Campbells Hill (Anglican) Cemetery, Maitland, New South Wales, Australia

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1501WadeJennifer Laurel Wadefirst name on this monument1971id: 1516696281066

1502WadeMary Adelaide Wadefirst name on this monument1838801918id: 14276709031067
Annie Waderelationship not known of Mary Adelaide Wade1873871960
Thomas W Waderelationship not known of Mary Adelaide Wade1868691937

1503WagstaffJoseph Wagstafffirst name on this monument1825381863id: 3806698571066born Warrington , England

1504WahlmanC E Wahlmanfirst name on this monument1889661955id: 11596706351075h/Mill
Mill Wahlmanwife of C E Wahlman

1505WaightGeorge Waightfirst name on this monument1825771902id: 3556698321067

1506WalkerArthur Heuston Walkerfirst name on this monument1875381913id: 15246710001067

1507WalkerAugustus C Walkerfirst name on this monument1892481940id: 16316711071065

1508WalkerWilliam Edward Walkerfirst name on this monument1924591983id: 506695271065

1509WallArthur A Wallfirst name on this monument1860381898id: 6506701261070died Bendigo , Victoria

1510WallEdward Wallfirst name on this monument1816581874id: 13686708441065
Elizabeth Anne Wallrelationship not known of Edward Wall1860181878
John J Wallrelationship not known of Edward Wall1855381893
William E Wallrelationship not known of Edward Wall1859421901

1511WallElizabeth Wallfirst name on this monument1827871914id: 11026705781069

1512WaltersVerlie Lillian Waltersfirst name on this monument1905381943id: 9506704261066
Lindsay William Waltersrelationship not known of Verlie Lillian Walters1941682009

1513WaltonJohn Waltonfirst name on this monument1855501905id: 6186700941067
Fanny Waltonrelationship not known of John Walton1857981955

1514WaltonWilliam Thomas Waltonfirst name on this monument1884351919id: 6096700851073
Annie Maud Waltonrelationship not known of William Thomas Walton buried at Orange
John William Waltonrelationship not known of William Thomas Walton1915841999

1515WalzJacob Frederick Walzfirst name on this monument1863891952id: 8656703411065
Alfred Raymond Keith Walzrelationship not known of Jacob Frederick Walz1902511953
Doris Pearl Walzrelationship not known of Jacob Frederick Walz1905771982
Rebecca May Walzrelationship not known of Jacob Frederick Walz1893891982

1516WarbrookeMary Magdalene Warbrookefirst name on this monument1925792004id: 7046701801067w; m

1517WarbrookeMervyn T Warbrookefirst name on this monument1925291954id: 7056701811067h; f

1518WarbrookeParcy James Warbrookefirst name on this monument1887731960id: 10036704791066
Mary Alice Warbrookerelationship not known of Parcy James Warbrooke1889711960

1519WarbrookeSamuel G Warbrookefirst name on this monument1860851945id: 8756703511066
Ellen J Warbrookerelationship not known of Samuel G Warbrooke1865901955

1520WarbrookeSamuel George Warbrookefirst name on this monument1896741970id: 7066701821065
Amelia Eveline Mary Warbrookerelationship not known of Samuel George Warbrooke1898781976

1521WarbrookeTimothy Baden Victor Warbrookefirst name on this monument1901231924id: 7186701941065
Roy L Warbrookerelationship not known of Timothy Baden Victor Warbrooke1900291929 drowned at Gunderman

1522WardEric Francis Wardfirst name on this monument1919261945id: 176694941065killed Borneo

1523WardFrank H Wardfirst name on this monument1892571949id: 166694931065f
Cecil R Wardrelationship not known of Frank H Ward1929211950 bro; accidently Killed
Margaret M Wardrelationship not known of Frank H Ward1894811975 m

1524WardHenry Wardfirst name on this monument1830431873id: 5676700431069s/Thomas
Mary Warddaughter of Henry Ward186681874 d
Thomas Wardfather of Henry Ward
Henry Edwin Richard Mannrelationship not known of Henry Ward1862221884
Lilly May Wardrelationship not known of Henry Ward1874

1525WardJoshua Michael Wardfirst name on this monument1823561879id: 5826700581073
Ann Readrelationship not known of Joshua Michael Ward1801781879

1526WardThomas Wardfirst name on this monument1804551859id: 3926698691065
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1527WardenJoseph Wardenfirst name on this monument1865711936id: 1426696191065

1528WatersGrace Pearl Watersfirst name on this monument1896801976id: 316695081065m
Sarah Smallgrand mother of Grace Pearl Waters1870971967 gm

1529WatersWilliam Watersfirst name on this monument1879821961id: 8996703751065

1530WathamAlice Wathamfirst name on this monument1920161936id: 15176709931066

1531WathamJohn Wathamfirst name on this monument1915631978id: 15166709921066

1532WatsonAlbert Watsonfirst name on this monument1864571921id: 145567093110891
Annie Bridget Footrelationship not known of Albert Watson1869711940

1533WatsonAllan Stewart Watsonfirst name on this monument1961id: 6346701101065

1534WatsonEmma Watsonfirst name on this monument1876911967id: 11336706091066

1535WatsonMichelle Louise Watsonfirst name on this monument197681984id: 11236705991065

1536WatsonRobina Watsonfirst name on this monument1904491953id: 2146696911067w; m
Clarence Leslie Watsonhusband of Robina Watson1901771978 h; f ashes
Beverley Ann Watsonrelationship not known of Robina Watson1942
James Clarence Watsonrelationship not known of Robina Watson1929451974 ashes
Peter Wilfred Watsonrelationship not known of Robina Watson193261938

1537WatsonWilliam Henry Watsonfirst name on this monument1866631929id: 11326706081068

1538WattersCharles Thomas Wattersfirst name on this monument1840941934id: 9006703761067
Mary Wattersrelationship not known of Charles Thomas Watters1951

1539WattersEmily G I Wattersfirst name on this monument1866611927id: 15386710141081
Charles Wattersrelationship not known of Emily G I Watters1860851945

1540WayAlice M T Wayfirst name on this monument1898id: 8976703731067
Alice L Englishrelationship not known of Alice M T Way1915
C H Englishrelationship not known of Alice M T Way1958
Charles R E Englishrelationship not known of Alice M T Way1939
Lily May Englishrelationship not known of Alice M T Way1898831981
Robert W Wayrelationship not known of Alice M T Way1899

1541WeaverFlora Jessie Weaverfirst name on this monument1843271870id: 696695461068w/Frederick George
Robert Picoufather of Flora Jessie Weaver1820531873 f/Flora Jessie
Frederick George Weaverhusband of Flora Jessie Weaver
Henry Robert Weaverson of Flora Jessie Weaver s/Frederick and Flora

1542WeaverHenry Thomas Weaverfirst name on this monument1835331868id: 12396707151066
Henry Carlyle Weaverrelationship not known of Henry Thomas Weaver1850181868

1543WebbAda Emily Webbfirst name on this monument1914351949id: 14256709011080
Elizabeth Yvonne grand daughter of Ada Emily Webb
Kerrie Ann nephew of Ada Emily Webb196911970 gd
Elizabeth Pearl relationship not known of Ada Emily Webb194551950 n

1544WebbJonathan Charles Webbfirst name on this monument187911880id: 6496701251073s/Jonathan and Harriet
Jonathan Webbfather of Jonathan Charles Webb1852941946
Harriet Webbmother of Jonathan Charles Webb1856791935
Lurlene Maud Webbrelationship not known of Jonathan Charles Webb1882211903

1545WebberWilliam Lawrence Webberfirst name on this monument190591914id: 13046707801070

1546WebsterHedley Walter Websterfirst name on this monument1888331921id: 2256697021065

1547WebsterHelen Douglas Websterfirst name on this monument1854641918id: 2246697011066w
Charles Websterhusband of Helen Douglas Webster1849731922 h

1548WelchWilliam George Welchfirst name on this monument1859511910id: 4896699651084
Agnes Annie Welchrelationship not known of William George Welch1869641933

1549WelhamAlbert Victor George Welhamfirst name on this monument1892661958id: 7366702121067h
Sidney Heber Welhamson of Albert Victor George Welham1917221939 s
Clara Welhamwife of Albert Victor George Welham1886741960 w

1550WellerJoseph Wellerfirst name on this monument1767901857id: 3856698621068
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1551WesleyElizabeth Mary Wesleyfirst name on this monument1867231890id: 3156697921071w/Samuel
Samuel Wesleyhusband of Elizabeth Mary Wesley

1552WetheredJohn Charles Wetheredfirst name on this monument1914912005id: 14466709221067h; f; gf; ggf

1553WhalerFrancis Maitland Whalerfirst name on this monument1907511958id: 14286709041067
Ethel Whalerrelationship not known of Francis Maitland Whaler
Eveline Mary Whalerrelationship not known of Francis Maitland Whaler1905731978
William Whalerrelationship not known of Francis Maitland Whaler

1554WhathamJohn Henry Whathamfirst name on this monument1881421923id: 15136709891066h
Emily May Cookmother of John Henry Whatham1887801967 m

1555WhitbyMatthew Whitbyfirst name on this monument1857601917id: 13166707921066
Walter William George Whitbyrelationship not known of Matthew Whitby1904231927

1556WhiteBessie Whitefirst name on this monument1879261905id: 4746699501067

1557WhiteFrank E Whitefirst name on this monument1882511933id: 2746697511068

1558WhiteJohn Whitefirst name on this monument1845741919id: 13436708191071
Mary Ann Whiterelationship not known of John White1853751928

1559WhiteJohn M Whitefirst name on this monument1895id: 5606700361069
Ellen A Whiterelationship not known of John M White1888

1560WhiteLouisa Maud Whitefirst name on this monument1889861975id: 5556700311066m
Colin Eric Whiterelationship not known of Louisa Maud White1931441975 s; acc killed

1561WhiteheadDavid Leroy Whiteheadfirst name on this monument1870511921id: 13866708621083h
David Leroy Whiteheadson of David Leroy Whitehead1896241920 s
Annie Mary Whiteheadwife of David Leroy Whitehead1870851955 w
Ann Murrayrelationship not known of David Leroy Whitehead193411935
Sarah Isabel Murrayrelationship not known of David Leroy Whitehead1899891988

1562WhiteleyJames Henry Whiteleyfirst name on this monument1917421959id: 1476696241065f

1563WhittonEllen Whittonfirst name on this monument1883761959id: 546695311066

1564WhybinHenry George Whybinfirst name on this monument1880391919id: 13476708231066

1565WhybinJane Whybinfirst name on this monument1859861945id: 5416700171066d
John Whybinrelationship not known of Jane Whybin f
Mary Ann Whybinrelationship not known of Jane Whybin m

1566WhybinJohn Angus Whybinfirst name on this monument1855701925id: 13466708221067h
Annis Lang Whybinwife of John Angus Whybin1860911951 w

1567WhybinWinifred Mabel Whybinfirst name on this monument1901id: 6246701001066

1568WhyteJohn Whytefirst name on this monument1916id: 14096708851068

1569WiebeArthur Henry Wiebefirst name on this monument188821890id: 5096699851069s/John and Annie
John Wiebefather of Arthur Henry Wiebe
Annie Wiebemother of Arthur Henry Wiebe
Elsie Bernice Wiebesister of Arthur Henry Wiebe1896161912 dau/John and Annie
Lawrence Harold Wieberelationship not known of Arthur Henry Wiebe1896201916 A.I.F. died France

1570WiebeLetitia Wiebefirst name on this monument1876141890id: 5086699841066dau/Edward and Louisa
Edward Wiebefather of Letitia Wiebe
Louisa Wiebemother of Letitia Wiebe
Bertha Wiebesister of Letitia Wiebe1879141893 sis

1571WilcherJames Wilcherfirst name on this monument1853661919id: 1636696401078h
Matilda Jane Wilcherwife of James Wilcher1859751934 w

1572WilcherThomas Wilcherfirst name on this monument1862271889id: 5736700491065

1573WilcoxRobert Wilcoxfirst name on this monument1838811919id: 6746701501065

1574WilkinsonAlex Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument1826781904id: 4616699371070

1575WilkinsonCharles Henry Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument1865451910id: 12936707691070
Chatrles Henry Wilkinsonrelationship not known of Charles Henry Wilkinson190281910

1576WilkinsonElijah Leolf Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument185931862id: 3766698531096s/Alex and Jane
Alex Wilkinsonfather of Elijah Leolf Wilkinson
Jane Wilkinsonmother of Elijah Leolf Wilkinson
Edith Elizabeth Wilkinsonsister of Elijah Leolf Wilkinson185481862 dau/Alex and Jane
Elsie Alexandria Wilkinsonsister of Elijah Leolf Wilkinson187321875 dau/Alex and Jane
Ephreth Susannah Wilkinsonsister of Elijah Leolf Wilkinson1863 dau/Alex and Jane
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1577WilkinsonElizabeth Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument1791611852id: 1806696571066

1578WilkinsonJane Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument1830781908id: 4606699361067

1579WilkinsonJohn Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument1789661855id: 1816696581066
Sarah Wilkinsonrelationship not known of John Wilkinson1861

1580WilkinsonWilliam Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument1829511880id: 4596699351066

1581WilksBenjamin Wilksfirst name on this monument1858541912id: 13966708721067

1582WilksEllen Jane Wilksfirst name on this monument1855581913id: 14036708791070
Albert Cyril Wilksrelationship not known of Ellen Jane Wilks1893561949
William Eckersley Wilksrelationship not known of Ellen Jane Wilks1854791933

1583WillardDorothy Grace Willardfirst name on this monument1922451967id: 6696701451065
Maxwell Thomas Willardrelationship not known of Dorothy Grace Willard1920561976
Noel John Willardrelationship not known of Dorothy Grace Willard1948592007 h; f

1584WilliamsAlice Williamsfirst name on this monument1833741907id: 5626700381068
Ethel May Williamsrelationship not known of Alice Williams
Frederick Williamsrelationship not known of Alice Williams
Henry Williamsrelationship not known of Alice Williams1858271885 acc. Drowned

1585WilliamsAnnabella Williamsfirst name on this monument1823851908id: 12056706811066

1586WilliamsBetty May Williamsfirst name on this monument1934672001id: 7386702141069
Ivy May Williamsrelationship not known of Betty May Williams1914601974
Jack Henry George Williamsrelationship not known of Betty May Williams1902611963

1587WilliamsClifford Williamsfirst name on this monument1890641954id: 12726707481068
Clifford Leslie Williamsson of Clifford Williams192011921 s/C. and E. Williams
E Williamswife of Clifford Williams

1588WilliamsHilda Williamsfirst name on this monument1896761972id: 11466706221065

1589WilliamsIvy May Williamsfirst name on this monument1936391975id: 15686710441081w; m

1590WilliamsJohn Williamsfirst name on this monument1856611917id: 14336709091068
Ernest Williamsson of John Williams1893251918 killed France

1591WilliamsLlewelyn Williamsfirst name on this monument1868381906id: 11976706731065

1592WilliamsRonald James Williamsfirst name on this monument1938652003id: 7436702191082
Jackson James Anthony Williamsrelationship not known of Ronald James Williams2004

1593WilliamsWilfred Williamsfirst name on this monument1893601953id: 11476706231065

1594WillockEllen Willockfirst name on this monument1845211866id: 5216699971068

1595WilsonElsie Simpson Wilsonfirst name on this monument1903841987id: 3176697941069
Carl Nathaniel Wilsonrelationship not known of Elsie Simpson Wilson1902951997

1596WilsonHenrietta Wilsonfirst name on this monument1878441922id: 15806710561069

1597WilsonMarmaduke H Wilsonfirst name on this monument1834371871id: 5596700351071

1598WilsonRobert Wilsonfirst name on this monument1833721905id: 6106700861066

1599WilsonRobert Mcalpine Wilsonfirst name on this monument1917221939id: 16296711051070
George Wilsonrelationship not known of Robert Mcalpine Wilson1876931969
Janet Grace Wilsonrelationship not known of Robert Mcalpine Wilson1885561941
Sarah K Wilsonrelationship not known of Robert Mcalpine Wilson1909871996

1600WilsonSarah Wilsonfirst name on this monument1893711964id: 8776703531070

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