096706851065

344DaviesRichard Daviesfirst name on this monument1847401887id: 1276696041065

345DaviesSarah Daviesfirst name on this monument1824721896id: 4716699471065w; born Worcestershire , England
Edward Daviesrelationship not known of Sarah Davies1836861922

346DavisCharles Davisfirst name on this monument1824791903id: 9246704001067
Mary Ann Davisrelationship not known of Charles Davis1820831903

347DayJane Dayfirst name on this monument1807881895id: 13486708241065w/Fred
Fred Dayhusband of Jane Day

348DeaconDenis William Deaconfirst name on this monument1914791993id: 12116706871066h; f; gf
Violet May Deaconwife of Denis William Deacon1922832005 w; m; gm; ggm

349DeaconE J Deaconfirst name on this monument1887701957id: 10996705751080h/Elizabeth
Elizabeth Deaconwife of E J Deacon

350DeaconElizabeth Deaconfirst name on this monument1888831971id: 12136706891077

351DeaconMarilyn Deaconfirst name on this monument1947121959id: 12126706881067
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352DeaconSamuel William Deaconfirst name on this monument1854id: 8026702781079
Carlotta Deaconrelationship not known of Samuel William Deacon1861
Eugenie Elizabeth Deaconrelationship not known of Samuel William Deacon185751862
George S W Deaconrelationship not known of Samuel William Deacon1860
James William Deaconrelationship not known of Samuel William Deacon184681854

353DeaconViolet Myrtle Deaconfirst name on this monument1915231938id: 10986705741065

354Deakins Charles Deakinsfirst name on this monument1882id: 5686700441066
Emily Martha Deakinsrelationship not known of Charles Deakins1845791924
Richard John Deakinsrelationship not known of Charles Deakins188111882

355DeanArthur M Deanfirst name on this monument1912791991id: 6636701391068
Ina Christine Deanrelationship not known of Arthur M Dean1921892010

356DeanGeorge Deanfirst name on this monument1809761885id: 15856710611066

357DeanJames Oscar Deanfirst name on this monument1871811952id: 15026709781065
Jane Deanrelationship not known of James Oscar Dean1886731959

358DennyEdmund James Dennyfirst name on this monument1844691913id: 147767095310661h
Mabel Dennygrand daughter of Edmund James Denny190551910 gd
Edmund Charles Parmenter Dennyson of Edmund James Denny187441878 s
Ernest Dennyson of Edmund James Denny1871651936 s
Anagusta Dennywife of Edmund James Denny1839751914 w
Mary Dennyrelationship not known of Edmund James Denny1882701952

359DevineWilliam Devinefirst name on this monument1849711920id: 13886708641066

360DewarCarmel Clare Dewarfirst name on this monument1921882009id: 11106705861071w; m; gm
Claude Douglas Dewarhusband of Carmel Clare Dewar1918852003 h; f; gf

361DewarRobert M Dewarfirst name on this monument1891801971id: 476695241078h; f
Doris May Dewarwife of Robert M Dewar18941021996 w; m

362DewarRobert Victor Dewarfirst name on this monument1924581982id: 486695251065

363DigbyGeorge Ernest Digbyfirst name on this monument1877571934id: 2406697171073

364DigbyZara Isabel Digbyfirst name on this monument1884771961id: 2396697161065

365DilleyDel Dilleyfirst name on this monument191301913id: 11956706711066

366DilleyElizabeth Ann Dilleyfirst name on this monument1856531909id: 9346704101066w
James Dilleyhusband of Elizabeth Ann Dilley1855671922 h

367DilleyRobert James Dilleyfirst name on this monument1886611947id: 9356704111066h
Ruth Ethel Dilleywife of Robert James Dilley1887801967 w

368DilleyRonald James Dilleyfirst name on this monument1920731993id: 9336704091066h
Eva Dilleywife of Ronald James Dilley1925822007 w

369DimmockCharles Edmund Dimmockfirst name on this monument186621868id: 12596707351069
George Henry Dimmockrelationship not known of Charles Edmund Dimmock1871

370DimmockEliza Dimmockfirst name on this monument1842701912id: 12586707341069
Thomas Dimmockrelationship not known of Eliza Dimmock1843721915

371DimmockWilliam Dimmockfirst name on this monument1807511858id: 3896698661069h
Jane Dimmockdaughter of William Dimmock185421856 d
Sarah Dimmockwife of William Dimmock1817871904 w

372DornCyrus Dornfirst name on this monument1888801968id: 4086698851065h
Ida Dornwife of Cyrus Dorn1888811969 w

373DornHerman Dornfirst name on this monument1865591924id: 15636710391070h; f
Esther Jemima Dornwife of Herman Dorn1870731943 w; m
Elsie May Dornrelationship not known of Herman Dorn1910912001
Ida Mary Taylorrelationship not known of Herman Dorn1806911897

374DornIsabel Dornfirst name on this monument1852611913id: 11096705851065
Alfred Ernest Dornrelationship not known of Isabel Dorn1879621941
John Dornrelationship not known of Isabel Dorn1852651917
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375DouglasAlbert Douglasfirst name on this monument1887461933id: 2836697601070

376DouglasClifford Albert Douglasfirst name on this monument1916882004id: 2806697571068h; f; gf; ggf

377DouglasMyrtle Irene Douglasfirst name on this monument1914831997id: 2826697591068m; gm; ggm

378DouglasPatricia Ann Douglasfirst name on this monument1953id: 2816697581068

379DoyleFrancis Matthew Doylefirst name on this monument1826471873id: 1436696201077
Loyalty Maria Love Doylewife of Francis Matthew Doyle1911 w/Francis
Nicholas Gay Carterrelationship not known of Francis Matthew Doyle1814631877
Royalty Ramsay Carterrelationship not known of Francis Matthew Doyle1816771893
James Dinnisrelationship not known of Francis Matthew Doyle1896 buried at Waverley

380DraperElizabeth Draperfirst name on this monument1836321868id: 12576707331071

381DrewAlice Maud Drewfirst name on this monument1860801940id: 1786696551067w; m
Francis William Drewhusband of Alice Maud Drew1858951953 h; f
Frank William Peet Drewson of Alice Maud Drew188411885 s/Francis and Alice

382DrewTheresa Drewfirst name on this monument186721869id: 1776696541065dau/Francis and Sarah
Francis Drewfather of Theresa Drew
Sarah Drewmother of Theresa Drew

383DrewTheresa Drewfirst name on this monument186721869id: 3286698051065dau/Frank and Sarah
Frank Drewfather of Theresa Drew
Sarah Drewmother of Theresa Drew

384DruryHenry John Druryfirst name on this monument1894781972id: 16426711181066

385DuckhamLaura Cook Duckhamfirst name on this monument1879201899id: 29866977510651

386DuckhamThomas Duckhamfirst name on this monument1844481892id: 2976697741065born Devonshire , England

387DugganNorma Dugganfirst name on this monument192331926id: 15376710131066

388DukeJohn Dukefirst name on this monument1811611872id: 12786707541072
Mary Ann Dukerelationship not known of John Duke1815951910

389DurandDoris Durandfirst name on this monument1911912002id: 11706706461066

390DurhamReginald William Durhamfirst name on this monument1895381933id: 2726697491067h

391DuxburyMatthew James Duxburyfirst name on this monument1890701960id: 8876703631077

392DyerGrace Dyerfirst name on this monument1809441853id: 8066702821067m/Sarah Banfield
Sarah Banfielddaughter of Grace Dyer

393EadeDoris Lola Eadefirst name on this monument1895241919id: 8006702761067

394EadeS A Eadefirst name on this monument1854481902id: 7976702731067

395EadeWilliam Eadefirst name on this monument1852811933id: 7986702741065

396EagletonJohn Eagletonfirst name on this monument1840681908id: 7286702041067

397EastcottJames Lewis Eastcottfirst name on this monument1881691950id: 8456703211068
Clare Eastcottrelationship not known of James Lewis Eastcott1884691953

398EatherRoland Crothers Eatherfirst name on this monument1885id: 9806704561069
Hutcheson Eatherrelationship not known of Roland Crothers Eather1892

399EckfordIsabella Eckfordfirst name on this monument1899id: 1296696061069
Clara Buxtondaughter of Isabella Eckford1933
Darrell Leigh Eckfordgrand son of Isabella Eckford gs
George William Eckfordrelationship not known of Isabella Eckford1911
John Eckfordrelationship not known of Isabella Eckford

400EdgeThomas Edgefirst name on this monument1862451907id: 4666699421065

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